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    One thing that does not change when running games via Astral. When the GM says "Roll Initiative".
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    Thanks for making such an inspiring figure, Reaper! Kal has kept me pleasantly occupied during The Incident. :-) Here's the WIP thread, if anyone's into that sort of stuff.
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    So in another deviation from my normal Ral Partha fare, here is a really nice old, classic Grenadier lady, who came in a pack I think of three. There were two male hill giants and one female. I only have the female one at the moment. I've got the whole Giant's Club Hill Giant set, but haven't gotten around to painting those yet. So here she is in all her delightful and hill gianty glory. She's a really nice, old school figure. Sculpted by Andrew Chernak, one of those great old school sculptors. If you look, you'll see she has a hole in her knife hand on the back side. I probably should have filled that with green stuff, but I'm not always the sharpest tool in the tool shed. I kind of like lady giants. This one reminds me a bit of the Julie Guthrie Hill Giant I painted not too long ago, also kind of nice and brutal gal.
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    My first serious attempt with blending/shading on Blues, first basing with Snow, and my 3rd post in my "classic Metal Giants" Series. The snow is a home made mix of baking soda, White glue, White paint, and some hard White foam run through a coffee grinder. You Struggle for what seems like hours thru waste deep snow. Nearing exhaustion , you finally enter an area leeward of the Mountain where the snow is shallow. Your relief quickly turns to an unpleasant surprise as a pair of red eyes and a low Growl greet you . A single Warg stands next to a pillar of blue Ice. Your surprise turns to horror as the pillar moves. An enormous Frost Giant roars his disapproval at your presence and lunges at your party. Couple of notes on the model. This figure is 2 piece and is typically posed with the torso and lower body parallel, which IMO gives an odd " Oooofff, just got punched in the stomach " kind of look. Also, there's a rather large gap at the waist. A slight rotation and some sculpting putty for the missing row of scale mail and i think it looks a lot more natural Good match for the bones Reaper Warg size wise cheers
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    So I’m working my way through Humblewood minis and thought it would be fun to add even more so I would never ever stand a chance of painting anything else lol some of these are Dark Sword, some of these are from the deck of many’s Official Humblewood line, and some are 3D printed from Duncan ‘Shadow’ Louca. here’s what I’ve done so far... I will add more as I get through them!
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    If you saw the room you would probably think that a change was needed. Harley Orange & Black.
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    Reaper Team, I have been trying to formulate how to say this, but I think the best way is a simple "thank you." 2020 has been quite the rocky ride. There seems to be an endless tide of negativity and chaos in the world. Starting in March with everyone being put in lock-down here in the US with the change of life and behaviors, created quite the shake-up. Having to be relatively isolated with my family and working from home has created some very interesting challenges. One of these challenges has been staying motivated and finding something to occupy my time. Normally fishing would be my go to, but Southern Oregon has been rampaged by fires and most of the lakes here are depleted and outdoor activities are less fun with all the smoke we're still dealing with. If not from our own fires, from the smoke blowing up from the South. What has been an amazing escape and means for me to keep my hands from being idle was rediscovering painting. I came across some random YouTube videos of painters and remembered my love of doing it when I was in Jr High. I decided to reinvest myself into it, I mean why not? It's not like I was traveling for work or going anywhere, so may as well find something to do at home. After a few duds and pieces that were what I considered to be warm-ups to getting back into it, I have found my love of painting again. What's great about this hobby is I can still be engaging to the family, whereas if I were fishing I'd be miles and miles away and gone for hours at a time. My love of the outdoors is only matched by my daughter, but it's nice to do things that the entire family can be involved in. Painting has kept me happily hobbying in place and content to be inside. I stumbled across my first Reaper mini at a small games store nearby. I recalled plastic minis being pretty bad in the past, but I was shocked to see how detailed these were and decided to give them a shot. I ended up getting some of my best work on these Reapers and kept going back for more. Only problem was I bought them out of their plastics. I then went full George Jung from the movie Blow and was like, "Why not just go to the source?" What I have found since then has been amazing. This forum has bee an exciting way to engage other painters who are giving me new ideas, challenging me to stretch my comfort zone, and inspiring me to do more. I find getting up and checking on my posts to see who's left feedback has been a great tool for me. I see what others are doing and feel humbled, yet at the same time wanting to rise to that level. This hobby has come back to me at full speed and having to be trapped inside, which normally drives me crazy, has brought a new sense of comfort. Reaper has provided me an outlet that I am grateful for. The team and other members here have given me something to feel positive about. When I'm not stewing about having to work from home and deal with at-home schooling or the smoke or the fact most of the towns around burned or the non-stop negativity in the news or the...or the... you get the point. Everything else feels so chaotic and there's no planning for a week ahead any more. But there's still the fact I've got an awesome family (that supports my hobby craft) and something to look forward to doing when I feel that pressure building up - painting. Just wanted to take some time out of the morning to thank you for the support this site provides, the great outlet your products give me, and the renewed sense of fun I have with a hobby I had long forgotten. Keep up the great work, Reapers! I appreciate it more than I can express in words.
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    Aftermath is a dungeon crawler board game that is the heir to both Mice and Mystics and Stuffed Fables. The game takes place in a post apocalyptic world where rodents have formed colonies to scrounge resources for survival, cobbling together the things they need. For the set, I went with a lot of textures and a lot of wear and tear. Nothing these mice have is brand new, and I really wanted to express that.
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    I have two Spirits of the Forest (Bones) and wanted to convert one into a Ent, that is kind of taller and less bulky. Long story short, I kept the head and torso, but extended the arms and legs. So far I roughed out the volumes. Next up refinement and textures. I will place a mushroom man on his palm and some smaller ones riding along in the cavity in his chest, while he leans on a staff in his other hand.
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    Hello all you fine purveyors or all things Reaper and miniature related! So here this evening, I'm posting up a miniature sculpted by Dennis Mize back in 1989 (I actually looked at the bottom before adhering him on to his base) and you may or may not recognize him. He's a more "realistic" version of a certain comic book classic, Groo the Wanderer, officially named in the Iron Wind Metal Site as a Brainless Barbarian: In case you've never actually met him, here is what he looks like in the two-dimensional world: Super-fun mini to paint, pretty straightforward, the only issue that I had created in my mind was painting his tunic orange, kind of to match his comic book coloring, but in the end it was a bit easier than I thought. I think it was also way back in the day that maybe Dark Horse Miniatures made cartoon versions of him as miniatures. I would one day love to snag some of those, but that will be for another Ebay adventure I'm sure. So a double blast to the past, both in comic book and miniature form, hope you enjoy!
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    When I picked up this mini on a convention I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. it took some time to find the old alarm clock. The furniture is al scratch build. The background is made out of the inside of the alarm clock.
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    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lastaurora/the-thing-the-boardgame?ref=1eei6b The Thing - The Board game is a tense, cinematic experience for 1-8 players based on the eponymous cult film directed in 1982 by the master of movie-making John Carpenter. The game focuses on the emulation and assimilation properties of the Alien, hiding its identity under a veil of fake humanity. The Alien’s true objective is to escape from the base, choosing to hide himself collaborating with humans in order to escape along with them, or revealing his true nature, playing as a monster to assimilate all the team members.On the opposite, the humans must try to survive, maintaining the outpost 31, choosing the best way to escape between the helicopter, the snow cat or the rescue team but, more important, to test the team member to reveal the Alien.The road to victory is truly hard, but not impossible. Be careful though! The paranoia of not knowing who you REALLY have on your side may cloud your decisions! There's only three days left on this if you're interested.
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    My take on 54mm Zweothel. Join my Patreon and Instagram to see more https://www.instagram.com/story1000suns/ Vote for her on P&P https://www.puttyandpaint.com/projects/27985
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    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tommasonsculptor/the-goblin-menace-28mm-miniatures?fbclid=IwAR1K9_Q_RQDMZtQwmVd3uOgPJZYTzbGN82MqjN4-HVwO5RQEhyUF4pBC23o Not up yet but goes live in 1 week.
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    Here is a trio of Wizkids elves painted up for tabletop. It was very annoying to get to the bowman's face - so its not really painted in detail. I have mixed feeling about wizkids humanoids.... I feel a bit grumpy about how these didn't turn out, but its' my fault... I do like the yellow velveteen effect I got on the one cloak...
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    These were part of Warlord's Pike & Shotte starter box, which I picked up for the purpose of getting some rank and file reinforcements for my witch hunter army. I kept with the basic pilgrim color scheme, and it worked very nicely once I'd added some of Warlord's broadbrim hats pack to them. They came with two sets of arms, providing a little variation depending on what angle I glued them, and with the variety of hats in the broadbrimed sprues, I was able to get a nice amount of individuality to them, while keeping them uniform. Here we see them hard at work, preventing a foul necromancer from enslaving the local cemetery's dead.... They are not amused by such blasphemous tomfoolery.
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    Here is my take on the Dance of Death sculpt from the Bones 4 Kickstarter. I really enjoyed this one, finishing it up this last winter. I saw someone mention somewhere online that they were bummed that the heads didn't exactly line up, but I found it reminiscent of dogs when they are snarling while looking sidelong at each other. Apologies for the scratches and discolorations on the background. I've been meaning to pick up some black cloth to improve that. Thanks for taking a look!
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    @Thoramel YUM!! @Froggy the Great Keeping my fingers crossed that something fantastic comes along soon. @ManvsMini Sorry to hear about your crotchety dad. Hope he recovers quickly, and doesn't drive everyone nuts along the way. Everyone keeps asking us if we have everything we need, which is frustrating. I have no idea. We have a lot of stuff, but is it what we need? I've never done this before.... Actually got some sleep last night. He was a lot less fussy. Not going to say anything foolish like "I think we're getting the hang of this" because that's only asking for trouble. COFFEE! and as soon as I finish the first cup, WAFFLES!
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    Your office was determined to be an acceptable containment zone for the possessed IKEA furniture that they are trying to gather back from people's homes. The new for old "deal" was brought about by the realization that the layout of the store inadvertently (or purposefully) acting as a spirit trap, and that some of the more malignant ones over the years had found a way to escape by possessing the furniture kits. (which goes a long way towards explaining why they are the source of so much frustration, the spirit feeds off that) Possibly this whole thing came about by design and some higher up has gone rogue by trying to stop it, or the company crunched the numbers and realized that the cost of a recall hidden as a buyback was far less than the damage caused by the situation being made public, or maybe this was the plan from the beginning and the company is now trying to "harvest" the human suffering caused by the assembly.... But since Kangaroorex's office seems to lie on some manner of layline convergence, it was bought or muscled out by IKEA who hope to use it as a safe place to store the possessed furniture and extract the suffer contained within....
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    You just want to rifle through his paint collection...
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    With something like this, all of my Zombicide: Invader minis are going to be pulling double duty, as they are perfectly suited for a rag-tag crew of "space pirates". Lucky I backed that kickstarter for 100% of the additional content.
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    Another Halloween movie that has nothing to do with Halloween (like Clue) is Murder by Death. The ending is a bit muddled, but it's worth watching just for the cast. I cannot recommend and yet still watched High Spirits again. Terrible movie, but still fun to watch once every quarter century or so. Pirates of Caribbean (the first one) is on our watch list. Along with Nightmare before Christmas and Ghostbusters, of course. The original GB, although I thought recent remake with an all woman crew was pretty good.
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    Very nice! Also BONUS POINTS for painting a WOLF!
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    I saw a photo where somebody that had done a tower with a tube like this, and had made a rickety wooden staircase running up, and spiraling around, the outside. Made for a great playable area for precarious fights with the possibility of characters getting pushed off.
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    I finished cutting stuff- had to use a handsaw because it was sooo thick. That lonely 1 ply round is a normal tube of paper towel. These are... 20 ply? More? And here's a few towers cut with the lighthouse and minis for scale. This will probably be it for a while until I cut some bricks. Only trying it with the towers, not the lighthouse.
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    Thanks for all the kind words! I really do have mixed feeling about the wizkids humanoids - on the one hand I like the slender builds of them and some of the poses - on the other hand detail can be shallow and a bit odd - somehow the folds in the cloaks seem strange to me, and I have a hard time painting them.
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    They weren't just groveling. They were WORSHIPING. That is a beholder CULT. Which means there's another beholder here. Or more than one. How many beholders do we have now?
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    The Shire Dragon is now done...the photos help me find some small touch up spots: Spooky Woods pics will follow...eventually.
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    Now the Shire Dragon, another delightfully silly Grenadier miniature, is starting to get colorful: Have a good evening!
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    Thanks, Glitter. I am happy you like him! Here is the second part of the post: AND by the Goblin Village: I am going to take some new photos of the three Witches' Isle Boards soon. Consider yourself warned.
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    I finished the Grenadier Swamp Dragon aka Dragonfly earlier today. I then went nuts taking photos. This is the Dragonfly on my painting table/desk: Photos by the Goblin Village to follow.
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    SO I took some photos of the Paladin in The Spooky Woods: AND I tried for some pics of The Flying Terror Fishies in The Cavern: I am not all that pleased with the scenic shots, but they aren't really all that bad.
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    Figuring the Goblin Year goes from the First Day of Spring until the Last Day of Winter, the First of this Goblin Year's Goblin is now done; i.e., G.W's Loon Boss aka The Paladin of Maude: After sitting with his base done for sometime, it is a wonderful feeling having the Armored Goblin Knight done.
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    I got the push to do up the Flying Terror Fish (Reaper & G.W.) from a post by Hobgoblin on L.A.F.: I took photos of the Fish Fellows on the Grayscale Cavern Stage before the pics above, In most of the photos the wings are invisible, blending in with the Cavern walls: These are the exceptions...c'est la vie, eh?.
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    As threatened here are the Lads in a scenic setting: There you have them. Even when I try to limit the numbers, there are always too many pics.
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    The last of the Mushroom Box Fellows are done: The whole Gang less one that was given away: I will do some individual photos from different angles eventually.
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    Despite a day trip to distant Fredricksburg for brunch, I managed to get The Mushroom Box Folks based & ready for final detailing. They & the rest of the stuff on the worktable will be getting some attention this weekend. How much actually gets done is anyone's guess.
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    ...there are times I find them in odd places that I am sure I didn't put them. I try not to think hoe w they got there.
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    Thanks, Standifer. I am glad you like the stuff. While searching the floor under my worktable for some errant piece, I found a Mushroom that had gone missing. Here he is all base coated: AND seen here with the other Fellows who are yet to be painted: More later...or not!
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    One of the things I like so much about your shrooms ( aside from those cool faces) is the way you paint them. Every shroom has lots of colours and spots etc, I just like looking at those, together they're an explosion of colours. Your bases are a joy to look at, I always visit your threads, we may have very different projects, but you do provide inspiration to me. It is because of your threads I started my bigger projects, building a world with it's inhabitants is cool and fun to do. And fun is very important, especially these days.
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    Another couple/trio of Mushrooms have escaped from The Box: Seen here with the second base: Have a pleasant evening!
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    AND yet another base is done: There you go.
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    After much procrastinating, I mounted up the first base of Mushrooms yesterday: I think there will be more individually based Mushrooms than I initially planned on.
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    AND the two late coming Mushrooms are base coated: You may be able to see the Lads better in colors other than green.
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    I had one Mushroom cap started & then I saw a Mushroom creation on Pinterest that I had to try. SO I now have two more Mushrooms that will fill out The Box: This is the Pinterest Mushroom & my version: AND the finished Mushroom cap with attached Mushroom: That is a wrap for today.
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    SO The Box is about as full as it can be. Basing is now a necessity: Have a good evening!
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    YET MORE mushrooms of lesser size were finished yesterday & some are in the works: There you go until later...whenever that is.
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    Aackk ! ** Gryffon does not feel good enough for food ** Food. BAD. Had some yesterday ...not good. Food. BAD.
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