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    I've got more dead things for you today. @Igormortis isn't the only one looking for some dirty dead! Here's my little collection of swamp zombies. The crowning jewel of this set is of course the Dreadmere Wight from Bone 4 Dreadmere. He's got plenty of character packed into such a simple model. I love him. Along side him we have a repainted Zombie from D&D Giants of Legend prepaints (#40). I've had this guy for ages, way before i learned to play D&D or ever picked up a mini brush. His paintjob was pretty bland and I definitely think I (un)livened him up. Would make a great shaman-type mini. And filling out the horde we have the Zombies from the Castle Ravenloft board game. Again. Rather bland sculpts, but I like them a lot more now. Their weird posture was the inspiration for the swamp theme as I imagined them pulling themselves up out of the muck. All together, they're a fun thematic set and add for some variety to my dusty Graveyard Zombies. Which one do you like best?
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    Just a quick picture. They're not special but I am trying to get my paint count up this year so just before reapercon I chose 20 miniatures I had no special attachment to and went about getting them painted. Most of them are destined to appear in my Christmas village as townsfolk The rocky was a bonus from Mocha's paint a rocky class. I thought he came out great! Not part of the 20 but because I haven't shown them yet, the swine mafia needed to have a word with the vegetable hauler. Apparently he hadn't hired pigs to load his cart...
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    Continuing work on the fence sections. Really dark red over the black, followed by a ruddy brown and specks of orange. Was not happy with the cool grey stone color, so I have drybrushed Bone Shadow over it and will be using that triad to replicate the local limestone.
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    Finished some green stuff work on a miscast section of graveyard fence. Not an exact copy but it fits in.
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    Well, that was grueling... I was working to the last second, didn't finish the last bit, was throwing in numbers was I watched the clock count down... I've never before run out the clock on a test. It will be a miracle if I hit 75%, but only a small one I think... I might have passed... maybe. If I got lucky with which questions were test questions... Hmm... Ah well. Now the waiting game until the results come out next month. Off to go get my flu shot!
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    May the resin gods be on your side!
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    My Reaper order arrived today. Feels like Christmas morning!
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    The best part is that you're willing to work for Peanuts.
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    In order, Discord Chat, Google Hangouts, Twitch, Zoom, Skype. I'm an old hand for internet chat (IRC primarily), so I can cope with the discussions. Really, Discord is better for synchronous (realtime) discussions and the forums are better for asynchronous discussions. One way to look at it is: The randomness thread could probably be replaced with Discord. But many threads on the forum (for example, "can you identify this mini" or Grump's threads about his games) cannot be replaced with Discord. Different mediums, different purposes. (Also, very little on the forums should be replaced by facebook or other such venues.) I find voice chat on Discord works better than on Google Hangouts, although maybe that's more an issue with the laptop I have in my hobby space. Nope. All classes, painting, chatting, and fatigue. Maybe. I think my schedule was aggressive and I ended up skipping some classes I had scheduled to paint or to take a breather. I think I should have taken Tuesday off. I appreciate the additional day of content but I think I needed a recovery day before going back to the grind. I learned about sculpting with green stuff (thanks, @TaleSpinner!), painting chibi eyes, and weathering. I wish there had been more class content on basing but that's a different issue. I'd definitely be interested in something like this again. Depends. I try to make sure my fantasy minis are painted in ways different from what the manufacturer posts. For BattleTech, I try to follow established color schemes. (Not that I've painted BattleTech minis for over a year...)
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    With the help of some friendly people on a glass fusing page, I think I figured out what went wrong with the slumping of my wine glass plate. I think I used the wrong program in the kiln - I overheated it for a full fuse instead of just enough to slump into the mold. The bad part is that it means I screwed up and it was a wholly preventable mistake, if I had just paid more attention to what I was doing when I programmed the kiln. The good part is that operator errors are generally the easiest to keep from happening again, if one is able to learn from their mistakes.
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    It’s official!!!! I have received the role of... SCHROEDER!!!!! Which is CRAZY because he never even crossed my mind, yet now that I think about it, he is a pretty good fit for me!! And it’s DOUBLY CRAZY because that’s a pretty up-there role, and I’ve never done any real acting before. And it’s TRIPLY CRAZY because that’s usually a role they give to upperclassmen, one of whom I am not. So, in conclusion, I am hyped as all heck about this!!!
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    Probably the single model that had me most excited from Kickstarter 4, Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut has always sparked my imagination, from first reading about it in the original AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide (before I even knew who Baba Yaga was), to tracking down the old adventure in back issues of Dragon Magazine, to Pathfinder's treatment of it as a dimensional nexus in the Reign of Winter adventure path. This was a must have add on in the kickstarter. I was very happy with it when it arrived, although I was a bit disappointed that the legs came pre-glued. Space has stopped me from getting in and painting it, however, I've found a use for it in my Dreadmir campaign. Baba Smolluk has decided to try to emulate the Queen of Crones and build her own dancing hut, partially explaining what all the chickens are for. When the party encounter it, it's just a normal ramshackle hut in the woods, however when they explore the basement, they find the (for now inanimate) legs hanging down. I'm planning to leave it open to them whether they want to complete Baba Smolluk's work once they deal with her. So, detachable legs would have been nice. I figure this might be a good place to put those sheets of neodynium magnets I picked up at Daiso to work. Additionally, the hut has a bit of an unfortunate lean to it . . . While the idea of the hut looming over the party and "peering" down at them is appealing, it can't stand upright like this and you lose a lot of the detail. Cutting the legs off, I found this: Of course they would be hollow. That's going to make placement of the magnets a little challenging. (Nasty collateral damage there from the saw, however I figure I can cover most of that up with paint and it won't be super visible on the finished model). Cutting the legs off made them easy to straighten using boiling / ice water: Time to do a bit of filling. There are probably better options than using my entire household supply of green stuff, however I wanted something readily available and which I could drill and glue the same as the black bonesium. The finished product: Now to let that set and stick the magnets in. I considered pushing them in while the putty was soft, however I wasn't convinced about how well they'd hold into the matrix, and getting them aligned while it was still setting would have been a pain.
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    I need to make a surface look like wood grain. There isn’t any texture done in the actual model. Any searching I do always gives examples on textured wood surfaces. So looking for any pointers on painting wood grain on a flat smooth surface. Think a trunk and I want the panels on it to look like wood panels or boards make it up.
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    I started watching it when. It was on TV and So glad Netflix picked it up. It is apparently based on a novel series which I want to read. It has a satisfying ending and the Landscape porn is worth watching for.
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    It seems incomplete. Where is the box that says SWEAR LIKE A SAILOR ? There should be at least two of those….
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    XKCD the cause and solution for many of my problems.
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    @NebulousMissy Next homework assignment: Memorize this flow chart. There will be a quiz on Monday. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I love how you accurately described my approach to every technology ever. If that's really what it means to be an early millennial, then I'm okay with calling myself such. I've avoided the label like the plague due to its negative connotation, even though my birth year ('85) puts me in the millennial range based on some charts. I' m sort of an in-between, where I grew up before internet and cell phones were a big thing, but now own a smart phone and am comfortable with most electronic devices. I'm gonna tell people from now on that I'm part of the PUSH ALL THE BUTTONS generation. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Probably, but thanks to The Google, I can usually figure it out rather quickly.
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    This. I am an encyclopedia for movie scenes and quotes, and my first job being at a movie theater only fueled it. (For the youngsters, an encyclopedia is like Wikipedia, only in book form.) You only saw it completely when you were a teenager? You poor soul...
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    I couldn't leave well enough alone, so now I have 2 more of the cobblestone and grass patches to match gluing on my desk. These are just foamcore in double layers, so won't be as stiff, but should be similar enough
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    As little as possible. I'm more of a 'cabin on a remote mountain' kind of guy. I don't like cities. Not sure I'd ever work for the type of company that had office space in a skyscraper.
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    I pretty much remember where every scene is from.
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    This is where movie trailers/commercials mess me up. I've probably seen far more of them than the actual movies, so there are tons of action or comedy scenes I'm familiar with, but with very little actual knowledge of the story. Then there's childhood flashbacks. Mostly from old cartoons. Scouring YouTube for 70s-80s cartoon opening credits has helped trigger some memories.
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    Most of the things that fall under that description were things that I watched as a wee tiny human, and then I saw later and went “oh, that wasn’t a dream”. One really great example was the bar scene in Star Wars 4. I totally thought it was a dream, until I saw the whole movie when I was a teenager.
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    I’ve been printing quite a bit lately for my D&D game I’m running. started with the Ashen Manticore from Artisan Guild. First time trying their pre-supported models and everything turned out perfect. Im using a new resin mixture of 50/50 anycubic grey and siraya blu. next up are some hero forge minis. they had a huge sale on STL files a month ago or so. They’re all primed, it really makes it easier to see the details on them. The trifling ranger and Goliath barbarian are PCs. while the dwarf and ranger with his hand on his sword are NPCs. Lastly is a hobgoblin who’s an early game boss. I have a version of him printing now riding a worg.
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    Pretty much the same answer as @Chaoswolf
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    Not that I can think of. If I like a show/movie, I generally remember most of it. If I don't, I try to data dump it as quickly as possible.
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    I have never worked in a tall building (the highest was four floors; and that one has been demolished). I have had a couple of job interviews in tall buildings that I thought were skyscrapers. But apparently both of them were a few floors short of the current definition. [???] I like how this thread accidentally results in learning things. I had thought that skyscraper status started around 11 or 12 floors. But maybe that is an old definition, or merely the number of floors past which an elevator is required. [??]
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    Rarely. The highest floor I've worked on is 14. And that had my office in the elevator bank access room. Could've been in a basement and would've seemed the same. Sigh, the life of an IT pro.
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    *** . . . dither, dither, dither . . . zzzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzz ZZzzzz . . . still dithering . . . ***
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    YET MORE EXCITEMENT! I got a small order of paints from Blick's yesterday afternoon: 1 ounce bottles of Utrecht cerulean blue, cobalt blue, light violet, red violet(3), transparent red oxide(2), true gold, vermilion, AND naphthol red: Blick & their products are OUTSTANDING.
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    Apologies if this got shared already and I missed it, but am I crazy or is Venus as a watery world super cool? I'm kinda in love with it. There's a spiral and a brokenness to it that still feels natural. Immediately made me wants to start homebrewin' a whole new world. The boundless potential of an unmarked map is intoxicating.
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    We've actually had very few problems with Zoom, Teams, Telehealth, etc. But the middle school has a complicated suite of programs all working together, or rather maybe not. The community college has got it together, there's a Discord for my 18 year old's Japanese class. Not sure if they will have class via Discord, but I guess we'll see.
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    Inside out. I paint eyes, face, and hair with shading and highlights. Then I basecoat the rest to make sure my colors are good and then apply shadows and highlights to each section. Very, very rarely. I've probably been in no more than three skyscrapers in my life. I've never worked in one.
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    Catching up... My dedicated painting space is our dining table. There isn't enough room around the table to seat four and we tend to eat dinner on the couch, so it was a convenient place to set up. I'm a little cramped because most of my storage is under the table. I wish I had another room where I could set up a proper desk, organization, etc. I did. Kind of. I ate pizza and watched the scheduled programming on Twitch.
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    Where'd the evening go? *has five more hours in Mechwarrior:Online* hmm, yeah, was worth it and was a ton of fun too. ...Even if my mech went boom way too often due to over committing...
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    American Association of Reaper Painters?
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    but now you have to deal with Lucy being in love with you. I'm so so sorry also congrats on getting the role.
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    my college is using webex instead. I am the on call tech support for it. We have had multiple trainings this summer, and made cheat sheets, and instructions and video demonstrations, and were even around to talk people through how to do things for 10.5 hours a day all week long. The only ones who even looked at it in advance were the ones who wouldn't need help anyway. I wish we were using zoom, it has a lot less to go wrong.
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    So DH and I were sitting her discussing the show we'd just watched and .... Arachnophobe filter:
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    I wish my university trained me on Zoom. I mean, sure, I can make it work on the chromebook now but that's because I'm an early millennial, I'm of the generation that clicks all the buttons and pulls all the levers to learn technology because I had no other option ever. All of my students are terrified of breaking something without training that the school is not providing. I had to talk two guys through 'how to learn by pushing random buttons' today during my office hours.
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    I found one by vince venturella but I haven't tried this myself. He is painting a bit of flat plastic or something to have a wood grain. https://youtu.be/VDeaCMaqhjU Ninja'd by the best I like Pingo's stuff better, mostly because the clip I found basically says you must buy a specific ink, and that doesn't impress me.
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    I dare not ask that question, it's three to one here, three to two if I count Brutus, but I know he will take their side when things get rough...
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    ... it's so thick out there that I went out to RELEASE THE.. chickens. .. with an N95 mask on. It's bad enough inside (the doors don't seal very well, frustratingly) that the cats are sneezing and looking at us reproachfully. All I can do is replace the filter on the air purifier in our bedroom and imply that's a better place for them to hang out. >.< Looking forward to the wind shift that carries this away, even though it was refreshingly cool out.
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    I’m pretty sure I make Something mad. First it was the pneumonia+period, a delightful combo as ever there was one. Now I’ve got pneumonia+food poisoning. I just emptied the contents of my stomach into a trash can, and yay! Here come the stomach cramps. I think I would have preferred a regular old smiting.
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