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    I just got this figure last week, but it jumped the Que. I spent a few days doing prep-work and watching a video on painting fur to refresh my technique. Then looking at elephant photos and mammoth drawings. basecoat to finish was about 3 hours work. I went with Burnt umber as the base color. I do love burnt umber. - with some half steps and all dry brushing. Brownliner Burnt Umber Olive skin shadow leather brown Ivory tusk The pink tongue just makes him look Happy to me, so now he has a name. and meets all three of my art goals. My Favorite project this month.
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    Brought some painting models for vacation. Finished the Hell Hound last night, didn’t WIP it. Had Yephima on my shelf of shame for a long time. If it ends up 1/100 as good as the studio version I’ll be happy. Plan on light blue skin and silvery hair, like the Bestiaries suggest. Other than that, not sure... Here she is primed with Brown Liner. That’s gonna take some work to get the skin tones brighter.
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    The cold and bitter winds rage through the trees until they too break and wisp away leaving behind swirling snow and mists. It walks through the darkness, its craving drawing it nearer, it senses the flesh of the party who huddle near the pitiful fire trying to keep warm. They all notice internally that Gregry hasn't been seen for hours but all fear voicing their concerns. A shadow moves on a mound out amongst the birch trees ravaged by the blizzard. Something is out there, something hunting, something ravenous... The Wendigo (Reaper 03673).
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    Now THIS is a Pulp Hero! An incredibly burly, fiercely-mustached Sikh with a chain-fed brass-jacketed machine gun. NorthStar UK lists him as Gagan Kayal; the American outlet Brigade Games lists him as Mohan Singh in their "Lord Curr's Company" set. Either way, a powerhouse with incredible style and devastating firepower. I roughed up the barrel of the gun with some Typhus Corrosion before painting it; the original sculpt is smoother. His arm hair is sculpted on, and after that, I'd be remiss not to give him some good chest and shoulder hair. The time period is fairly ambiguous to one who, like me, is not a firearms historian, so the good Mr. Kayal can work from the turn of the previous century... to the middle of said century. Special guest appearances by 50029, British Colonial Riflemen, 50193, Thuggee Cultist, and 50221, Nazi Zombie Officer (and his Artizan co-workers).
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    Kratos (Quint Warrior) 02907 I ordered the Quint Warrior from my FLGS for my first game ever... the campaign concluded before it showed up. I liked the figure, but I didn't like the oversized weapons. What to do? Someone painted him as Kratos, God of War. I liked the paint job, but the weapons didn't fit... so... First, I carefully bent and rotated his arms forward and weapons more vertical. I removed Quint's weapons, including drilling out the haft, and opened the grip a little. I grabbed scimitars out of two Weapons Pack 1, and shortened them about ¼”. For the chains, I wanted finer chain than the weapon packs, so I soldered and superglued craft necklace. What a pain. Never again. This video gave me a different way to make chain… better result on a different project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLICWoLpDE4 The flames are water effects latex built up and painted in small layers. The base is polymer clay.
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    So... went by the store this morning, picked up some figures (put in an order for some more) and asked about Free RPG Day stuff. Was handed a box and told I could help myself to whatever was left. Surprised to see most of the library bookshelf minis in the box, got one for myself and one for DH, also got us each a Roll20 code (they are unique) and picked up the Keyforge adventure booklet. I don't know the system, but it could be inspirational.
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    Continuing to dig up my childhood minis... This crazy old dragon was done back in 1984, I basically dunked him in turquoise enamel. While not sophisticated, the color was beautiful and it's one of my all time favorite sculpts so I left it intact and decided to try adding some details. Results below!
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    After I suggested the idea on the Bones 5 thread, the idea was brought up on Reaper's Facebook page. We need a LEVIATHAN! i.e. a giant monster whale, or sea serpent. Reaper needs it's own Moby Dick. If the whale path is chosen, instead of a single massive whale, segments breaching above the water would be a nice idea. Humpback whale. Sperm whale. Same deal with sea serpents. A large head(s) poking out of the water with several tails/tentacles and boom! you got a nasty encounter. P.S. Ninjaed!
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    This is Reaper related. I emailed Ron Hawkins a while back ago about a character idea for the next Kickstarter. And he told me it might just show up in bones 6. Followed up by a winky face. want to see if we can get a pole going to have this character introduced into the next series. My suggestion was to have a Leviathan whale sizably to the pirate ship from bones 5 thats currently underproduction. It could be possibly the biggest miniature they've ever made. It doesn't have to be the full size of the pirate ship in length. But it would be the largest and coolest mini to paint. Plus no other company has made a Leviathan. Pictures below are concept ideas I sent him. If we can get enough likes on this maybe we can get this miniature pushed through. Monster mini!!! I don't know about others but I would easily pay $100 or more for it during a Kickstarter. Especially if so many people were already willing to spend $100 on the ship. inbound9181087185912300539.webp I post this on Facebook also. Where Jon Overton commented about how it would be cool to have a mini island on its back. So I'm all for that also.
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    Some of these are reposts, but my wife got me a photo booth, so enjoy some less-horrible pictures!
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    For your consideration I present my take on the Wizard’s Workshop. This piece was created in response to a challenge issued by a Twitch streamer that I follow. The challenge was themed Fatherly for Fathers Day 2020. I spent several hours searching for the right model until I came across this piece. Inspired by Alexi Z’s example on the Reaper website I decided to try OSL for the first time. (Using an airbrush is almost cheating lol) I wanted to find a unique base for this project and settled on the Shattered Ritual 100mm base by Secret Weapon Miniatures. In addition to the Wizard’s Workshop I also added 77318: Bookshelf, 77248: Crates (Large and Small) (2) and 77249: Large Barrel Small Barrel to the scene The Glowing effect was created by adding LIT Green Glow Pigment by Culture Hustle and mixing it with the acrylic paint and applying it with the airbrush. C&C welcome
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    This bruiser took about two weeks to get juuuuust right, but I think the time spent was worth it. Normally with big scaly things I can get away with drybrushing and washing until the skin looks the way I want, but for Cipactli I needed to do some final direct highlights on the scales of his back and belly. I should have added another model for scale; this guy's enormous. That's a 105mm x 70mm oval base he's spilling off of (and the base is part of the original model, sculpted to look like water).
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    Those knights seem like they might be very useful.
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    I hadn't planned too, but I've reposted this here on the advice of Glitterwolf, as the WIP forum doesn't tend to see as much traffic. It is a little scenic backdrop that I have been working on over the past 3 weeks, an old smugglers cache that was abandoned decades earlier when an ancient horror took up residence in the old sewer tunnels. For the ancient horror I used Reapers 'Spell Effect: Shadow Tentacles (SKU: 77367) Vastly different to the sort of scenes and terrain I normally build, but it came out ok in the end. Setting the Scene
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    So here is my latest little group of miniatures, some vintage Ral Partha Elven Personalities from the Personalities and Things that go Bump in the Night line, sculpted by Tom Meier. These are pretty small figures, back when 25 mm meant that size. So they came out okay. What I actually like the best is the female's color of her dress, which is actually the Master Series Paint Bright Skin Shadow. I think it turned out kind of an enjoyable peach color. Biggest pain in the posterior was the buttons on the chick's "girdle/belt/thingamajig. I wanted to do them as jewels but they were so small, just made them metal buttons. Anyhow, enjoy!
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    Not sure if these have have been released except in clear bones - but this group is from Bones IV. Painted a while ago in my new aim of getting things on the table but trying to kick it up a little bit - well I got them on the table.... Mr Green Wraith is my first, timid, OSL attempt.
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    Hi all - I painted up the tree part of the tree of despair for my in-house game. Basic, but serviceable, and great terrain!
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    I hear the chickens from Bristol are particularly vicious.
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    Knights: What you get on a sprue: "Least I got chicken!"
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    Was just looking at this. I may go for the book and warband bundle. I can always think of something to use more of the ordinary soldiers for and wouldn't mind the extra bits from a sprue of wizards and knights. This would be just about the smallest order I've made when a new book came out for Frostgrave.
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    Hey all, I think it would be really awesome to see some turtlefolk miniatures. I personally have upcoming sessions in my D&D campaign where the group will encounter a tortle warlock, but there really aren't any options available to fit that criteria. Also, expanding it out to all classes would be amazing, especially because I also want to play a tortle of some kind as well! Thanks!
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    Since I’m not going into this needing to be historically accurate I am not really concerned about that aspect. It is kind of a weird choice on the helmet. I can actually see it as an ok representation of the picture, if you zoom in you can kind of see a crest on the second helmeted guy, but... basing it off that picture seems like an odd choice when you consider the icon image of a conquistador. But again for me, not really a concern since this figure will either be fighting dragons in a dungeon or be part of an army that has gryphons and wizards and fights animated dead and demons... but I understand for those needing it to be historically accurate. As far as the names go, I agree that a unit name should be accurate, don’t call a Knight a knighter... exc. but the names of the girls, again not really bothered. It is interesting though for Francesca as in their last Kickstarter they did have a girl in the Spanish faction named Francisca. Maybe they just didn’t want to repeat the name? overall my interest in this will be pre-1800 girls. So the ww- 1 and newer girls dont interest me. I think Francesca looks good and definitely has a place in both my pathfinder games and in my fantasy Empire army.
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    I prefer unglued minis, period.
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    Painted this for my daughter. Need to get better at painting and taking pictures.
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    Hasslefree offered this gal in translucent as an exclusive on their Kickstarter so I had to pick her up. I painted her entirely with inks and then iridescent duochrome paints, which is probably my favorite way to do translucent miniatures at the moment. She's still translucent when held to light but looks opaque and reflective in low light
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    yes I know they are just the same guys again. how did I end up with so many hobgoblins? im pretty sure I still have 2 archers unpainted, in metal somewhere in my storage boxes. Full Isolation Tribe picts - painted earlier also included. Warlord & Shaman
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    I really should have paid closer attention to that...
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    Grump fixed it. My Fire had tried to update Firefox to the 64 bit version, on a tablet with a 16 bit brain.
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    We don't need it. We have the ones by GW from when they scrapped Warhammer Fantasy. My Fire has decided that it will no longer run Firefox, and I am hating Silk. Like, a lot.
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    So I had this mini for some time, it was damaged, missing an arm and a hand. I repaired it using some bits and repainted it. Here's the WIP topic. I like how everything turned out, thanks for looking! Some before and after photos:
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    Quick and easy speedpaint. Thanks for looking!
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    Getting there with the Female Orc Warrior and the Demon has a little more colours.
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    Al Fasid posted to showoff: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92068-infinity-al-fasid-whmg/ Current box status: Red Veil: 1/7 complete Hassassin Bahram Starter: 1/6 complete Bonus things that would be nice to finish this year: Beyond Red Veil: 0/3 complete Qapu Khalqi Starter: 0/6 complete And since I had the camera out, I figured why not, let's get some better pics of the various units I've been working on... ^Tuareg sniper. Biggest roadblock I've been running into lately is trying to figure out is what to go with for the cloth, but I'm seriously thinking I'll go with some sort of muddied grey. ^One of two of my Bashi Bazouks with SMG. Since they're very much so a unit that gets right up in your face, she's going to be noticeably bright, although I'm strongly suspecting that I'll be going with a black hood for her. Those submachine guns can be dangerous, since one can use either armour piercing or shock rounds, which means you can either reduce their armour by half (AP rounds) or force them to make a save versus a massive shock to the system, which if failed, is effectively lethal to most light infantry. Oh, and then add in that they're an air-droppable unit (from one of eight table edges) AND have holo-projector level 2 which means they have two holo-echoes when they depoly... ^my first Zhaeydan. I like to call him flowing cloak guy for some reason.... ^And how my first Khawarij is looking! My main focus right now for painting is the five remaining minis from Red Veil
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    No progress to note, at least on the miniatures front, because, uhm, well.... Most of my Global Evil Corp terrain is now assembled (just have all the fiddly bits for the QuadPod, aka Objective Room). Oh, and they're magnetized now too. 392 magnets later.... Yeah, I really need to finish the walls on that Cosmica HAB building from Warsena (it's the square frame)... As for additional terrain, I suspect if I added in the cardstock stuff there's more than plenty for a nice, versatile battlefield... Cardstock just isn't magnetic And yeah, some of it still needs glue, and/or the reinforcements added in >.>;;;; I'm definitely going to have something other than miniatures to paint in the future though!
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    This was a quick speed paint, less than an hour. And I think the Night Spectre (Reaper Bones SKU 77099) turned out looking awesome for the amount of effort put in.
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    An hour or two of various painting later.... Going to call my Al Fasid done. Better pics and show-off thread at a later time, but for now.... 1/7 for Red Veil HaqqIslam minis, 0/3 for Beyond Red Veil, and 1/6 for Hassassin Bahram starter pack! Odds are I'm going to call this one two points for the RPChallenge, because gawds that's a lot of tiny little details throughout his armour!
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    Very kind of you, but I don't need it back, do with it what you will
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    I think I found it. I have several that just showed up here, one of them may be yours. :)
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    Lost another Kilo. I now weigh 75 kg opposed to 81/82 I have been for years.
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    An accessory pack with birds. Lots of small, closer to scale , bird of different shapes and poses. Hawks, lots of song birds, owls, woodpeckers, shore birds, and on and on. In a scene, I'd love to put a bird or two in a tree or on a hedge, but the available ones have a sparrow about the scale size of a bald eagle and an owl about the scale size of a great Dane. Speaking of Great Danes... Yes. Yes, indeed.
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    I loved this sculpt from the moment I saw it. I absolutely could not wait to paint it. But I was intimidated by it for a variety of reasons. I didn't like most of the color schemes I initially chose, and repainted him several times. I wanted a decent base for him (I greatly regret not rebasing Cthulhu, for example), etc. etc. But then things just kind of came together and I painted the beastie a little bit at a time over the past few days... and I'm really happy with the outcome! C&C appreciated -- this guy was unexpectedly challenging for me, so there's probably oppo for improvement here. :-)
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    I lost 4 kg! All I needed to do was working very hard in my new home for almost four weeks now without a day of rest. I suspect this will not last when I'm done with moving.
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    Hello Fans, Fanatics and Folks of Reaper. Long overdue for a "hello and well-met" post from me. The spawn got the mister and I back into mini-painting when a friend showed her his collection of Age of Sigmar goodies and invited her to play D&D. My first experience with minis was late 80s, stealing my brother's model airplane Testors paints and crudely mangling a metal mini with basic colours whilst killing a few brain cells with the fumes. Then early 90s, going in and staring heart-shaped-googly-eyed at the 40k at our nearest Warhammer store. The mister and I met in EverQuest back in '99 and have been partaking in a variety of nerdy pastimes together over the intervening years. I've been gaming (off and on, consoles & PC) since learning to beat aforementioned brother in various Pong clones on a Magnavox Odyssey 400. This community is amazingly helpful and kind and knowledgeable and full of wit. I'm grateful to the kid for getting us back into the world of miniatures; it's proven to be a wonderfully rewarding hobby to share with those you love. Now, if only we could find more time to paint. *stares at the box of unopened Reaper goodness with longing* Nice to "meet" you all and cheers. *holds up her pint*
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    Hello forum family, I wanna share with ya all my most recent fatigue: Marthragul! I was in doubt if painting it into a realistical Earth dragon, or something more colourful... The Magenta won! :D And I chose to don't cut corners, so no drybrush, no washes, no feathering... just dear, old layering, shading and glazing ...cause I'm a fast painter, as you know And, yeah! This took me almost a month of at least two hours per day... basically I hate this dragon now Enough talking, time for pics :D I really hope you like it, if you have any question do not hesitate :) As always every C&C is more than welcome. Thank you :)
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    Way back in May, I finished a Lava/Magma elemental that I teased as being a practice piece for something larger. It’s been longer than planned, but I’ve completed him, and I’m 99% happy with the results. I introduce the fearsome Marty the Lava Dragon. And one last one with his little buddy for comparison. There are definite differences in how the lava effect played out on the sculpts. I like them both for what they are. Colors used: P3 Heartfire, Magma Red, Walnut Brown, and P3 Coal Black (barely there in the very blackest areas). Technically, I also used Pure White as a base coat and later a couple times when I messed it up badly enough that I had to start over.
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    Introducing the result of my messing around with the LTPK2: Here's Tsuko of the glowing chest monastery. And he uses eyeliner, too... Please help me improve my painting skills! What should I've done better/differently?
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    I am down just over 13 kilos since January. I'm down 29 pounds. I am now 83 kilos/183 pounds. After emergency surgery I went off my diet because food restrictions and healing don't usually mix. I went right back on a week later after I asked my doctor. I asked when I could go back onto dieting, thinking he'd say 3 months, 6 months, something like that. I told him I'd been on keto and his exact words were "Oh, right now". His professional opinion was that the increased protein intake was exactly what I needed at that moment. He was right, I'm now cleared for going back to normal life. The problem is my anorexia is kicking in. I don't mean the socially acceptable term of not eating until you turn into a skeleton, I mean the actual mental health disorder where real dysphoria causes your brain to decide what the mirror looks like before you see it. I don't see a physical difference between before and now. In my own disordered brain I look and feel exactly as fat as I was before. I'm wearing smaller clothes, I went from size 16 being too tight to fishing the size 12 out of the closet. My partner is telling me how much smaller around I am and backing it up with hugs. But I don't see the difference and I worry I won't until and unless I go too far. I'm lifting weights in order to try and hack my own delusion. If I can look down and see big buff arms but the mirror shows flabby fat arms then I can prove to myself the mirror is wrong and my brain needs to sit down and shut up.
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