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    Thanks for the kind replies, Guys! It is WONDERFUL not being alone in the silence.
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    Yesterday I saw my audiologist, AND got a shiny new sound processor which he is beginning to program...it take a few weeks to get it working to max capabilities. This is what the new processor & batteries look like: This what all the accessories & such came in: Being able to hear once more is WONDERFUL, truly a blessing.
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    Today it feels like autumn. Autumn is fine, but, in Stark terms, it means Winter is Coming.
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    Admittedly this is not Bones 5 related, but on tonight's Reaper Live they teased something that might just be for a future Reaper project (ie - Bones 6), and it would probably come with a hut or a hovel... A coven of witches with a cauldron. Note that the smoky spell effect emanating from the cauldron is a separate piece.
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    I typically get one of two local brands, Jack Stack or Head Country when I smoke at home. They have good flavor without being loaded with sugar/corn syrup or pepper (or other non-BBQ flavors). I have a jar of Spring Creek's sauce from last time I was in Texas. While I like spicy food I don't like chilies on my BBQ. If someone has spent all day preparing succulent smoky meat I want to be able to taste that, and not have it overwhelmed with sauce. Especially with the prices on a plate of ribs or burnt ends. If I want to taste sauce I can stay home and drink it from the bottle.
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    Dinosaur BBQ, out of Syracuse, NY. Phenomenal BBQ joint, and the sauces are on point. I use both their primary bottled sauces, the original (Sensuous Slathering) and the garlic honey. I used to use a lot more Wango Tango (a hotter sauce), but tailed off of that, as the fiancee doesn't do hot food. The Mojito is a nice change-up, too, one of my favorite for poultry. The Creole Honey in the pic hasn't popped up in my supermarket yet, may have to poke around for it. Git you some!
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    That is great! I know how much you will enjoy hearing your family again!
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    Update: my wife is home and resting, the ER doctor said to take it easy today, follow up with primary care doctor, and she should be fine. She's got a really nasty looking bruise/bump from where she hit her head. I thought (was hoping) that might be the case, which was another factor in my decision to not go looking for someone to go nuclear on. That's not what happened, though.
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    There's another witch coven: https://www.reapermini.com/search/coven There's a few hags: https://www.reapermini.com/search/witch/latest/14196 https://www.reapermini.com/search/witch/latest/03453 https://www.reapermini.com/search/witch/latest/14578 https://www.reapermini.com/search/witch/latest/60077
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    Meant to post this yesterday, I was walking to work when I heard a distinctive noise and this flew right over me ( not my photo, unfortunately) A glorious spitfire! Flying in a tribute between hospitals to say thanks for their hard work in these terrible times. I really wish I'd brought my camera, but such is life, I guess. Also my sympathies to @Chaoswolf, hope your wife is feeling better soon.
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    Bullseye. A lot of the sauces I've tried tend to be too sour and that's my least favourite flavour. Like Whitewulfe I tend to put bullseye on a lot of things.
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    That's some serious looking gear, and a really nice backpack too! So glad they've got you up and running, and hopefully the programming makes it better and better!
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    I’d really love to see those same witches represented by a little more variety; like have one of them be a larger size so that they can all be used as different kinds of hags as part of a coven.
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    Agreed. I would also plead guilty to Dispassionate, Objective, Analytical. Tone is sometimes impossible to convey over the internet. Think of my remarks as if Spock or Tuvok or some other Vulcan character from Star Trek had presented those numbers. Flat and emotionless. I might yet become one of the Didn’t Need To Die. I am not in any of the low-risk categories. I would not say that. I did not intend to say that in the earlier message. And I apologize if I angered you. All of it does make me sad if I let emotions get control. The point of the earlier message was only to explain why Russel’s business (not sure quite what it was: cemetery management?) was not in such high demand, like he would have expected. And to show that news, as reported, is a bit slanted toward panic on this topic. ~~~~~ Where did you find 331 million? I found one source that stated 327 million. (But I forgot to check the population clock website ...an error on my part.)
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    One of them does have a pull out drawer. Maybe if you were a backer you could ask for this option on more of the pieces?
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    Honestly, the face time he got in Season 1 was the one thing I didn't like about Season 1.
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    @Chaoswolf praying for your wife here. Got a good report yesterday on the hand/arm surgery and they have me starting therapy for it. And to quote our favorite heroic haminster COFFEE!
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    John Hardy's. It is a sauce that you can get from a local Barbecue shack in Rochester, MN. They have some of the best BBQ I have ever had, even better that the stuff I have had in TX. The guy who started it, John Hardy was an import to Rochester from Louisiana for family reasons. He brought his amazing BBQ with him. He died years ago, but his recipes, amazing smoking process, and sauces live on in a small dive in an industrial part of Rochester that typically you need to know a local to know about. I am salivating right now thinking about a JH pork plate with JoJo potatoes and fried okra. Mmmmmm.....
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    Just wish they were drawers instead of front and back with connecting rods between them. I mean, they could be quite fitting storage for my Lakrisal(salmiak-flavoured candy) stash. And one for BlackBlack chewing gum.
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    I've mostly been using stubbs due to availability but only for pork. I've been using hoisin for my chicken recently.
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    I am partial to Whataburger's Monterey Melt...N.B., since Cap'n John's Alzheimer has progressed there isn't much cooking happening here. Opie's BBQ Sauce. Opie's is our favorite BBQ joint.
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    09449 dragon bronze, weird thing is i went over it with a layer of gloss varnish and it fixed it a little bit not 100% but at least i can salvage it. Idk if its possible but mbe the paint didnt get any gloss medium in it?
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    In general, something with a sale sticker on it . My wife is fond of trying new sauces, when they are on sale. I like most sauces, unless they are really vinegary. While on low carb we've been using Guy's sugar-free sauce, since it is actually available in stores here.
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    And don't forget. scaling up or down is possible with a 3d printer.
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    Yes. They're pretty nice, and have a cauldron. The headless infantryman was also good, multiple hands, pumpkin head, skull head, human head, or no head. I think I also forgot to mention there was also a new scare crow
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    The upcoming releases thread lists a coven of witches as part of Octobers metal releases, I assume that's them.
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    Welp, I've glued the bottom of the tower into place. This was really tricky to iterate. Tomorrow morning I will find out if it works or not. *pseudopods crossed*
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    Done! Took longer than expected but its done and all in all didn't really take that long. Reminder of where I started And this is what I am working with now I am really happy with how it turned out. Lots of room for activities! I also have everything I use normally within reach. And I have quite a bit of room to grow into as well. Now time to get painting!
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    So... taking that advice i went looking where i could find a lot of duplicate pieces and found the game Runewars. I've now got armies to paint consistently. Should be fun. I'll put them up when I'm done.
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    Alright, here we go. Got another one. The bright purple skeletons have not been washed (yes, those are two identical minis). I'm considering washing all but the bone area with nuln oil instead of sephia. The other reddish-purpke is the pair i washed in sephia. Just keep in mind i still need to highlight and clean up. I'll take any criticism.
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    Ah, the second group cheated! They didn't wait for the game before introducing themselves to each other! And shared the info on what was going on. Which, thinking on it, is still a pretty strong statement on the differences between the two groups.... The Auld Grump
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    I mean, it is two thirds of the way there, assuming you mean the D&D trio of a Sea Hag, a Green Hag, and an Annis Hag. Does Reaper have anything in Bones (or at all?) that represents a Large-sized Annis Hag?
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    I still like snow. Always have. The Auld Grump - I still do snow angels.
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    The difference between the two groups - first group spent three hours in introductions and chatter, a half hour of actual play. The second group spent half an hour with introductions and chatter, three and a half in actual play. With a lot less time wasted between the two stages. The second group is chugging along enough under their own power that they have not yet received the invitation from Sir Guy Malagent, retired villain of the old school. (He actually introduces himself that way....) His inspiration - The Auld Grump
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    On Reaper Live Sadie announced the colors to be included in a second ReaperCon colors set, due out on Black Friday. She previously listed the colors on Discord as well: The orange going in the Ghoulie bag is called Hallowed Orange. And there will be one more paint, but she didn't have the info on which one.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBsPZV14I-k In paradise, obviously.
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    Oh good, still a kid! That gets to enjoy BEER and D&D!
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    I'm generally good with snow (unless there's three feet of it to shovel) except when it's one of those windy, wet days where there's slush on the ground, slush falling out of the sky, and slush flying sideways into my face.
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    I've gone past adulthood and into curmudgeonly old man when it comes to snow. It's still a ways off, and I am sick of it, i do not want to see it, I do not want to hear about it, I do not want to even acknowledge it exists in my world. It's going to be a long winter for me.
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    I was actively recruiting folks to the forum at ReaperCon, and since I've already noticed some new faces I thought I'd make a thread to say: Welcome welcome! We're glad you could join us! Things to be aware of: If text is in purple, it is meant in a sarcastic or joking fashion Goblin Math means that no matter how many/much of hobby things you have, you only have 20, no more Please read over the Board Rules if you're unfamiliar with them. The two most commonly missed are No Nudity (if an area is shown that would be normally be covered by a bikini or speedo, the picture needs to be linked elsewhere) and No Commerce (no posting trades or posting links to non-Reaper commercial sites) I'm one of the board moderators, so please feel free to ask or tag me (using @ then my name, like so: @OneBoot) if you have any questions or concerns HAVE FUN! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    In case anyone wonders about Goblin Math, it's simple... A Goblin have 10 fingers, and 10 toes, unless they've had an encounter with a hero, of course... SO they count like this; 1, 2, 3 .... 8, 9, 10, hold on a moment *shoes drops* 11, 12 ... 18, 19, 20... ? ... 20 ... ? ... 20 ... (Some of the brighter ones have been reported to start back on 1... ) No matter how much they're counting it's never more than 20. So no one here ever have more than 20 minis in the unpainted pile, or 20 paints.
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    Welcome all newcomers! Like the very wise Wolf above me said, have fun!
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    Good idea, OneBoot! Welcome to the forums!! I had the chance to meet and chat with at least some of you while at Reapercon, I'm looking forward to getting to interact with you even more on the forum. #1 rule to remember about painting: if you're having fun, you're doing it right! Look around a bit and make yourselves comfortable. Please don't be afraid to ask questions; there are a lot of very talented folks here that are very happy to try and help out.
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    Last weekend I acquired FeR miniatures' Random Encounter dwarf, along with 20 hours of class time with the amazing Meg Maples. This was the result. Very close to being done in class, but I'm slowly working on finishing him at home now. I'll likely be making an order for supplies to make his base today as well.
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    Been on hold waiting to speak to Canada Post tech support for most of an hour now.... Got the notice that I had customs due on a package, so tried to pay it online (which has worked fine in the past). It cam back and said it couldn't process and to try again later, but then I got a email from may CC company that they payment was processed. Just another "fun" Friday.....this jazz rift they use for background music is really getting old.......
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    I am a murderously pissed off wolf right now. My wife texted me at 3 am from the local ER saying she fell at work and was being checked for a possible concussion. A few messages back and forth, and then I jump into the shower to help wake me up so I'm safe to drive. I get out of the shower and text her saying I'm on the way. She replies that it's ok, they're letting her go shortly. Confused, I reply asking her if she needs a ride; she says no. They made her drive to the hospital with a possible concussion?!? I'm desperately fighting the urge to channel R. Lee Ermey and go verbally eviscerate the idiots she works with/for, but I know it'd backlash on her.
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