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    Ok, here's the top of the casket. Funny, but it's got a big "R" on the top... I wonder if it's for Robert? as in Bobby? Hmmm...
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    I've completed some more mooks. Enjoy. The Egg
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    The return to school has put a sizeable dent in my painting time - Bufo here has been sitting around half finished for nearly a month now. I probably could have gone for a more traditional frog pattern, however the well defined musculature on this guy makes me think of a big bull male Australian Green Tree Frog. I tend to have a bit of trouble with bright greens, however I'm fairly happy with how his skin tone worked out, particularly around the head. Bufo will be playing the part of a Vodyanoi swamp guide in my Dreadmir campaign (bio beneath the pic). Possibly the best swamp guide in town, this Vodyanoi goes by the name Bufo because few humans can pronounce his true name. Garrulous and trustworthy like most of his kind, Bufo can take anyone to where they need to go, although there are a few sites he refuses to go, either due to their inherent danger or because they hold sacred relevance to his people. He will go out of his way to help anyone who wants to interfere with the plans of the Sczarni, although he won't mention why. Bufo's fees usually include a number of chickens which he gives as an offering to placate the enormous gulper catfish lurking beneath the surface - he has particular respect and reverence for the one folk call "the Admiral".
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    Finally finished my Cave Troll! I wanted to give him an amphibious feel, hopefully that translated well to the mini! Hope you enjoy :)
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    My wife got me these for Christmas along with a bottle of lime green, fluorescent blue, and turbo dork bubblegum crisis paints. She then challenged me to use them when painting these miniatures (prominently mind you, no sneaking those colors in where no one can see them). It was a fun challenge and I think her color choices turned out alright.
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    Greetings all. Figured I would update with my latest Reaper miniatures I have painted. My apologies for not having better photos. First is Thorval the Black. I painted him with mostly traditional acrylics (Reaper in this case), but used Games Workshop "Flesh Tearer's Red" Contrast paint on the red armor plates. Second is a Plague Zombie. Painted with a mix of Games Workshop "Skeleton Horde" Contrast Paint and The Army Painter paints for the bone sections and The Army Painter acrylics for the rest of the mini. And last, a Bloodwolf, painted with Games Workshop "Gore Grunta Fur" contrast paint and a drybrush with army painter acrylics for the fur and traditional painting with army painter acrylics for the rest. Hope you all like them.
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    Hope Koala completed! She's ready to plant some trees :)
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    Painted this guy close to the Monster Manual, but all blue was a bit boring. So added a few details. Especially happy on the gemstone eyes.
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    So, I started taking pictures of my figures from day one of starting this hobby, one year ago today, because I wanted a record of how I've progressed. I've still got much to learn but I'm proud of my progress so far so I thought I'd show a picture of the first figure I painted totally on my own (I just finished both the Learn to Paint kits) and a couple of figures I've done recently. This is Rita Young from Mansions of Madness. She's my first. Funny how we all remember our first. :P And below are the LLoiger and Formless Spawns from Mansions of Madness. I have to thank everyone here who has helped me out with advice over the last year. Between you, the tons of Youtube videos out there, and the Learn to Paint kits this is where I am so far on my painting journey. There is no way I could have figured this stuff out on my own. :P Thanks.
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    Some collectible Gundam figures, based for gaming and touched up, mostly with a fine-point marker.
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    Hey all, Intro: Some of you are probably like me, sitting on crates of old figures you've acquired from a variety of sources, which you promise yourself that you'll "get around to" eventually. In an effort to clear up some of my backlog, and showcase some old school figs, I've started a little project. I'm sticking a hand into a random crate, and grabbing the first dozen figs I lay my fingers on. I'm then prepping (stripping, repairing, etc.), priming, and repainting these pieces to a table-top standard, which I'll then photograph and post here for your viewing enjoyment. The only exception to this rule will be if I pull up part of an obvious set of figs. If this is the case, I'll search through the crate for the remaining pieces and paint them all up as a set before going back to random picks. Anyway, I'm doing nothing fancy, just getting old school figs painted for the weekend gamer, just like they were intended back in the 1980s. I'll be happy if this little series inspires a few of you to get some of those old figs languishing at the backs of your collections painted. The Egg
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    Picked up this fellow as part of the recent Realm of the Dragon Kickstarter project. He is on a 40mm base, barely, and is a pretty good size. Did a simple tabletop paint job, a couple of layers of color and washes. Very happy with him given how easy he was to paint.
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    I did two new things for me on this one. Played around with cloth texture by crosshatching it in. And tried a new tool, an eyeshadow make-up brush for drybrushing along the feathers. The brush was amazing! I wish I'd gotten one sooner. Previous to the make-up brush I've been using brushes that are less fine or older and beat up. And they just don't lay the color on as fine and delicate. My eyes have been opened to a whole new world of possibilities, haha.
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    Hi all, Here are some Orc archers I've been working on between commissions. Just some rank-and-file mooks for B2 Keep on the Borderlands. Enjoy. The Egg
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    I've had this cthulhish model from Fenryll Miniatures for ages. I used to call it Kentucky Fried Cthulhu and tried to paint it 3 or 5 times and somehow never liked the effect. Paints on it probably weigh more than the miniature itself. It also lost one foot somewhere along the way. I decided to recycle it for my new project, Swampstalkers, which is my army for the Kings of War game. One evening for painting, one for the base and here it is.
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    This is 03867: Aletheia Edair, Duelist, a mini sculpted by Gene Van Horne. The WIP thread is over here. This figure was originally going to be the first in a quirky series: "If the Sailor Senshi were playing AD&D, what characters would they choose?" Minako Aino, of course, would choose an elf bard. A duelist is close enough. However, calamity struck and this figure has been relegated to draft status. (In case you're curious, I have possible figures picked out for all of the Inner Senshi now.) What calamity? She fell off her base, into my wet palette. Blue and gold got everywhere and I wasn't able to get all of it off. I painted over the worst of it but there are still small gold sparkles almost everywhere. (And, before you ask, yes, she was pinned to the base. She fell off the pin.) When this happens, really, you have three choices: 1. Simple Green bath time! 2. Repaint everything. Or, 3. Just finish it and use it as practice for the next time. And, you know, sometimes you just have to let go. C'est la vie. So I went with #3. So here we have an almost display quality mini, with random, unexpected sparkles. But, as my wife put it, Sailor Moon fans know Minako would be totally about the glitter, so I suppose it's okay. Anyway, what you're really here for, pictures: (click on the pictures for larger versions) If you'd like to know what colors were used, I think most of them are written down and I remember most of the rest. What do I like about the figure? Quite a lot actually. I'm particularly happy with her cloak and chest armor. I think the TMM isn't bad, although it's painted in the same style as NMM, just using metallics for the midtone and highlights. (I'm not certain this is the way TMM is supposed to look but it doesn't look bad...) What don't I like? Aside from her accident: The whites in her pants don't quite read as white, although it's better than the "volleyball gray" I originally had. (When I went to school, volleyballs tended to be a very light gray but definitely not white.) I feel like I never quite got her face or right eye quite right. As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome. I won't be doing any more work on this mini but I can always use advice to help paint future minis. And, after all, I'll be painting at least one more version of this mini.
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    Did this guy pretty quickly for use as a bad guy in tonight's game.
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    They're not pretty but they get the point across. It was my first attempt at really pushing myself for speed. I cranked these out in about 4 paint sessions over 2 weeks with a goal of "not terrible table top". My DnD friends are in for a little surprise (many little green surprises).... More shameful and detailed photos can be found on my blog. Cheers, HMP
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    Tom List's Dancing Orcs came to mind when I took these photos. SO...thanks, Tom. If you can play Ease on Down the Road from the Wiz through your head while looking at the Mushrooms, it sets the scene nicely. There you have them...so to speak.
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    I've been building a small D&D Eberron campaign recently, and it's put me in the mood to find appropriate minis among my collection. As a result, I've been gravitating towards the Stonehaven gnomes I have. These are the latest - an artificer and a thief. As I was seeking out color inspiration, I came upon the team colors of West Ham United and that was what I used for the artificer.
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    This was my Secret Sophie gift to Inarah. I had a lot of fun painting it, though I was cranky there wasn't much room to play with freehand! Let's see... the crystals are a combination of sculpey, green stuff, sprue cut into crystal shapes and actual small quartz crystals. You can buy them cheap online in bulk. Great for terrain projects. The colors are nightmare black, clouded sea and mint green, then after I was done highlighting, I glazed the whole thing except in the light effect area with pthalo green. It knocked down the highlights a bit and I like the more teal look it gives. The fire was pure white, sun yellow, marigold yellow, fire red and spattered crimson. I think I used some Golden brand carbon black for the deep shadows. Anyway, enjoy! I didn't do a lot of WIP stuff for this one, sorry! er, and my camera was dead so I had to use my phone. The balance is always funky. I decided I wanted to work on OSL, so I planned ahead of time while painting the miniature. I find this helpful for OSL. I decide where I'll have the light effect and then up the highlighting on that side keeping in mind the spread and direction of the light. Then when I add the colored effect, the highlighting is already done. I think where I see folks fall down on lighting is one of two things: remembering that light is brightest at its source and lessens outwards, or thinking that light is color rather than brightness or higher value. Meaning we have to highlight first before we add the light effect, or it just looks like paint, not light. If you take a black and white photo of a mini, you should be able to see the light and effect is closer to white. If done incorrectly, the light effect will disappear. You also have to darken shadows elsewhere to sell the effect. It becomes complicated, but in all honesty, you can do OSL with drybrushing, as long as you remember to highlight first! Enjoy! C&C always welcome! Here's what I mean with the black and white photo- see how you don't see the color of the light, but you still see the light?
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    I saw the colorpattern of the dragons before, but it inspired me for my color scheme finally. Dragonlance anybody?
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    Though technically not part of the town themed figures, I tapped him for the captain of the guard. I did him relatively quickly.
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    I'm trying to complete all the town related figures from the Bones 4 core set with the same colour palette. I took my inspiration from the Whiterun guards in Skyrim. This pair of guards is also available in metal.
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    Love these guys, I may have to buy the other versions Otherworld has of their cultists. I love how all of their models look the way I envision D&D.
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    Painted for a friend. I had an extremely difficult time from beginning to the end. I am starting to hate gluing little things. The final straw was when my superglue had a reaction with the Vallejo dirt and ate away a chunk of it. Walking into the room and seeing the model hanging by a thread of goo...a nice stream of curses followed. Finally finished, but with little joy.
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    Hello forum family, I wanna share with ya all my most recent fatigue: Marthragul! I was in doubt if painting it into a realistical Earth dragon, or something more colourful... The Magenta won! :D And I chose to don't cut corners, so no drybrush, no washes, no feathering... just dear, old layering, shading and glazing ...cause I'm a fast painter, as you know And, yeah! This took me almost a month of at least two hours per day... basically I hate this dragon now Enough talking, time for pics :D I really hope you like it, if you have any question do not hesitate :) As always every C&C is more than welcome. Thank you :)
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    This guy has been in my queue for about 3 years now. I finally felt inspired to paint him. His eyes were so tiny I didn't think I would get them painted, but every time I get to the eyes, I am possessed by the spirit of vision and proceed to spend 30 mins to an hour working eyes so they're "just right" . . . They are never right. But this one is pretty close! The tartan is one of my family's tartan patterns as well. It is always fun to add a personal touch like that to a mini.
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    I finished Brother Hammond. He was started as part of my Returning to the Hobby Project. (Link to the WIP) I am happy with how he turned out.
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    Hello guys, so here is a figure I just finished up yesterday and got her on a base. Not so sure where she is from, but am almost sure she's a Ral Partha Import from the eighties, but I could never seem to find any image of her in any old catalogue. Also no idea who the sculptor is, so if anybody knows, please give me a hand and let me know! Not too happy with the sword, didn't build up enough to white I think and still a little too blue, but in the end I guess I'm not going back, on to the next new miniature to paint. If I ended up being too persnickety, I'd never get anything thing finished, and I have a pending pile of thousands to still work on....
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    Here is my most recent Townsfolk figure from the Bones 4 core set. He is also available in metal (SKU 03859). Two things I tried differently on this one were 1. no under-painting and 2. letting go. I usually apply an coat of German Camouflage Black-Brown over the whole figure to start when working with Bones. I know it has been shown many times that Bones are designed to go from blister to paint but I wanted to check it out for myself. I just went straight to the base colours, shading and highlighting with no issues. The second was more difficult. This was me telling myself to trust myself and the figure and not overwork the paint. I had to remind myself to pull back when I started thinking, "maybe I should add another blend or work that edge some more..." At first it was a little uncomfortable but after awhile everything sort of fell into place and I am happy with the results.
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    Painted up these 8 unrelated barbarians as a clan for my Wrath of the Righteous campaign. Tried my hand at non-metallic metal again. This is the result. :)
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    Sort of complete. Not sure if I should add the wings or just do without.
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