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    I'd really like to see some more variety based on other cultures and mythologies, kind of like the Daimyo collection in Bones V. Some Norse mythology and more vikings/winter-clad characters would be cool. And also more Egyptian or Arabian offerings. You could even reuse some of the other Nefsokar minis for that one. At this point I have a lot of the traditional European fantasy classics and am definitely more excited by some more diverse and non-traditional offerings.
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    Another nice option would be more of the general dogs, mainly hunting dog types.
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    Yup another project, as if I didn't have enough on my hands. This will take a while, but I will start again. A few decades ago ( before I roamed this Forum) I created a Barbarian Army with Animal allies. I sold it and all I have left are these tiny pics that show only part of it. Also, this was decades ago so I didn't paint as well as I do today ( or at least I think so) Here are the old pics as appetizers, I will soon start the new army. Enjoy!
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    Printed this out a while ago and made a base for her with the Greenstuffworld Cobblestone Roller and a twig. The primer came out a bit chalky will try to remedy that. But for now I've basecoated her boots. Leather can be a bit rough so it's alright.
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    I painted up another ogre matriarch. she is so fun! This is Daisy, aka the Blonde Bombshell!
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    While Sallah did indeed love his camel, he was offended by the Ogre chieftain's comments and prepared for an incredibly violent etiquette lesson.
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    It's nearly Halloween. What's spookier than the most infamous meat-grinder dungeon? Personally I think it's an awful module, but we had some fun running 30 kobolds through it ala Kobold Meat Grinder. But opinions aside, I do like the imagery of the classic crawl. So here's a few minis to help populate the dungeon. More Photos and Thoughts below the Spoiler That's all from this set. I felt very inspired by the look of this classic artwork so I figured I'd share it with you here: I'm not sure where it first appeared or who made it, but if you know feel free to share! What kind of art has inspired your mini painting? Feel free to share the inspiration and the results!
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    Not much to say here. Just another of the five resin prints I received for preview.
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    Here, Sir Forscale looks at the latest work of art from Artist Sophie (03990) - POTATO JON! As a side note, that's my first time doing freehand in over 20 years...
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    From Reaper's Warlord line.... A group of skirmishing nuns. They'll be joining my Angry Catholic Witch Hunter faction. Mother Superior with her trusty ax. Enraged Sister with Spear... Irritated Sister with sword and punching gauntlet.. Slightly Miffed Sister with Double Handed Sword... Embarking on a Purge of the local cemetery....
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    This is a design from Artisan Guild, 3D printed on my Elegoo Mars. Yoshigruzu the leader of the Oni Clan on his Oni War Beast, Warugo. Part of my Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon, Project. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79416-nippon-land-of-the-rising-moon-by-glitterwolf/
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    Hi all, I thought I'd share pictures of the two newest 12 Days figures. I also have a blog post up with pictures of the other 12 Days figures for this year that I painted (which is most of them), with links to painting information and additional views. I have added a blog post with the colour recipe I used to paint the dragon, and some tips on painting non-metallic metal and painting patience. I have added a blog post with the colour red recipes used to paint the goblin, as well as some tips on painting red and creating focus on a miniature.
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    While it is standard for most miniatures to be set on bases, for some reason, that doesn’t always apply to vehicles. Probably, gaming bases are seen as a necessity to allow troopers to stand up, so vehicles with treads or wheels that can exist without basing get a pass. But I have found that adding an uneven base to a vehicle can really add to the dynamic appearance. It isn’t something I’ll always do for gaming vehicles, but I do like it. Here are a few examples. These bases were made with a lot of different elements- a lot of green stuff and apoxie sculpt as well as realistic water and water effect and some scraps of plastic bits for debris. Two of these are 120mm bases that I actually used old CDs to make
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    Finished Lysette tonight from the Small World set.
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    Here is my WIP. Taking longer than I expected but I still expect to finish in the next couple weeks.
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    Hello everyone, I had a busy week and managed to complete this model last night. Here are pictures of 14026, Nakhti the Nefsokar Captain. This Warlord model was sculpted by Bob Ridolfi, I painted it with Reaper MSP paint. I love the detail on this mummy.
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    I've managed to steal away for long enough to put together another photo from the series I took the other day. This time its Reapers take on the intellect devourer. I painted it with the help of my son, who was excited to use "Clear Magenta." The "clear" series has become very popular in our house because they add a nice bright pop, even when used sparingly. I had seen this model disparaged on the internet some years ago, but I actually think it is an excellent interpretation - very alien and it fits with reapers portfolio of similar creatures well. I prefer the insect like scythe legs over a dog body, for sure (so many dog monsters already). That it is available in bones is all the better. I foresee needing to repose a few at some point to create a pack of them.
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    Off the Bones 4 Fan Favorites expansion, the Hell Hounds. Woof woof. Three surprisingly cute massive hellish hot dogs, with lavacracks and all. And they have spiked collars with a massive ring on the top. And very obviously male. Those are the Dogs' Bollocks! Again, these do look better IRL than in the blown up pictures. Much better, to my eyes at least. How to paint lava-look minis: Start with a stark white basecoat. Drybrush the following colours starting with heavy pressure to lighter pressure with the darker colours: Bright yellow, golden yellow, orange or peachy pink, dark red or wine red, dark brown, dark grey/black, pure black. Use a big, soft brush (such as a make-up brush) and make sure to wipe a lot of the paint off the bristles (more than you think!) and build the colours up gradually to avoid streaking. Be aware that when painting light to dark, they will look wierd and as failures almost up to the very last coast. Keep with it! I did the bases with black flock, as they have burned everything to a crisp. Nice doggies? - I put them on 50mm bases. These are sculpted by Chris Lewis and made in Bones Black PVC. They are currently available from reapermini.com These minis were finished on December 4th, 2020.
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    This is the 1st mini I’ve done in a long long while. I love how she turned out. Any constructive feedback would be great
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    Was excited to finally get to this guy. I've had him in the pile for a really long time, and I was always intrigued by the sculpt, as it's oddly angular, and hard to pick out the detail until you've got it highlight or zenith primed. I'm pretty happy with him! Robe is a blend of the dark elf triad and P3 coal black (a very dark teal), and skin is mostly fair skin triad. One thing I definitely noticed is that the version in the store has some details MUCH crisper than my copy (see his right foot - er your left, which has virtually no actual sculpted toes anymore, just a big foot shaped lump). Anyway, I don't see much of this guy around here so I was eager to give him a go!
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    Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/krakenships/krakenships-miniatures-28mm-fantasy-tabletop-figures/description
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    Hello again Reaper Message Boardonians! So here's another piece of old school goodness, a Ral Partha Charging Barbarian, sculpted by Julie Guthrie way back in the delightful eighties. This one was originally in one of the Partha Boxed sets, 98-015 Bezerkers, and now is sold individually at Iron Wind Metals. Pretty quick to paint as he was unencumbered by too much armor, clothing or general stuff. My biggest challenge with this fellow was to figure out his hair color. Blonde eventually won the day. Anyhoos, please enjoy!
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    Presenting Pascal De Lyon, he represents the Cowardly Lion in the Oz gang who are part of the Twisted game by Demented Games. Really happy with this guy, probably some of my best painting in a while. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    This was for commission, and I hated it! This is an example of an over-designed model. It was detail, on top of other detail, and more detail on that. I'm glad it's over!
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    Here are 2 more Wizkids townsfolk for the 'B-team' adventure. Savus, a middle aged ex-caravan guard/trader, and Deevid, a rouge hired to scout a building site. I worry a bit about that town if the thief is lurking about... Tried some new fast painting (for me 3-4hrs per figure) ideas with these... some worked better than others... again facial features were very undefined, but I like the feel of the sculpts and the straps and buckles were not a chore.
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    This might have already been suggested, but: I would like to see some OVERWEIGHT ADVENTURER figures. Male and female of all classes. That "full-figured" Henchwoman in the Bones V Power-Up is a great start and I'd like to see a lot more to choose from. P.S. This request is for Bones Black or Bones USA; my preferred material.
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    I've painted through all but 2 if the Bones Duergar in the last week (I painted 1 of the 2 a long while ago and the last is out of stock right now), and I really enjoyed painting all of them, so I want more. This one is wonderfully creepy and I'd love to see her, but others, as well. Maybe some with pole arms, enlarged versions of others that we already have, one who could play as a king. Oh! and appropriately duergar-y constructs, too, to go along with the theme.
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    I'd love to see some more smaller terrain pieces that are more fantasy than scifi/modern. A couple rune stones that could work for a lot of things...even in scifi with some thought. A crossroads direction post, a notice board for adventurers to pull fliers from. A bazaar stand, potentially with a few options for it...or a few separate stands that would have different goods. Traps would be another thing, spikes and sawblades and darts to draw the rogues attention. A few weapon racks would be fun as well.
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    Dead townsfolk. Not torn apart and gruesome, just bodies. Minis/markers that could be placed on the table to represent a party coming up to a sacked village/town, wilderness encounter/campsite, etc. Horses, Cattle, Goats, Pigs, Chickens, etc to help "populate" a town during a game, or a diorama. Horses with and without saddles. And maybe some dead horses to add to the dead towns people? Maybe dead with and without saddles so it could represent the town guard hearing the immenent attack and getting suited up and ready for battle, but they were over run? There might already be some minis that can be used to represent these things, but I have not seen them.
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    More familiars (love the ones from bones I to add to bases of other miniatures) for more variation :). Also: more female miniatures. In general i always have trouble finding a good choice for female characters. More variation would be great :). Also for different races ^^
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    It would be cool to see them in a few different races, too. Dwarf Crew, Human Crew, Orc Crew, Halflings piggybacking to reach the rope to get the trebuchet reloaded...
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    Ophelia Pokitz - Halfling Thief Ophelia Pokitz is what you would call a troubled teen. Orphaned at a young age, Ophelia spent much of their childhood passing from orphanage to orphanage, always finding a way to get kicked out. They eventually left the system and struck out on their own, traveling to some of the larger cities in search of a better life. Over the years, Ophelia has learned to use their small size and tiny hands to "reposes" any valuables that aren't bolted down. This habit has put them on a wanted list in many towns across the countryside. Pushed further north, Ophelia has found themselves in the town of Harpy's Hearth. Ignorant of their southern reputation, and full of gold-carrying adventurers, this could be a great place for Ophelia to catch a break and line their own pockets. It could also be a great place to find a new family. If they can survive the darkness to come. Ophelia was the last of my painted player characters for Frostrun. A fifth joined later but the games halted before I could paint something up. Check out more shots of Ophelia in the Show Off thread HERE. ----- "Eat the dwarf! Tear 'em to pieces!" The crowd pressed tightly to the rails, trying to catch a glimpse of the fight below. Some shouted. Some watched quietly. But all attention was on the pit. All except two halflings who hung near the door. "I'm not sure about this Ophelia. What if they catch us?" said the smaller of the two, a young dark-skinned girl with a thick mop of curls. She nervously wrung her hands together. The taller one was unfazed. "They won't. Not if you do exactly as I said." Ophelia handed the little one a small dagger. ... CONTINUED BELOW THE SPOILER ...
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    Nox - The Drow Bard Nox is a Drow Bard and a newcomer to Frostrun. Nox left behind her home in the Underdark to seek out a life of adventure and fame as a traveling entertainer, but soon found herself on the wrong side of the law. With nowhere else to go, Nox has turned towards Frostrun, the edge of civilization. A place where people are judged not by their past, but by their ability to survive. Unfortunately, a dark force has threatened her one chance at redemption. Will Nox rewrite the tale and come out a legend? Or will darkness have its way and leave her as a footnote in someone else's song? Nox was yet another member of the Frostrunners adventuring party. Check out more photos in the Show Off thread HERE. ------ Harpy's Hearth was the gateway to the North. The last hint of civilization before the cold and barren wastes of Frostrun. Sure, there were settlements and outposts dotting the frigid plains and mountainsides, but nothing compared to the hustle and bustle of the town of Harpy's Hearth. Loggers, and hunters, and craftsmen kept the town alive through the harsh winters, but it was the travelers who injected warm blood into the town. And if the travelers and adventurers were the blood, then The Hearth was its heart. The namesake of the town was a cozy lodge and inn, and was nearly always full of rowdy travelers. Would-be adventurers shouted jovially over frothy steins as they spun tales of lost-treasures buried under the ice. Cloaked strangers sat in the darkened corners, whispering secrets and eyeing the door suspiciously. And creatures and folk of all types huddled around the fire, unconcerned with their differences. It didn't matter where you had come from; In Harpy's Hearth, it only mattered that you were there. Poe slammed another wooden stein in front of the newcomer - warm frothy ale spilling over the top. She was dark in complexion, not like the warm dark skin of his own, but like a shadow brought to life. This was juxtaposed by her outfit, which was bright and loudly patterned - clearly some kind of entertainer. Though she showed no sign of entertainment as she quickly downed her third drink. Poe had seen this type before. Dark, and quiet. Runaways from the South. Fleeing something you couldn't outrun. But it mattered not to him. As long as they kept their burdens behind them and had coin for a drink, they were welcome here. And this one had the coin. ... CONTINUED BELOW THE SPOILER ...
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    Probably been mentioned before, but here's my vote for several treasure/doo-dad sets. Things to put on shelves and tables, or to add to existing minis. Like the current adventurer gear, weapons and musical instrument sets. Armor pieces (Separate bits and armor stands) Books and tomes (LOTS of books, papers, scrolls, book stand, podium) Magical implements (Crystal ball, mortar and pestle, burner, alchemy gear (in clear?), summoning circle, bottles and jars, piles of components) Backpacks and saddle bags (Various backpacks, bags, pouches, wine skins, saddle bags Kitchen/Tavern/Feast implements ('nuf said) Tools Of The Trade (Tradesmen's tools for carpentry, smithy, etc.) Farm set (Plow, hand tools, feed bags, baskets of produce/eggs, chicken coop, rope, saddle and stand, stable bits)
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    Love your skin tones and the NMM on the coffin trimmings
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    Only a little from the old Chaos lore mixed with the common barbarians/orcs and other creatures of the North. I collected Chaos and Undead in the old days..still shows every now and then.. The Horde marches South to the civilized lands, ready to plunder and pillage. Led by the mighty Mumlak all barbarians, beastmen, orcs and trolls join the Horde. The Horde grows, sometimes a group gets impatient and infighting is common, Mumlak cares not. There are enough warriors to conquer the Realm of Men. A Shaman has performed a dark ritual and summoned a demon to join their cause. Full of rage the clawed abomination enters the mortal realm, ready to kill. Amused Mumlak watches the scene, wondering if the shaman will be able to control the demon. Anyway. The Demon is finished. SHOW OFF: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92559-abyss-demon-by-glitterwolf/
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    On one hand, I saw this coming a mile away from all the red flags. OTOH, I wish I had been wrong for the sake of all the Confrontation fans.
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    Our lovely Orc Lady is Finished. SHOW OFF: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92475-female-orc-fighter-by-glitterwolf/
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    With any whales or leviathans, we would need a crew of whalers. Minis that would work with upcoming pirate ship, usable for either fantasy or Victorian era.
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    After I suggested the idea on the Bones 5 thread, the idea was brought up on Reaper's Facebook page. We need a LEVIATHAN! i.e. a giant monster whale, or sea serpent. Reaper needs it's own Moby Dick. If the whale path is chosen, instead of a single massive whale, segments breaching above the water would be a nice idea. Humpback whale. Sperm whale. Same deal with sea serpents. A large head(s) poking out of the water with several tails/tentacles and boom! you got a nasty encounter. P.S. Ninjaed!
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    This is Reaper related. I emailed Ron Hawkins a while back ago about a character idea for the next Kickstarter. And he told me it might just show up in bones 6. Followed up by a winky face. want to see if we can get a pole going to have this character introduced into the next series. My suggestion was to have a Leviathan whale sizably to the pirate ship from bones 5 thats currently underproduction. It could be possibly the biggest miniature they've ever made. It doesn't have to be the full size of the pirate ship in length. But it would be the largest and coolest mini to paint. Plus no other company has made a Leviathan. Pictures below are concept ideas I sent him. If we can get enough likes on this maybe we can get this miniature pushed through. Monster mini!!! I don't know about others but I would easily pay $100 or more for it during a Kickstarter. Especially if so many people were already willing to spend $100 on the ship. inbound9181087185912300539.webp I post this on Facebook also. Where Jon Overton commented about how it would be cool to have a mini island on its back. So I'm all for that also.
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    Getting there with the Female Orc Warrior and the Demon has a little more colours.
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    +1 for crabs. Swarm, tiny, small, medium, large. Angels, maybe one with shackles. Centaur with bows (polearms on the existing ones are kinda wonky), maybe a slightly wider hand to get a drill bit through? Hags, maybe one influenced by the thing in "the ring", maybe an ugly witch one. Terrain stuff: baskets, stools, chairs, thrones, pile of rocks (cairns?), long tables with a runner, a larger bag (like laundry size, that I can paint a dollar sign on), a collection of steins and drinkware, funeral pyre, altar that doesn't look demonic, announcement podium. Is there a town crier?
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    An urban elemental/golem. Cobblestones, pipes, grates, all in a roughly human shape - a lot like the Graveyard Golem, but for the city. The Auld Grump
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    I'd really like to see quite a few aarakocras angels ape (medium) centaurs clockwork spider couatl crab (small) deer (medium) ghosts (non-humans) giffs goat (large) horse hyenas (medium & large) kenkus kuo-toas nothics octopus (small) owl (large) pixies salamanders sphinx (male) tiger (large) tortles vultures (medium & large) warforgeds wasp (medium) weretigers zombies (non-humans) zombies (gnoll)
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    Since the Fire Giants seem to be more character models - I would really like to see a Fire Giant blacksmith and his anvil. Could double as Vulcan in a Mythic game. The Auld Grump
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