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    If you saw the room you would probably think that a change was needed. Harley Orange & Black.
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    Finally I finished my conversion of Nienna Elfen Ranger. I pretty much changed every aspect of the original mini. New things attempted: Cloth textures and freckles. C&C very welcome. Areas to improve: Blends (smoother is always better), finer texture patterns, sculpt could be a little cleaner in some places.
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    My latest blog post is an overview of the terms we use to define and understand colour, with (hopefully) helpful diagrams like these. https://birdwithabrush.com/2020/09/24/the-anatomy-of-colour/
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    Thanks for making such an inspiring figure, Reaper! Kal has kept me pleasantly occupied during The Incident. :-) Here's the WIP thread, if anyone's into that sort of stuff.
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    Well, Mrs Hamster finished her 3D print job a little early.
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    Brutus is alright, the Vet called. It was connective tissue growing on the nipple. Nothing dangerous!
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    Another Halloween movie that has nothing to do with Halloween (like Clue) is Murder by Death. The ending is a bit muddled, but it's worth watching just for the cast. I cannot recommend and yet still watched High Spirits again. Terrible movie, but still fun to watch once every quarter century or so. Pirates of Caribbean (the first one) is on our watch list. Along with Nightmare before Christmas and Ghostbusters, of course. The original GB, although I thought recent remake with an all woman crew was pretty good.
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    I just had a really productive hobby day. With my wife and daughter out of the house today visiting relatives and quickly realizing I didn't have any chores or household projects to do/catch up on, I decided to spend my "free" day hobbying. Now usually I'd go along too, but as my wife hasn't really seen her mother or sister for the last few months I figured they'd all be fine without me. Though I didn't exactly finish everything even with that rare full hobby day I did come close. All the current orks are completely basecoated, I added basing sand, painted their bases, and applied a black wash over everything (minus the skin of course). It might not sound like much but it kept me busy most of the day. Just a few more steps and this batch that's been sitting on my desk for what feels like forever will be finished. Too bad that just leaves a few hundred more to go.
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    Finished the Necromare and a Glatisant. That leaves the Sphinx as the next goal
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    They probably rereleased it. My local theater has been showing older films since they reopened in June. Hilariously (frustratingly, boringly, repetitively) they’re playing the same previews as they were in March when they shut down.
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    Phantasm. That's the movie I was talking about. The original Phantasm. I've only seen the second one at a party but I know how good the original is. I'm looking forward to watching it.
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    One of my favorite Halloween movies that isn't actually a Halloween movie is Clue. We watched it on Halloween a long time ago, and it has always stuck with me.
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    Even though it's not a horror movie, I suppose I'll be throwing in Rocky Horror at some point Halloween night - a sad consolation for not going to an actual show, but better than nothing. Hell, I only own seven copies of it in different formats and releases, lol. Actually, I may just go all out and do the Science Fiction Double Feature with Shock Treatment. I own Beetlejuice, Innocent Blood and Nightbreed, but I haven't watched any of them in years. Or the original Evil Dead. Dead Silence is another decent horror film that I haven't watched in awhile. Oh, and another favorite of mine - the vampire movie Near Dark. That's always a classic. Can't go wrong with Lance Henriksen as a 300-year-old Civil War veteran. Maybe I'll do a horror movie marathon this weekend.
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    Part of their "31 Days of Halloween" they do every October. They'll also show Hocus Pocus many, many times. Did they remake Hocus Pocus, or just re-release it to theaters? I drove past our local cinema today (which apparently has reopened) and it was listed on the "now showing" marquee.
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    They've been popping upon Freeform and will be all month. GEM
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    I didn’t even know there was a third movie. Anyway, I watched the cartoon yesterday. It was decent. But they deviated from the usual unwavering support and faith that Morticia and Gomez have for their children just to provide narrative tension. That definitely detracted from the Addams Family vibe. But, I noticed that my MIL has the first collection of the original series on her Vudu, so I can at least watch that.
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    I'm going to see if I can track down the first two movies. The third was something that not even Tim Curry could save. I think one of the things I like the most about the Addams Family is the very healthy relationship Gomez and Mortica have. It's just... Pleasant. In other news, I forgot that I bought the original Oblivion. I've only seen the second one. This should be a trip...
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    The following is a list of units that can be built using just the parts found in the sailor box: This box will include tons of options for players to create sailor miniatures of any European power from the 17th or 18th century. Check out just some of the options available in beautiful detail :D
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    Going to post some photos of plantmonsters, djinni, and Pleistocene megafauna. Ordered some stuff too, so looking forward to painting a few cavepeople, the Tree of Despair, and others. Want to try to convert an anime heroine into a nurse, and a Chauru-Ka into a Monkey Business Associate.
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    All of them. I love the old show and I love the movies they did in the 90s. well, I guess I haven’t seen the cartoon they did, I’d be willing to give it a try.
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    The Adams Family. I need to watch those.
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    Y'know, for the first time ever, one of my students bought me a birthday present. A WotC/Wizkids wyvern. Because he thought it looked cool. He wasn't wrong. I had to work at not gettin' snuffly.
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    I have a scheduled stay-cation on the calendar from the 10th to the 17th. While my wife is lobbying for a basement cleanup (and therefore that will happen), my goal is to finish enough Prince August home cast orcs and goblins to be one faction in a skirmish game (so, 10-12) so that I can finally run my all-pandemic game. We’ll see...
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    Perhaps a diagonal bar slash thru the Dot? (Playing off international stop sign symbols ?) OR Just add square corners to the bottom of the dot. The resulting shape outline would resemble a tombstone. (For: “it’s dead Jim”.)
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    @Glitterwolf there is a sequel to that coming out this month, The Craft: Legacy. Doesn't look like any of the original cast is in it (except maybe in archived footage). Supposed to be available On Demand on the 28th.
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    I liked this one, pretty girls and a little spooky stuff.
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    Finished the Beast of Cronos! SHOW OFF HERE: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93252-beast-of-cronos-by-glitterwolf/
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    This still gets me rollin, especially the part with the dead football team.
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    It was the best way to bring something new to the franchise. Such fun movies. Plus, the Hex Girls... I actually really want a Hex Girls spin-off show or something. Where they travel, play music, and deal with supernatural stuff.
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    It would be a sin to not mention Hocus Pocus.
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    More Story. ****************** New Friends? Kataa led the group through the jungle and after a while they reached a village. This is our home, Kataa said, you're welcome to stay with us, we will feast tonight and talk. For now Luna here will show you your accomodations. Luna, a slender young woman, asked them to follow her. They were brought to a large round building, here you can stay, Luna said. It is large enough for all of you, when the Sun sets you're expected at the main hall, there we will feast. There will be dancing and singing in your honour. Hope you will enjoy your stay and if you need anything, just ask for me, Luna said. Mitla thanked her. They entered the building, a round room in the middle and doors leading to smaller rooms around it. I guess we will be safe here, Fillippa said, Kataa and her people seem friendly enough. Acclacuna smiled, of course they are! They're my kin! Leon glanced at Captain Aguilera, she wasn't too happy with you though, be careful not to reveal what you are, I have a feeling they would not like it when they knew. Aguilera nodded, I'll keep my distance, if someone could get me a small animal, I could drink that will improve my appearance, I have been without sustenance for too long, it's beginning to show. 'Mitla nodded, she noticed that Captain Aguilera's eyes seemed more hollow, his skin wrinkled and his flesh had turned pale She sighed, I hate to do this, but we need to. Mitla sat down and closed her eyes, reaching out with her mind she found something. A moment later a rabbit hopped inside, Aguilera grabbed it, excuse me while I go to a room, he said. I do not want you to see it. A little later Captain Aguilera stepped out of his room, his skin looked healthy again, his eyes were once more full of life. He licked a small drop of blood from the corner of his mouth. Do I look a little better now? Mitla nodded. It will have to do. That evening a feast was held. The friends were invited and they all enjoyed good food and drinks. Young men and women performed a ritual dance which told a story of Kataa's people fleeing from the Reptilians and finding a safe place. After that they played music and sang songs. Kataa introduced them to an older woman, this is Amina, she's one of the oldest from our tribe. She remembers the tales of Xilla. Fillippa was all ears when Amina told them all she knew about the legends about the Lost Valley. Slowly the evening turned into night and the night into morning. It was already dawn, the dancers slept on the floor, the musicians had stopped playing and it was clear the feast was coming to an end. Let's all go to bed and sleep for a few hours, Kataa suggested. We will talk later. The friends agreed and moved to the exit of the hall, Captain Aguilera passed Amina who suddenly grabbed his arm. YOU! They told me you were cursed? She moved her old face closer to that of the Captain, you smell of death! Concerned Fillippa joined them, he can't help it, he's cursed, but he's a good man! I assure you. Amina, looked into the Captain's eyes. There is sorrow and grief in there, she said, but I'm not sure if you're still a man! Kataa came closer, you better tell us what happened, maybe we can help? You might not understand and kill me, Aguilera said. If you want me to leave I will wait outside the village for my friends. I swear I do not pose a danger to you. Amina let go of his arm, I do believe you're friendly but what's ailing you might one day turn you against your friends. You will need to learn to control you're urges, I might be able to help you with that. You can? Aguilera asked hopeful. I think I can, Amina said, follow me, VAMPIRE! Kataa stepped back, Vampire? Amina nodded, yes, but I feel he speaks the truth, he doens't mean harm, yet! I will help him so he can learn to control the demon inside. Do you agree? She asked. Kataa agreed, go with her then! Aguilera thanked her and followed Amina. What is she going to do? Fillippa asked Kataa. I do not know, Kataa said, all I know is that she's a wise woman, she knows what to do. Maybe she can cure your friend, maybe she can help him to stay in control. And if she can't? Leon asked. Kataa grinned, let's hope she can, or we will have to kill him. *******************************************
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    Made a glaze from Scale 75 Surfer Green and Vallejo Glaze Medium and water. Applied a few layers.
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    Hi everyone! Wanted to give you all an update. I had to wait a while to reseal the minis, as the weather has not been ideal here. I wiped them off gently with a soft brush dipped in some lightly soapy water, then rinsed them and let them dry for 24 hours. I tried this out on the first one I ever painted, figuring if I screwed it up with the soap it wouldn't be a big deal to repaint him. Everything seems to have gone great! I sealed them with testor's glosscote, waited 24 hours, then hit them with the dullcote. Thanks again for everyone's help! Here's a picture of the first gloomhaven mini I painted, the Inox Brute!
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    *** Clemency*** The doors of the Frogking's Throneroom opened and Cantor the General entered the room, behind him a group of Lizardmen dragging a net with them, followed by Bonita who was flanked by a few lizard warriors. Cantor walked up to the King, Your Majesty! I bring you your enemy! He gestured to the warriors dragging the net. They brought it before the King, inside the net the Spiderqueen Neith looked upon her foe with hatred in her eyes. The Frogking smiled. Finally! There you are! Now what am I going to do with you? Oh.. just kill me already, Neith hissed. The Frogking looked at her, maybe I should, but maybe that would be a mistake. Neith looked confused. Now! Promise me not to try anything, you know my warriors can kill you on the spot if you do. I want to discuss something with you, the Frogking said. Neith nodded, alright then! Cut her loose! The King said to Cantor. Cantor's men cut the ropes from the net and quickly took a step back, weapons at the ready. Slightly amused by their fear Neith rose to her feet. Careful now! Cantor said, no magics! Neith nodded again, I will behave, for now..so what do you want from me? She asked the King. The Frogking leaned back, his colour shifted to a mellow green. My dear, we have started off on the wrong foot. When we opened the portal to your dimension we were looking for allies. You were quite hostile when you stepped through and we could barely contain you. Neith got angry, you turned me into a monster! The Frogking looked at her, did we now? You are a demon Princess in your realm aren't you? My friend here, the Frogking said, nodding at the Transmuthor, only tried to improve you and your abilities. Neith was almost fuming, Improve? I was beautiful! Now I'm a monster! The Transmuthor's tentacles flailed about, my dear! I just wanted to make you stronger and better, bring out your true nature! I meant no harm! A tiny blue flame formed at Neith's fingertips, Cantor immediately raised his sword, careful now lady! Neith grinned and the flame disappeared. Listen, the Frogking said, maybe we made a mistake in trying to enhance you. Like I said we started off on the wrong foot. Think about it. What do YOU want? I'm pretty sure you don't really want to take my place, do you really want to rule the Empire and take care of the Reptilians, Softskins and deal with the enemies of the Realm? Or do you want to live in peace and not be disturbed? I remember that after you left us, I ESCAPED! Neith interrupted, Yes, like I said, when you left us, you chose isolation, you went into the jungle and we haven't bothered each other for almost two decades. You only started the War after the paleskins arrived. Is this really what you want? I can even have my friend here restore you into your previous form if that's what you want. Of course that means you might lose some of your present powers, but if that's what you really want. Neith was even more confused. I don't get it! Why don't you just kill me and get it over with? The Frogking smiled, because my dear, you have no use to me when you're dead. I'm still hoping you'll see reason so we can be of use to each other. He turned to the Transmuthor, you CAN restore her into her previous form, can you? The Transmuthor nodded, of course I can! But I do think it would be a shame! Look how beautiful you are, he said to Neith. Your power, your strength! Do you really want to give that all up just to have two legs again? You're no monster, you're a Queen! Think about it! Neith didn't know what to say. She never had thought the opportunity would present itself, now that it did, she wasn't sure. The Frogking noticed it. Listen, he said, you don't have to choose right now, just know that when you wish it, we will do it. Until that time I would like to propose an alliance, isn't it better to fight the pesky Paleskins together instead of getting in each other's way? Shall we erase the past and start anew? I can offer you a place of your own, you will swear loyalty to me and I will call upon you when needed, but I will leave you be, for the rest of the time. Should you want your former appearance to be restored we will do it for you! No what say you? Neith looked at the Frogking, how do I know I can trust you? The King smiled, my dear, if I wanted you dead it would have been done already. I can ask you the same, can't I? Neith nodded, I suppose. One condition, she said! She looked over her shoulder at Bonita. I want her released, she will stay with me! The King nodded, alright then, you both swear your loyalty to me. Let there be peace between us, when I need you, you will assist me in any way I ask, in return I will grant you your own little Kingdom. Neith agreed. Good! Now let's have a feast to celebrate, the King said. ***********************************
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    Project finally recieved some attention in the form of a single figure. A friend came over today for a hobby session. He painted while I spent most of the time prepping miniatures; towards the end my wife even joined in on the hobby fun. With the random colors leftover on my palette she painted up one of her orks (minus the skin). With all that purple I recon' it's a very sneaky ork indeed. With any luck I will turn my attention back to this project soon. Besides at this point I've only got about half a year to finish.
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    Hi everyone, here are pictures of my Gnoll hunting party. All of them are Reaper Miniatures Gnolls, painted with Reaper Master Series Paints. I added the archer's bowstring and converted two models (see last picture). I will now work on a display base for them.
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    I spent a couple of hours on this yesterday but lost the light for photos. This is one of the gorillas from the Ape Attack! add on to the Bones 4 Core set.
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    This project will get my attention again soon, but for now here's a bit more progress courtesy of an overloaded palette. A couple orks got some blue. A small batch of gretchin got some yellow.
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    The KS Boat will only come with one figurehead, but they are wanting to make multiple figureheads at retail. They might try to add the extras as an add-on in the PM. They will choose the official retail name of the ship by next Thursday (possibly as a user poll among twitch, KS comments, etc.) Not official, but they want to make the masts attached via magnets. Hoping/planning to make the ship in hard ABS plastic. Hoping they can make it in different colors (glow-in-the-dark, translucent, etc.)
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    These are two Reaper figures that I sculpted, from art by Izzy "Talin" Collier. All right, I didn't finish this in time for Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos) 2018 ... or even 2017. But I'm ten months early for 2019. If you're inspired to buy these, you have ten (or 22, or 34...) months to paint them, too. You can see my Works-in-Progress thread here. The basing is more extensive than I normally do, but I decided to push myself and try something different. Enjoy! Derek
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    @Sanael : Thanks! Glad you like the rocks. Hope you like the feathers... Next step, a few days ago. As described in my previous update: higher highlights and deeper shadows, striped patterns on the outer (primary/secondary) wing feathers, and more work on the rocks. I also painted light edges on the dark wing feathers, since my photo-reference on real raptor wings showed this detail. ... and then today I went on a basing extravaganza: "winter tuft" grass, loose hair grass, and oregano leaves. I shaded and highlighted the basing materials, painted over any shiny exposed glue, and did some more glazing and stippling. I chose the yellow grass (not green) and dead leaves to enhance the forlorn and menacing quality. I placed some grass to be growing among/through the skeleton, to show that the bones have been there awhile. There are probably other skeletons lying around its hunting grounds. I am ready to call him done, but I'll wait a few hours and check with fresh eyes later. Thanks again for looking, Derek
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    I am playing in the Pathfinder "Ruins of Azlant" Adventure Path campaign. A few of the PCs have some healing magic, but we didn't have an actual cleric until a PC recently took the Leadership feat, and an NPC cleric joined the party as his cohort. (Click here for the Show-Off thread about the figure that I use for my character.) The new cohort-cleric, Father Kurvis, is middle-aged and acts like a curmudgeon but has a kind heart. He worships Abadar, the god of cities, law, merchants, and wealth. Abadar's colors are gold and black, and his holy symbol is a golden key. Our GM has an extensive collection of prepainted plastic figures (D&D and Pathfinder), and this Village Priest seemed appropriate. It is from a 2005 D&D miniatures release. I offered to repaint it to be specifically Kurvis. Two hours of slinging paint got me to "finished" ... and after I took the first set of photos, I saw how bugged and asymmetrical his eyes were, so I just spent a few more minutes touching them up. Before and after: Enjoy, Derek
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    The Mexican holiday Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos) is coming up on November 2. These are two figures that I sculpted for Reaper, albeit very slowly -- starting in November 2014 and ending in October 2016 (with long periods of inactivity, and other sculpting and painting projects along the way). Izzy "Talin" Collier drew the character designs: Reaper sells them as "Day of the Dead Cavalier" and "Day of the Dead Duchess", DHL 03822 and 03823. If you search for them in Reaper's online store, don't use the words "of" or "the" because those words will blank out all results. Just look for "day dead". (I refer to them as "Diego de Muertos" and "Diana de Muertos".) At last, it is time to paint them. I don't know whether I will use vibrant colors all over or mostly subdued (black / brown) with limited spots of color. I've done some online image-searches, watched the Pixar film "Coco", etc. The traditional flower of the holiday is marigolds (orange-yellow), so that color will be part of the palette. I think I will put them together on one base, but I also don't know how ambitious I'll be on the basing around them -- a bare cobblestone plaza, an altar (sugar skulls, ofrendas, etc.), or more extensive structures and hanging decorations. My first step of painting is to work out the values with blends of Black and White Brush-On Primer: Thanks for reading, Derek
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    Thanks, @Corsair ! Glad you're enjoying this thread. My image-search for "Day of the Dead decorations" gave me a sense of how prolific and exuberant the decorations can be... but I was trying not to cover the whole base in sugar skulls and offerings and papel picado. I wanted something on the column, at least. Here were my quick Photoshop studies of 3 options -- simple flower garlands, papel picado, or a wreath: Maybe I was just feeling Christmas-y, but I decided on the wreath. I mixed a batch of Green Stuff + ProCreate + Aves Apoxie Sculpt, to sculpt the wreath, a sugar skull, and some fallen flowers on the ground. Here is the wreath, propped up for the photo on a little piece of folded paper: I attached and painted the extra scenery. And here is the result: Sorry, @Glitterwolf , but I decided to leave her little skull-pendant without sugar-skull detailing. Anyway... finished! I will post a Show-Off thread and add these to the Inspiration Gallery. Thanks for reading. Derek
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    I painted the base, attached the overhead structure, and attached Diego. Although I could call it done here, I want to touch up a few spots in the paint (the folds of her skirt, mostly), and add a few bits of Day of the Dead decoration/scenery. Derek
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    Started the basing. I decided to put them both on one base. I wanted them to be on different levels, and then decided to pursue my idea of a column and part of an arbor/pergola/ramada (overhead structure), since I've never built a tall basing element like that. I had some balsa and basswood left over from a modeling project several years ago (er... more like 16) sitting in a bag at the edge of my room, so I dusted them off (literally) and spent a couple of hours experimenting with different arrangements, base sizes (could it work on a 30mm round? not quite), step locations, etc., and then cutting the pieces to fit and assembling them. I chopped off both figures' integral bases and patched up the soles of Diego's boots because I had cut off too much. I also accidentally rubbed off some paint from the back of his cloak with all the handling and posing, so I'll touch it up later. I set Diana into the lower level and patched up various things with putty. Diego will stand on the wide step behind her. I want all of these wooden surfaces to look like stone or plaster, so I'll use putty and/or paint (primer, sealer, thick base-coats) to cover them. As the last bit of work for the night, I assembled the grid of wooden elements for the overhead structure. Derek
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    Sorry, folks. Didn't finish in time for a holiday debut. Guess I'll be very early for Dia de Muertos 2019. I got in a 2-hour session on Friday. Added color to the flowers; her chin/forehead makeup and skirt; his cloak, chest-sash, holster-ornament (red/orange), his sword and spurs (ocher/brass). Freehand on her front ribbon. Blending or texturing on various objects. The current status: Derek
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