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    This thread is going to be my documentation about my adventures with marriage & more specifically with immigration. First, some background. I met a woman from Ecuador on an on-line dating site. One of the things about dating women from Latin America is (besides the cultural differences) a lot of them are looking for a green card*. Not just my opinion, but I have a friend who is an Ecuadorian & someone I had previously a relationship with, & she tells me the same thing. So I had to be cautious. It is usually easy to spot the green card hunters: I am 45 & would get bombarded by women in their 20s, telling me how much they will love me, etc. While there seems to be a cultural bias in Latinas in regards to relationships with older men (my friend was married to a man 15 years older than her, & now has a relationship with a man in his 60's...she is in her late 40's), the likelihood a relationship with a 20 year old is not good. Besides, I cannot have more children. Likely grounds for divorce or green card* hunters. Anyway this woman is different: same age as me, already has a son, in no way wants more kids, & when I told her about my ambition to retire to Ecuador one day, sent me information on housing costs there for us, when that day comes (FYI much cheaper than the US, which is why Ecuador is an attractive retirement destination for gringos**). Many other points as well convinced me she is not after a green card, but specifically she is looking for a husband. The culture is a little different there... Anyway, after 3 or 4 months of "dating" she dropped the bomb on me & used the words "te amo" with me. For those that do not know, in Spanish you have two different terms of endearment: "te quiero" can mean either "I like you," or "I love you," but not in the "I want to marry you" sense. The other it of course "te amo" which is a Big Deal, the sort of thing you say to your mother, your kids, or to your spouse & future spouse. So it was a big deal to hear those words. She wants to marry me one day. So we started talking about it & making plans. Some of the difficulties with this plan. There are 3 different strategies to achieve our marital bliss: 1. Apply for a K-1 Visa. This is the Fiancee visa. If anyone has ever watched the program 90 Day Fiancee, this is what they are talking about. The advantages to this one are that we do not have to get married immediately; we would have 90 days in which to get married in the US (hence the name). The disadvantages are that we would need to "prove" there is an actual relationship (in the Latin community some people try for a "marriage of convenience" in order to get around the laws for immigration...my Ecuadorian friend had a Colombian working for her illegally & was considering using marriage as a way to stay in the US; his visa was an educational visa only so he could not legally work), & it is much more expensive. To "prove" a relationship exists is that we would have to meet in person at least once in the past 2 years. Currently that is challenging (because of COVID), though there are ways to do it, I have found. 2. Apply for a K-3 Visa. This is a spousal visa. This is different because you have to be married FIRST before you can apply for it, & is meant to naturalize the foreign spouses. The advantages are that it is a bit cheaper & easier to apply for. The disadvantages are that it takes longer (averages 9 months right now, but sometimes it can take up to a year; the Fiancee visa averages 6 months but right now it is averaging 9 months, so no advantages to that at the moment), & you have to be married first, so you have to navigate the laws in the country you are getting married in to pull it off. Right now we are looking at Option 2. It has always been my intention to marry in Ecuador. For one thing I really want the legal status in Ecuador so there are no problems when I decide to immigrate in the future. But also because her family is there; I am asking her to leave her family behind in Ecuador to live with me in the US. This is only fair to her. As a bonus, Ecuador is a beautiful country with many old & magnificent churches. The only problems are that there are a limited number of places we can actually marry (she is from a coastal resort city called Manta): Guayaquil, Cuenca & Quito (the capital). The other problem is that I would need to be a resident there for 75 days before the marriage; this is impossible for me because of my kids & because of work. I should also clarify that in Ecuador there are 2 processes to getting married: you need to have a Civil Marriage before the Church wedding. This is just the legal process to indicate you are married in the eyes of the government. Later you can have the church ceremony so you are legal in the eyes of God (unlike in the US where the process is simultaneous; you just need a marriage license first, though I have never been married & may be incorrect in the details). While Guayaquil is relatively close to her (3hr drive by car down the gorgeous Pacific coast), & both Cuenca & Quito are lovely cities, it is just not practical to have the civil marriage there given the rules. As an aside, these rules were put in place (so I understand) by Pres. Correa. He is a Chavista (follower of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela; the current president of Venezuela is a Chavista as well), & has just been convicted & sentenced for bribery; he is supposed to serve a term of 8 years in incarceration. So option B of Plan 2 is to instead get married in the Dominican Republic. The advantages here are that it is closer (& cheaper) for me to fly down there, there are no onerous laws there for foreign nationals to marry, the quarantine is less restrictive, her sister has a lawyer friend there who can help us, & plus her sister (also married to a gringo for 10 years now, & has a kid with him) used this method & lives here in the US with her husband & kids. Neither I nor her need special visas to do this. Plus we can do this sooner rather than later. *** The other component of this is that we are planning on having a church wedding in February in Manta, Ecuador. The marriage in the Dominican Republic will only be a civil marriage to establish the relationship for the visa. She is religious so a church wedding will be important for her. Right now I am talking to an immigration lawyer about this process, & the documentation I will need to marry in the Dominican Republic. She is also talking to a lawyer locally in Ecuador for the same. Right now, target date is sometime in September. By the way, I have not told my extended family about this yet, just my kids. This should be interesting... Damon. * for those that don't know, especially outside the US, a Green Card is a type of identification card immigrants get when they have legal status in the US. ** A term Latinos use specifically for Americans. Maybe Canadians too. It is not a pejorative either. *** For a bit more detail of the troubles she had: one of her daughters was not born in Ecuador, but rather in the Dominican Republic. Because of this it took 3 years to complete the documentation to bring her daughter here. I do not wish that torture on anyone.
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    Inspired by the weekend question, I took some pictures of the army thus far and found that posting it in the question thread would be excessive, also that I didn't have an ongoing thread for my largest painted army so here it is. The plan is to get my Shelf of Incompleteion cleared off then work on reinforcements for this alongside my Old School Undead army. Here we have the Pumpkin construct unit led by a Storybook Witch from Old Glory. I have 3 more of her, but the bag only came with the one flight stand and the Reaper ones I have don't fit, when I get around that, they'll form their own unit. Behind her is Rotpatch, and the scarecrow is hanging out with these guys until I can get a couple more. The constructs are filling the slot of core infantry. Here is a Ral Partha Witch leading the Pumpkin Knight heavy infantry consisting of the Halloween Knight and converted Barrow Wardens. Willow Greenivy leading the skeletal Pumpkin Guard. 10 newer GW skeletions and a variety of Reaper Bones. Elise with the Pumpkin Chucker and some Bones skeletal archers providing ranged support. A female Necromancer and the Etherial Legion of ghosts and wraiths. An Iconic Witch, Pumpkin Spider, and friends. A converted Brettonian Sorceress with the skeletal heavy infantry. Basically, what happens when adventurers irritate the witches. Bats, wolves, and allied vampires. Another vampire and werewolf allies. Zombies, ghouls, and another Reaper Witch. Beastmen and hell hounds with an infernalist witch.
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    I am in the process of transferring all the posts to a blog. See damonsadventuresinimmigration.blogspot.com Damon.
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    Scale 75 Dwarven Gold, Elven Gold, Black Metal and Speed Metal. GW/Citadel Glistening Green ( very old paint) Reaper Dark Skin Shadow.
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    An update on things. I have had to change the date yet again, but it is only a minor adjustment. I will be flying down to Ecuador on 10 October. We have an interview schedules in Guayaquil on 13 October, & if everything is good to go, we will have the civil ceremony on 20 October. This also requires me to stay for 2 weeks rather than one, but this simply gives me more time to get to know the country, as well as total immersion in the Spanish language as well. Sort of like learning how to swim by being pushed into the deep end of the pool... Damon.
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    Other than another layer of Carrot Top Red on her hair, and maybe another layer of purple on the hat and clothes, she's approaching done... Polished Silver/Black Wash on the broom moon, Heartwood Brown on the shaft, Brown Wash and Russet Brown on the bristles and bindings. The flash obliterated it, but a final layer of Rosy Skin which was then watered down and used to attempt sheerness on the stockings. Mix of Carrot Top Red/Auburn Shadow on her hair. Another layer of Succubus Kiss on her glove. Remembered to hit her scarf with Druchii Violet.
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    Not wishing to be turned into a newt, I made some progress on Krissy... Made her orb into a magic 8 ball, Succubus Kiss on her glove, put the dots in the dice, touched up the Auburn Shadow on her hair where needed, Druchii Violet wash on the ribbons, belt and hat band (just noticed I forgot the scarf) and on the glove. Black on her stockings and a Rosy Shadow/Rosy Skin mix on her skin.
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    A little more story since I have no time to paint right now. *** Clever Girl?***+ Zafira was annoyed, Suleiman had been right, these Djinn are tricksters! Sure she got her wish, but now it seemed she was trapped, the Djinn probably had a good laugh at her expense. However, she remembered she got one wish a day! As long as she carried the lamp she could make a wish and solve everything, she just needed to be more careful with how she formulated her wish. By now she would have been here for a day she figured. She took the lamp and rubbed it again, a clourful mist formed and the Djinn appeared, Zafira could have sworn he showed her a smug smile. Your Wish Mistress? The Djinn asked. Zafira thought about it, I wish to be back with Suleiman! She said. WISH GRANTED! The Djinn disappeared in a cloud of colours. What did you wish for this time? Suleiman asked, standing next to her in the treasure room. Zafira sighed, this was going to take a few days... ********************
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    In order to get married in Ecuador, I need several pieces of documentation: Certificate of Marital Status, translated & apostilled. Birth Certificate, translated & apostilled There are other pieces of documentation necessary, but they do not apply to me (divorce certificates, death certificates...) Today I stopped by the courthouse to pick up the Certificate of Marital Status. Only $10 and notarized. However, it is in English so I need to get a translator for that. And for my birth certificate. I located someone nearby that can do it, usually takes a day or two. Next up, though is to get the documents apostilled. What is that, you ask? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apostille_Convention Basically it is like a notary for international documents. For that it will be a bit harder. For that I will need to travel to Harrisburg to get my documents apostilled. So I will be taking a day this week to do so. One nice thing that came up is that her cousin is a lawyer in Guayaquil. This helps immensely; not only is she family, but she is located in the city we are going to marry in (in Ecuador I can only marry in Guayaquil, Cuenca or Quito). This makes things very convenient from that standpoint. Not that this process is exactly simple. But I am making progress towards my goal. Damon.
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    Dita is finished, save for sealing and basing... Krissy has had several of the colors I was using on Dita applied as well... When I mixed the cool grey highlight for the corsets, I accidentally grabbed the Cloudy Grey rather than the Stormy Grey I had planned on, but it works. I brought up her skirt and hat with a Violet Light/Deep Twilight mix, and used Witchcraft Purple on various accessories, ribbons,etc.
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    Finished the broom with some Brown Wash on the bristles, Heartwood Brown on the shaft, combination of Witchcraft Purple/Icy Violet on the gems. Her mecha arm was highlighted with Shadowed Steel and a bit of Hashut Copper before P3 Armor wash was slathered on. Her sleeve garters were given a base of Deep Twilight. Agrax Earthshade on the base.
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    Now that all of the next batch is undercoated for the various armies, and the first pumpkins have been harvested, time to get back to it... Mix of Shadowed Stone/Pure Black on her skirt and hat, Ebony Flesh on the leather, Hashut Copper on the broom and hat, Blackened Steel on the other metal bits, Rotting Wood on the broom shaft. Still need to finish her skin and hair, but she's coming along a lot quicker than I expected.
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    Note this is on my hand. Yes, I have short fingers. Damon.
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    Well, it looks like some big news is in the works as far as the quarantine is concerned in Ecuador: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W6acSDfVXOECpnV7FDO0TDQNRPbMZhOf/view?fbclid=IwAR0mAqPzE3J2DVtm52R4aoUChvtFZ_oHaNSLCVP8RaiygWZOxSzCB1kyHi8 Here is the translation thanks to Google because I am too lazy to do it by hand:
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    50/50 Linen White/Dirty Bone, then pure Linen White. Now to hunt down lunch...
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    Pure Dirty Bone added.
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    With the sunlight starting to take on a certain tone, and a faint echo whispers of Autumn's return upon the night winds, it is time I got around to trying to have some reinforcements ready to greet the Great Pumpkin.... A modest start, I added a 50/50 mix of Dirty Bone/Bronzed Skin to the white areas on both, and got Dita blocked in with Pure Black.
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    More work on the head tonight: Note that I left the skin smooth on the face for now. I want to see how the body scales are going to turn out so I can better match their look and feel. I also need to make its horns a bit less symmetrical. Started figuring out the scales on the body. Funny thing is that this is the easiest type of scale to make in GS, but quite time consuming in ZBrush (in other words it takes about as long to make them in ZBrush as they do in GS, which is weird; usually ZBrush is faster overall). The key is though that they LOOK like the scales i sculpt by hand; I like that.
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    I recently talked to a lawyer in Ecuador about marriage laws, as they impact foreigners. The good news is that the law that says I must be in residence in the country for 75 days has been revoked, so there is nothing stopping me from getting married there. Well, except for the Coronavirus & the quarantine. But still, this will be significantly cheaper for me, as well as being better for me in that I marry under Ecuadorian law, get indisputable spousal rights under the law, & will probably be easier when I decide to immigrate in the next 7 years. Damon.
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    Short update: She wants me to travel to Guayaquil & then go together to the Dominican Republic. I can't blame her, & it would be a nice time to get to know each other. The only problem is that as soon as I step off the plane, they will do a COVID test. The other problem would be more money. I have a budget for this, so hopefully it all works out. Whether I test positive or negative I am still required to go into quarantine for 14 days before entering the country. SHe is going to call the airport in Guayaquil & explain what our plans are, & see if I still would need to go into quarantine. The other thing is that I checked on the marriage laws in the Dominican Republic. We are required to have 2 witnesses at the civil marriage. Her sister's lawyer friend (abrogada, new word for me) is going to make the arrangements, so that is a huge relief. Today I looked at rings. I have not formally proposed to her due to the Quarantine, & we are throwing this together as we go. I sent her a picture, she is enchanted with it. I picked out one for me too, much, much simpler & cheaper (because yo soy un hombre), still made of gold. It should be nice. Damon.
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    I finished adding the scales and am now starting to work on the feet.
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    Project finally recieved some attention in the form of a single figure. A friend came over today for a hobby session. He painted while I spent most of the time prepping miniatures; towards the end my wife even joined in on the hobby fun. With the random colors leftover on my palette she painted up one of her orks (minus the skin). With all that purple I recon' it's a very sneaky ork indeed. With any luck I will turn my attention back to this project soon. Besides at this point I've only got about half a year to finish.
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    Blocked in where the white is going to be with some Bronzed Skin. I have a lot of minis on the table that require this, so I figured I'd do it all at once. Having slept on it, other then a little touching up around around the sides of the eyes, Dita didn't really turn out all that bad.
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    Yeah, usually takes me a couple of tries to get the eyes right. too.
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    Krissy has most of her bases colors applied... Deep Twilight on the robe and hat, Auburn Shadow on her hair, and she got a dousing in Flesh Wash. Her eyes I'm still undecided about, they were green, but when I tried to put in the black center dot, it wound up obliterating most of that. But...they are still ok enough so I'll not try my luck any further. Dita got some Flesh Wash as well, and Blonde Shadow on her hair. Her eyes were supposed to be this nice Frost Blue/Copper Verdigris mix, but again the black dot center obliterated that. I tried lightly dabbing some more Linen White into the edges of the eyes to balance things a bit...and may have gone too far with that...arg.
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    Began with Rosy Shadow.
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    I caught these two lurking around my shelf of "To be started Soon(tm)" observing the Witch Hunters reinforcements with a wary and critical eye... Reaper's Krissy, Modern Witch and Dita the Steampunk Witch. Applied some wood putty to their bases, and will cycle them into the painting rotation.
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    Good question, it's been on the top of my mind, actually. In this case I wan't a bit more uniformity than I otherwise can get, but yes, I am taking steps. First, it is a single IMM brush, so I still have to put each scale in. As I do so, I am sizing them by eyeball. That should give some variance. Finally, after all is done, I plan to go back and beat them up and "adjust" things.We'll see how this works and if I like the results. One issue I had with the scales on the Blue drake, is that they feel a bit too free form to me. Snakes and other reptiles aren't quite THAT variable in scale pattern. That is what I am trying to solve with this.
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    On with the drakes! I started working on the red one. I split the head from the body, then opened the lower jaw and split that from the head. Then I sculpted the rough forms of all the belly plates. By the way, my pose inspiration for this one comes from fighting male big cats:
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    Today, I split the head from the body, so I could pose the body and increase the resolution on the head. Then I made a very rough base, posed the body, and detailed the head (which is pretty much done at this point).
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    The print went fine. I definitely need to deepen/enhance the eyes. Pretty much everything else came out great though: (Sorry if the colors seem off, I played around with the contrast and brightness to try to make the details show on the aqua-blue resin.)
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    That's one beautiful critter!
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    Last night, I merged everything and posed it:
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    This is done as far as I can take it without increasing the resolution, which I won't do until after I pose it:
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    Okay, let me help here. What all of you failed to understand is that the one with the beaky helmet is not an Orc at all. You're looking at two Gretchins, these are Glorg and Slugh, two brothers who got tired of getting bullied around by their Orc masters. So while Slugh makes up the lower part of the outfit, Glorg stands on his shoulders and uses the gunz, of course any Orc would recognize him if he didn't wear a helmet. Hence the looted beaky one.
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    Final Proof @WhiteWulfe: I do not remember. A friend showed it to me, and he's currently touring the Amazon.
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    The tree is mostly done; I may add a bit more foliage and touch it up later once the whole is done, but for now I'll be moving on to the staff and hands:
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    I made major progress this weekend. I am shooting to have these guys done by next week at this time. I ended up cutting off the curved sword fighter's arm, as it was impossible to solder the second blade on without damaging the putty I had already laid down. I then drilled out a hole for the new arm, soldered the second sword to it, and fit it in place. I also prepped it so that the arm will be removable when I am done without cutting, since it will need to be to case correctly. I then sculpted the arm muscles. I didn't get the anatomy quite right in the shoulder of the upper arm, but I'm not concerned as that will be completely covered by armor. I sculpted the hands on the monk. I left his forearms a bit skinny as he will have cloth wrappings over them and if I sculpted the arms to full size it would end up too bulky when finished. I then started his robes, which are a piece of cloth looped around his back and will cross in front of him draping behind each leg. A sash will wrap his center. This is my first attempt at the back section of this. I went WAY overboard with it and will be pealing this off and trying again. It is just too much material on his back and looks...wrong. I got some more work done on the armor of the single sword fighter. It still needs the helm, pauldrons, buckle, belt and sash shell attachment points, armor straps, and scabbard and belt pouch.
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    Yes, fire scale is the name of one of the oxidization types that forms in alloys that contain copper. It is a real issue for silver jewelry smiths. I assembled the other two armatures this weekend. This guy is going to have a second, matched sword in his other hand, curving up around his body, but I will need to sculpt his body details first. You will note that he has a lot of fire scale (the purple-red patchiness) in this picture. This was caused when I soldered his sword and annealed his body. Since I took this picture, I used a brash brush and removed the fire scale, so he is now shiny. And the third one with the butterfly swords: And for the record, I will never use this type of bronze for armatures ever again. It is just way too hard and difficult to work with. It is nice for the weapons though. One of the swords actually took an edge as I filed it to remove the mold lines.
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    Worked on the legs, arms, eyelids, and neck. I also started preparing the other two armatures (no pictures yet).
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    I have the first one assembled and ready for sculpting: I'll add the sword later; it will be in the hand above the head.
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    I got them on the tree during lunch today! Hopefully, I have time on Sunday to invest, burnout, and cast.
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    I opened up and flared the edges of the lower shell to allow for beefier arms and legs. Then I pulled it from the cork and attached the wax-injection-port former to the bottom. Tonight I'll make the rubber molds and if there is time, shoot the waxes (probably won't be time though as I just remembered that I am supposed to allow my new mold rubber to cool at room temperature after vulcanization to minimize shrinkage; so no quick dunk and cut tonight).
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    I added a layer if GS to the shell and smoothed it down tight. Then I cut in the plates: After that I sculpted the details into each plate: Next I'll start working on the belly plates.
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    On the Reaper forum's bi-monthly resolutionary painting challenge the first bonus challenge of the year is to fingerpaint a miniature. ...as in use your fingers to paint it, no brushes or other implements, and you need to do this yourself, not get any help from others, including small-fingered children. Priming and sealing excepted. And it must be a creature, no scenery to make it easier. I decided to make a go at the bonus challenges this year. How I did this is hiden behind the But the results ended up not too shabby: and since the backdrop it a wee bit too samey to show up the colours properly: this is taken with a pink piece of paper as backdrop.IRL it is a bit more blueish. These pictures show better that it does in fact have some of the insubstantial not-quite-there effect I was hoping for, with the translucency and blotchy colour variations all over. But one does need a bright light to see them. 77368: Shadow Demon Reaper Bones KS2 Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi Translucent purple Bonesium 40mm base
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    Technology inspired by Terminator... anyone else seeing a probem here?
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    I believe it does. It's just like book buying through Amazon or a brick and mortar book store. Online is great when you know what you want, but physical stores can show you a big selection of stuff you never even thought of looking at or didn't know existed and go "Huh, that looks interesting."
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    I think it'll be like shirts and mugs. 20 years ago I used to make shirts and mugs with a graphic design guy in his basement. Like zazzle or cafepress. The material barrier to entry was pretty low even then. And all of us have mugs and shirts with stuff printed on them. But even with these two considerations, most people still aren't making their own shirts and mugs at home, two decades on. There's nothing those places are doing that people can't do themselves, it's just easier to pay them to do it.
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