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    Hi everyone ! I got these two guys as an add-on in the “Rise of the Powrie” Kickstarter by Cauldron Born Miniatures. Their heavy armor and thick fur cloaks were a perfect fit for the “Icebeard Clan Dwarves” in my D&D campaign. I really liked painting them, and it let me practice painting whites. And as Icebeard Dwarves excel in yeti taming, here they are with their escort :
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    After watching a bunch of "How to Paint Jewels" tutorials decided to just jump in and do it. Pulled out an older figure I painted ages ago and tried it on the one in his belt. Used a black base with Wargames Foundry black then Reaper paints Peacock Green 09226, Brilliant Green 09227, Viper Green 09228 and Pale Green 09012, then the final dots with Wargames Foundry Canvas Highlight 8C and Arctic Grey highlight 33C; finished with Tamiya acrylic brush on gloss clear coat. Going to keep practicing on his other jewels. Any cc/advice welcome. I think I need to bring the bottom most highlight further up.
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    Finished this little guy this last week. I love all the Townsfolk. I wish there were more:).
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    50/50 Linen White/Dirty Bone, then pure Linen White. Now to hunt down lunch...
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    Here is another 3D printed mini. She's from Artisan Guild from the Death Tide Jurakin Set. This is the pin up - Telxia Tidal Beauty. She's a mermaid so she's partially nude hence the links. NUDITY https://i.postimg.cc/pLKqmNwK/20200628-202434.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/SKqV8T43/20200628-202438.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/hGrs0LPj/20200628-202443.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/9fRCJpTp/20200706-145915.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/5NvP6yw3/20200802-164903.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/gr96CYjc/20200802-164834.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/P5Q2Q7Vv/20200802-165026.jpg WIP here, she's part of my Beneath the Waves Project. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/88958-beneath-the-waves-by-glitterwolf/&tab=comments#comment-1896746
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    TELAXIA is FINISHED: SHOW OFF https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92473-telaxia-tidal-beauty-by-glitterwolf/
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    Tonight's sculpting went well. Did one boot and added a needle to the fibula. Pinched fabric is still missing and the boot will get straps. I also carved the legs free. I tried my hand at a scabbard, but it came out a bit wonky with greenstuff . I might use a piece of sprue or something instead and carve it.
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    More work on Telaxia, almost there. LINKED FOR NUDITY: https://i.postimg.cc/9fRCJpTp/20200706-145915.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/0yH9Y36j/20200706-145921.jpg Also started on the Pope... ( Death Tide Jurakin Priest)
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    Hi everyone, here are pictures of my Gnoll hunting party. All of them are Reaper Miniatures Gnolls, painted with Reaper Master Series Paints. I added the archer's bowstring and converted two models (see last picture). I will now work on a display base for them.
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    all are from the wizkids line except the wardog (Reaper 14208 and Bones 77422)
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    This is why I bought a 3D printer. My family and I started a new campaign, everyone made new characters, we designed our characters on Heroforge then I printed out everyone's characters. This is my son's character Callum the Magnificent. A young excited wizard who likes Magic Missile.
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    Got the rest of the Bones Bandits done for the Sczarni safehouse. Once again, mostly quick Citadel contrast paint jobs with a few touch ups. I'm happiest with Karl the Killer. Firstly, Hans the Brains . . . Next up, Karl the Killer . . . . . . and finally, Marco the Muscle.
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    Like many of you my free time is on the rise recently and I've found both the time and muse to paint. I'm trying to learn the game Marvel Crisis Protocol. I used several brands of paint here including Reaper. I need to order a new Saffron Yellow as my bottle has seen younger days. :) J--
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    After having whipped up a bunch of cake decorations on my 3D printer for my daughter’s birthday (Disney Descendants stuff), my son figured he should get the same treatment. While this is unlikely to go on his cake, after watching the Mandalorian, like many, he was smitten by the Child, specifically the soup scene. this is a pretty quick job of base coat, drybrush then wash (repeated on the clothes because I tried to dirty them up and made a mess), with a bit of more delicate work around the eyes. The vallejo water effect in the cup clouded a little but it should clear up in a couple days. Am quite happy with the little fellow and Mrs. Rahz is thrilled and hope my little dude will as well. thanks for looking.
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    This is the female Firbold Druid (SKU SS30) from Oathsworn Miniatures. I think she turned out best of my recent batch of minis. Oathsworn minis have all been a joy to paint so far, and this one is no exception.
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    This pair gave me a bit of a break while I was painting the bandit mooks. Firstly, I started off painting the Razormouth based on a cane toad colour scheme. I thought I'd add the stripes to break up the pattern a bit and by the end it's looking like a toad you're going to need more than a cricket bat to deal with. Happy with the overall effect, althought he deep detail on the Bones Black makes painting it a easy task. Only the one angle because in my haste in unpacking all of my Bones IV I misplaced his left front led and had to sculpt a new one - not my finest moment with the green stuff. Next up, the Terror Fish. I've seen a lot of beautifully painted tropical style ones and I toyed with the idea of painting it like a Lionfish, however my Terror Fish lurk in the freshwater streams and bayous around Dreadmir, so I thought I'd be inspired by giant river catfish (and it allowed me to try out a colour scheme and technique I plan to use on the Admiral when I get around to him). I'm happy with the pink tinged belly and the eyes on this one. This pair will be harassing the party as they make their way to the Sczarni safe house. Back to the mooks . . .
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    Hi everyone, Here's the Big "Slim" Boss of my Gnoll hunting party. 02704, Lord of the Gnolls was sculpted by Ben Siens. It's a tall metal model that stands 65mm / 2.5 inches at the top of its head. I painted it with Reaper's MSP acrylics.
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    This is 77322: Kassandra of the Blade, a Bones mini sculpted by Werner Klocke. The WIP thread is over here. I originally picked out the colors to try to use Breast Cancer Awareness Pink. Beyond that, the colors are roughly based on those for Sailor Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon. She is painted to not-quite-display in preparation for a later attempt at display quality. (click on the pictures for larger versions) If you'd like to know any of the colors used, I can look these up for you. The flock is an autumn color foliage mix from Huge Miniatures. Overall, I think she came out well. The hair isn't quite bubblegum pink like I wanted but I'm not complaining. As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome! I'm not going to do any more work on this mini but I can always use advice for painting future minis. (I'd like to take home a silver or better from ReaperCon next time. I know my basing is weak, but I'm not sure what to do to improve.)
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    This is one of my favourite minis and I have been working on it for awile. I hmmd and hawd about how to base it but finalluy decided to do a simple raised cork base.
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    Baba Smolluk is going to be my wife's Witch character's nemesis in town - a swamp witch who everyone thinks is mad who is starting to muscle in on Rhoda's matchmaking business with all manner of questionable love potions. I've modelled her clothing on some Russian peasant fabric - rather busy in design, albeit with a limited palette. Every town needs a crone for the children to tell stories about, and Baba Smolluk fills this need in Dreadmir. Baba Smolluk lives in a small shack in the woods near the town, however she makes regular visits to Dreadmir to buy supplies or simply harangue random townsfolk. She is known to attach herself to one person who will be the target for her barely comprehensible vitriol and who she follows all day. Her rants range between accusations of inappropriate contact and strange apocalyptic prophecies. Visitors to her shack in the woods will find it well stocked with curios and potions which she is willing to sell, although not always for money. Sometimes the cost will be a handful of beetles from a rotting log, other times a lock of hair or a drop of blood. On more than one occasion she has merely insisted that her customers listen to her opinions on a particular topic. The items she sells are quite functional, however each one comes with a minor quirk which might not be to the customer’s tastes. For all her ravings, most of the town regard Baba Smolluk as an annoying but largely harmless eccentric. There is the question of why she has been buying up all the chickens in town though . . .
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    So in a couple of adventure's time, my Dreadmir party will be raiding a Sczarni safe house deep in the swamp and populated with bandits, mercenaries and all sorts of other ne'er do wells. That means it's all hands on deck and painting up every disreputable looking type I have lurking in my various boxes of shame. I got these guys as part of the Stoneskull expansion for Bones II and while they are made from the soft Bonesium, I'm impressed with the level of detail on them (not as impressed with the mold lines I had to remove). Given I need a lot of bandit types in a relatively short space of time and factoring in my tendency to get bored painting the same sort of figure over and over again, I thought I'd use them as an experiment in using citadel contrasts and washes. Each of these was undercoated with Wraithbone spray and then hit with a range of mostly contrasts (plus Drakenhof Nightshade for the metal and Seraphim Sepia for the gold) and then touched up with a highlight or two. I'm fairly happy with how they turned out and they'll suit their purpose as quickly killed mooks when the hammer falls on the "safe" house. First up - their leader . . . The Bully . . . The Enforcer . . . . . . and the Knocker.
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    This is Bombshell Miniatures Fa'o the Cat Huntress (SKU 10049). Fun figure, painted to tabletop standard. Another one off the partially painted pile.
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    This is the classic Lesser Golems set (SKU 11-416) from Ral Partha's range AD&D Monsters. Sadly that means they are no longer in production, which is a shame, since there was a lot of great minis in that range. Painting these 2 get my total painted this year at 33, so way ahead of my normal output.
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    This guy is Gon'Tarr, Orc Shaman (SKU 3879) in metal from Reaper. I thought he needed a hat since his head was so flat. At first I wanted a bowler hat, but I didn't have one laying around so he got a fancy feathered one instead which suits him just fine. I decided he had been around a while, so a wily dangerous middle-aged orc (or half-orc). His face was hard to get to hiding under the hat, so its kinda a mess.
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    This is the delightful Stonehave female halfling mage. Did slight OLS from the spell effect. Other than that, totally a tabletop paintjob.
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    Hi everyone, here are pictures of my latest Gnoll, a converted Toghra the Gnoll Leader. The upper part is from 77235, Toghra the Gnoll Leader sculpted by Jason Wiebe. The lower part of the mini is 77236, Bloodmane Gnoll Warrior sculpted by Tre Manor. The spear head is the blade of 02757, Gastaroth the Vampire sculpted by Werner Klocke and the staff is from 14056 Weapon Pack 1 sculpted by Tim Kaufman. Here's the link to the conversion WIP if you'd like more information.
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    I painted this lovely lady up to be the mother of my current DND character, an air genasi blade bard (painted a while ago). I tried to keep to similar but different color schemes, with Ashana looking more light and girly to contrast my blade bard's more dark and stormy look. WIP thread is here.
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    Posting this show off for three reasons: 1. This is the first time I've ever managed to paint an entire army for any game before fielding it on the table. 2. This is the first time I've ever painted an entire army within weeks of purchasing it. 3. @Jasper_the_2nd told me too. Painted to tabletop, mostly Reaper paints. I went with non-canon color schemes. Next up is a Clone army.
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    This was another attempt at "good enough" painting. I absolutely love this sculpt, but her facial details were a little shallow. My base layer almost completely covered up her nose, so I had to use heavy shadows to keep her from looking like Voldemort I like to call her Carmilla De Ville, since she feels like the vampire sister of the famed enemy to the Dalmatians
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    Finished him a couple days ago and finally getting a chance to sit down and show him off here. I rushed him a bit towards the end to try and get him done by the end of the month. He was a bit more of a challenge than I expected him to be. Largely because I thought I knew where I wanted to go with him when I started, but then found myself questioning and changing things over time. But in the end, I like the results. I wanted a flashy desert dragon, thus the yellow against brown tones. Inspiration for the patterning initially came from looking at crocodiles. And since crocodiles don't have wings, I ended up getting inspiration from draco lizards. Also, this was a test to see if I liked the idea of this kind of patterning if I ever got my hands on a Ma'al Drakar again to do another Tiamat. The color palette ended up being very simple. Enjoy!
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    This is a Jim Fitzpatrick mini I got at Reapercon last year, finally had some time to work on it. Accepting my level of talent as a painter, I am pretty happy with it for the most part, and I think I have brought it about as far as my limited ability will take it
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    Painted some goblins my buddy printed for d&d
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    A breezy, cool night in the high desert. Heat lightning crackles on the horizon. Gusts of wind bring the faintest scent of far-off rains. The full moon illuminates a strange crater in the parched earth. Was that there yesterday? All at once, a rumble. The earth quivers and vibrates. Grains of sand begin to dance about near the lip of the hole; then, pebbles. A frenzied writhing that sets the land in tumult! A great roar, the sound of it almost a solid thing, impossibly basso. Again, and again. There is a faint reply on the desert wind: an echo? or another of the unfathomably great burrowers beneath? It's hard for you to tell, but eventually the titanic bulk subsides and the desert is quiet once more, save for a faint shifting of sand and a ripple on the dunes heading for the horizon. This was an old project I never posted; painted back when washes were almost all the paints I had. A great sculpt, dynamic and expressive. The purples are alternating layers of midnight blue and a sort of pinkish red. I should go back and add some razzamatazz to that belly, now I'm seeing the big photographs. While a lot of people think purple worms are D&D cribbing Frank Herbert's sandworms as it did Margaret St. Clair and John Wyndham's fungal underdarks and dark elves--and they ARE pretty rad--I'm convinced that the genesis of both was far earlier, in a 1929 David Henry Keller short from "Amazing Stories." It's called, appropriately enough, "The Worm," and is worth the few minutes of your time to track down and read. Come to think of it, this story might have also partly inspired Ray Bradbury's "The Fog Horn," though the tone of that story is much more wistful and melancholy and less increasing dread. And without THAT, and another tonal shift, monster movies and kaiju movies might have been very different indeed.
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    So I think this Minotaur may have been originally sculpted by Julie Guthrie, but likewise it might have been Dennis Mize because it's part of those Ral Partha resculpts that were won't with some of the Citadel miniatures back then. Anyhoos, fun figure, and didn't take too long to paint. It's my first minotaur, I must admit! Anyhows, enjoy!
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    Normally I'm too lazy to share what I paint, but I'm a big fan of these goblins and really wanted to help spread the love. I've never painted a "uniform army" before. But these guys were adorable enough that I couldn't resist. I had a lot of fun painting them, and can now see the appeal of painting an army with a consistent style. I plan to base them with some dirt & grass flocking. Unfortunately, it'll be at least a month or two until the materials arrive, so figured I'd just take some quick low-quality pictures and post before I forgot. :) This was quite a quick paint job of 20 goblins, and my first time trying out GW contrast paints (for the base coat). Probably took about 20 hours total (a good 3-4 of which was assembly and priming). Definitely looking forward to more from @Shieldwolf Miniatures!
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    Presenting Squirrel the Urchin, one of the many urchins present in the Dickensian faction from the game Twisted by Demented Games. Quite happy with this one, even if my ability to paint big flappy coats and capes seems to be deteriorating rapidly. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    Presenting Tricia Harker, a member of Monkey Kings gang (she takes Tripitaka's place, I guess they felt it was inappropriate to give a Buddhist monk a machine gun) in the game Twisted by Demented Games. Couldn't quite work out what to do with her weird boots, but the rest turned out okay. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    I finished this little guy today. This was just a little something to slap paint on for a couple hours. I haven't been as productive as I'd like during this social distancing and I've had a crisis of confidence lately but I just have to work through it. I really liked the green on the outside of the tentacles/fangs that fades to white at the tips, that's one of my best gradients. I wanted the insides to look like gums in the middle and mucous membranes further out but they worked out more red than pink. I did several coats of gloss sealer on the inside surfaces to make it look wet but it doesn't show much in the pictures. I also toyed with the idea of putting a little purple on the tips of his scales to help make him look otherworldly but didn't in the end. Let me know if you think it would help him "pop" a little more! Hope you enjoy.
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    More channeling of the inner post-impressionist. Some pointillism technique for texture and color fun. Wanted to avoid using pure white and black so all the shadows and highlights are built with complimentary colors and tones to build more contrast. I'm shocked I find this kind of tedious painting technique fun, but I enjoy it immensely!
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    WIP thread Here STL was picked up on Myminifactory from TytanTroll Miniatures. And here he is with an LED inside. The one in the light box didn’t turn out as clear due to the LED being too high. I may or may not leave it in. And when holding it in a better spot. Was a fun little job. Probably spent about 3 hours painting it. It’s pretty much some base coats applied by airbrush, a ton of dry brushing and then a variety of washes. thanks for looking.
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    Here's my entry for Reaper's Facebook recent quarterly contest. I wanted to play around with OSL more, so I created a dusk/night setting and made a lantern to add into the drayman's hand. Had a lot of fun creating the scenic base. When I thought about doing a corduroy road in a swamp, I got inspired to go to a local resale shop where they sell reclaimed wood and use it as the base. Three things I learned from the past two contests. 1) My tendency towards more natural will not win over the more colorful entries. This isn't to say the ones that won didn't deserve to win. They were great paint jobs and I expected them to win when I first saw them. 2) I shouldn't rush the job last minute so I can get in more of the details I really want. I put it all together in about a week and because of that I didn't get to put the texture detail I really wanted to on the shell and skin of the tortoise, as well as some more colorful details on the pack items. Though the latter I was wavering on since I didn't want huge amounts of color since it was a night scene. 3) I'm still happy with what I did. If I wasn't I wouldn't have turned it in!
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    For my upcoming Ravenloft campaign.
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    This is Romero, the Cat from Fernando Ruiz miniatures. I had a great time painting him!! I'm gonna have to come back to his cloak, his knives, and his rope, they're just not working for me right now... But I know when I need to call something "done enough". Hope y'all enjoy him! I'm always open for c&c!
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    Well, I did it. this is the last of the Elmore dragons that Darksword Miniatures makes. This miniature is based on a pencil sketch by Larry Elmore and is one of the tallest freestanding dragons I have in my collection. He is also one of my favorite miniatures. from the huge wingspan to the quirky happy/puzzled expression on his face, this dragon is just amazing. He has also been sitting in his box waiting patiently for years because for years I thought he was a brown dragon which made him what I considered a real challenge to paint well. Some reading and thought later and he has found his stride as a bronze dragon. It was also an excuse to break out some of my new color change paints on his wings to see what they look like over a broad expanse. The answer, as you will see below is amazing to look at, very difficult to capture in pictures. So anyway I thought I would let everyone see him. I hope you like what you see! Here he is from the front with the color effect from the color change paints in the down position and here he is again with the color change in the up position. the color flare is really pretty amazing in real life but I just cant seem to capture it well.
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    Ten of the 23 minis I’ve painted since my post in March. Monsters = tabletop Humanoids = above tabletop Sinisthreax (14634) is an ultra-complicated sculpt. He’s a noctiny (5e kobold press) recurring villain in my dnd game. You’ll note one eye is normal along with that side of his face. Silas (03010) the human cleric I wanted to dingy up with blood spatter. I imagine his name is Bret and he does not appreciate being called a heal-bot. The Dragonborn (Wizkids), half-orc (red box games) and deep gnome (Bones) are all new players in my dnd game which has grown from 3 players to 7 in rapid order. Narbaz is a tiefling from Red Box Games and I like the OSL I got from below, but not from the staff. I really just got sick of it and called it done.
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    They came! Such a big box, usually my KS rewards come in baggies inside a bubble envelope. The cat is not impressed. Apparently I pledged for All the Things.
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    Here is an old frost giant I got in a collection my high school friends gave me. I’ve painted him up to look Viking-ish, as I think that was Gary Gygax’s original conception. The snow consistency is not right. I’d like it to be fluffy and smooth. Need practice...
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    One of my all time favorite battles was in SFB - at a Maine Con back in 1982. Sealed orders - the Federation mission was to protect their ambassador as he was taken through the Neutral Zone. The Klingon mission was to destroy a particular ship in the Federation fleet.... Which wasn't the one carrying the ambassador.... So both sides managed to fulfill their mission objectives, with neither realizing what the other side had wanted in the first place. The Auld Grump - specifically, the Klingons wanted to destroy a ship that had a captain that they had a grudge against....
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