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    Ok, here's the top of the casket. Funny, but it's got a big "R" on the top... I wonder if it's for Robert? as in Bobby? Hmmm...
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    Professionals in big rubbery Haz-Mat suits. Rectangular face plates or "Monsters, Inc." -style lenses, I'm not picky.
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    Bit more progress on my Oathsworn Minotaur.. Much happier with the orange now. Her fur still needs a good amount of work, but I'll get to that at some point
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    C r a z y G r e m l i n s !
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    Not exactly a "miniature", but still - thought I'd show the work I was doing on this, as I was doing it. This is "step 2" of making my mounted drake head. The tongue is not attached, I just placed it in for the sake of the photo - the tongue will be attached at the end of the sculpt, after both the inside of the mouth and the tongue have been painted (separately). Still have a LOT of work to go. Note: Made from raccoon skull, white-tailed deer antler points, glass eyes, polymer clay, wood (base, future), aluminum foil (neck, future), acrylic paint (future). Any other materials are yet to be determined. I have yet to decide the species or gender. Possible candidates are: 1) Mountain Drake (fire breather) 2) Forest Drake (mostly green) 3) Plains Drake (browns, greys, golds) Please vote for your favorite?
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    I just got this figure last week, but it jumped the Que. I spent a few days doing prep-work and watching a video on painting fur to refresh my technique. Then looking at elephant photos and mammoth drawings. basecoat to finish was about 3 hours work. I went with Burnt umber as the base color. I do love burnt umber. - with some half steps and all dry brushing. Brownliner Burnt Umber Olive skin shadow leather brown Ivory tusk The pink tongue just makes him look Happy to me, so now he has a name. and meets all three of my art goals. My Favorite project this month.
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    Pathfinder Red Dragon #60028 is a hefty beastie and I definitely did not paint him red. Instead I tried a rainbow piece for Pride 2020 (finished 8/1/2020). Also my first painted model posted here. Pardon my photography skills. I used cut up Caryatid column #77378 for a bit of terrain on the base. My biggest metal model to date.
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    Morning all. Just finished my first cup of coffee for the... Actually in days. It has been a rough last two months. Wife is finally,we hope having her knee surgery. The 17 the is D Day. She has to quit taking her pain pills on the 10th, so ,yeah it is going to get worse. We will muddle through as always. Youngest son starts college on the 17th as well. He still has anxiety over driving. The 17th he will have to do it alone. Well I hope everyone is having a great day.
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    Didn't get too far into that show. It was pretty good, but they had to go and introduce power levels in the second season and ruined it for me (they're one of my pet hates in anime series).
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    While preparing myself for today's supply run I've been mulling over ideas on how theoretically one man could defeat a gazebo... The gazebo's only weak point is it's supports. The problem is twofold. First, the thickness of them and the fact the inner core is extremely strong means most humans cannot cleave thru it in one blow. The inner core is not only resilient, but it is where the nerve endings are and they are inward facing. So superficial damage doesn't even get the gazebo's attention, but the moment you trigger the nerve endings of the inner supports, it whirls and attacks with blinding speed no human can match, regardless of the number of midiclorians they might have... And a gazebo can maintain fighting effectiveness up until the point only two supports remain. So one man using hand weapons is a recipe for suicide. The answer is shaped charges. The gazebo won't feel them being attached, they can be triggered from a safe distance of three blocks away or more, (the gazebo's death lunge is nothing to sneeze at), and all supports can be taken out at once with minimal loss of life.
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    Woooooohoooooooo, the new season of Seven Deadly Sins is FINALLY out! ...Going to be hard to binge watch it though, since, well, there's that darn work thing to deal with but I'll figure something out
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    Let me guess, someone pulled this card on you didn't they?
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    I'm not going to share the fun, I finally get the chance to destroy something legally! That one guy against the old gazebo is me...it will never know what hit it...
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    You know you're sending the poor guy straight into a boss fight with no warm up, right? From what I understand those things have a truly insane number of hit points. Wipe out whole parties on a regular basis. Tend to return six months laters as Dread Gazebos, which are even worse...... Sending one guy on his own? That's just mean, man, mean! Those things tend to hang out at the chewing gum factory North of town. They spend their day hunting down and consuming the poor souls that the temp agencies keep sending in for 2nd shift there. Probably part of the deal with Mammon, Lord of Greed that the owners made back in 2003.
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    Splitting my attention between three games... Taking center stage at the moment is the after school game - the PCs will be meeting Guy Malagent, owner of a club for successful, respected, retired villains of the old school. Including the head medical examiner. Malagent himself is a 'fallen'* antipaladin, and he has a cunning plan.... He would very much like to invite Captain Casey - beholder police captain - into his club. The problem is that Casey - beholder - has never been a villain, or even evil. But at the end of last year's campaign, Casey had been accused of a crime he didn't commit. And that is enough for Sir Guy Malagent. He will help the Inspectors Detective solve the crime, if, in turn, they secure Casey's membership in his club. Yes, it is a non-evil plot by a rather vainglorious nonvillain. But it will also give the PCs a useful contact for later adventures cases. The Club itself can be a very useful source for information, gossip, and rumor. The Auld Grump * 'Fallen' in this case means no longer evil - Guy is mostly self absorbed Chaotic Neutral, at the current time. Narcissistic, but no longer malignant. His name literally means Guy the Bad Guy. The Demon Lord that he owed his soul to... came down with a bad case of dead in the wake of the last Demon War - while fighting on the side of the good guys, and leaving the status of Sir Guy's soul in question. For that matter, the Demon Lord's soul is in balance, since it died while attempting a good deed. While Guy is a bit of a buffoon, he could, potentially, save the soul of a Demon Prince. What happens to Guy's soul will determine what happens to his former master's soul. The Underfather (dwarf Godfather) despises Sir Guy. (The Underfather is 100% Lawful Evil... and also fought on the side of the good guys during the last Demon War. He thinks Sir Guy should have died trying to protect his Demon mentor.)
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    I'm all for Cat Swarms! Bonus points if a Bones version of Edna the Cat Lady and her cats (50235) is released alongside the cat swarms. Maybe together, in the form of a cat-themed add on... include: Cat Swarms Edna the Cat Lady (50235) Mercurix, Winged Cat (03977) Catfolk (I rather like this style of catfolk!): Tawnyll, Catfolk Wizard (03933) Trilladour, Catfolk Bard (03924) Swiftpaw, Catfolk Monk (03923) Mistveil, Catfolk Sorceress (03927) Steelclaw, Catfolk Paladin (03928) Azarmand, Catfolk Barbarian (03934) Some Dreamlands cat adventurers, up to Dreamlands cat mischief Cat Villains, Cat Cultists, Cat Cult Leader For cat characters, as far as I'm concerned, "heroic" sculpts in a slightly exaggerated scale for visibility/detail is great, and bits of clothing, jewelry, or equipment suitable for cat adventuring is fine by me :) I can't be the only role-player on earth who has known multiple cat fans in the RPG hobby? In my experience, mischievous cats and RPGs seem to go together like cats and books, cats and dice, cats and board games, cats and cat people....
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    30% discount. That would be significant, except for the fact that glass is expensive to ship and most of it has minimum sheet sizes. The shipping on her order came to 27% of the original total. But that is because we deliberately chose to have the sheets shipped at full size of 24" x 48" via truck this time around - the window she's doing is the same size, which means that we can use the crating for her glass order to ship the finished window to her client. Otherwise, shipping would have only been 18% if we let them cut the sheets and ship via UPS. Both her Des Moines and Omaha sources order from the same distributor. When it comes to procuring a couple sheets of glass here and there through out the year, it will still be easier and probably cheaper to use them, or draw from the limited selection at Hobby Lobby. But it also means that she can make a big annual order for regularly used supplies like solder and common glass colors, and in the end save money.
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    At the risk of endangering what few sanity points still remain, I have delved further into the subject of Fungal Prophesies.... Thus far the earliest is a rockabilly song written and released by Terry Noland in August* of 1958, entitled "There was a Fungus Among Us". In 1961 the Prophesy was also rendered by Hugh Barrett. (One day I will figure out how to link youtube to posts, but it is not this day.) Within the Prophesy itself, two things are made abundantly clear. 1: The Fungus is the cause of violent altercation at a party. 2: No one knows where/who it is, "Which one is the Fungus?" Combining these shows that the fungus is drawn to human gatherings, and has an ill effect upon them, while at the same time some manner of concealing it's true nature, even from those who recognize it is there and are actively seeking it. How does this apply to our current situation? With the ending of lockdown in many places, human gatherings are more frequent, which seems to have been taken as a "Go" signal by the Fungus. Why did it not make it's move sooner? Because it needed the baleful influence of 2020 to gain it's full power, needed to wait until gatherings resumed, and maybe it has something to do with the month of August itself, stars being right again or some such... The Prophesy concerns itself with a fistfight breaking out at a party, whether this was meant to be taken literally, people who have been cooped up for months unleashing pent up steam at gatherings under the Fungal Influence or as a metaphor for something larger in scale is yet to be seen. What is clear is that even though I've jumped onto this relatively early, the Fungus's ability to obfuscate and deceive is formidable enough that advance warning and dedicated seeking might not be as effective as usual against it. I am also considering the possibility that the Fungus was the true cause of my recent computer/internet annoyances, a preemptive strike. In a way, that would be a good sign, as it shows a certain lack of confidence, if it was worried about being identified so soon after emerging, that means that there exists a way to stop it. Logic along the lines of "If it bleeds, we can kill it."** *62 years later the Zombie Cicada emerge in the same month, coincidence, or something far more sinister? **Does not apply to meatloaf, don't ask me why, years of experiments have yielded not the faintest of clues.
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    Thank you! I added some more to the cluster in the meantime. I also decided to go a different way with the female ranger: the armour as sculpted made no sense as lamellar armour or scale, so I just went for a tunic, as it makes sense for an agile ranger. Maybe it was meant to be quilted, hard to tell from the sculpt. The quiver got some love, too. I added a leather cover for the arrows in wet weather and replaced the arrows with a plastic bit I had from the WGF Skeletons. I still need to fix the belt and upper torso, as the thickness and proportions don't seem to work there. Left boot and pants are missing, too, and laces for the boots and leather cover.
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    New York style? If it reaches a temperature high enough to kill bacteria and viruses, the food should be safe. Safe handling practices, clean hands, gloves, etc ought to cover the rest. My girl kitties are celebrating their 12th birthday today. That is, they are asleep and oblivious to everything, as usual.
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    Some good news on my wife's commission. Just got off the phone with the company she placed that big glass order from. The size of her order made them seek out her web presence, and their salesperson decided she qualifies for wholesale pricing without us even asking. She now has an official sales person, and substantially reduced costs.
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    @Glitterwolf, Bramble and apple jam is even better! So, I was supposed to go out looking for wildlife today but the heavy rain and 40mph winds put a stop to that. This poor little goldfinch in the garden looks even more sick of it than I do though
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    Final ground work. As mentioned in my previous post, I went ahead and scraped away and feathered the edge of the grass so it looked thinner, more patchy and worn around the camp area. I then used Vallejo powdered earth pigments to dust the exposed ground giving it a range of hues and a more natural look. (Its been a busy weekend, I didn't realise until now that I'd not taken any WIP shots of this stage) The Camp Fire I repainted the ring of stones around the fire pit so that the rocks looked more uniform. I then painted the grit in the base of the pit yellow, dry-brushing over gradually darkening shades of orange and red. I finished off by highlighting the tops of each piece of grit in pure black. It is quite a messy rushed paint job, but that is not a big deal as most of the coals will be obscured by the fire wood and ash. The next step was to create the flame. To do this I used a hot glue gun and created a swirl around the lightbulb, which I tapered to a point. Before the glue fully set I used an old brush to scour some lines through it and then gave it an all over yellow wash, once dry I gave the tip a red wash. The idea being the light given off would look a lot more fire like as opposed to the pure white of the LED. With the flame finished I moved on to the firewood, I cut small pieces from a thin twig and glued them together in a pyramid shape around the flame. I then used a black powdered pigment to dust the edge of the firepit and base of the firewood to give the impression of a build up of ash and cinders. I still need to tidy the fire up a little, the black pigment got everywhere and I need to try and vac some of it up, but other than that the fire is pretty much complete. The only issue now is that the fire (Because I build it around an LED) doesn't look to scale with the rest of the camp, it is a bit on the big side. Anyway here are a couple of shots of the fire all lit up in varying degrees of low light, I'm quite pleased with the effect.
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    TELAXIA is FINISHED: SHOW OFF https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92473-telaxia-tidal-beauty-by-glitterwolf/
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    So while playing with Baby I watched I Frankenstein. It was good popcorn fun bad and was written by one of the Underworld guys. Last night watched Tread about the 2004 Colorado Bulldozer spree.
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    Dragonslayer is still on Amazon Prime. I have watched it. Again.
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    Funny thing is when I first seen Logan's Run, it was on tv (Fox had just started in this area), & they didn't blur anything out. I was like "heeeeaaayyyy I like this channel!!!" Granted I was like 12 or 13. I did like the movie thou. I watched a little bit of the 80s fest on AMC tonight. First it was Police Academy (the scene with the Commandant behind the podium & Mahoney......still funny) & then the "PG-13" version of Roadhouse (cheesy as hell, but still one of my favorite movies, mainly for the soundtrack (Jeff Healey Band!!!))
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    Hubby had me watch the original RoboCop tonight. I’d never seen the entire thing before. I really enjoyed it. The special effects have held up really well, and I loved seeing all those actors being so young. After that I watched Logan’s Run. It was kinda weird not seeing it starting halfway through, but cool to see all of it. Including all the gratuitous boobies they blurred out on tv
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    This was a fun sculpt - orange octopus definitely inspired by others :)
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    I now have over 70 episodes of FiF stored on my Network storage. Collection of new episodes is slowing down now because History channel run them in a really random sequence, so some episodes run more often than others... And they split out 5 episodes of season 6 (Armed Forces episodes with a $50K grand prize), and renumbered a few of the following episodes... Season 4 suddenly got an episode 24 and 25(there's only 23 episodes in season 4), then Episode 0 of Season 5 also made an entrance in season 4(season 5 is numbered from 0 to 39... ) And I'm also trying to find time to watch another show, on our National broadcaster... 'The Summer Vacation Car Minute by Minute' Just two blokes in a car driving around in Norway, chatting about the places they drive past, waving to the spectators, picking up guests and having a good time. They're followed by a van with outside cameras and lots of technical gearr and a helicopter. It's not really live like all the 'Slow TV' programs we've had before, as they edit it in the evening before transmitting it, but we got to watch the fun when the following van broke down and had to continue the mission from the bed of a rescue truck... One of the guests on the show was one of the 'stars' from the Ice Road Rescue show on National Geographic. They got a bit of flack for that one, because the guest didn't strap in when he sat in the back seat and chatted with them.
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    This is Reaper related. I emailed Ron Hawkins a while back ago about a character idea for the next Kickstarter. And he told me it might just show up in bones 6. Followed up by a winky face. want to see if we can get a pole going to have this character introduced into the next series. My suggestion was to have a Leviathan whale sizably to the pirate ship from bones 5 thats currently underproduction. It could be possibly the biggest miniature they've ever made. It doesn't have to be the full size of the pirate ship in length. But it would be the largest and coolest mini to paint. Plus no other company has made a Leviathan. Pictures below are concept ideas I sent him. If we can get enough likes on this maybe we can get this miniature pushed through. Monster mini!!! I don't know about others but I would easily pay $100 or more for it during a Kickstarter. Especially if so many people were already willing to spend $100 on the ship. inbound9181087185912300539.webp I post this on Facebook also. Where Jon Overton commented about how it would be cool to have a mini island on its back. So I'm all for that also.
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    Recent speed paints. Already posted this one in the Show Off thread a few days back. Man, I love these old Shadowrun trolls. My group has been playing some form of SR since the mid nineties and this is going to go over great the next time someone wants to play a troll. This is also a Ral Partha Shadowrun figure. It's the female combat mage, I've got the male mage rattling around here somewhere. Kind of phoned this one in, didn't realize how much until I took a picture and could see all the sloppiness. This is from Rebel Games. Who doesn't love a tiny little kobold riding a weasel? He seems so happy. Of course, I would be too if I had a riding weasel. I know Reaper has this guy listed as a Cooper. But as far as I'm concerned this is just a medieval homebrewer showing up to the party with a cask of ale. Some more Skull and Crown skeletons. Spearmen: The command team: Funny thing about that last set. I got these in a Kickstarter and when they arrived the guy with the halberd was broken at the knees. I tried repeatedly to fix him but it was beyond my abilities. So I reached out and asked if I could just purchase him alone (he's sold as part of a pack of three). I figured since it had been many months since they delivered, and me not telling them about the problem right away, it was past the point of getting a replacement. Instead of selling me one they sent me the whole squad along with a sticker and some banners free of charge. Good service, I'm looking forward to their next Kickstarter.
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    @Wizuriel welcome to the place! Also check out the CAV stuff, easy to mod into different steampunk themes.
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    Got some more progress done on the skin tones last night. I'm starting to like it this way. I definitely think these kind of creepy monsters are even creepier when the flesh is well, flesh like. I've also begun thinking of the tentacles more as earthworms with spikes. I like the idea of it being covered in semi independent worm like entities. Going to work on the mouths and open wounds next. I'm thinking of doing both in the same colors so the mouths on the body look similar to the ripped open skin. Except for the maw at the front that is, I'm not sure where I'm going to go with that yet.
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    More work on Telaxia, almost there. LINKED FOR NUDITY: https://i.postimg.cc/9fRCJpTp/20200706-145915.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/0yH9Y36j/20200706-145921.jpg Also started on the Pope... ( Death Tide Jurakin Priest)
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    Thank you both! She needs a few more layers, the Orange doesn't cover that well in one go. it's a nice model, Artisan Guild 3D file. I've seen someone who printed her at 200% so she became a large scale mini. It's an idea..
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    Rangers of Shadow Deep is somewhere between a skirmish game and an RPG. You play a ranger, an elite soldier tasked with saving your kingdom from the advancing forces of the Shadow Deep, that has already consumed the neighbouring lands. Its great fun, can be played solo or co-operatively, and has a lot of fans on Facebook and this forum. The game is miniatures agnostic and lots of the fun arises from getting a new supplement (from Drivethrurpg) and seeing what terrain and miniatures need to be sourced and painted up for the next mission. That can give the impression however that you need to source and paint 100 random single use minis, and make a bunch of terrain, to enjoy the game. That isn't the case. There are some very nice official metal miniatures that are produced by Northstar but it is also entirely possible/economical to use Reaper Bones for the opponents you encounter in particular. This is an entirely personal, non-commercial post. There shouldn't be any spoilers. Because I love the game (and suppose I like Reaper miniatures…) I wanted to set out how you could source the minis you need from this company, or show people how they might have a lot of the minis already. RPG players, and people who own the big dungeon crawler KS games may also already have a lot of suitable minis. Basics Most of the missions are played on a 2.5 foot square table. If you are so minded, you could get or use a 3x3 foot mat or cloth and have room for milk. You could use a dry erase RPG mat very effectively. The missions are pretty much evenly split between interior/dungeon locations and wooded/outdoor locations. Your ranger and companions You play as a ranger. The illustrations to the book show a lot of traditional, middle earth/early medieval cloaked warriors. The game is very open though and lets you create a character that could be an all rounder, a caster, an archer, fighter etc etc. There are tons of mysterious cloaked types in Reaper Bones (search for “Bones Cloak”) or you could go for metal figures for your characters. People are playing this with samurai, pirates, steampunk, evil, all sorts of characters as their ranger. You also get up to 7 companions. The types available will be familiar to players of Frostgrave, and include various types of soldier, casters, rogues, hawks and hounds. Again, there are a ton of options in Bones, and probably c. 100,000 options in lead and plastic from Reaper and other manufacturers. First mission The very first mission involves investigating an abandoned village. The main feature of the terrain requires you to represent 5 small houses on the table. You don’t have to walk around the interiors of the houses in the missions. If it would be a bit of a tar pit/expensive to go out and buy a bunch of mdf or plastic houses, a cheap option could be to use decoupage house-shaped boxes, and decorate these with filler/coffee stirrers/cardboard tiles, or represent the buildings in 2d. The opponents in the mission are rats, and zombies. You probably won’t need more than 4 of each on the board at any one time. SKU 77016 “Rats” or 77198 “Barrow Rats” would be useful. SKU 77342 is a set of 5 zombies, and SKU 77053 and 77014 are sets of 3 zombies. Zombies turn up in future missions a lot more than rats. Bones 5 includes some nice new zombies as part of the Core Set and as an add on. The Dungeon Dwellers expansion will include 4 giant rats. Second mission In the second mission you encounter giant spiders, and investigate some of their cocoons /webs and some creepy trees. Giant spiders come up in future in quite a few of the missions. SKU 02784 is metal, but has a spider and two victims, if you want to show the victims. Or you could wrap a packing peanut in cotton wool. I used tree armatures for the creepy trees. If you don't have any model trees/bushes and you want to show them in 3d they get used in a lot of future missions. For spiders, SKU 77126 (“Vermin: Spiders”) looks perfect and you can probably get away with having 6 minis. You could mix it up with SKU 77128 (Vermin: Spider Swarm) and SKU 77025 which is a bigger, single giant spider. Bones 5 includes an add on with 4 giant spiders, a couple of victims, a halfling paladin, and some terrain. Third mission (3 scenarios) In the third mission you start to encounter gnolls. These are one of the main opponents you come across in the game. I used orcs and half orcs a lot of the time, or the plastic gnolls from Frostgrave. Future missions involve you facing human cultists/evil soldiers and gnolls so you may want two distinctive types of opponent. The types of gnolls you need to depict are archers, fighters, sergeants (bigger and tougher) and shamans. You only ever encounter a single shaman in each mission. It is sensible to have 4 archers, and 4 -6 fighters, with two of those being bigger/tougher looking and identifiable as sergeants. If you were going for gnolls and using Bones, there are 6 different minis to look at (SKU 77388, 77234, 77235, 77236, 77104, and 77012), and you would only need multiples of the archer (77104 Blacktongue Gnoll Archer). You need to show a bridge and a stream for the first part of this mission. The gnolls have set up camp to guard it. Then you move into the interior of a captured watch tower. It could be handy to have some tents, shelters, and a camp fire as these show up in other missions. It is worth thinking about how you would depict rooms/dungeon walls as a lot of the missions involve setting out the table in a number of large rooms. I used 1cm high strips of xps foam, detailed with a foam roller, and stuck to tongue depressors. Dungeon scatter (crates, wreckage, skulls etc) could be a good investment as well. Other opponents you may need to depict in this third mission are a vulture (see SKU 77485), 1 or 2 civilians /prisoners, a flesh golem (perhaps 77512 or 77169). You will definitely encounter a “Shadow Knight”. I used a metal mini (Krass Omenthrall SKU 03792). He is turning up in the Core Set in Bones 5. There are a huge number of evil looking knights in Bones though. Searching for “Bones Evil” brings these up. Fourth mission In the scenarios comprising the 4th mission you start to encounter giant flies. A lot of people use joke shop flies, there is a model from Northstar, but I used the Bones “Fly Demon” (SKU 77259). If you don’t need an army of lead or plastic flies in your life you can get away with having 4 models, as they die quickly in the game. The final scenario in this mission is “The Last Stand”. This is great fun and involves you defending a ruined farmhouse from randomly generated opponents. You need to show 4 civilians and 3 allied soldiers. There are a number of suitable peasant NPCs and searching for “Bones Townsfolk” would bring a bunch of these up. Your opponents in this mission are randomly generated and could include gnolls, giant spiders, and giant flies. You may also have to deal with Trolls and with a burrowing worm. There are 10 different trolls in the Bones range, and 10 different ogres. Future missions have you facing off against skeletal/zombie ogres so you might want one model to represent both types of opponent. Trolls and ogres don’t show up in the same missions. I used SKU 77541 (“Carrion Worm”) for the burrowing worm but other useful models would be SKU 77006 or 44031 (giant leeches). The new Bones core set includes a suitable looking creepy worm, and a number of armoured trolls. In the final mission you are able to have minis in the cottage and on the roof. I represented minis on the roof by putting these on up turned transparent plastic cups. Next If time allows I might try and add to this post to go through future missions. I’ve really enjoyed playing through the game and (partly due to lockdown) only have 2 more ‘books’ to go.
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    Bit more work on the minotaur... I'm thinking he's just going to need some work on the mohawk, his tail, some of the fur, and the armour... Well, horns too... Steadily getting closer towards done
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    I never did share final pics of my work... Let's fix that!
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    Watched this last night based on the recommendation of somebody around here who was talking it up, but I don't know who it wad now. In another thread maybe. I am not a big horror movie guy, but I enjoyed this. Nic pretty much just does a parody of himself when he kicks it into the highest zany gear, these days, and most the other actors were just a bit of direction away from being good instead of okay--didn't help that the characterization is pretty thin--but it's a dark, brooding flick and kind of beautiful to look at. Reminded me a lot of Poltergeist in some ways. Lacks the "boo!" factor I like but has enough personal drama underneath and enough creepy broccoli to carry itself along. /
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    Finished up Monster's arctic fox friend, Firn. This was such a fun project and I'm really excited to see @Hollymonster paint these cuties up!!
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    I was saying something in Bones Kickstarter comments somewhere about imagining a Bones Chronoscope NovaCorp-themed expansion being a win, using a loose combination of Star Wars stormtroopers and "Aliens" Colonial Marines as a foundation for the set: Several of the figures in a variety of poses. + some NovaCorp comms, command, heavy weapons, and specialist characters as mentioned by Dr. Propaganda, above... + one or two characters in power armor. Some appropriate "not-Droids" and drones to serve as support. A couple not-Sentry Guns, Some ammo boxes, comms gear, and other light scatter-terrain... A vehicle of some sort... it wouldn't take much (see the Chronoscope flying saucer for comparison), maybe the cyberpunk equivalent of a jeep ... A sprue of NovaCorp-style sci-fi weapons and gear.... With that, you'd basically have a themed set of standard-issue cyberpunk-style soldiers or security for use as generic corporate or imperial security, space marines, etc. As usual for NovaCorp guys, the figures are rather versatile: just something as simple as a little paint can instantly convert them into a variety of uses: white-and-black paint gives you a team of not-Stormtroopers, metallic paint for not-Cylons, blue for not-C.O.B.R.A., olive drab for not-Starship Troopers or not-Colonial Marines, etc. Sell them as pre-packaged sets for retail, and I can't help thinking there would be an audience for them. Do the same with the IMEF guys (who make excellent not-Rebel Alliance, not-G.I. Joe, etc.), the "Cyber-Reavers" (with grunts, drones, hunter-killers tanks, etc.), and a good, versatile alien faction or two (reptilian aliens, these guys, not-Romulans/Klingons, not-Daleks?) for some villains or other opposing factions (the Bathalians and greys/overloards already seem to be just about well-represented enough to fill sets of their own, just add scenic bits, vehicles, etc....) Add maybe a quick-and-dirty book of wargame rules (even if it's just a free PDF of "fluff" background details that can be plugged into a more robust rule set made by someone else - e.g. D20, BRP, etc., it's a nice touch for giving these guys an optional SciFi setting for players to game in.)
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    I received this amazing mini from a friend as a birthday gift, so I was extra motivated to give it a lot of work. That's the Patrick Keith version, bigger than Chaz Elliot's one: a great wingspan, somber looking. I've seen several paint jobs here to get some inspiration. Many people decided to go full with the spectral theme; blue lights, blue eyes. IMO, although it looked great, the overall impression wasn't enough that of an angel of the depths made with driftwood, but something newer and too colorful for what I was thinking. So instead I went with a very dry palette: just black, brown, grey and rusty metals. I wanted to convey it as if its driftwood dried for days in the sun of some beach, just to be driven back to the seas, and to the beach again, on a neverending cycle. Worn wood, sundried, rotten, thorn; old wood, tired, greyish thanks to the salt and the wind. I couldn't capture it on the photos but the only spark of color is on its eyes: a ghoulish green reminiscent of its spectral nature. Overall it actually looks pretty basic, simpler than these other works you can find on google, but... I'm happy with the outcome. BTW lately I've been invested on my instagram account: it's only for miniature painting works. I would love if you people give me a follow, and feedback :D it's @albertnyarla
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    The cracks between the stone were not dark enoght to my taste. I wanted to add more shading, so I applied a layer of Citadel Agrax Earthshade all over the stones. Then, I applied a 9086, Stone Grey drybrush and re-highlighted the darker and bluish stones. Finally, I applied a 9293 Alien Flesh drybrush on all the stones and a light 9031 Tanned Leather on some spots. I think it looks nice like that, so I will move forward and paint the wooden parts.
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    Ok, so I apply another layer of diluted 9660 Powderburn Brown before starting building up the grey tones. Then, I brushed a layer of 9086, Stone Grey over all the stones. At this stage, I'm using a 9mm (0.35 inch) wide brush. It looks rough for now, but I'm confident that it will get better.
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    Yes, it comes in six part, it is easy to assemble and really makes the painting process much easier. I finally decided to go with the realistic color scheme. For the wooden parts will I'll mainly be using 9028 Muddy Brown, 9030 Leather Brown and 9031 Tanned Leather. For the stones I'll be using 9660 Powderburn Brown which is a "Promo Color" and various tones of Grey; 09251 Disky Skin, 9086 Stone Grey, 9293 Alien Flesh, 9274 Vampiric Shadow and 9275 Vapiric Skin. I will add color on some of the stones too. So, I started basecoating all the wooden parts with 9028 Muddy Brown and the stones with 9660 Powderburn Brown. I thinned down the paint with 1 part of water for 4 parts of paint to make sure the paint will flow in all the cracks. Even if I need to apply two layers of paint to get an even basecoat, I prefer this techinque as I find it much faster to cover bigger surface and it helps keeping all the texture details.
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