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    For the better part of this year, I've been going through something of a creative funk and it's been driving me a bit mad. (well more than usual anyway) So after thinking upon it for awhile, and taking the advice of the opening track of White Zombie's Astro Creep 2000, (Perhaps you'd better start at the beginning...) I've decided to embrace the madness.... By the power vested in me by the Great Pumpkin I hereby declare it to be 1996. The world is a saner place and I've just gotten my mitts on the first minis that weren't part of a boxed set or boardgame and soon shall rise a mighty skeletal horde. (To those of you who may not have been alive in '96, fret not I have decided that you exist. Ia! Ia! Ingenti Cucurbia!) Anyway, first up are these guys. A Heartbreaker Miniatures Army Pack that I think might be Phil Lewis sculpts. Like all of my older metal Undead, they were given a bath in Simple Green awhile back. The original Undead army had been repainted several times over the years, not yet knowing about the wonders of the Green, they had several rather thick layers on them from this. So the decision to restart from a clean slate on the whole lot was quite easy. An Armorcast Ruined Mausoleum. Also painted several times, but I'm leery as to how the Green would react with the resin. But even with the new black undercoat, the detail isn't obscured that I can see. Now to find my Painting Flannel Of Necromancy...
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    Finished up Courage Koala from Reaper Miniatures during my charity stream. This was a really fun mini to paint, i got to try new techniques such as painting fur! I think he came out pretty well. I'll be auctioning him off for WWF-Australia to help raise funds for the bushfire relief!
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    Hello forum family, gonna show you all my last fatigue, the Frost Giant from the game Blood Rage. I chose to follow the original concept color scheme by Adrian Smith, but painting it I've found that the skin was a bit too cold so I opted for a slightly pinkish hilight, just glazing some burnt red on it. Also I've pushed the shadows and painted the rock darker to make some contrast with the snow. To give some life to the giant I've painted the fur with blue shadows and glazed some sepia close to the face, to simulate the dirty on that area and make contrast with the snow on it. Hope you'll like him :)
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    This will be the last of the "townsfolk" from the Bone 4 Core set for me for now. That only leaves the farmer's wife with the torch and rolling pin but I want to move on to other pieces and pallets. I'm pretty sure these were sculpted by Bobby Jackson and I don't think there are metal versions. At least I couldn't find them in the Reaper store.
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    I have been away and had alot to do at work ever since, so no painting has gotten done for some time now. I did however manage to make some time today, and have painted up the Rat Ogre from the Bones 4 Core set. Oh, sorry "Giant Wererat". Massive, overstated, muscle bound torso and comparatively short legs, giant apelike arms...This is definately a Skaven Rat Ogre. Just another simple paint job to get something done. I put him on a 50mm base. #12, Giant Wererat Bones 4 Core set, 2019 Reaper Miniatures unknown sculptor Made in Bonesium PVC 50mm base should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future in Bones.
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    Two Wizkid's Pathfinder Battles dragons. The Gargantuan Green and the Gargantuan White. White was more difficult. First, because it was white and I'm still learning to work with the color. Second, finding that balance between white skin and shadowing. And third, the sculpt. With the green dragon being textured skin vs scales, it was much easier to finish with drybrush layering.
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    I was inspired by limey72 work doing NMM Gold on the enlarged Dwarf over in Works in Progress. I wanted to do a brass like robot or construct, so I pulled out this Golem. I also wanted to try some AK weather effect acrylic pencils I have had for a time. I think it ended with too much brown and ended up wood looking. But it has grown on me, so I will finish up his base and call it done. Hope you like it.
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    This mini took forever to paint. Not really because anything I did with him was all that challenging, but because once I did one thing I realized that more stuff was needed. I couldn't figure out why the demon was holding a rock, so I decided it must be a spell effect. I liked the crackly rocks of the base, but decided it must be cooling magma. Then I decided that his base wasn't stable enough for his huge wingedness (the mini is metal and thus VERY top-heavy), so I extended it. Then I dithered about whether to just paint the lava or apply a resin of some kind. And on and on and on. Eventually I forced myself to be done. Here he is :-) C&C appreciated as I've definitely never done this many techniques with one mini. :-D
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    After posting my 10th and latest miniature I've decided to post my 7th and 8th. The pink one was for my 4 year old grand daughter and the red one was for my daughter. Along with my son in law they are going to start playing d&d and wanted me to try painting them miniatures. My first six miniatures were from the reaper bones kits. (core skills and layer up) They are great kits to teach an aspiring painter the basics. I was trying to go for a hot ember effect for the weapons on the red one.
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    It's definitely not a flock, or a blessing. Perhaps a horde? Anyway, I haven't had a chance to post in a while, so here's a horde of undead. :-)
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    Received this fun trap door mimic in a box of minis as a gift. I was informed it was from a KS by Galladoria Games.
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    So I finished up this teeny tiny figure for my ex last night, and thought I would show her off... Thanks for looking! G WIP here
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    I needed a Tree Blight for a Curse of Strahd campaign I am running. The Nolzur’s treant sculpt seemed kind of sinister, so I rolled with that. Used mostly inks, glazes, and dry brushing on the treant himself.
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    I've got all of the core game monsters in Chibi except the Gold Smoke Knight. I've got several expansion monsters finished as well. I'm still missing a few- especially the Slenderman and Lion Knight. I'll get those, though. I really appreciate it when other sculptors take up the mantle and make a wonderful chibi version of a Kingdom Death characters too. This miniature was sculpted by Brian Phelp[s of Chibitriot Creations, and I had a great time painting him. Obviously, he fits right in. I did not use the base that Brian made for him (I’ve been making so many face bases, I figured I’d just use my own).
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    Here are the ghost pirates from bones 4. I painted two groups of these in a few hours with three colors. buckyball
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    I don't think these are Grenadier. Grenadier didn't use slotta bases or tabs and were always on integral bases. Mirliton has a lot fo Grenadier molds and has expanded the range with slotta based figures. Either that or these are from Harlequin Miniatures. What's on the tabs?
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    Very nice stuff. I'm interested to hear how the filler covered wire holds up, though I guess a diorama is a bit different from a wargaming piece.
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    Now for the next group, my Grave Guard unit. Which is in need of a bit more prep work. These guys are the Heartbreaker Skeleton Champion Mercenary pack. I still haven't found the original arm for the one in the center, and left handed weapons for skeletons are seriously lacking in my bits boxes, but I found one on one of the GW Tomb King skeleton sprues. Given the characterful nature of these guys, (the other one with a detached hand was obviously and orc once, and the other swordsman has a distinct High Elven look), the kopesh won't look out of place. I put them on Reaper 1 inch square bases, to both reflect they're an elite unit, and to give them a bit a space to rank up easier. (also my supply of the old school little squares is limited, and being fond of them I'm quite stingy with them.) Grenadier Skeleton Command. The champion broke off at the legs during the Simple Greening, but I managed to get him back together. The Base Boss squares I picked up size well with the Reaper ones, and the lack of a lip won't be too noticeable once the wood putty goes on. Grenadier Skeleton Warriors with Two Handed Weapons. There is a 5th one with a shield and ax, but he's going to be part of another unit. These were originally on round bases, and the tabs need to be filed thinner to fit them to the squares. I also need to go in with the hobby knife and clear out the paint leavings. The old GW Isabella von Carstein and my first Reaper miniature, 02111 Gabriel Darkblood playing the part of Vlad von Carstein.
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    After a sprinkling of green and dead grass flock, with some Army Painter Steppe Grass added on top, they've now shambled thier way into the Show Off section. Eventually there'll be some dead leaves added, but I'm still searching for a blender to grind them down with.
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    The bone work looks good! That's the fun with skeletons, you could use different recipes for the bone depending on how long the skeleton has been buried/ exposed to the sun and weather. Love these!
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    Got all of the skeletons nice and clean...then I dirtied them up again with a 1:7 mix of Sepia Liner and water. Gives them a subdued "dipped in tea" aged look. I was originally thinking of putting a final highly thinned highlight of Linen White of the most raised sections of bone, but now I'm of a mind to leave them at this stage. Which means it's now just a matter of bows, belts, quivers and basing. Which means I'm going to have to cut up some more dead leaves. Yay. Supposedly there's a way to crumble them down with a mortar and pestle, but my efforts at that have been less than successful. Have a trip to Goodwill planned for today, so maybe I'll find a small blender, preserve a few sanity points.
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    Thanks to everyone sending encouragement. It's helping balance out the intimidation factor of "Wait, I made how many trees?! AHHH!" Speaking of which, Got another layer of putty down to help break up the straight lines. While the putty seems to dry quickly, I'll hold off until tomorrow to get some paint on it just to be sure. I decided to do the second tree in sections, too much jabbing around with the knife tip seems to get things unstuck. This one's not needing as much putty as the first, I'm slowly getting the hang of getting it to cover a larger area, and somewhat thinner layers on the branches. Some of it drooped onto the roots, but I'm not too concerned about it, seeing as how more layers are going to be applied over it anyway. Only one more archer left now. The fellow in the back's skull came out suprisingly well. Hopefully I can get these guys finished before the end of the weekend.
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    A short session last night due to an allergy headache destroying my concentration. Don't get them often thankfully. Two more ready for the next step. Got the tree pinned down and contour putty applied. The long root over the stone was tricky, due to weird angling to get the tube in. Later I'll put a bit more on where the trunk meets the roots to cover the gap, and bulk the trunk up a little.
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    And with the coming of the dawn, tonight's efforts come to a close... The Evil Little Tree had a heavily watered down Vallejo Field Grey washed on it, although it doesn't seem to show much here. Added a nice unhealthy tinge to it. Went over all the stones with a 50/50 Stormy Gray/Cloudy Gray mix. Did the skeleton's bases in Steel Legion Drab, then Argrax Earthshade for everyone. The Agraxing blended the stone back towards the dirt. And after a wash with heavily watered down Christmas Wreath, to give a worn mossy look that almost shows up in the picture. This was applied to the unit tray as well, but that didn't show in the picture. The gravestone after the green tint. The skeletons are getting into the home stretch now, with half the unit cleaned up, and the movement tray ready for flocking.
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    Between the rain and overcast skies yesterday morning, and the discovery of a 7th and 8th Pumpkin in the garden, and the occasional ghostly vibe of oncoming Autumn, my motivation bar has refilled. So as darkness fell I returned to the table... A layer of Stormy Grey has been applied to various stonework. Another skeleton has had the 50/50 mix of Dirty Bone and Linen White. The Evil Little Tree had a layer of Dark Highlight applied. And a test mix of the various flocks I had laying around and the Woodland Scenics Cement.
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    Nothing dramatic, but some progress. Put a couple coats of Ebony Flesh on the tree. It's going to need a few more as every time it dries I find more nooks and crannies that were overlooked. But other than that, the material seems to take paint alright. Two more of the skeletons got cleaned up with the Dirty Bone/Linen White mix. I also restocked on Simple Green and in a day or so will have some more fresh victims ready. The next group is already prepared except for some repairs to two of them, both where hands/arm came off at some point over the years. I've been digging through my various bit boxes and can't find the missing arm to one, and it being a left arm holding a sword is proving to be a bit of a pain to find a replacement for. The other just needs his sword hand pinned into place.
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    I was thinking about using DAS clay on another of the trees next, see if it's easier to work with. Also it's my understanding that if you get it wet it gets malleable again, so I suppose in theory that would solve the race against time aspect a bit. From what you've described, your hot glue technique is similar to using the contour putty. Both seem to be of similar consistency and drying time, at least from what I remember of the last time I hot glued something. When I checked on it just now, everything seemed pretty solid, nothing was cracked, and I was able to prune away some unsightly clumps without issue. Added a second layer to part of the trunk, and covered up more of the bare wire on the branches. The trick seems to be small areas at a time. Also I need to make the u shapes at the ends of the branches wider as there seems to be a minimum thickness I haven't been able to get past. Texturewise, the poking and prodding of the lines out of the tube naturally creates a pleasing twist pattern in the bark, and while there are small tips jutting out everywhere, I'm going to leave them for now, see what it looks like when painted. The skeletons have now entered the long phase. Mixed 3:1 Dirty Bone and Linen White with 3 or 4 drops of Flow Improver and went over each bone, leaving the Black Wash only in the deepest gaps. Normally I confine myself to wash and drybrush with skeletons, but with this project I figured it was time to start doing things in less of a half-elfed kind of way. So from here, the plan is to add some brownish tinting and highlight edges up to pure white. Time wise, these two took almost an hour and a half, so it'll be awhile until the next step on them.
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    That is a SPLENDID idea. I hadn't thought of using Contour Putty for bark before. It looks TERRIFIC! On thick trunks I use (DAS) air dry clay. On thinner trunks, roots, & branches I do a coating of hot glue that I tease into a rough, bark-like texture before it cools.
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    Evil Little Trees take one. Channeling the idea of Bob Ross as necromancer I selected my first victim. And rooting around in the supply pile produced this. Where I'm currently at... This is my first attempt at actual sculpting. By and large I'm quite pleased with it, even if most of the twisted tree like texture it wound up with was more accidental then planned. The Testors putty applies from the tube easily enough, but I had a difficult time coaxing it to wrap around the branches, which came out rather thicker than I intended. Used a hobby knife with a dulled blade for this, seemed to work well. This stuff dries rather quickly and it seems like I've used a large amount already, even before going back where needed. I'm leaving the roots undone until I get it attached to the ground. So I'm putting this aside until tomorrow, see what it's like when dried.
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    This is wicked cool. (More of an '80s phrase, but at least it's a throwback).
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    Before using the wood putty on the trees I wanted to see how it worked in smaller applications. I was planning on doing a unit tray for these guys anyway. The large block in the back is covering a gap that occured when sawing the wood the size. First layer of filler applied, slathered some on the underside of the back block and will sand it to size after it dries. Added some to the bases with a toothpick. The conclusion I've come to is that I'm going to need something else for the trees, but that as general ground forming goes, the wood filler works great.
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    Finally some more progress. Spent the morning twisting some floral wire into trees/shrubs. Broke out the sticky tac and roughly blocked in where everything is going. The roots are going to require quite a bit more bending before I move forward. I'm thinking putting some pins in the ends and getting the holes drilled out before attempting to texture them. Still trying to decide how exactly to go about getting the filler on them. I was tempted to go even further overboard on the roots here, but decided to leave it open as I have ideas floating about for how this is going to fit into a larger scene.
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    Steel Legion Drab on the filler. It takes paint quite well. And a hearty slathering of Agrax Earthshade on both dirt and stone.
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    Inspirational pics, especially the ground cover.
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    Well the packaging did not lie. Sandpaper smoothed things out nicely. Did a test fit with the mausoleum, a GW gravestone from a skeleton sprue, and a RAFM? grave statue. Looking back I probably should've pushed them in when the filler was wet, but once the flock goes on, it ought to blend. I wanted to leave a bit of open space on the front to perch minis on. Turns out the gaps I feared on this side were a lot smaller than expected, so a bit a gravel should even things out. The slope going to be interesting when it comes to cover. The plan is to make some dead shrubs out of floral wire, and have them along the edge of the mausoleum with root systems tangling down the sides. Stone has been blocked in with Pavement craft paint.
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    The Grenadiers received a lathering of watered down Black Wash, and Shadowed Steel highlights on the heavier armor of the Heartbreakers. Now to dirty it up some. Orange Brown was drybrushed/dabbed over both the heavy armor and the mail. Then a watered down Brown Wash to tie it in. This also toned down the shininess of the copper edging nicely and made the Orange Brown look less like applied dirt. Hashut Copper and Black Wash on the quivers. Now everyone's pretty much on the same level and it's time to start doing more with the bones. Which is something that doesn't really need doing, they're fine as is, but I have some ideas I want to try out.
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    Finally got cool enough in the garage, so I got around to experimenting with the wood filler. There's a few parts I'll go back over with a second layer, but other than a tendency to be rather clumpy, it went on easy enough. I wouldn't recommend it for fine applications, but it seems to work well for unhallowed graveyard earth. It claims on the package to be sandable and to resist cracking, so we'll see what it looks like tomorrow.
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    Added a 50/50 mix of Stormy and Cloudy Grey. Unlike the Reaper Graveyard pieces I did last year, I didn't want to lighten the stone much further here. Abused the washes again, watered down Black Wash on the bones and cloth bits, P3 Armor Wash on the metal. Which led to similar on the mausoleum. Picked out the rest of the moss with Steel Legion Drab, then hit the whole piece with some Agrax Earthshade. Followed that with heavily watered down Christmas Wreath, giving it a nice greenish tint that refuses to be photographed. Other than adding a quick drybrushing of Steel Legion Drab to the moss, I'm calling it done. Once it's attached to the base, there'll be some flock added to smooth the transition.
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    First layer of armor. Shadowed Steel on the paldroon, Honed Steel on the mail, and Hashut Copper on quivers, buckles, and rivets. Same three colors, I put a thin line of Hashut Copper on the edges of the armor to further seperate it from the mail. The cloth was based in Rainy Grey, the idea being to portray a burial shroud beneath the armor.
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    Began getting into my stash of terrain supplies... Carved on the foam a bit and attempted a stone pathway from the scrap bits and mounted it to a balsa wood disc. Once this dries, I'll begin experimenting with wood filler as a landscape medium. This is my first attempt at proper terrain in many a moon, so I've only a rough idea how it'll turn out.
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    Undercoating is done. Black, Dirty Bone, and Steel Legion Drab. Concrete Craft paint and Steel Legion Drab on the rocks/moss. The old flock and gravel still attached made navigating the brush a bit tricky, but I'm not too worried about it, the addition layer of paint seems to have stuck it down and it'll provide a bit of texture.
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    Oh yes! Let the vintage Undead rise!
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    Hi there, I'm new to mini painting within the last year or so, and since I have some decent photos now I thought I'd come here and share what I've done so far. I didn't want to invest in all of the paints specifically for mini painting so I've just been using some old Liquitex artist acrylics that I had from high school. I was pretty nervous about it at first, but it's been working out pretty well. This one was the first mini I did for my boyfriend (human bard). 60192: Salim Ghadafar This was the second I did for my first D&D character (wood elf rogue). 60092: Cleric of Calistria This is for my other D&D character from a different campaign (aasimar warlock, Raven Queen patron). I'm actually about to start on a second one for her when she's in her fallen aasimar necrotic shroud. That one will be my first conversion as I'm adding the wings from the bone devil mini. I'm hoping it goes well! 03337: Terezinya, Bone Pander Wizard And this is the latest one I did for a friend in our first campaign (human paladin). 03829: Crusader Swordsman (Sword or Flail) I'd love to hear any feedback anyone might have. Thanks!
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