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    Whuuuuuuuuuttt ? Who in the world is dunking cornbread in tea?
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    Erik Mona (Paizo) mentioned the their GenCon panel that Paizo is in talks with Reaper for more minis.
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    The cold and bitter winds rage through the trees until they too break and wisp away leaving behind swirling snow and mists. It walks through the darkness, its craving drawing it nearer, it senses the flesh of the party who huddle near the pitiful fire trying to keep warm. They all notice internally that Gregry hasn't been seen for hours but all fear voicing their concerns. A shadow moves on a mound out amongst the birch trees ravaged by the blizzard. Something is out there, something hunting, something ravenous... The Wendigo (Reaper 03673).
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    This was supposed to be a quick tabletop paint job but ended up taking longer as I tried different techniques. It was a fun but tricky one to paint with the limited palette I choose but I like challenging myself and I am very pleased with the final result.
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    Half-Ogre that I painted. Go to this topic on the last page please and vote for the miniature that you liked. There is a battle between the miniatures.
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    I had the privilege of painting this year's ReaperCon Sophie, and I thought people might enjoy it if I shared a few views. She's a fun mini to paint. Everything's clearly laid out and apparent, and Bob did such a wonderful job sculpting her face. I think he really captured the pose and spirit of Talin's artwork well. If you aren't into the wings, it shouldn't be too difficult to fill in the plug on the back where they slot in. If you are into wings, the extra attachment point of a small hole on the skirt makes them nice and easy to glue on, and they seem pretty secure to me. (I"m kind of cursed in the area of gluing/assembly.) This is a special edition figure that will only be sold by Reaper during ReaperCon (maybe a little after, but I'd go get one from August 29 - September 2 just to be sure. Actually I will be grabbing more than one, because I would happily paint this again, but however many you want, that's your window. Maybe put it on your calendar to remember if you really want one of these lovely figures. If you aren't able to attend ReaperCon in person, she'll also be sold on the Reaper web store. Here is the wonderful art that Izzy did for the character concept. Here's a picture of Bob Ridolfi's terrific sculpt bringing that artwork to life. And this is a colour version of a seated Sophie that I used to reference to try to capture Talin's vision for the colours.
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    Today's mini is a blast from the past, Reaper's casting of the Heritage Red Dragon. Because of his seemingly furry chest/stomach, he is called the hippie dragon. He is one of many miniature purchases from the old Lone Star Comics. I raided the store for weird miniatures. The had a lot of bagged Reaper minis for sale.
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    So, you've noticed the white spot on the underside of the dragon... No, that is not the mini's white panties, but this is how I put a part No on the mini. This mini was in Reapers 1993 catalogue. I wonder what the scale is, and who is the sculptor.
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    got mine.. now if I can just put them on without messing them up
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    So I'm working on a really small figure a newish Tom Meier Halfling Druid from DarkSword Miniatures. I painted the eyes and was kind of satisfied with them but one seems to be bigger than the other, which means I think I painted the black first outside of the target eye that was sculpted. One eye is okay the other one it too big: so when we get really close to the figure I can see how uneven she is, but she is really, really small: So my first general question is, would this be enough to frustrate somebody to repaint? So with this in mind, the "good" news is I just went from a nice pair of magnifying nerd goggles that go up to around 2.5 to some other ones that I have sitting around that are 3.5 x magnification. So I almost feel I have a good enough view of the eyes to edit it a little bit. I'm just wondering if it's all worth it? Any suggestions?
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    This Djnn is a master of her own form. She chose one that is beautiful, and appropriate to the middle east. - skin tones were modeled on a Iranian/Indian actress. flower is the red rose - national flower of Iran.
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    Reaper - Undead Dwarf Fighter - 77561 Simple strait forward. This guy was fun to paint!
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    It's a toss up between the Awards Ceremony and the Auction. It's really great to see @TaleSpinner's kid win something. Not sure, as I think I've met the majority of the Forumites that frequent here that attend.
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    This was going to be my Venomfang from the Lost Mines of Phandelver Campaign eventually zombified. Sad it won't hit the table. Took me almost 2 months. Forgot how much time larger size models take me to complete. Exhausted, but I may have one more in me by the end of the year.
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    Painted this up for the my game tomorrow. Going to be up to the players if he's on their side or not... Good sculpt, fun but easy to paint. Only real headache is the bit right between where the wings joins the shoulders is a bit narrow for me to reach well.
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    All the crews, The drunken Mermaid, & much more now available. Get them on t-shirts, tank-tops, hoodies, &mask. Head on over and pick up your outfit for ReaperCon 2020. Can't wait to see everyone during the convention sharing their loot! http://tee.pub/lic/zjPQ6SPy7GU
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    My Reaper habit started with a Friday night gaming session... "Tom felt a breeze wafting up from the chamber beyond. For some reason the air was hot and heavy, even though he was walking along a passage deep in an abandoned mine." "Ummmm. Sorry, but we have to stop here today." I did not have a dragon mini to use to harrass Tom. A salt shaker just does not have the same drama as slapping the correct monster mini down on the table. I also could not handle everyone laughing at my poor (ugly mishapen) solder dragon. Time to take a trip to the old Lone Star Comics and see if they had a Dragon that I could afford. As usual, walking into Lone Star was like entering Alladin's cave of treasures. Real Partha, Grenadier, Rafm, and more distinctively sparkled, beckoning, despite the cost. A Dragon was too far out of reach. Back along the wall, there was something new. There were affordable minis on the back wall! I was able to score a package of villagers, some weapons sprues, and a real Dragon mini. Tom was promptly roasted to a medium rare, and eaten by the freshly painted red Dragon the next friday. Don't laugh too hard, but this is the solder dragon in question. It is amazing what can be made with a soldering iron, a little flux, a bit of solder and a ton of patience. It did in a pinch, but was retired after the Reaper dragon made its appearance.
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    Yup. They're lewd and beholder. Uploading this one just for the sake of weirdness. They are rather silly minis, but the price was right, and I needed some beholders for the next campaign. I am thinking about getting some fake eyelashes from Dollar Tree and giving the female one (beholder with the pink tongue) one outrageously long eyelash.
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    Always going to go for the Mythos critters. CoC players are paying big bucks for them everywhere else. Second any 1920's gangsters, flappers, jazz musicians, newspaper boy, basic vehicles (Model A, T and TT in particular). Also add in my vote for crab swarms, I've used them before on beach encounters with aquatic Druids. The more swarms the better: Flying insects (in clear?), birds, fish, jelly fish, cats (half joke, thinking of the Cat Lord from the AD&D books), etc. Alternate mounts: goat, boar, lizard, Unicorn, riding dog, dog sled team to go with the Artic Explorer? Barnyard animals to go with all the fantastic commoners we've got: Goat, chickens, ox, How about a full expansion for a small farm? Shed, A-frame cottage, stable, out house, watering tough, tools, plow, well, maybe fences with a gate. (I just realized, there's no well mini...) Casualty minis. Lots of dead/down options for commoners, adventurers, soldiers/orcs/goblins/kobolds, etc.
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    I now have over 70 episodes of FiF stored on my Network storage. Collection of new episodes is slowing down now because History channel run them in a really random sequence, so some episodes run more often than others... And they split out 5 episodes of season 6 (Armed Forces episodes with a $50K grand prize), and renumbered a few of the following episodes... Season 4 suddenly got an episode 24 and 25(there's only 23 episodes in season 4), then Episode 0 of Season 5 also made an entrance in season 4(season 5 is numbered from 0 to 39... ) And I'm also trying to find time to watch another show, on our National broadcaster... 'The Summer Vacation Car Minute by Minute' Just two blokes in a car driving around in Norway, chatting about the places they drive past, waving to the spectators, picking up guests and having a good time. They're followed by a van with outside cameras and lots of technical gearr and a helicopter. It's not really live like all the 'Slow TV' programs we've had before, as they edit it in the evening before transmitting it, but we got to watch the fun when the following van broke down and had to continue the mission from the bed of a rescue truck... One of the guests on the show was one of the 'stars' from the Ice Road Rescue show on National Geographic. They got a bit of flack for that one, because the guest didn't strap in when he sat in the back seat and chatted with them.
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    My brother loves Forged In Fire--there was a contestant who lives just up the street from him, turns out, kinda neat; he walked over and met him, saw his shop and bought a knife for my dad's birthday lol--so I've watched it quite a bit with him on days he has the baby over, and I guess I've said all that to say this: The commercials are indeed horrific. For some reason today, no clue why, I revisited Sherlock. Been meaning to get back since watching the firat series and an episode four or five years ago. I rewatched the ones I'd already seen today, and I guess I said all that to say this: "A Scandal in Belgravia" might be the best episode of a TV series I've ever watched. It's really good, anyway.
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    Working on a new project for an objective... Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck HEMTT Fueler BF M1IP to show you just how big the things are! (I drove them in the National Guard when I was in S4 (Battalion Supply / Logistics)) Re scaled from 1-200, but the details that came through are pretty amazing to me... Thanks for looking! SGT G
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    Mrs Hamster and I have been watching The Good Place. We're halfway though season 3 and loving it!
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    Started watching Cursed with the wife. It is nothing spectacular, but nice fantasy with a depiction of Merlin straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean.
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    Take some time out and watch The Rookie
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    Now, of course, these were regular Bones as they came from the kickstarter, so I didn't get to work with the clear versions, but I am VERY happy with how these turned out! Of course, these particular minis make me wish even more that I could get my photographing skills up to par, I had to use the flash, and that brings out all of the flaws you can't see in normal light Oh well. These were a lot of fun to paint, and I was trying a new technique for working with the black, although I do need to clean up some of the lines on bits. I just got the Gold Triad Reaper paints and used a layering effect for the gold on their armor using the triad, with a GW Agrax Earthshade wash between the Ancient Bronze and Antique Gold, and a sepia wash between the Antique and New gold layers. Critiques welcome! Sorry for the overly gratuitous flash on the pictures, I couldn't get the light quite right to show the details, and the flash was the only thing that seemed to bright them out better.
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    Saw Harley Quinn season 1. It was excellent. More BoJack Horseman than Looney Tunes.
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    Been watching way too many episodes of Forged in Fire on History channel. Getting real tired of their ads for Pawn Stars, Mystery of Oak Island, Skinwalker Farm, and all the ancient/UFO conspiracy programs. (Most of the nutjob programs run on the H2 channel, but of course they have to blag it on the main History channel.... ) Also, it does get repetitive, hearing it exlained time after time why they use whiteout when forging 'canister Damaskus'
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    The 4th season of Wynonna Earp premiered tonight on SyFy at 2200/10PM.
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    Working on the last crewman, The Asst OPs Officer, for HQ32... (15mm scale) And the HMMWV Avengers are done... Thanks for looking! SGT G
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    Normal Morion Helmet as would be worn by infantry / Conquistadores. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morion_(helmet) The one worn by the girl looks like a mixup from this one and a cavalry helmet.
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    Almost done with HQ32.... This is the track I drove when I was in Germany.... That's me waving at you from the driver's hatch! Just need to paint up the guy for the open troop hatch, and decides which one to use... Avengers are just about done also They are a bit to big, and I found how to re-scale them... So will likely be re printing them.... Ironic, since these are going to be the first 3d printed things I finish! Also almost done with the FIST... Just need to finish up the sights on the hammerhead.... Thanks for looking! SGT G
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    Weathered the M113s and FIST, first drybrush with Vallejo Iraqi Sand, then airbrush.... Thanks for looking! SGT G
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    Continuing on with HQ 32 and the mech 113s.... Details done, ie tools and water cans, plus black washes to tone them down... I also made the tarp for 32, and cut some 1/16th" aluminium rod for the support poles Ended up folding the green stuff just like the real tarp, and sculpting in some hold down straps... Thanks for looking! SGT G
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    Now working on a Platoon of M113s: A FIST track: A platoon of HMMWV Anti Aircraft:(Example) and the Track I drove in Germany.... HQ32 Thanks for looking! SGT George
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    I try to maintain the habit of always spraying the edge of the box lid or whatever I have miniatures laid out on first, to make sure I really am holding the can I think I am ...
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    Finished up my 2nd M1IP Abrams plt, and except for the stowage project, when I plan on doing stowage for the whole force, The force I set out to do is finished! (Lts tank for details...) Now do I do the 2nd Mech Infantry platoon so i Can do an infantry coy instead of armor?... Start my Dutch force for Kapitain Wolf... Thanks for looking! SGT G
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    2nd coat of camo applied, tracks attached, and everything washed with Secret Weapon Soft Body Black, cut 10 - 1. Thanks for looking! SGT G
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    Got stage 1 of the 3 color done on this platoon of M1IPs... I'll be going over the 3 colors with the airbrush again to tighten everything up and correct errors... Thanks for looking! SGT G
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    2 of 4 M1s from the final Abrams platoon (for now) got the NATO Black of the 3 color camo... haven't had much mini hobby time, to many other things happening.... G
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    One of them has extra objects bolted on the back end. Are those fuel tanks? Or maybe fuel bladders? UPDATE/edit: Thanks to a Legos builder with MAD Lego skillz it has been learned that the objects projecting from the back are removable fuel bladders. If I find the link again I will add it.
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    a break from the US stuff, I printed some Swedish S Tanks on my Photon Zero, as well as other things... Thanks for looking! SGT G
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    We don't really know when anything will hit the open market. Reaper is playing that one close to the vest this time. I guess it's better not to over-promise (especially with the pandemic), but it can get frustrating when you don't have any sort of reasonable projection. Keep checking back. Reaper wants these on the shelves as much as we do.
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    Flumphs are the noblest of creatures....or at least they give off noble gasses. I think that counts.
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    Really cool old mini and very nice paint job! He looks very Smaug-like in my opinion!
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    Out of the past, one of the ancient dragons from heritage. this one came to me with a missing tail and frill and some "interesting" solder work on the chest. The tail and frill are my own creation with green stuff and magicsculpt. I am still working on my photography and this is just off my bench so the veining in the wings is actually much redder than the picture would show. This little monster weighs about 5 pounds. Enjoy and of course, comments are always welcome
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    Very nice. can't wait to see this in a standard photo setting. I am sure it would be even more impressive. As it is, I can tell you put a lot of hard work into it. The colors are great. Boy, I do love the classic minis when we get a chance to view them again. Thanks for sharing.
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    Mine hasn't shown up yet either. I keep checking my USPS informed delivery, but no dice.
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    It doesn't run on any channels near me.
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