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    So... it's been a while. After last Reapercon, I hit a long stretch where I did no painting at all - like eight months where I just couldn't get it together and paint. Then, at the end of last month, I was like, "****, isn't Reapercon coming up?" and immediately started pushing stuff through to try and get at least some stuff off my chest before I come to Texas again and leave with even more minis. It's been going really well - I'm having a lot of fun, and getting a lot done! I've been mostly doing mid- to large- sized minis, and lots of animals... These are all forest creatures, and I had a ton of fun with them! This gorgeous boy had just come out last Reapercon! He based up beautifully on a horse-base, one of the Base Boss ovals. A good size for a celestial stag, but a bit small for the RAW Giant Elk - still, plenty big enough that we'll just sticky-tak him to a Huge base and use it like that. And, yep, I actually got two! This one is for a module I run that requires a ghost stag, hence the eyes, but it'll do for a celestial stag in a pinch, I think. That said, I actually do plan to grab a third at this Reapercon to do up in a more traditional rainbow-celestial color palette. If I have the melt, I'd actually like to grab three, and experiment making the other two into ewes by greenstuffing regular hornless ears onto them. Like I said, it's a fantastic sculpt, just very heavy. For reference, the whole body and head are one piece, and the ears and antlers a second and third, cut well enough to attach without pinning. I didn't even GS them, just used a gel glue to cover the gap. This is the puma from the Animal Companions I set, the metal version. I just wanted him done fast, so I painted him buckskin yellow, shaded before I added the spots, and did my best to make the spots little circle-type blotches. Nothing fancy, but I didn't really need anything too good, I just wanted to have done something that day... He fit, integrated base and all, almost perfectly into a 40mm base, which was nice. I love 40mm bases - I like that they're not so huge that I have to squeeze them into places for Large creatures, and they're perfect for things that are just a touch bigger than Medium... And last but not least, a pair of shambling mounds. This is a great mini despite being a pretty old one, I think? It has a ton of great details that I did not spend the time to do justice on, but it takes washes like a champ and came out looking pretty fantastic from a foot or so away. My one complaint is that the texture makes it really hard to be sure your paint is EVERYWHERE - I went over these a couple times, and now I'm seeing a couple places where paint bubbled and missed spots... Still, 10/10 minis of one of my favorite low/mid level monsters, and I'll probably grab a few more at Reapercon so I can give them another shot. And they're pretty hefty for an 8$ metal mini - these are on 40mm bases, and they FEEL chunky.
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    so January's will be a December new release correct?
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    I recently played and really enjoyed Pathfinder: Kingmaker (PC not tabletop), and I've had the urge to paint up some Pathfinder miniatures. This guy is the Stag Lord (SKU 60073), I figured he would be quite appropriate as the first miniature painted up to be photographed on the ruined keep scenic backdrop I built recently. I really enjoyed painting this guy (I am weird and enjoy painting skin tones far too much, bare chested models are always a treat). My only regret is gluing his helmet on before painting his face, those big teeth made it really hard to get a brush inside the helmet at an angle that wasn't awkward, after a massive struggle I gave up trying to dot the eyes.
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    Hasslefree offered this gal in translucent as an exclusive on their Kickstarter so I had to pick her up. I painted her entirely with inks and then iridescent duochrome paints, which is probably my favorite way to do translucent miniatures at the moment. She's still translucent when held to light but looks opaque and reflective in low light
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    Been away for too long, need to catch up on viewing the painted goodness here on Reaper. Working on something fairly large, but taking breaks here and there with smaller models. Even though I am painting these for a friend, these dragonkin models really call to me.
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    My round two of the Miniature Monday videos. I only bought two minis for this one, but I think the yeti shaman is one of my favorites from the series
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    This was a challenge and a half! I fell in love with the sculpt, and tried my best to do it justice. The cartoonishly large warhammer is just awesome. Getting my phones crappy camera to take anything worth sharing was also quite the challenge. As always C&C are more than welcome!
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    So here is one of two converted Kang, Half-Orcs (02514) I've done. Pretty sure I posted the other one around here somewhere...maybe I'll try to dig it up later for a side-by-side. Anyway, here goes: Kang Half-Orc converted to carry a Reaper Bow in his left hand and a battleaxe in his right (the plastic Bones 3 weapon sprues). Also has a shield (a GW bit from a really old Brettonian knight) and a GW quiver (Mordheim / Empire free company). Shield painted purple and yellow because I like color and I get bored painting "realistic" neutrals & darks & such. As always, my mini photography skills are complete butt thanks in part to using a really cheap light box and a really cheap camera phone. 99% reaper paints: Olive triad mixed with scholar flesh, pure black and white, woodland brown, ashen brown, white metal triad, various washes. This mini actually has kind of a weird story. This mini represents my character Zarkosh Bowyer in a short Wildemount campaign. This campaign is being played 100% online thanks to COVID-19, so he is 100% unnecessary. Same goes for another mini I painted (Duke Gerard in Bones and Metal) which was for a DIFFERENT 100% online campaign. But that's only part of the backstory. I actually BOUGHT this miniature back in like 2004. I bought two of him - my friend & roommate and I decided to play Barbarian brothers from the same tribe. I converted and painted mine to carry a war hammer and a shield. My roommate never got around to doing anything with his, and so it went back in my "Someday" box. For sixteen years. Anyway, I finally got around to doing something with the mini - hopefully, Zarkosh does better in this campaign than the previous character incarnating the mini did in his! May come back and tidy up some edges & half-tones, may not. Don't know how much more time I want to give this one. Probably won't get TONS better than it is now, so here we go.
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    Rescued this guy with a broken weapon, just can't seem to turn my back on a sick Mini ;) His blocky mace was replaced by a Brass one i made and pinned back to the model. I painted this one as an Armored Ogrillon because it let me practice with a dark skin tone of which i did 3 shades. the base was a challenge as it's giant block of Lead but Pretty happy with it overall. My favorite pic the original with intact weapon for reference
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    This creepy witch has it all and I didn't even know it when I purchased. Witches hat...check. Frog (on top of witches hat)...check Bat and broom in hand... check, check She also came with a cauldron and a cat! but they didn't make it onto the model's base. Most likely they will be used for game scenery later. The coven I planned on using until our game night was taken away by the pandemic.
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    The redoubtable Mushroom Ranger, Moldy Mick ( Dungheap) & The Mushrooms (sounds like a 50's doo-op group) wrapped up earlier today. The Lads are seen here on The Spooky Woods photo stage: AND, for the Folks who prefer photos sans the distraction of background scenery, some photos on my painting table: Until next time...
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    When quarantine started one of the first things I did was go buy what I needed to follow a bunch of the Miniature Monday videos. I've only been buying the minis I liked or could use so most months I didn't do all the videos. This is my first round- the January kit!
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    The second Giant Snake from the Artisan Guild set. 3D Printed on my Elegoo Mars. WIP :https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/page/163/#comments I was inspired by the African Bush Viper. Added extra pics taken indoors after applying antishine varnish below.
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    Wizard that I painted. Go to this topic on the last page please and vote for the miniature that you liked. There is a battle between the miniatures.
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    Hello forum Family, this week I managed to paint another mini Reeve Irremborg Planomap - SKU: 44019 (woohoo!) and this is my new personal record, 2 minis in two weeks! In this bad time I'm in need of colors, so let's keep painting colorful scheme and palette... don't know if this combo really works, something is odd to my eyes, but maybe my wife is right and the problem is me (I'm basically never happy of what I do!). Also taking pics of this little one was a pain... Anyway, let me know what you think of it. Every C&C is more than welcome! Thanks :)
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    Finished after a few delays from a project started in...December 2019, woops, are some more female residents of Frostgrave. All are from the official range from North Star Miniatures, other than two metal minis they are all built from the Frostgrave Soldiers II and Frostgrave Wizards II boxed sets, though they may have a few accessories from elsewhere (and the Cultists from the Frostgrave Cultists kit. The two metals: a Barbarian Apothecary and Barbarian Apprentice. The Cultists: Just plain Thieves: Obviously Wizards: K'ren, Slayer of Managers: A hero type: Those who could pass as Townsfolk: a Mule/Porter, an Arcanist/Old Woman, Town Cryer, local guide, and Apothecary/Potion Vendor.
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    Need some muscle on your team? How about some out of work rough necks. They work for cheap and only require a club and dagger. Ensure your hideout is secure. Order yours today!
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    Presenting the Ogre Tyrant by Games Workshop, he is very heavily armed. This one took a while, it's very much one of those minis where the more you work on it, the more details you find. I am very pleased with how he turned out though. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    Always really loved this model this is my second go at it. Thought I would try something different with the clothes most of the painted ones I've seen are very brown.
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    I loved this mini from the very beginning. While I can see some mold lines I missed, among other skill improvements still needed, I love the way he turned out. Had a little fun taking some photos in the yard and he even had a friend join him in one of the shots, lol. He is probably my current favorite mini that I've done. Shell pattern is patterened after the star tortoise.
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    Another foil for my Dreadmir players - this is one of my favourite "civilian" characters in the Dreadmere box. It's a figure that had a few details I wasn't aware of until I actually started painting it (the monocle and peg leg in particular). Unfortunately, let down by a dodgy photo again, but he shows a little more detail than poor old Siobhan. I'm going to have to have another look at my photo settings . . . Reeve Irremborg Planomakov holds most of the power in Dreadmir in spite of the efforts of the various gangs, bands and factions. He represents the Dreadmanov family (who prefer to spend their time in their apartments in Kamengrad than in their ancestral holdings) on the Mir Council, through a devious blend of guile, threat and show of force. He is stern but fair, and does not tolerate insolence. A stout, heavy set man, the current Reeve is believed by some to have some dwarf in his heritage.
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    I painted up the latest mini-of-the-month figure by Bob Ridolfi and thought I would share pics here. She is a lot of fun to paint, and a great figure to represent several lower level character types. (The kind I usually play!) I have some additional work-in-progress pictures on my blog, a list of the colours I used, and some tips on the base, painting eyes, using a triadic colour scheme, and how I painted the cloth up on my blog: https://birdwithabrush.com/2020/07/11/quick-tips-eyes-triadic-colour-scheme-cloth-patterns/
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    I figured I'd do one mega-gallery of the first of my resin 3D printed miniatures. All are done on an Elegoo Mars. Oni Kyojin from Artisan Guild. My first printed, as they were pre-supported. Rangers of Shadow Deep: Incinerator left me with a hankering for an old-school Ogre. This guy is not really a Heroquest Ogre but a 3D print from a scan of one. Demihuman Zombies from DuncanShadow: Kobolds from DuncanShadow: Warforged from Fabio Schizzo: Orcs from Artisan Guild: An assorted collection from The Lost Dragons Kickstarter. A Dragonborn Paladin and High Elf Druid representing my sister in law and her husband's characters for our Storm King's Thunder campaign from said assortment:
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    Still messing about with contrast paints, we come to the Nolzur's Marvellous miniatures Spectator and Gazers. The Spectator and Gazer are obviously variants of the classic Beholder... More pics below the clicks
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    Naturally, the giants of the Lost Valley are Stone Giants, seeing as the Lost Valley is in the Stone Age. FeeFie, Fo and Fum the three Stone Giants. I rebased them on 60mm bases. click to see more pics
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    Hi everyone, Here is my vignette featuring the Blacksting Wyvern hunting down a 500MD helicopter. This is a little project I had fun with recently. i painted the Blacksting Wyvern from Bones a bit more than a year back and was quite happy with it collecting dust on my shelf (original post: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86236-blacksting-wyvern-speed-paint). Then, I stumbled across a 1/48 helicopter model I had almost forgotten about. 1/48th scale does fit nicely with 28mm heroic scale. The creatives juice started flowing and I decided to make a surprise encounter between the modern warfare machine and the legendary beast. I experimented as well with epoxy resin + food coloring for water, tree bark (for rocks), a couple of random 3D-printed broken statues/rubbles and toilet paper plaster for the terrain. I didn't have a clear acrylic rod for the flight stand, but wooden dowel painted black blends OK. I also forgot how much fun it is to build and paint plastic models. It is both similar and very different from miniatures painting. I'm quite happy with the result even though I could have been neater on a few places and it is a bit big for my light box. C&C appreciated
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    Hello all, it has been some time but I recently decided to knock out a quick project. I've left the scroll blank for now just in case I have an idea for something cool to put on it later on.
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    Artisan Guild Oni Beauty, Tsuki. 3D printed on my Elegoo Mars Part of my project: NIPPON, Land of the Rising Moon, WIP: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79416-nippon-land-of-the-rising-moon-by-glitterwolf/page/14/#comments Tried a little freehand on the fan.
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    Still finishing off the minis I need for the Island of Empty Eyes (#4 of the Pathfinder Skull and Shackles adventure path) and now that I've painted all of the cyclops I think I can manage it's time to get some other beasties done. The Bones IV Dire Crab will pass as a Shark Eating Crab (along with my metal Scuttlebones). I was tempted to try the blue swimmer pattern that another has done so well, however given the stocky build of the crab I settled for an Australian mud crab colouration. Nothing too complex here, however I'm particularly happy with the patchy appearance that the sculpt and the hit and miss coverage of the Militarum Green contrast paint gives it.
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    Hello forum family, today I'm gonna share with you the most recent mini I've painted: Vatanis Maggotcrown Warlock. Painting this guy was really funny, I love the sculpt and the pose; also I was bored of painting everything with colors of nature and realistic palettes. I chose a colorful palette for him, taking advantage of the red skin and the large flat surfaces... and I had hard time painting it I mean... look at it: so many details... Also I'm not totally convinced of the color scheme, but after having him on my desk for more than a week I called him done. Edit: hi-res pics As always every C&C is more than welcome, let me know what do you think about it. Thanks!
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    Another set of some oldies but goodies. One of the first minis, if not the first minis, I bought back in the '80s. Used the colors of his robes to accentuate his progression as a mage. Started drab and brown because he's just starting out and can't afford much. Second stage, he's got himself some cash and some reputation so he's now able to afford color and goes bolder with bright blue robes because he's a proud show off. He's still a travelling mage though, so there's some earthiness mixed in, albeit, also quite bright. Then the last, he's a master of the arcane and so both dignified and flashy at the same time.
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    So I dug through my giant box of Minis Acquired In An Estate Sale and found a vintage Bones 2 bagged Narthrax. I didn't twist his pose, it came pre-twisted. I like it though, he's grabbing the rock with his widdle paw, which I've used as a third anchor point. With the wings more level he looks like he's about to jump off of his perch to harry some adventurers. Without further ado, the Desert Dragon: Despite rumors to the contrary, not all Desert Dragons are blue or shiny. Some are just brown. But brown doesn't mean boring. He has an extensive pattern of spots on his wings, both above and below. He even has the same spots on the pads of his widdle feets. Unfortunately, due to his new 'ready to eat Sir Forescale' pose, no photos of the underside of his wings came out. Also, they're more impressive in person; some of the subtler browns seem to have gotten lost in photography. Here's a better look at one wing: Rawr. Ready to launch off of his rock to eat a caravan, adventuring group, or bright primary blue pretender.
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    Female Kitsune that I painted. Go to this topic on the last page please and vote for the miniature that you liked. There is a battle between the miniatures.
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    Been awhile since I posted here. Been working on building mechs from the Lancer RPG and recently completed the full line up of one of the games Mech manufacturers. IPS- Northstar and I thought I'd share it here. A corporation built out of a union of interstellar shipping concerns. Their mech designs are not flashy being originally built off of civilian machines to combat piracy. What they lack in flash they make up for in reliability. The line up Top row from left to right Tortuga, Lancaster, and Drake Bottom row Vlad, Zhang, Nelson, Raeligh, Caliban, and Blackbeard
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    Decided to build Build a Tiny Wall-E! Decided my Johnny 5 needed a friend. About 90% scratch built only the head is a preexisting piece.
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    Here is my Dragoth. This is the original metal figure on his throne. I looked at the etching on the base, this guy has been in my collection waiting for paint since '96, 24 years! This is him. I really like how I was able to get the rocks of the throne to all be different colours, or different enough to make them all look a little different at least (learned that from Black Magic Craft YouTube channel). What could have worked better was more contrast overall, I'm really struggling with highlighting. He was also looking way too shiny at one point so I used Nuln Oil and Seraphim Sepia on the metals to make them look a little older. He is an intelligent undead who can take care of his equipment, but he's still undead lol. Another thing I liked was painting his breastplate bright silver and then putting a blue glaze on it to tint it blue while retaining all the shine of the silver! Who needs coloured metallics? Anyway I hope you like him after he waited 24 years for paint, all C&C welcome! P.S. The last pic shows some nice highlighting I did on his cape that nobody will ever see because it's in the little gap between his back and the throne
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    Undead ogre that I painted. Go to this topic on the last page please and vote for the miniature that you liked. There is a battle between the miniatures.
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    Here’s the last couple of minis I’ve painted. All are for the d&d game I just started running. Still have a whole bunch of bugbears and hobgoblins to paint up.
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    Hello Reaperholics! So I've had this one finished for a few days now, but I usually photograph one sunny days and the last few days have been kind of cloudy. I actually really enjoy the figure, once you get paint on her, you bring out more detail. She's from Ral Partha's Shadowrun range. Her original set came with a dryad and another large elf subtype that I'm also working on. I have the dryad done, but I wasn't happy with her eyes so I'm going to try one more time to fix the eyes before I take final pictures. Anyhoos, hope you all enjoy! For whatever reason, I seem to always see magic flame as green, so this mini was no exception!
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    Hello there fine followers of the fine Reaper faith and Happy Fourth of July for those in Gringolandia! So here is my Shadowrun Dryad, made by Ral Partha, probably sculpted by Jim Johnson in 1996 if you choose to believe the bottom of the base, and I do. I did her the same time I did the Night Elf I also just recently posted, but one of the eyes on this green haired chicky poo, I just couldn't get it like I wanted to, so I went back and redid the eye, and I still didn't like it, so this is the third version, which I'm also not super duper satisfied with, but there comes a point when I just give up to move to the next small piece of metal. So here she is: and here is a close up of her eyes. Her left one hs that spoke that I just didn't get closed properly. From really close it's very noticeable, but only kind of noticeable from afar and I really couldn't tell with the actual figure, only with the zoom of modern technology. I never had these issues back in the eighties. Anyway, I like some of these Shadowrun figures, because besides being just generally cool, they kind of cross two genres. This one and the other night elf, could easily be fantasy figures, nothing really would orient them to actual science fiction. So back to the painting table! Enjoy your Independence Day, or in the rest of the world, Saturday!
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    Hi everyone! I don’t paint much minis from Games Workshop, but this one is a birthday gift from my DnD players. It came in so many pieces!! I’m not used to that. He was pretty fun to paint, I chose an icy theme so he could fit with my other Dwarves. Looking at his outfit, the poor guy is probably going to get a cold. :D Hope you like it.
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    Hey gang, so I dug out my box of unpainted minis from the 70's and 80's and gave this one a shot. Thanks to @Jen @Hammereyez @Jasper_the_2nd for inspiration. Mine is lead, but the current version is another metal (Reaper 03087). Cheers!
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    By the time the Masters Of The Universe toys and TV series debuted in 1983, I was in college, and too old for them. This did not stop me; I recall a number of hungover Saturday mornings in which I would take a bowl of cereal down to the Day Room in the dormitory, wrapped in a blanket, and soothe my tortured body with mindless cartoons and Captain Crunch. And it seemed like Masters Of The Universe was being shown on some channel or other about every DAY throughout much of the eighties. I don't remember it WELL, but remember it I do. Back in the days of the eighties, when beer was one of the Seven Basic Food Groups, and it was all right to have twenty minute toy commercials masquerading as educational programming, I whiled away a number of pleasant half hours wondering why He-Man, a buff guy with sword, shield, and a giant green tiger for a mount, spent so much time seeking peaceful solutions to his problems. It sure didn't seem to go with his wardrobe. Fast forward to the year 2020, and there's this company making pewter MOTU figures. Not even knockoffs; they sell their stuff with the actual MOTU logo from the old TV show, which means they are either officially licensed, or a remarkably brassy pirate outfit. And I began to think of these figures, because if they are indeed a remarkably brassy pirate project, they could, suddenly, stop being made and sold at any time, pending their discovery by the Mattel Corporation and a flurry of legal paperwork. And so, I bought seven of them, thinking "This will be a fun little side project." I did not realize that there were lessons to be learned here, and that once you acquire a given set of rules for art? Breaking them feels WEIRD. This will be a continuing series as I complete each figure and natter pointlessly about whatever random thoughts crawled sluggishly through my head as I worked. 1. BEAST MAN Beast-Man, evil henchman of Skeletor, and dimwitted comic relief on the TV show, was one of the original seven figures released for the toy line, and one of the major regulars on the TV cartoon. I vaguely remembered him looking sort of like an orange werewolf, and upon checking Google Image, determined that I was right. Upon noting Beast-Man's color palette, though, I realized that I had apparently never noticed his fondness for blue eye shadow. Furthermore, the figurine apparently wore blue lipstick as well. I did remember that the dress code on the planet Eternia called for all males not of royal blood to wear fur briefs. This was apparently a LAW, because durn near everyone seemed to wear a sort of barbaric fur kilt, and given these figures' impossibly small pelvises, they looked for all the world like fur Fruit Of The Looms. And in painting the figure, I idly wondered what sort of Eternian mammal one had to hunt down to get one's fur briefs in ... blue. Blue fur. Blue fur briefs. Funny thing? The sculpt isn't bad at all. The molding process used to make the figures produced a LOT of flash on several of them; the figures needed considerable prep work. But Beast-Man, given what I would call a good paint job, could make a very passable sort of feral barbarian monster. But given the color palette of the toy, I found myself thinking, "Werewolf circus clown." The blue lips didn't help. But upon completion, I did concede that I had successfully matched the color palette of toy and cartoon. More on this as the figures are completed.
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    I recently made my first purchase from Stonehaven Miniatures. I imagine this to be an adventuring party of some sort: a halfling paladin and her bodyguard of halfling soldiers, a dwarf brawler, and a human thief. I specifically chose five models so I could paint each one with a different skin color; I have five main fleshtone combinations that I use for human and human-like races, and I wanted to see them all together in one group. The paladin is my favorite because I love the idea of an armored dress.
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    My LFGS had a painting contest on its FB Star Wars Legion page a bit ago. 2 weeks to paint up a squad of at least 4 figures. As creativity counted, I decided to set my white and black paint aside and paint something besides Stormtroopers. I took a look through the Rebel scum I'd acquired and really like the poses and sculpts for the Rebel Veterans. I'd planned to do the whole box of 7 figures, but (as anyone who's seen my WIPs knows) I'm not the fastest painter. I'm lucky if I can get one figure done in two weeks. So I quickly decided to just do 4 figures for the contest. I liked how they came out, and they did get "best painted" in the contest, so I guess they are alright. It then took me another 6 weeks to finally finish the last 3 figures (see? Sloooooow.) But the whole unit is finally done. Should probably read the rules on them sometime soon..... Now back to all those Stormtroopers.
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    Here's my mindwitness for D&D. I turned it around because I thought the blend on the back was more interesting. The video how to make the pool of acid is here: https://youtu.be/8KpCZMrYScg
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    Right, we have Lift Off! Elvira will be the first mini I paint since months.. Reaper Brown Liner, I discovered it to work fine on resin just as on Bones
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    Scale 75 Necro Grey Vallejo Verdigris
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