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    This post was brought to you by Back to the Future, Parts 1&2 It's been a bit of a hectic week, but I managed to get some painting time today. I decided to do something, anything with the glowing area of the floor in front of the portal because it was really bothering me. My original idea was to do some sort of OSL effect, but the angle was all wrong and I decided to show the protective runes on the floor 'activating' to show the magical energies flowing through the portal instead. I started with the green portion, using the same colours as the green dragon head. Likewise the red portion, to mirror the Red Dragon head. The picture also shows the new(ish) brush that I picked up in lockdown that I was testing out today. I'm pretty happy with it to be honest. Todays feline interruption was subcontracted to Diva as Loki was far too busy chattering at our birdfeeders. Diva was placated with food and I continued with the blue part. I realised that There was a bit of a gap between the blue and red, so I extended the red a little bit longer. I checked the colour against a handy inky creature And a badly lit photo of the portal with the colour spray. At that point I decided to stop because I'd been painting for almost 5 hours and, unusually, I was pretty happy with what I'd accomplished. I think I need to extend the green to meet the red, but I'll leave it for the next session. Thanks for looking everybody! As always, any critisisms/comments are greatly appreciated.
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    Did left side of the neck now
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    Did right side of the neck and under the jaw
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    I think I am going to paint the keel and gunnels as if they are sheathed in old copper, like this:
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    Thanks everyone! Any encouragement and 'likes' are very welcome, especially since my painting motivation has been rock bottom lately. Also, thank you for checking this out @TaleSpinner! It's not terrifying having the minis sculptor following the thread at all! So, my original plan for the Foo Dogs was to make them jet black with pale blue electrical energy seeping from it. ...but overnight I decided to switch it to Malachite carved dogs. Malachite is referred as a guardian stone, so it fits the theme of the mini. A quick google found this carving. Doesn't it look cool? I put on a base of Dragon Green. Someone decided that he was being ignored for far too long. This is why most of my minis have fur on them After Loki got his rightful attention., I did some highlighting on the dogs. Mr Green got a little bit of attention(Lini green 89517 and Dungeon Slime 09415), as did Mr Red(Brilliant Red, Sunrise Orange 09406 and Lantern Yellow 09407) Some detail shots. In retrospect, I shouldn't have put the green dragon next to the foo dog, but I'm too invested now. I'm stopping for the day now, mostly because I'm starting to over think the colours. Mr Red probably needs a bit more highlighting, but I think I'll sleep on it. Anyway, thanks for looking everyone! See you next time!
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    Also printed Aline the Bold from Artisan Guild Made this base for her. Gryphina ( WARNING LINKED FOR NUDITY) https://i.postimg.cc/nh8xSSsJ/20200807-162214.jpg High Gryphkin Warrior
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    So..ehhh. about those "few" minis I need to paint.. Also assembled the infiltrators. With so many weapon options and hands I can easily make more with different weapons. For now I went for one with spells in both hands, one with two blades and one with a short bow and a blade. I figure the last one has just wounded his target with an arrow and now closes in to finish him. The others are specialists. Love these minis.
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    I agree, the second version is more impressive!
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    Began painting, using my signature 'watermelon' color scheme i use a lot for ceratopsids
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    A new Kickstarter from Durgin Paint Forge coming late September / early October. Wasn't a backer of the previous ones, but I don't think there's been any issues. They've been working away at this one for a while, so most of the minis have already been previewed on their blog. Now live:- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/durginpaintforge/the-elves-of-inneath-32mm-fantasy-miniatures?ref=user_menu
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    Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I have really been around here or painted at all. But after getting through some personal obstacles I am starting to get back to painting. This is the first model I have painted in over a year and a half. Still need to finish the horns, spikes,face, and a few odds and ends. I was thinking about giving him glowing eyes but not sure if I will go that route. Hopefully if I keep up with painting this guy will be part of a diorama that I have planned. Let me know what you guys think. Comments and criticisms are welcomed and appreciated!
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    I found this strange little fellow in my order. Anyone have insight on what he is? Is Reaper going into the meeple business? Is it the Reaper equivalent of a golden ticket? (A factory tour would be awesome, so long as there’s no anti-gravity soda and giant exhaust fans around.) Is there a game afoot?
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    The painter next door said he'd empty that box on sight he waited and waited for that box to come around 45 tons of unpainted minis were all they ever found BUT the box came back the very next day, they thought it was a goner but the box came back. It just wouldn't stay away....
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    I've been following this guy for a while. I'm not always 100% into every model, but I like the majority of his work and I'm feeling this project won't be any different. He has always delivered on time, doesn't run multiple projects simultaneously, and downloading things has been painless.
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    I'm getting more selective these days, life is expensive, but if the designs are good, resin friendly and the price is right, this one might be something for me. It will need to have something I really want though, I already have a lot of Physical minis and STL's from other companies for my Nippon Project, I don't need the next generic samurai. I like the look of that dragon, I'm curious to see what will be done. If they have a Chinese Junk ( ship) and it's sliced for resin printers, I would be thrilled.
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    At the moment I'm actually happy to join STL kickstarters, I find it easier to store files than actual minis and one can print as many as one wants/needs. Now to see how the designs will look and if this is a resin friendly KS. ( the resin printers have a smaller printbed..so huge stuff needs to be sliced or it's too big)
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    Alright, I'm all caught up. I finished cleaning it last night, then took @Glitterwolf's advice and primed it with Brown Liner using my airbrush. After that, I base coated the stone parts of the throne in Gug Umber. Oh, and I am using this old throne as a reference for the stone: For the boat, it doesn't need further base coating, as Brown Liner will be it's shadow anyway. I started highlighting the planks using Woodstain Brown. I am struggling to decide what to do with the rune covered keel and gunnels. Are they metal, the same wood as the rest, and different wood? I'm not sure what to do with them
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    It's always a bummer when something isn't primed well, especially when you've already started painting. I'm glad you were able to get it figured out, 'cause I want to see that thing painted!
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    I forgot about the aluminum pan trick. I need to try that on my apple trees. As soon as the apples start turning ripe the birds peck the heck out of them.
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    Finally added the minis. Prepared the spots by scraping away some of the sand and some Milliput with an Xacto knife. That went surprisingly well. The ravens still wouldn't fit. Pressed them down really hard and almost broke them in the process. Finally figured out that I didn't drill the pinning hole deep enough. Now that I can smell the completion I start to rush - I have to control myself better! Integrated the miniature bases in the scenery with pumice paste and an old paintbrush. Finally decided to add some lichen (like I planned in the beginning). I am very happy so far with the results. My next problem: I have to give the soft wobbly lichen some structure. I have no idea so far how to do that. Maybe some thinned PVA-glue might work. Does anyone have some experience with this? Anyway: This is how it looks right now.
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    You may be interested to know that todays update was brought to you by the films Aliens, The Cabin in the Woods and Shaun of the Dead. There may be a cat photo at the end too So, it's been a week and I managed about 8 hours painting in that time. Some good and one awful miscalculation, but I'll get to that soon enough. I've been busy working on the 'active' side of the portal, including the blue, black and white heads Here's the colours that I used. I tend to take photos of the paint pots with the minis, otherwise I just end up with lots of paint recipies with absolutely no idea where I used them. The black really wasn't working at this point, even though it looks much better in person. I usually try and highlight Black Dragons with a mix of purple and turquoise, mostly influenced by an awesome melanistic boa that i saw at a reptile rescue organisation a few years ago. I realised that I needed to make a start on the base and I used some Sculpey and a Green Stuff World Roller to make this base. It wasn't that thick, so I needed to attach it to some cork sheet to give it a bit more heft. I even had an assistant, the studious Kurogane! Yeah, I know it's a bit uneven looking but I forgot to take an after shot, ok? Paint, wash and a hearty drybrushing was applied.... And I started work on the portal, trying to tie the colours into the heads. I'm really not sure whether to leave it as it is or to bring more colour into it. I also added more highlights to Mr Black This is where I got too confident and it all went wrong. I thought that it would be a good idea to try an OSL effect from the portal onto the stones. This did NOT go well and I'm planning on covering it up asap. Thus ends this weeks (mis)adventures in painting, next weeks first act will be to redo that stone Bonus kitteh, an affectionate Loki :)
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    You can also buy them as a physical miniature, I believe resin. I like them a lot. They really hold their own compared to other miniatures and I don't think anyone would feel like they got stuck with a "meh" figure because it was the only one with a wheelchair. I also like that the bases are 25mm even though they'll probably look a tad smaller than other miniatures on the same base size. Makes them really practical for actual role playing. To me he looks like he is throwing himself forward, almost to a standing position, barely being contained by the belts around his legs. Also, his feet are kinda tilted downwards, which gives additional length to the legs.
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    More roots, some rocks, now all it needs is some reggae . Went with a bit more sand instead. The brown sand is from Army Painter. The grains have different sizes, which i find very cool. Also, a skull (from an old Reaper ProPaint-pot). You see, the saga tells that this monk will be killed by robbers, because they find nothing worth stealing, except for his life. The skull is meant to foreshadow his death. Next: Priming. I bought a rattle can primer. This will be another first for me. Hope I don't mess it up, I really like the base so far. I will prime the base in white. There was a very cool tutorial on youtube, where a guy painted very realistic looking rocks by priming white and then just using some brown and black washes. I am planning to try that.
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    Technically they are Komainu, aka Foo Lions, so....cats. I based them off of this one: (They were originally a bit closer to this one before the Chinese resculpt happened...long story.) Oh, and Malachite is one of my favorite stones (along with lapis). I love it. That red dragon is stunning! No need to be nervous; I'm just super excited to watch a great painter paint one of my sculpts!
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    I've just realized that he's actually lying on top of a bunch of paints there. I was too busy painting and watching Hot Fuzz to notice him creeping closer to me
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    It looks great! If you keep the green dragon a different green it won't matter much. I love the green foo dogs.
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    So, first let me say that the title "Lord Dave" was not originally one that I chose, even though later I would use it for most forums, user names and even a D&D character. Way back in the time of neighbor convience stores (note: a store is a place where you used to be able to go buy things without logging in, face to face even) I helped out a few nights a week with odd jobs. Sometimes stocking shelves, sometimes preparing the deli for the next day, sometimes cleaning in general, whatever the owner needed done. There were anywhere between 2 and 6 of us there on any given day. All of us were teenagers therefore we welcomed the chance to make a few honest bucks, usually paid in cash after we were done. Looking back, it was probably that store owner giving us a way to stay out of trouble. He was a great guy and cared a lot about our neighborhood. At the time, we had a habit of calling someone Captain of the guards any time they did something dumb. Not sure when or how, but eventually that morphed into several titles. Sergeant at arms was for minor stupidity, like saying something that made no sense to anyone else. Captain of the guard was more a general term for whatever idiocies were done. There were others, depending on whatever the store owner could think of in the moment of infraction. Then there was the rarely used "Captain of the Royal Guard" reserved for the most major dumb moments. Like knocking over a stack of bottled cokes in crates. (Happened a few times) Well, one night, we were working fairly late. The owner wanted us to clean the place very good. The last thing we had to do was mop. I was tasked to make the mop water. I filled the big rolling bucket halfway with hot mop water. We normally put a little bleach in the water, but I had no clue how much so half a gallon should do I thought. But the smell was fairly strong, so to cover that, I grabbed this bottle of some bright yellow liquid. I dumped about half of that into the bucket. Just then, one of my buddies came in with a few mops and said "let's get done" We began to mop the floors of the store, but within minutes, our noses were burning, eyes watering and the mop bucket was slightly smoking. The store owner, realizing exactly what happened, grabbed the bucket and ran out with it, ordering us to run out as well. After we were safely in breathable air he looked at me, half mad, half laughing it off. "Way to go, Lord Dave, never mix bleach and ammonia, that's toxic, you damn near killed us!!" he yelled (instantly promoting me right passed Captain of the Royal Guard to the highest level of stupid ever granted before or since - actual Lordship) He sent us all home and I assumed after airing out the store he re-mopped. Later it became a moment of "remember that time..." or "it's not as bad as..." From then on, my buddies and that store owner would call me Lord Dave with any stupid thing I did, regardless of the severity. But hey, I have never mixed bleach and ammonia again.
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    Well that was fun. I know my printer and settings are good since I printed perfect prints this morning. The experiment however was a failure. I created 11 tiny insects/lizards with supertiny supports. 4 of those were partly printed ( I will use them anyway, maybe partly covered or as dead bugs) All others faile miserably. I did shrink already small minis to 15% and some larger ones to 10% It's too tiny to hold even with less lifting speed. Another lesson: In Chitubox it all looks large enough, so placing supports here and there looks fine. In reality with such tiny stuff it will result in too many so you have troubles getting the tiny bug of it's supports. How tiny? Well I shrunk the minis so they are actually the size of a real fly. The smaller kind... I did have fun though, now I know how far I can go. Next time I will use somewhat larger supports and a bit bigger minis. Since the heatwave is upon us, I filtered and emptied the VAT now for a few days. I have some minis waiting for paint anyway.
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    Succes! Now to print the expirement, if it works I will have bugs and lizards to adorn bases and the temple. Maybe If it works I will create another on with small snakes, rats etc as well.
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    Right hand spell fell in the VAT, came off the supports while printing, so needs a medium support I think. The rest printed out excellent. Unfortunately while removing supports I was to eager and removed one foot.. reglued and it will be fine. Now going to print more and a new hand. Filtered the resin of course.
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    Perfect print again! She was presupported but I needed to add some extra supports ( seriously people, never trust them completely) This is from Heroes Infinite ( Raging Heroes 3D branche) Senliah the Seductress
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    I know a lot of people (including myself) have used the Descent 2nd edition to supplement their miniature collections. In fact, outside of Imperial Assault (basically Star Wars Descent), this was my first modern foray into miniature painting before getting bitten by the Reaper bug. So, it's definitely exciting to see a new project like this being teased! I'm not sure if I'll get it, since I've barely played the actual game of Descent. I'm more into the minis for use in 5E, and between ALL of Descent, Reaper, Nolzurs, the DnD board games, and especially a big order of Bones V coming next year... I'm not sure this will bring much to the table that I don't already have a ton of. But it's still exciting to see a product so meaningful to me get new life in this!
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    I love this! No one does dinos like you. Only suggestion I might make is more jowls/wattles/dewlaps. Beautiful work.
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    might repaint him, not entirely happy with how he's turning out so far
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    Did inside the mouth and some final touches, then primed him
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    Added cheeks, beak and the right eye
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    Thickened the neck some more
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    Looks pretty good to me George!
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    So at Reapercon 2018, I scored the Duskwarden poster of Thregan Helmsplitter for my work at the auction, and of course, being the Duskwarden*, I have a couple of the minis as well. So I was thinking of using him as my next PC, but as I have hair, I wanted my mini to also... While working on another project with GS, as usual, I made to much, and decided to bite the bullet and do his hair... What do you think? Comments appreciated! George * Doesn't Jacob Knochengard look like me???
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    Great work. Can't wait to see it painted up.
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    Look good, lots of variation going on which can be especially hard to do with a center part like that. Good work!
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    some photos with my actual camera rather than my phone
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    First step spider victim and bone piles.
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    Worked on cliffs and banks. Got first grey done. Then first drybrush. cliffs Banks
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    Any/all of the figures from the Koborlas Warlord faction.
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