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    I've kinda let the updates go on this one so here are a few pics of what has been going on for the past 7 months: The rest of her skin: Hair: Cloak: Starting to put highlights in (still need to finish this): Front: Bodice (also needs more highlighting): Fur Cape (first time really doing some wet blending): Next month the plan is to work on finish highlighting the purple cloak. Enjoy
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    Here’s my start on my frost giant queen. We shall work on skin tones next!
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    So I've been socially isolating since March 12th at this point. With working from home and all my normal events, vacations and activities canceled I've had a lot of extra time on my hands. Some of that has been filled wit speed painting through my backlog of figures. I realized recently that, except for the occasional post on the Show Off thread, many of these will never be seen by anyone but me. Especially since my gaming group has gone on hiatus while we wait this thing out. Well that seemed like a shame. And since most of these are just quickly painted, and I don't want to load up the Show Off page with my base, wash and quick detail jobs I thought putting a running log of what I'eve finished or am working on would fit in well on this thread. So here are all the minis I've both started and finished since lock down began a month and a half ago... I had no idea where I was going with this and I'm not entirely sure where I ended up. Second from the left stole my mom's haircut from the 70's and 80's. Let me sing you the song of my people. Not sure what breed this was supposed to be, but foxhound seemed about right. An Entling in a little glade from one of the familiar packs. Bad photo, but there's a little water feature in there. Yeah, this was fun but will likely never have a reason to hit the table. This is currently fighting a fat plastic unicorn on my wife's work from home desk. Iron Wind Metals, old FASA/Ral Partha troopers of some sort. It's going to get weird. Dum-dum. Dum-dum... Dumdumdumdumdumdum Craft Paint Challenge. I've got a few more on the table and I'll post them when they're done. And maybe I'll even occasionally post a WIP shot of some of the bigger stuff I'm working on.
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    Some may be aware (or not) but Reaper's Queen of Paint, Anne Foerster, has a Patreon going under the name of Painting Big. I am currently backing her at a level that give me an hour a month in a private video session. We decided to paint the same mini, Frost Giant Queen# 77592. The current focus of the lessons are concentrating on Layering then moving on to Glazing & Blending. Today we had our first session via skype and here are pics of what was accomplished on my end. We did have some technical difficulties (mainly on my end) as she couldn't hear me and could barely see what I was doing so I could only communicate via chat. Base skin color is a mix of Light Blue/Morning After Blues 2:1 ratio and lined with thinned Blue Liner. The eyes I started with blocking them out with Blue Liner, then Linen white, Ancient Oak, and Pure white for the highlight. This is where she is at the end of the first session. Homework: Eyes on the other Giants from the Bones 3 KS, work on lining with thinned paint trying to get crisper lines. Next session: Shading & Highlight of the face (and maybe the rest of the skin).
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    Are you on this page: https://wizkids.com/upm/ I've never have found it hard to navigate. Generally newer minis are the first ones listed & the search engine is helpful. Easy thing to look for is Wave # & that'll be your current releases.
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    Got some more done recently. Was still in the mood to paint pink stuff. So since I'd already done the vizier, the space princess seemed like a good choice. I've really been enjoying these renaissance skeletons. Almost out of them though. I painted these guys during some long, boring staff teleconferences this past week that I had to be present for but didn't actually contribute anything to. They're mostly just glazes, washes, and contrast paints. Thank goodness my bosses dont expect me to have a camera on during meetings. I also started preparing Shub N. From the bones 3 kickstarter this week. But I think I lost some sanity points doing it.
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    Very good job on those minis! I also am hoping to get some figures painted, for games my friends and I will play when the quarantine ends. buckyball
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    Love that goatman and the vizier! Good color schemes.
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    Good job again! I love the idea of the Pact Devil with those names. also, the Goatman looks great with those eyes.
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    They're pretty good at camouflage I heard.
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    Awesome! Don't ever think I've seen a jawa mini before.....
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    These are fantastic! I especially like wiz and goblin, the Bruegel skellies, the pet adventurers, and that rioting baker.
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    I wouldn't call it afraid. And I do enjoy posting stuff there that I think turned out better than my average. But this portion of the forum just seems more casual and suits my preferences for sharing. That may not sound very clear but I haven't gotten through my first cup of coffee today. Those are all from Skull and Crown Miniatures: https://www.skullncrown.com/collections/triumph-of-death It was part of their Triumph of Death kickstarter loosely based on the painting of the same name by Pieter Bruegel. I was fortunate enough to see it at the Prado when I was much younger and it is the kind of work that leaves an impression on you. So when this popped up last year I had to get in for a at least a few skeletons. Strangely enough, the armed bunny rabbits are also from them. Also, Here's a Harpy that's been sitting on my shelf of shame for many years. Never could figure out where I wanted to go with it. Last night I got sick of looking at it so I slapped some contrast paint on it and gave it a base and called it done.
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    Awesome work! There is a lot of great stuff in there, well painted. QUESTION! Who makes those Skeletons? Especially the Landsknecht and the one with the fish? Also, great classic Orc in the first pic and those female brigands look the part! The Knight looks to me as if he is in a tournament, the fight has reached the stage where both parties dismounted, the canvas from the tribune behind him is damaged by their attacks.
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    Ooooh, those all look rather lovely, but especially that first goblin!
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    Thank you! It was fun seeing these!
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    After languishing converted, based, & base coated for God-only-knows-how-long, I finally finished the Steam Punk/Powered Snail that Our Own Glitterwolf sent me somewhat longer than God-only-knows-how-long ago. He/she/whatever is seen here, roaring across my work table: Photos were taken on The Spooky Woods Photo Stage, but they weren't really as good as hoped for. Those of you who are interested can see them here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nXpyoAC66pv7h3HK8 Until whenever!
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    I haven’t really been getting a lot of painting done, but I sat down at my painting desk the other day and noticed that I had two buildings sitting over in one corner, neglected for a couple of months, and decided to start adding paint. This one is from Apocalypse Miniatures. They ran a Kickstarter back in 2017, and my brother and I both ended up backing this. In my case, I backed it to the extent of 10 buildings, of which this is the second I have finished. The first was back in November. In general, this wasn’t too bad to paint. The little detail bits molded into the base look nice in the pictures, but I would really prefer that they were not sculpted in; it detracts from the flexibility of the building somewhat. Sizewise, these are a little small for Reaper figures, and are probably intended for a 28mm scale (e.g. Metal Magic, mid-period Citadel, later Ral Partha), but that’s always negotiable when deploying scenery. This building is a SOLID block of resin, so the game will be played around it rather than through it, and I would as soon buildings in that mode be a bit underscale anyway. When I say solid, I put it on my kitchen scale, and it’s just a bit over two pounds (935g for those in countries with sensible measurement systems). You wouldn’t want to drop it on your toe. As for the building name, that’s how it is spelled on their web site...
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    I painted this GW's Lord of Plagues as a hero for my Swampstalkers. He is now the Swamp Drinker, one of the Reapers (the unit I showed recently). And this Morphus from the (unfortunately) defunct Enigma Models was actually painted few years ago. I found him in my display cabinet and though he would make for a nice Swamp Hunter, another hero for my army. So, here he is, with just a new base
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    Been on a metal kick lately.
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    Hi there, New to these boards, but my husband recommended them to me and so I want to show of my latest and finally finished work <3 Hope you like it as much as I do! Feel free to leave a comment or any tips for me to improve my painting skills ^.^ Thanks! x- Shin More pictures in the Spoiler!
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    Painted this as a gift for a friend. I've really been liking darksword minis, I wish some of my local shops would carry them but metal minis seem to be a hard sell in my neck of the woods.
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    Hail and well met. I've been painting for about a year and have finally worked up the courage to post some of my minis here.
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    This is a repaint of the first set I ever painted 10 years ago. Unfortunately, I no longer have the original 9 walkers so I can't do a side by side, which would have been awesome! That being said, I picked this set up on ebay for $20 back in 2015 when people were jumping out of the LOTR hobby as it was dying (spoilers: it didn't die). It has been sitting in my queue as I have 2 full sets of the fellowship all painted up but after moving internationally twice I have a goal to replace as many of my metal minis with plastics and resins as they travel better when moving. All that being said, I bought this set used and they were already primed in black. I sat down about 3 weeks ago to start painting them and I quickly released why I stopped priming in black and switched to white. It is hard to get good coverage over black primer. Nevertheless I persevered and now I have my plastic fellowship.
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    After what feels like forever, tree 1 is done. Sort of. Still needs another highlight and a wash.
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    Trees 2 and 3 had a second coat of Ebony Flesh, and while waiting for that to dry, I went back to the skeletons for a bit. This is about halfway through a highlight layer of thinned down Graveyard Bone. His forward hand has been hit, the arm it is attached to has not. The two on the right are highlighted, the one with the ax is next. An almost invisible step, but it provides a nice base to the upcoming tint with Sepia Liner. Applied three or four coats of Dragon Red to the Grenadiers. After another cup of coffee, it's back to the trees...
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    Tree 2 gap filling is done. And tree 3 has all of it's major branches done. And I think that's it for tonight.
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    Good progress! Love the Skellies!
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    One of the things that has been on my mind concerning these guys is that since since I list them as Graveguard, they are Wights, which means Wight Blades, and how I might portray that while still keeping to a "realistic" grimdark tone. I found my answer in combining Copper Verdigris with some ancient GW Emerald Green and thinning the hell out of it. The blade's somewhat bluish tint reads either as ancient corrosion or eerie glow, and using the same color in thier eye sockets will mark them as unique unitwise. I was also able to in most cases keep the outer sockets dark. Highlighted the shields with Red Gore and attempted some freehanding of three fangs on each. They didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, so I'll probably make another attempt later. The device of three fangs over red is a common one for depicting the coat of arms of Elizabeth Bathory, who was probably a design influence on Isabella Von Carstein, and since lorewise Vlad tended to favor her whims, the idea that opposing unit champions or worthy warriors would be brought back and Wight-ified into Isabella's bodyguard makes a certain sense. It also gives me some nice "historic" options for banner design. The red also unifies them with the classic vampire's capes. It amuses me also that the red/black/white color scheme of classic vampirism and the Emperor's Inquisition is also the same as the local high school teams. Thus my efforts here constitute a certain demented form of civic pride mayhap...
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    Yet more wash abuse, this tie Brown Wash thinned to almost a tint applied to the bones and metal bits. Also put down a base of Dragon Red onto the shields. Next will be the slow part of another highlight to the bones using Graveyard Bone. Hopefully I can power thru the most of the Mirltons tonight.
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    Nice work! I love how much character these old models have.
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    It took me awhile to get bit by the basing bug, largely because it is a very deep wormhole to fall into. Worth the time and effort, but intimidating in it's way. After putting down another coat of Ebony Flesh, I did a highlight mix of roughly 1 drop Dark Highlights 1 drop Rainy Gray 1 drop Vallejo German Fieldgrey 2 drops Flow Improver 2 drops water finding this too light I added 2 more drops of Fieldgrey and had almost enough to finish the tree. Which brings me rather close to the ref pic although not exactly. The pictures don't really show it, but there is more of a greenish tint going on. So I'm thinking the next layer will be a Fieldgrey/Dark Highlights mix to bring the brown back a little. While I love the color of the Vallejo Fieldgrey, in the past I have encountered problems with it going glossy after having Vallejo Matte Sealer applied over it. So after dinner, I'll try my spray sealer on it and see if that plays nicer with it. While I had the browns out, I applied Ebony Flesh and Dark Highlight over the edges and highest points of the belts and leather straps, working on giving them a distressed appearance.
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    Hope you get back to the Evil Little Trees soon! I'm just now starting to worry about basing my minis and figuring out what useful materials are out there. I really enjoyed the progress photos you shared of terrain making, and that you are experimenting with different materials. And you now have your leaves! So, show us a few more steps on the trees and scenery?
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    Applied 50/50 mix of Graveyard and Dirty Bone to half the unit so far. Before and after example.
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    Over the weekend there was finally the proper combination of lack of snow/grey overcast day/not raining that I've been waiting for for months! So ref pics were taken at the local cemetery and leaves were gathered for scenery flock. A small hill between Elmwood Cemetery and Jaycee Pond, showing the kind of dead overgrowth I'm hoping to depict in the mausoleum hillsides. Tangled roots and in the background, an actual mausoleum. An older section showing some nice weathering. A stone from the 1880s showing some nice weathering, and a good ref for the ground flock/leaves/moss. Weathering on the side of the mausoleum. An illegible stone with some interesting coloration. The cemetery looking SouthWest, the tree like so many others in the area, lost a fight with the wind since I was last here. From the Westernmost point of the cemetery, where a sudden steep ridge meets Blackberry Creek. Should I ever getting around to making a large board, this will be roughly the location of the hill mausoleum I'm working on. My harvest of leaves after meeting the blender. Now to get around to actually painting something....
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    Hmm. Undead Invasion...From Space! I'm going to have to file that idea away for later. The Second Evil Little Tree has an undercoat of Ebony Flesh. And the Skeletons got bathed in a Black Wash/Flow Improver/Water mix.
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    I came for the skellies and got treated to an evocative piece of scenery. Love the build and obviously the skeletons. The old school skeleton faces look almost a tad like aliens. Not necessarily bad, I just found it interesting.
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    The vampires got several coats of Dragon Red and Stone Gray and the bases some Steel Legion Drab. The plan is to bring the Stone Gray up to Pure White and have Isabella's sleeves and inner dress start off in a darker gray with black gloves. Gives me an excuse to play with the new warmer grays anyway.
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    Finally got back to it, Dirty Bone on the rest and wood putty on the bases.
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    A smidgen of progress. Isabella undercoated. Hand reattached and position so the back of the helmet acts as a brace. Not perfectly lined up, but should be stable at least, wound up drilling all the way through the plastic arm in hopes of getting more support. The Champion however decided to be difficult and came apart on the left leg. Reglued him with the tip of the shield on top of the leg, hopefully it will stay. I'm nervous about using the drill on him, although I might have to. The drill bit I have is too thin for the drill to hold, I have scotch tape wrapped around the end of it, and the wire I have is a great deal thinner than the holes are. I can eventually get it to work most times, but it is an exercise in frustration.
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    I saw that thread last year! Awesome project! Aside from the Lizardmen and classic Chaos, the Undead in all their forms are still a favorite of mine. Always love to see how people create armies, warbands dioramas and such with them.
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    Did you say Pumpkins and Witches? Maybe you will like this, I used a small ceramic pumpkin for the witches home. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/65908-pumpkin-witches-and-their-house-by-xherman1964/?hl=pumpkin
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    No problem with your links. Those Harlequins would go nicely with the Witch and Pumpkin army, and Otherworld nailed the classic look. I've got those jotted down now in my project notes. Your swamp basing looks good, might have to borrow that idea when I get around to the Swamp Witch for the Witch and Pumpkin army...
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    If you can find the old Harlequinn minis they're also wonderful sculpts. They are slotta based. I have a few in this regiment which are mainly Grenadier, a few Mirliton and Harlequinn ones, led by a Freebooter Vampire and servant. Also three Otherworld Skeletons and a Reaper Familiar Otherworld might be a newer company but their minis have that oldschool vibe and are awesome, they are a bit pricey though. Here are a few links to the regiment and some of the individuals so you can compare those ranges. Hope you don't mind me posting them here, else I will remove them of course. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60959-undead-regiment-in-a-swamp-mixed-manufacturers/?hl=%2Bundead+%2Bregiment http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60963-harlequin-skeletons-swamp-based/?hl=swamp http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/61004-mirliton-skeleton-archers/?hl=swamp#entry1111955 http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60999-otherworld-skeleton-warriors/?hl=%2Bundead+%2Bregiment http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60997-grenadier-barbarian-zombie/?hl=%2Bundead+%2Bregiment
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    This explains the confusion I had going through the Grenadier section of Lost Minis wiki and not finding a lot of what I had. Things like this didn't help... The ball and chain skeleton has "Grenadier" fully written out although everything after "a" is half sized. Interesting. When it comes to older minis, there are many and frequent gaps in my knowledge, and the difference in style and base I attributed to maybe a change in house style between 92 (the command skeletons) and these guys in 95. Didn't know Mirliton commisioned new sculpts under Grenadier's name. As to the reanimated war beasts, they're definately on the list for when money isn't quite so tight. Monsterous creatures/constructs are something the army does lack and as I get older I find myself drawn more and more towards the old school minis.
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