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    The car washes that I know of where there are issues with loitering and drug trafficking on the property, the property owner is generally working with police to stop it. In many of those cases, the car wash owners are frustrated because police won't help enough. If I have any owners involved in it, I don't know about them. I doubt this guy is involved in anything illegal, just based upon my personal dealings with him over the last 18 years. And according to his distributor, the wash is in a nice area, just down the street from an exclusive country club the owner belongs to and the owner is from old money (though none of us know where that old money came from? Robber barons, perhaps? ) More than likely what I saw was a fluke of the older Ping Plotter software I was using trying to fill in a name for a server that wouldn't respond with a name or was too busy to - here is what I got today: that hop is right in the transition from my ISP to their ISP. Yes, being largely cash businesses, car washes can appeal to those in criminal enterprises as a way to launder money, as illustrated in the show Breaking Bad. Car washes are also frequently audited by the IRS and state agencies as a result, too. It happens often enough that there is a lot of industry discussion about it. In fact, it is often listed as a major reason for washes to start taking credit cards - less cash, more trackable transactions, easier to deal with or even avoid audits. This is even more true for the equipment I deal with, because the reporting tracks cash in. We also have add-on boxes for other manufacturer's equipment that can add credit card to that equipment, but can be wired to monitor coins/bills in as well. Back when I used to have to do the car wash trade shows, I had people walk out of the booth almost immediately after hearing me talk about the cash tracking features. I've also had new owners who just bought a site with the equipment already installed ask how to disable the cash tracking. I quickly came to the conclusion that the guys using car washes to launder money don't want their cash to be counted that accurately by the system. I know I've got some dishonest car wash owners among my customers, but I don't think I have any Walter Whites. There is one guy I'm pretty sure who's committed insurance fraud several times.
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    That's how he stayed hidden for so long, no one thought it could be him. Got back from the surgical consultation for my chocolate lab (which took FOREVER, but the animal hospital is being extremely thorough on keeping COVID out, and I can't argue with that). Looks like she is going to have some lumps removed in a few weeks. Surgeon said everything seems to indicate they are just lipomas and shouldn't hurt her, but his instinct is telling him that something is off; said she was too young to have them without some type of trauma to the area, which she hasn't had. Even asked if she eats sticks, as that could cause possible damage to the throat if she swallows them. Better to get them off now, and luckily the hospital is thorough does pathology on every tumor/growth they remove.
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    Long list. I can probably just blanket say anything Chris Cornell covered acoustically is my favorite version of that song. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley (Leonard Cohen) Waltzing Matilda (Tom Traubert's Blues) - Tom Waits (Aussie folk song) Black Magic Woman - Santana (though the original Fleetwood Mac version is my favorite) Green Manalishi - Judas Priest (though the original Fleetwood Mac version is my favorite :D ) Fear of a Brown Planet - Brownout (re-imagining of Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet...BUY THIS ALBUM so funky) Animals - Colonel Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade (Pink Floyd, full album) Black Sabbath - Type O Negative (the ultimate version of the song and I'm a massive Sabbath fan) Sleepwalk - Brian Setzer Orchestra (Santo & Johnny) Existential Blues - Mr Bungle (Tom T-Bone Stankus) No Quarter - Heart (Led Zeppelin, though I prefer the original) Big Bad Bill - Van Halen (Leon Redbone) Love Reign O'er Me - Heart (The Who) Angel From Montgomery - Susan Tedeschi (John Prine, Bonnie's version is also amazing) Freddy's Dead - Derek Trucks Band (Curtis Mayfield...tie on which I like better) Out on the Tiles - Blind Melon (Led Zeppelin...check out the Encomium album, a few great covers on there) Steppin' Out - John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers (Memphis Slim...honestly I could do several pages' worth of blues covers) Nuages - Stephane Wrembel (Django Reinhardt...honestly I could do several pages' worth of jazz covers heh) Jackson - Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings (Billy Edd Wheeler...could also pick the Cash version or it among many others! see also: blues and jazz covers!) I guess I'll stop there? :D
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    I generally don't care for remixes. I'm not a fan of his, but Marilyn Manson's cover of Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics is incredible. He makes it creepy as hell. He does some pretty cool stuff. I love his cover of Africa; it's a riot to watch his antics throughout the video.
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    A couple leap out at me that I enjoy (not necessarily more than the originals) 1) Bobaflex - The Sound of Silence - better than Godsmack's cover IMO. 2) Billie Joe Armstrong - Manic Monday - I don't think it can ever be as good as from the Bangles, but it has found it's way on my playlist. 3) The Wallflowers - Heroes - this can't ever beat the original (David Bowie!) but it sure is a nice listen. And it makes me think of The Replacements, my favorite Keanu Reeves movie. Only remix I can think of right now is a Whitney Houston one I keep hearing on the radio when in the car. Kygo & Whitney Houston - Higher Love. I like the faster beat, doesn't take anything away from her vocals.
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    I got these guys done as my first minis for March. (Does this count as one or three?) I love them! I have always liked the way the ghoul queen is evil and pretty. But I love that the minion has an arm in her mouth!!!! Also, shameless plug, they're on my blog too! Anyways, I've been having some health issues, scheduled for surgery on Monday, so I may or may not be on large doses of pain pills.... Hope my brush control was still good!! C&C always welcome!!! Enjoy!
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    Nice! I have those pdfs too, and have never built them. But if I did, it would likewise be the smaller sizes and using them for Persian and Peloponnesian Wars as well...
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    Doubled up the strength on the Mandarin spice tea this afternoon. Been sleepy all day. Really trying to appreciate my blessings today without being braggy about them. Too many are going through rough times and here I am coasting on good times. Yes, I’m loafing way too much. But that’s not the good tidings in question. Best solution I have is to watch after friends and family and be supportive where I can.
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    I agree with all of the above, and have no advice to give. However, one cannot say the words "green flame" and not make the required Big Trouble in Little China reference. "Half a city block explodes in a ball of green flame... GREEN FLAME! All hell is breaking loose!"
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    I've got more dead things for you today. @Igormortis isn't the only one looking for some dirty dead! Here's my little collection of swamp zombies. The crowning jewel of this set is of course the Dreadmere Wight from Bone 4 Dreadmere. He's got plenty of character packed into such a simple model. I love him. Along side him we have a repainted Zombie from D&D Giants of Legend prepaints (#40). I've had this guy for ages, way before i learned to play D&D or ever picked up a mini brush. His paintjob was pretty bland and I definitely think I (un)livened him up. Would make a great shaman-type mini. And filling out the horde we have the Zombies from the Castle Ravenloft board game. Again. Rather bland sculpts, but I like them a lot more now. Their weird posture was the inspiration for the swamp theme as I imagined them pulling themselves up out of the muck. All together, they're a fun thematic set and add for some variety to my dusty Graveyard Zombies. Which one do you like best?
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    Rammstein's cover of Stripped by Depeche Mode. I think I like Rammstein's best... it makes me laugh.
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    Assembling triremes at this scale is a rather fiddly process, enough so that for Greek fleets, I think I might try to just save up for a decent number of ships from Skytrex. Smaller vessels are actually easier because they lack the tiny thin outrigger pieces, and larger vessels are also easier because their outriggers are larger and thus easier to work with. I haven't tried to do any accessories like a corvus or missile tower, and at this size, I'm kinda scared to. I really want to get the Mark Antony set. Those bigger ships would also be useful for Diadochi fleets, and the Deceres sounds fun!
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    There is something MAGICAL about watching a garbage truck with your child. As the big robot hand reaches down, grabs the garbage can, then tosses the garbage into the truck's hungry maw. My grandda told me how the Nazis made soap, and gave me nightmares everytime I took a bath for years.
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    There have been classes in that general theme before. This might be something to request from Greg Zuniga or Aaron Lovejoy. or maybe @buglips*the*goblin?
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    I like the concept art, but really I am glad to see options in metal and resin, too. A physical product is much more likely to get painted.
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    This is Reaper's 02981: Lonnia, Female Duelist, a metal mini sculpted by Gene Van Horne. There is no WIP thread because this was painted in a hurry. I started painting in early August and I wanted to have it ready for the ReaperCon Showcase this year. And I completed it in time! (Although I was painting until Friday... Upholding the tradition of completing contest entries during ReaperCon.) Her color scheme is inspired by an anime character. Bragging rights if you figure out which one. (click on the pictures for larger versions) The midtone colors are (all Reaper paints): Skin: 09445 Youthful Flesh (which has apparently been renamed to Peachy Flesh) Hair and ribbons: 09243 Highlight Orange Shirt: 09061 Linen White Jacket: 89504 Seoni Scarlet Jacket and boot trim: 09074 Palomino Gold Pants: 09061 Linen White and 09489 Siren's Song (How do you paint stripes? Very carefully...) Boots and other dark leather: 09137 Blackened Brown Scabbards and other light leather: 09430 Polished Leather Base: 09281 Brains Pink Steel NMM: 09136 Walnut Brown, 09312 Steel Wash, 09089 Cloudy Grey, 09314 Moonstone Blue or 89503 Sinspawn Pink, 09061 Linen White Gold NMM: 09136 Walnut Brown, Gold NMM triad (09301/09302/09303), 09061 Linen White I think she's my best mini to date. I know her basing is weak (it's supposed to be pink marble with a pattern engraved - but it's simply not interesting). I also never got the front of her face looking quite right either but, really, the side view is the one people are going to look at. As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome! Some day, I'd like to get gold at the MSP Open. (And I may need all the help I can get...)
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    The way of the Dawi-kin A goal of Acquiring every single Reaper Dwarf and painting em up. Master check list has been put together that will be updated with time. Any duplicate model will receive conversion using Reaper weapons. I like my check-off lists and achievement progress icons. Green box indicates the mini is owned, the picture next to model indicates that is has been painted. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Reaper, Dwarf Mancatcher, sku: 14463 Made this guy a Noblemen with bright colored clothes and golden glave. Reaper, King Axehelm of Kragmarr, 77478 Wanted a dirty worn look on this dwarf kind, and a high contrast in color scheme of white and red. Made a mistake on this one using wrong type of shade that made everything glossy, had to layer addition shades of different brand to take out the gloss. turned out a bit darker than planned. Reaper, Dwarven Brewmeister, 02559 Quite a strait forward model to paint. Did not want crazy colors for this guy. A variation of royal blue color scheme with gold patterns and closed eye lids could be interesting. The rest of the gang. Those mugs man, are like half the size of that poor little barrel. Wanted grouped colors of tans and browns to create tonal contrast instead of use of intense colors. These are quite easy to paint, good models. Reaper, Hagar, Dwarven Hero, 77482 Wanted to make Hagar and Durgam Deepmug into a two brother team of green-beards. Just leather, iron, and green. Reaper, Durgam Deepmug Dwarf Hero, 77400 The green-beard brother of Hagar. Rangers both, with green rune weapons Reaper, Dwarf Royal Weapomaster, 77574 There is nothing royal about this malicious looking guy. Went for high contrast red/white. I was thinking of possible conversions, I don't know, this is not the most interesting dwarf model they have for that. Reaper, Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior, 77011 Gave him axe and a shield from reaper Weapon pack III Usually I do not go for bright colors, yet this warrior needed some frost armor! (too much terreria of late) Reaper, Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior, 77011 The original model with a bit older paint job, or battle dirt paint job ;) But with TrueBlood effect paint from GreenStuff Reaper, Freja Fangbreaker , 77073 This is one of the cooler looking models, even though was a bit hard to paint. Older paint job, dirty, battle weathered. Went with Conan the Barbarian face paint. Reaper, Freja Fangbreaker , 77073 Same model with Weapon Pack III axe upgrade. Most recent paint job, cleaner with different paint scheme of bronze and green.
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    Just a quick picture. They're not special but I am trying to get my paint count up this year so just before reapercon I chose 20 miniatures I had no special attachment to and went about getting them painted. Most of them are destined to appear in my Christmas village as townsfolk The rocky was a bonus from Mocha's paint a rocky class. I thought he came out great! Not part of the 20 but because I haven't shown them yet, the swine mafia needed to have a word with the vegetable hauler. Apparently he hadn't hired pigs to load his cart...
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    He's got his arms stuck through the protective glass surrounding the nuclear reactor. The scientists tickle his armpits to get him to move his arms and manipulate the fuel rods. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_manipulator
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    Superglue works wonderfully for me with PLA, I haven't painted anything I've printed yet but have heard that you want to use several coats of a filler primer and sanding between if you don't want the layer lines visible. You can also use "bondo"/automotive body filler for large pieces like costume parts, helmets, and the like. I think i will use my can of Tamya primer when i print terrain pieces.
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    Completed the gate last night. Not sexy, but I think it came out nice. Next up, a sarcophagus, an altar, and two 3d printed ruined stones. I sprayed the Reaper pieces with black but they'll end up a lot lighter.
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    .I hate to think what a Buglips class would be like. Still something on painting mecha or tanks, or the like would be kinda cool
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    There is also the famous wildfire from the Battle of the Blackwater in Game of Thrones.
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    FDM is what we have, I'll have to check the filament. We just got the Creality CR 6 SE, and I bought a PILE of filament in different colors. A Saturn is in our telescope.
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    I wish I had that much space on my shelves...
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    I like them. The first one looks strikingly like it stepped out of a classic animation cell.
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    Good point on the chicken swarm! I love the Gallowgard set, but I fear the invisible upper part of the portcullis will drive me mad. Ditto the floating half-arch in Ravenhome. On the other hand, the Charnel Pit is looking very tasty - you could paint a nice water or magic effect in there, and have pool or portal as an alternative to pit.
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    I love the circus themed stuff; I don’t have anything like it. My one concern, being that this is your first Kickstarter, is the ability to fulfill the insane volume of figures you’re lining up. I’ve seen many prominent and talented sculptors fall into this trap and it leaves them with a soured reputation and then people bring more careful about their next endeavors. Since it’s happened to me as a backer, I generally just do a small pledge to see how fulfillment goes.
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    This weekends project....Wendigo. Multiple layers of washes & highlights.
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    My Reaper order arrived today. Feels like Christmas morning!
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    So, small thing, but I'm not seeing the Chicken Swarm mini. Can I assume that's an oversight, and not an intentional omission for any reason that anyone has heard of? I'm still on the fence on this set, and that happens to be one of the minis that was in the "pro" column...
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    Ron said he just threw all the loose pieces that come with it into the boat so they would not get lost. And yes, that is a wrapped body.
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    Two things. First, I hope that all that stuff in the boat is optional, otherwise it won't be terribly useful. Second, is that a body wrapped up behind the chest?
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    Hubby and I went and got shingles and flu vaccinations yesterday. We both feel cruddy this morning, but at least that means the immune system is busy doing what is supposed to do. Strangely, my shingles arm hurts most, while my hubby's flu shot arm hurts him the most. In other news, I have gotten my voter registration card, and I sent in a request for a mail in ballot yesterday. Woot, no more taxation without representation for me!
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    This is 14335: Sielendria, Spell Sister, a metal mini sculpted by Gene Van Horne. There is no WIP thread because this was painted in a hurry for Reaper's Quad Color Clash challenge. I picked out colors on September 1 and painted on September 4 and 5. If you're not familiar with it, the basic rules are: Pick 4 paints. Paint the entire mini with just those paints. You don't get any neutrals for free. These are the colors I chose: And these were the completion pictures: Here's some pictures of the mini herself: (click on the pictures for larger versions) There are some interesting colors here. The black around the rim, and used for lining, is a 1:1 mix of Dragon Green and Succubus Kiss. The various browns are mixes of mostly Lantern Yellow and Succubus Kiss. The skin is mostly Pure White with Lantern Yellow and Succubus Kiss mixed in. It was an interesting challenge. I think I got the NMM on her staff wrong (and this may simply have been too ambitious). Her face is also a little off (although it reminds me a little of the art style for Girl Genius) but... I think she looks good for the time I was able to spend. As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome!
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    Three minis down, seven to go. Pics coming when I finish the 5th one...
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    I had a Brilliant Idea for a class somebody could teach. Painting Ordinance (tanks, vehicles, 'mechs. ..) - probably for people like me for whom the logic doesn't want to go there. ... and now, I wait, with varying degrees of patience, for next year.
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    I'm wondering if the Charnel Pit set would support a Goremaw, allowing a Lair of the White Worm movie adaptation. Tempted now as I still have a Goremaw to paint and I have this locked in.
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    AKA: Edna, Crazy Cat Lady. My wife picked this up for me a while ago and I finally decided to give it a quick paint job. I may have done better paint jobs, and I may have painted stuff more suitable to my gaming table. But I don't think I've painted anything recently that made me smile as much. The base is from a rug shaped drink coaster that I cut up and is, appropriately, covered in years of actual cat hair. In fact, Edna probably has a few loose hairs stuck to her as well, and I'm not going to stress out about that for a second. Had a little trouble getting all the cats in focus with my phone. But if I'm being honest, most of the pictures I take of my actual cats aren't in focus either. And about that name "crazy cat lady." How is having seven cats crazy? Sounds totally reasonable to me.
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    LOTS of photos in today's Bones 5 Live update. Also, BONES 6 IS OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED. Also, because this week's update was delayed from last week (due to ReaperCon), and because October has 5 Fridays in it, for the remainder of September and October, the updates will be on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. Then it will go back to 1st and 3rd Fridays in November. A lot of what they showed today was terrain and terrain-related bits. Often not all the pieces of whatever set are included in the pictures; they were focusing largely on the terrain. Just because the shot showed the scale of the ship somewhat well, here is a shot of the Pirate Ship 3D print in Ron's office. Next they showed several pictures of the Encounters and Gallowgard castle gate terrain. The figure is Sir Rictus from Dungeon Dwellers. The Dragon Slayers power-up. This is a "first shots" picture (pictures of the actual final mini's after they came out of the mold). These models are all in Bones Black. A 3D print picture of the bridge from the Bridge Troll's Toll encounter. They again confirmed that the cobblestones of the bridge had been "fixed" to be a uniform design. Ron stated the bridge is 6" or 7" long. Yog Sothoth. Ron mentioned he's not that "weighty," and was designed as such (I think due to him being designed with a lot of negative space in and around his bits [deep open mouth, etc.], but that's just extrapolative conjecture on my part, based on Ron's statement). The Spiders of Emrith Kul. Shadows of Ravenhome. The Sloop boat from the Brinewind Extras add-on, in size comparison with Sir Forscale and the rowboat from Bones 4's Dreadmere expansion. Also, Ron held up some of the barrels from that same Brinewind Extras add-on. The Mandupar Pass encounter, with the Yetis and altar. Note from previous stream comments that the four items on the main ledge of the altar (the candle, bowl, skull, and yeti scalp) are all on a separate sprue together, so you can place them on the altar, or not. Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen. Daimyo Expansion This guy may be on a 3" base? Ron stated that, then backtracked, not wanting to confirm that size. Its either a 2" or 3" base. These are Japanese grave markers. This pic is a bit out of focus. Ron's phone couldn't decide where to focus, due to the depth of the sculpt.
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    Reaper - Dwarf Slaver - 77298 Honestly the worst sculpted miniature for painting I had experience with to date. And I did not have much experience at all, but still! With weird man tits, nipple piercing key-chain, and bare butt-cheeks... In addition to not the brightest example of sculpting... First painted this skin dark and black clothes, looked bad. Then painted with contrast colors and light skin and green/red palate, looked like poorly painted creepy christmas elf. Finally repainted the skin with the only thing that could save the abysmal anatomy with my poor painting skill is war paint The Weapon did not look good in metal, or gold, or rust, So a direction of high contrast paid off. Abyssal Obsidian on teal ivory handle workout well. It was fun trying to make this guy work for me.
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    I'm fighting a painting slump. Painter's block. I have a ton of minis I need to paint but just can't seem to get started on them. So, as a distraction... Painted this Great Worm up as a Frostgrave Giant Worm.
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    Kh'a Larrh the Chaos Dragon is causing chaos... That was what I ended up with when I attempted to print the wings. The tails didn't work, either. One of the tails(the one with a flat area where it's supposed to touch the base) separated from half the supports, and the tailtip shifted. And it happened twice.
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