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    The lovely piece I commissioned from @kristof65's wife arrived safely! EDIT: This picture doesn't show it, but some of the glass pieces are iridescent. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I'm still alive, though potentially employed beyond my capacity. First day back in the office. More importantly the apocalypse is coming: I RAN OUT OF DULLCOTE. Been to 7 hobby stores. It's time to make some poor coating decisions. on a side note, 400+ minis in 2020. I could do the bones I scroll by video with things I painted this year.
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    Ow, ow, ow! I can taste it with my sinuses without putting my toungue in it.
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    We're really glad you like it. Her idea for the glass piece for the eye is my favorite part. She says "Thank you!" She also wanted me to point out that she's sold & shipped pieces to Hawaii, Australia, Canada, and the UK. As long as they're small, shipping isn't too exorbitant. I'm not supposed to point out that there are a lot of great glass artists in the UK if you don't want to pay shipping.
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    Been awhile since I posted here. I've been busy obsessing over the Lancer RPG and building tiny mechs for it. So I bring another one of my recreations the Manticore! A Direct energy assault frame from Horus. Wreathed in electricity or focused electromagnetics this mech brings quick judgment to it's enemies. It shall Castigate the enemies of the godhead!
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    Started painting during the pandemic but was really intimidated by basing. Finally picked up some supplies and based my first couple models. Really improved the overall quality and aesthetic.
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    That is absolutely gorgeous! If I didn't live on another continent I would certainly be ordering something from @kristof65's wife
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    Conversely: upset guts, could be gory...
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    Chug chug chug chug! Nah... probably need to savor that. Have my grandmother's game table set up in the living room. Bought in the 70's, orange fabric chairs with some woven wicker work. The solid black marble top made it safely in one piece. The stained glass lamp of fruit is now hanging above as well. May it all last another 40 years!
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    the "laughing" emoji is at your problem customer. Because I've learned that laughing at idiots is more acceptable than killing them, no matter how better off the gene pool would be.
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    Two bottles of homemade SCAdian ginger beer - the kind that actually contains a small amount of alcohol, made with genuine wort. My grandmother had it explode in her basement, at least once. And they will want those bottles back - they are older than I am. Swing top bottles are still made, but pricey. They are also older than Keith - who brewed it from a ginger bug culture that I gave him way back when. *EDIT* Because I couldn't get ginger beer plant. Also, different Keith, not the U/U minister. *EDIT 2* Kind of surprised he still has the bug - it was fifteen years or more ago, when I was a lot busier in the SCA. The Auld Grump
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    Sounds like a grand time. Just figure out a way to reduce the mosquitos I nthe area first, because, uh, yeah. Bites in sensitive areas and all that.
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    I wholeheartedly believe you. What else is a bonfire good for? Just make sure the mead doesn't turn it into an unintended wiener-roast.
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    So I was back in Nova Scotia on the weekend (visiting my folks and doing race control for motorcycle racing) but I also took the opportunity to finally drop by @Geoff Davis's studio. Had a good chat and then (of course) picked up a few interesting Infinity models he had in stock..... I like sci-fi/cyberpunkish bikes. And the sniper has bunny for some reason..... Then my reaper order showed up today. All sorts of pretty paint, a little light, a rum sticker and badge and some bonus figs.
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    Grump left me a mystery bottle. Brown glass, heavy, with a ceramic plug held in place by a metal clamp thingy. Covered in dust, with a handwitten paper label that says Ginger Beer. Do I dare taste it? It looks like a holdover from moonshining days.
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    Thanks. I think that watching 100+ hours of painting videos this summer has improved my painting skills. This is a 3d print I started back in February or March. Today I picked it up and very nearly completely repainted it. There's still a lot to do, but it seems significantly better.
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    Things have been liner-ed.
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    A bit more progress on the ghosts today. Most of them just need a bit more work up top and the bases finished. Not turning out exactly as I'd hoped, but at this point I'm just going to finish then to the point where I can call them acceptable and move along. I'd rather start a new mini than continue to repaint the same one over and over. Don't mind me watching Black Sails in the background. Needed to get into the piratey-mood.
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    Second part of my Amazon order came today. Another SCS Direct set, this one a big tube of "Humans vs Aliens". The humans all have that "40s-50s" look to them and are out of scale with D&D, but every alien but the "standard" one with the round head and ray gun are really weird and cool and would work great for D&D. Weird tentacley things, weird fire-elementals (looks like a giant magmin), horse-headed serpentine dragons, freaky cyclopean hounds and one that can work as a lesser star-spawn of Cthulhu... or a feral mindflayer.... or a piscoloth if anyone remembers those. 90 pieces for 30$, only about 42 of which I'll use, but still. What a bargain.
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    Mm. Ginger beer. Burns all the way down.
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    Trap or not, it's a mysterious gift... Yes, drink it. But slowly savour it, if possible. Beware any nearby red LEDs that suspiciously show up, but Grump doesn't seem to be that kind of guy, more a case of "I have some liquor, drink!"
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    Genie in blue. Allow me to be the first to say
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    Last year/this spring I painted up a force for myself based on the kingdom of Dalend in my role-playing setting of Iskitaan. When I went to use that force recently for a game of Song of Blades and Heroes, I realized I had no mages. This, of course, required a shopping trip to the Reaper website, where I picked out these two: So why is this in the sculpting section? Well, that's because I've got a "simple" conversion planned, and I'm hoping to get the thoughts on the best way to go about it from a couple of the pros around here. The theme of my Dalend force is that they all have capes and shields, like these two: While these mages have capes, they don't have shields upon which to put the tower symbol. So I am going to incorporate the tower by sculpting it in 3d on the top of each staff. So here is how I think I'm going to do them, unless someone has a better idea/sees problems/has advice on various steps: - start with a plastic rod or tube - use my drill as make shift lathe to rough in the shape of the tower - cover it with a thin layer of ProCreate and smooth it out - press/carve the stone work into the putty - let cure, then drill a hole (if I didn't use a tube) into the bottom of the towers and glue them to the top of the staff.
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    I'm so tired. Tried to leave work only to discover they had boarded up the front entrance and i had to find the back way out. Got out and discovered they had barricaded the northbound streets (rioters check in but they dont check out?) I had to figure out an alternative road home. Then a 2 hour meeting in the evening. Sigh, I wish people would express themselves peacefully and have intelligent, reasoned, and quiet discussions (a guy can dream, right?) Hope everyone is safe
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    Dropped some more money into the PM. Power Up: Disapproving Hand Spell Effect x5 Option: Valfuryx the Vile, Huge Dragon x1 Option: Dragon Bust x5 Option: Reptaur Adventurers x1 Option: Encounter - The Spiders of Emrith Kul x1 Option: Encounter - Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen x1 Option: Encounter - Shadows of Ravenhome x1 Option: Kalanzar the Wicked x1 I got enough Disapproving Hand mini's so that I can give one to each of my D&D players, and I got the extra Dragon Busts because I realized they'd be a great base upon which to do some green stuff work, and make five dragon head statues for a temple of Tiamat (there may be a somewhat classic D&D module I plan to run in the future, that ends up in such a temple...) Most of the rest is just extras that I wanted extras of (it appears I am a sucker for terrain...), aside from the Reptaur Adventurers, which I added on a whim, knowing that Saurials are actually a playable race in Forgotten Realms (at least in 3.5), so it's worth picking them up, even if I don't have any plans to paint them any time soon.
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    Fingers crossed for good results! I don't know, but they like Death Metal: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/death-metal-music-attracts-sharks-documentary-crew-finds-out-10381295.html
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    This is Reaper's 02981: Lonnia, Female Duelist, a metal mini sculpted by Gene Van Horne. There is no WIP thread because this was painted in a hurry. I started painting in early August and I wanted to have it ready for the ReaperCon Showcase this year. And I completed it in time! (Although I was painting until Friday... Upholding the tradition of completing contest entries during ReaperCon.) Her color scheme is inspired by an anime character. Bragging rights if you figure out which one. (click on the pictures for larger versions) The midtone colors are (all Reaper paints): Skin: 09445 Youthful Flesh (which has apparently been renamed to Peachy Flesh) Hair and ribbons: 09243 Highlight Orange Shirt: 09061 Linen White Jacket: 89504 Seoni Scarlet Jacket and boot trim: 09074 Palomino Gold Pants: 09061 Linen White and 09489 Siren's Song (How do you paint stripes? Very carefully...) Boots and other dark leather: 09137 Blackened Brown Scabbards and other light leather: 09430 Polished Leather Base: 09281 Brains Pink Steel NMM: 09136 Walnut Brown, 09312 Steel Wash, 09089 Cloudy Grey, 09314 Moonstone Blue or 89503 Sinspawn Pink, 09061 Linen White Gold NMM: 09136 Walnut Brown, Gold NMM triad (09301/09302/09303), 09061 Linen White I think she's my best mini to date. I know her basing is weak (it's supposed to be pink marble with a pattern engraved - but it's simply not interesting). I also never got the front of her face looking quite right either but, really, the side view is the one people are going to look at. As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome! Some day, I'd like to get gold at the MSP Open. (And I may need all the help I can get...)
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    looks like you have room for more minis now! I like it and I am deeply envious!
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    Reaper - Anniversary Ametrine Earthlyte Dwarf - 01611 Awesome model, was super fun and much easier to paint than I though. I think this is my best female face yet, thanks to a very good sculpt allowed me to paint in the corner of the mouth :) Just like with santa dwarfs, this model is also not in the reaper store anymore. I do not know, but wonder if these are limited edition seasonal models or something.
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    It's an evil bunny, clearly. Actually, I have no idea why it's a bunny there... According to Corvus Bell's store, it's a spotter bot. Gives a bonus to the sniper's spotting while in play, apparently. Cyberpunk bikes... Don't look into the new Starmada pack then. It's literally Dredd..
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    More projects in progress with stuff I keep finding. Here another type of, maybe an HVAC, structure (a cat food container.) Possibly Command and Control structures (from mask packages... you know... the ones that say "will not protect you from covid.") Antennas (tooth picks that hold sandwiches together.) The tower being glued and an alert warning beacon (cap from revolution flea treatment for cats.) Also found two more generator sets (cupcake holders currently in the Kitchen sink being washed.) I now watch everything being tossed when I visit friends and family. You just never know, the next structure could be just around the corner.
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    OK, since I have two of the tank guns and three with the ring handle, this should be enough... Once you include this big boy that I think will form the central spine of a hive world vertical slum. A quick review of the soffit vents is that the ones with circular holes are a bit flexible, should be easier to cut into different shapes but might need support. The black one with slits is basically a ready to use walkway. The one on the left with circular ends and square holes are really nice but it might lose its rigidity if you had to cut the supports that are under the grill.
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    No all that surprised - Bethesda had a few very expensive bombs over the past few years - Fallout 76 was in the red, and it wasn't until Far Harbor that Fallout 4 turned a profit. (Far Harbor is much, much better than the base FO4.) Their games have an enormous lead time, and not showing a profit quickly.... yeah. The Auld Grump
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    The supports from some of the minis will make good swamp plants. The Auld Grump
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    I received mine in the mail today, again out of nowhere, it just showed up. Opened things up to see what was there and everything is in English! It certainly looks pretty cool. but it will have to wait until i either finish Gloomhaven or KD:M before i bring it out on the table.
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    These look really nice. Good work.
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    noooooooo!! i hope season 1 at least comes out on dvd or something...
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    DARNIT!! Ugh. I hope another network decides to snag it - they did so well! My treacherous cold heart loved tormenting the gelflings... and the good part loved seeing them fight back.
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    Today it feels like autumn. Autumn is fine, but, in Stark terms, it means Winter is Coming.
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    Meant to post this yesterday, I was walking to work when I heard a distinctive noise and this flew right over me ( not my photo, unfortunately) A glorious spitfire! Flying in a tribute between hospitals to say thanks for their hard work in these terrible times. I really wish I'd brought my camera, but such is life, I guess. Also my sympathies to @Chaoswolf, hope your wife is feeling better soon.
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    Yesterday I saw my audiologist, AND got a shiny new sound processor which he is beginning to program...it take a few weeks to get it working to max capabilities. This is what the new processor & batteries look like: This what all the accessories & such came in: Being able to hear once more is WONDERFUL, truly a blessing.
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    They've previewing physical prototypes for this one (The troll is a lot bigger than I thought!):- Still no launch date but they're hinting at the 2nd week of October.
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    I've got more dead things for you today. @Igormortis isn't the only one looking for some dirty dead! Here's my little collection of swamp zombies. The crowning jewel of this set is of course the Dreadmere Wight from Bone 4 Dreadmere. He's got plenty of character packed into such a simple model. I love him. Along side him we have a repainted Zombie from D&D Giants of Legend prepaints (#40). I've had this guy for ages, way before i learned to play D&D or ever picked up a mini brush. His paintjob was pretty bland and I definitely think I (un)livened him up. Would make a great shaman-type mini. And filling out the horde we have the Zombies from the Castle Ravenloft board game. Again. Rather bland sculpts, but I like them a lot more now. Their weird posture was the inspiration for the swamp theme as I imagined them pulling themselves up out of the muck. All together, they're a fun thematic set and add for some variety to my dusty Graveyard Zombies. Which one do you like best?
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    So I was a bit in shock. My pledge showed up in Illinois today with no warning. Was a little worried as Spanish was written on the outside of the box. So I opened it up.... ....to stay positive and look on the bright side the minis look pretty nice and know I get to learn Spanish!
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    The weapon sprues don't fit into any of the packaging options Reaper uses except for the large clamshell. The cost to package a sprue in a clamshell is prohibitive. The sprues were molded by the factory incorrectly and Reaper is unhappy with the end product. Last I knew, there was no intention on releasing the product to retail and no intention on having new molds remade correctly, for any version of Bones. The molds are at HQ as the clear/colored ones were cast in house and the time/labor to cast these is higher than most as the design is problematic causing more failed casts than not. These sprues are not considered a success. I would be highly surprised if they ever hit retail.
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