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    Apparently a lot of pictures have been added to the Pledge Manager. Not pictures of everything, but a lot have been, especially on the expansions. Only one little preview shown on Reaper Live tonight. Ron had the Shoggoth mini from Chronoscope on his desk, and held it up for the camera. I tried to get some shots of it, but he wasn't holding it very still. Ron did note that Shoggoth is going to be molded in smokey translucent grey, while its base will be opaque. That could be an interesting look when painted, IMO. They are going to put in their "final orders" later this month, so getting your orders finalized in the next week or two will really help with fulfillment (you can still order until December 1st, but it will help Reaper a bunch the earlier people finalize their pledges). As an example of some of the PU pictures in the pledge manager, they added shots of the Sirens. Ron noted the entire model will be molded in translucent aqua plastic.
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    I thought this was funny. Megan, not so much.... It's happened to me too - Phantom Baby is not just for mommies. The Auld Grump
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    This one: Oh wait, there’s no mini there... because I haven’t finished a mini in a couple years...
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    I haven't painted a lot, so I guess my exchange mini for corporea wins by default. It's also the one I tried out making a mosaic base. I didn't have a light box big enough so the lighting is a bit much on the pics.
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    I have finished... 2. Not my favorites. I have 2 WiPs I'm really enjoying. Big Child's Nakatu bust and the Banksy Frog (aka chaos toad sorcerer) .
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    My is in my city! But they won’t deliver it until TOMORROW!!! :falls down in a frothing heap of anticipation: Goats. You need goats.
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    Tough call. I've painted more than normal this year. I'd have to say it's a toss up between this troll: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91938-pet-troll/&tab=comments#comment-1949872 and this boat: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91134-stygian-barge/&tab=comments#comment-1933839 But I'm also painting the Black Goat of the Woods and it's shaping up to also be my favorite.
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    My rogue trader space marine librarian was especially fun to paint. There's no school like old school.
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    No. Each player typically brought and used their own bag of dice. If I was Playing a character I used the same bag/collection I did if I was GM. Three candidates ^ exist. I suppose whichever one I finish first will be the favorite.
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    Yah, I remember it being around 600 when they first brought it out. I've got the Bones version & at KS price, I'm good to go.
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    I am still alive. Still trying to wrangle children and help them fight brainweasels. It's been a rough year. Hoping that we can get enthused about doing some painting during the online ReaperCon. Even went all out and ordered the massive box of swag, because honestly, our entertainment and vacation budget has not been strained this year.
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    Anyone else looking at that pic of Sir Forscale and the doxies and hearing the dialog from Monty Python's Castle Anthrax scene?
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    Grrr, my Microsoft Surface Pro is getting on it's last legs. More and more, one of the cooling fans is making an intermittent loud grinding noise. And it doesn't even seem to be linked to how hard the processor is working. Though after seven years of use, it was only a matter of time until something gives. So I'm starting to look at the next successor. Currently, the HP Envy X360 (Ryzen 4000 series processor) is topping the charts in overall bang for the buck.
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    23 resin MalDrakars went up on the web site an hour ago. There are 2 left....
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    They also mentioned that Baba Yaga's Hut and the Tree of Despair are going to be ready to ship starting in September, hopefully. Didn't give exact dates. No other large models until 2021.
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    According to Ron, it is $200 less than it was when they first released it.
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    My counts as Kornovik the Outcast for Frostgrave. And for those that missed it, here's the thread.
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    I decided to try my hand at making unboxing videos with the ReaperCon boxes I received. These are posted on my Facebook artist page: https://www.facebook.com/wrenthebard/ And also my YouTube channel. (Which has very little else other than these!) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpnzrLTpkE6K4IECQ0In9Jw
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    I'm looking at it trying to figure how they got it all in these small boxes. 'Cause when I come home from Reapercon it's, like, two tote bags and a suitcase full of stuff....
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    Wait... People paint those things?
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    These are from the Bunny Girls Kickstarter project from a couple of years ago, run by Dark Fable miniatures. They are on 7/8" washers, so would qualify as giant bunnies for most 28mm characters. Here they are, joined by a trio of flying Peegs, from a recent Bad Squiddo campaign: And here's the lot of them, at different angles. Put a little wild life into your games :)
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    Not really? At least not with the sculptors I tend to buy from. Admittedly, I've only been at this for a couple months-ish, but the prices have seemed steady. They certainly aren't standardized though.
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    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means
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    Was mentioned on the live feed today that they will be purging shopping carts in the web store. No hoarding swag boxes in your cart after they go on sale. All pre-orders have been shipped, according to Ron.
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    My brother-in-law is a jeweler, I just sent a text asking him. I'll let you know when I hear back. Update- His response: "Alcohol and ammonia are fine. Chlorine is a big no no." Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Repaer - Dain Deepaxe - 77074 Decent model, meh painjob could of done better. 14 models in 17 days. Ran out of steam on Reaper, switching gears for a while.
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    Yes it will be available for purchase on the weekend of Reapercon ($199), This will just be the airbrush itself in two sizes and then After ReaperCon Live 2020 it will go down for a short time while we get all the extra things that go with it. It will be back for general purchase at a later date once it has a good case and bundles with things needed!
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    Looking at that, I wonder if the hands are cast on to the poles, or whether it will be possible to separate the ogre from the cart as game play dictates...
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    i wish, but it's soooooo expensive...
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    Remaining individual items will go up on the web site after web store swag boxes have been sold. No date has been decided. Miniature Monday kit comes out Aug 24th. Metal minis from swag boxes go on sale in the web store on Sept 1.
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    I hope you already claimed your Reaper gift certificate as the code is very visible on your video.
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    Inspired by the weekend question, I took some pictures of the army thus far and found that posting it in the question thread would be excessive, also that I didn't have an ongoing thread for my largest painted army so here it is. The plan is to get my Shelf of Incompleteion cleared off then work on reinforcements for this alongside my Old School Undead army. Here we have the Pumpkin construct unit led by a Storybook Witch from Old Glory. I have 3 more of her, but the bag only came with the one flight stand and the Reaper ones I have don't fit, when I get around that, they'll form their own unit. Behind her is Rotpatch, and the scarecrow is hanging out with these guys until I can get a couple more. The constructs are filling the slot of core infantry. Here is a Ral Partha Witch leading the Pumpkin Knight heavy infantry consisting of the Halloween Knight and converted Barrow Wardens. Willow Greenivy leading the skeletal Pumpkin Guard. 10 newer GW skeletions and a variety of Reaper Bones. Elise with the Pumpkin Chucker and some Bones skeletal archers providing ranged support. A female Necromancer and the Etherial Legion of ghosts and wraiths. An Iconic Witch, Pumpkin Spider, and friends. A converted Brettonian Sorceress with the skeletal heavy infantry. Basically, what happens when adventurers irritate the witches. Bats, wolves, and allied vampires. Another vampire and werewolf allies. Zombies, ghouls, and another Reaper Witch. Beastmen and hell hounds with an infernalist witch.
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    The dragon is pretty impressive, but I think I'm into the other sets a bit more.
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    Heavy rain and thunderstorm, the drainpipe was a bit clogged and then the water found a way, luckily only by the sliding doors. I declogged the pipe. Made an appointment with the roofer ( Tuesday...) Hoping it will be alright.
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    This topic was created so that I would not be lazy to paint miniatures regularly. In the first post, not everything is indicated. Go to the last page and vote please. Once a week I will upload a painted miniature. Take a look and vote for this week's best miniature please. Vote in the comments on this topic, please. Write the number of the miniature whose painting you liked. It will compete in the battle with next miniature for the best painting.
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    I am watching the video as we speak. I know on youtube, Ron said $199.00. I believe that is for the airbrush (you choose the cup size I believe? I'd go the small one, just to help the sight line, I already have a patriot and sotar, so general is already my patriot.), in the case they kept mentioning and MAYBE, both needles. @Reaper_Jon or @Reaper Roncan you confirm? The package stuff is supposed to be full kits basically (hoses, quick disconnects,etc. I think they even want to package a compressor with it. I really think they should go with a California air tools one, they are super awesome and super quiet) Even though I have one of every popular AB (Paasche H and VL and VSR90/Badger patriot,sotar and SEVERAL anthems for shirt work), I may get one due to the minimal clogging:)
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    Very unique model! Interesting snow effect. What product or recipe is that?
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    I would apply a general rule of thumb to any product with significant export involved as Industrial. Salt could be Mineral or Industrial, depending on the amount of Export. GEM
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    Here is K2 washed and drybrushed.
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    Ok, here's the top of the casket. Funny, but it's got a big "R" on the top... I wonder if it's for Robert? as in Bobby? Hmmm...
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    Going for that tropical fish look.
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    I am still waiting for some more basing materials but I found some time for a first concept. I got some more inspiration while going on a hike yesterday, I was fascinated by all the roots hanging over the edges of the ravines. Since I want to show "forest" without actually showing trees, that may be the way to go. I've made a first concept using PowerPoint (that's about all the graphic programs I know...): Light green is something of a forest floor, dark brown will be some kind of dirt/earth. Then some shrubbery and some roots and finally a little creek that widens toward the front. For the roots I'll probably try green stuff, for the earth will use some Milliput and a bit of Vallejo pumice paste. I'll raise the floor a bit, so I can incorporate the base of the monk and build my little creek. For the creek I'll try some water effects (watched about a hundred tutorials on youtube...). I'll place a bit of GW-sand as rubble along the edges. So next I'll wait for Roger the Shrubber to deliver my shrubbery. One thing is bothering me, though. For a "forest feel" the base has to be fairly dark. But then again, so are the monk and the ravens, so there will be not much contrast and the figures will not stand out very much. What would be the best way to remedy that?
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    Dinner is served!!!! Good job on the little critters!
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    I find this one rather interesting, as she clearly draws heavily from Wonder Woman's overall costume design (particularly for the movies) but is super buff and not wielding the traditional sword and shield.
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