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    These are from the Bunny Girls Kickstarter project from a couple of years ago, run by Dark Fable miniatures. They are on 7/8" washers, so would qualify as giant bunnies for most 28mm characters. Here they are, joined by a trio of flying Peegs, from a recent Bad Squiddo campaign: And here's the lot of them, at different angles. Put a little wild life into your games :)
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    The dragon is pretty impressive, but I think I'm into the other sets a bit more.
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    Inspired by the weekend question, I took some pictures of the army thus far and found that posting it in the question thread would be excessive, also that I didn't have an ongoing thread for my largest painted army so here it is. The plan is to get my Shelf of Incompleteion cleared off then work on reinforcements for this alongside my Old School Undead army. Here we have the Pumpkin construct unit led by a Storybook Witch from Old Glory. I have 3 more of her, but the bag only came with the one flight stand and the Reaper ones I have don't fit, when I get around that, they'll form their own unit. Behind her is Rotpatch, and the scarecrow is hanging out with these guys until I can get a couple more. The constructs are filling the slot of core infantry. Here is a Ral Partha Witch leading the Pumpkin Knight heavy infantry consisting of the Halloween Knight and converted Barrow Wardens. Willow Greenivy leading the skeletal Pumpkin Guard. 10 newer GW skeletions and a variety of Reaper Bones. Elise with the Pumpkin Chucker and some Bones skeletal archers providing ranged support. A female Necromancer and the Etherial Legion of ghosts and wraiths. An Iconic Witch, Pumpkin Spider, and friends. A converted Brettonian Sorceress with the skeletal heavy infantry. Basically, what happens when adventurers irritate the witches. Bats, wolves, and allied vampires. Another vampire and werewolf allies. Zombies, ghouls, and another Reaper Witch. Beastmen and hell hounds with an infernalist witch.
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    I decided to try my hand at making unboxing videos with the ReaperCon boxes I received. These are posted on my Facebook artist page: https://www.facebook.com/wrenthebard/ And also my YouTube channel. (Which has very little else other than these!) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpnzrLTpkE6K4IECQ0In9Jw
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    I'm looking at it trying to figure how they got it all in these small boxes. 'Cause when I come home from Reapercon it's, like, two tote bags and a suitcase full of stuff....
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    This one: Oh wait, there’s no mini there... because I haven’t finished a mini in a couple years...
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    Looking at that, I wonder if the hands are cast on to the poles, or whether it will be possible to separate the ogre from the cart as game play dictates...
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    Remaining individual items will go up on the web site after web store swag boxes have been sold. No date has been decided. Miniature Monday kit comes out Aug 24th. Metal minis from swag boxes go on sale in the web store on Sept 1.
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    Was mentioned on the live feed today that they will be purging shopping carts in the web store. No hoarding swag boxes in your cart after they go on sale. All pre-orders have been shipped, according to Ron.
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    Apparently a lot of pictures have been added to the Pledge Manager. Not pictures of everything, but a lot have been, especially on the expansions. Only one little preview shown on Reaper Live tonight. Ron had the Shoggoth mini from Chronoscope on his desk, and held it up for the camera. I tried to get some shots of it, but he wasn't holding it very still. Ron did note that Shoggoth is going to be molded in smokey translucent grey, while its base will be opaque. That could be an interesting look when painted, IMO. They are going to put in their "final orders" later this month, so getting your orders finalized in the next week or two will really help with fulfillment (you can still order until December 1st, but it will help Reaper a bunch the earlier people finalize their pledges). As an example of some of the PU pictures in the pledge manager, they added shots of the Sirens. Ron noted the entire model will be molded in translucent aqua plastic.
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    Repaer - Dain Deepaxe - 77074 Decent model, meh painjob could of done better. 14 models in 17 days. Ran out of steam on Reaper, switching gears for a while.
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    My rogue trader space marine librarian was especially fun to paint. There's no school like old school.
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    No. Each player typically brought and used their own bag of dice. If I was Playing a character I used the same bag/collection I did if I was GM. Three candidates ^ exist. I suppose whichever one I finish first will be the favorite.
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    My counts as Kornovik the Outcast for Frostgrave. And for those that missed it, here's the thread.
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    I haven't painted a lot, so I guess my exchange mini for corporea wins by default. It's also the one I tried out making a mosaic base. I didn't have a light box big enough so the lighting is a bit much on the pics.
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    Quickly shipped and excellent casts as always, very happy with my stuff!
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    Final ground work. As mentioned in my previous post, I went ahead and scraped away and feathered the edge of the grass so it looked thinner, more patchy and worn around the camp area. I then used Vallejo powdered earth pigments to dust the exposed ground giving it a range of hues and a more natural look. (Its been a busy weekend, I didn't realise until now that I'd not taken any WIP shots of this stage) The Camp Fire I repainted the ring of stones around the fire pit so that the rocks looked more uniform. I then painted the grit in the base of the pit yellow, dry-brushing over gradually darkening shades of orange and red. I finished off by highlighting the tops of each piece of grit in pure black. It is quite a messy rushed paint job, but that is not a big deal as most of the coals will be obscured by the fire wood and ash. The next step was to create the flame. To do this I used a hot glue gun and created a swirl around the lightbulb, which I tapered to a point. Before the glue fully set I used an old brush to scour some lines through it and then gave it an all over yellow wash, once dry I gave the tip a red wash. The idea being the light given off would look a lot more fire like as opposed to the pure white of the LED. With the flame finished I moved on to the firewood, I cut small pieces from a thin twig and glued them together in a pyramid shape around the flame. I then used a black powdered pigment to dust the edge of the firepit and base of the firewood to give the impression of a build up of ash and cinders. I still need to tidy the fire up a little, the black pigment got everywhere and I need to try and vac some of it up, but other than that the fire is pretty much complete. The only issue now is that the fire (Because I build it around an LED) doesn't look to scale with the rest of the camp, it is a bit on the big side. Anyway here are a couple of shots of the fire all lit up in varying degrees of low light, I'm quite pleased with the effect.
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    Initial Paintwork. I prepared the base in pretty much the same way I prepared the hill on my recent Hobbit Hole project, so if you followed that build then this is probably all old news to you. I started off by painting all the stone work with the Leopold Spot technique, I used Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna as my base colours (Acrylic paint, watered down to a wash) which I dabbed on sporadically with a heavily loaded foam brush allowing the wash to soak into the plaster and flow where it will. I made sure each rock was approximately 1/3 Ochre, 1/3 Sienna and 1/3 left white. Once dry I applied a more heavily watered down Burnt Umber wash over all the rock in order to blend the colours together whilst still allowing the under colour to show through. Finally I went over everything again with a final black wash. With the rocks complete I then painted all the floor in brown acrylic paint ready for flocking. Building the Firepit For the firepit I super-glued down small pieces of fish tank gravel to form a ring around the LED. Then within the ring, in order to hide the battery housing of the LED I applied very fine grit, which was glued in place with watered down PVA. Once the PVA is fully dried I intend to paint the grit yellow, and then highlight in oranges, reds and blacks to (hopefully) look like a bed of glowing coals and embers. After that I'll add firewood on top to hide the LED. I've no idea how this is going to turn out, working with LEDs is new territory for me, I've seen a few tealight campfires and the results are always hit and miss, so fingers crossed! Applying the Grass I used a static grass applicator to lay down the grasses. I started with a 2mm spring grass which I applied all over the model, I then used a layering spray and added some patches of 2mm Autumn grass over the top. Finally I switched to a winter grass, focusing it mainly on the higher ground and adding some longer yellowish patches starting at a 2mm grass and working up to a 6mm grass. I left a patch of un-grassed area around the the firepit, which looks 'off' and pretty ugly right now. Once I have painted the log and lean-to I am going to scrape away and feather the edges of the grass in areas that would see the most footfall, leaving it more patchy and bare in places. Finally I'll use dry weathering pigments to give the earth a more natural look. The plan is for the ground around the camp site to look more like the ground in my recent Ruined Tower build:
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    My order from Blick Art Materials arrived today. Since all the local True Value Hardware Stores are now Ace, my source of Sure Hold Plastic Surgery Glue disappeared. I found that Blick carried the Sure Hold line. SO I ordered a dozen regular Plastic Surgery Glues AND six Gels. While I was at it, I ordered some red sable brushes. I got a pair of 1s & a pair of 3/0s...there are a few 0 & 2/0 on back order. Here's the lot: With a better view(s) of Blick's own Masterstroke Brushes The brushes look terrific & were quite reasonable. The glue looks like glue.
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    Went up to the FLGS today. Picked up the following: FREERPGDAY items Rest of the Mantic Library pieces Junior Braves Survival Guide to the Apocalypse Kids on Brooms While I didn't have to buy anything for the above, I did pick up a backorder that came in yesterday. Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted KRAKEN Also, sounds like we may go back to events again at the store. Confusion on everyone's part in regards to the Govnah's latest COVID19 orders. Hopefully!
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    @haldir here is a better look at the Gadzook Gamer Brushes. There is a detailing brush, a general purpose, AND a small & a large dry brush brushes: The handles feel really nice. If the points & shapes hold up, I think these will be outstanding brushes for the price:
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    With the discount I could not resist Mr. Snappy or as LordofthePrint calls him, the Dragon Turtle. Look at his breakfast on the base, that's a Great White!
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    Man, I am such a fan of Oathsworn's Sensible Shoes line. These minis are always so fun to paint. The base is one of my first attempts at a snow effect, and I learned the hard way that my snow is quite translucent. Eventually I had to mix white paint in with the glue to get it to read as white.
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    My brother loves Forged In Fire--there was a contestant who lives just up the street from him, turns out, kinda neat; he walked over and met him, saw his shop and bought a knife for my dad's birthday lol--so I've watched it quite a bit with him on days he has the baby over, and I guess I've said all that to say this: The commercials are indeed horrific. For some reason today, no clue why, I revisited Sherlock. Been meaning to get back since watching the firat series and an episode four or five years ago. I rewatched the ones I'd already seen today, and I guess I said all that to say this: "A Scandal in Belgravia" might be the best episode of a TV series I've ever watched. It's really good, anyway.
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    A couple of orders arrived today: Some Gadzook Games red sable brushes from Noble Knight, AND a complete set of finger drills & a backup pair of EyeJuster Magnifying Glasses from Micro Mark: I was excited over them...doesn't take much to get Old Men excited.
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    Mrs Hamster and I have been watching The Good Place. We're halfway though season 3 and loving it!
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    Popped by the lfgs on Thursday. Finally remembered to take a picture. The Beholder didn't even make it to the shelf. One of the guys was unpacking wizkids minis and I asked if there happened to be any beholders in there....seems there were. And I added to my pile of boxes with Gundam artwork with unassembled plastic pieces inside. (soon.....). I thought this one was neat because it has armoured vehicles and even infantry, as well as BSR of course.... Not pictured, I bought an AC for the office yesterday. Still have to finish clearing off a couple of shelves and remove the top part of a desk to get to the window, but soon, oh so soon, I'll be able to paint in the cool cool air.....
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    I have had broken parts that I glued back on with superglue before curing, just wear gloves and use a tweezer.it isn't easy ( glue might be sticking to the gloves) but it does work. Just slightly file both surfaces before applying glue. On larger parts I also put a tiny tiny blob of green stuff or putty on it.
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    Oh yes. And as a plus I have saved quite a bit of money than if I purchased these off of Shapeways. Thanks! At- Tes are pretty cool looking. I got this printed up over the weekend. I went ahead and mounted to the base to protect the legs. Let’s just say that they are kinda fragile. Ask me how I know. Pieces everywhere...... This was a pain to assemble. I’ve noticed that resin tends to fuse to itself when cured. Makes me wonder If I can assemble the legs on the next one before I cure it. If it works it will make things much easier.
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    Well, hit up the FLGS for some Free RPG Day (after) goodness. And bought some stuff of course. My purchases: Minis and brushes for Youngest Daughter: Amd the Free RPG Day haul. My daughter gets the library stuff.
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    So, I was going to say that I acquired a wife yesterday, but that didn't sound right. I then thought about saying that I was acquired by a wife yesterday, but that didn't sound right either. The version that I'm going with is that Irene and I formally acquired each other yesterday, on the 10th anniversary of our first date. (About time, I know, but my elder son got married last summer, and one wedding per year seemed like a good limit.) With pandemic precautions in place, we finally ended up with a small ceremony at home with a total of eight in attendance, although we managed to set up a video link so that my brother in Indiana and my parents, aunt and second son in Michigan could be with us. The carrot cake (shown above) was excellent.
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    Purchased the Command and Conquer/Red Alert Remasterd Bundle on Steam.
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    I have no idea what to do with this polished Sir Forscale. Painting him seems a sin... Maybe I'll toss it in the next BoGW?
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    Every convention season I usually drop a bit of cash at an Iron Wind Metals booth. Since no cons this year I decided to just order straight from their website instead. I was happy to find all their Shadowrun stuff on sale so I picked up a few things I've always wanted, including the Lofwyr and Dunklezahn dragons.
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    Cloak: Based with 1:1 Brown Liner:Splattered Crimson. Then lined whole model and placed cloak shadows with Brown Liner. Then worked up through Gory Red Triad, and ended with Holly Berry.
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    sku 44126 - Amazon living statue linked the showoff topic for nudity
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    Stole my brother's mini from out of his house the last time I was there and painted it for him. Built a much more deserving base for this fierce Zombicide boss with a vicious streak a mile wide.
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    ...and finishing it in 10 days or less. And you're all invited to come along for the ride. Audience participation is welcome and encouraged, just don't throw anything, please. (Unless it's money) While on the hangouts last night, I had an idea for a new project, and then started to laugh. When asked what was so funny, I said that I had just thought of a cool idea for a vignette for Reapercon, but it was too bad it's only a little over a week away. Some of the helpful folks there encouraged me to 'go for it'. I laughed. But I started thinking about it. Then I really started to think about it; I got out some stuff, and made a crude mock-up sketch. Then I thought about it some more. ....and now I think I'm going to do it. It's not like all of my other projects are already finished, right? Oh wait.... So, when I hobby, I usually have a couple different things going at one time, so that I can work on something else while i'm waiting for paint/glue/putty/whatever to dry. I was converting this fellow: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Bones/latest/77408 when the idea hit me. So, what I'm thinking is a scene where the evil spell caster is summoning up some unholy thing from the pit for some evil shenanigans. Mock up: The big scary monster is not what I'm going to use; it's just a place holder. The summoning portal will be in the ground. What I'm thinking for the monster is that less is more; just an arm and top of the head, or some tentacles or something just starting to rise up out of the portal. What do you think? Also, here's the guy I converted: Since he was the chap that inspired this idea, I was going to use him as the star, (and I still might), but I was wondering if the calm pose works alright ( I imagine all the chanting, bloodletting and so on has concluded and he's just waiting for his minion to come forth ), or if a more action-y pose (arms spread, holding a staff/sword/something over the head, something like that) would be better. Well, what do you think?
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    ...and it's DONE!!! More/better pics in a show off thread after the 'con.
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    I made some changes; how's this, then? I'll be putting the finishing touches on this after work today; this is a lot closer than I intended to cut it to my deadline.
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    And here's how it looks as of 1am this morning: (note: nothing is secured to the base yet) Please let me know what you think.
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    This is what I managed to get accomplished while working away from home in a not very well lit hotel room a couple days ago: And this is where I'm at after working on it yesterday/last night: I still need to decide if I'm going to give the dude a weapon and if so, what; finish painting him, paint the head and arm coming out of the portal (I'm going to try to do OSL on them, 'cause I have so much time left and lot's of successful OSL attempts under my belt, and I'm crazy)... And I need to stop getting all kinds of excellent ideas about more things to do to this (See OSL comment, above)... The state of the various components: Please let me know what you think.
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    Thanks for the input, everybody! Thank you. As you can see below, there's really no room for anyone else on the base i want to use. Those are some excellent suggestions, though. So, I've had yet another brilliant idea; since I've got soooo much time to work with I'm gonna convert the guy even further by putting a weapon in his right hand. I was originally thinking of using the bones sword 'cause it;s got runes on it I could paint up all mystically to match some runes I intend to place around the summoning circle. For the same reason, I also like the sword on the right hand side of the first sprue of weapons. Ignore the second sprue of weapons, I've already ruled them out since i took the picture; all of the daggers are other options. Which one should I use? And here is what it's gonna look like (roughly).
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