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    Slightly delayed to finish, and even more delayed to post to the forums, are my usual themed miniatures from November: Dwarves! Beardy folk seem most appropriate for No-Shave November. Redcaps pretending to be Dwarves from Massive Darkness A Duergar Trapper from Stonehaven Miniatures The Dwarf King from the small release "The Dwarf King's Court, Revisited" by Colin Dixon Miniatures A Warhammer Dwarf Miner where I think I remembered how flames work: This was going to be my PC for Rise of the Runelords, but the game ended before I ever painted him. Grimlok Rockholmes, the World's 2nd Greatest Dwarf Detective. SKU: 50319: OLAV GUNDERSON, DWARF GAMBLER The only beardless member, SKU 77413: Margara, Dwarf Shaman SKU 77572: Dwarf Master of the Hunt. Jason Wiebe always manages to hide fun details: I hadn't realized his jacket was a dragonskin and not just armor plates until I was almost done and wound up painting it to match. Another Pathfinder Iconic that took way too long, SKU 89020 Harsk, Iconic Dwarf Ranger
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    Check out my Patreon (in signature) and instagram for moar https://www.instagram.com/story1000suns/
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    1) 2)I've made a terrible mistake... 3) even 1 coat of light grey helps.
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    Really pushing for that best dad award
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    I wish I had a proper model image to copy. I'm just winging it (ha!). Where the last update left off. Anyway, here's where I'm stopping for now I might try to redo some of it. Will definitely try to come back with different brushes. I think what I'm trying to do is clear, but I'm not quite getting the effect I want. Good thing it totally doesnt matter!
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    I still have to print her arms and base, but I'm calling this a success... It's taking an UV bath right now.
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    my 2 items have shipped too, but it took me ages to figure it out because they don't give you a email notification and i couldn't remember my backer kit info. No tracking info too, so it'll probably show up with christmas presents and i won't realize it lol, i didn't realize to check shipping addresses of all the packages because i didn't know this kickstarter had shipped. we have several mystery packages because no travelign this year and older family who don't order online usually, so it may be one of those for all i know, already wrapped under the tree with ??? in the 'to' label lol
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    I have had some requests about Brutus pics. So I figured I would put some here. Feel free to show pics of you pets!
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    For the better part of this year, I've been going through something of a creative funk and it's been driving me a bit mad. (well more than usual anyway) So after thinking upon it for awhile, and taking the advice of the opening track of White Zombie's Astro Creep 2000, (Perhaps you'd better start at the beginning...) I've decided to embrace the madness.... By the power vested in me by the Great Pumpkin I hereby declare it to be 1996. The world is a saner place and I've just gotten my mitts on the first minis that weren't part of a boxed set or boardgame and soon shall rise a mighty skeletal horde. (To those of you who may not have been alive in '96, fret not I have decided that you exist. Ia! Ia! Ingenti Cucurbia!) Anyway, first up are these guys. A Heartbreaker Miniatures Army Pack that I think might be Phil Lewis sculpts. Like all of my older metal Undead, they were given a bath in Simple Green awhile back. The original Undead army had been repainted several times over the years, not yet knowing about the wonders of the Green, they had several rather thick layers on them from this. So the decision to restart from a clean slate on the whole lot was quite easy. An Armorcast Ruined Mausoleum. Also painted several times, but I'm leery as to how the Green would react with the resin. But even with the new black undercoat, the detail isn't obscured that I can see. Now to find my Painting Flannel Of Necromancy...
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    Got part of a Kickstarter I backed for scientifically accurate ceratopsid action figures (I have 3 more coming later this year ) I plan to do some tweaks to them, and figured I could do a progress thread. For these two it isn't going to be anything drastic (one of the later ones I am 100% repainting) The yellow one (Nasutoceratops) is getting a white belly for countershading and better blending his stripes, and probably some work on the face The subadult triceratops is just going to have some blending on his patterns and touch ups to areas of paint that scuffed in the package
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    Winter Salutations to you cold weather Reaper ptarmigans! So I'd mentioned in a previous post how Ral Partha Legacy, a sister company of Iron Wind Metals, has recently opened up and one of their ranges they have acquired is Tom Meier's Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures. So here is one of them a Wood Elf Lady: I really love these miniatures. I'm used to painting Ral Partha stuff, but these are quite a bit different, as the detail is so fine and detailed. The eyes and some of the jewelry is so small and hard to paint. Even though they are 30 mm, they are quite realistically proportioned so lots of the details aren't exaggerated. Anyhoos, hope you enjoy, and if you've got a few moments check out the Ral Partha Legacy page!
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    I needed a male lion to play Leandrus, companion to Daring Danika in Mistress Dusklight's Celestial menagerie and while I have a nicely painted metal celestial lion, he is a touch on the large side. Besides, I got this pair in Bones II (or I). A fairly quick job on the pair of them, but it does the job.
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    So in 2017, before I moved, I backed the Black Rose Wars Kickstarter. Big board game with pretty pieces and minis. Looked cool. Went in for the Base Box and One Expansion pledge level. Looked cool and reasonable price for what was in there. Changed my address when I moved. There were some oddities on fulfillment in the updates... but it all seemed fine and managed overall. In early 2019, I got the box. BIG beautiful box and an expansion set. Ridiculously complex rules and not well explained, but at heart, not a bad game. Just takes a huge bunch of time to set up and tons of explaining to play. Anyway, I had my stuff. All was done. I stopped paying attention to update emails, because at least one of them was for the company doing another Kickstarter and I didn't really want to do more. But updates were still there.... and I ignored them. Yesterday I got a phone call from my neighbor that I had a HUGE and rather heavy box delivered and they brought it inside to the mail-stop in the apartment instead of letting it stay on the porch. Thanks neighbors! What could it be? Sir Cyr's mom has been sending a ton of stuff, but she addresses it to him.... my dad isn't sending stuff right now because he still has to pick up what I had shipped to him (he wasn't able to pick it up while he had covid - messed up that scheduling). Apparently there was a second wave of stuff that the Kickstarter needed to ship: the "Sator Box" which has tons of new characters, spells, tiles, campaign modes for the game.... and 73 figures. At first I wondered if I'd done another Kickstarter in my sleep, because I totally do not remember this bunch of stuff being part of what I pledged for in 2017. Again, I saw some stuff I liked and was rather oblivious after that. And I'd already gotten the main stuff. Now I have a 24 x 12 x 8 in box of more game stuff on top of an already huge box (the original box is probably 16 x 16 x 10 in). SURPRISE! BIG BOX OF UNEXPECTED MINIS! Heck, this batch is better casting quality than the original too - the faces aren't blobs. And it has a necrodragon in there! And sexy Baba Yaga? And a bunch of other cool useful figures. BWAHAHAHA go me?
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    I backed the double early bird. I'm on the fence as to whether or not I'll sit through it, or which ones I'd even pick, but I like them very much overall. The stretch goals are really nice looking, too.
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    I gave the Nasuto a quick spritz of primer on his belly. Everywhere else will get brush on primer
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    I'm not sure what's missing. im unsure of any new release WL models coming out other than the above mentioned army pack singles.
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    Two more thru the Graveyard Bone highlight. The skeleton on the left is the one I skipped ahead on earlier, got him back to where he fits in with the others. Two more left in the first batch...
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    So far two have had the Graveyard Bone highlight applied... Four more are waiting somewhat patiently... ...and the final two have been fixed... The skeleton on the left has a new skull. Couldn't find his original so used one from a sprue of the 2nd generation GW skeletons. Skeleton on the right had the top half of his spear reattached, and a new shield arm from the last production box of GW skeletons.
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    This has been a week of pleasant surprises. Today I received a package from Majestic Miniatures. I had never heard of them. The package was sent to me from an old friend, Andy Birtle aka Andy Claus. The miniatures are resin cast Mushroom Men/Beasties: The Lads have possibilities.
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    Currently glued and pinned... because I forgot the pen to carve outlines that will be lost after priming. Oops. Anyway. Working flaps!
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    The freehand on the archer, rogue, and cleric are great, but I think my favorite has to be the Arcanist. That's a blobby sculpt and you managed to bring out a lot of character in the face. Very well done!
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    I'm amazed at how many minis I can get out of a liter of resin. There are another dozen or so not pictured here (because they are on my painting table), and there was still some resin left.
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    Winter Throwbacks If you had been wondering about some of those minis pictured in my first post on this thread, I finally got around to sharing them properly. These were among some of the first minis I painted when I first got into the hobby two years ago. They aren't the best minis, but they were an important stepping stone. I'm sure two years from now I will feel similarly about the things I have painted more recently. Check out more photos and read my reflections on these pieces HERE.
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    Hello everyone, here are pictures of my latest. Wizards of the Coast, Chainmail Ahmut's faction 88347, Half-Orc Fighter sculpted by Jim Warner. I painted it with Reaper MSP paint.
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    From left to right; 50279 Malvernis Soldier, 50278 Rach Soldier and 50287, Cain the Cyber-Troll.
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    Alright folks, this is it! One month left to get those large figures painted and your pictures uploaded into the proper categories! If you have any questions you can ask me here or message me. If you would like to contribute to the non-Reaper category prize, message me. Reaper offers prizes for the Reaper categories but not the non-Reaper. We need several more diorama entries to receive full prize support for that category. If you are working on a diorama that has at least one large Reaper figure in it, enter it! There are already so many beautifully painted minis entered but there is always room for more! @Reaper_Jon would you maybe link this in the News section to remind folks? If not, that's ok. Thank you!
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    i'm in general just backing less KS. I don't have a fancy printer that can do good detail on minis, so STL is out for me as an option. probably will just stick to Reaper KS and just get the big ones that i want to paint
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    These are not new sculpts, Some models in our backlog, like a metal "Sir Forscale" the only way to get them are in Army Packs. So some of the models are coming out of the army packs and being made into singles.
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    Protectorate of Menoth Archon by Privateer Press Nightmare Thing for Massive Darkness by CMON.
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    Ophelia Pokitz - Halfling Thief Ophelia Pokitz is what you would call a troubled teen. Orphaned at a young age, Ophelia spent much of their childhood passing from orphanage to orphanage, always finding a way to get kicked out. They eventually left the system and struck out on their own, traveling to some of the larger cities in search of a better life. Over the years, Ophelia has learned to use their small size and tiny hands to "reposes" any valuables that aren't bolted down. This habit has put them on a wanted list in many towns across the countryside. Pushed further north, Ophelia has found themselves in the town of Harpy's Hearth. Ignorant of their southern reputation, and full of gold-carrying adventurers, this could be a great place for Ophelia to catch a break and line their own pockets. It could also be a great place to find a new family. If they can survive the darkness to come. Ophelia was the last of my painted player characters for Frostrun. A fifth joined later but the games halted before I could paint something up. Check out more shots of Ophelia in the Show Off thread HERE. ----- "Eat the dwarf! Tear 'em to pieces!" The crowd pressed tightly to the rails, trying to catch a glimpse of the fight below. Some shouted. Some watched quietly. But all attention was on the pit. All except two halflings who hung near the door. "I'm not sure about this Ophelia. What if they catch us?" said the smaller of the two, a young dark-skinned girl with a thick mop of curls. She nervously wrung her hands together. The taller one was unfazed. "They won't. Not if you do exactly as I said." Ophelia handed the little one a small dagger. ... CONTINUED BELOW THE SPOILER ...
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    Nox - The Drow Bard Nox is a Drow Bard and a newcomer to Frostrun. Nox left behind her home in the Underdark to seek out a life of adventure and fame as a traveling entertainer, but soon found herself on the wrong side of the law. With nowhere else to go, Nox has turned towards Frostrun, the edge of civilization. A place where people are judged not by their past, but by their ability to survive. Unfortunately, a dark force has threatened her one chance at redemption. Will Nox rewrite the tale and come out a legend? Or will darkness have its way and leave her as a footnote in someone else's song? Nox was yet another member of the Frostrunners adventuring party. Check out more photos in the Show Off thread HERE. ------ Harpy's Hearth was the gateway to the North. The last hint of civilization before the cold and barren wastes of Frostrun. Sure, there were settlements and outposts dotting the frigid plains and mountainsides, but nothing compared to the hustle and bustle of the town of Harpy's Hearth. Loggers, and hunters, and craftsmen kept the town alive through the harsh winters, but it was the travelers who injected warm blood into the town. And if the travelers and adventurers were the blood, then The Hearth was its heart. The namesake of the town was a cozy lodge and inn, and was nearly always full of rowdy travelers. Would-be adventurers shouted jovially over frothy steins as they spun tales of lost-treasures buried under the ice. Cloaked strangers sat in the darkened corners, whispering secrets and eyeing the door suspiciously. And creatures and folk of all types huddled around the fire, unconcerned with their differences. It didn't matter where you had come from; In Harpy's Hearth, it only mattered that you were there. Poe slammed another wooden stein in front of the newcomer - warm frothy ale spilling over the top. She was dark in complexion, not like the warm dark skin of his own, but like a shadow brought to life. This was juxtaposed by her outfit, which was bright and loudly patterned - clearly some kind of entertainer. Though she showed no sign of entertainment as she quickly downed her third drink. Poe had seen this type before. Dark, and quiet. Runaways from the South. Fleeing something you couldn't outrun. But it mattered not to him. As long as they kept their burdens behind them and had coin for a drink, they were welcome here. And this one had the coin. ... CONTINUED BELOW THE SPOILER ...
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    The "Average Pledge Size" isn't a good average here because there were a bit more than a thousand pledges at $1 (either people who were undecided or people who wanted to comment/watch the campaign). The people who actually got in on the Kickstarter pledged about $300 each- and the total is something like 400k. And I agree- that makes this a much more impressive scam- despite the bright visibility of the red flags.
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    Saw this on TMP and thought I'd share it here. Someday I'm going to make something like this for the tabletop. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3774157/Welcome-granite-town-bizarre-65ft-tall-rock-formations-just-discovered-Siberia-haven-t-reviewed-TripAdvisor-yet.html
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    I took Roman Gruba's OSL class at Cancon. He wanted to teach us about atmosphere so we were supposed to paint one side as if it were lit by moonlight and the other side by another source, in this case, her lantern. Her broom is only sticky tacked on so pay no attention to the blob on her back. Technically, she isn't "finished" as I would have spent a lot more time glazing and working in a little more color. I think she turned out pretty cool for only two hours of work in class and I feel like I learned a lot.
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    Here's Sophie: I am well aware that the metals look really bad in the photo. I've repainted them several times and they look fine when you are holding the mini in your hand but they are not coming out well in the picture at all. Sheik Raffik is from the Khaliman Tribe by Alkemy. I painted him as a birthday present for my best friend.
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