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    Whuuuuuuuuuttt ? Who in the world is dunking cornbread in tea?
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    Maybe when they do a Bones 6, they’ll do an add on which would include the previous Sophie’s re-done for Bones Black, including the biker one and then they could also throw in a pirate Sophie bust. That’d be a very popular add-on, I imagine.
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    Today we had a variety of things, namely actual colour go down on the minis! Paints used... PanOceania: Drakenhof Nightshade (aka blue shade), Druchii Violet (aka purple shade), Reaper Styx Purple Yu Jing: Agrax Earthshade (aka brown shade), Reaper Heraldic Red First up we have hubby's PanO, because I'm feeling nice. That and I like how his turned out for a base ^_^;;;; First up they got blue shade followed by purple shade from Citadel on cloth, unless they were mostly armoured minis, and which it was the armour that got such a treatment. Once I was happy with how that looked, I then drybrushed on (albeit somewhat heavier than originally planned, but oh well) Styx Purple. Main goal was to go with something that was relatively quick and painless to do, give somewhat of a consistent look, AND would help me come up with a better idea of where to go with the minis. For such, I'm rather happy to say the least. ^So first up we have the Infirmarer (who will be getting some of "my" colours), Boyg soldier (with missile launcher!), and then the Knight of Justice. Knight of Justice wouuuuld have been done up in "Rune's colours", but there's one slight unfortunate part to the figure - it's a female knight. I've no problem painting such, so it looks like I'll be adding in a box of Knights Hospitaller and/or the Icestorm boxed set to get him the figure he would want to be painted as himself ^Next up we have the uh, uhm.... A Fusilier, Varg (with Spitfire!), WinterFor Orc Troop, and Nokken... ^Last up we have the other two Fusiliers (PanO's core trooper), and a Locust with Marksman Rifle Next up, we have my boys of discord... Errr, furious vengeance? No idea. They're my Yu Jing :P Paint so far on these is just two steps - Agrax Earthshade on most things, and then a drybrush of Heraldic Red over most of the armour. it didn't quite work out as well as it did on the PanO minis, but oh well, such is life. it's still a good, solid baseline to work with so I'm still quite happy about that! ^So here we have the Guilang Skirmisher, Jujak (Korean Shock Regiment), Daofei, and Hundun Ambush Unit. I love how the Guilang's unit marker is that of a GHOST WOLF! ^Then of course we have my three Zhanshi's, the main core trooper! I'm hoping they turn out nice and colourful! They won't be quite as vibrant as the plans I'm drumming up for my eventually acquired Nomads (since I'll get some Nomads when I buy Icestorm), as those I'm planning some sort of rather bright and vivid cyber-punk inspired look ^_^;;;
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    Keeping up with this thread, here's everything I've finished from the last week. This is a tree from the recent Mantic Kickstarter. I got a pack of them. They look like they'll fit well with the Tree of Despair from Reaper's last Kickstarter. This owlbear is an example of speed painting gone wrong. A Reaper Bones dwarf. Some super quick scatter terrain from Mantic. A nice howling wolf from Iron Wind on a Secret Weapon base. This is the Shadowrun Street Samurai. He's basically the street samurai archetype from the old rulebooks. So I painted him to match.
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    I can't really compare all that well between Code One and N3 due to a lack of experience with it (only a few demo games, no actual full games so far), but I can definitely comment on Code One as we progress through it! And yup, there's definitely an Aquila Guard in there, as well as an Akalis Sikh Command for Rune's force. I also have two blisters for myself that I forgot to put into those photos - Tiger Soldiers, and the Haidao with Multi-Sniper Interesting that you mention such... Primer's still drying, but we do indeed have some paint on the minis...!! ^Mixed 10 drops Tan Primer into 20 drops Grey Primer, then added 4-5 drops of Brown to darken it a touch... Not the best of pics because, well, I'd rather not be moving minis around while primer cures ^_^;;; ^For the primer on the Yu Jing, since I'll be going slightly darker on them, I added five or six drops of Black primer to the previous mix. And so now the fun begins - we both like the idea of purple with "bronze/copper" like colouration, and as for the swords... The Knight of Justice will resemble the Sword of Leah from the Shannara series, but tweaked (so still an opaque black blade, but with a pearlescent white kind of fire dancing within it), while the Infirmarer of Saint Lazarus (forever known from now on in this WIP as "the blade doctor") will go with a more traditional steel colour. For the Yu Jing, I'm seriously thinking some sort of vibrant pink (hot raver pink maybe? lol) alongside uhm... Haven't quite gotten there yet, but combination of earth tones such as brown and/or green.
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    Phase three of basing is more or less done, and by that, I mean I'm stopping myself from messing around even more with them ^First up are my Yu Jing. Sniper on the right in the first pic will get some gaps filled, because that cape/back piece just wouldn't line up how I wanted it to, and even trying to bend it didn't work out so well due to how thick it is. Looks like my phone doesn't enjoy focusing on metal minis, at least with stuff in the background ^And hubby's PanO minions. Time to seal that ballast down, clean everything, and then prime. Looking forward to seeing these primed up, even if some of them I'm not certain at all as to what kind of colours I'll be going with ^_^;;; I was back and forth on them once they were announced, but then eventually I said "y'know what, screw it, I like the models, might as well get it", doubly so since hubby seemed curious about it having less complicated rules I'm kind of thinking some sort of hot pink for the Yu Jing as I was originally planning on such before anyways, and as for the PanO... Yeah, that's going to be an interesting one to try and figure out, that's for sure. No idea why, but I keep getting vibes that purple is going to be a dominant colour... Many thanks! I really like what Corvus Belli has done with these minis, as there's a decent amount of "we bring the pain" but also a good amount of individuality in each one. I'm just hoping I didn't go totally overboard with adding to the bases, since I really would like to have more than just the occasional peek of those rollers showing through
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    Gotta just take the plunge... Lining with Nightshade Purple. Noticed I missed left foot, so fixed that. She has relatively small eyes for a giant. Was hoping to get colored irises in there. We’ll see. May add some more Nightshade around the eyes to help it out.
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    After about 3 layers of HD Ice Blue.
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    So I've been socially isolating since March 12th at this point. With working from home and all my normal events, vacations and activities canceled I've had a lot of extra time on my hands. Some of that has been filled wit speed painting through my backlog of figures. I realized recently that, except for the occasional post on the Show Off thread, many of these will never be seen by anyone but me. Especially since my gaming group has gone on hiatus while we wait this thing out. Well that seemed like a shame. And since most of these are just quickly painted, and I don't want to load up the Show Off page with my base, wash and quick detail jobs I thought putting a running log of what I'eve finished or am working on would fit in well on this thread. So here are all the minis I've both started and finished since lock down began a month and a half ago... I had no idea where I was going with this and I'm not entirely sure where I ended up. Second from the left stole my mom's haircut from the 70's and 80's. Let me sing you the song of my people. Not sure what breed this was supposed to be, but foxhound seemed about right. An Entling in a little glade from one of the familiar packs. Bad photo, but there's a little water feature in there. Yeah, this was fun but will likely never have a reason to hit the table. This is currently fighting a fat plastic unicorn on my wife's work from home desk. Iron Wind Metals, old FASA/Ral Partha troopers of some sort. It's going to get weird. Dum-dum. Dum-dum... Dumdumdumdumdumdum Craft Paint Challenge. I've got a few more on the table and I'll post them when they're done. And maybe I'll even occasionally post a WIP shot of some of the bigger stuff I'm working on.
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    My next project is another ranger. I already have a cool male elf ranger, but thought it might be nice to add a female version. So going through the Bones minis I came across Nienna. Unfortunately her face detail was very shallow and detail was overall a bit hit and miss. I love the pose, though. Out comes the scalpel, greenstuff and bitz box. Two evening sessions later I swapped the head and weapon, shaved away some of the front detail and resculpted the area. I am not entirely finished yet, but soon I can establish the base colours.
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    So, a little while ago I had these two lovely packages come in because I wanted to give the new "rules condensed" version of Infinity a go, and sadly neither the HaqqIslam I use or the Ariadna hubby uses for N3 are in Code One, so.... Well, as one might expect, we wound up picking up a new starter box, because of various reasons. Anyways, Yu Jing was always my second choice for an army, and Rune liked the new look for the PanOceania figures, so that made life moderately easier.... Keen eyed observers will notice that Rune's PanO aren't getting as many units. Well, yeah, there's a partial reason for that - I had a basic idea already of what I wanted with my Yu Jing for N3, specifically that of being able to field the Invincible Army sectorial at some point due to my LOVE of their heavy infantry, and since pretty much all of the models I was looking at are usable in Code One that pretty much sealed the deal for me right then and there... Obviously more will be added in for Rune's side as he plays the game more, and figures out what kind of units he would like (and likes the look of). ^So a few days ago this is where things were at, after the use of a pair of GreenStuffWorld rollers, specifically Runes (for, uh, Rune's PanO), and Small Cobblestones (for my Yu Jing), and after several hours of assembly over three nights if I remember correctly, here's where things were... ^And phase one of basing complete. Vallejo terrain goop, I love you. Okay, I'll admit, I wound up covering up more details than I had originally planned, but such is life - some of the original elements are still there, which is good enough in my opinion, at least for now. I'll still get the basic idea across, although with some of them it's more going to be easter eggs in the bases, but such is life. ^And a blurry shot of how things look at the moment, with phase 2 of the basing. Essentially, I wound up using that mix of four different types of ballast that I'd created a decade and a half ago (I mixed up a LOT of it o_O) to help even out the transitions, as well as any garish spots where the terrain paste didn't quite solidify how I was thinking it was going to... And also as a bit of an element to tie both factions together, since they're both technically fighting over Svarlheim, or however it's spelt Yeah, I know it's yet another WIP thread for me, but my Infinity focus shifted from N3 to Code One for the moment due to smaller table size, and newer, more streamlined rules. That and a desire to give these minis a shot, and to hopefully see about painting them faster than my usual pace
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    Dan's Build Journal #4 The Ranger's Camp Finished Project Pics: My Other Build Journals: Well its been almost two weeks since I finished my last project, and that itch start a new build has flared up again. This time I am going to attempt some type of Ranger/Woodsman's Camp, which compared to my last couple of projects should be quite a straight forward and relatively simple build. Laying the Foundation. To build the foundation of this project, I cut out a piece of XPS foam to serve as the base and then used blocks of polystyrene which I'd cut with a hot wire tool to form the very basic shape and contours of the landscape. I want give to the illusion that the camp is quite secluded and well hidden and so it is going to be set up in a small clearing at the base of a wooded hill. I'm going to build the hill so that it sweeps around the camp, shielding it from three sides. During my recent Ruined Keep build, I'd started working on an LED campfire, but got cold feet and ended up abandoning the idea scared that I'd mess up and spoil the project. This time I am going to go for it. I removed the outer casing from a cheap flickering LED tealight, cut a small hole in the XPS foam base, and then hot glued the tealight into the hole so that only the LED was protruding above the surface. I'll come back to this at a later stage. The next stage was to get nice and messy with some Sculptamold, which I used to reshape the contours of the hill into something a little more organic and natural looking. I also added several plaster of paris rocks that I had left over from a previous project to add a bit of visual interest. The rocks were originally created using Woodland Scenic's Rock Moulds. The Sculptamold is applied quite thickly in places, and so it may need an extra day to fully dry. In the mean time I have a bunch of accessories to paint up and prepare, including a woodsman's lean-to, a roasting spit and a sitting log which I will likely start work on over the weekend.
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    So, recently me, my dad, and my grandpa*, most of whom are excellent woodworkers (with the exception of me) made a collaborative effort at making me a new shelf for my minis, as my old one was just a board nailed into the wall. A pretty piece of scrap, but scrap none the less. Continuing the trend, we used only scrapwood for this shelf. Thus, no cost, except for some stain (which I stole from my dad, so uh, no cost there either). *My grandpa is no joke Santa Claus. A bit of a potbelly, big bushy white beard, glasses, likes cookies and milk, and get this - he makes toys. Right now it's just sitting atop a bookshelf, but I may hang it up on the wall if I'm so inclined. Doesn't look the prettiest, but not bad for being made solely of scrapwood! It's also now a dishonor to me, as there are waaaay too many unpainted minis on that shelf. That will soon change, however... Note: We did put in an extra notch, as you see at the top. The boards that are the shelves get really stuck in that one, plus it leaves no room for my big minis, so I decided to leave that one vacant.
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    Started work on my wife’s Druid.
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    Got this one with the obligatory wobbly/weapon , bent, flimsy 2 handed battle axe (i cut off). Had some metal axes laying around. Pretty happy with it, or just buy the metal version ;) these are from a wonky set of Hobgoblins, Notice the hands still attached, but i will file those off
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    Another deep dive into the abyss... This infernal figure was torture to pin and glue, and the storage of it is devilishly tricky because of the super bendy spear. I really wish that minis produced with pole arms / spears would use a bit of stiff wire overmolded with the pole arm / spear casting. I have had to adjust this spear so many times. I must have done something really evil in my last life...
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    The third set of humanoids from the Lost Valley Expansion of the Bones 4 kickstarter is the Orcs of the Jade Fire tribe: Featuring an all-female cast of hard bodied primitives, with abs to break rocks on and buns of bronze. The barbaric splendor of these women rival that of the bodybuilder cast of any 80's Sword and Sorcery movie. Apart from the fact that said 80's movies usually feature male bodybuilders with any females being more of the centrefold variety both in body type and costume budget. The burning question would be: what do the male members of the Jade Fire Tribe look like? Do they have the physique of Steve Rogers before or after the serum was administered? Or are they more like bloated ant drones that barely can move while the womenfolk do all the work? Inquiring minds want to know! 44089 Jade Fire Shaman #633 The skin is Citadel Contrast Space Wolves Grey over a greyish white on black zenithal undercoat. Look closely and you will see the spatter pattern a slightly bent airbrush needle tip will leave...I need to buy myself a proper one, the cheap chinese ebay ones I have been using are really not very good at all. Good thing the Vex is coming. 44088 Jade Fire Chieftain #632 aka She-Hulk. Also the one model in all of the Lost Valley with blatantly metal-looking parts. 44096 Jade Fire Champion #636 44095 Jade Fire Warrior #635 Thirty Five dollars and a six-pack to my name! Time to break out that old Black Flag album again. 44094 Jade Fire Spearman #634 Either the naming of the Bones version of this mini is a bit off (especially since the metal version is called "Spearmaiden") or this one has the worst case of Moobs I have seen since Meat Loaf's character in Fight Club. Look, it's the stripper! Wheeee! These minis were completed August 4th 2020 Jade Fire Tribe orcs, from the Lost Valley Expansion Bones 4 kickstarter, delivered 2019 Reaper Miniatures Sculpted by Gene van Horne Made in Bones Black PVC available from reapermini.com
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    This is 02008: Garath Hawkblade, a metal miniatures in the Dark Heaven Legends line sculpted by Sandra Garrity. There is no WIP thread. Just a quick tabletop job, really. (click on the pictures for larger versions) There is a lot of detail on this miniature and lots of opportunities for other effects. For example, some ornamentation could be done as gems, rather than painted over with metallics like I did here. If you were careful, you could paint some of the raised portions of the metal (filigree?) could be painted as a bright silver or gold against a darker (or blued) metal. I may have to try this some day. As always, constructive comments or criticisms are welcome!
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    Thank you! I added some more to the cluster in the meantime. I also decided to go a different way with the female ranger: the armour as sculpted made no sense as lamellar armour or scale, so I just went for a tunic, as it makes sense for an agile ranger. Maybe it was meant to be quilted, hard to tell from the sculpt. The quiver got some love, too. I added a leather cover for the arrows in wet weather and replaced the arrows with a plastic bit I had from the WGF Skeletons. I still need to fix the belt and upper torso, as the thickness and proportions don't seem to work there. Left boot and pants are missing, too, and laces for the boots and leather cover.
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    This guy was painted up for Reaper's Facebook contest. It was my first time entering on Facebook, and there were so many great entries! I managed to tie for fourth place, which is way better than I thought I would do. Especially when getting a good picture was so dang difficult. Ugh I swear I clicked on Show Off, could a moderator please delete or move this to the right area?
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    I have a Reaper Gnome mounted on a BIG frog/toad as well. I painted that duo up a couple of years ago though. I have been hesitant about the colors, but there should be some frogs & turtles/tortoises showing up now & again.
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    I'm happy that amphibians found their way into your world
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    Thanks, Glitter. I was thinking Tree Frog when I did the colors. Then I went with the same colors on the mushrooms behind him; ergo, he is a Mushroom Frog. Thanks, Thoramel. I am happy you like him. I have two more from the frog pack AND a tortoise as well. I was thinking of teaming one of the frogs up with the tiny Dark Hold Monk.
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    Your vibrant paintjob took care of that! He looks great!
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    Masaki here (03524) is simply a wonderful, clean, dynamic sculpt, and a perfect foil for O-Sayumi (60191). While you were learning the virtues of the carp, he studied the BLADE. Did some image searches for Edo-period prints of storm clouds, lightning, and rough seas. Not perfectly satisfied with the ocean aspects of his robe, but the lightning and clouds will do for now. Click for more angles: "Again we meet! So, the shogun sent you to kill me. He chose assassins well. Your strikes--swifter than the winter wind!" "And yet no swifter than you parry! But no, Masaki. You fight like twenty wolves. The shogun would never have you killed." "Then who?!" (If there's one thing the genre teaches us, it is that this will not go well for Masaki.)
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    Final ground work. As mentioned in my previous post, I went ahead and scraped away and feathered the edge of the grass so it looked thinner, more patchy and worn around the camp area. I then used Vallejo powdered earth pigments to dust the exposed ground giving it a range of hues and a more natural look. (Its been a busy weekend, I didn't realise until now that I'd not taken any WIP shots of this stage) The Camp Fire I repainted the ring of stones around the fire pit so that the rocks looked more uniform. I then painted the grit in the base of the pit yellow, dry-brushing over gradually darkening shades of orange and red. I finished off by highlighting the tops of each piece of grit in pure black. It is quite a messy rushed paint job, but that is not a big deal as most of the coals will be obscured by the fire wood and ash. The next step was to create the flame. To do this I used a hot glue gun and created a swirl around the lightbulb, which I tapered to a point. Before the glue fully set I used an old brush to scour some lines through it and then gave it an all over yellow wash, once dry I gave the tip a red wash. The idea being the light given off would look a lot more fire like as opposed to the pure white of the LED. With the flame finished I moved on to the firewood, I cut small pieces from a thin twig and glued them together in a pyramid shape around the flame. I then used a black powdered pigment to dust the edge of the firepit and base of the firewood to give the impression of a build up of ash and cinders. I still need to tidy the fire up a little, the black pigment got everywhere and I need to try and vac some of it up, but other than that the fire is pretty much complete. The only issue now is that the fire (Because I build it around an LED) doesn't look to scale with the rest of the camp, it is a bit on the big side. Anyway here are a couple of shots of the fire all lit up in varying degrees of low light, I'm quite pleased with the effect.
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    I love it! The frog is a great touch! I hope you can get your mojo back, I always like your work. But no pressure, if you need to relax and take a break, just do it.
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    No Milk, all the others, yes! In case I drink Tea or Juice I always end with a cup of coffee as well.
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    Awesome! I love the setting and the freehand is superb!
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    I think it looks awesome just how it is. Great job!
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    Initial Paintwork. I prepared the base in pretty much the same way I prepared the hill on my recent Hobbit Hole project, so if you followed that build then this is probably all old news to you. I started off by painting all the stone work with the Leopold Spot technique, I used Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna as my base colours (Acrylic paint, watered down to a wash) which I dabbed on sporadically with a heavily loaded foam brush allowing the wash to soak into the plaster and flow where it will. I made sure each rock was approximately 1/3 Ochre, 1/3 Sienna and 1/3 left white. Once dry I applied a more heavily watered down Burnt Umber wash over all the rock in order to blend the colours together whilst still allowing the under colour to show through. Finally I went over everything again with a final black wash. With the rocks complete I then painted all the floor in brown acrylic paint ready for flocking. Building the Firepit For the firepit I super-glued down small pieces of fish tank gravel to form a ring around the LED. Then within the ring, in order to hide the battery housing of the LED I applied very fine grit, which was glued in place with watered down PVA. Once the PVA is fully dried I intend to paint the grit yellow, and then highlight in oranges, reds and blacks to (hopefully) look like a bed of glowing coals and embers. After that I'll add firewood on top to hide the LED. I've no idea how this is going to turn out, working with LEDs is new territory for me, I've seen a few tealight campfires and the results are always hit and miss, so fingers crossed! Applying the Grass I used a static grass applicator to lay down the grasses. I started with a 2mm spring grass which I applied all over the model, I then used a layering spray and added some patches of 2mm Autumn grass over the top. Finally I switched to a winter grass, focusing it mainly on the higher ground and adding some longer yellowish patches starting at a 2mm grass and working up to a 6mm grass. I left a patch of un-grassed area around the the firepit, which looks 'off' and pretty ugly right now. Once I have painted the log and lean-to I am going to scrape away and feather the edges of the grass in areas that would see the most footfall, leaving it more patchy and bare in places. Finally I'll use dry weathering pigments to give the earth a more natural look. The plan is for the ground around the camp site to look more like the ground in my recent Ruined Tower build:
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    Found the individual minis... RMI 02006 Sidrith Sword Sister by Sandra Garrity And RMI 02005 Tox by Julie Guthrie. The gold plated one on the counter is nice and all, but painted minis are always better! I never got around to purchasing a copy of RMI 02020 Sarah the Seeress by Sandra Garrity.
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    Now that summer is here, I am finally getting back to work on my Bones bin of shame.
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    Tonight's sculpting went well. Did one boot and added a needle to the fibula. Pinched fabric is still missing and the boot will get straps. I also carved the legs free. I tried my hand at a scabbard, but it came out a bit wonky with greenstuff . I might use a piece of sprue or something instead and carve it.
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    Working on a new project for an objective... Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck HEMTT Fueler BF M1IP to show you just how big the things are! (I drove them in the National Guard when I was in S4 (Battalion Supply / Logistics)) Re scaled from 1-200, but the details that came through are pretty amazing to me... Thanks for looking! SGT G
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    We use the Scrye Counters for all kinds of games. I have one, somewhere, that is an enameled eye, rather than a figure. Ultra pro also released a card sized variety (it fits in the deck box).
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    Mrs Hamster and I have been watching The Good Place. We're halfway though season 3 and loving it!
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    Got a few more done over the weekend. First up is this devil fellow from the Bones 4 core set. He was part of a stretch goal that included the devil guy above and a female devil. I painted her also in the same scheme and with a matching base, but she's NSFW and I don't feel like making an off site post of her so she'll remain unseen. Here's another one from my pile of random minis I don't have much of a use for. I still like to grab one at random and paint it if I'm not feeling like starting anything else. I've got enough barbarians to suit my DMing, and no one ever wants to play a barbarian in my group, so he'll likely sit around unused for a while. This thing's eyes glow in the dark. This is some scenery from Acheson Creations I picked up for cheap at a con. It's supposed to be a stack of felled logs. But you know what I realized about halfway through? Fallen logs don't really look like that. You know what it does look like? A bunch of twigs randomly grabbed from the yard and slapped on some modeling clay. Which is exactly what I think it was. I could have just gone out to my yard and made this. Regardless, trying to get it to look like actual twigs was kind of fun, and no one is going to question that they're logs if they end up on the table.
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    Here he is with a buddy From Wizkids, the Nolzurs version. I finally achieved the skin tone with Bloodhoof that i tried with Nolzurs last summer. Although the paint on the Nalzurs was a home-mix, and i was happy with it initially, i like the second try much better , especially in the photos. My one gripe, the Nolzurs is too small for a Minotaur, he should be bigger . The Nolzurs did come with a much better quality weapon. however, after my conversion I once again prefer the Reaper. Anyway, hopefully an interesting comparison.
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    Progress has been made! Found a suitable base coated it in milliputt. Here is the current layout, nothing has been glued down yet. And of course the keg of rootbear is present! Need to paint everything so I can start mounting it. Thanks for looking!
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    Several weeks ago I got to go to the hobby store and found a couple of new minis, one was this little jewel. It is pretty much done in the painting department, but what good is a catapult without its crew? These are some Oathmark dwarves that I’m converting to do the job. I admit the barrel is too big to fit in the catapult, but I’m going to find a way to work it in. I need to build a base big enough to hold everything and get some more dwarves, it is a start though. Ideas are welcome! Thanks for looking!
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    So. I stopped posting completed minis because I dropped my phone about a week ago and it broke the camera. I'm going to miss that phone, but it was beyond time to replace it. So long live the new phone! Anyways, I took The suggestions to heart and darkened up the soil of the terrain mini, then gave it some excess vegetation. Thanks for the comments because I really like the results. I'm still figuring out the new phone camera so it may be a bit before I get photos of everything I've recently painted that I'm happy to post. But here's something I'm pretty satisfied with...
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    I decided against doing the red bricks. I agree that it would likely not have the intended effect. Plus, it lets me be lazy! I don't have to repaint super tiny cracks that would bleed and require more touching up. Still slowly working on it. It's in the touch up phase, I really wish i had primed it black initially, would have kept a lot of touching up down and kept down on the number of coats of paint. I think the level of detail it still has for being painted so many times with house paint really says a lot about the quality of the resin model. I finally hit my limit with the mansion (and the tabletop world Windmill, boy was that thing a nightmare to paint..) and I decided to krylon seal them. I did it in the worst possible conditions. 32 degrees outside, high humidity (it's supposed to snow tonight but at least the sky was clear and sunny) and I immediately brought them in and put them in the bathroom with the fan and heat light on. When they finish drying I will post some pictures in here. The results should be....interesting.
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    I agree with robinh - the red brick won't have the effect you want because of the red roof. Right now you've got a good balance in the red roof, blue windows, with the grey stone.
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    I actually think, because of your red roof, the bricks would get lost a bit if you painted them red. My best advice... try it and if you don't like it you can paint them grey again.
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    While painting my own Table Top World cottage, I looked at photos of real cottages to get an idea of how I wanted mine to look. You can find all kinds of pictures on Google. You can also look at TTW's facebook and go through their last few years' annual contests to see some divinely painted buildings you can use for inspiration. With that said, I really like the colors you have chosen. I do think the bricks underneath would stand out a bit more if you painted them like red brick. I too have been to the Winchester Mystery House and love it. Love your work on your mansion! I am hoping Santa thinks I was a good girl this year and brings me more TTW goodies! I look forward to seeing more updates and projects!
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    I have a question. I was thinking of redoing these gray bricks behind the yellow walls as red bricks. They are grey right now, but I think the red might look better. Any opinions on that? That's what they currently are. I was thinking something more like this, someone else's job. By Kevin's miniatures.
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    So, it seems, in some quarters, that KS is a consequenceless source for funding for whatever use. KS is crystal clear that they assume no accountability for the performance of creators or for the use the backer's fees are put to. Even if the same creator runs campaign after campaign and delivers .... nothing. I've noted that some non-performers have requested additional funds for, usually, postage. The place to pay is some money backing site outside of KS. As posted by others, one just has to learn which creators actually perform and which just keep taking the backers' money. I'm learning. The hard way.
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