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    I don't really use mugs. My favourite was one that I found for my wife's 40th birthday when we first start dating, best not to mention what's on it.
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    Giving some impudent mortal some serious stink eye here...
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    The Story Engine (June 2020) Tome of Beasts 2 (November 2020) Town & Taverns map books (December 2020) Dirt Cheap Dungeons: Castles (November 2020) Terrain Essentials (February 2020) Mammoth maps table mat (April 2020) D&D Condition Rings Set (November 2020) Creatures & Monsters (December 2020) Blacklist Miniatures (December 2020) Bones 5 (April 2021) Throne Down Games (April 2021) Immersive Battle Atlas (April 2021) Wildlands by Dwarven Forge (June 2021) The Book of Collected Rumors (June 2021) Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds (July 2021) Dungeon & Lasers 2nd Edition (August 2021) Backed: 67 Delivered: 53 Dead: 2 Updated: 12/19/20 - Gold highlighted received!!
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    One of my favorite Fantasy races are the Undead, followed by Chaos and Reptilians. I already have my Lost World Project which tells a tale of Conquistadores, Reptilians, Dinosaurs, Undead and a lot more. However those Undead are the Egyptian Style and Pirate/Jungle style. This thread will be filled with my beloved Gothic Undead, Demons, Monsters and all things that go bump in the night. In my Lost World Project I tell an ongoing story, here I will post about all other dark things without coherency. There might be snippets of loose stories to accompany a mini or not... I hope you guys and gals and creatures will like it. Let's kick off with the critters I painted a while ago to get a feel of what is coming. Enjoy! ( or not) Bats and a Murder of Crows EDIT: I will include some Bones and minis. The bulk will be metal and I want to give this an oldschool vibe. Preferred minis will be, Reaper, Grenadier, Ral Partha, Rafm, Metal Magic, Otherworld and Early Citadel. The Asian Undead will be from Zenith since I backed the Kensei Undead Samurai KS and will get their own thread. ( Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon) and the Egyptian ones are in Shifting Sands Project) EDIT - Asked to merge my Undead Threads into one. Now CHILDREN of the NIGHT. This is for all the Ghotic Undead and their friends like Werewolves/Witches/Demons etc etc.. Eldessa Necromancer Ral Partha Female Vampire Lurien and Aysa Bat Demon
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    So... it's been a while. After last Reapercon, I hit a long stretch where I did no painting at all - like eight months where I just couldn't get it together and paint. Then, at the end of last month, I was like, "****, isn't Reapercon coming up?" and immediately started pushing stuff through to try and get at least some stuff off my chest before I come to Texas again and leave with even more minis. It's been going really well - I'm having a lot of fun, and getting a lot done! I've been mostly doing mid- to large- sized minis, and lots of animals... These are all forest creatures, and I had a ton of fun with them! This gorgeous boy had just come out last Reapercon! He based up beautifully on a horse-base, one of the Base Boss ovals. A good size for a celestial stag, but a bit small for the RAW Giant Elk - still, plenty big enough that we'll just sticky-tak him to a Huge base and use it like that. And, yep, I actually got two! This one is for a module I run that requires a ghost stag, hence the eyes, but it'll do for a celestial stag in a pinch, I think. That said, I actually do plan to grab a third at this Reapercon to do up in a more traditional rainbow-celestial color palette. If I have the melt, I'd actually like to grab three, and experiment making the other two into ewes by greenstuffing regular hornless ears onto them. Like I said, it's a fantastic sculpt, just very heavy. For reference, the whole body and head are one piece, and the ears and antlers a second and third, cut well enough to attach without pinning. I didn't even GS them, just used a gel glue to cover the gap. This is the puma from the Animal Companions I set, the metal version. I just wanted him done fast, so I painted him buckskin yellow, shaded before I added the spots, and did my best to make the spots little circle-type blotches. Nothing fancy, but I didn't really need anything too good, I just wanted to have done something that day... He fit, integrated base and all, almost perfectly into a 40mm base, which was nice. I love 40mm bases - I like that they're not so huge that I have to squeeze them into places for Large creatures, and they're perfect for things that are just a touch bigger than Medium... And last but not least, a pair of shambling mounds. This is a great mini despite being a pretty old one, I think? It has a ton of great details that I did not spend the time to do justice on, but it takes washes like a champ and came out looking pretty fantastic from a foot or so away. My one complaint is that the texture makes it really hard to be sure your paint is EVERYWHERE - I went over these a couple times, and now I'm seeing a couple places where paint bubbled and missed spots... Still, 10/10 minis of one of my favorite low/mid level monsters, and I'll probably grab a few more at Reapercon so I can give them another shot. And they're pretty hefty for an 8$ metal mini - these are on 40mm bases, and they FEEL chunky.
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    Lost my mind back at Christmas at got into Classic Battletech. Currently plans are to do my Inner Sphere units as Gamma Company of the Wolf's Dragoons and my Clan units as Upsilon Galaxy of Clan Blood Spirit. Light mechs: Commando, Locust, and 2 Jenner Medium Mechs: Shadow Hawk, Griffon, and 2 Wolverine Heavy mech: Thunderbolt If yaw want different angles of each mech just let me know.
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    I painted up another ogre matriarch. she is so fun! This is Daisy, aka the Blonde Bombshell!
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    Here is the extent of my Christmas decoration for this year. One festive dragon.
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    I pulled them all into one ZBrush file so I could more easily size them. The resulting image is kind of cool.
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    The five whites listed in the top post are all true whites without other pigments added. Differences in brief: Dragon White 09439 Slightly brighter than Pure White. If you're looking for a top highlight white, use this. This brightness is due to other components than the pigment according to Anne. (I suspect it's just a little glossier which will make it reflect light a little more, which will make it appear brighter, but that part is conjecture, and there could be more than one factor at play.) Solid White 09478 Uses a different base than the other whites. So same titanium white pigment, it's the other parts of the mix that are different. Has higher coverage, but doesn't thin down for layering as well as Pure White. Pure White 09039 The highest amount of white pigment in any of the whites. Thins down well. Anne recommends this one if you want/can have only one, and it's one of her favourite paints out of all of the ones she created for Reaper. Pearl White 09100 This is a pearlescent paint, a white metallic. You can make your own metallic paints of whatever colour you want by mixing a paint or ink in with this. Unicorn White 89547 Similar to Pure White, but a little softer, so you may find it a bit easier to make mixes with. (True artist paint mixing whites are generally not titanium white or not only titanium white, but this is as close as Reaper gets I think.) Part of the reason you get so many whites is that there are separate paint lines. A store might want to order just the Bones paints or just the Pathfinder paints and stock those, so each line has to have a white and a black. Anne always tries to do something with the mix so no paint is identical to another, but there's only so much you can do with white. Up until a few years ago there was another paint line called HD. It was similar to Bones in formulation but different branding. The most popular of those paints were folded into the Bones paint line and the rest were discontinued. Those popular colours included Solid White. There are stronger differences in the various blacks because there are more ways to make black. Solid Black is a warm chromatic black. Chromatic means it has a little bit of colour in it. (Or it's mixed from colours rather than using a traditional black pigment.) It's hard to see with the naked eye, but Solid Black has got some brown and blue in it. I find it much easier to blend with than Pure Black. Dragon Black is a chromatic black with some blue and violet, so great if you like cold shadows. True white paints are generally either titanium white pigment, or zinc pigment. Zinc is weaker and a popular mixing white in artist paints. I don't think it's used in miniature paint mixing. Lead white is definitely not used in miniature paint mixing, and is pretty rare even in artist paints these days. Then you can have differences in the finish (glossy, satin, matte), or the ratio of pigment, or other elements related to the paints in general but not the whiteness so much. The colours ttuckerman added are NOT true whites that only have titanium white pigment. They are all identifiably very light versions of colours. Many of us use them as 'near whites', and you may find that it is easier to mix colours with these than with the straight whites, but if you're trying to paint a true bright white, you need an actually white paint. There are at least one or two more more of these off-whites than ttuckerman listed. Ghost White is a bluish white compared to Snowdrift being a bluish-violet white.
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    See! Drow are good for things!
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    Well, this is tedious and time consuming, but it is coming along: Fur in Z-Brush is definitely slower than by hand; I'd be done with all the hair by now if I was doing this in GS.
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    I have it! Still in the box it was one of my Holy Grails so to speak always wanted one since I saw the original. It was in a display box in a store a that time, but I couldn't afford it. I bought the Mirliton one a few years ago. It will get painted, but as always other projects are getting in the way. Maybe I should just get it out of the box one of these days and paint it. The Goblins are actually Hobgoblins according to Grenadier. They differ from the D&D ones. I will field it as a Giant in my Horde of the North project. I like to create armies, but I don't play. This does mean I'm free to include whatever I want. As for the price! On Mirliton's Website it's € 87,43 ( without VAT). In Dollars that's about $ 103. They're in Italy, I ordered it from them a few years ago and have ordered several times from them, no problem.
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    Our lovely Orc Lady is Finished. SHOW OFF: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92475-female-orc-fighter-by-glitterwolf/
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    Getting there with the Female Orc Warrior and the Demon has a little more colours.
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    Thanks... I did some more work on the Orc Lady. Also....there are Demons in those Frozen Wastelands... Abyss Demon from Artisan Guild with Claws from a Jurakin DeathTide Fishman. Basic colours blocked in.
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    I picked up these Frostgrave spider constructs from Northstar. Really liked them (they remind me of the Dwemer) but only just got around to painting them. The bases are just xps foam blended with modelling paste, and the spiders were stuck to them with mod podge (to avoid melting foam). The bond is pretty good.
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    Latest paintjob - The Lion's Queen from my line. This one is special because it was created using images of my wife combined with ideas for this miniature that had been in my head for some time. Sculpt is by Micah Nichols and concept art by Brian Brinlee.
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    A small group of Goblins to use as opponents in Sellsword & Spellslingers or any other game. (clic on the picture to see more on my blog)
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    This is my first mini painting, just finished it tonight. I have a lot to learn, especially the correct way to dry brush. But I followed a Reaper paint kit on the steps for their minis and this is what I came up with. Once I get the hang of the minis themselves I'd like to learn to make custom bases, this one just looks awful as is. For some reason I can't get the picture to show the color true either, it's a much more grayish blue than this bright color that is shown. All in all, I'm pleased with its turn out.
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    Finally caught up with a Wiz Kids Gelatinous Cube, which gave me cause to dig out the Bones one which came with Bones Kickstarter 2. I thought I'd put the pair of them up for a comparison. First up - the Bones one, which I'd like to call the Lime Splice. A yellowish glaze using Citadel's Plaguebearer Flesh still looked a little bland, so I thought I'd liven it up a bit with a few streaks of Hexwraith Flame. I might have possibly overdid that, as the greenish tinge removes any detail from the red interior. I'm happy with the interior detail, however. I wanted to go for "semi-digested" - Anyone currently eating might want to look away . . . The Plaguebearer Flesh lends a nice bilious quality to it. I must get in and touch up the edge of the base. Next up, the Nolzur's version: A better view of the interior this time, although it looks more like a display case than anything. Plaguebearer Flesh again on the jelly, but not on the inside of the cube. Unfortunately, the yellow colour combined with the red on the body parts gives the impression of flame rather than semi-digested adventurers. Here's a closer look at the interior: I've tried to create the impression of dissolving adventurer diffusing into the surrounding jelly - a similar effect with corrosion on the metalwork (not as noticeable in the photos as in the original. Note the space in the middle, sized for a Wiz Kids base where you can sit an engulfed party member. Of the two I think I'm happier with the Bones one, particular with respect to the interior, although it's not too visible through the haze.
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    The Angel of Radiance is glowing into the sunlight & Ready to battle.Painted a lot of highlights onto the Golden Armor, Skin Tone & Hair. For the wings I Added black Wash to show off the mold of the pattern.For the Base I added Moss, Gems & Rocks (made out of Fimo dough)
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    I recently rediscovered the joys of miniature painting as a result of the Covid 19 lockdown, sitting home alone for three months it is pretty much the only thing that has kept me sane. With that said I return to work next week and so this is likely my last miniature of the lockdown period, and going forward my free time is going to be extremely limited. Still, I've had such a blast these past months that I'm going to try my best to set aside a little time each week to paint, I just wont be able to upload nearly as often. Anyway, I finished this guy up a couple of days ago, but had to wait for the resin water feature to cure. The model is Reapers 'Lizardman Tyrant (Sku:02404), and it was my first try at attempting a jungle themed base. I was hoping to achieve a dense jungle but that proved tricky to do without obscuring a model (especially considering both the model and plants are green), so I ended up scaling it back a bit. Overall I had a lot of fun with this one.
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    This is a neat minis from Wiz Kids of Optimus Prime. I really think a lot of our tabletop miniatures games draw inspiration from some of those old cartoons from the ’80s. But it seems like only recently we’ve started taking the natural step and to gaming with miniatures of those old cartoon heroes (with the TNMT games, Animated Batman, Masters of the Universe and the like). And who doesn’t love giant robots that turn into cars?
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    Hi guys. Here is one I finished today. He is an old metal mini, I THINK it's Grenadier but I can't be sure. If anyone knows where this comes from please let me know. I think the colours in his tunic could have been painted better but I'm calling him done because there are some things about him I really like. For starters I tried wet blending for the first time!! The banner was such a big flat area I just couldn't let the opportunity pass without at least trying it. At first the two reds I was using weren't different enough so the blend was so subtle it could barely be seen so I added some Averland Sunset to the lighter colour to up the disparity. I think it worked, despite leaving about a billion visible brush strokes . Second thing I like is the freehand kanji I did. The kanji says "silence", or at least a reasonable facsimile of it, and I like how it turned out. It was black over a light gray base with the gray showing to help with the contrast because black alone was getting a little lost. The gray was too light and looked white beside the black so I hit it with a layer of Seraphim Sepia which made it look yellower so it looks older and not so new. I chose Silence because I wanted something somewhat suitable for an army of undead without being cliche, I liked Silence. I hope you all like him too, all comments are welcome as always!
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    Greetings! Vietnam Zombie with gun from Citadel Miniatures of old! This was a limited release which was linked with both the Chainsaw Warrior board game & 40K Chaos. Thanks for looking!
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    I bought this set at a comic book shop, some old minis the owner was blowing out. paid $15. for the set, which as it turns out is what they cost to buy retail( they come in a set of 6 for $30). Oh well, i felt like i rescued them and i wanted to finish them. The standard banner (full set comes with 2 ), had a broken pole and none of them really wanted to sit on their wolves. I then noticed the wolves were messed up, all leaning to the right, right-back leg smashed against left leg, left leg has no texture on the inside. So it was cut, straighten, add putty, texture, etc. I painted them 3 different colors, not a lot to go on detail wise , but i liked the set because it was kinds silly, playful, and wonky. Here the wolves are compared to a reaper bones Warg So they sat, the riders sitting bare metal in my case for about a year. finally, in a spurt of creativity i decided to finish them. I pinned them to their wolves, and made riding blankets out of sculpting epoxy. The riders are removable so the wolves can be used stand-alone in game play. As i painted these guys they came to life, really love them. Hope you do too, they take me back to the 1980's and watching the original animated version of the Hobbit and LOTR (still the best ones) . My only regret, i don't have the other 3
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    Just finished up Lilith from Bold miniatures best friends bust collection and thus completing the set. Had a blast working on these. I learned a lot and feel like I really grew as a painter.
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    These two are my halfling fighter and my husband's dragonborn paladin for a D&D game. The figures are Dwarven Sheildbreaker from Stonehaven and Arkhan the Cruel from the Force Grey set from Gale Force Nine.
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    Added: Realm of the dragon #3 --- Delivered Jan 2020 Elven Lords: The Queen's Duty -- Mar 2021 Hand of Glory 2: Modular Magnetic Gaming Miniatures -- Sept 2020 Uncharted Realms - Lords of Shadow (STL) -- delivered The Ignis Quadrant - 3D Printable Tabletop Models -- delivered 3D Printable Fantasy Props -- delivered Forgotten Chapters - Purity Seals and Parchment Transfers -- June 2020 Riders on the Worm -- (live) July 2020
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    Light mech: Owens Medium mech: Hunchback Heavy mechs: Catapults (old metal and new plastic) Assault mechs: Battlemaster, Awesome, and Atlas You knew the real show of force was coming soon.
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    Okay, let's see: Bones 5 still rolling Battletech, just closed Pledge Manager, looks to be 6-8 weeks late at this stage Heroforge, only STL files Starfolke, funded, waiting for files So far I have been pleased with the KS process, but I am a bit leery of new ones. Unless they have a track record of success or are priced low enough that losing the money won't hurt, I am very hesitant. I admit Starfolke was supported just because the creator has given a LOT of free stuff on Thingiverse already, so I figured it was a nice way to say thanks.
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    Realised I've probably already received all I'm going to get from my pending Kickstarters for this year, so thought I'd do an update. Completed Unbroken:- Received late (est. delivery Dec 2018). A decently made if not particularly good game, certainly not worth all the drama it generated. Would not back any further kickstarters or have any dealings with Golden Bell Studios in general, they're just not a particularly competent company. The Stygian Depths:- Received slightly late (est. delivery May 2019). No real problems beyond a few communication issues (despite my griping), minis were nice and well packed. Would recommend even though I am unlikely to back any more of their Kickstarters myself (I have enough). Stonehaven Dwarves Vol. 2:- Received slightly late (est. delivery April 2019). Not as well run as previous Stonehaven Kickstarters I have backed and the minis were rather poorly packed. I personally won't be backing any more and I'm not sure I'd recommend them to others either. Pending Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5:- 2017 Update:- Late, but Wave 1 shipments have started so it has only slipped by a couple of months. Sadly communication is just as lacking and irregular as it was in the previous Kickstarter. 2018 Update:- Getting later, Wave 3 delayed by at least a year. Amazingly, communication has gotten even worse (still waiting on the promised post-Gencon update), I know it'll get here one day and it'll be amazing when it does, but the situation is frustrating. 2019 Update:- Still getting later, Wave 3 delayed until next year (for now). My feelings are still mixed on this one, it's hard to argue against getting a load of new stuff for free, but I'm still annoyed with how this one is being run. At least there was a Gencon update this year. 2020 Update:- Communications have improved, but still no idea when Wave 3 will ship never mind Wave 4. Mierce Miniatures - Savage Hordes 4:- Due June 2018. Finally jumped on one of their Kickstarters, should get the existing minis I pledged for next week, but I think it'll be awhile before I see the new ones. 2018 Update:- Running late as expected, surprisingly I don't think they've posted any updates yet, but I'm only waiting for 3 minis so I'm not too worried. 2019 Update:- Getting later (but still as expected), got a couple of updates this year but neither mentioned the minis I'm waiting for. 2020 Update:- Last update showed off new concept art , not going to update this one any further as I suspect it'll be a few more years before I receive anything, if I receive anything. Middara: Unintentional Malum:- Due May 2020. Too early to tell how this one is going, I'm only backing for the Part 1 reprint (at the moment) and communications have been good, so things should run smoothly. 2020 Update:- Not much to report on this one, waiting for a Valentines Day update where I suspect they're going to report delays. Don't think I'll get it this year, but I never really expected to. Etherfields:- Due March 2020. Undecided as to whether I want the game, the minis or nothing, so I'm only in for $1 at the moment. I'm not really paying much attention to how this is going as I find it's rather over-enthusiastic fans quite annoying. 2020 Update:- Decided against buying the resin minis and went all in on the game instead, so of course it's going to be delayed a few months now. Aeon Trespass: Odyssey:- Due Jan 2021. Too early to know with this one, but I get the feeling the creators expected this to be a lot more successful then it has been so far, so I will probably only stick with the base game pledge just in case. 2020 Update:- Regular, if not particularly informative updates (unless you own Tabletop Simulator). Think everything is still on track, but still undecided if I want to up my pledge. The Isofarian Guard:- Due Dec 2020. Another one too early to tell, but they have Kickstartered two games successfully in the past, and I'm in for the basic non-app version so it should, hopefully, be easier to fulfil. 2020 Update:- Everything appears to be running smoothly so far. New Reaper Bones V:- Due Apr 2021. Finally backing another Bones Kickstarter! Yay! From past Kickstarters I'm expecting this one to be late but no other issues. Dawn of Madness:- Due Oct 2021. To early to tell how this one is doing. Don't think it was as successful as hoped for, so I'm not sure if I should add to my basic pledge, unfortunately a lot of the minis I really like are in the expansions . Failed Imbrian Arts:- No updates in years, I'm officially calling this one dead. Considering the on-line store is gone now, I'm not sure if I can even trade in my remaining pledge for existing minis anymore.
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    Bones 5 estimated April 2021 A Time for Sacrifice: A Call of Cthulhu Adventure Estimated delivery Apr 2020 --PDF Let's see: Cthulhu: Death May Die: delivered (late) in December, and it looks great Typographic Postcard #29 "OFFLINE" was a little late, kind of expected that Amazons & Dwarves - Quality 28mm Female Miniatures delivered on time COCONESIA - adopt a palm tree -- failed to reach funding goal Added: Realm of the dragon #3 --- Delivered Jan 2020
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    Small Update: Projects Pledged: 47 Projects Delivered (On Time or Late): 29 Projects "Delivered" Which Did Not Deliver What Was Promised: 3 Projects with Delivery Date Still in the Future: 10 Projects that are Very Late to Very, Very Late: 4 Unsuccessful Projects: 4 Cancelled Projects: 3 Projects backed out of: 1 Update triggered by the status of two of the very, very late KS campaigns. In both cases, the creator has stated that, since they are so far behind and since the stress of being late on delivery is so great, that all or part of their team is taking a holiday break. And that they'll get back to working on fulfilling their commitment sometime soon. But definitely after the holidays. It is this sort of KS campaign that taints the majority of the KS efforts -- the position of some creators that meeting the fulfillment date is optional and not that all important ... because an excuse is almost as good as actually shipping product. With the exception of Bones V, I haven't pledged a KS for the last six months and I don't see myself doing so again for a good while. If ever. Unless Bones VI comes along.
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    Currently running: 0 Projects Delivered: 41 Projects with Future Delivery Date: 11 Projects Running Late: 5 Unsuccessful Projects: 2 Dead/Scam Projects: 1
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    Rocket Pig Games set out the stretch goals last night for their Monster Miniatures KS, so that one is done. That's 100 complete! Backed: 120 Coming not-soon: 5 Coming soon (by March 2020): 8 Delivered: 100 Partial delivered an actually expect the rest: 3 (2 are 3D prints, waiting on stretch goals, 1 is waiting on rules) Partial delivered but dead now: 3 Dead: 1
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    Well, Starship 4 just fulfilled! So: 8 KS backed 5 fulfilled 2 pending and still making progress 1 did not fund
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    (February 2020 update) I'm a minor KS user. I've backed: Dwarven Forge Game Tiles: Backed through a friend who thought I might enjoy them. I gave him money and he brought me a box of goodies when they shipped. Very pleased with the end results. Bones 4: First KS I backed properly. I got overly caught up in the madness and learned a valuable lesson. Very pleased with the end results. Hayland Crate: Woof. Five months after estimated delivery they announced that delivery had begun, but that was stretching the truth. Actual shipping started five months after that, and of the three folks who have confirmed reciept the only one to not report missing/broken/poorly made pieces said he didn't even remember what he ordered. SNAFU from the moment they got their money. At this point the best Hayland Terrain can hope for from me is disappointed silence. (Update: Package arrived about 40% light. Same for most backers. Hayland's response was essentially, "We cut a bunch of the promised content because it was too expensive. If you're missing stuff let us know, and if it's not stuff that we aren't going to send to you we'll send it to you after we get paid for another Kickstarter we're currently running, probably in late February.") (Second Update: 15 months after original delivery estimate they have announced that they have given a partial refund everyone that wanted one, offered digital files to everyone that didn't, and declared the project done.) (Final Hayland Update: Enough people were furious after the final update for this Kickstarter was an advertisement for their latest Kickstarter that Hayland realized that they were undermining their future sales. I was given a full refund. Many people were given at least partial refunds.) Daughters of the Burning Rose: I was already a fan of Anvil Industries when this KS went live and they've yet to let me down. Wildly pleased. Dangerous Dames: Pulp Figures KS just finished and is looking fantastic. Very excited for this one. (The more of this that's shown he more excited I get for it. Bob Much is rapidly becoming a favorite sculptor of mine.) Bones 5: Also just finished, also looking fantastic, also very excited.
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    Probably been a couple of years since I posted in this thread. Just a quick tally since I don't have a spreadsheet or anything tracking this. Backed: 120 Coming not-soon: 5 Coming soon (by March 2020): 8 Delivered: 99 Partial delivered an actually expect the rest: 4 (3 are 3D prints, waiting on stretch goals, 1 is waiting on rules) Partial delivered but dead now: 3 Dead: 1
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    At one point it was a pinned thread. Not sure what prompted it being unpinned.
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    First off, may I request this be pinned? Okay, Kickstarter progress; 8 KS backed 4 fulfilled CAV 3, Bones 4, Starship 3 and Mechawolf 3 pending and on track Battletech Clan Invasion, Starship 4 and Bones 5 1 did not reach their goal so I was not billed.
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    Received my The Dungeon Battle Mat Books yesterday and only have 3 open projects as of the edited tag. Dirt Cheap Dungeons (May 2019) CAV SO #3 (backed via pledge manager - September 2019) The Dungeon - Battle Mat Books (September 2019) Terrain Essentials (February 2020) The Story Engine (June 2020) Bones 5 (April 2021) Backed: 54 Delivered: 49 Partial delivered: 1 Dead: 1
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    As you might have guessed -- an update.
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