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    The cold and bitter winds rage through the trees until they too break and wisp away leaving behind swirling snow and mists. It walks through the darkness, its craving drawing it nearer, it senses the flesh of the party who huddle near the pitiful fire trying to keep warm. They all notice internally that Gregry hasn't been seen for hours but all fear voicing their concerns. A shadow moves on a mound out amongst the birch trees ravaged by the blizzard. Something is out there, something hunting, something ravenous... The Wendigo (Reaper 03673).
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    Today's mini is a blast from the past, Reaper's casting of the Heritage Red Dragon. Because of his seemingly furry chest/stomach, he is called the hippie dragon. He is one of many miniature purchases from the old Lone Star Comics. I raided the store for weird miniatures. The had a lot of bagged Reaper minis for sale.
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    3493 Wereshark pirate Teddy bear pirates from Eureka: And 50154, Nightslip. This is another figure I had partially painted that wasn't coming out as planned, which I just decided needed to be done and gone so I could move on to other things.
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    Reaper - Dannin Deepaxe, Female Dwarf - 03363 This mini is modular, where the hands come detached. Allows a bit of freedom of posing the model, and switching shield arm and axe arm switch places. However because model is metal the arms need drilling and pinning. Not the best sculpted model, but its not too bad. It is not often that you get a simply-clad, un-armored, common, female dwarf. With what appears to be Hide-shield and a wood chopping axe. Because the character is so simple, I didn't know where to take it painting-wise. Just went with common solid color combination of dark/red-teal.
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    Reaper - Dwarf Brewer - 77461 Again, awesome sculpted model, was easy to paint and allowed to really get into the details. I am not a good painter, but I think this is the best mini I have painted to date. Whent with Blue/purple and green color scheme. And pink skin Gold for highlights This guy looks warcrafty as well.
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    Half-Ogre that I painted. Go to this topic on the last page please and vote for the miniature that you liked. There is a battle between the miniatures.
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    Well, you broke the seal.. welcome to the wonderful world of resin busts.. I'll save you a chair in the meetings
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    Professionals in big rubbery Haz-Mat suits. Rectangular face plates or "Monsters, Inc." -style lenses, I'm not picky.
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    Reaper - Dwarf Master Of The Hunt - 77572 When I picked up the model I though it was weird name for a dwarf with a pic-axe. And later discovered that not a pic-axe at all, but the worst looking crossbow in history of sculpted crossbows. When I have two of same model I like to keep one default and convert the other. However in this case the default needed some love in the crossbow department. The model seems fine at first, but has many little problems with the way it is sculpted or with the way it is molded. The eyes misaligned is annoying one, strange flat "plates?" in the back of the coat, Mold lines in worst place, ets. I did not expect this model to take that much time. Color are picked from an idea of having one dwarf with skin lighter than the clothes, and other with skin darker than the clothes. The paint job is not the best because I just wanted to be done with it, just couldn't get exited halfway through.
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    So, a little while ago I had these two lovely packages come in because I wanted to give the new "rules condensed" version of Infinity a go, and sadly neither the HaqqIslam I use or the Ariadna hubby uses for N3 are in Code One, so.... Well, as one might expect, we wound up picking up a new starter box, because of various reasons. Anyways, Yu Jing was always my second choice for an army, and Rune liked the new look for the PanOceania figures, so that made life moderately easier.... Keen eyed observers will notice that Rune's PanO aren't getting as many units. Well, yeah, there's a partial reason for that - I had a basic idea already of what I wanted with my Yu Jing for N3, specifically that of being able to field the Invincible Army sectorial at some point due to my LOVE of their heavy infantry, and since pretty much all of the models I was looking at are usable in Code One that pretty much sealed the deal for me right then and there... Obviously more will be added in for Rune's side as he plays the game more, and figures out what kind of units he would like (and likes the look of). ^So a few days ago this is where things were at, after the use of a pair of GreenStuffWorld rollers, specifically Runes (for, uh, Rune's PanO), and Small Cobblestones (for my Yu Jing), and after several hours of assembly over three nights if I remember correctly, here's where things were... ^And phase one of basing complete. Vallejo terrain goop, I love you. Okay, I'll admit, I wound up covering up more details than I had originally planned, but such is life - some of the original elements are still there, which is good enough in my opinion, at least for now. I'll still get the basic idea across, although with some of them it's more going to be easter eggs in the bases, but such is life. ^And a blurry shot of how things look at the moment, with phase 2 of the basing. Essentially, I wound up using that mix of four different types of ballast that I'd created a decade and a half ago (I mixed up a LOT of it o_O) to help even out the transitions, as well as any garish spots where the terrain paste didn't quite solidify how I was thinking it was going to... And also as a bit of an element to tie both factions together, since they're both technically fighting over Svarlheim, or however it's spelt Yeah, I know it's yet another WIP thread for me, but my Infinity focus shifted from N3 to Code One for the moment due to smaller table size, and newer, more streamlined rules. That and a desire to give these minis a shot, and to hopefully see about painting them faster than my usual pace
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    Just wondering what the this year's Reaper T-Shirt going to looklike!
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    When I was working on other figures and had some colours spare I would paint theses. The phots aren't the best, even thought they looked good on the phone (grumble, grumble). I have tried to make the bases look as if they were on a carpet. This was a quick job and mostly involved stippling some titanium buff and raw umber together. Then just added some patterns and colour. I worked on the figures seperate from the chairs. This caused some annoyances when I rubbed off some paint, but I did allow me a better painting overall. The Flute and the Piano I finished the flute first. Checking Eureka Miniatures, he is Frederick the Great and the pianist is C. E. Bach. Frederick came with some nice dogs, I added them to my slowly growing collections which I will use at some time to create a diorama of a dog village or something. (Currently I have a Tamiya German Shepard and some small dog which are a larger scale from the farmyard animals set, the dogs from Frederick and the milkmaid set from Eureka, some War-games Foundry dog that came with hunting gentlemen set, giant wolf from Reaper). The String Instruments The photo makes the hair look more green/blue than it actually is. There is some metal filling too much space under the arm holding some of the string instruments, I removed what I could do quickly and the other parts I just painted a dark colour that would fit. In the end I am happy with how they came out. . Feedback and Critiques are welcome and appreciated.
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    Very nice! The vibrant shield is great.
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    The classic t-shirt is in 5x, but the Tri Blend super soft is only up to 2X.. so since Ron was talking about how soft they are I'll just have to walk up and pet his... And I should note.. it's totally not unexpected.. when you reach a certain size, certain brands and styles just aren't made to fit you...
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    Which one? I see up to 5X on Tee public
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    I guess I'll just have to be jealous of you small people and your super soft T-shirts.. 2x Max :(
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    Tonight's sculpting went well. Did one boot and added a needle to the fibula. Pinched fabric is still missing and the boot will get straps. I also carved the legs free. I tried my hand at a scabbard, but it came out a bit wonky with greenstuff . I might use a piece of sprue or something instead and carve it.
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    Yep stickers too...more to come https://www.teepublic.com/stickers?canvas_subclass=sticker&query=reapercon
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    well this looks fantastic!
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    According to last week's twitch stream, there's supposed to be one up on the zazzle web store "soon".
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    The face and shield are original and well executed!
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    Love the face on the orc! But no 2 (wizard) still wins - hard to beat!
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    Is there going to be one?
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    I like the red on the shield scales. It almost looks like it could be used for a stained glass window.
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    While the Orc is awesome I'll stick with the Wizard. Nr. 2
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    Great looking metals!
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    got mine this morning, lovely stuff, i'm now set up with teeny tiny writing/symbol decals for a lifetime
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    Guess I should really fix her left face... Steel NMM starting. Blue Liner then Twilight Blue.
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    Cloak: Based with 1:1 Brown Liner:Splattered Crimson. Then lined whole model and placed cloak shadows with Brown Liner. Then worked up through Gory Red Triad, and ended with Holly Berry.
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    To the base colors, added increasing amounts of Desert Stone to each to build up highlights.
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    Getting close to the finishing line ... I am EXCITED!
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    I looked them up after I read the post. They are cool. I could never find their size. I'd say if they are 40+, they could go in the non-Reaper category. Not for the forum contest as it would need a large figure included but, you may be able to enter it for Reapercon since it will be online this year.
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    Here are the 5 available statues (busts?) of the Disney Princesses. Not sure if I painted one up, where they would fit into the contests (if they fit at all).
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    Are they 40mm+? And now I am intrigued and am going to have to see if I can find what you mean by "Disney princess busts". lol I think the main purpose of the contests are to showcase the larger minis and then busts don't have their own category so they get shuffled into the mix.
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    For the Non Reaper 40+, bust and diorama category, does the size of the bust matter? I have QUITE a few of those disney princess busts and would love to enter a few of them.
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    Yes, nudity is fine but please follow the forum rules and host her photos elsewhere and share a link for them to be viewed. Thank you for asking!
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    Nudity okay? I have the urban legends Sophie all painted up, but I'm not sure if I can throw her up here. Thanks!
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    Nice to see some new entries in some of the categories! You guys are doing great! Keep up the painting! I bet we're going to have some awesome, stiff competition this year with all of the quarantine painting going on. Stay safe and healthy and keep painting!
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    Nope, I knew legends of the wendigo for a long time but haven't heard of Blackwood. Will check it out. There is a wendigo in one of the late episodes of Sleepy Hollow that look pretty cool.
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    Have you read the Algernon Blackwood short story called The Wendigo? This would work very well for that!
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    Creepy! Great work, I love the added corpse.
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    Nice and creepy! A good reason not to be out in the wilds at night.
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    Hubby and I assembled the astrolabe, I had to do some fiddling and slicing with a knife to get the parts to fit. That is my hands holding it waiting for the glue to dry.
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    This is the Rebellion News Network (R.N.N.) Watchman reporting. All business transactions have been completed. We are on hold awaiting clearance for departure. The delay, as you see here, appears to not bode well for someone. A VT-49 Decimator, a Raider, and the three Gozanti carriers loaded with a squadron of TIE fighters is in the process of departing the base. We are currently maneuvering to line up in the launch queue. Hopefully their destination is no where near the few Port Calls along our journey, or even my disembarkation point. I will report the out come upon my return. Watchman reporting, Good Day
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    If I could give Ded GM awards to random people, I would give one to you, Doc. Alas, you are not in my gaming group, so all I can do is to thank you for the laughs. ^^;
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    Out of the past, one of the ancient dragons from heritage. this one came to me with a missing tail and frill and some "interesting" solder work on the chest. The tail and frill are my own creation with green stuff and magicsculpt. I am still working on my photography and this is just off my bench so the veining in the wings is actually much redder than the picture would show. This little monster weighs about 5 pounds. Enjoy and of course, comments are always welcome
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    Haha! I just found the Wereshark at my LGS this weekend, so I primed, grey stuffed, and started painting him yesterday actually. He's a little more detailed than what I have been doing so far. I'm enjoying the challenge!
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