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    Even though the Isle of Dread game I had been running died a premature death this summer, it's never too early to paint minis for its return, right? The group: Jaatu, a Reaper Miniatures piece I've had in progress since release in 2003, apparetnly. It's good to finally wrap up a mini after 13 years... A Tribal Champion (possibly from Chronopia, I got him with a broken weapon from a trade) And a group of Menehune, from Paymaster Games "Going Native" series: I tried to give the Menehune some traditional tattoos, then kind of gave up. I'm definitely getting a Micron marker before I try to do any tattoowork again.
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    Here's another set intended for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago. I tried to do up the Bloodstone Gnomes as Tribals, as one of the Tribal traits is Pygmy and their armor seemed that fantasy MesoAmericana
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    Dear all, I decided to tackle a large miniature this time : the Bones Behir. However, I won't stick to the DnD colour scheme and mix it up a bit. I thought of a jade green with red back tail. Assembly was difficult. Plenty of hard to remove mold lines (micro chisel to the rescue), ill fitting parts and lack of scale detail at joints made this a challenge. Don't get me wrong. It is a beautiful sculpt, much better than other Behir sculpts I saw online. That said this miniature would benefit from the slightly less bendy grey plastic. So far I cleaned it, resculpted scales and basecoated it with brown liner and a drybrush of Vallejo Surface Primer. I will work with glazes this time on the preshaded surface. New for me and may save some time what concerns establishing contrast. I also finally tidied up my desk, so tonight I will apply the base colours. I will add a tree to the base with one or two of its many arms resting on it.
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    Thank you, I'll be interested to see how it looks with the water effect. Maybe I can even get a reflection going for scenic shots.
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    Got some work on the base done and attempting to depict dry mud. The mud will need some shading, to have it look wet in some areas, like closer to the ground. The idea is that the Behir dozed at the river shore and got startled, so water effect will be added in front of him, too.
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    Thank you. I decided to cut the base off (yes, after the painting not the best idea),so that I have more flexibility in terms of scenic staging. I want him perched at a shallow forest stream. Let's see how it goes.
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    Almost finished with the Behir. Increased contrast of the legs and gave fangs and claws some texture. I want to put a bit more work into the back sail, maybe adding a bit more purple. Otherwise the base will be a tad more involved with this one.
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    I Thank you, they become my favourite thing about this project. Thank you. All a bit experimental, but since I use a wet pallette I go more free form and work colours in different areas. I started work on the claws and teeth. The horns got some texture and the exoskeleton as well. Purple shades were a good choice. I may go back in and smooth out some of the blends, but I also kinda like some of the rougher textures on the bony belly. Overall coming along nicely. I thought I include a pic of the pallette for those interested in the range of colours used.
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    Loving the color choices and the way it’s coming along!
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    Much obliged. I really like how they came out. I will keep it in mind for the wyvern on my to paint list.
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    Last night's focus was on the eyes. I went for a yellow halo around a central slit, framed by red. Gloss varnish really helped to add that lustre and wickedness.
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    Yes, just in a few places small patches of scales in metallic. I did it with a green asian dragon and another Ki'rinn. On green I use gold and green metals.
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    Thank you, I thought it would match the painterly style quite well. Good idea, I have a variety of gloss and metallic paints, even in purple. I will consider it, but assume it needs to be use sparingly, as you indicated. Great miniature by the way, the otherworldly feeling definitely comes across.
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    For a moment I thought you had drawn the dragon as well there. So it's a great background for it! Hmm I did a Ki'rinn a while ago in red/purple and enhanced he look with metals in red/purple..and a touch of silver. Just a few scales here and there with a reddish metal could give him that supernatural look.
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    That background looks awesome with it!
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    I arrived at a point where I am finally content with the red scales. The trick was to highlight again with a bright flesh tone and glaze over all of ot with the base red tone. I picked out some scales with orange and think I keep it like this. Maybe some more work in the shadows to better delineate them in certain areas. Now it comes down to the legs and carapace. I decided to go for a colour shift to purple on the legs and might repeat it on the back sail. I also made a test shot with a hand painted backdrop for photos. Obviously needs more trees etc. It is water colour and pastels, so if this is successful I will paint an A4 version. What do you think?
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    Just highlight the scales again, this can happen after washing. I think that would be enough.
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    I tried to give the red more contrast, but now it seems a little dull. Shaded with a dark green and highlighted with added fair skin and beige tones. Anyone has a tip how to bring the red out again? A glaze with a bright red?
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    I tried it with a dark purple on the scales already, but green might be necessary to take it further.
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    if you use a thin green wash over the red it will bring out the red more.
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    I defined the scales some more and feel the green ones are finished. The red scales I want to push even more contrast wise. I also started shading the legs with indigo ink. Now I go back in with Kraken Skin and a touch of yellow for the highlights and smoothing out transitions. All in all coming along nicely. I think I will place a nest in its midst with an egg. Adds narrative and also covers some of the less accessible areas.
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    Excellent idea, might be better than pure black and works with the shadow colour.
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    That might look even better, since the horns are red at that spot I would suggest a very very dark purple and then fading to black at the top.
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    I need to think about it. Maybe some texture will suffice, mottling or something like that.
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    If you do apply black tips i think they should be just the tip of the horns, keep it small so to speak.
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    Indeed! usually I don't like the aesthehtic of asian style dragons, but this mixed form Lindworm/ Asian dragon really resonates with me. I put some more hours in last night to get a feel how much contrast I need for the head and scale to pop. I think I am getting there with the green, but the red could be further improved. I highlighted the green scales with RMS Kraken Skin and deepened the shadows with a dark cold purple and an indigo ink glaze. The red got some neutral yellow mixed in to accentuate each scale. Finally pure RMS Bleached Bone was used to paint the carapace parts, horns and fangs. The comparison with the pictures above really shows how much more it pops now. I wonder if I should add dark tips (almost black) tips to the horns?
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    Oh nice! Classic wind dragon look!
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    Off to a good start: Base colours established: RMS Kraken Skin with a hint of Vallejo Intermediate Green and RMS Holly Berry with some brown. The colour scheme is quite classic for claw worms in heraldy, so I thought it would suit the miniature and it will also work well with my autumnal gaming table. I also started shading the scales using a midnight blue mixed with the green. Really great miniature and not as hard to paint as I thought. The pre shading really does pay of and saves time establishing shadows.
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    I finished another mini this week and hope you like him: Elladan Elven Ranger. His weapons were a bit bendy, so I replaced them. I also repositioned his arm. I like how the cloak turned out, the face could be smoother, but his cheek bones seemed to be quite pronounced, so I went for more contrast and impact from a gaming distance. I also got around taking a scenic shot. I still think my Smartphone can't replace a proper camera, but for now it must suffice.
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    They came! Such a big box, usually my KS rewards come in baggies inside a bubble envelope. The cat is not impressed. Apparently I pledged for All the Things.
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    Here is a shot of all the structures to date. This is two sets of mountains built as modular, the high peaks the dividing line on the left and the bridge is over the gorge between the other two. There are ten different structures, the closest being one large maintenance barn. The last shot is of a single mountain and another plant of some sort.
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    Ever since I started working on my Frostgrave waterfront last year, I have thought that the Reaper "Dark Maiden" figure would make a cool addition to my Frostgrave figure collection; taking the roll of either a dockside Construct, or even a Wraith or Demon. I was lucky enough to pick one up in a Box of Goodwill a while back, and it's been lingering on my painting table until I built up the courage to tackle it. I finally decided with the River scenario from the Frostgrave Thaw of the Lich Lord supplement on our schedule for next month, that it was time to build up my courage and tackle this beautiful figure. In mulling over paint schemes, I decided that I wanted to do something like the grayish-brown of the masthead shown on the shipwreck of the Charlotte during the opening scenes of the movie "National Treasure." This seemed simple enough, just some brown and grey drybrushing over a dark base. The hard part was going to be that I wanted to make it look possessed, with glowing eyes and glowing swords; and Object Source Lighting (OSL) still is not a strong technique for me. In the end I'm really happy with how it turned out. While I wish it had turned out a little more aged grey, and less brown; I still think it looks properly demonic. :)
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    Very cool! The dude with the skull headdress looks kinda orky to me.... Duuudes, Surfs UP!
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    I do hope there is a Return to The Isle of Dread Campaign; re, such DELIGHTFUL creations deserve to be played with. TERRIFIC WORK!
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    On a related note...does anyone have a clue as to what line the big guy in the skull head dress is from?
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    Thanks! I kind of settled on doing the impression of a tattoo...they're tiny enough on the table, anyway.
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    I like the tattooing, it turned out pretty good. It definitely gives the effect.
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    Aw, those menehune are adorable. (The other guys look good too!)
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    Yup, they're Menehune, Hawaiian Fey: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menehune
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    Do the little guys all have surfboards?
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    So about 2 years or so ago I decided to get back into miniature painting after about 20 years. I had no idea how things had progressed so I went to the LFGS to look around. This is where I first discovered reaper miniaturesand as I looked at the awesome metal sculpts on display I noticed these white plastics called bones so I picked up one bones and a few metals and left. Now the bones stayed in its blister for several months and when I finally opened it I glued it then it sat on a shelf until now. Havin got into the KS 3 I figured I better paint my one Nd only bones so here goes ;) And sorry the pics are not great he was surprisingly difficult to frame.
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