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    More tmm play time. Love a sample of Blue Steel I got. Love it so much! So I decided to paint this bull all over with it. The copper tones are Vallejo GC Hammered Copper with highlights of Dragon Gold. And the blue was highlighted with some Vallejo Silver. Then there was some Red Liner and Blue Liner for shading. This was suppose to be a quick one. But as I started making the base, green stuffing around its original base to carry the tile floor pattern all around it, I decided I didn't want to have just a simple stone colored floor. It being a bull, my mind immediately went to ancient Minoan culture. So I went with a Minoan/Greek mosaic motif on the floor. Some stippling action in the works! Just Chestnut brown for the edge outlines. For the blue mosaic, it was a combo of Templar Blue, Marine Teal, and Pale Green.
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    Here's a few WIP pics of the Pyramid for the Necron Tomb Complex. The parts are modular and will probably use the OpenLock system to connect them. The large pyramid is made from 4 layers and the capstone. You can remove each layer to reveal the layers underneath. The inside will also be detailed with separate wall sections, similar to the Zone Mortalis walls. You can also mix and match the parts to make the pyramid different, or to make smaller pyramids.
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    Here's another WIP for the Necron Tomb Complex. It's sort of my version of a translocator. You'll be able to model it opened or closed. The outer shell is pretty much done, now I'm working on the inner parts.
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    Here's a couple WIP pics of the Necron Tomb Complex Pyramid and also the inner walls, made in a similar style to the Zone Mortalis walls. One of them has several sarcophagi with Warriors in them. I have a few more sections to make, but the Tomb Complex is almost done.
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    My project for August (and probably September) is to paint up some of the pile of terrain pieces in my collection. I've been busy washing, scraping mold lines, and priming this week. Some of what's ready: Bones altar, tomb, arch, spider throne and graveyard fences: Pile of stones that came with a dragon (not sure which one). Want to use this as a test piece before I open DDS2. Octopus fountain, a 3d print that was a gift from a friend. I got primer and a base coat on it but wasn't sure where to go from here: Spartan statue (there are 2), Halloween spooky tree, and a creepy statue that I forgot to clean and prime. I'm not sure if it is supposed to lean like that, and if not, if I want to correct that. There will be more later. My first goal is to do the arch and fence pieces. There is one more small fence which was miscast, I am working on it with greenstuff.
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    Time to get ambitious. I have done some water on display bases but never just straight ocean. Just thinking through some ideas first: plug the holes or buy a new base? I think this about the size I want. looks like it will need 2" of poured resin. that means strong retaining walls, and some kind of lubricant between the resin and the walls. I want the resin to be clear enough to see the fish of course. I don't have a mechanical sander, so there is going to be a lot of hand sanding of resin, so good ventilation and a cloth mask? I like the figure on the boat but her face detail is poor. Is there one in metal? I need to change out her spade thing with a fishing pole, the Dreadmere fisherman has a fine pole to copy/steal. this is better in metal: https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/figurefinder+metal+female+robe/latest/03784 I was even at repercon 2016! I picked a different faction, otherwise I would already have her.
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    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hexy/starscrappers-battledrill-3d-printable-skirmish-stl?ref=discovery Story Battledrill is a fast-paced skirmish miniature game set in the Star Scrappers Universe, where you take control of a crew of adventurers called Scrappers. These brave humans, unyielding robots and mysterious aliens are exploring the uncharted space of the Distant Edge in search of the ultimate prize - Hexis crystals - a power source that will change the image of space travel forever. In hostile places on primeval planets, where a lasergun in your holster is the only law, will you be the one who prevails and claims all the glory?
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    Even though the Isle of Dread game I had been running died a premature death this summer, it's never too early to paint minis for its return, right? The group: Jaatu, a Reaper Miniatures piece I've had in progress since release in 2003, apparetnly. It's good to finally wrap up a mini after 13 years... A Tribal Champion (possibly from Chronopia, I got him with a broken weapon from a trade) And a group of Menehune, from Paymaster Games "Going Native" series: I tried to give the Menehune some traditional tattoos, then kind of gave up. I'm definitely getting a Micron marker before I try to do any tattoowork again.
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    AD&D. Yes, the one with THACO. Git offa mah lawn!! I've played a little bit of 5e, and that's pretty good, IMO. I like reading the Pathfinder stuff, but a lot of their adventure paths are a little too over the top for my tastes. You can only have so many 'save the world' campaigns before it starts to get a little boring.
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    It stands for "Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate"
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    I like my Switch, but overall prefer my PC. Lately though it seems like I just waste time playing android games on my phone. For RPGs I've like most of the systems that I've played with. Probably the ones I've had the most fun with were 4E D&D and 13th Age but I'm willing to play Pathfinder or whatever.
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    What is a 4X board game? Are there 1X, 2X, 3X, 5X, 6X boardgames and if so, what distinction does the number define?
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    As mentioned above, people have success with Stynylrez by Badger. Indeed, the name comes from the materials it is ideally suited to be used on (Styrene, Vinyl, Resin, though by all reports its perfectly suited with metals too). Being as Bones is a vinyl material (PVC), it's well suited, but I have yet to try it. People here have used it (as noted, @haldir has), and haven't had much issue. Vallejo Surface Primer is another one that has good results, and is meant for airbrush (I use this, but brush it on as I do not own an airbrush). I haven't had a problem with it adhering to Bones, and haven't had a problem with it rubbing off as long as it's given enough time to cure. Regardless of which you try (it's another dividing argument among modellers as to which is better), both should work as long as you do all the right prep before priming: wash the mini with soap and water, keep it free of any grease before priming, etc. And someone will inevitably say Bones doesn't need primed. Yet again, another argument that will never end. If you feel you need to prime to help you paint, then prime it. And as to the brown primer you mention, people use a coat of Reaper's Brown Liner to act as an initial layer of paint, undiluted, and then cover it all up with their basecoats. It's not an actual "primer" as the paint makers would classify it, but it functions as the same thing.
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    In reference to video gaming: Probably either the Nintendo Switch (Breath of the Wild is the best game ever, period.) or SNES classic. That was a great compilation. In reference to board gaming: 4X board games are kinda my style.
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    Though I don't consider myself a video gamer anymore, I still prefer PC gaming over consoles. Last console I owned was an NES (with light gun robot). I think it's the flexibility of keyboard/mouse that left me preferring it over game pads. Though time wise, I spend more time on tablet games than anything else, but I also use them to be mere casual gaming. For RPGs, I've tried plenty of different systems, and I like both number crunching systems and simple ones. With the right mindset and right group of players, they can all be enjoyable. But for personal overall experience, Pathfinder 1e is my current favourite for the setting and variety of rules. And I appreciate D&D 5e for what it does right, simpler and faster, but with some loss in overall variety.
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    Badger Stylenrez!!! Also, since you can't use enamels on model car tires (it'll stay tacky) I doubt you can use em on Bones.
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    Have to disagree with you here, not out of a superiority pc master race thing (because I understand the convenience of a console and use my PS4pro more than my PC most of the time these days). But I was just watching a Digital Foundry comparison of the new Avengers game on PS4 vs Pro and Xbox One S vs X and it's pretty noticeably blurrier (the dynamic resolution and antialiasing iirc were the main culprits). And with access to DLSS, nvidia RTX cards on the PC are simply amazing pieces of hardware (and ray tracing is transformative but I'm not expecting much out of the new console generation of AMD silicon). And speaking of 'perceptible to the avg user', ray-tracing is a massive game-changer for games that fully embrace it (check out the minecraft RTX beta, it's...amazing). Anyway. AD&D 1st edition is my favorite gaming system that I've house-ruled into oblivion. I guess I enjoy Kingdom Death Monster's AI system. I dig the simplicity of Zombicide (I'm just now playing through the 1st season box missions!). I'm considering building off that platform to integrate more KDM style features for enemies. Actually it's a project I've been thinking a bit more about lately, as I'm thinking about developing a whole bunch of stuff to hang off the Zombicide:Invader platform (integrating updates from Z2.0 when it comes out). I want to add in AI decks for mobs ala KDM, build custom cards for other scifi mini content (Sedition Wars is so perfect for Invader use, also Space Hulk and of course Star Wars though I only have the core Imp Assault box), and integrate features (both AI and tactical) from X-Com 2 (likely pulling some stuff from the Infinity skirmish rules).
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    For electronic games I prefer a PC. But that's because the only video game I've played in a while is from the Total War franchise. For wargames I've really enjoyed whatever system Xwing/Star Fleet/Wings of Glory seem to use. But I don't play a lot of wargames either. For TTRPG's we use FATE. No, not that fate. Ours was first and is an acronym for Fully Adaptable Tactical Environment. It's a system my group came up with by basically cherry picking what we liked best about the different rule sets we were using at the time and wrapping that around a simple percent based combat system. At this point it's at least 20 years old. The latest iteration is about 90 pages typed and about another 50 pages of hand written notes not yet incorporated into the typed version. I really should get those typed up soon while we're on an extended gaming hiatus (since sitting in a basement with a crowd of guys chugging beer and yelling at dice doesn't really lend itself well to social distancing). As you can see, our typed up portion is very snazzy...
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    And another week of painting. Still working from home, most entertainment activities (concerts, cons, vacations, weddings, etc...) still cancelled, so still have lots of extra time to paint. Got some more quick scatter terrain done from Mantic. These are great for keeping busy while on long conference calls where I'm just expected to be present and available to answer the rare technical question. Bones 3 werecrocodile. Getting pretty low on minis from that Kickstarter. This hastily painted dancer was just a way to see what some new colors looked like. This is a dwarf from Tomb Guardians. I've had this for a bit and finally got around to starting it recently. Looks like they're having a dwarf Kickstarter starting this week. May have to check that out. This is supposed to be a French bulldog, but I can always use a heavily armed pug. I bought a few of these because I need to give some guitars to goblins at some point. But I thought I'd go ahead and paint one as is. And here's an old Ral Partha insect spirit. He looks like he's trying to give directions. "Just go right at the hive entrance, straight past the giant cockroaches, and then another right at the egg chamber. Can't miss it."
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    I think we can conclude that the Jersey Devil is in fact a postal worker. It makes perfect sense and explains sooo many things! Just like I believe the Wendigo works at Canada-US customs. Waiting times are inhuman!
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    My Malifaux order from earlier in the month seems to be trapped in deepest, darkest New Jersey, hasn't moved since the 6th.
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    My Hasslefree Artimis 2 KS shipped on the 6th of August and I received it on the 13th, so 7 days from England to New England.
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    I just received an order that I had given up on, reported to the sender and they actually gave me store credit for the original purchase amount about a month ago. Shipped April 20, received August 14. We will see how long the apology order takes to arrive. It has at least scanned in the US.
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    Well first LCD from aliexpress came today. So looking at emails, ordered on 7-22-20 & arrived on 8-15-20. So not even a month in transit & even earlier then estimated 8-20 as well. Now just missing my model hobby order from Spain & an extra LCD from the same company on aliexpress & any Kickstarters that are international, which to be honest I'm not sure if I have any right now or not (at least none that are in active campaign stages). To be honest, I'm not worried about the model order even thou it's my first order with this company (Spotmodel) but from what I've read & seen, they are a top notch company at the mercy of international ordering.
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    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means
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    I just saw an announcement for an upcoming The Princess Bride boardgame, coming in October. I'm so hoping the figures are in a usable 28mm-32mm gaming scale, as it would be so fun to use them outside of the game. Apparently it will be priced at $25! https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-princess-bride-board-game-is-an-inconceivably-good-1844687619
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    THANK YOU. I was hoping someone would write that.
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    Printed this for my youngest nephew last night, cleaning support material out of the holes in the skull was a pain but it turned out really well in my opinion.
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    I don't normally do this, but Quoted for Truth.
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    Inconceivable!!! Well, add that to my list of ones to buy. But I don't see any minis for R.O.U.S.es...
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    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in this thread--I have been able to participate in the Box of Goodwill three times now; this the first time I was put early in my particular round though. I have REALLY enjoyed seeing the pictures of what everyone has picked out of their boxes--it's really cool to see someone take something that I passed over--I didn't see the potential, or just didn't see it when I had it in my hands, but the next person did. I especially get happiness when I see something I put in the box get eagerly snatched up; it validates this entire process and practice. Being early in the round gave me the opportunity to see everything that was there, and to know more or less, barring addition/subtractions, what people down the line were getting a chance at. I'm just very grateful to be part of this group and to have the opportunity to interact with you all in these Interesting Times that we are enduring. RConline is only a few weeks away--not the same by a longshot, but its what we got.
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    I'm sorry for posting this so late, I got caught up in a depressive episode but I finally managed to sit down and get painting. To be on the safe side, I painted it all in one go. Here's the finished model: I'll drop it off at the post office this week, likely tomorrow :) Skiesclear, thank so much for the amazing models! They have a place of honour on my LOTR shelf Sadly, his swordhand did break off, but I'm sure I can glue that back on
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    His human flesh coloration makes me uncomfortable. Good job!
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    9 Gill Shark. Reaper Moonstone Blue Scale 75 Iroko Sclae 75 Birch Vallejo Heavy Warm Grey Scale 75 Deep Red Scale 75 Decay Black I love the Moonstone Blue it's the main colour.
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    Hexy people are great to work with! I ordered a resin dragon skull from them a couple years ago & the order was nothing but smooth. While I'll probably not back, I wish them luck with this one.
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    So it's a 3d Printable, Space cowboy, skirmish game.... *sighs and pulls out wallet*
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    Have stuff from Poland and Italy that did finally arrive (~2-3mo travel time + customs). One more expected from Poland. Also waiting on something from my mom in Oregon and it has been 3-4 weeks now.
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    This package from Russia shipped on May 15. Was delivered on July 20.
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    Well ordered some model stuff from Spotmodel out of Spain, we shall see how long it takes. USPS shipped (how that works I have no idea, other then that was the cheapest option but slow, but I can wait). Funny I ordered a car model kit out of box, just the bag of sprues, some window masks & 2 decals. If I would have added 1 more decal it would have put the box weight over & my shipping would have doubled................ So I went without the decal (more or less a backup) & shipping went from 30.something euros to 17.something euros. Crazy! I do have a couple of products coming from China as well. A new LCD board for my Photon S printer & a Anycubic Wash n Cure. Supposedly, the WnC should be here in about 5 more days & the LCD is suppose to be here around August 20th. We shall see.
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    Package from Jackson's Art Supplies arrived! Ordered July 2nd, shipped July 6th, reached Canada July 20th, and arrived here on the 27th of July! Definitely not going to complain about three weeks to get here
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    Got the small package on Wed, 15 Jul 20. It was missing one of my items. I contacted the seller and had a refund in a few hours.
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    Well, well, well. Today is the 16th of July, and the final box of 4 molds (ordered on 25 April) arrived from Ireland in Delaware! Huzzah! Sent by sailing ship, no doubt...
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    I recently finished playing Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and felt the urge to paint something piratey. There is a lot of room for improvement, and I regret my colour scheme (It is lacking a bit of contrast) but I still enjoyed painting this one, I even felt adventurous enough to attempt some weathering on the sword which didn't turn out as horrible as I anticipated. Overall a good learning exercise. Miniature: Captain Razig Maker: Reaper Minatures SKU: 02437
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    Like his hair and beard!
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    This one is cool, IMO. Ever wished that Shadow Demon came in a different color than Purple? Once again, presenting my experiments with translucent Bones and Tamiya Clears. Warning Pic Heavy First off, an untouched Shadow Demon: With Tamiya Clear Gloss: Untouched next to the one with the clear gloss: Tamiya Clear Red: Tamiya Clear Orange: Tamiya Clear Yellow: Tamiya Clear Green: Tamiya Clear Blue: Tamiya Clear Smoke: All of them, in all their glory: As you can see, the Tamiya clears can actually change the color while maintaining the translucency on the smaller and thinner parts. The only one that doesn't do this to the same degree as the others is the Smoke. Hope people find this useful.
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    Still waiting on a bunch of dice sets I ordered from China back at the start of April - I've written them off as lost.
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