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    This is Pope Bulbloba from the Death Tide Jurakin set from Artisan Guild. Printed on the Elegoo Mars. Wielding his magical weapon. Part of the Beneath the Waves Project. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/88958-beneath-the-waves-by-glitterwolf/&tab=comments#comment-1896746
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    Back is still being .... unpleasant.....so I took yesterday off from painting. Today I did all the metals in the afternoon. And then finished these three up tonight. Was starting to get shaky, so the other three will get finished tomorrow. I also grabbed 6 bases for them, so they will get started tomorrow as well.
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    Only did a bit last night; my back was not particularly happy. Cleaned up the black and straps and such. Then at lunch today: Cleaned up the white on these two. The heavy weapon guy was pretty messy, so took longer than expected, and I had to stop early to get ready for a meeting, so only got the two done. Hopefully some more this evening.
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    Painted at lunch, for the first time in years. Just need to do the weapons and some highlighting on the white for these two.
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    if anyone has a fav video of pouring deep resin, please link. Does anyone have any experience with how resin effects bones? @Guindyloo mentioned that it heats up as it cures and worried it would effect the bones black material I will be submerging in it, progress:
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    Primed the stuff for the Temple ( and maybe a little more)
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    Last two cleaned up. Next up will be weapons and gear. Then some highlighting of the white. And that should be it, other than bases of course.
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    Paint! Finished up the black first coat on the rest of the Scouts. Brush control was meh so lots of clean up to be done, but felt good to actually be painting. That's enough for tonight, I don't want my neck or shoulder to get cranky. Tomorrow I'll go back an see what I was doing for the white and start that one something (these guys or the speeder bike pilots....).
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    Reaper Desert Stone Scale 75 Iroko Scale 75 Thar Brown
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    He's part of Ral Partha _ Warriors of Chaos set
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    While in between battles, I am replacing a roof, which should be finished today. I also am trying to get organized and downsize at the same time. I cobbed together this shelf unit out of leftover wood from other projects. It is not pretty but gets the job done. I will paint it later, for now it has slide out trays and the left-side is planned for expansion, for the various mats in my collection. This was primarily built for X-wing ships still in their original boxes, but there was enough room leftover to include the Armada boxes. The add-on rack will hold the X-wing, Sails of Glory, and Wings of Glory Mats; depending on the final layout I come up with, possibly the Star Fleet Battles Mats also. To give you an idea of size, the four lower shelves are 28" x 25" and the two top shelves are 23" x 33". The whole unit stands about 7' tall. They were piled upon a two shelf rack about 2' high, not very accessible. As for down-sizing, I will be divesting the Star Trek-Attack Wing Game... the smallest of the collections by-the way. No one seems to have any interest in that game, so I have it posted on Craig's List and now on Facebook. My need to downsize, and be organized, is due to an ulterior motive of needing more space for more 3D terrain for C.A.V, mentioned elsewhere in a C.A.V. battle report. I wanted to replace some of the Battle Tech boards that were too confining for many C.A.V.s by following the contour lines in some locations instead of the hex-sides. On to the next project.
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    Several shades of Green and Yellow later added a blue wash and a greish blue sample paint. SHOW OFF: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92209-giant-viper-by-glitterwolf/
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    Another component complete.
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    Scaled the snake statue down to 30% for some small ones... I have plans..
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    Inspiration for today..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nohQReM7BpI Best comment, by far, "glad to see Kylo Ren isn't the only one who knows how to kill a solo"
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    They aren't painted yet Snowtroopers are supposed to arrive today.....
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    I would probably drop him by 2-3% if you think that the model will take it (and assuming I did my math correctly--the computer usually does most of my math, so it shouldn't be taken as gospel). Pedro Pascal is 5'10" - 5'11", and if we assume that the average trooper is 6', that should be very close (I'm guessing that the helmets offer similar heights). Their poses look comparable (although the trooper appears to be squatting a bit more), so you should just be able to reduce Din's height to just below/just above that of the trooper. Soo many troopers...I'd lose my mind. Hats off to you, sir!
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    In that game I'm rooting for the other side. CHAAAAOOOSSSS!!!! Or as these guys put it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVid_fLzN5g
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    For the Emperor! For Russ! Ooops, wrong game...
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    A couple of high value rebel targets have been sighted. Troopers have been deployed....
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    I think you did quite well on Vader considering he was done so quickly.
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    And playing got me motivated to get back to painting troopers. Slathered Apothacary White on everything that should be white. Ran out of available corks there. Still some troopers and scouts to go. ...and more corks ordered.....
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    Got Lord Vader finished up. He came out alright for a speed paint. And he was successful in his first battle, just. It came down to a light saber battle between him and Luke, and Vader limped away with one wound left. I'm learning to play while teaching my wife. As she's not what you'd call an experienced player of complex games, I started by cutting down the rules as much as possible. We didn't even use aim and dodge tokens. And just two units, a leader and a unit of troopers (she got an extra trooper and the Z-6 to even up the points). She wants to run through again as is, then we will add in aim and dodge, and then add on other things from there. And I need to get more Imperials painted so we can go to more units, since I don't base them until they are painted....
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    looking good. I need to start posting pics of my Seperatist army. I'm getting sick of painting battle droids.
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    Not the best pics, but he's pretty much done I think. Nothing fancy but nice and quick. 2-3 hours total. Followed FFG's online painting guide so I didn't need to think about colours much. I'll give him a once over this afternoon, and probably try straightening the lightsaber. Then a spray of gloss sealer. Then mount him on the base, a coat or two of matt, and a bit off gloss brushed on his eye lenses and maybe some of the armoured bits. Should be ready to play for tomorrow.
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    Got a late start (for me, my eyes don't like painting too late) but did get some drybrushing done on the rest of the first squad of Stormtroopers. Then I pulled out the rest of the Imperial troops I have, and decided to take a look at the Scouts. All I've done is test fitted them together here. There are some nice poses in these guys. All are 4 pieces (2 arms, head, torso) except for the last guy on the right, who's arms are one piece. Next non-painting session I'll start cleaning these guys up, and get around to gluing the 2nd squad of Stormtroopers.
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    You got a problem listening to the Imperial March, Citizen? Please report to the nearest Rehabilitation Centre!
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    Oh no! I’m starting to hear the Imperial March!
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    I think so, yes. I'll likely use a spray but the Imperial paint set comes with "Plastoid Gloss Varnish"
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    Did some black (Black Templar Contrast), did some touch ups, went with S75 Black Metal for the gun, with a wash of Nuln Oil. A bit of Death Star Grey on the back canister thing. I think that looks pretty decent. If something is blatantly wrong let me know. And slopped some contrast "white" on the other 6.
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    Cheap makeup drybrush acquired at the dollar store. First a drybrush of Stormtrooper Armor (that's both the colour name and what I'm drybrushing.....). And then a bit of highlighting with the same. Need to google some pics to see what all should be black before the next step.
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    Some little buddies for this guy, a handful of Protomechs:
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    Hello again everyone. I've been working away at trying to improve my painting. Reaper Bones 89001 Pathfinder Red Dragon This is the model that made me place my first Reaper order and get back into painting. I've started using sand for basing again and I really enjoy the fine texture it gives. I tried using sealer to "save" my work a few times on this model but I never ended up removing my mistakes, instead I just painted over them. I think this has left some of the details a bit gloopy (e.g. the horns). Overall I am pretty happy with it but I would love to hear any comments. Once I know he is done I am going to Dullcote him and then put some gloss on his tongue. RAFM Durnaoth Elf Halberds and Ral Partha 03-209 Elf Standard Bearer I bought these off eBay not really knowing what they would end up looking like. I find the standard bearer looks a little goofy (reminds me of the Planescape Torment character models) but I really like the Halberdiers. They were weird to assemble, as they were molded with their right hands attached to their thighs. They had to be cut off and their arms bent into place. I still feel like there is a little something missing. Again, any feedback would be great. I am planning to get some gloss spray (Krylon maybe?) for these guys and then I will dullcote them. I will test that on the standard bearer first. My fiancee wants to set them up with the dragon somewhere in our apartment. Crucible 91-221 Orc Eagle Knights Another eBay purchase where I had little idea what I would be getting. I was really excited to find out that these are orcs with an Aztec spin. They are almost where I want them but I still have a few things left to do. Let me know what you think. Thank you!
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