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    Ok, here's the top of the casket. Funny, but it's got a big "R" on the top... I wonder if it's for Robert? as in Bobby? Hmmm...
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    C r a z y G r e m l i n s !
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    Bombshell's Dr. Helen Salinger and GDF Security Officer both look like they would fit in with my Spacefuture Moon Communists of Lunarkompleks-Alfa. Particularly the Security Officer, whose hat matches the other Heresy Inspectors' very nicely. These are obviously working miniatures, so let's give them a job to do: generator maintenance and vending machine replacement! Here's 80053, the Starship Generator, and 49035, the soda machine, painted up as a Bouncy Bubble Beverage dispenser. (Drink B3--it's everyone's mandatory drink of choice! A variety of flavors from Extra Classic to Red Blast to Tastes Like Something Orange! All flavors may not be available at your clearance level. Check with your supervisor for details.) Now, thanks to some revolutionary policy changes by the High Commissar (the working man's friend!) these choices can be supplemented with Slurm Classic! Slurm Tropical Explosion! Slurm XXTREME! and Slurm Ultra! Also radical new grain-based relaxant beverage called 'beer.' Spreading rumors that 'beer' is imported from the decadent Earth Government is treason.
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    Now THIS is a Pulp Hero! An incredibly burly, fiercely-mustached Sikh with a chain-fed brass-jacketed machine gun. NorthStar UK lists him as Gagan Kayal; the American outlet Brigade Games lists him as Mohan Singh in their "Lord Curr's Company" set. Either way, a powerhouse with incredible style and devastating firepower. I roughed up the barrel of the gun with some Typhus Corrosion before painting it; the original sculpt is smoother. His arm hair is sculpted on, and after that, I'd be remiss not to give him some good chest and shoulder hair. The time period is fairly ambiguous to one who, like me, is not a firearms historian, so the good Mr. Kayal can work from the turn of the previous century... to the middle of said century. Special guest appearances by 50029, British Colonial Riflemen, 50193, Thuggee Cultist, and 50221, Nazi Zombie Officer (and his Artizan co-workers).
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    Gave a shot at this funky Dark Horse githyanki yesterday. I only had a few Dark Horse pieces circa 1983, not the sharpest sculpts, but always interesting and I loved their newsletter and indie vibe. I pulled out my old Fiend Folio for inspiration.
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    Got this guy in my Bones Paint & Take Home Survival Kit earlier this year. He was done with lots of sloppy washes and dry brushing. I put flock on its exposed twigs, for decency's sake.
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    Continuing to dig up my childhood minis... This crazy old dragon was done back in 1984, I basically dunked him in turquoise enamel. While not sophisticated, the color was beautiful and it's one of my all time favorite sculpts so I left it intact and decided to try adding some details. Results below!
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    BGG: Arkahm Asylum part 2 is the penultimate (love that word) show off topic by me for season 1. I'll still have to do season 2, but they need to be primed and it isn't great priming weather. Plus I think I need a Bat-break. Listed as Jervis Tetch on the box for some reason instead of his nom du guerre, The Mad Hatter. I missed the opportunity to paint him in blue to match the Batman Animated Series, but the green works. His pants in the picture had some sort of excessive design on them and that was a big NO THANK YOU from me. I'm sure he's happy with Alien Goo pants, who wouldn't be. Probably my favorite figure of the group. Professor Pyg was never a villain I liked the one or two times I did see him, but I like how he came out. I'll be honest, I have no idea who Joker (Mr. Joe) is, as I get most of my bat-lore from the shows. Zsasz is another one I never really heard of until later. Joker's goons with guns. A bit brighter than the other Joker's goons, I guess. I kinda screwed up on their mouths, but you won't notice that unless you know what to look for. They had open mouths with teeth showing, but screw that noise.
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    Durgam Deepmug, one of several figures I picked at random to paint for table use during the early weeks of covid-19 lockdown. I tried a little magical/ ice effect on his sword.
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    "The science of computronics progresses every year! Why, if my projections are accurate, by the far-flung year 2020, these computing machines could have ten times the processing power in a space a third of the size! With advances in magnetic tape and vacuum tubes, every home could have a computer no bigger than a large desk. The slide rule will be obsolete, and logarithm tables a thing of the past! Just imagine--with the power of a global network of thinking machines, the lucky people in the utopia of 2020 will live as gods, having solved all of society's ills." These are some righteously retro MDF set dressing pieces from Crooked Dice. They require some assembly. I got the Cooling Panel, Quad Databank, Corner Console, and Computer. Tried to paint them to look a bit gungy and used, like they're in a damp, condensation-prone basement and a technician has probably spilled coffee on them once or twice. Great for underground bases, nuclear launch sites, ground control, power plant operations, etc. Click for assembly info:
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    Rhasia has been on my paint desk for a long time. I love the dynamic sculpt. Had some problems seeing all the tiny details, and keeping her skin from being blotchy. This is one I would paint again someday if my skills improved.
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    Now, of course, these were regular Bones as they came from the kickstarter, so I didn't get to work with the clear versions, but I am VERY happy with how these turned out! Of course, these particular minis make me wish even more that I could get my photographing skills up to par, I had to use the flash, and that brings out all of the flaws you can't see in normal light Oh well. These were a lot of fun to paint, and I was trying a new technique for working with the black, although I do need to clean up some of the lines on bits. I just got the Gold Triad Reaper paints and used a layering effect for the gold on their armor using the triad, with a GW Agrax Earthshade wash between the Ancient Bronze and Antique Gold, and a sepia wash between the Antique and New gold layers. Critiques welcome! Sorry for the overly gratuitous flash on the pictures, I couldn't get the light quite right to show the details, and the flash was the only thing that seemed to bright them out better.
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    Painted this lovely lady during a local mini-con and painting event early this year (pre-covid). I tried for different colors of skin on her various parts, and a slinky satin fabric for her dress. She is checking out a new crypt I did as part of the "craft paint" challenge this spring.
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    This is a speed paint I did over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. I touched up a few details since then, like the buttons on his shirt.
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    Hi one and all under the joyous Reaper spell! So I'm not sure who the sculptor is on this one but she's one of a set of three figures with I think some loot bags. The other two guys are some brigands that I imagine turned her in to this female captive instead of just being the run of the mill female. She's kind of kneeling in a pile of random bones and stones. Fun little figure to paint, hope you guys enjoy:
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    Bats - brown bats... big ones... small ones
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    The Cursêd Earth cries out in bitter torment. Little grows in the poisoned soil. The rain is a caustic joke. Roving gangs of marauders and mercenaries squabble and kill for the pettiest of gains. ...But that doesn't mean that people in this bleak hellscape can't accessorize! These are the Lady and Gentleman from Crooked Dice's apocalypse line. I painted them up in schemes evoking Peter Perfect and Penelope Pitstop, from "Wacky Races." I love the rag-wrapped viola on Peter's back--a fragile souvenir from the Before-Times. The dumpster is Reaper's, 49036. It is a magnificent piece of municipal infrastructure. The lids open and the hatches slide. The shipping containers are 80036. I love doing rust effects! Should probably try my hand at graffiti sometime. Not like the apocalypse would have changed the fundamental nature of unruly teens.
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    For your consideration I present my take on the Wizard’s Workshop. This piece was created in response to a challenge issued by a Twitch streamer that I follow. The challenge was themed Fatherly for Fathers Day 2020. I spent several hours searching for the right model until I came across this piece. Inspired by Alexi Z’s example on the Reaper website I decided to try OSL for the first time. (Using an airbrush is almost cheating lol) I wanted to find a unique base for this project and settled on the Shattered Ritual 100mm base by Secret Weapon Miniatures. In addition to the Wizard’s Workshop I also added 77318: Bookshelf, 77248: Crates (Large and Small) (2) and 77249: Large Barrel Small Barrel to the scene The Glowing effect was created by adding LIT Green Glow Pigment by Culture Hustle and mixing it with the acrylic paint and applying it with the airbrush. C&C welcome
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    This bruiser took about two weeks to get juuuuust right, but I think the time spent was worth it. Normally with big scaly things I can get away with drybrushing and washing until the skin looks the way I want, but for Cipactli I needed to do some final direct highlights on the scales of his back and belly. I should have added another model for scale; this guy's enormous. That's a 105mm x 70mm oval base he's spilling off of (and the base is part of the original model, sculpted to look like water).
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    Presenting Sir Shelly from Knightmare Games. Sometimes the path of Chaos offers great power, and sometimes you end up needing to stay constantly moist or you die. Really enjoyed painting this one, he's just so weird looking! Still can't paint gems though. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    Presenting Angry Joe, the last of my Survivors from the Gigalion expansion from Kingdom Death. He believes the best defence against monsters is to wear a suit made of their skin. Had a lot of fun painting this one, Gorm armour is my favourite set despite all the little details, now I just need to paint the Gigalion itself. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly recieved.
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    This guy was a quick paint to play with color and patterns... I'm not 100% happy but he'll work as a tabletop grunt, and I got to learn a few things :)
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    Whew, okay - it's been a long road but here is the FOURTH of my chromatic dragons based on 89001, the Pathfinder Red Dragon. All reaper paints, predominantly leather brown (wings) and Dragon blue (duh). Needs some clean-up, but I'm doing that tomorrow, and it's not like these are for a competition or anything...just funsies. Probably won't even get to use them in a game until sometime in 2022, so no rush, right? In just a few moments, I am posting the black version of this dragon, and then a few moments later, I will post crappy pics of ALL FIVE CHROMATIC DRAGONS BASED ON 8900!!!! Enjoy :)
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    The fifth and final of my chromatic dragons based on 89001, the Pathfinder Red Dragon. All reaper paints, predominantly leather brown (wings) and Pure Black. Needs some clean-up, but I'm doing that tomorrow, and it's not like these are for a competition or anything...just funsies. Probably won't even get to use them in a game until sometime in 2022, so no rush, right? I just posted the blue version of this dragon. Next, I will post crappy pics of ALL FIVE CHROMATIC DRAGONS BASED ON 8900!!!! Enjoy :)
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    Finally, the journey comes to an end exempting some clean-up: All 5 chromatic dragons (white, blue, black, green, and red) painted using Reaper paints using the Pathfinder Red dragon, 89001, as the body. Sometime later I'll try and post better pics. Tired, getting late, painted all day...kinda done with this for now and don't have the energy to set up lights and blah blah blah. For now, this is more like a proof of concept - all five side-by-side!
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    Some dungeon dressing for the tomb.... I just love dungeon dressing - I really wanted this kind of stuff as a kid... so now as middle aged kid it makes me happy! Not sure where the second single piece sarcophagus is from - its bones but could not figure out the SKU easily or remember if it came with a Bones kickstarter. I love being able to open them and put things inside... a few gems, a skelly... or....
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    I have the metal Pathfinder Mites (SKU 60066) but only three of them and I think the most of these little pests that turn up at one time needs six, so I've repurposed some of my old Bones Kobolds to fill the role (since I have dozens more Kobolds, either metal ones I've painted or the ones that seem to turn up in every Kickstarter). As it turns out I like the blue shades on these guys - they may fit in as Kobolds who claim ancestry to a blue dragon. Another quick paint job while I'm waiting for washes to dry, but for first generation Bones and their tiny size these have quite a good amount of detail on them. I may paint up the rest of my Kobolds as different dragon colours as well.
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    It's a very wet day here in Brisneyland, so everything's taking its own sweet time to dry. While I'm waiting for the Agrax Earthshade to dry on the Kraken, I thought I'd get these guys done to finish off the beasts I need for the Mite Nest under the Old Sycamore Tree. The Mites do like their centipedes, so here's a bundle of squirmy leggy joy from the Bones 3 Kickstarter: Three different colour schemes based on some real-life giant centipedes. I'm not sure whether to be surprised at how many people out there keep these things as pets. A fairly quick job using mostly contrast paints with a few finishing highlights.
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    Hi all - haven't posted a pic in a long time.... here is the Dire Bear from Bones IV (I think) - one of my players now has bear form abilities - we call this her aspirational bear (currently just a brown bear as the player)- I thought it turned out not too bad for 4-5hrs - lots better than a white piece of plastic for the table! Pics are super lazy white paper and smartphone on my painting table.
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    Had a splendid time painting this lovely sculpt! I failed to be bold enough to try freehand on the fan though...
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    I love him in all his gross uglyness! His bent horns, hairy belly, flabby wrinkles, giant boils and pustules, overgrown toenails, beat up armor, dead bird on the belt. Love it! So much character.
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    More paintups for the table - 3 graveyard finials as flameskulls (eyes failed to turn out as planned!) and the manbat(?) from bones III graveyard expansion.... yes I still have a pile of plastic from back then....
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    Here are another 2 wraiths -
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    I have now completed a squad of these minis. I just really like the style of the power armour for each type of soldier. Nearly all the parts are Reaper and come on the sprues for the actual minis. However I did head swap the alien chap, taking a head from a space soldier from Bones 4. And the older gentleman ("everything on this damn Battlefield beeps...") has a head from Victrix Limited, who make ancient and dark age figures. Paint scheme was ultra simple, a primer layer with Vallejo Early Green, a wash with GW camoshade, and black templar contrast paint for the guns. Scale 75 Viking Gold for the visors. I am playing around with free hand, for the numbers and decoration, am not very good at it but can always paint the areas white again.
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    Not sure if these have have been released except in clear bones - but this group is from Bones IV. Painted a while ago in my new aim of getting things on the table but trying to kick it up a little bit - well I got them on the table.... Mr Green Wraith is my first, timid, OSL attempt.
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    Hi all - I painted up the tree part of the tree of despair for my in-house game. Basic, but serviceable, and great terrain!
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    For your consideration I present Sir Vigintor, d20. This particular highroller was painted pink for a pink challenge issued by a Twitch streamer that I follow. In addition to the model being painted every entrant was required to also provide the backstory and here is mine. Sir Vigintor began his life as Vinny in the city of Baldur’s Gate as the son of a local bartender. His father had a bad gambling problem and was in debt to the Chance Thieves Guild and couldn’t provide for Vinny. So the Thieves Guild took the boy in as payment with a promise to care for him and train him so long as the father kept paying them and allowed the Guild to use his bar to store items from time to time. Vinny was never treated as a slave or made to think any less of his father. He was trained as a fighter who eventually served as muscle for the Guild. One day he was sent to collect payment from a business owner that had fallen behind on their debt. He was told to collect gold or their body. When he received his assignment he realized it was his own father he was sent to “collect” and refused. The Guild Master Grix understood the boys plight and offered him a roll of his dice. If the boy won he would be free to leave the Guild and his father would be free of their debt. If he lost the roll he would forfeit his life and his fathers life. Grix allowed the boy to take the first roll and upon grabbing the 20 sided die, Vinny passed out as the world went black. When Vinny woke up he found himself in the dungeon of the Guild and his body had been horrifically transformed into that of a giant Pink 20 sided dice! Grix approached the cell and started to mock Vinny. He explained that no one ever leaves the Guild and his father had been executed and his bar burned to the ground. Vinny felt a rage well up inside him to a level that he had no control over, he tumbled across the cell floor with blinding speed and reached through the bars and grabbed Grix by the neck with such force that his neck snapped. The force of the impact against the cell door had also broken it free of his hinge and Vinny managed to grab a sword and shield and sneak his way out of the Guild and into the night. Vinny changed his name to Vigintor spent the next few years helping people where he could while adventuring and gained the favor of a the Lords of Waterdeep. He was knighted and given the title of Sir Vigintor and has been a protector of the realm for many years.
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    Finished up another 3d printed bust. I have really been enjoying the different scale and different subject matter (I don't think I've ever painted an orc before). Not 100% happy with the hair, but the strands are not as thin as I would have liked. Picture is a little washed out but I have having issues of not enough light or too much. And yes his left eye is milky on purpose and the whole reason I painted this piece. Thanks for looking. EDIT: and of course, now looking at the picture on my computer screen I can see that the wound on his face goes through his bottom lip too, and I missed it.. At well...
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    I've had this model sitting on my painting table for awhile with the skin and metal done, but it took a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with her clothes. I decided on some muted purple, brown, and green, each mixing in Reaper's Polished Bone for the successive highlights to maintain the overall tone, with part of her clothing being Polished Bone itself.
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    For your consideration, I present Kallaguk, Troll King. This model was painted as part of a theme back in March 2020 where green needed to be the primary color for a Twitch streamer I follow. I had a lot of fun with this one trying my best to only use various shades of green. Happy with its result. C&C welcome.
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    For your consideration I present my take on the Golan, Hill Giant. This was painted by me as part of a contest for a Twitch streamer I follow. The challenge was to push your boundaries and do something you had never done before. I chose this model because I had never worked on something with this much skin before and I really needed to practice my skin tones. I went with a more earthy look in the color pallet and am pretty happy with how it turned out. C&C welcome
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    Ah, but 3d printing/files has undead of various D&D races. Something the physical miniature market severely lacks unfortunately. I bring this up, cause it's one thing I always try to harp on when asked "What Bones (or insert miniature line here) do you wanna see made?" I will say resin printing is allot easier to get into then filament printing. One of the biggest drawbacks resin printer have is the build plate. My Photon S plate is roughly half the size of the Ender 3 build plate. Height wise, I'd say they're pretty close but I'm sure the Ender 3 has a taller build space. Hoping to wake up to a skeleton horde in the morning! Ok 6 of them, but eh for 4 or so PCs (actual encounter is 6+6 zombies, sooooo).
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    This sounds like it would turn into $1500 or so very quickly. $1000 for the table with top plus a few accessories. That being said, I am not sure, but this could be the most likely of their KSers for me.
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    Okay, I'm being honest with myself and admitting there's just no way I can keep the one dragon a month goal. I'm too attention deficit. And the laboriousness of the method, I kind of just have to be in the mood for this one. I mean, it's not like I haven't been painting. I've painted some 7-8 minis since the last time I posted here. They've just not been dragons! But I'm back on this red dragon. As I've gone along I've loved the direction it's going. It's reminded me of the old D&D monster manual illustrations and that's a happy thing. More inspiration! First half done, moving onto the other side. I've been doing it in little patches. Painting a small bit with the Blue Liner, then going back with Pure White to pull out the dots and textures. Why not just paint the whole thing dark and then paint the white bits? Because I'm finding it difficult to find the parts I want to paint white in the darkness. Doing small bits as I go along allows me to remember where they are, ha.
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    So the next 5e hardback is a sourcebook from Critical Role. I know it's a webcast but is there anything I should really know about it? I generally don't watch people playing D&D online.
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    I don't understand the fetish of watching people play D&D online. I mean, I vaguely understand the desire to watch sports, and I completely understand watching movies. But watching an RPG is . . . not the way to experience it. Watching paid actors do their RPG thing doesn't help me run a better game; I think it sets up a weird expectation amongst players. But, obviously I'm not the target audience. No, an additional sourcebook isn't going to make it's way onto my bookshelf. IMO there's way better stuff produced by others (and if you happen to run a game based in the historical world, most of it is free - the inaccuracies of Wikipedia finally have a use!).
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    I watched some videos on painting Stormtroopers for SW Legion, and saw one or two on using GW contrast paint which looked pretty good, and quick. So ran over to the lfGWs and paid the silly GW price for these: Then I came home and my box from Kids Logic was here. They are Hong Kong based company with the Robotech miniatures license (at least for the Macross stuff) and are making some very detailed resin minis. They are releasing about three figs a month, with pre-orders a month or two in advance. I waited a bit before ordering any because the first 3 with all Valkyries (one in each mode) which I'm not in a hurry to get. But once they announced the Monster I had to place an order. I test fitted everything tonight. They all appear to be super clean casts...I didn't notice any mold lines at all. (I'm sure I'll find some eventually...after priming probably) Left to right: Zentraedi Nousjaduel-Ger Power Armor, UEF Destroid Phalanx, Zentraedi Queadluun-Rau Power Armor, UEF Destroid Monster, UEF Armored VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo Version, and the UEF Destroid Spartan. These are gorgeous scupts and casts. And I'm so happy to finally have a proper 1/285 Monster. I had multiple in my pledge for the ill fated Robotech RPG tactics as it has always been a favorite of mine. But now I've finally given someone money for one of them and they've actually given me one back, and it is lovely.
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