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    This is my thought also. You mentioned the possibility of a farmhouse. If this is the case, is it in the realm of the possible to consider it as a possible source of income through rental/lease of either the house or the arable land for crop production? Even if it only carried the costs of Property Taxes and maintenance, as has been pointed out, they just don't make more land. {Unless you live on a Volcanic Island, which carries its own set of interesting possible scenarios]. GEM Rule Number Two: My "Precious Things", your "Junk". GEM
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    Hello Reaper friends! You might remember I did a whole tribe of Hill Giants on a display board, with hex bases? This is my follow up to that, this time: Stone Giants. Errrm, it all got a bit out of hand, and I'd LOVE some input from you all, please This is where I'm at after a week and I'm a bit stuck tbh. I think I need to decide more about what the "finish" will look like before I go a lot further. Once I cover that foam with more than paint it's going to be harder to make changes. I'm thinking of sort of "cladding" it in pieces of slate, with sculpted bits / groundwork in the gaps? I'd also love to hear suggestions for other miniatures and features to add to the scene to break up those big open rocky spaces. Current extra bits and bobs are just there for a sense of scale and how extra minis might "interrupt" or "enhance" the scene. Some next steps though: - cork around the hexes on the platforms for the bases to fit into - some sort of "door frame" - "box in" the sides (which are cut out of a continuing mountainside, in my head at least) Please, rain your ideas and encouragements upon me!
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    Frostrun - An Ongoing Painting Project Inspired by @Glitterwolf's similar WIP threads with ongoing themed projects, I have decided to chronicle my own thematic painting journey. Frostrun is a homebrew 5E campaign setting set in a vast expanse of frozen north. Plagued by an undead threat, and lush with strange creatures and monsters, Frostrun is ripe for painting inspiration. I will be linking to my Show Off galleries and dropping photos of relevant WIPs in here. I may also drop some lore from time to time as well. I would also love to see your creations that fit this theme! Feel free to share images or drop links. Show Off Gallery Frost Wyrm (Remorhaz) - Reaper Bones 77183 Ice Troll - Reaper Bones 77344 Caribou - EC3D Frost Giants - Tehnolog Vikings 54mm Firbolg Monk - Nolzur's Human Druid Conversion 73390 Eladrin Warlock - Feiya, Iconic Witch - Reaper Bones 89008 Drow Harlequin - Astrid, Female Bard - Reaper Bones 77078 Halfling Thief - Bailey Silverbell - Reaper Bones 77072 Frostrun - An Introduction Beyond the snow-covered hills of the Mellopeaks lies the frozen plains of Frostrun. This barren frigid land was once home to great giants whose every foot fall shaped and molded the land, forming great lakes, mountains, and valleys. The people of Frostrun are few but proud. Stubborn folks who have refused to leave their ancestral land even as the weather grows colder, and the game scarcer. Humans have lived off the lands in the plains and valleys, hunting great mammoths and other wildlife for centuries. Goliaths, the great men of the mountains, kin of giants, live in cities carved from the mountain’s sides. Rarely do they come down from the peaks. In the sparse wintery forests live the Firbolg, reclusive relatives of the Fey. These creatures are quiet and intune with nature, living amongst the animals rather than dominating and domesticating like humans. And beneath the cold stone of Frostrun dwell the dwarves, finding warmth beneath the snow and ice, equal masters of the art of carving stone and ice. Other races dwell in the winterlands as well, such as savage tribes of nomadic orcs, as well as traveling adventurers from worlds away, daring to cross the tundra in search of riches and glory. Legends of fallen kingdoms and great empires lost beneath the ice have captured the imaginations of locals and foreign adventurers for centuries. It is stories like these that have brought you each to the Harpie’s Hearth, the last inn between the warmth of civilization and the frigid wastes beyond. The inn is rife with would-be adventurers seeking to make a name for themselves beyond the edge of the winterlands. When word from Raven’s Roost, a small village to the north, goes silent, you are tasked with braving the tundra and investigating. Do you have what it takes to put the warmth of civilization behind you and plunge into the icy depths of Frostrun? Do you have the fire of an adventurer burning inside you? Or does something more personal drive you towards a dangerous delve into the frozen wastes of the winterlands?
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    Return to Planet Apocalypse, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/petersengames/return-to-planet-apocalypse?ref=android_project_share Yes, Petersen Games is doing a Kickstarter Exclusive again! Just this once! Planet Apocalypse was designed by Sandy Petersen, one of the best-known designers in horror gaming. In the early eighties he wrote the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game for Chaosium. In the nineties, he was a key designer for the ground-breaking video games Doom, Doom 2, and Quake. And in 2015, he released Cthulhu Wars. Now he returns to the topic of apocalyptic horror with a game Shut Up and Sit Down described as "[having] cemented Sandy Petersen as the king of games where you roll dice and things die." This Kickstarter offers two separate tabletop experiences: The board game (core game reprint) with new expansions. A 325+ role-playing book for 5th edition D&D with TONS of content to bring the apocalypse to your fantasy world, plus new adventures, monsters and more.
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    I had a bit of a hiccup with my computer recently, and since I had to get it fixed anyway, I thought I'd take the opportunity to upgrade its seven or eight year old graphics card. This thing is the result of the first bout of testing of the new card, which has certainly made a huge difference in sculpting performance in Blender — it started out as a cube subdivided and MultiResolutioned to about 6.5 million faces, and the card handled an object of that complexity without blinking. I had no plan or purpose for this when I started modeling it, and that does show a bit. However, it's now a Thing, and I've 3d printed one and painted it. The spearman is an old Essex figure; his spear is marked in 5mm increments.
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    From the first post of my WIP thread:http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82127-warduke/&tab=comments#comment-1741308 Some of you are old enough to remember the old Dungeons and Dragons toy line from way back when. In that toy line, they featured an evil fighter named Warduke. He also made one appearance in the cartoon, and was given stats (more than once) for use in the pencil and paper RPG. I have decided to make/convert a copy of him for myself. This is who I'm talking about for those that don't know, or remember: He got brought back for 3.0 or 3.5 edition D&D, too: Now, that's some pretty cool artwork, and my apologies to Mr. Reynolds, but it's wrong. Warduke is LEFT handed. See? I brought him to Reapercon and entered him in the open category, and earned a bronze medal. Thanks to my judges ( @Corporea, @dks, and I'm not sure if Brice Cocanour is on the forum or not) as well as @Kuro Cleanbrush for giving me some excellent feedback on what was good and what I needed to improve on.
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    I have a few whiteboards, one of which I had painstakingly carved 1"x1" grids on it for D&D. I am not certain if that was a wise call.
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    I've been trying to practice new methods and learn each time from repetition. I set a goal before i start to keep myself focused on learning something new and challenging myself. In another post someone mentioned doing the same figure over and over is a great way to get practice. I took that to heart and am giving it a try. I saw a great deal on the Runewars game, which had a boat load of minatures to paint that are duplicates, and made the cost per mini easy. Plus if i finish I've got a cool game to try. I digress. Here's the first set of 4. I'm open to feedback. I wanted to do all 4 the same, but the purple didn't look how i wanted, so i changed it on 2 of them. The lighter wash also didn't yield depth in the armor, so i altered that too. I did 2 sets that are identical. I used a reddish-purple on the first set with a sepia wash all over. I did the second set with a royal purple and a nuln oil wash on the armor, cape, tatters. I used sepia on bone. I think the nuln oil version is better, I'd love your feedback. Areas i struggle with: transition on small details (belt and buckle), how much wash to apply, and highlighting.
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    Been awhile since I posted here. I've been busy obsessing over the Lancer RPG and building tiny mechs for it. So I bring another one of my recreations the Manticore! A Direct energy assault frame from Horus. Wreathed in electricity or focused electromagnetics this mech brings quick judgment to it's enemies. It shall Castigate the enemies of the godhead!
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    Started painting during the pandemic but was really intimidated by basing. Finally picked up some supplies and based my first couple models. Really improved the overall quality and aesthetic.
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    This was my Quad Color Challenge entry for Reapercon. I had a lot of fun doing this.
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    Reaper - Anniversary Ametrine Earthlyte Dwarf - 01611 Awesome model, was super fun and much easier to paint than I though. I think this is my best female face yet, thanks to a very good sculpt allowed me to paint in the corner of the mouth :) Just like with santa dwarfs, this model is also not in the reaper store anymore. I do not know, but wonder if these are limited edition seasonal models or something.
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    The Family Car - Underpainting a Rusty Base A good suburban household scene wouldn't be complete without the family car parked on the drive. For this I used a cheap toy car that looked to scale with the house. However it was far too pristine and shiny for an end of the world scene, and would need to be aged and weathered considerably. I started by taking the car apart and then re-priming the body. I did not pay much attention to the interior of the car, as I will be dirtying up the windows at a later stage. Following the primer, the car was sprayed in a base coat of dark brown and then a second coat of terracotta was misted over it in sporadic patches to give the base rust colour. Once dry, I used some rust effect paints. First I used a sponge to stipple on some old rust, which is quite a thin dark brown paint with a slightly gritty texture to it. This effect was applied quite heavily over the whole of the model. From there I applied the new rust, which is quite a thick, and brighter orange paint, this was also stippled on over the model, but a lot more sparingly than the previous colour. The Family Car - Initial paintjob and weathering. To give a worn and chipped look to the paintjob I am going to be using the salt chipping method, if for no other reason than I have never tried it before and wanted to see how it turned out. I started by brushing water onto the areas where I wanted the heaviest weathering, in this case the roof, hood and trunk and then sprinkled coarse sea salt over the wet patches. The wet salt binds together and creates a crusty skin over the model. I also applied a coat of chipping medium to the sides of the car, where the salt would struggle to stick. Once dried I used to the airbrush to repaint the whole model. I used a pale off-white with a hint of blue, which is going to serve as the cars 'under coat'. Some of the salt will blow off when airbrushing, but that is fine it all adds to the end result. I kept the paint quite patchy, as I didn't want a clean new paint job. Once the paint is dry, the salt can be brushed off with stiff brush, revealing the rust below with some natural looking chips. The parts of the car that I had coated in chipping fluid were also scrubbed down with a damp brush in the same way I'd chipped the walls of the house, revealing the rusty metal below. The next step is to repeat the entire process, but this time painting the car blue so that I have a mix of under coat and rusty metal showing through for a more natural look.
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    I painted along with David Diamondstone's OSL and lighting effects class at ReaperCon.
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    Proctor's class was great. I dig how this little guy turned out.
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    Wood dowel two different diameters of solder and filled the joints. Attached image of one of the pillars prior to filling and paint.
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    Just an update: Tried out the new Frosgtrave 2E rules last Tuesday night and it was a bloodbath. We did two fresh level 0 warbands and went to town. Played the Summoning Bell scenario on a 3X3 board. Mechanically the rules were the same and it was an easy play. The particulars were what caught us both out. I fielded an illusionist and added the spell blink to my arsenal. It was cast five times between my wizards and only “worked” once. The thief that it was cast on in that instance made his will roll and the spell had no effect. Between the first four randomly rolled monsters in the corners and the double random encounters almost every turn we ended up with the following monsters on the board: 4 snow trolls 4 Toads 4 wearwolves 2 armoured skeletons 2 skeletons 2 Snow Leopards 1 white gorilla 1 ghoul Thankfully all the big stuff ended up coming from only two adjoining sides giving both of us a clear shot to get something off the board. I managed off with only one treasure, my apprentice and a wounded thief. After the game my wizard ended up with a niggling injury so I have that to look forward to. All of my other models came off fine. I also missed my chance for my ulterior motive. I opened the casket but was unable to spend the time to finish the conditions on the card. I did kill the ghoul, two skeletons and a Snow Leopard. Mark ended up stopping the bell , a troll helped him finish his ulterior motive by killing one of my models and he collected two treasures. He only had two thieves make it off the board and his wizard earned twice the experience but also died for his troubles. His apothecary ended up seriously injured and will not play the next game. All in all it was a fun if bloody game. I would suggest that anyone looking to play this scenario get their wizards up a couple of levels prior to attempting it. On to some random photos with no descriptions.
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    Coincidentally, I had this figure very nearly done two days ago when the sad news of Diana Rigg’s passing was made public. It always was a tribute to her incandescent portrayal of Emma Peel in the old British TV show “The Avengers”, but now it’s a memorial as well. Requiescas in pacem, Ms. Rigg. The figure is “Pandora King (Classic)” from Crooked Dice miniatures. Crooked Dice has a minis game based on cult TV and they’ve produced a lot of different figures suitable for that sort of storytelling.
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    Been a busy week so haven't had a chance to paint. But tonight I did take a bit of time to look at one of my boxes of Inferno Squad. While it is called an Inferno Squad expansion, the units are really Imperial Special Forces, with two unit cards. One is a standard Special Forces unit of 4, plus you can add one. The other is the Inferno Squad, which starts with one figure and has to add Del Meeko and Gideon Hask, who are unique troops. So while you can field multiple Special Forces units (up to the rules limit) you can only field one Inferno Squad. But both of the named character figures come with alternate helmets, so you can build and paint them as normal troopers too (Meeko also comes with alternate arms, as does the heavy weapon guy, so you can equip them with a standard E-11 blaster rifle. Which is good since I bought two of them, since I really like the looks of the figs. On to assembling one. This is the first box I've opened since FFG switched to figs on sprues. Not really thrilled with that, but the pieces are fairly clean compared to the older models I've done, as far as flash. But each of these guys looks to be about 7 pieces, when a lot of the older figs are in the 2-4 piece range. Still it went together ok. Love the helmets....although why they needed to be two pieces.... Prep was probably close to the same time, but gluing definitely took longer, and I think three pieces made it to the floor at different times. The chest pack in particular is both tiny and awkward to hold and glue on. It just sits flush, there is no peg or anything. I guess it gives you the option to leave that piece off and just have a bare chestplate.... I want to get the 2 units of these assembled and primed for when I switch to painting black armor with the stuff I primed the other day, so I'll keep plugging away at them.
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    Yes, no, maybe? I'll tackle this one. Scale and mini size are a very difficult thing to get right as a sculptor, because every company has a standard size that they want their minis to be, more or less. Pretty much all of us work for multiple companies, and so must meet the scale requirements of each of our clients. This also gets interesting when you realize that miniature scales have been changing gradually over the last 25 years, so that a sculpt by a sculptor done in 1995 for Reaper is likely to be considerably smaller than a similar sculpt done by that sculptor in 2020. This scale creep directly correlates to the explosion of painting as a hobby. As more people wanted to paint minis to a high standard, they began buying the minis that were slightly larger and easier to paint. As such, mini companies were given incentive to nudge the sizes up a bit. Humans and Human-like Minis: Typically, a current Reaper human mini will range from 30 to 35 mm from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head (90's version probably would be more in the 27 to 32 mm range). This range should reflect the difference in height that humans have; humans should not all be the same height and build after all. Most other manufacturers I work with use these sizes as well. I still have one that wants figures sculpted on the 25mm to the eye scale, which is the typical 1980's--1990's sizes. For races other than human, we need to adjust based on this scale. Monsters and Creatures: These get tricky. First, you have the sizes described for the creature in the various game systems. Typically today, we equate 6 mm = 1 foot though some companies still use 5 mm = 1 foot. The other factor is base size. For instance, some games like D&D state that a given generic class size like Medium, must fit on a certain size base. In this case, a size M creature in D&D must fit on a 25 mm base, even if it's description says that it is bigger than that. For example, a 7 foot tall humanoid (38 to 43 mm, depending) will have a hard time standing on a 25 mm base in any sort of dynamic pose. That is why a lot of Reaper's gnoll minis have feet that hang off the edges of a 25 mm base. You either have a dynamic, good-looking mini that will sell but hangs off the base a bit, or a boring sculpt standing straight that fits the base. This is compounded by long, thin creatures like snakes and dragons. The iron cobra in D&D is a 10' long snake that must fit on a 5' base. So that is why you almost always see snakes coiled in some way. This is the same reason that a lot of the M sized dragons are depicted in miniature as rearing up; they are too long to fit on a 25mm base with all 4 feet on the ground if sculpted to the description. Sculpting Style: Finally, you have an issue of mass, and this is where the style a sculptor uses comes into play. A human sculpted by someone like Tre Manor will look larger than one by Bobby Jackson, even though the two are the same height, simply because of the art style of the two sculptors is very different. Tre tends toward more massive sculpts, and Bobby's are more refined and delicate; neither is wrong and both are awesome.
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    I agree with all of the above, and have no advice to give. However, one cannot say the words "green flame" and not make the required Big Trouble in Little China reference. "Half a city block explodes in a ball of green flame... GREEN FLAME! All hell is breaking loose!"
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    YouTube video: https://youtu.be/s7VYJKgXLMI
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    Every so often, a model catches my attention. Sometimes because it is excellent and inspiring, sometimes because there is something off about it. Sometimes the model is both. Here is one such example: Yeah, it is the angle of the buckler thats just wrong. It simply should not happen. It triggers my OCD. This is the "Gnoll Warrior" from the "Thank You pack" add-on in the second Bones kickstarter. During the kickstarter it was presented as a line concept drawing and as is usually the case, the resulting miniature ends up slightly different. Still a perfectly good representation of the original concept art, but anyhow. That said, I do understand that one-piece castability requires certain angles and alignments for the mould to work, and to get the detail in the shield to show it cannot be sideways in the mould. There have been plenty of examples of minis in strange poses and/or holding things at strange angles because of this. This Gnoll is also stylistically rather different from the other Gnolls Reaper makes in Bones, perhaps it's just not so comic-like? But I ramble. The other day as I yet again was perusing the Drawers of Doom™, I picked this one for the painting table. But first it got to meet Mr. Scalpel for a field amputation followed by a quick rotation and graft: One drop of superglue later the case of the misaligned buckler was solved. Add a base and some paint: Good thing classic Bones material is really easy to slice and reposition. Such an excellent material for convertions as well. Jagged white parallells of sharp fangs emerged into the campfire light, then a staring yellow eye. Inquisitive, roughly probing clawed fingers followed. Snorting, foul breath enveloped me, causing me to gag. It jerked its beast-like head back, loud barks of mocking laughter spraying spittle in my face as I tried to stand my ground. "I smell fright, little man", the gnoll rasped out at last. "Why's that parlay-totem here?" This mini was finished September 12th 2020. 77388 Gnoll Warrior From the second Bones kickstarter 2013 Reaper Miniatures Sculpted by Bobby Jackson classic white Bones PVC 40mm base available from reapermini.com
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    I've used colour coded bases to mark my Imperial units, using the list inserts into the floors. But then I've been a bit stuck as to what to do with the Stormtrooper upgrade figs, since they could join an existing unit, or possibly create a new unit, or whatever. I've been thinking about using a magnetized mouse bot (or something similar) to be able to mark them. Give them their own colour but then stick on a mouse bot with the right colour if needed. So I found one that is supposed to be "legion scale". Thoughts? It seems a little big to me, based off memory, but seems pretty close based on searching for images.
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    Another compilation thread of things from Reaper Miniatures A miniature that actually went OoP with the P-65 line, a Frost Giant acquired from one of the forum Box of Goodwill rounds: Dreadmere Mayor: Foo Dog: Minotaur(ess): "And there's a creepy doll, that always follows you..." Chronoscopers:
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    Haven't managed to get back to painting yet, but on vacation this week, so hopefully it will happen in the next day or two. In the mean time I've been doing some assembly when I have some time. On the left are a unit of Imperial Death Troopers. On the right are the 4 figures from the Imperial Specialists box: Imperial Comms Technician, Imperial Officer, FX-9 Medical Droid and R4 Astromech Droid.
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    And these guys are finally done, apart from sealing (they are for play after all). Now to get back to Stormtrooper production....
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    Huh, thought I posted the next day.....oh well. I did not get them finished. I did get all the little details done, even though I could feel my shoulder threatening to twing for the last half hour or so... It eventually got too hot again to do more work, so I left the bases. Monday night my shoulder decided to completely spaz out. I could barely get out of bed. Not sure what triggered it, but it took some work to get it settled, so today is my first day back holding a brush. I cleaned up the two little bases and gave them another coat, then washed them with nuln oil. The big base finally got assembled and textured. Letting that dry non, then I'll add a few rocks and should have them finished up fairly quickly.
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    Progress: Getting too warm now (we're in the middle of a "heat wave"....a Canadian heat wave, so all y'all down south wouldn't understand ) for comfortable painting so will probably not get back at them until tomorrow.
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    Finally back at these guys. Getting there. Still need to do faces, goggles, gloves, black wash on guns and then metal highlighting, metal details and rank things on arms. Then the rest of the small bases, and putting together the big gun. Hoping to get them finished up by the end of the weekend, so I can get back to painting black and white......
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    I like to enjoy the little moments when different parts of the build come together for the first time.
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    Good enough for now. The CGI crew will fix the rest up in post-production.
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    I figured the terrain mix would shrink some. Guess I'll fill it up with caulking.
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    First section of floor is assembled. I glued them to a 3mm thick chunk of plywood I liberated from a crate of tangerines. Should be pretty solid, I think!
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    I'm working on the flooring. Made a stain and soaked the sticks overnight. Got to figure out how to assemble them solidly and then secure them to the structure.
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    It's likely to be the better part of a week for that terrain mix to cure. But I think we're coming up quickly on the end of the build phase!
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    I made up a big old mess of clay, glue, water, and toilet paper, then splortched it around 75% of the base before I ran out. I'll find out over the next few days how this experiment works out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Next step will be to add terrain to the base.
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    All of the walls are sculpted and primed. Now starting to add the stairs.
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    So, after quite some time, it's time to present some minis again. This time it's a group of Forge Worlds Death Korps of Krieg soldiers. Those are a few prototype miniatures for a friends Imperial Guard army. If he likes the paintjob, we'll do them all in this pattern. Oh, yeah - and just in case anyone goes "nice" or "awesome" or "excellent" again - HE'S WATCHING YOU. If you really don't have got anything else to say, leave me a "like" instead. I take a "like" as a nod to my participation in this forum. A "nice" is getting me nowhere. So long.
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    Hi all. I think I conquered my little confidence problem. I just finished this ice troll mini and I am quite happy with the results. There are a couple little niggles I have with my job but I'm not going to stress. I tried to go with a lighter underbelly after doing the blue basecoat so I mixed Stained Ivory with a glaze medium so it blended with the blue but it went on streaky so next time I will thin it more and mix it with the blue to make it smoother. It doesn't look so great zoomed in but from 3 feet away it's great! My friend said the armour looked too new because it was just a dark metallic so i went over it with GW Typhus corrosion and Ryza Rust and I think it came out looking great. I tried to make the fur on the back of the loincloth look like snow leopard but it doesn't quite track. Have to try harder next time. Anyway, hope you all like him as much as I do! Also: painting him finally turned me into this guy: I was never a paint-my-hand guy before. Edit to add: I totally forgot to mention, this guy is my 40th painted mini ever! Not a particularly noteworthy milestone but I happened to count and realized he's #40.
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    Hi everyone! Here’s another Kickstarter I backed : the Procession of the Plague Cult by Midlam Miniatures. These are plain cultists, which allows them to be used for a lot of different purposes. They will make great mooks in my DnD campaign. The ones with the red lines are of higher rank in the cult. And here’s the full family picture of the cult, with Cazalet and the Black Crab miniatures: I hope you like them. :)
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    I've been working on this mini for months, and did a big push recently to wrap it up. It's a gorgeous figure, so I really wanted to do it justice to the best of my ability!
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    I started this guy last year at Reapercon in the Convert a colossal skeleton class, and entered him into the open category at this year's Reapercon; he earned a bronze. WIP is located here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62739-colossal-skeleton-conversion-for-reapercon-2016/
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    Do you mind reading some fluff in between? I like to keep in the mood by making up stories.. If you hate the fluff, stick to the pics, if you like it...enjoy. And I would like to know if I'm bothering you guys or not.. So...the storie continues...( you thought it ended???) Her Majesty's Swordfish was anchored a mile or two from shore. Any news yet? The ship's Captain, Rodrigo Gonzales looked at Martinez. He shook his head. No, nothing. Martinez was the younger brother of Cpt. Luigiano. He had been left behind on the ship with a group of 20 armed soldiers to make sure Gonzales kept his word. Gonzales had been paid in advance to sail the expedition to this uncharted land and he agreed to wait 3 months. After that the rainseason would come, and the ship would then turn back to the civilized world. Luigiano had to be back by then or the ship would leave. To make sure Gonzales wouldn't leave earlier, Luigiano had stationed his brother Martinez with his men on board. Gonzales looked at Martinez, carefully weighing his words. He knew Martinez had a bad temper. Time was almost up. A mere two weeks and the agreed three months would have passed. He wondered if Martinez would let him sail back without his brother. You know, he said, I'm sure your brother will be back in two weeks. He knows we will have to sail back then. He looked at Martinez face. Martinez looked troubled. Maybe we need more time, he said. Gonzales weighed the options, and agreed. Sure, sure, if necessary we can talk about it. Reassured, Martinez walked to his soldiers. Twenty armed elite soldiers. Of course the crew of the ship outnumbered them, but these were professional soldiers. If they wanted the ship to stay, they we're in for a lot of trouble. He would have to come up with something soon! The rainseasons in these parts were terrible. He had sailed with Luigiano before, when he had obtained that golden plaque. This time he had brought an army if he succeeded they would all be rich. But Gonzales felt something was wrong. The first two weeks, Luigiano had sent a pigeon every two days. Bringing news of his progress. After that the pigeons stopped coming. Gonzales and Martinez had talked about this.'Maybe the pigeons had died in this climate or were caught by a predator? Surely Luigiano would be allright. He had a small army and even some small cannons, so he should be allright. A few predators wouldn't stop them. And any savage natives would fall to the might of the blackpowder weapons. Still... No pigeons, no messengers, no sign of life, and the three months were almost up. Gonzales knew he had to act.... Every few days, a group of soldiers and ship's crew would take a barge and head for the beach. There,they would go to the edge of the Jungle and forage for fruits, water and maybe hunt some small game. Martinez and five of his men would always stay aboard during those forage trips, and they would stay close to Gonzales untill the group returned. That night Gonzales invited Martinez to his cabin for a drink of rum. He reassured Martinez that he would wait as long as he wished. Let's drink to that he said. A sailor brought pitchers of rum, one for the Captain and one for Martinez. Of course Martinez, being a bit suspicious after all, switched the pitchers. It was good rum.. They talked, drank, and sang. More pitchers were served. And they got more drunk... After the fifth pitcher of rum, Gonzales mumbled something and then he slammed his head onto the table and started snorring. Martinez laughed, he fell out of his chair and fell asleep in a drunken stupor. Gonzales opened his eyes, stood up, completely sober. After the first pitchers of rum, he had been drinking cold herbal tea. While Martinez had gotten the strongest rum. Two sailors entered the cabin. They disarmed Martinez, and gagged him and bound him to the cabin's bed. Gonzales took the seal ring from Martinez's finger. He wrote something and sealed it with wax using the ring. Here, give this to Martinez's Sergeant, he told a sailor. And so, next day a group of fourteen soldiers led by the Sergeant stood ready for a forage trip. Four sailors would row them ashore in two barges. The remaining soldiers would stay with Martinez on board. The Corporal asked Gonzales where Martinez was. He is in my cabin,Gonzales said, he has a bit of a headache and asked if you would accompany me to the cabin and meet him there. Follow me please. They saw the barges leave to the beach. And the Corporal and his men followed Gonzales to the cabin. Standing in front of the cabin's door, they were suddenly surrounded by sailors. What is this? The Corporal asked. Disarm them, and take them to the brig, Gonzales said. In the cabin, Martinez woke up. He had a headache, he had drank too much, he felt if someone had stuffed a sock in his mouth.. Wait..there WAS a sock in his mouth!! He tried to take it out, discovering his hands were bound. Gonzales stepped into the cabin. No use Martinez, he said. You will have to wait a while.
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    Captain Luigiano was running for his life. He had escaped the attack of the horde. The Captain had seen the first men fall and decided for a strategic retreat covered by his men. Of course he "forgot" to inform his men about this. The sounds of guns firing and the screams of the dying faded behind him. The Captain held dear to the golden plaque. He was certain he could raise a new expedition if he made it home. The lure of gold with the plaque as proof of the existence of the Golden City would be enough. After running for what seemed hours, he slowed down. Far enough.. this must be far enough... Now to slowly track his way back to the shore and his ship.. It all happened so fast! The first men fell due to poisoned darts, the big terror Lizard ripped men apart. The cannon was brought in place, but when the Master Gunner wanted to lit the fuse, a flying creature swooped down and picked him up. The creature looked like a crossbreed between a bird and a crocodile. It flew higher and higher and then dropped the Master Gunner. He screamed all the way down... That was the moment Luigiano turned tail, the hell with this! These men would not be able to defeat these monsters. At least they could buy him his escape! Next time he would bring a Wizard, or a Steamtank or maybe both, he thought, Yes, next time... He stopped and sat down on a big treetrunk. Took his little flask and drank the last Rum. He was far enough now... better slow down, he would need his strength to reach the shore. He reached into his tunic, and got the golden plaque. The gemstones forming the snake symbol reflected the sunlight. So beautiful... A city full of such treasures would make him rich beyond his dreams. All he needed would be more fools to find and raid that city. One day he would succeed. He looked up from the gem and stared into the eyes of a large snake. Sssuuchooi handed the golden plaque over to the Priest of the Living Lizard God. It was back where it belonged.
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    Added more Reaper Muddy Olive, and Snow Shadow. Scale 75 Decay Black, Mars Orange and Antares Red.
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    Yep,. I've seen some from Schleich, but those are basically ( high quality) toys. I want a Metal or Resin or Bones Feathered T-Rex.. And more...!!! Oh, Did I mention the Ral Partha T-Rex is coming my way too? And the Velociraptors from Ral Partha.. Not to mention the Reaper Raptors/Velociraptors/Carnosaurus... I might have a problem Anyway. I sinned..I used the first coat as a primer without primer... Now to see what will happen. Reaper Muddy Olive as Primer...
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    Applied some Reaper Clotted Red to the mouth, I will have to see if I will keep it, expand it or lose it. Inspiration from this pic. ( a Komodo Dragon Feasting) Spoilered. LOTS OF BLOOD!!!
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