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    Hamster sits on the shoulder
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    Just pulled these out of the drawer. One of these Orcs was next in line on the Bones I Kickstarter Rewards image, so I’ll try to squad-paint them together to save time. They have been cleaned of mold lines. The spearman’s spear was very bent, as was the great sword. So, those got weapon swapped with basic weapons from Bones 3. Those are darker grey. Washed them, so just waiting for them to dry. Also had to gap fill spearman’s wrists.
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    Hi everyone, after sitting five months on the shelf, that being the projet (not me) I finally found time to complete my Gnolls display base. The base is 7.25 inches x 11 inches wide. Here are some pictures. Other pictures of the Gnolls can be found here.
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    Good day everyone, With the dead leaves season comes harvest time. Autumn is also a time for gathering and for reflection. Like the Tuilvilanuue words say "Nilsi hentil kilta anno", it takes four seasons to make a year. Here are some pictures of Julie Guthrie awesome 77923 Skeletal Owlbear. I really enjoyed painting this model. The design of the skeletal beasts that Reaper recently produced is stunning. It is an archeological journey in fantasy land.
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    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fieldofscreams/field-of-screams?ref=user_menu Just wanted to throw this one out there. Witchborn is a rather cool tabletop minis game, but there is also a companion app for each scenario with a lot of variety that allows you to play that scenario many times, but each one can be a very different experience. Your warband will also evolve over time. I discovered the game at GenCon in 2017 and have really enjoyed it every time I've played. Plus, Cory is really cool and responsive. I haven't checked this out yet, but you can also play the game on Roll20. Did I mention that they use Reaper Bones minis?
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    Question for Monday October 19th As the weather turns colder, the leaves more colorful, and little ghouls and goblins think of candy, more and more soups and stews are being made. What was the last soup you made/had, and what are your plans for the next that you'll enjoy?
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    The full moon casts a pale blue light across the rugged white landscape. Tall pine trees cling to the rocky ground, branches stirring, shedding their cold white burden as the wolves breathe past. The pack is on the move, and the land is trembling beneath their step. They move with purpose, something is not as it was before. There! An affront; a boat pulled ashore, a small group of fur-clad prey around a campfire, round shields and axes in sight. From the treeline the windwolves move, silent, swift, cold gusts of dark shadow, spirits of malice descending upon the men with claws of ice and fangs of doom. A huge load of pictures and musings to be found below
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    Hello again. Here's another older paintjob of mine. This is the wyvern from the Bones 4 Core set. My players encountered a flock of Wyverns while traversing a desert valley. They were mounted on Giant Lizards and were chased by the wyverns. What ensued was an Indiana Jones-esque chase complete with daring leaps from mount to mount. All-in-all a good time. As such, I decided to paint this guy up to fit into an arid desert landscape. Had a lot of fun blending the sculpted base into the rest of the base. Also was really proud of the coloration I settled on for the Wyvern. I painted each scale individually, which was time consuming but worth it. I also tried some different glazing and layering techniques to add veining into the wings. Needless to say, I'm pretty proud of this one. Wish I had snagged up Blacksting during the Kickstarter as well though. Will have to get my hands on that one eventually.
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    My second Reaper order arrived! I accidentally shipped it to Ma and Pa Strawhat's and the second order was because I botched up the ReaperCon coupon code on the first one and forgot about a couple minis coming out this month...But on to the good stuff! Headless Footman (x2) Fellclaw, Scarecrow Guardian Lone Star Leather Denim Blue Old West Rose Ghoulie Bag Asandris Nightbloom BCA Pink Also some penny sleeves for Ma and Pa's copy of Splendor because Pa Strawhat can be a little harsh on the cards.
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    What a wonderful version - I really like the beak and mouth, very necrotic, and the ingenious use of flock on a non-plant mini - this is a concept I want to try!
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    Highlight with 1:1 Orc Skin:Arctic Grey. I’m done with 4/6. This is the stage where I think “I’d like to personalize these areas of skin with blemishes, scars, a tattoo,” but think I’ve got it looking nice, do I really want to risk it?
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    Painted some fenryll pumpkins for Halloween.
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    Inktober 16, "Wolf" Prompts: Rocket, Anthropomorphic (Acrylic) Ink and wash on 140lb cold press. This reminded me why I don't generally do ink and wash... let alone acrylic ink. it's like watercolour that hates you and everything you stand for. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to work glassine into this, but. .. in retrospect, somebody offering the Big Bad Wolf a cookie would have been amusing. >.>
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    Day 16: Japanese inspiration obviously.
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    I have already spoke to them about this problem, my best guess is one day the machine dipped in temperature before anyone noticed and everything that was packaged had weak seals. I think it has been fixed. I would also email if you are missing the cat, we will replace it. @haldir
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    Thank you, friends! We celebrated by eating at an ACTUAL RESTAURANT. It was pretty awesome. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    In the process of acquiring (40GB of 60GB downloaded) Baldur's Gate 3 early access. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be downloading a 60GB game I would have accused you of ingesting illegal substances.
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    Beautiful colors and shading on the dress and fantastic eyes - well done!
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    You've done a great job painting her face.
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    Wow, I'm in love! She looks gorgeous, awesome hair and freckles.. Does she like Wolves? Asking for a friend..
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    Nicely painted. Kudos for trying the freckles!
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    Brutus helps me with working from home. He's on my lap.
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    Group shot of Orc Skin. Will use a mix with Arctic Grey for highlights.
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    Brutus is alright, the Vet called. It was connective tissue growing on the nipple. Nothing dangerous!
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    This is straight Orc Skin. Still stark, but a little less harsh. For a speed-paint warband, I think this will be fine.
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    Another Halloween movie that has nothing to do with Halloween (like Clue) is Murder by Death. The ending is a bit muddled, but it's worth watching just for the cast. I cannot recommend and yet still watched High Spirits again. Terrible movie, but still fun to watch once every quarter century or so. Pirates of Caribbean (the first one) is on our watch list. Along with Nightmare before Christmas and Ghostbusters, of course. The original GB, although I thought recent remake with an all woman crew was pretty good.
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    First model with the following skin tone: 2:1 Orc Skin:Arctic Grey. Seems too stark for my taste, more like a highlight. Will keep it for now for variation, but will try the next model with straight Orc Skin.
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    They all got the next skin layer: 1:1 Troll Hide:Orc Skin.
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    I'm going to see if I can track down the first two movies. The third was something that not even Tim Curry could save. I think one of the things I like the most about the Addams Family is the very healthy relationship Gomez and Mortica have. It's just... Pleasant. In other news, I forgot that I bought the original Oblivion. I've only seen the second one. This should be a trip...
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    More familiars (love the ones from bones I to add to bases of other miniatures) for more variation :). Also: more female miniatures. In general i always have trouble finding a good choice for female characters. More variation would be great :). Also for different races ^^
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    First pass of base coat. 2:1 Troll Hide:Royal Purple. The plan is then a mix of Troll Hide and Orc Skin, ending with Arctic Grey, and maybe some glazing of Royal Purple.
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    One of the big things with a lot of games is that kitbashing a war machine is far easier than getting required crew for one...
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    It would be cool to see them in a few different races, too. Dwarf Crew, Human Crew, Orc Crew, Halflings piggybacking to reach the rope to get the trebuchet reloaded...
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    I'd like to see a siege engine crew set that fits a more generic fantasy theme for trebuchets, ballista, catapults, and such (Having some of those in bones packs would be nice, the WizKids lines have done cannon and catapult). A more advanced set for cannons and such as well would also be nice. Another thing I'd love would be for some of the multipose metal packs to have other sculpts added in. Things like the various Anhurian grunt sets, perhaps with Bones Black I wouldn't mind fewer in a pack to have the other sculpt the metal sets have with one of each...or even in classic bones material. Same with getting an elite guard and the command set...something that could make them into an army or skirmish force that doesn't quite have the clones issue or the heavier cost of going for metals mixed into it. Another rider or two mixed in wouldn't hurt.
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    I did like the online Reaper Con, do not get me wrong, but Cranky hit the nail on the head. On line..." Oh I I have to be at work in two hours so I will just pop on over and see what is going on." In person.... "Your short handed today??? Well I could come in to work, but I am over 8hours away.... you may have to pay me drive time...." Sorry that last was a bit of snark on my part.... but yeah that is so true. You can forget all your troubles for a few days.... rent bills, work and their "We know you asked off that day, but.... we really NEED you to work then...... goes to the background.
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    Mummified and skeletal corpses wouldn't be an unwelcome addition, either. I do see a little of that sort of thing come up all the time in RPG adventures, where the party find the remains of dead adventurers and the like: they tend to be clues to traps, or contain treasure (basically, a variation on treasure chests), remains that suddenly spring to life as undead, or they might be a sort of trap (one adventure I read a little earlier this week but haven't played yet had a mummified corpse in a room infested with giant mushrooms - the corpse is infested with fungi, and if disturbed, has a chance of infecting the adventurers!). Dead characters in precarious locations can represent quest goals, too ("find out what happened to McGuffin the adventurer, rescue him if possible, and if he's dead, bring back his ring as proof....") I'm also reminded of the dying adventurer from early in the original Diablo video game... a freshly dead corpse could just as easily represent a dying character to be healed or rescued, or again, a quest goal to get information or rewards from. A "dead" character in a relaxed, resting pose might also stand in for a sleeping guard, for example..... Wargamers and diorama-makers of course can make use of both fresh and skeletal/desiccated corpses as scatter terrain. Or, copses of all sorts can be integrated by modelers into dynamic bases - picture, for example, the traditional Frazettaesque muscle-bound hero on a mound of orc corpses, surrounded by an unstoppable horde of his enemies?
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    That just means she fits in with 95% of the minis out there. Funny you should say that. The history of the kingdom of Dalend involves a famous siege, in which a demi-goddess named Cerelia used a powerful magic sword named WallBreaker to end the siege, by bringing the walls down upon the attackers. This is why their symbol is a tower.
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    Finally got a chance to work on this again. Found a piece of plastic tubing about the right size among my hobby supplies and slipped it into my makeshift lathe: Found that it was a little too flexible, but fortunately I found a piece of brass wire that was the exact diameter to fit inside. I cut that a bit short so that I'd have a hole to mount the tower on the staff with. After turning. I was originally going to put a layer of putty over this, but I'm pretty happy with it as is, so I went ahead and mounted it on Joeliyn's staff: I will use some putty for the crenulations on the battlement.
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    Oh yeah, some freshly dead corpses would be grand. They don’t even need bases. Sure, one that’s laying on a pile of rubble has a “base” of sorts, but treat this stuff more as scatter terrain. Just a body slumped into a seated position (as if he collapsed against a wall as he died), another sprawled out. A sprawled one with a detached limb (sculpt the “torn” ends of the limb, both on the body and the limb itself). Some bodies with obvious wounds, others without.
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    Vampire with parasol going fro a stroll WIP
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    Fresh out of the kiln this morning. It came out almost like I envisioned it.
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    This post was brought to you by Back to the Future, Parts 1&2 It's been a bit of a hectic week, but I managed to get some painting time today. I decided to do something, anything with the glowing area of the floor in front of the portal because it was really bothering me. My original idea was to do some sort of OSL effect, but the angle was all wrong and I decided to show the protective runes on the floor 'activating' to show the magical energies flowing through the portal instead. I started with the green portion, using the same colours as the green dragon head. Likewise the red portion, to mirror the Red Dragon head. The picture also shows the new(ish) brush that I picked up in lockdown that I was testing out today. I'm pretty happy with it to be honest. Todays feline interruption was subcontracted to Diva as Loki was far too busy chattering at our birdfeeders. Diva was placated with food and I continued with the blue part. I realised that There was a bit of a gap between the blue and red, so I extended the red a little bit longer. I checked the colour against a handy inky creature And a badly lit photo of the portal with the colour spray. At that point I decided to stop because I'd been painting for almost 5 hours and, unusually, I was pretty happy with what I'd accomplished. I think I need to extend the green to meet the red, but I'll leave it for the next session. Thanks for looking everybody! As always, any critisisms/comments are greatly appreciated.
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    Some basic colours on the Antimatter Games Beast of Cronos, which is of course a Cronosaurus. During that KS I went for the FDM option, I should have chosen Resin, the printing layers are too visible. At least with a beast like this it could even look natural because of scars/rough skin etc. Scale 75 Birch Scale 75 Artist Colour Off White Reaper Moss Green Vallejo Heavy Green
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    I've been a bit preoccupied recreating 80's cartoon characters Masters of the Universe
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    Is Warcaster the same, or near-same, rules as Warmachine but re-skinned / re-vamped for Science Fiction? That is what the picture suggests. Oh No... Not again... That does it! I am going to write a big stompy robots game that is set in a galaxy close, close, by; where there has been naught but peace and tranquility for 39, 000 years.
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    Hello again, I sculpted these back in January for the Direwild Kickstarter (my first professional job!) and just wanted to post them up =) Hope you're all doing well! Andrew
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    @TaleSpinner Thanks, mate! The concept went that there were several clans which each have a male and female mini. The top is the Wind Clan Male, next is the Stone Clan Female and last is the Forest Clan Female. The Stone clan female matched her male counterpart who was a huge muscley fella. After i was finished. the skirt was changed and she was given raised wode tattoos to match him. I honestly didn't like the concept when i first saw it but after a while, it made total sense that she'd be built that way. @RigelThanks very much! I enjoyed sculpting her face probably the most out of all the faces i've done since then as i got to make a good number of decisions on my own =) In particular, i decided to flatten her nose a bit to make her feel more powerful with a good bone structure - at least.. that's what i was going for but i enjoyed it anyway!
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