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    From high in the rocky mountains to the west the Winter Queen looked down over the land and saw that it was green, and was sore displeased. Drawing forth her scrolls of power she wove with her enchantment a great wind of freezing air to clear the skies, a rain of shimmering ice to frost the trees and finally, flakes of snow fine as cobwebs and thick as goose down to blanket the land. And she was pleased. 'Cause we just haven't had enough snow yet this year!
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    I call this piece "FETCH!" Lonnia and her pet are chasing down a monster: 02981: Lonnia, Female Duelist, sculpted by Gene Van Horne I don't know the dog monster's number, it's a 2002 Reaper piece. Either that or somebody named "RMI" :) Fantascape "Wyrdstone Mines" wm0009 base When I saw the duelist figure I immediately thought about doing something like this with her. I was glad I got an excuse to help motivate me to finish the piece!
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    There's a tale they tell down in Old San Antone', about a rancher who went out one day into the wild canyons where even the coyotes wouldn't go. There's some that say there's a creature that lives out there in the rocks and the mesquite and that it's best left alone. That old rancher, you see, never did come home and they never did find his bones. Now his fool daughter has gone looking for him, and she's just waitin' for a rustle in the bushes so she can set her sights on whatever it was that killed her pa. 59023: Texas Ranger 59024: Jackalopes
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    Here's mine! Lillith, Fairy of the Grotto She's pretty heavily converted, with my first attempt at sculpting fairy wings (not the most proud of), and one of my early attempts at completely resculpting the face of a mini (quite proud of!).
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    i made this diorama I called "Failed Spot Check" for a local painting comp the reaper mini's are 03265: tierce male rogue 03371: brock battlebow 02769: woody, halfling ranger on the back are 2 baby crocs by impact miniatures with tentacles from 03334 creature components i suppose it does fit the monster hunter theme loosely in that a dungeon party are always looking for monsters to kill. the brick wall was made from cut up pieces of sprue from gamesworkshop miniatures and the base is a back2basics one. though i'm not sure how well it shows it one croc is shouldering the secret door open while the other is sliding along the wall, and there is a hand and tentacle coming through the grate a the adventurers feet
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    Blood Imps hunting for Giant Skull Scarab Here is my entry for the Monsters contest. A small diorama depicting a fight between three 02197 Blood Imps sculpted by Rene Perez and a 02564 Giant Scarab Beetle sculpted by Bob Olly. One of the Imps was converted to look like he was killed by acid burns, dropping one of its swords on the ground. The Scarab shell was cut and repositioned so that it will form open elytra. The bottom part inner body was filled with green stuff and sculpted like a real beetle abdomen. Finally, I slightly modified P02744B Cichastus wings set to create hind wings. The Giant Scarab is not glued to the tree so it can be positioned facing up or down. That way, it can be displayed as if it's attacking the Imps or fleeing after being fought off by Imp reinforcements. The custom-built pine tree and base were made with wires and green stuff. The paint choice for the Scarab was essentially inspired by the flamboyant striped love beetle colors. I used twenty four different colors and three different syntactic flock. Here is a link to the WIP topic that I wrote during the making off of my diorama. I hope you’ll enjoy it. It was a real pleasure to make it.
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    Here is my 2nd Entry in the contest. I Think this is the best of the 2. The Title is: "On the Edge of Chaos" Jim Cook
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    252-260 Completed. Here we have an H-6 Scurrg Bomber peering out of the darkness, but by applying the Bright Eye Scope shows us what is really present, six H-6s on their way for a training mission. Same shot with and without the Bright Eye Scope. Once again there is a Kikyu of the 11th. Armored Cavalry Regiment coming out of the shadows but once again the Bright Eye Scope shows more than the eye could see. There are six Kikyus, a Badger, (Same shot with and without the Bright Eye Scope.) a Merlin, a Ghast, and a Baron on their way out to bring Shock and Awe to some one, some where. Sorry guys no plastic here, all True Scale, Heavy Metal. ;O}
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    You sure you're not building a model of the Grand Canyon?
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    okay, I am horrible at posting but I think this time you may see the Ranger......She's on patrol in the cold Northlands.....
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    Here is my entry I call it THE DEAD OF WINTER. I used the new Pathfinder Goblin Warriors #60006. Sorry I couldn't get a better wide view photo I'm still learning how to take photos of minis. Good Luck to everyone!
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    I painted this for my crusader army, but it came out so well I thought I'd share it.
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    Reaper 03061 Anushka - Female Fighter She seems like a nice girl from the wintery mongolian stepp
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    From - 14041: Familiars I(5) by Werner Klocke "Who you callin' a fairy?"
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    First of all the techno idiot in me, couldn't relly figure out the inspiration gallery for a while, but think i did and it seems i am waiting for approval too? but am leaving the computer for the day, so just in case i don't get acess to it again today, am posting it with an outside link. please edit or delete if needs!
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    entry for contest: 'Cold patrol' (sku: 50103 Nova Soldier) (waiting for inspiration gallery approval, pics linked off-site)
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    Here is another entry for the winter contest........ I call this one Winter Embrace.....
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    Winter Contest Entry THe Indian Druid Lady is #03093 Sharyn Female Wizard Wolf if from wolfpack #02830 Fox & Hawk are from Familiar Pack I #02018
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    Hi, here is my entry for the winter contest. It is a 02538 Lesser Earth Elemental, painted as an Ice Elemental. Happy contest and good luck to everyone.
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    Winter Solace Dryad In the depths of the winter wood, those of good heart may find refuge in a hidden grove, where spring is eternal, and the dryads provide rest for the weary. C&C here.
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    Since Dargrin put in his mini exchange piece, I think I will put mine in as well.
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    Spring came early for Olivia: The family is all together for an elemental winter:
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    Very proud of this piece. A male paladin known by Reaper as Almaran the Gold, Paladin With Flaming Sword.
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    This is a goblin witch on top of her cauldron. There is a large pile of guts in the bottom of the pot spilling onto the floor for a nice effect.
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    This is my version of an alicorn.
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    This piece is called a storm steed. Took a little while to get the coloration I wanted for her. The picture is a little dark, however the color of the body is a navy black. Pretty cool.
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    Angel of Radiance. Extremely fun to paint!
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    This is the first mini I ever did. She is a valkyrie with a mithril blade.
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    A female bard plays a lovely tune.
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    I really love wizards and I purchased this mini and painted it to represent a statue I have at home of Merlin the Wizard. Turned out pretty well.
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    Hopefully I'm doing this right. Could someone let me know? I'm under the impression that in order to enter into the 2010 painting contest all you have to do is post to this thread. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. This is one of the two werewolves I have painted for an upcoming DnD campaign. I painted the blade to have a mithril affect
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    This is my first entry of a Wood Slyph.
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    There is a kingdom in the far north. Its borders are marked with bones and skulls covered with snow, land is empty and devoid of all life, as no live being is welcome there by its ruler. Some call him Stormwing, as he rides the wind, some call him Coldblooded, as he's never shown any sign of mercy. Some of the northern tribes worship him, some try to fight him. All - fear him, as he is the true and only master of the land of ice and snow.
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    I will give it a shot I call this Dreaming of Summer
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    This is my entry into the winter painting contest titled " Pharoh's Protector". I have not entered a contest in years and this is my first on-line contest.
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    Piotr Irongale, spiked chain warrior. (If you wish to comment, he is posted in the Show-Off Forum.)
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    A second entry, I'll let the judges decide which one to use :)
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    This is my entry for the Winter Painting Contest 2010, the title is 'Harbinger of Ragnaroek'. Greetings, Barak
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    My first entry, "Santa preparing for next year". Edited: to remove border.
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    This is my new favorite mini from your Chronoscope line. "The intrepid First Mate Rudy scans the horizon for signs of life."
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    Here's my (first) entry. I've had these guys around for awhile.
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    Sophie and the Great Pumpkin. And lit from the inside...
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    GET OUT OF MY YARD, YOU HOOLIGAN! Mild conversion to the figures. Miniature toilet paper made out of... toilet paper
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    You better show up, Great Pumpkin -- OR ELSE! Heavily converted miniature, with custom Super Sculpey Pumpkin
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