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    Yes! We can do it again! Let's make a tank! Let's make a beautiful tank! Once again, it's a diorama project based on a game scene, once again, it's Combat Mission. In this particular diorama, the commander of a Panzer III M is a reallylucky person. In a shootout during the Let's Play of German wargaming channel "TaktikfuchsTV", his Panzer III got hit around 20-25 times, prompting everyone to believe that this particular tank was dead. And I mean ... DEAD! But to everyone's surprise, the crew reentered the vehicle and drove away - going like: Here's the scene: Kauder reenters his tank (In German) So I got me a commanders figure and a tank ... First off, some pictures to see what this project will look like: So I got me a Panzer III from Tamiya and started to do some minor conversions ... and over the course of one afternoon, this vehicle was finished. I am really proud of those selfmade smoke launchers. The vehicle will be displayed with open hatches. That's a challenge due to the really lame interior, but that's not a problem. I'll use colors to make the less detailed parts dark and the detailed parts white - I hope that will work! Tomorrow I'll go over the armor and do the shell damages. The only thing I am not certain about is the frontal armor provided by the spare tracks. I don't know how those look when they are hit. They are pretty massive and I simply cannot imagine them looking the same way as a normal armor plate when hit. I've got to dig deeper into it.
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    These are from the Bunny Girls Kickstarter project from a couple of years ago, run by Dark Fable miniatures. They are on 7/8" washers, so would qualify as giant bunnies for most 28mm characters. Here they are, joined by a trio of flying Peegs, from a recent Bad Squiddo campaign: And here's the lot of them, at different angles. Put a little wild life into your games :)
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    I totally forgot about that KS. Hmmm, I may have some minis to paint next week!
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    Those bases do enhance the look of the minis. I'm in the "a mini looks better if based well" camp, good job!
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    Got a few more finished over the holiday weekend (which for me was 7 days long because I had some leave that needed using). First up is this beanbag cat from the Left at the Bottom of the Garden kickstarter. Somehow I managed to get actual cat hair stuck to it, which seems fitting. My wife has yet to see this one but I'm betting he'll disappear once she does. I recently received a Secret Weapon "Bag of Crap" that is a gallon bag of reject bases. So I've been playing around with rebasing some minis I wasn't very excited about. I think the nice base on some of these really makes a difference in my desire to get color on them. This is one of the core set devils from the bones 4 kickstarter. And this guy is from the bones 3 (I think?) kickstarter. Not only did I not care much for the original base, but since I speed paint I rarely take the time to do stuff like clean mold lines, and this guy just had so much of that that I never really wanted to paint him. But putting a new base on it kind of changed how I feel about him. Though still lots of little things I don't like about it, the new base makes it just likable enough for the tabletop. And here's an actual WiP I just started. This Xairbot from the last kickstarter had an extremely warped base and the left cannon was bent almost 90 degrees when I got it. Of course Reaper replaced it. But I threw it in the parts bin for later cannibalizing. Looking at this base I got the idea of having some robots that look like they've been through some alien battles and thought I'd start by further destroying this mini. Honestly, I'm liking it better so far than the replacement one Reaper sent me.
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    I believe those Beastmen are Reaper's.
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    Was able to play a few games this weekend. Oceans was a big hit. It was released by Kickstarter, but is in the same game family as Evolution (which I have never played). It plays up to 4 people, though the deluxe version can play up to 6. It is an engine building game where you create species of fish that either forage for food, attack other species, leech off other species, or gain by being adjacent to, or just near other species. The more species you have, the more points you'll get per turn. But you can only feed one species, so the others have to be more creative in getting their food or they will die out. The only real complaint was that it felt a little short. But everyone enjoyed it, even the non gamer. The back is as awesome as the front. The clear fish are KS exclusives, the art is not. We also played Amun-Ra, which has a weird flow to it. It is an auction game where you build up the areas you pick, but then you lose control of them halfway through the game and have to do it again, except now some of the areas are built up nicely. The areas you so carefully cultivated may no longer even be available for auction. This is me, losing. And finally we played The Captain is Dead! A cooperative game that takes place in a Star Trek-esque setting. Your engines are offline, enemy space ships are attacking, aliens are beaming aboard the ship, weird anomalies are happening...you get the picture. You need to repair the warp coils Jump Core a few times (depending on the difficulty) before too many aliens board the ship, the shields are reduced to zero, or you go through the threat deck. Fun game, especially if you like that theme.
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    Blue Goblin! Don't let @buglips*the*goblin see that!
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    Painted a little guy that made me happy today.
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    The colourscheme on your lizards is great!
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    More minis from the past week. First up is this bunny riding a snail from Skull n Crown. This is from their killer bunnies Kickstarter. I'm almost out of these. But luckily they're getting ready to launch another campaign based on animals found in medieval marginalia. I posted these over in show off last week. These have been sitting unpainted in a cigar box for years. I can't remember where or when I got them. But I don't think they're sold in a single package, which is how I got them, any more. Here's a happy heavily armored halfing with some rainbows. This guy has used car dealer vibe. Almost certainly going to be a con man if he ever hits the table. And I finally finished the last of these bones lizardmen. I ended up getting a bunch of these prior to bones 3. Then there were 16 of them in bones 3. And I ended up getting a bunch more from the $1 bones gumball machine at Origins over the years. At one point I probably had 30 of these. But no more! They're all of them completed. I've also begun getting paint on Shub N. But I think I'm going to make a specific WiP thread for that thing.
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    Updating this thread. This is from the Box of Goodwill I recently went through and then sent on its way. It's from Mice and Mystics. I've thought about buying the game because I do enjoy cute, but have held off since I have a bunch of other board games I've never gotten around to painting. I like this though, so I may end up getting that in the near future. I posted these in Show Off already, but they were painted during isolation so they fit here as well. I like them both but I think the troll is the real star of the show. I've been playing around with drybrushing larger figures lately and I wanted to do that with some smaller figures. So I gave it shot on some older bones lizardmen. These guys suffer from a lot of the earlier bones issues like smushed faces, tons of flash, soft features, etc... Despite that they look good enough for tabletop play and I think I'm going to paint the remainder of my lizard guys (I've got 5 of them left) like these. And finally here's a little bones 4 scenery. It looks like it's going to rain all week so there's a good chance I'll get quite a few more done in the near future. And maybe, just maybe, I'll finally take the plunge and start getting paint on the Black Goat of the Woods mini that's been sitting around prepped and primed for about a month now.
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    Great job, the female crusader is amazing!
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    I managed to get an awful lot of stuff done over the weekend. Most productive I've been hobby wise for a bit. First off is this female Crusader from Bones 4. I can't express how much I just absolutely love this miniature. Next up are a couple of more Renaissance skeletons. I'm almost out of these. I'm always a little sad when I'm out of skeletons to paint. So if anyone has any favorite skellies to recommend I'd love to hear about them. And here's the finished version of Howie, the dumbest conversion ever. Kind of phoned this one in even more than I normally do. Next up is The Frog Squad. I can't help but think that this guy... Is hunting these guys for food... Who in turn are looking to bag this guy for their supper... Circle of life and all that. But I guarantee they'll come together the first time one of the PC's winds up in their swamp. Also, you may be asking "Thoramel, why are there tree frogs standing about in the muck and armed with stuff typically found no where near their home trees?" To which I say "shhhh." And finally here's another heavily armed goblin to add to my army of goblin time travellers. We're up to 24 members of the horde now (and 6 musicians). Last time my group ran into these guys there were only 15 of them. I'm sure they'll be excited to see the group has grown.
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    Those singing stuffed mice are silly and awesome at the same time!
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    Got a couple of quick jobs done last night. I found this Copplestone Heroine while looking for stuff to put in the box of good will. I totally forgot I had her. For a half hour paint job I'm pretty happy. And man, those jodhpurs! And finished these singing mice from the Left at the Bottom of the Garden kickstarter by Andrew Rae. My wife already swiped these for her Kingdom of Mousdom Extension Office (her work from home desk) where they have ended the war between the Mouslings and the fat plastic unicorn by giving them a concert apparently. And I got word that I'll be returning to field duties starting next month, although I'll still be doing my office work from home. So that will be my official end of social isolation (sort of, I'm not going to be reckless about getting back out into public just yet) which will mean the end of my social isolation painting thread. I figure I can get a few more done before then.
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    I don't take any responsibility for this conversion... Here's an actual WiP pic for a change. A close friend in my gaming group also plays in a 2e-ish Spelljammer game. His Spelljammer is crewed by an iron golem mechanic with cannons for hands. His name is Howie and he wanted me to convert something to match him. I asked how he does stuff like fix things or load his arm cannons if he doesn't have any hands and he responded with something like "don't mention that to my GM." So I called his GM, who is also in my gaming group, and asked him how he could let something like that slide. To which he replied with something like "yeah, I'm just waiting until it becomes a critical thing and then I'm going to call him out on it." Well, in the spirit of friendship I got them to modify Howie so that he has at least one hand. The player has declared he won't be sneaky anymore and the GM said he'd point out inconsistencies in the future before they become an issue. But, because I know the GM has plans on trying to destroy Howie in a future session, I agreed I'd make him a pile of golem pieces some time soon. Anyways, after that I'm never trying to modify Wizkids stuff again, the primer stuff is terrible and the material is next to impossible to cut through without power tools, or at least that's my opinion...
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    Good job, I like the vintage Partha mini and the books are great!
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    Haven't kept up with this lately. Life's gone a bit crazy around here the past week and dealing with it has been kind of exhausting. It's been hard finding the energy or inspiration to paint. But prior to all that I did finish some stuff. A couple of which I posted in Show Off. Those are here... I also got these done around the same time. I wouldn't mind getting a couple more of these. From bones 4 on the left and on the right is a circa 1988 Ral Partha figure I found in a vintage toy store. Some bones 4 scenery. I tried writing in the open book. But my hand isn't terribly steady. I've got a few things half finished on my hobby bench, maybe later this weekend I'll pick up the brush and see if anything interests me.
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    My journey through the Legendary MCU is done! Finishing off Phase 3(b) and Into the Spiderverse for good measure. Plus it was an excellent movie. BUT FIRST - War with the Evil Power Master, which is a Target, Choose Your Own Adventure game. Theoretically plays 1-99 people, but honestly it plays like a Choose Your Own Adventure book with dice. More of an activity than a game I'd say, and as such is probably best solo. And frankly wasn't even that great. It had a few jokes but otherwise...meh. Back to Marvel. First stop, Infinity Wars. Here we join our protagonist, Thanos, as he and his crew Forge the Infinity Gauntlet while Uru Enchanted Iron Man tries to stop him. Somewhere around 15 bystanders were KOed by the protagonists on their way to victory. Next up is Ant-Man and, once again, I had to improvise on the people. The Goblin from Noir was the Mastermind, as he seemed to be a mafia boss type. And he was trying to Trap the Heroes in the Microverse, which kinda happened, but wasn't really the plot. I did lose the first one, but the second one I did much better. It was a bad draw to start so I lost quickly, which is the best way to lose. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, had a pretty well defined setup. The mastermind (The Supreme Intelligence), scheme (Kree-Skrull War) and villains made sense and most of the heroes did too. I added Photon (aka Captain Marvel when I was growing up) even though she wasn't a superhero in the movie. But close enough for me. The scheme had me on the ropes for a bit but eventually we smashed it out. Which brings us to Endgame! I'll be honest with you, I wasn't looking forward to facing Thanos. Twenty-Four health to start (though it does get lower) is formidable. Nearly every hero could be used too, so picking which 5 I'd grab was tough. I wound up with Ronin (since he hadn't been played), Captain America (original), Thor (Original), Superior Iron Man and Rocket Racoon (so the Guardians could get some representation). Tough match. Spider-man: Far From Home has my favorite Legendary Mastermind, Mysterio. He's always super fun. I added him as a hero too because it was either him or Nick Fury and we've seen too much Nick Fury. Last but not least, Into The Spiderverse. Not an MCU movie but a great one nevertheless. I went for a crazy scheme (Fragmented Realities) that required everyone to have their own villain deck and city space and that actually made it a little tough. However the Spider Team is super overpowered by themselves. Most of their abilities abilities trigger off of low cost cards, and all of the cards cost 2, so you are practically guaranteed to always be activating cards. It was a slow start however as the scheme was actually causing me problems, but once I hit critical mass, Peter Parker, Spider-man Noir, Spider-Gwen, Ultimate Spider-man and Silk teamed up to take out the Kingpin and the Sinister Six. All in all it was a good run with the MCU. I played a bunch of schemes and people I wouldn't normally play and haven't played before. One of my problems is that I tend to fall into a rut with this game, and doing the MCU forced me out of those ruts. Sometimes. But I've packed it away. Onward to another game that has a solo mode.
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    Love them all, I'll have a beer thank you!
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    Still getting the hang of my phone's camera, so here's a few more that I set up under different light conditions to see which I liked best. This is from a box of bones kickstarter minis I didn't have a use for, occasionally I'll grab one out at random and give it a quick paint job. Can't go wrong with more townsfolk. I wanted to paint some elves without green. I kept subconsciously reaching for the green. Something about elves I guess. This guys happy. And he wants to let the happy out in everyone he meets. Preferably through a hole he just made with his spear. My wife said this space mousling looks mercenary to her. So I told her she can't have it until she bakes me cookies. Third time I've painted this guy, favorite so far.
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    So. I stopped posting completed minis because I dropped my phone about a week ago and it broke the camera. I'm going to miss that phone, but it was beyond time to replace it. So long live the new phone! Anyways, I took The suggestions to heart and darkened up the soil of the terrain mini, then gave it some excess vegetation. Thanks for the comments because I really like the results. I'm still figuring out the new phone camera so it may be a bit before I get photos of everything I've recently painted that I'm happy to post. But here's something I'm pretty satisfied with...
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    Zafira, Raider of Pyramids and Tombs, selling her loot to the highest bidder.
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    So, looking for folks' opinions on this one. I threw this together last night and it is supposed to look like a standard ruined wall with plenty of lichen coverage on the stone, some old marble steps, and the shattered remains of 2 large blue crystals flanking the entrance. Now, except for the marble which is my first attempt at such, I'm pretty happy with the results. But my question is... does this look good enough on it's own? Or should I add some vegetation to it? I was thinking a couple of ferns and some dark green vegetation growing up the cracks would look nice. Maybe even some flocking on the dirt parts and a few shrubs to give it an extra layer of "old and forgotten." What do you all think? None of that, some of it, or go all in and vegetate this thing up?
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    Imperial Assault. I had always hoped to see some more (and some more Tuskens, too). It's great to see someone tackle the Andromedans. I've been itching to do something not-Star Wars for some time and those keep ending up on the short list.
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    Still doing the pink thing.
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    Excellent blending on the spaceprincess feathers! And those skellies have such personality. Excited to see how the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young comes out.
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    Those Guards look great, but the skellies are still my favorite.
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    And our tank commander is finished. I still have to put on some dull coat, but for now, I think he works out pretty good. I just messed up his shoulder rank pieces, so I have to touch up those. But afar from that? He came out pretty good, I think
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    And we're making progress. Our tank commander is closing the finishing line:
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    I am more the fan of the later PzKpfw IV models like the Panzer IV H, but the Panzer III is THE visual "reference" for early and mid-war German armored divisions. I am glad you like it.
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    Working on the Panzers interior. And the commander is ready to be painted - therefore: a little test how everything would work together.
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    He's here! Unteroffizier Kauder finally has arrived! Time ... to paint!
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    Cannot access my profile on my phone currently. You need to have a look at the "about me" section. There you'll find the link.
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    Thank you for your comment, Glen, I know. I already assembled Tamiya models, but as this particular model was asked to be opened to see the interior by the one who requested it, I'll leave it as it is and display the interior as quoted here: "The vehicle will be displayed with open hatches. That's a challenge due to the really lame interior, but that's not a problem. I'll use colors to make the less detailed parts dark and the detailed parts white - I hope that will work!" This is common practice on my models. (Though I refrain from it on tabletop models, as I learned that drilling equipment there often leads to bending and breaking when used quite often) This is a PzKpfw III Ausführung M, as stated by both the game and the text above, though it lacks the Tief-Wat-Einrichtung, the wading muffler, and seems to be a conversion of a Panzer III L, equipped with a Panzer III M turret. I took the pictures from the game as my reference. As this is an unpaid "commission" and I have been asked to do it as simple as possible (and I don't think the "customer" will ever care for it), I decided not to do it. Nope. As stated in the first post, this is from a fight sequence in a game (which is the reason it's called "Kauder got this" - English for: "Kauder regelt"). After being hit like 20-25 times, the crew reentered the vehicle and drove away, much to the amusement of the streamer and his audience (please check the video link in the first post for the whole sequence). The scenario is from Paul Conrath's counterattack on the Gela bridgehead in Italy in 1943. The tank is finished - but I want to finish the Panther I work on as well before I continue painting both.
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    So far, so good... Outside of the gun breech, Tamiya doesn't normally include interiors in closed top AFVs. They leave that for the aftermarket. Not sure how far you're going with this, but drill out the MG barrels if you haven't done so. I can't tell. Turret-mounted smoke mortars seem to have been rare on this variant, but weren't completely unknown. They were more common on the Ausf M, the short barreled Ausf N, and Ausf K command tanks. If you want to go nuts, add the cable leads (thin copper wire) at the back of the mortar barrels, twist them together, and insert the three into the turret right behind the mount. Add the lead (also thin copper wire) from the fender Notek lamp base out to the edge of the fender, then down into hull plate. Again, not sure how far you're going... The tight shot patterns indicate a derelict vehicle being used as target practice by the other side. The hits on the track links would likely have severed the track pin(s) and forced the links up and apart. 'Sand' indicates North Africa? Waiting for more!
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    PZKFW III is a beautiful panzer. I have always liked the look of that one.
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    hey folks just wanted to show my genie and a Sophie done with the same palette
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    Dude the skin on the djinn is wicked, very nicely done. Reminds me of the constellation creatures in MTG.
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    This was the must-have from Bones 4 for me! I cut off and modded the legs and created the base with apoxie sculpt so the hut can be placed on its own or on the legs. The paint scheme is "chicken" ;) I can't even remember all the colors I used on this thing, it was a mad mix of Reaper browns and golds, Pokorny terracotta, homemade washes, and I pretty much just kept going at it until I was happy. I hit everything with a matte varnish except several coats of gloss varnish on the window glass.
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    Started painting this THING a week ago. Wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, then about half way through the dang thing started to become on of my favorite miniatures. Constructive criticism is welcome. Easier to paint than I thought it would be. Enjoy.
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