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    Inspired by the weekend question, I took some pictures of the army thus far and found that posting it in the question thread would be excessive, also that I didn't have an ongoing thread for my largest painted army so here it is. The plan is to get my Shelf of Incompleteion cleared off then work on reinforcements for this alongside my Old School Undead army. Here we have the Pumpkin construct unit led by a Storybook Witch from Old Glory. I have 3 more of her, but the bag only came with the one flight stand and the Reaper ones I have don't fit, when I get around that, they'll form their own unit. Behind her is Rotpatch, and the scarecrow is hanging out with these guys until I can get a couple more. The constructs are filling the slot of core infantry. Here is a Ral Partha Witch leading the Pumpkin Knight heavy infantry consisting of the Halloween Knight and converted Barrow Wardens. Willow Greenivy leading the skeletal Pumpkin Guard. 10 newer GW skeletions and a variety of Reaper Bones. Elise with the Pumpkin Chucker and some Bones skeletal archers providing ranged support. A female Necromancer and the Etherial Legion of ghosts and wraiths. An Iconic Witch, Pumpkin Spider, and friends. A converted Brettonian Sorceress with the skeletal heavy infantry. Basically, what happens when adventurers irritate the witches. Bats, wolves, and allied vampires. Another vampire and werewolf allies. Zombies, ghouls, and another Reaper Witch. Beastmen and hell hounds with an infernalist witch.
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    I've used colour coded bases to mark my Imperial units, using the list inserts into the floors. But then I've been a bit stuck as to what to do with the Stormtrooper upgrade figs, since they could join an existing unit, or possibly create a new unit, or whatever. I've been thinking about using a magnetized mouse bot (or something similar) to be able to mark them. Give them their own colour but then stick on a mouse bot with the right colour if needed. So I found one that is supposed to be "legion scale". Thoughts? It seems a little big to me, based off memory, but seems pretty close based on searching for images.
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    Some Scale 75 Black Metal and Citadel Glistening Green
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    More files to add to the project. Also: Backed this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iain-lovecraft/asian-adventures
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    Not wishing to be turned into a newt, I made some progress on Krissy... Made her orb into a magic 8 ball, Succubus Kiss on her glove, put the dots in the dice, touched up the Auburn Shadow on her hair where needed, Druchii Violet wash on the ribbons, belt and hat band (just noticed I forgot the scarf) and on the glove. Black on her stockings and a Rosy Shadow/Rosy Skin mix on her skin.
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    Dita is finished, save for sealing and basing... Krissy has had several of the colors I was using on Dita applied as well... When I mixed the cool grey highlight for the corsets, I accidentally grabbed the Cloudy Grey rather than the Stormy Grey I had planned on, but it works. I brought up her skirt and hat with a Violet Light/Deep Twilight mix, and used Witchcraft Purple on various accessories, ribbons,etc.
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    Finished the broom with some Brown Wash on the bristles, Heartwood Brown on the shaft, combination of Witchcraft Purple/Icy Violet on the gems. Her mecha arm was highlighted with Shadowed Steel and a bit of Hashut Copper before P3 Armor wash was slathered on. Her sleeve garters were given a base of Deep Twilight. Agrax Earthshade on the base.
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    Now that all of the next batch is undercoated for the various armies, and the first pumpkins have been harvested, time to get back to it... Mix of Shadowed Stone/Pure Black on her skirt and hat, Ebony Flesh on the leather, Hashut Copper on the broom and hat, Blackened Steel on the other metal bits, Rotting Wood on the broom shaft. Still need to finish her skin and hair, but she's coming along a lot quicker than I expected.
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    50/50 Linen White/Dirty Bone, then pure Linen White. Now to hunt down lunch...
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    Pure Dirty Bone added.
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    With the sunlight starting to take on a certain tone, and a faint echo whispers of Autumn's return upon the night winds, it is time I got around to trying to have some reinforcements ready to greet the Great Pumpkin.... A modest start, I added a 50/50 mix of Dirty Bone/Bronzed Skin to the white areas on both, and got Dita blocked in with Pure Black.
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    SHOW OFF for the ONI GIRL https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92560-female-oni-grunt-by-glitterwolf/
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    The female Oni Grunt is almost finished
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    The Oni Warrior got some more colours And Yuki Onna and Tsuki are finished! SHOW OFF's HERE: Yuki Onna: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92159-yuki-onna-female-ghost-by-glitterwolf/ Tsuki Oni Beauty https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92160-tsuki-oni-beauty-by-glitterwolf/
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    Tsuki is almost done, she needs a little more, tried some freehand on the fan. Yuki Onna is getting there, she was one of my first prints, a little too much supports caused some rough surfaces, I will keep her simple. And another Female Oni warrior from Artisan Guild.
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    More work done on Tsuki and a new recruit appears.
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    Finished the Benkai Oni Show Off https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91930-benkai-oni-by-glitterwolf/
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    Some work on the Benkai Oni from Gloomykid
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    A little progress on the Benkai Oni AND I finished the Female Oni Kyogin SHOW OFF HERE: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91732-female-oni-kyogin-by-glitterwolf/
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    Blocked in where the white is going to be with some Bronzed Skin. I have a lot of minis on the table that require this, so I figured I'd do it all at once. Having slept on it, other then a little touching up around around the sides of the eyes, Dita didn't really turn out all that bad.
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    Krissy has most of her bases colors applied... Deep Twilight on the robe and hat, Auburn Shadow on her hair, and she got a dousing in Flesh Wash. Her eyes I'm still undecided about, they were green, but when I tried to put in the black center dot, it wound up obliterating most of that. But...they are still ok enough so I'll not try my luck any further. Dita got some Flesh Wash as well, and Blonde Shadow on her hair. Her eyes were supposed to be this nice Frost Blue/Copper Verdigris mix, but again the black dot center obliterated that. I tried lightly dabbing some more Linen White into the edges of the eyes to balance things a bit...and may have gone too far with that...arg.
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    Began with Rosy Shadow.
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    I caught these two lurking around my shelf of "To be started Soon(tm)" observing the Witch Hunters reinforcements with a wary and critical eye... Reaper's Krissy, Modern Witch and Dita the Steampunk Witch. Applied some wood putty to their bases, and will cycle them into the painting rotation.
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    Reaper Dark Skin Highlight Clotted Red Burgundy Wine Carbon Grey Scale 75 White Alchemy
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    Assembled the Oni Leader and did more work on the big lady.
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    Glued some ONI to their bases and assembled the big wizard.
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    my second dragon for the month. I didn't put a huge amount of work into this one. one of my goals was to see how well the contrast paints would work to bring out the basic shading and normal tone for the dragon hide rather than having to hand paint all the scaling. It didn't work too badly. I did wind up having to do some significant highlighting and I had to do some additional shading work on the underbelly but overall the effect was pretty good for the time spent. I probably should have done more with the wings but I just didn't have any inspiration for them. the sections were pretty small and very flat. I might go back and do something but for now just blue is where this young guy is. I did find the base to be pretty cool. Hope you like him
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    Based the ONI. Some basecoats for the bases
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    Glued the hands to this little fellow.
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    Reaper Jade Green and Yellowed Bone Andrea White Vallejo Terracotta and Charcoal Black Scale 75 Walnut
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    Reaper Red Liner. Vallejo Terracotta Reaper Green Liner
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    Printed the weapons and base for the big lady and one of her companions
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    Thx guys! Printed this lovely Lady. Oni from Artisan Guild. Modular so her hands and base will be separate, printing those tomorrow. One of my first prints was this Benkai Oni. A half human/half Oni Samurai. I found a nice base that suits him so I assembled him. Not as crisp as the later prints, I caused some damage when removing the supports, but he'll fit in anyway.
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    Printed some minis with my 3D printer for this project. Female Ghost and Benkai Oni
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    The Dropkick Murphys aren't doing their live St. Patrick's Day concert in Boston this year - the first time in 24 years it has been cancelled. But they are live streaming a free concert, on YouTube and other sites. I'm from Boston, and married to a Punk - I don't get a choice. We are inviting Megan's Mum to the event - we were anyway, we have corned beef that needs eating up. (Though not as much as we wanted - I will try to buy more again, tomorrow.) The Auld Grump - our own St. Patrick's Day school concert was cancelled - along with school. Damn it.
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    I ordered this. I know it's Chinese and not Japanese, but it's the only Asian one at the moment. It do have some Cathay ( Chinese) troops entering the fray now and I figure the parts with the Asian Dragons and floortiles are pretty versatile and could be used anyway. My apologies to the Japanese and those adept in the language. If they ever make a Japanese version I will surely get it as well. It will be used for making bases, debris and walls and such.
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    Backed another Kensei Kickstarter, Katai Army. Some Katai Troops with rockets, characters, Undead Samurai and Oni from the PM on a discount And Ninja/Shinobi!
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    When in Greece I found a gamestore, so I bought these to add to the Project.
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    Applied more highlights with Vallejo Heavy Orange and Reaper Golden Highlight. Scale 75 Rainy Grey Reaper Weathered Stone Andrea White nr. 2 and 4. The reapplied Secret Weapon Ruby Wash to tone it down again. Some flock and Vallejo Earth. Calling it done! SHOW OFF Here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86262-reaper-01716-otokodate-by-glitterwolf/
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    Scale 75 Mars Orange Reaper Golden Skin Secret Weapon Armor Wash for the ground Scale 75 Deep Blue
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    @SisterMaryNapalm I used a Reaper Flesh Wash on the skin and a Ruby Secret Weapon Wash on the Orange. I can see more definition. But I will have to highlight now and try to leave some of the wash in the recesses. Is this what you meant?
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    Scale 75 Kalahari Orange Basecoat for the outfit. Paging @robinh for use of Orange..
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    Thanks! But I do need your help every now and then... Some work on Otokodate, I'm going to paint him like a Shao Lin Fighting Monk ( I practiced Kung Fu myself for years). He's one of the Cathay men. This is a very small mini, true 25mm scale. Just a Base of Reaper Golden Shadow for the skin, Scale 75 Negro Grey for hair and trim/belt. A little Vallejo Heavy Warm Grey for the tongue and Andrea White Nr.3 for the eyes.
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    Can confirm. Can also confirm, though my experience involves bourbons and rums. Even works on nerve pain. Nothing works on nerve pain. I'm a DES granddaughter. I lost organs due to that one. I understand wholeheartedly.
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