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    I don't really use mugs. My favourite was one that I found for my wife's 40th birthday when we first start dating, best not to mention what's on it.
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    Printed this out a while ago and made a base for her with the Greenstuffworld Cobblestone Roller and a twig. The primer came out a bit chalky will try to remedy that. But for now I've basecoated her boots. Leather can be a bit rough so it's alright.
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    Continuing my posting spree. This beholder is the fist model I have printed and painted. I went for a very simple, classic look, and I was really pleased with the bright purples. I have been enjoying MZ's catalog, but man, printing stuff is a lot of work. I really enjoy painting eyes, so this subject was a treat.The Spectator is now on my shortlist to paint thanks to the positive experience I had with the dodgeball of doom.
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    I'm building my kid a shuttle from a page in the Young Scientist Book of Spaceflight that used to be mine. The kid likes planes, and this is the closest I can get to that now. I've already traced things out and have some foamcore. Will cut things out and maybe glue and prime tomorrow
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    Another quick paint for Extinction Curse - this is Margara playing the role of Pruana Two Punch, proprietor of the Mad Mug. Pruana is a brawler who is quite ok sitting back while the party teaches a lesson to the lazy thugs who use her inn as a base, but she's more than capable of defending herself. While she normally doesn't use weapons other than her formidable fists, Margara's mini is the only female dwarf in my collection who doesn't seem to be armed and armoured to the teeth. Now just to find a cheap pack of farm animals to provide her goat Violet
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    Our spring reaches us on Wednesday, if DHL is to be believed. Why an effing SPRING needs to be sent DHL is a question for the gods.
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    What does it say about my life that I had that bookmarked? And now I know what we need to print for Mum for Christmas.
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    I wish I had a proper model image to copy. I'm just winging it (ha!). Where the last update left off. Anyway, here's where I'm stopping for now I might try to redo some of it. Will definitely try to come back with different brushes. I think what I'm trying to do is clear, but I'm not quite getting the effect I want. Good thing it totally doesnt matter!
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    Finished the base for Sangrariah and blocked in a few colours for her. I'm going to paint her steed as a Nightmare, did some work on her face.
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    Currently glued and pinned... because I forgot the pen to carve outlines that will be lost after priming. Oops. Anyway. Working flaps!
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    I decided to go with it and glue/pin instead of adding another day.
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    Yes, absolutely! And not the cuddly 5e incarnations of Firbolg; I want the 2e and 3e version. Large bearded giants that are bigger and stronger than an ogre. (Images aren’t allowed in this thread, but just do a google search for 2nd edition and 3rd edition Firbolgs; aside from being Large giants, they basically just look like burly Viking-esq men wielding two-handed swords. Not the broad-nosed, blue-skinned forest people, barely larger than a human, that 5e has altered them into.) Maskarr Stoneskin (04011) would make a great Goliath proxy in Bones. Also, Reaper has a fairly sizable back-catalog of Celtic warriors in metal. Searching for the “highland” tag brings up several great models. I’d love to see some of these brought to Bones. Highest on that list are: Highlanders (3) 03488 (which are 02243, 02242, and 02260) SHAMUS ROWAN 02241 WILLIAM O'RYAN 02238 SEAN O'RYAN HIGHLAND 02222
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    I read some weird stuff man. That could be fun.
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    Getting started on my "after the 25th but still a holiday adventure" adventure for my players I'm gonna run on the morning of the 26th. The adventure calls for the following: snowmen Awakened Christmas tree Mimics (presents) Krampus (horned devil) When I went to lunch with my mom today, we stopped in at JoAnn's in town & I acquired a tree decoration that has a base size of 3 x 3 inches (ie huge base size). I also picked up some jewelry beads that I'll cut apart & make ornaments & also picked up a gold bead chain that I'll try & make into garland & such. I'm currently slicing up the Snowmen from Epic: (I don't want to use the one with the 4 arms or the one with the weapons embedded in it but the other 3 are perfect!!) I've found various "present" mimics online: & for Krampus, hmmmm do I want to use either of Reaper's offerings (I have both, acquired last year's on ebay for like 10 bucks awhile back...I just gotta remember where he is....) or use a stl offering online. The problem with all of them is none of them have wings as this Krampus is a horned devil. I could always attach wings or let him fly without wings. We shall see how ambitious I am with the crafting for this one. I do like either of these: Hopefully, my players will enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed reading the adventure. The snowmen encounter (ie Yeti game stats) it says when they appear out of the snow to attack your suppose to say "Happy Birthday!!". Good ole nod to Frosty the animated show. While browsin I did come across these & I may add them in somewhere.
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    A little late for dia de los muertos but painted her up for a Christmas gift for a friend.
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    Hello all, There has been discussion on the cannon subject here at Reaper. First: The ship will now come with 20 cannons. second: We are ordering more of just the cannons to be sold as a pack or individuals, that is the current plan. (this will not be in the form of an option on the RPM, but should be here at the time of fulfillment for people to get) I would expect this in the bones 5 live, reaper live, and the next kickstarter update as well. Hope this helps in some way. @Smokestack @Ratmaster2000 @ksbsnowowl @Dakka Flakka Flame @WhiteWulfe
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    Hello everyone! This was one of my entries in the Pathfinder painting contest. Here's 60001, Valeros the fighter sculpted by Bobby Jackson. The event was a great source of motivation for me, I painted four models in total.
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    'Tis two weeks 'til christmas and it is a very sad year - I felt everyone could do with some good christmas cheer. A village mapset of four by night and by day, With blank interiors to decorate your way. Sized for Meanders, Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, Go inside or outside adventure with no bounds. I hope these free battlemaps will bring some delight, And to all humankind, much love and good night. (If you should want to bring extra cheer, you are entirely welcome to share, share, share.) Meanders: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14HEKOLAhfTyR87lk2BiHLb_rIeZaiUAv?usp=sharing Roll20: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kFtFALz6KEv5xDx2KTrGs6qrGSGNcIGo?usp=sharing FantasyGrounds: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1a6VsU5CjOM211b0KxhXGQ-u8s8n_Dw07?usp=sharing Merry Xmas from Game Tile Warehouse and thank you Reaper and our customers for your support.
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    From Lost Adventures / Lost Dragons: The Blight Dragon. Printed in a single piece on my Elegoo Mars Pro. I made an 80x130mm base for it, printed on my Creality Ender 3 Pro. You can see the print lines clearly in the pic. This illustrates the differences in PLA and Resin prints.
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    Howdy folks, it has been a while since I painted or posting anything. Late February I stopped painting to take a break and pursue some climbing and getting back in better shape. Now that the cold is setting in again, it seemed like a good time to paint again. This is the first thing I chose and my new aim with painting is to enjoy it more, paint faster, and fuss less about little details. I am not a pro painter and doing it solely for my own pleasure. Need to remember that. This was a lot of fun to paint. I wanted to make it a bit more dynamic. These guys always seem to pop out of the ground, so I wanted to make the base look like the earth and grass was being heaved up. It looks like a simple sculpt of just rocks, but Kevin Williams put so much great detail into it.
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    Hi guys and guyettes! So continuing on with some Dennis Mize Children of the Night dinosaurs, here is the Monoclonius Agathaumas: He went on a long, oval base because he was just too big for whatever circular ones I had. Tried to once again stay away from a green or grey color scheme. Not a very dramatic pose, just a dinosaur kind of hanging out, but I think he's pretty swell as far as dinosaurs go. Not a triceratops, doesn't have those wonderful long horns on his head, just little nubs. If I get so inspired, I'll go look up his name to see what actually is known about this particular type of dinosaur and where he lived, et cetera. Back in the days of my youth, the seventies, we as kids really loved anything related to dinosaurs and cavemen. But those were back in the days of pre-pre Jurassic Park, we had more Harryhausen as our main provider of cinematic dinosaurs, and whatever books we could get at book stores. Speaking of seventies dinosaurs, has anybody visited the Flintstone Park in South Dakota and is it still there?
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    So many projects, so little time. I got some files that will be used in this porject sometime soon.
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    Only a little from the old Chaos lore mixed with the common barbarians/orcs and other creatures of the North. I collected Chaos and Undead in the old days..still shows every now and then.. The Horde marches South to the civilized lands, ready to plunder and pillage. Led by the mighty Mumlak all barbarians, beastmen, orcs and trolls join the Horde. The Horde grows, sometimes a group gets impatient and infighting is common, Mumlak cares not. There are enough warriors to conquer the Realm of Men. A Shaman has performed a dark ritual and summoned a demon to join their cause. Full of rage the clawed abomination enters the mortal realm, ready to kill. Amused Mumlak watches the scene, wondering if the shaman will be able to control the demon. Anyway. The Demon is finished. SHOW OFF: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92559-abyss-demon-by-glitterwolf/
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    Some vines that will get leaves when my punches show up. Probably will add a few more later.
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    Trying to decide if I want to flock it now or not.
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    Couldn't find the original base paint I used so I pulled out shadowed stone and I think it'll work nicely.
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    Wings finished, just needs so e sealing.
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    More work to do on these but they're getting there.
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    Still doing highlights. Decided to test for to see where I don't have to paint.
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    Found a red that I think highlights well. Also got the other 4 necks done I think. Need to also figure out how to do ragged flesh. I want to make bits of the wing bones look like they're sticking out/showing.
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    Update: finished the lining, did a dry fit.
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    Need to work on the weight of my lines but I think I did pretty well with the scales on the side of the face which is what I was really worried about.
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    Took a break to paint Argent but I'm back at this. Black lined the body. Trying to decide if I want to carry it up on the heads. I feel like if I do one I have to do all of them.
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    Reaper-Bones V - waiting for PM. TT Combat -Desert of the Dead - Waiting for PM to close. Antimatter Games -Uncharted Realms of the Abyss - Pledged, still running.
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    Saw this figure in my LGS a while back, decided to buy it, and now I'm using it as my new DnD character. He was quite intriguing to paint. I really enjoyed this one. I used Citadel paints for it. I also gave it a spray undercoat first, I do with all minis even ones that are already primed, too much of a habit now.
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    I would also love to see the Statues and treasures in Bones. The metal versions are often too expensive to buy more than one, but in Bones I would buy multiples. Please create Bones versions of these ones. Egyptian Statue - Horus Sobek Statue Egyptian Cat Statue Egyptian Jackal Statue Egyptian Statue Bast Egyptian Statue Anubis Ammat Devourers Egyptian Treasure ( both small and large) Urn of Ashes Sarcophagus Nefoskar Weapons Ammat Nefsokar Champion Mummy King on Throne Necropolis Weapons Skeletal Archers Unit I will repeat my wish for a generic Chariot, a culverin, a battering ram, a siege tower. More animals preferably several poses ( walking, running, pouncing/attacking/sitting) Cheetahs Baboons Mandrill Tigers Leopards Elephants Hippos Beavers Capibaras
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    The Nefsokar Range from Warlord, there are already a few of them but I want more! Not just the mummies and the avatars, also Khamsin, the Cavalry and the different grunts and champions. I would love an Egyptian style expansion with a chariot, some terrain and more mummies, skellies, anubi and such. And some Horus warriors and maybe some animals, like jackals, cheetahs, baboons, cobras etc.
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    Saw this on TMP and thought I'd share it here. Someday I'm going to make something like this for the tabletop. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3774157/Welcome-granite-town-bizarre-65ft-tall-rock-formations-just-discovered-Siberia-haven-t-reviewed-TripAdvisor-yet.html
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    All of the gardens of Versailles I'm doing Enceladus' grove. I just need to figure out what giant mini to repurpose
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    A couple of little places that have possibilities: This Chapel is somewhere in Vermont:
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    Rakotz Bridge, Germany. Seriously, do an image search for this. There are so many beautiful pictures.
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    Somewhere in the Bosnian forests: I think this would be a fine place for a Witch to set up shop.
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    *AND* a well known Photoshop. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/houses-in-unusual-places/ https://blog.designcrowd.com/article/888/houses-and-architecture-built-in-unusual-places Though, for fantasy terrain, who cares!
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    A house on /in a rock in Malaysia: It is lovely, exotic, AND no lawn to mow.
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    My 2 year old is currently fascinated with hippos so that inspired me to pull this one out of the mountain of Bones and paint him. Perhaps I should add some gloss, but I need the brush on kind.
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    The search for the Faerie Realms goes on: These are real trees, but carved to give them that Faerie Folk creepy vibe: ...oh the possibilities!
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    Sleds. A Dog Sled for Arctic Exploration A Troika ( Horsedrawn)
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