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    This is a plastic Huge Fire Elemental by WotC, from the 2006 War of the Dragon Queen set. It's chasing a lead Zombie by Grenadier, from the 1980 Dungeon Monsters box set. I woke up abruptly at 2:30 am after only a couple hours sleep and my brain said ‘Take that big transparent fire elemental, you have two. Cut a hole in the bottom. It’s hollow. Put an LED taped to a battery in the hole. Paint Citadel Mordant Earth on the outside. It’s a black crackle paint and will look like lava.’ I said ‘You’re right brain, that’s a good idea, but was I thinking about fire elementals? Where did this come from?’ Brain said ‘You can sleep while the crackle paint dries.’ More pics here: http://www.terrainosaur.com/blog/2020/07/27/i-am-the-god-of-hellfire/.
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    I'm a big fan of the look too, admittedly though, these guys aren't very steampunk, Violet Smee is one small step from being a historical mini. Yeah, I was really pleased with his skin (which is why I don't want to change it, even though it's not what I was aiming for!), that new Barbarian Flesh paint is part of Vallejos Game Air line, and I think it's inherent thinness really helped with my layering. Thanks! Got a little bit more done today:- Singh got a beard. It's another new paint Phantom Grey (which dries annoyingly glossy), black wash and Phantom Grey/Cold Grey. And a turban in Magic Blue, black wash, Magic Blue/Ghost Grey. I need to do something about his eyes though, they're a bit too big to leave as dots. Since it involved drybushing I got all the Scarecrows wood out the way. It's Parasite Brown drybrushed with Yellow Ochre plus a sepia wash.
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    Mostly finished my proof of concept. I still have to add some gloss effects to the areas that are going to be wet but out of water. Started off with the finished model by adding some vegetation to the sandy beach base. I also added some small fish made of Fimo with fishing line supports. All of this was stuffed into a Green Stuff World Containment mould. I mixed my resin with a slight green tint using inks and poured so the edges of the meniscus touched the top of the mould (almost to the top). After this was set I used UV setting resin agitated with a coffee stirrer to create the surface. As I am happy with this one I will move on to the rest. Hope you like.
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    I thought about painting this red like the pre-painted one but opted for something a little different.
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    More pics here: http://www.terrainosaur.com/blog/2020/07/25/wet-stone-troll/
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    Amazingly enough I got into painting these and have pretty much finished the first three. I have never progressed my painting skills past tabletop quality but I am quite happy with these. The walrus skin was problematic as they not only have huge variations in colour but individual animals colour will change drastically due to changes in temperature. They literally changes colours when their skin contracts in cold water. In the end I decided to do a light brown base with dark brown in the skin folds. Then sponged on grey and flesh. Once that was done a sepia wash then multiple washes on the fins to give a transition to darker fins. After that painted I painted on some lighter scars. I am really happy with them. Still have some work to do on the base so I am not done but there you go.
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    I found it quite difficult to sculpt the laces of the boot. Looking at it again they were too big and too far apart, so I made them smaller, but working with micro pieces of GS is maybe not the best way of doing it. Preshaping GS and attaching it cured might be an idea or using thin copper wire. I may try another technique on the other boot. It may preserve my sanity, as that one is hard to reach. However, I think it looks fine so far. If you have any advise for such delicate work, let me know.
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    Finished up the eyes. So many eyes. Also got all the spikes on the tentacles and tail done. That means the tentacles, tail, and base are completed. Just have the maw, the tongue, the fur and the hooves to go. Then assembly.
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    Like an ageing 70's rock band heading out on yet another final tour, I fancied having another go at making a WIP thread. This time I have two different companies take on the Steampunk genre. Warcradles Nautilus crew from their Lost World Exodus line:- In the back row we have Violet Smee and Sardar Hardit Singh, and the front row consists of Neko Mei, Erasmus Darwin, Charlotte Anning and Rani Nimue. These minis are a lot better sculpted and cast than the last lot I got from the range. Changing hands seems to have done the game good, mini-wise at least. And Demented Games Oz Gang from their Twisted Game:- At the back we have the Scarecrow, the Tin-man and the Drunken Cowardly Lion, and in front Mecha Toto and Little Dorothy. First I've made a start on Singh:- Trying out a new paint colour, Barbarian Flesh. His skintone isn't exactly screaming Indian, but I like it. I also had a go at the Scarecrow:- So far he has a Cork Brown head, Yellow Ochre hair, Iraqi Sand teeth, Bronze and Andrea Blue eyes and I've painted the underside of his hat Medium Olive. He also has a line of very fine stitches going up the centre of his face that I'm not even going to attempt to paint.
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    So I pestered Anne Foerster on how to use the new Bones Dungeon Dwellers Paint Colors. Here's what her suggestions for use are: 09974 Dungeon Dwellers Monster Colors 09455 TROLL HIDE: This is a fantastic dark olive green with a strong yellow tone to it. It’s great for not only trolls but also lizardmen, jungle foliage and camouflage patterns. 09456 ORC SKIN: Not only good for orcs but for moss, mold, or lichen. Great to highlight grey stone where you want to suggest there might be lichen but it’s too small to paint. Also a nice color for ghoul skin! 09457 GOBLIN SKIN: Complex oranges like this are very useful for highlighting dark brown leather. Can also serve as a nice shadow color for 9459 Ogre Skin, or as a good color for a copper dragon if you’re not using metallics! 09458 KOBOLD SCALE: Great color for darker red dragons, or for demonic skin. For modern basing, it’s a great red brick color, or mix a small amount into skin tones to create weather-reddened skin shadows. 09459 OGRE SKIN: This strong ochre yellow is a good highlighter for 09455 Troll Hide or almost any other darker olive green (mix them 50:50). It can be used as a glaze to make blond hair more yellow, or serve as the base for a non-metallic gold. Great for animal or monster eyes where you are going for a golden color; highlight with a brighter yellow. 09460 GNOLL PELT: Not just for gnolls, this is also a great basing color for field grass, or a modern military/camo color. Good to mix into dark greens if you are highlighting and looking for a more natural effect. Could also be a good sickening cloth color for evil priests or undead! 09975 Dungeon Dwellers Dungeon Colors 09461 VAMPIRIC MIST: A pale grey with an indigo cast, this is a fantastic highlight for light medium and light greys if you want something more interesting than just white. Would also be a good highlight for vampiric skin! 09462 SUCCUBUS KISS: A beautiful vibrant purpley dark red. Use for dark gothic cloth, shading for almost any red you can think of, or blood spatters under moonlight. Seriously, folks, this stuff is awesome. 09463 ELDRITCH PURPLE: Good for cloth or color accents for evil wizards, necromancers, flashier rogues, or for that hot sorceress who thinks that purple is the new black. Great highlight for darker purples. Can also be used to suggest magical shadows for 09461 Vampiric Mist (mix just a little Eldritch Purple into your Mist, then apply for shading). 09464 CURSED GOLD: Fantastic for exactly what its name says; highlight with 09450 Dragon Gold. Also good for the rich gold on Egyptian-themed models, and as a darker, more moody gold for evil minis where you don’t want something really bright. 09465 SKELETON KEY: A good start for any tarnished silver metal or armor; highlight with 09454 Mithril Silver. Also could be good to suggest “magical” steel where you want it to look just a little different. 09466: DUNGEON GREY: A good dark stone color, of course, but also a great highlight for black! Could be used as an alternative for black if you wanted to suggest dark cloth that has faded slightly.
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    Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I have really been around here or painted at all. But after getting through some personal obstacles I am starting to get back to painting. This is the first model I have painted in over a year and a half. Still need to finish the horns, spikes,face, and a few odds and ends. I was thinking about giving him glowing eyes but not sure if I will go that route. Hopefully if I keep up with painting this guy will be part of a diorama that I have planned. Let me know what you guys think. Comments and criticisms are welcomed and appreciated!
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    More tmm play time. Love a sample of Blue Steel I got. Love it so much! So I decided to paint this bull all over with it. The copper tones are Vallejo GC Hammered Copper with highlights of Dragon Gold. And the blue was highlighted with some Vallejo Silver. Then there was some Red Liner and Blue Liner for shading. This was suppose to be a quick one. But as I started making the base, green stuffing around its original base to carry the tile floor pattern all around it, I decided I didn't want to have just a simple stone colored floor. It being a bull, my mind immediately went to ancient Minoan culture. So I went with a Minoan/Greek mosaic motif on the floor. Some stippling action in the works! Just Chestnut brown for the edge outlines. For the blue mosaic, it was a combo of Templar Blue, Marine Teal, and Pale Green.
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    I imagine a massed cavalry charge with blubber and tusks smashing into the enemy lines. TT combat terrains new sheildmaidens riding walruses. Once I saw them I had to have them. I was not planning on ever building a fantasy army again but now I am sorely tempted.
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    Over time, I've collected a number of paint caddies. I've saved my Reaper caddies and, with a crowded workspace and several projects underway simultaneously, I've found good use for them. I store the paints I'm using for a work in progress in a caddy and then can rack and stack it, jam it in a corner, and let it sit for months. Then, when ready, all my paints are there. Here's a shot with a label.
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    Finished this little guy this last week. I love all the Townsfolk. I wish there were more:).
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    My son just finished playing Ori and the Blind Forest and as his birthday approached, his first request was for an Ori mini. Well, here it is. The mini was quite small so I had a hard time removing all the flash and supports, but for a free home printed job, I can't complain. Sorry the pic is blurry. I think my lens had some gunk on it.
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    I just cannot get this mini to come out the way I want. This is my second attempt, and I got just a stuck as the first time. I finally decided to just finish it and call it done. Reaper Bones Spirit of the Forest (SKU 77184)
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    I hit a slump and these 2 minis took my 3 weeks to paint. Kind of embarrassing. That being said, they are done now. Time to move on to bigger and better things.
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    I think they even highlighted it when the render first went up. We all know who the real boss is.
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    Yaaay he still has the kitty! It's sitting on the cart. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    My thoughts exactly. This should be interesting!
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    I mean, a large percentage of stuff Heresy lab does are essentially alternate sculpts for GW stuff, so I can see how they may have strayed a little too close to the inspiration.
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    I got distracted painting a giraffe. you know like you do. The human figure (in metal) has also arrived. This Gulper fish is now cat approved. my young fuzzballs knocked it off the painting table last night and played with it. Nothing else was disturbed. The second picture is for reference.
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    Everyday had its own little blessings ranging from getting chocolates to getting a good report on my chest CT Scan..
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    Pathfinder November releases: https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/46352/wizkids-reveals-new-wave-pathfinder-battles-deep-cuts
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    We opened the library to browsing appointments (45 minutes in the stacks, limited numbers, distanced etc) and didn't have any antimasker meltdowns. Cannot overstate how big of a step that was, I live in a very, very dumb part of NY (that is only doing well because it's surrounded by the smarter parts). We've had a couple problems but have thus far been able to limit them to the phone or parking lot. So that's been good, too, overall!
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    This goes from a few hundred up to a couple thousand dollars really quickly...
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    I would also add that at this point we really don't know what will be the exact sizes of the integral bases on many of the figures (or with some, even if they will come with or without an integral base), so it's very hard to know what size separate base each figure's integral base will require.
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    Ahhh, that would depend on a couple of factors. First, many of the figures come with integrated based that actually feature nice terrain as part of the actual figure; cobblestone flooring, or some cool terrain with fallen statues as part of it, etc. For those, I for instance, do not put them on yet another base bc I don’t live in a world where every size miniature has to fit on the specific 1”, 2”, or 3” base as per space/sizing for a tabletop RPG. If there is any confusion at my game table, I quickly clarify and we move on. If you are the type that must have medium sized figs on 1” bases, and so forth, then I can be of no assistance other than to suggest adding up all the figs per set. Someone may have a spreadheet already generated, but I doubt it’ll include sizing/base requirements.
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    Base coat of stained ivory and blackened brown on the Spartan statue. Plan is to make it look like marble and bronze. Also did a little work on a 3d printed campfire, and a barbarian girl. Lots of brown paint today.
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    Tree 3 had a coat of Ebony Flesh/Vallejo Field Grey added to it before being glued onto the base. (a process it fought against with great vigor) Next up is Tree 4, which will be the center tree, hence the long roots...
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    I like how this is proceeding. Been a long time since i got to play a bard or rogue. Let me know if the ditties and flair become an annoyance. I really haven't been able to play a performing character in forever and I'm enjoying it but it could get tiresome to the players (tiresome to the characters I expect ) Roo
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    Here are two projects I slipped in between mundane house hold duties, like replacing a roof of all things. The first is without flash and the CAV color is spot on but the rest are not. The second, with flash shows the correct color for everything else... rather odd. These will be more components for static installations. I was thinking of working out stats for the defense guns but by their size, they look like the can take out anything they hit. Beware all aircraft, these will need to be ground assaulted... or nuked... if the missile can get through. The Outpost Attica Hallway will eventually tie into a CAV warehouse. I am constantly looking for more ways to bring more variety to the CAV 3D world.
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    MtG enters the Unpainted market: https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/46341/wizkids-unleashes-magic-the-gathering-unpainted-miniatures Some of those look interesting. I like the demon, ghost council & the gynosphinx as ones I'll probably get. With the county shutdown lasting for 3 weeks at least, kinda gives me some time before I need a regal looking gynosphinx mini for a upcoming Eberron AL game (if we ever can get back to gaming at the FLGS, that is).
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    While I detect the faintest scent of sarcasm there, the KS exclusives really did make the original Massive Darkness a significantly better game.
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    Apparently I needed a break from this project. Started up again yesterday and got the first base coats applied to the bottom half of the tower.
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    Thank you for your votes. Nemesra, Dancing Girl win. Wow, today is a battle between two girls. Vote in the comments on this topic, please. Write which painted miniature is better in your opinion. 1. Nemesra, Dancing Girl. 2. Rivani, Iconic Psychiс. You can see the painted Rivani, Iconic Psychiс miniature in different angles in this topic
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    So, not much left. Yesterday I managed to finish the laces of one boot. I smooth the hood a tad more, add laces to the other boot and then it is almost primer time.
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    As you wish: I finished the left leg, figuring out the foot position and size was a bit difficult, but I think it looks fine now. The boot laces are still missing, but maybe I can focus on this tonight. I also made the belt und strap across her chest thicker. I need to revisit the upper torso and fix some areas of the cloak. I am also contemplating giving her a boar tusk necklace. Thank you! The old story: A relaxing project after the Behir...resculpts entire figure ...
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    I'm skeptical of Heresy's minis after backing one of theirs. The minis, while good looking, were tiny and incredibly thin and fragile. I broke two minis gently washing them under the faucet. Also, on their Fantasy Towers Kickstarter, I saw this comment which makes me skeptical to even try any STLs they do: There is a huge difference between making a cool 3d model, and making a model that actually prints reliably.
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    Got some work done on wounds, mouths, spikes, teeth, tongues and what I'm guessing are toothed rectums (?) On the legs and body. Probably do the eyes next. Thinking of just going with smooth green eyes. I don't relish the idea of painting a bunch of pupils and such.
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    245-249 Nearing the end. About three or four times I went to do something else and when I returned, spots would show up where just painted. Half the light areas are bare spots. Every time more spot revealed. Tomorrow in the Sun light I will probably see more. I will be painting the backside just in case I want to match up a mountain that does not quite cover each other, so it will not look too obvious.
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    236-237 Okay, 350’ is reached. This turned out to be the heaviest mountain to date, even with the gaps from the piece work in the upper third. Now to the finish work… painting, or should I say Landscaping? Alas this may be all for naught with changing situations, from job and work schedule changes and the loss of the area gaming store has severely curtailed gaming, I mean battle options. Time will tell whether I go ahead with the other three mountains.
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    220-221 I am at the 330’ level and I will do only four more levels, bringing it to 350’ instead, and stopping there. Anyone daring enough to attempt this kind of project will find with this type of foam insulation, long narrow strips will warp. It is easy enough to correct so do not worry if you see it happen. I gently counter bend it until I hear a small cracking sound. If it is long enough then I do it in two places so it is gradual in correcting it. Once it is glued down and weighted, all is well.
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    217-218 Here is the 310’ level and I have 10” left before reaching the ceiling. I plan to go up half that distance, which will be the 370’ mark and no peak at this point in time. If I were to move the gaming/work table into the Sewing room I could easily have 6 ‘– 8’ peaks.
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    215-216 I am at the 285’ level and running out of clearance for my glue bottle weight, but the other weights will suffice. I added a slight overhang in the upper right.
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    212, 214 I am only to level 54, to date. It is slow going with everything being piecemeal now. I do not want to get another sheet with so much in leftover pieces. I need to glue more often so as to not lose track of where everything goes on each level. There can be up to ten pieces on a level. I will be stopping at the 70th. level (350’) due to ceiling restrictions. I am not sure it will peak out in 16 more levels, may end up with a flat top.
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    Come on CMON, what is this trash... I honestly love the style of the other minis, but these cupids and My Little Ponies are just a massive misstep imo.
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