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    White Drake is done, on to the black:
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    Black Drake restarted:
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    My next project is another ranger. I already have a cool male elf ranger, but thought it might be nice to add a female version. So going through the Bones minis I came across Nienna. Unfortunately her face detail was very shallow and detail was overall a bit hit and miss. I love the pose, though. Out comes the scalpel, greenstuff and bitz box. Two evening sessions later I swapped the head and weapon, shaved away some of the front detail and resculpted the area. I am not entirely finished yet, but soon I can establish the base colours.
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    Been slowing working at getting some assembled... Or in this case, cleaned up so I can assemble them! Going top down, on the left, we have a Ye Mao Infantry (apparently with an AP Spitfire), Shang Ji hacker (with Multi-rifle), and Jing Qo (a... named character? Seems like it) for my Yu Jing.... And on the right we have a Daofei (with HMG), Hsien (I think... With HMG), aaaand a Tiger Soldier (Combi-Rifle + Light Flamethrower)... At least assuming that I've gone and identified everything correctly ^_^;;; Y'know, I just realized something... There's a decent amount of shotguns in the models I've chosen... As well as things like heavy machine guns. Oh, and swords. A decent amount of swords by the look of things...
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    Tonight's sculpting went well. Did one boot and added a needle to the fibula. Pinched fabric is still missing and the boot will get straps. I also carved the legs free. I tried my hand at a scabbard, but it came out a bit wonky with greenstuff . I might use a piece of sprue or something instead and carve it.
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    The white drake is almost done. I just need to tighten up/sharpen a few details yet and cut the base. I think I'll finish it tonight.
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    I started digital sculpting a year ago when I started getting nerve issues in my right hand. 2 years ago I swore I would never go digital; now I whine and groan when I have to break out the GS for a project. LOL
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    White Drake progress: Oh, and it looks like I have a home for them with one of my client companies (though the Red may need a repose; too many pieces).
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    My son picked this Bones IV goblin shaman to represent his wild magic sorcerer - he was stunted as a child by malnutrition. He is from the same tribe as the bone IV hero, thus the group shot. A little ear surgery and tan colored skin... and... I most pleased by the eyes. Both are a bit shiney from the matte brush on sealer...
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    Pathfinder Red Dragon #60028 is a hefty beastie and I definitely did not paint him red. Instead I tried a rainbow piece for Pride 2020 (finished 8/1/2020). Also my first painted model posted here. Pardon my photography skills. I used cut up Caryatid column #77378 for a bit of terrain on the base. My biggest metal model to date.
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    Painted this cute little fellow up for a player.... I think the best part of him is his rosey cheeks! The most disappointing to me is the base - I need to work on those skills a bit for sure. It would help if I could overcome my fear of pinning. I've got another of these to paint again some day for a Chrismasy project. He's a great sculpt and a joy to paint.
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    So my fellow players wanted to get Hero Forge custom characters, and as the only painter in the group I did them up. The bard was in metal, the other two in resin. My goodness are the surfaces rough and the detail shallow! I was a bit embarrassed to hand them over, but they really liked them - it was super important that the figure was exactly the design they wanted. It was an interesting bit of calibration for me and how to enjoy the imperfect. I think the barbarian came out the best and my favorite bit to paint was the violin.
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    Here is my WIP. Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation and didn't get home until late last night.
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    I've noodeled around in their 'build a figure' thing a couple of times, but always wondered what the actual quality was like. I think I'll steer clear. But, solid job on them, you've made them look great.
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    Add to that the fact that even for the KS, if your package gets lost or stolen (as is increasingly common these days), CMON’s official policy is to tell you to pound sand. This despite the fact that they choose the carrier, the terms of carriage, and the level of insurance (presumably none), leaving you with no way to mitigate your risk of loss. This is what happened to my time machine pledge, which was supposedly delivered (though there was no knock or bell) but wasn’t there ten minutes later when I got an email from FedEx (which only happened because I’m independently signed up for them, not because of CMON’s notoriously tardy shipment notification system). I have shelves packed with previous KS and retail purchases from CMON. Never again. Plus, as far as I can tell, their stock is still suspended from trading (since they failed to obtain the necessary audit certification in April). Their auditor refused to issue an opinion stating the company was solvent, and then the independent directors on their board’s audit committee left. Both of which are pretty huge red flags with respect to their financial ability to fulfill their existing obligations without using funds from new projects to pay for old ones. And that was before the effects of covid really started to bite. They may do just fine in the end, but assuming they will certainly deliver because they’ve been established in the past is much riskier than before.
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    Very nice! I've tried using Greenstuff a few times, but find it very difficult to work with. I am in awe of anyone who can produce such wonderful sculpts as this. I hope you will share again once he is all painted up.
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    Love those horrible blunt teeth! Eager to see more.
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    Painted at lunch, for the first time in years. Just need to do the weapons and some highlighting on the white for these two.
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    Thank you! I added some more to the cluster in the meantime. I also decided to go a different way with the female ranger: the armour as sculpted made no sense as lamellar armour or scale, so I just went for a tunic, as it makes sense for an agile ranger. Maybe it was meant to be quilted, hard to tell from the sculpt. The quiver got some love, too. I added a leather cover for the arrows in wet weather and replaced the arrows with a plastic bit I had from the WGF Skeletons. I still need to fix the belt and upper torso, as the thickness and proportions don't seem to work there. Left boot and pants are missing, too, and laces for the boots and leather cover.
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    Fishfolk Fisherman and Fishfolk Fishwife from Crooked Dice. The fisherman, in oilskins and sou'wester, is a perfect blend of the Gorton's mascot and his product. The bug-eyed fishwife with cleaver was a delight to paint, especially the Atlantic salmon. A shot of some of the Waite Fish Packing Concern's employees, featuring some old friends from RatTrap and BlackCat: The Real Housewives of Innsmouth (including a repurposed Bonnie, 50293, with improvements upon her previous appearance): and one of just the fellas: Golly gee willikers I love painting fishmen. Special credit also to the Dreadmere Fishing Boat, 44032, the perfect touch for the setting.
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    The first of the Admirers are done: Motivation/enthusiasm is hard to come by lately.
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    I haven't been painting much Reaper lately, but painted up this beastie for Jimmy The Brush's July community challenge. Everything on the beast is TMM.
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    Today we had a variety of things, namely actual colour go down on the minis! Paints used... PanOceania: Drakenhof Nightshade (aka blue shade), Druchii Violet (aka purple shade), Reaper Styx Purple Yu Jing: Agrax Earthshade (aka brown shade), Reaper Heraldic Red First up we have hubby's PanO, because I'm feeling nice. That and I like how his turned out for a base ^_^;;;; First up they got blue shade followed by purple shade from Citadel on cloth, unless they were mostly armoured minis, and which it was the armour that got such a treatment. Once I was happy with how that looked, I then drybrushed on (albeit somewhat heavier than originally planned, but oh well) Styx Purple. Main goal was to go with something that was relatively quick and painless to do, give somewhat of a consistent look, AND would help me come up with a better idea of where to go with the minis. For such, I'm rather happy to say the least. ^So first up we have the Infirmarer (who will be getting some of "my" colours), Boyg soldier (with missile launcher!), and then the Knight of Justice. Knight of Justice wouuuuld have been done up in "Rune's colours", but there's one slight unfortunate part to the figure - it's a female knight. I've no problem painting such, so it looks like I'll be adding in a box of Knights Hospitaller and/or the Icestorm boxed set to get him the figure he would want to be painted as himself ^Next up we have the uh, uhm.... A Fusilier, Varg (with Spitfire!), WinterFor Orc Troop, and Nokken... ^Last up we have the other two Fusiliers (PanO's core trooper), and a Locust with Marksman Rifle Next up, we have my boys of discord... Errr, furious vengeance? No idea. They're my Yu Jing :P Paint so far on these is just two steps - Agrax Earthshade on most things, and then a drybrush of Heraldic Red over most of the armour. it didn't quite work out as well as it did on the PanO minis, but oh well, such is life. it's still a good, solid baseline to work with so I'm still quite happy about that! ^So here we have the Guilang Skirmisher, Jujak (Korean Shock Regiment), Daofei, and Hundun Ambush Unit. I love how the Guilang's unit marker is that of a GHOST WOLF! ^Then of course we have my three Zhanshi's, the main core trooper! I'm hoping they turn out nice and colourful! They won't be quite as vibrant as the plans I'm drumming up for my eventually acquired Nomads (since I'll get some Nomads when I buy Icestorm), as those I'm planning some sort of rather bright and vivid cyber-punk inspired look ^_^;;;
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    Keeping up with this thread, here's everything I've finished from the last week. This is a tree from the recent Mantic Kickstarter. I got a pack of them. They look like they'll fit well with the Tree of Despair from Reaper's last Kickstarter. This owlbear is an example of speed painting gone wrong. A Reaper Bones dwarf. Some super quick scatter terrain from Mantic. A nice howling wolf from Iron Wind on a Secret Weapon base. This is the Shadowrun Street Samurai. He's basically the street samurai archetype from the old rulebooks. So I painted him to match.
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    I can't really compare all that well between Code One and N3 due to a lack of experience with it (only a few demo games, no actual full games so far), but I can definitely comment on Code One as we progress through it! And yup, there's definitely an Aquila Guard in there, as well as an Akalis Sikh Command for Rune's force. I also have two blisters for myself that I forgot to put into those photos - Tiger Soldiers, and the Haidao with Multi-Sniper Interesting that you mention such... Primer's still drying, but we do indeed have some paint on the minis...!! ^Mixed 10 drops Tan Primer into 20 drops Grey Primer, then added 4-5 drops of Brown to darken it a touch... Not the best of pics because, well, I'd rather not be moving minis around while primer cures ^_^;;; ^For the primer on the Yu Jing, since I'll be going slightly darker on them, I added five or six drops of Black primer to the previous mix. And so now the fun begins - we both like the idea of purple with "bronze/copper" like colouration, and as for the swords... The Knight of Justice will resemble the Sword of Leah from the Shannara series, but tweaked (so still an opaque black blade, but with a pearlescent white kind of fire dancing within it), while the Infirmarer of Saint Lazarus (forever known from now on in this WIP as "the blade doctor") will go with a more traditional steel colour. For the Yu Jing, I'm seriously thinking some sort of vibrant pink (hot raver pink maybe? lol) alongside uhm... Haven't quite gotten there yet, but combination of earth tones such as brown and/or green.
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    Neat work on the bases. I’m looking forward to seeing them painted!
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    The Goblin Queen/Priestess' base has acquired some color while she has had some work done on her eyes. She also has acquired a couple of admirers it seems: The Diterlizzi Witch & Goblin Minions have had a modicum of work done to bases & eye: More later...or not.
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    Phase three of basing is more or less done, and by that, I mean I'm stopping myself from messing around even more with them ^First up are my Yu Jing. Sniper on the right in the first pic will get some gaps filled, because that cape/back piece just wouldn't line up how I wanted it to, and even trying to bend it didn't work out so well due to how thick it is. Looks like my phone doesn't enjoy focusing on metal minis, at least with stuff in the background ^And hubby's PanO minions. Time to seal that ballast down, clean everything, and then prime. Looking forward to seeing these primed up, even if some of them I'm not certain at all as to what kind of colours I'll be going with ^_^;;; I was back and forth on them once they were announced, but then eventually I said "y'know what, screw it, I like the models, might as well get it", doubly so since hubby seemed curious about it having less complicated rules I'm kind of thinking some sort of hot pink for the Yu Jing as I was originally planning on such before anyways, and as for the PanO... Yeah, that's going to be an interesting one to try and figure out, that's for sure. No idea why, but I keep getting vibes that purple is going to be a dominant colour... Many thanks! I really like what Corvus Belli has done with these minis, as there's a decent amount of "we bring the pain" but also a good amount of individuality in each one. I'm just hoping I didn't go totally overboard with adding to the bases, since I really would like to have more than just the occasional peek of those rollers showing through
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    Easiest way to learn how to sculpt - take a Bones, chop off a finger or two (theirs, not yours) and then use the missing piece as a reference for your sculpt. Then do an entire hand, then an arm, etc. Eventually, you can copy an entire mini. It's just like painters learning to paint by copying the great works.
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    I am excited to see it come together. I definitely want to try my hand at freckles. The head is detailed enough to make it work. I might even be able to paint the eyes a bit more elaborately. Thanks! So far only conversions. I never attempted a miniature from scratch. I still feel I need to learn about proportions and how to do the basics. Faces, hands and feet are currently off limits, but in time I might be able to make my own miniature without any bitz or help by an existing pose. Bones are awesome for this in my opinion. Super easy to chop up and cheap enough if it doesn't turn out perfect.
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    Do you sculpt minis as your dayjob? Because that's... Yeah...
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    So I have been thinking about the black drake, i I think I am going about it all wrong. This is what I have for it: The body is very bull like. I think that is a mistake for a creature that lives a semi aquatic life in swamps. I think I am going to give it instead a more serpentine/gator like body, maybe something more in line with a mid length necked Tanystopheus species like this:
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    Congrats on a potential client. These are great and you’ll be filling a gap in the market in my opinion. I’m glad to see you doing such great sculpting digitally. If I remember correctly it was not that long ago that you were still getting your feet wet with digital.
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    Recent speed paints. Already posted this one in the Show Off thread a few days back. Man, I love these old Shadowrun trolls. My group has been playing some form of SR since the mid nineties and this is going to go over great the next time someone wants to play a troll. This is also a Ral Partha Shadowrun figure. It's the female combat mage, I've got the male mage rattling around here somewhere. Kind of phoned this one in, didn't realize how much until I took a picture and could see all the sloppiness. This is from Rebel Games. Who doesn't love a tiny little kobold riding a weasel? He seems so happy. Of course, I would be too if I had a riding weasel. I know Reaper has this guy listed as a Cooper. But as far as I'm concerned this is just a medieval homebrewer showing up to the party with a cask of ale. Some more Skull and Crown skeletons. Spearmen: The command team: Funny thing about that last set. I got these in a Kickstarter and when they arrived the guy with the halberd was broken at the knees. I tried repeatedly to fix him but it was beyond my abilities. So I reached out and asked if I could just purchase him alone (he's sold as part of a pack of three). I figured since it had been many months since they delivered, and me not telling them about the problem right away, it was past the point of getting a replacement. Instead of selling me one they sent me the whole squad along with a sticker and some banners free of charge. Good service, I'm looking forward to their next Kickstarter.
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    Overall solid work. I really like the freehand runes on his back. Nice, clean lines. The striped pants and vibrant orange beard are true focal points. I would suggest to further enhance contrast on the armour / weapons and beard as the textures don't read easily.
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    Good job man. Also, thats the first beard I've ever seen that is a trip hazard!
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    Is he a deathball player? I like him; where'd you get him? Or better said, who made him?
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    I got the belly scales detailed:
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    Of course he is; he's hungry.
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    I finished the red drake while on vacation last week: Last night, I started the white:
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    This is becoming even more awesome! Great to see the seperate models shaping up! If you'd allow me a question? His gaze seems to be to the floor right beneath him. From your examples with the big cats, they usually look abit further ahead. Is this an intentional change..? In my mind it might be more intimidating if he's looking forward instead of straight downward, especially if you put him up against some gut-in-shoes players :)
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    Back legs are done, just have the front legs and base to go now:
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    No idea why, but I see that one currently throwing one of those rocker (or metal head) hand gestures while either holding onto an electric guitar with the other... And probably is about ready to dive into the mosh pit or something...
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    Lovely skinstones, and the kilt is a really nice touch.
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    Dwarf with an attitude! Looks good!
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    Knocked out a few more over the weekend. Pact Devil from Bears Head Miniatures. With the names of several of my favorite PCs I've killed that were run by my longest sitting player. I'll send this to him with an appropriate message about where the souls of his characters reside. An old Ral Partha (Iron Wind Metals) Goatman by Julie Guthrie. These guys will probably end up as some sort of low level demons. The other translucent fungus from bones 4. It's morel season around here.
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    I want to say it's from the Rebellion game series, but I don't know what happened to the packaging or game cards that came with it right now. Finished up a couple more last night. First up is this creepy fungus from the Darkreach expansion in Bones 4. I decided it would make a good approximation of a Bleeding Tooth Fungus. One of my favorite finds when I'm out in the woods. One of my players has this odd phobia about mushrooms and I'm a big believer in exposure therapy. Not necessarily because I think it will do him any good, but I'll get a good laugh from it. And this is from the Chronoscope Expansion from the same kickstarter. I was feeling in the mood to paint something pink. I couldn't help but think of a Terry Pratchett quote while working on this. "Grand Viziers were always scheming megalomaniacs. It was probably in the job description: ‘Are you a devious, plotting, unreliable madman? Ah, good, then you can be my most trusted minister."
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    This caught my attention because of an earlier conversation on the KS comments section. Apparently, Sans-Detour is the company running the kickstarter, and they're planning on using Ludik for the fulfillment. Ludik is causing concerns because it is apparently having financial issues. Now it's revealed that there is a third company in the mix, owned by the same people. Now I don't know how french business law works, but this looks to me like there is a lot of shielding of assets going on here. It's not necessarily a bad thing that they've set things up this way, but it could also be a sign that they don't care if it blows up in their faces, as they've got nothing to lose. And possibly even a means of skimming additional profits in the way of costs (If SD has to pay for the license from Stellar AND fulfillment from Ludik - there is no assurance they're paying a "fair" rate). I'm just wondering if this will be a "Ooops, sorry, we've run out of money" and poof no more Sans Detour with no actual accounting for where the money went, and very limited and/or expensive means of trying to find out.
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