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    Meant to post this yesterday, I was walking to work when I heard a distinctive noise and this flew right over me ( not my photo, unfortunately) A glorious spitfire! Flying in a tribute between hospitals to say thanks for their hard work in these terrible times. I really wish I'd brought my camera, but such is life, I guess. Also my sympathies to @Chaoswolf, hope your wife is feeling better soon.
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    Yesterday I saw my audiologist, AND got a shiny new sound processor which he is beginning to program...it take a few weeks to get it working to max capabilities. This is what the new processor & batteries look like: This what all the accessories & such came in: Being able to hear once more is WONDERFUL, truly a blessing.
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    You're rightfully angry, but indeed, sometimes it's better to say nothing. Hope she'll be alright.
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    @Chaoswolf praying for your wife here. Got a good report yesterday on the hand/arm surgery and they have me starting therapy for it. And to quote our favorite heroic haminster COFFEE!
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    For most circumstances (chicken, ribs, pulled pork) I use the traditional Sweet Baby Rays. It has my preferred levels of smoky/sweet/tangy. Honorable mention goes to AH-SO sauce. It is an Asian style BBQ sauce that I use on country style ribs. It is the closest thing in taste to the style of sauce on the ribs I normally get from the various Chinese restaurants. Also my fingers seem to have forgotten how to spell sauce. I was typing it with two 's' in the above sentences for some reason. I blame lack of caffeine.
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    That was the final straw that drove me out of Northern California in the late 90s. I was going through a divorce, my condo was worth less than I owed, and the new job I just started turned out to be a bunch of lies. Then we had 6 weeks straight of gray skies and drizzle, not a single glimpse of the sun. I went to Colorado for a quick weekend trip for my niece's baptism, and the February sunshine was so glorious I decided right there and then I was moving back to Colorado. Because although there was cold and snow, there was still sunshine at least every couple weeks. Got back to California and the next 8 weeks were still mostly gray and drizzle.
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    Cool. Thanks. I had a feeling there would be something for Halloween, and I have been hoarding gift certs for the occasion. Congrats on the win. We eat dinner at ~6pm and I always forget about the stream.
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    Today it feels like autumn. Autumn is fine, but, in Stark terms, it means Winter is Coming.
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    Bullseye Original. Because it just works on so many things, but especially burgers. That and it's usually like $3!
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    I seldom eat what you guys call BBQ Sauce. For me when BBQ, I make Satey Sauce an Indonesian Spicey Peanut Sauce to go with my meat.
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    Charcoal grilled beef patty with salt and pepper only. Medium rare towards rare would be my preferred with most beef, but as ground beef is at higher risk, medium/medium well, generally. (If it ends up well done, I will complain). Any sort of cheese, depending on my mood. Grilled onions, tomato, ketchup and mayo.
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    I typically get one of two local brands, Jack Stack or Head Country when I smoke at home. They have good flavor without being loaded with sugar/corn syrup or pepper (or other non-BBQ flavors). I have a jar of Spring Creek's sauce from last time I was in Texas. While I like spicy food I don't like chilies on my BBQ. If someone has spent all day preparing succulent smoky meat I want to be able to taste that, and not have it overwhelmed with sauce. Especially with the prices on a plate of ribs or burnt ends. If I want to taste sauce I can stay home and drink it from the bottle.
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    Yes. They're pretty nice, and have a cauldron. The headless infantryman was also good, multiple hands, pumpkin head, skull head, human head, or no head. I think I also forgot to mention there was also a new scare crow
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    Yeup. Seems the Golden Goose isn't laying eggs [in the form of lots of tourist dollars that the city gets a percentage of] so the goose has suddenly turned into a Tar Baby what with all the "city services" that have to be maintained in anticipation of goosies egg laying resuming. Emperor Governor Newsom has stated that they are working on "guidelines" for getting things reopened but no word on any potential opening dates. We were actually planning to spend some time at Disneyland this summer [now behind us] as well as a Knott's Berry Farm [we both love the Chicken Dinners and I know a lot of the history of the railroad equipment]. Ours, like many thousands of peoples plans, got changed for us. GEM
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    This is actually my stance. I only eat herbivores so indirectly I'm vegetarian...
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    Someone actually made a toy of this? ..?.. ..?.. Rolls to disbelieve. Asks for re-roll . . . . There are numerous cities in this boat, or very similar sinking boats. Usually due to reliance on sales tax revenues for their budget.
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    Dinosaur BBQ, out of Syracuse, NY. Phenomenal BBQ joint, and the sauces are on point. I use both their primary bottled sauces, the original (Sensuous Slathering) and the garlic honey. I used to use a lot more Wango Tango (a hotter sauce), but tailed off of that, as the fiancee doesn't do hot food. The Mojito is a nice change-up, too, one of my favorite for poultry. The Creole Honey in the pic hasn't popped up in my supermarket yet, may have to poke around for it. Git you some!
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    Bullseye. A lot of the sauces I've tried tend to be too sour and that's my least favourite flavour. Like Whitewulfe I tend to put bullseye on a lot of things.
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    I use panko because pretty much all of the other readily available breadcrumbs are made with soy flour, and I really don't like allergic reactions... Egg is just a nice binder, that also conveniently adds a bit more flavour..
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    I love these! I tried doing different skin tones for practice on mine. Yours came out great! I also like the idea of different arrow feathers. Dig!
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    That is great! I know how much you will enjoy hearing your family again!
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    Thanks, Glitter. I am glad you like the Girls thus far. They have potential. Everything went WONDERFULLY well yesterday. I can hear again; AND the quality of my hearing will improve as my audiologist refines the programming. OH BABY & thanks, God! Thanks, Kevin. I missed your message when I responded to Glitter.
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    Welp, I've glued the bottom of the tower into place. This was really tricky to iterate. Tomorrow morning I will find out if it works or not. *pseudopods crossed*
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    Done! Took longer than expected but its done and all in all didn't really take that long. Reminder of where I started And this is what I am working with now I am really happy with how it turned out. Lots of room for activities! I also have everything I use normally within reach. And I have quite a bit of room to grow into as well. Now time to get painting!
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    Sat down tonight and actually made a lot of progress. The armor and weapons recieved it's grey plus their white and metallic details (I even managed to add "PDF" to all of their right shoulder pads too). The skin also recieved a basecoat and a wash. That right there is way more progress than I expected but I still wasn't finished for the night. I also pushed ahead and added sand to their bases. At this point there is probably more drying time left on this project than actual painting. Not a bad place to stop for the night.
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    The upcoming releases thread lists a coven of witches as part of Octobers metal releases, I assume that's them.
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    Which colour is the base/primer underneath? Oh, and don't ever thin them with water.
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    Did you use the true metallic paints or the NMM paints? I love Reaper paints, but to be honest, for metallics I use Scale 75, the best metallics in the field imho.
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    Alright, here we go. Got another one. The bright purple skeletons have not been washed (yes, those are two identical minis). I'm considering washing all but the bone area with nuln oil instead of sephia. The other reddish-purpke is the pair i washed in sephia. Just keep in mind i still need to highlight and clean up. I'll take any criticism.
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    Thanks for the kind replies, Guys! It is WONDERFUL not being alone in the silence.
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    It was zennithalp primevallejo black w grey over top, thanks for tips
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    Are you a forensic scientist, a coffin builder, a funeral director...? I watch the news. But I routinely “Roll to Disbelieve”. The total raw number of people who died (In the US) from all causes the previous two years (2018 and 2019) was: 2,723,456 + 2,819,437 =========== for a grand total of 5,500,000 or so. 5.5 million folks. The CDC attributed 184,000~ deaths to the virus as of last week. Expected losses in a normal year are around 2,750,000, a number that dwarfs 184,000. So, not really, it is not bumping that total up very much.
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    I ended up dropping it, again. Loved the concept art and the pieces that were shown, but I have over a thousand STLs already that I haven't printed and no immediate use for any of their stuff. Whatever I eventually need should be available direct later on.
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    Welcome to the Forum! Good job, NMM is something I could never get right. Basing can be as simple as applying some PVA and dipping it in sand/flock.
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    [[[ failed merge ]]] [...at some point this will be replaced by an answer to a previous question...]
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    I don't know that I agree with the precise approach that the YouTube video takes, but I absolutely agree with the premise that many "how-to" videos are contra-productive. And I agree with the premise that basics are often ignored -- either by assuming that the complete beginner magically knows the basics or because the video's author is bored by presenting basics. Or, it seems, the author is not able to teach basics. I have stopped following a popular Twitch feed by a popular and influential mini painter. Because the painter seldom (close to never) explains what the painter is doing or why. The approach is "Watch me paint for hours and you'll learn by osmosis."
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    Agreed. I would also plead guilty to Dispassionate, Objective, Analytical. Tone is sometimes impossible to convey over the internet. Think of my remarks as if Spock or Tuvok or some other Vulcan character from Star Trek had presented those numbers. Flat and emotionless. I might yet become one of the Didn’t Need To Die. I am not in any of the low-risk categories. I would not say that. I did not intend to say that in the earlier message. And I apologize if I angered you. All of it does make me sad if I let emotions get control. The point of the earlier message was only to explain why Russel’s business (not sure quite what it was: cemetery management?) was not in such high demand, like he would have expected. And to show that news, as reported, is a bit slanted toward panic on this topic. ~~~~~ Where did you find 331 million? I found one source that stated 327 million. (But I forgot to check the population clock website ...an error on my part.)
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    There's another witch coven: https://www.reapermini.com/search/coven There's a few hags: https://www.reapermini.com/search/witch/latest/14196 https://www.reapermini.com/search/witch/latest/03453 https://www.reapermini.com/search/witch/latest/14578 https://www.reapermini.com/search/witch/latest/60077
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    That might be the culprit. In my experience, zennithal and reaper metallics don't play nice. I would recommend re-basing the spots you plan on painting metallic after you zenithal and before applying metallics. Metal doesn't always follow zenithal lighting anyways. All paints behave differently though, so you may find that some cover just fine.
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    Honestly, the face time he got in Season 1 was the one thing I didn't like about Season 1.
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    They've previewing physical prototypes for this one (The troll is a lot bigger than I thought!):- Still no launch date but they're hinting at the 2nd week of October.
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    I am a murderously pissed off wolf right now. My wife texted me at 3 am from the local ER saying she fell at work and was being checked for a possible concussion. A few messages back and forth, and then I jump into the shower to help wake me up so I'm safe to drive. I get out of the shower and text her saying I'm on the way. She replies that it's ok, they're letting her go shortly. Confused, I reply asking her if she needs a ride; she says no. They made her drive to the hospital with a possible concussion?!? I'm desperately fighting the urge to channel R. Lee Ermey and go verbally eviscerate the idiots she works with/for, but I know it'd backlash on her.
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    Out of curiosity, which sku was the paint?
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    There are two that would work well for actual rakshasa, by swapping their easily swappable hands. Rakshasa are actually the go-to fiends for Eberron, if I recall properly - because they infiltrate society Why cause pointless destruction, death, and misery when you can do all three and turn a profit at the same time? I gotta be honest - Cats - either the play or the movie - gives me the willies. On the other hand.... The Auld Grump
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    Just a quick picture. They're not special but I am trying to get my paint count up this year so just before reapercon I chose 20 miniatures I had no special attachment to and went about getting them painted. Most of them are destined to appear in my Christmas village as townsfolk The rocky was a bonus from Mocha's paint a rocky class. I thought he came out great! Not part of the 20 but because I haven't shown them yet, the swine mafia needed to have a word with the vegetable hauler. Apparently he hadn't hired pigs to load his cart...
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    I'm wondering if the Charnel Pit set would support a Goremaw, allowing a Lair of the White Worm movie adaptation. Tempted now as I still have a Goremaw to paint and I have this locked in.
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    Hello, Now that the Kickstarter project, Depths of Savage Atoll, from EC3D Designs, is through the funding phase, I thought I would share some of my painted examples of the FDM print tests. All were done on an Ender-3 (mostly stock other than a mirror bed and a metal extruder replacement) The group: Merfolk: Merrow: Kraken Cultists: Water Elementals: Giant Octopus: Deep Devils: Shark Men: And what Sea campaign would be complete without Pirates?
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