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    Hi everyone ! I got these two guys as an add-on in the “Rise of the Powrie” Kickstarter by Cauldron Born Miniatures. Their heavy armor and thick fur cloaks were a perfect fit for the “Icebeard Clan Dwarves” in my D&D campaign. I really liked painting them, and it let me practice painting whites. And as Icebeard Dwarves excel in yeti taming, here they are with their escort :
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    Got mini selected and mostly painted. Still a WIP, I had a certain vision for it that I don't think I've managed to reach yet but hopefully it'll come together in the end.
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    This topic was created so that I would not be lazy to paint miniatures regularly. In the first post, not everything is indicated. Go to the last page and vote please. Once a week I will upload a painted miniature. Take a look and vote for this week's best miniature please. Vote in the comments on this topic, please. Write the number of the miniature whose painting you liked. It will compete in the battle with next miniature for the best painting.
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    As promised some months ago, I painted a wyrmgear like a circuit board :) Enjoy!
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    So, a little while ago I had these two lovely packages come in because I wanted to give the new "rules condensed" version of Infinity a go, and sadly neither the HaqqIslam I use or the Ariadna hubby uses for N3 are in Code One, so.... Well, as one might expect, we wound up picking up a new starter box, because of various reasons. Anyways, Yu Jing was always my second choice for an army, and Rune liked the new look for the PanOceania figures, so that made life moderately easier.... Keen eyed observers will notice that Rune's PanO aren't getting as many units. Well, yeah, there's a partial reason for that - I had a basic idea already of what I wanted with my Yu Jing for N3, specifically that of being able to field the Invincible Army sectorial at some point due to my LOVE of their heavy infantry, and since pretty much all of the models I was looking at are usable in Code One that pretty much sealed the deal for me right then and there... Obviously more will be added in for Rune's side as he plays the game more, and figures out what kind of units he would like (and likes the look of). ^So a few days ago this is where things were at, after the use of a pair of GreenStuffWorld rollers, specifically Runes (for, uh, Rune's PanO), and Small Cobblestones (for my Yu Jing), and after several hours of assembly over three nights if I remember correctly, here's where things were... ^And phase one of basing complete. Vallejo terrain goop, I love you. Okay, I'll admit, I wound up covering up more details than I had originally planned, but such is life - some of the original elements are still there, which is good enough in my opinion, at least for now. I'll still get the basic idea across, although with some of them it's more going to be easter eggs in the bases, but such is life. ^And a blurry shot of how things look at the moment, with phase 2 of the basing. Essentially, I wound up using that mix of four different types of ballast that I'd created a decade and a half ago (I mixed up a LOT of it o_O) to help even out the transitions, as well as any garish spots where the terrain paste didn't quite solidify how I was thinking it was going to... And also as a bit of an element to tie both factions together, since they're both technically fighting over Svarlheim, or however it's spelt Yeah, I know it's yet another WIP thread for me, but my Infinity focus shifted from N3 to Code One for the moment due to smaller table size, and newer, more streamlined rules. That and a desire to give these minis a shot, and to hopefully see about painting them faster than my usual pace
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    Now that I have a functioning airbrush and the dinos are out of the way, it's time to tackle the Kraken that my nephew got me for my birthday late last year. I've decided to follow the colour scheme in the D&D 5th ed Monster Manual - shades of brown with red blotchy patterns on the back, pale underneath. I'm still developing my airbrush skills, so I thought a large and relatively forgiving model like this might be the way to ease myself into using the airbrush for painting more than just large areas. Firstly, the prepped model. I've removed the transparent water splash from the bottom of the torso for separate painting, and masked off the water at the base of each of the six tentacles. There are quite a few gaps from factory assembly, so I used some liquid green stuff to try to fill that in. Sorry about the lighting quality - I do my airbrushing on my garage workbench rather than at my modelling table, and there was a bit of afternoon sun shining in. Undersides were sprayed with Citadel Wraithbone to give it a warmer tone, followed by an airbrush over the back with Citadel Steel Legion Drab. I then tried some stripes with airbrushing Citadel Khorne Red. Underside first: I need to work on my dilution of paint and brush control - a few drips and splashes that will need to be touched up. Now the backs: And a little more detail on one of the tentacles: Finally, front and back of the torso: A little bit less control with the red on the back than I would have liked, however my airbrush is not a fine detail one. I may touch up with a bit of Steel Legion Drab to take the red back a bit. Next step will be to add an Agrax Earthshade wash and highlight. Many marine creatures tend to have darker outlines of colour blocks, so I'll lined in the red blocks. However that will all have to wait. The Schnauzer is demanding her walk and I must obey. Back soon I hope.
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    Phase three of basing is more or less done, and by that, I mean I'm stopping myself from messing around even more with them ^First up are my Yu Jing. Sniper on the right in the first pic will get some gaps filled, because that cape/back piece just wouldn't line up how I wanted it to, and even trying to bend it didn't work out so well due to how thick it is. Looks like my phone doesn't enjoy focusing on metal minis, at least with stuff in the background ^And hubby's PanO minions. Time to seal that ballast down, clean everything, and then prime. Looking forward to seeing these primed up, even if some of them I'm not certain at all as to what kind of colours I'll be going with ^_^;;; I was back and forth on them once they were announced, but then eventually I said "y'know what, screw it, I like the models, might as well get it", doubly so since hubby seemed curious about it having less complicated rules I'm kind of thinking some sort of hot pink for the Yu Jing as I was originally planning on such before anyways, and as for the PanO... Yeah, that's going to be an interesting one to try and figure out, that's for sure. No idea why, but I keep getting vibes that purple is going to be a dominant colour... Many thanks! I really like what Corvus Belli has done with these minis, as there's a decent amount of "we bring the pain" but also a good amount of individuality in each one. I'm just hoping I didn't go totally overboard with adding to the bases, since I really would like to have more than just the occasional peek of those rollers showing through
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    And then the mammals showed up, including the honey badger and the crocodiles decided it was much safer in the swamp!
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    Fun fact: Baby cheetahs mimic Honey Badgers to deter predators
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    These may work for my Anno Domini 1666 game. Plague doctors were around in the 17th century and that is the time period of that game. The only snafu is that the figures for that game are 25mm and these might look big. But we could say the bulky costumes make them look that way. I just have to come up with a scenario that uses them. buckyball
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    Working on a new project for an objective... Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck HEMTT Fueler BF M1IP to show you just how big the things are! (I drove them in the National Guard when I was in S4 (Battalion Supply / Logistics)) Re scaled from 1-200, but the details that came through are pretty amazing to me... Thanks for looking! SGT G
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    One good thing I've discovered about wearing masks in public is that you don't have to give a darn about hiding your cold sores.
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    that depends on the device. Having sneezed in mine a few times I can safely say that no asperation made it out of the mask. (more's the pity.) most of the modern designs have a rubber flapper valve that passes allows air to pass though a coarse retention screen. that directs the outlet air down and away from whatever you're working on. To get out, the air needs to make two right angle turns capturing most expectorant and seriously slowing down anything that's left. I agree with you on the talking part though: if the respirator doesn't have a vocoder on it, trying to talk through one is a serious pain and if the seal around the nose is not perfect the face shield fogs up in no time. Its just fun to walk into an area wearing one and watch the panic around you, especially when everyone else is already wearing masks. But its left to the people who wear what they want to wear. Typically I wear a soft flannel face mask and have to wash it after every trip out, but I am suffering a summer cold and sinus issues so why would you want to wear something with bright green and brown on the inside (yuck) and thus I change it often.
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    Do note that maybe only 5% of the furry fandom has any kind of suit, be it partial or full. I find suits to be more about the heat retention than any breathing difficulty though, especially if properly designed, as suits designed by professional companies (or dedicated hobbyists) tend to not only be more durable, but breathe easier. No I don't own one, but I did spend most of the 2000 ITU World Triathlon dressed up as St John Ambulance's mascot "Spot" (the local chapter(s) have a dalmatian, and I was voluntold into it). I'd sooner spend the $4k (or more) that a decent suit costs on a nice gaming rig, paying off debts, or one absolutely epic airbrush setup... They are comfier, but the biggest issue is most of them will only provide protection to you - not to anyone around you, as they typically only filter air coming in. We have one guy at work who wears on, and he tries to talk normally, so we can't understand him half the time.
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    Technically it just means that they are willing to subject themselves to additional stress to support their interpretation of reality. although you do have to admit, the fursuits really do bring a whole new level of safe social interaction. I do wonder what people would do if I started wandering around in a full face respirator? they tend to be a bit more comfortable, heat wise, than a paper or fabric mask. Strap marks can be a bit of a problem though and if you thought hat hair was interesting... (not an issue I have anymore but some still do)
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    That didn't take long to make it here, that only started circulating yesterday afternoon on Twitter... Although a lot of fursuiters have been making those kinds of comments for a few weeks now.
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    Very much this. Back in March when my roommate once asked how my day at work had gone, my response was 'If this was a game of Pandemic, it feels like someone just played One Quiet Night'.
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    OSL isn't as good as NMM, but I try to use it to learn. I will try to add more shadows to his hair. Maybe it'll be cool. Finally, the grandpa appeared who defeated the grandma. ))) But the grandmother will return to the vote later when I draw up the base (diorama).
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    Working on the last crewman, The Asst OPs Officer, for HQ32... (15mm scale) And the HMMWV Avengers are done... Thanks for looking! SGT G
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    Well that's strangely addictive.
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    If you're tired of the view at home, check this out. You can stare out somebody else's window for a while: https://window-swap.com/window
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    Got a few more done over the weekend. First up is this devil fellow from the Bones 4 core set. He was part of a stretch goal that included the devil guy above and a female devil. I painted her also in the same scheme and with a matching base, but she's NSFW and I don't feel like making an off site post of her so she'll remain unseen. Here's another one from my pile of random minis I don't have much of a use for. I still like to grab one at random and paint it if I'm not feeling like starting anything else. I've got enough barbarians to suit my DMing, and no one ever wants to play a barbarian in my group, so he'll likely sit around unused for a while. This thing's eyes glow in the dark. This is some scenery from Acheson Creations I picked up for cheap at a con. It's supposed to be a stack of felled logs. But you know what I realized about halfway through? Fallen logs don't really look like that. You know what it does look like? A bunch of twigs randomly grabbed from the yard and slapped on some modeling clay. Which is exactly what I think it was. I could have just gone out to my yard and made this. Regardless, trying to get it to look like actual twigs was kind of fun, and no one is going to question that they're logs if they end up on the table.
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    unless you play the knights gambit, which can bring surprising control over the board in the early game
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    Continuing on with HQ 32 and the mech 113s.... Details done, ie tools and water cans, plus black washes to tone them down... I also made the tarp for 32, and cut some 1/16th" aluminium rod for the support poles Ended up folding the green stuff just like the real tarp, and sculpting in some hold down straps... Thanks for looking! SGT G
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    Most of the painting I've been doing lately has been on a bigger figure, and I haven't been spending as much time painting overall compared to recently. But I did manage to finish off a few smaller figures. This is the Xairbot from above. Is it just heavily damaged? Or is that green goo full of malicious nano bots recoding and repurposing bits as it infiltrates its systems? And here's a couple more from the Left at the Bottom of the Garden set.
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    One of my questions was along those lines too. What is the highest "common knowledge" technology? I'm not talking about the mad gnome's clockwork horror that defies real science. But rather steam engine science being well understood. How about windmills, or waterwheels? Highest level of science and culture? These could vary from nation to nation or by race. Dwarves could have mining and metallurgy notions that could reach 20th century knowledge. Or something like Venetian glass making that was basically a state secret for ages. The simple printing press had a huge impact culture. General awareness of the rest of the world? Average folk remain in the same area they grew up in all their lives and have little knowledge or interest about the rest of the world. Does your world have something akin to the Silk Road or the discovery of the Americas that opened up horizons? Firearms. How common/rare or well understood. Religion. Single pantheon? Multiple parallel pantheons (Greek <> Roman)? Completely different ones (Norse vs Egyptian)? Human vs non-human deities? Or one all-mighty being with multiple patron saints for different facets of life? Do they play nice with each other? Language. How common is "common"? How many regional languages are there? Just the English language within the UK varies a great deal. And when you hear Irish or Scottish English spoken with a heavy accent, you'll be saying "What?" many, many times. Then you have Welsh, Cornish, Gaelic, etc. and you're still on the same island! Nations and governments. How many and how varied? A few mega-empires? Tons of kingdoms? Theocracies? Monarchies? Democracies? How many nations or cities of old still exist today in a new form? Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire fell long ago, but their presence is still there. Non-human civilizations. How common are dwarves, elves, halflings. Treated as visible minorities, or do they have empires that rivals those of humans. Racial planet of hats trope. Do you have some races as stand-ins for real life historical parallels? Are orcs your equivalent of viking raiders? Or hobgoblins the same as the Mongolian Horde? How many lost or mythical cities or empire? Atlantis? Shangri-La? El Dorado? Avalon? Geography. How much of the continent is civilized with well populated farmlands and many trade routes and relatively few monsters vs mostly unexplored untamed savage lands (that may or may nor contain forgotten civilizations). Natural resources. Some nations may have very fertile soil, but poor mineral sources. Lots of forests, but no iron. Everyone wears gold, but the land is barren desert with almost no water. World building is a rabbit hole well worth exploring.
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    I haven't got a 70 inch TV . . . haz a sad Did you see @Mocha's repainted toy Yoda figure? I think maybe you have to be British. But I gather it is sorta like bird watching, only with machines. And unlike the birds, some of the trains have grand names, like: Culverton Castle. (Not a real name, I made that one up, but still.) You have to have lived there. Dr. Pendrake prescribes a road trip: Midland to Amarillo by hired car. Fly in to Midland, rent something from Hertz, drop it off in Amarillo. (…there's a game store or two along the way in Lubbock if you time it right…) That should do it.
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    Thanks all for your likes and comments! :) I don't know much about Icewind Dale but it seems to be very interesting. I'm really looking forward to having a look at the upcoming Icewind Dale DnD book.
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    I painted this guy following @Mocha's Twitch paintalong. He was a lot of fun to paint and I learned quite a few new ways of doing things!
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    Great figs. They remind me of my youth when I was reading all about Icewind Dale and the dwarves that hailed from that region.
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    2 due to your use of white 3 cause it's Strahd, in mini form 10, cause she gives off the creepy vibe Hard to choose, but I think, I like 3 the best but not by much. Nice work on all of them.
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    He will be represent Strahd the vampire in my upcoming Ravenloft campaign.
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    This figure has been sitting on my shelf, 90% completed for almost two years. The only things left to be done: a highlight on the mantle and darken the inside to look like it was used. It took me maybe 10 minutes. Glad to have it finished.
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    Painted for one of my Player characters. Almost a speed paint. Original goal was to get done quickly, but started to take a little more time with her than I planned.
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    Hi everyone, here's another 77236, Bloodmane Gnoll Warrior. The original version this time. This model was sculpted by Tre Manor. 77236, Bloodmane the Gnoll Warrior and his friend 77234 Boneflail the Gnoll Cleric.
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    In pursuit of my goal, here is another Gnoll that I finished painting last night. This 77234, Boneflail female Gnoll Cleric was sculpted by Tre Manor. In spite of their devotion to Yeenoghu, few Gnolls have any interest in ritual and there is few clerics or shamans to be found among the savage packs. Gnolls would sometimes summon demons to fight alongside them.
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    I hope this is ok as it is outside the fantasy/sci-fi realm but this is what I've been working on while taking a break from the Bones 4 core set. This is a 1/10 bust from Young Miniatures sculpted by Young B. Song, Templar Knight YH1837.
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    Hello all! So here is another Ral Partha piece I just finished. I actually like this miniature a lot, even though the proportions are a little weird. The figure itself is a Houri, which I didn't know before I looked it up, refers to one of the virgins an adherent to Islam would receive after death. With her, I tried to do some kind of sheer or transparent fabric, but it really didn't work out like I wanted it to. One day I'll hunt down a tutorial on how that's supposed to work. I'm also not 100% satisfied with one of her eyes, but it's such a small field, short of doing it all completely over, it would be a bit rough to patch up, so at the moment I may just leave her as she is. I actually want to eventually do this gal in a few different skin tones. This version used Terrain Khaki as the base color, but I'd also like to do a tan version as well as a fair skin version. One of these days perhaps, but now it's on to the next miniature. Another interesting part about this mini is she was a "resculpt" of an older Citadel piece also of the same name. What I'd really like to do one day is get a hold of the original Citadel mini and paint her up as well. But in the meantime, here she is:
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