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    Had some fun painting this :)
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    Probably my fire giant commission.
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    Right, After speaking to other people with flat roofs, I decided to cancel the appointment with the roofer. I need to keep the drainpipe free so it can do it's job. If the water can't go down the drain, it will seek a way. The roof has recently been inspected and repaired where necessary so that isn't the problem. As soon as I unclogged the drainpipe the leaking stopped ( a little later).. I will keep the pipe free and when it rains again it shouldn't leak then. If it does then I will call the roofer. No need to pay for inspections that have been done recently in this situation I guess. I tend to panic a little with leakages..I have had a terrible on in my first home. So I overreacted I think.
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    Either the Farstriders (I can't really pick a certain one) or my Owlbear. The Farstriders I am particularly fond of, despite their "meh" paintjob, as I was using very, very (how shall I say), abysmal brushes. And their bases are excellently crafted. And the Owlbear is when I learned two things: One, I love to paint birds. Two, drybrushing is king. Original Posts (What do you mean, shameless advertising? This ain't advertising! Pshaw, the very notion of it is absolutely ridiculous!): https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92191-warhammer-shadespire-the-farstriders https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92126-owlbear-not-reapers
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    When it comes to potential water damage, it's generally better to overreact than under react.
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    I'm losing the battle against my bramble patch, it's sprouting back slightly faster than one lazy, fat man can dig it up. And it's not a battle I can truly win anyways, it's roots are too deep and widespread, the best I can hope for is to keep it's malevolence sealed away and leave it up to some future chosen one to defeat it once and for all. ... Possibly using some sort of enchanted garden spade.
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    My counts as Kornovik the Outcast for Frostgrave. And for those that missed it, here's the thread.
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    I just found the hand drawn maps I made over three years ago as well as some of the printed off digital from two years ago. I still have to redo them as I hit a snag and did not finish them, but that will not be a problem.
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    Heavy rain and thunderstorm, the drainpipe was a bit clogged and then the water found a way, luckily only by the sliding doors. I declogged the pipe. Made an appointment with the roofer ( Tuesday...) Hoping it will be alright.
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    I am still alive. Still trying to wrangle children and help them fight brainweasels. It's been a rough year. Hoping that we can get enthused about doing some painting during the online ReaperCon. Even went all out and ordered the massive box of swag, because honestly, our entertainment and vacation budget has not been strained this year.
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    I haven't painted a lot, so I guess my exchange mini for corporea wins by default. It's also the one I tried out making a mosaic base. I didn't have a light box big enough so the lighting is a bit much on the pics.
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    I think Lady Fancy Hair:- I was really pleased with her hair.
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    The intent is for it to be a drop in replacement for the badly fitting foam in the new Reaper pistol cases. My current plan is to design a variety of them to play with. First would be one with compartments for 'normal' hero sized, and another larger monster compartments, (possibly sized for adding a thin layer of adhesive foam). And one for paint bottles/hobby tools. Then I may go really crazy. I have this idea to make one sized to snugly hold a bunch of the AMAC boxes for storing basing materials in. Oh, and yes, if this all works out then I will hit thingiverse with it.
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    No. Each player typically brought and used their own bag of dice. If I was Playing a character I used the same bag/collection I did if I was GM. Three candidates ^ exist. I suppose whichever one I finish first will be the favorite.
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    Wait... People paint those things?
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    Here is K2 washed and drybrushed.
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    So my wife's big glass delivery was supposed to happen on Tuesday. She got the call from the trucking company on Monday asking to set up the arrangements to deliver on Tuesday, right before we had that big Derecho storm pass through Des Moines. She kept trying to call them back - no answer. Finally got through on the national 800 number, found out the trucking company terminal had lost power - no delivery can be scheduled at that time. They tell her they'll call as soon as they can schedule. Finally gets the call mid day Tuesday, they want to do a delivery Thursday (today). Says they'll call about 30 minutes before they arrive. We've been anxiously awaiting the delivery all day, phone call from the trucking company comes. "We're sorry, we're still catching up, we won't be able to deliver today, we'll be there tomorrow." Not what we wanted to hear. The depressing part to me is that she could have fit a small commission in while waiting on the glass for this one, but she's been pushing people off until after this one is done. Our son's best friend from Middle School in CO made the drive out here to hangout with my son for a few days before they both start their senior year. Both my wife and my son have to work tomorrow morning, meaning it may be me and his friend who are taking delivery of the glass. On my trade icon project - over lunch, I got 86 of my 92 items classified as Industrial, Mineral or Agricultural. These are the ones I have left: Leather - I'm thinking Industrial, because of the tanning process, especially on the scale needed to export. Hides/Furs - not sure - depends on how I classify leather, and whether or not hides/furs take significantly less processing than leather. Dyes - Industrial? Some are going to be plant based, some are mineral based. But again, at the scale needed for export? Salt - Mineral? Wax - I've classified Honey as Agricultural, thinking Wax should be similar - but if you're processing enough bees wax to export it? Whale Oil - I've classified Fish as Agricultural, but whales are quite a bit bigger and take more to process, so Industrial? TBH, though, I've considered just wrapping up Whale Oil in a more generic resource called Sea Beast Oil, given that the whalers of Balutor and Redcliff seek all the large critters of the Vileshall Sea.
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    Anyone else looking at that pic of Sir Forscale and the doxies and hearing the dialog from Monty Python's Castle Anthrax scene?
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    I would apply a general rule of thumb to any product with significant export involved as Industrial. Salt could be Mineral or Industrial, depending on the amount of Export. GEM
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    I haven't finished anything yet this year.
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    Individual items will go on sale at a later date if items are available. *While supplies last
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    Painting Platinum! #036 started at 3:00 PM. Sadie is painting 3001 Phoenix. https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures
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    If you're pretty confident that you're going to keep on with painting, I don't see any harm in getting some additional brushes and starting to find out what you might like to use different brushes for and so on. But of course that is your choice! I like to use a wet palette to keep my paint in good shape while I'm painting, but I find I prefer fresh paint for each new painting session. Sometimes I'll use yesterday's paint to do a few touch-ups, but it almost always gets more watery or thicker or falls out of suspension. With layering in particular, controlling your consistency and dilution as precisely as possible can be very helpful in making it easier (or at least less frustrating.) If I am working with a hard colour or big area where I want a super smooth result, I use a welled palette. Anne Foerster uses the same one I do, and you can see it in her RTB videos on the Reaper Twitch channel/YouTube channel. It has smaller wells compared to the flower palettes or the big circle ones you can get cheap at Walmart and hobby stores. Smaller wells mean less paint and it evaporates more slowly. It may seem counter-intuitive, but I do preserve paint in those over several days by placing nearly dripping wet sponges over it. (Sort of a reverse wet palette.) I've got a picture of the palette and a better of the description of the process in this blog post: https://birdwithabrush.com/2020/04/22/problem-solving-succubus-skin/
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    I second that question, I was trying to just get dead man resin mini at the moment.
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    Are sales restricted to only the full boxes, or are any of the individual components in the boxes (paints, figures, etc) going to be made available at the same time, or at a later date?
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    Well had my first major disappointment with Army Painter spray cans. A almost full matte white primer can went KAPUT! on me. I tried cleaning the nozzle, as the flow coming was just a piddle. I tried a different nozzle & still the same thing going on. I think I opened this can maybe a month ago & sprayed a batch of minis before today. Sigh. Good thing I can get those locally now vs out of town or mail order. Granted they have to be ordered but I can do that & help the FLGS out at the same time.
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    Nice! So what is your plan for the arms, just to leave them loose and use the pegs to hold in whichever you want to use? Mine are still in the box....
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    Monday Aug 17: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92598-reapercon-extra-swag-boxes-info/
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    I decided to try my hand at making unboxing videos with the ReaperCon boxes I received. These are posted on my Facebook artist page: https://www.facebook.com/wrenthebard/ And also my YouTube channel. (Which has very little else other than these!) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpnzrLTpkE6K4IECQ0In9Jw
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    Quickly shipped and excellent casts as always, very happy with my stuff!
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    The dragon is pretty impressive, but I think I'm into the other sets a bit more.
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    Thanks. It is definitely different & exciting. With several problems that need to be overcome... One of the things you need to make a marriage happen of course is an engagement ring. I found a very nice one on Amazon that wasn't an outrageous amount of money. It also comes with the wedding band too, which I will need at some point as well. I had an inscription put in, "Te amo." Appropriate. The only downside? It was made in China, & I just read an article about how COVID has been found in packages in New Zealand & (ironically) on shrimp imported into China from Ecuador. So the plan now is to open the packaging outside the house & clean the rings with alcohol. I assume no, but does anyone know if alcohol (I have 91% in my house I use for airbrushing) has an impact on white gold? With all that said, & that the only obstacle to getting married in Ecuador is the quarantine, the current plan is to wait & see what happens. If the quarantine is not lifted by November, we will do the civil ceremony in the Dominican Republic rather than in Ecuador. We sill see what happens in November, though. As an aside, this has always been my dream. When I was young (teenager) I always imagined myself marrying someone from another country. I always thought it would be Italy or Argentina (I have a thing about Argentinian women), I lost track of that dream when I decided to settle with the partners I have had over the years, but my last relationship. also with an Ecuadorian, made me remember this dream & want to pursue it. So here we are... Damon.
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    Ok, here's the top of the casket. Funny, but it's got a big "R" on the top... I wonder if it's for Robert? as in Bobby? Hmmm...
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    Way back in 2016 a new supplement for Frostgrave was released called Forgotten Pacts which was the barbarian supplement. On the cover was a cool wizard riding a woolly rhino. Now they released a resin mini for that figure named Kornovik the Outcast. I never got that figure, but I did pick up Kargir Tundra Beast Rider 14632 at Reapercon, figuring that would make a decent base for a conversion. So... I started by cutting Kargir off the Tundra Beast. Easy enough. Then what? Well, since this isn't going to be an exact copy, but rather an "inspired by" proxy, I decided that the armored plates along the beast's back were cool, and worth keeping. But it still needs fur. Bring on the greenstuff. Thankfully fur is relatively simple to sculpt. Not the best pictures... I also bulked out the beast's belly, mostly to give the fur in the middle (yet to come) something to be supported by. In addition to some more fur, I'm also going to be adding some bags, a bow and quiver, and maybe some tack. Reins especially. I also need to better trim down the orc belly to fit the barbarian body. Originally I was going to use a Frostgrave barbarian body, but they're too small to convincingly fit with the legs... so off to the Bones box... where I settled on Grundor Hoardtaker 77219. He basically fits, and once I trim down what's left of the orc body and turn it into a fancy saddle, it'll all blend in pretty well I think. More to come!
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    Bit more work on the minotaur... I'm thinking he's just going to need some work on the mohawk, his tail, some of the fur, and the armour... Well, horns too... Steadily getting closer towards done
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    I never did share final pics of my work... Let's fix that!
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    Are there any news on if those will ever be released?
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    Completed the other side, now I'm adding in the colors. Starting with some pretty solid glazes.
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    Now that the battle with the air conditioner is over, I can get back to the table. Firelock party is based and had wood putty applied. Layer of Bronzed Skin added to the Sheriff, Ranger, and Pillory victim.
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    That moment when you're painting and realize you forgot to give one boot the cuff you gave the other one, and also forgot to attach the strap across Kornovik's chest to anything... And while I was at it, I have the saddle a little more detail.
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    Awww.... Well thank you!! Paint has been applied! Then round 2...
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    Finishing up some details, including the bit, bow (from the Reaper Bones 3 weapon sprue) & quiver (from the Frostgrave barbarian kit), skull (from the Frostgrave Wizard's kit). I also gave Kornovik a vest, cause there was just too much bare chest going on. Finally I added sand from Hawaii.
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    Pants! Looking carefully, and over a day or two, I realized that the orc legs that came with the beast were just... too short. So I was gonna need to make them longer, which means raising Kornovik up some. That also meant that the saddle was far too short too, so that needed bulking up. I decided not to do anything fancy with the pants. As much as I'd have loved to do something like the woven leather of the pants Kevin Sorbo wore as hercules, I just wasn't gonna try something that intricate. Maybe next time. And because I can't leave well enough alone, or do just what I'd planned on working on, I also added the reigns, the stirrup straps, wrapped over the split bracer where I'd done the hand swap to cover the obvious gap. Next time will be the finishing details! Then on to painting!! (I hope)
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    Weapon swap time! But what to choose? Decided on the beast man Gor spiked ball, but it needed a longer pole. The beast man gor standard bearer arm worked. So drill and pin and... No, wait, that's too long... Thankfully the glue wasn't dry yet. Trim, drill and glue... That's better. Then to pin him to the beast! Tomorrow is leg day.
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    Okay, so this was terrifying... But, uh... Okay... Yeah, alright... I think that's okay...
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    A bit more work tonight. First, I cut more of the orc away from the beast. The stub I'd left behind was just too much to work with, so off it went. Gonna be interesting to see if I'll be able to sculpt in the thighs well enough to blend the torso with the legs that I didn't cut away. After all the cutting, I finished sculpting in the fur. You can't really tell except on the left flank. Most of the other spots were hard to photograph and harder to reach, like the inside of legs. Once that was done I started to sculpt in the saddle and a bag with a strap over the back of the beast. The original mini has a much taller saddle, but my initial attempts to recreate it didn't work so this lower rounder shape is what I ended up with. I think it works... But now I have to wait for the greenstuff to cure before I can do anything else. And here are a few bonus shots with the rider, bow and quiver dry fitted on to give an idea of how it'll look.
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