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    Milo Greenbottle, my halfling rogue. Former slave and Underdark adventurer. Using him for a Rage of Demons (5th Ed) campaign. Model 03439: Dicarus Darksword, halfling
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    I haven't posted in Show Off in awhile. SO I thought it was time to inflict some more retina damaging photos on y'all. Here are the latest Mushrooms posing on The Twisted Tower Stage: AND a slew of individual pics placed in a spoiler for sanity's sake: Even when I try, there are always too my pics. I do hope your eye sight returns.
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    As much as I was originally excited for the pirate ship, even if finances do stabilize I nthe near future odds are I won't get it... Even with the possibility of exclusivity to just the Kickstarter. It's just too much, and I don't have the budget for it. Plus... Where on earth would I put it? The other ships I've been tempted by conveniently break down into 12" sections...
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    I locked in both versions of the pirate ship, so I'm good on that part. I enjoy using terrain in my games, so getting a ship that's slightly larger and arguably better than the Wizkids one for only $100 is a no brainer for me, personally. There will be many adventures on the seas in the years to come, so this will undoubtedly see a lot of use, even if irregularly. The rest of the time it'll be a nice display piece! :D
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    Aaannnddd I caved and went in for Nathavarr and the Storm Giant. They've been sitting in my box for ages and were cuts I had made earlier. But, I'm getting the Cloud Giant (or whatever she is) from the Greek set and I felt bad getting all those other dragons and not this one.......... who can blame me. Either way, that probably is it for me; there's plenty of other things I'm interested in, but they're either a fair bit more (oh, encounters), or low enough on the priority that I don't mind waiting until retail (like the beastmen - nice, but eh at this point).
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    I hadn't gone for the pirate ship - Sir Cyr and I finalized without it. Kinda wondering now if we should... we could have our bearded dragon ride on it...
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    Finished Star Wars the Clone Wars, now onto Rebels
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    Put the STLs on a flash drive, then put the flash drive in my stocking. Easy peasy! Honestly, I'm about 80% sure I know what you got me anyway!
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    My area is in 2nd wave, but 1st major one, all things considered. We're starting to get more restrictions; announcement coming at 3pm for more probably. I hope it isn't a "too little too late" situation. Here while there are some anti-maskers, most issues are from people being lax, lazy, or having a "it can't happen to me" attitude. Not really malicious, but definitely dumb. Asking nicely got us through summer smoothly, but it made a lot of people stop paying attention too. I'd rather just slam the door for 6 weeks to get things managed again than tip toe around it - Australia and New Zealand get to have some fun until the next surge, and we're stuck in this middling purgatory. I've been taking it seriously the whole time, even in summer when cases were low (we got to 2-10/day in province for a while in early summer). Only take-out/delivery food - want to help restaurants, but not go in. I haven't been to the gym since early March, and when personal training resumed, I insisted on outdoors only until now. So I met my trainer masked, distanced, with sanitizer, on a playground. Been of the thought that "indoors with bad ventilation is a trap" the whole time. Now we're doing Zoom sessions instead and I got resistance bands at home. My fitness overall has been great through this; I expected to have gotten sick and cough my way into 6-pack abs (done it twice in the past - not recommended). But safe practices means I've not been sick.... and I got the abs by home cooking healthy food and exercising. Went from not being able to bike 5km in March to doing a 65km bike ride on October 4th. Haven't had any indoor group gatherings except for twice in summer at someone else's place, just another couple who don't see anyone else. I've insisted events with friends be outdoor only and spaced, and now that is all online again too. D&D has been online this whole time and it is starting to wear on me. I miss having my group in person with me. Pretty much I have my mask on any time I leave the apartment, although once I am out of building I may take it off when biking in no-other-people areas. Keeps my chin warm though, so sometimes not even then. I did reverse-trick-or-treat on my bike, following health official safety rules - I went on bike with lots of bright LED lights, and Halloween music on a speaker, in costume as "Candy Fairy". Masked, gloves, with candy in basket, and I used tongs to throw candy at kiddos from distance. It was pretty magical - I'll do it again not in plague time. My mom decided to move out of Oregon due to the regular fires, and this year she was stuck between two big ones. This week she's driving cross-country with my aunt to NJ. Her brother, my uncle, picked her a new house and she went for it before even seeing it. Really hope they don't get sick during the trip. They damn well better isolate when they get there before seeing anyone else (including Gramma who is prone to pneumonia). One of my best friends in CO just got a positive COVID test. He's doing okay with mild symptoms, but his situation is rough. He was as careful as he could be, but had to work retail (bookstore). His daughter turned 6 months old this week. His wife got laid off from the hospital... with her entire department (transportation - taking people back and forth so nurses and doctors don't). Bad for her, bad for hospital. And now friend worries about his family and their roommates being ill Sir Cyr and I got a bearded dragon. Name is Zevran, and Zev is eating tons of bugs. I set up weekly bug-pick-up with the super sanitary and high safety-protocol pet shop so I don't need to go to the sleazy one. I am sad that the phase 1 vaccine trial I wanted to participate in decided to run somewhere else, but wish them well on it. The decision making process for why I wanted to do it still remains though, and it was strangely the most "right" decision I've ever made. I decided I wanted to do that before I knew that most trials are *not* challenge trials with deliberate infections, and before I knew that there is a payment for them. It was the choice that I'd give up my own health and quality of life for people I care about, all in, 100%. And darn it, *caring hurts*, because now it is so easy to see how many people *don't* care, or deliberately do not. And they endanger people I care for. I'm tired of people not taking this seriously. I'm tired of science-ignorance. I miss being around my friends. I miss being able to use props at a table for my D&D game, and feed my boys. I miss my mom driving across the border for the weekend to visit - but even after this is over, that won't happen again since she moved. I'm tired of being scared for my friends and family. I can lock myself up and keep to safe practices, because as I already said, I'll trade my quality of life for that of my friends. Doesn't make it less sucky. Probably going to do some rage push-ups and exercise until I can't walk or move my arms later today.
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    These are not new sculpts, Some models in our backlog, like a metal "Sir Forscale" the only way to get them are in Army Packs. So some of the models are coming out of the army packs and being made into singles.
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    Pygmy Mammoth SKU: 44111 Ashana, Female Genie #44012
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    Now that summer is here, I am finally getting back to work on my Bones bin of shame.
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    WIP Thread here I finally finished this dragon. I took a lot longer for the base because I got a little carried away, but I'm really super happy with how it came out. To begin, this was a request from my mother in law to take inspiration from a set of china she has. Here's the plate In the end though I'm really happy with how the dragon come out and took lots of pictures: I'm going to do my best next time to rein in the base a bit, but I'm super happy with how this came out.
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    And here we have this pair - being used as phantom warriors..... I love painting the translucent figures - Tamiya clears all the way... dabbled a bit with the glow on the rocks. Maybe I'll actually try real OSL before 2030 comes around....
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    My first batch of halfling's completed. These are Reapers 'Halfling Farmers' (03729), who I have repurposed as 'Halfling Gardeners'. In an effort to improve my painting I always try to attempt something new with each mini I paint, whether that is a new technique or special effect. This time I tried to improve my 'faces' by introducing some glazing beyond my usual bland skin tones. I wanted to give the male a ruddy face and red nose, and give the female more subtle rosey cheeks, but the photos don't seem to have picked that up very well. Anyway, if anyone is curious about the scenic backdrop, I recently did a build journal, detailing how I made it: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91704-dans-build-journal-halfling-edition-finished/
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    By Velrock on Thingiverse. I used a lighter winter color scheme for the pack. I know they look all cute and fluffy but they are really vicious hunters. I did these three as part of my July 4th holiday weekend Paint Binge. I used a combination of Secret Weapon bases and base inserts.
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    Durgam Deepmug, one of several figures I picked at random to paint for table use during the early weeks of covid-19 lockdown. I tried a little magical/ ice effect on his sword.
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    Rhasia has been on my paint desk for a long time. I love the dynamic sculpt. Had some problems seeing all the tiny details, and keeping her skin from being blotchy. This is one I would paint again someday if my skills improved.
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    Now, of course, these were regular Bones as they came from the kickstarter, so I didn't get to work with the clear versions, but I am VERY happy with how these turned out! Of course, these particular minis make me wish even more that I could get my photographing skills up to par, I had to use the flash, and that brings out all of the flaws you can't see in normal light Oh well. These were a lot of fun to paint, and I was trying a new technique for working with the black, although I do need to clean up some of the lines on bits. I just got the Gold Triad Reaper paints and used a layering effect for the gold on their armor using the triad, with a GW Agrax Earthshade wash between the Ancient Bronze and Antique Gold, and a sepia wash between the Antique and New gold layers. Critiques welcome! Sorry for the overly gratuitous flash on the pictures, I couldn't get the light quite right to show the details, and the flash was the only thing that seemed to bright them out better.
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    Painted this lovely lady during a local mini-con and painting event early this year (pre-covid). I tried for different colors of skin on her various parts, and a slinky satin fabric for her dress. She is checking out a new crypt I did as part of the "craft paint" challenge this spring.
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    I finished the Dragonfly earlier today & then went nuts with the photos. I took some on my worktable & a bunch on the waterfront of Goblin Village from the Witches' Isles trio. The worktable photos are probably the best of the bunch: The Goblin Village photos: The other side of town: There you go. I now have a need to post new photos of my Witches' Isles...eventually.
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    Hi one and all under the joyous Reaper spell! So I'm not sure who the sculptor is on this one but she's one of a set of three figures with I think some loot bags. The other two guys are some brigands that I imagine turned her in to this female captive instead of just being the run of the mill female. She's kind of kneeling in a pile of random bones and stones. Fun little figure to paint, hope you guys enjoy:
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    I've been without a good place to paint for quite some time. 10 years is a guesstimate. I assembled a diorama for a gift during that time (with great difficulty), but otherwise no painting/modeling at all. However, I recently got myself set up quite well, including a mammoth set of Reaper MSP to complement (completely dwarf) my assortment of old Reaper Pro and Vallejo paints. I've been greatly enjoying diving back into this hobby! I was planning on getting reacquainted earlier, so I actually have quite a fresh backlog already prepared from Reaper's Bones line. This ugly bugger was victim #1. Note, this isn't actually the Bones Black version, but the regular one from Kickstarter #4. In retrospect, I wish I'd gap-filled the joints around his shoulders, but I hadn't picked up some nitrile gloves and green stuff yet, so he'll have to deal. I'm still getting back into painting shape, but I'm overall quite pleased with him. More to come!
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    For your consideration I present my take on the Wizard’s Workshop. This piece was created in response to a challenge issued by a Twitch streamer that I follow. The challenge was themed Fatherly for Fathers Day 2020. I spent several hours searching for the right model until I came across this piece. Inspired by Alexi Z’s example on the Reaper website I decided to try OSL for the first time. (Using an airbrush is almost cheating lol) I wanted to find a unique base for this project and settled on the Shattered Ritual 100mm base by Secret Weapon Miniatures. In addition to the Wizard’s Workshop I also added 77318: Bookshelf, 77248: Crates (Large and Small) (2) and 77249: Large Barrel Small Barrel to the scene The Glowing effect was created by adding LIT Green Glow Pigment by Culture Hustle and mixing it with the acrylic paint and applying it with the airbrush. C&C welcome
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    This bruiser took about two weeks to get juuuuust right, but I think the time spent was worth it. Normally with big scaly things I can get away with drybrushing and washing until the skin looks the way I want, but for Cipactli I needed to do some final direct highlights on the scales of his back and belly. I should have added another model for scale; this guy's enormous. That's a 105mm x 70mm oval base he's spilling off of (and the base is part of the original model, sculpted to look like water).
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    Finally, the journey comes to an end exempting some clean-up: All 5 chromatic dragons (white, blue, black, green, and red) painted using Reaper paints using the Pathfinder Red dragon, 89001, as the body. Sometime later I'll try and post better pics. Tired, getting late, painted all day...kinda done with this for now and don't have the energy to set up lights and blah blah blah. For now, this is more like a proof of concept - all five side-by-side!
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    And another Shadowrun figure, the third figure from what was originally a three piece set of Elven subtypes. This dapper gentleman is a Wakyambi, which from what I read on line (haven't ever actually ever played Shadowrun or own any of the gaming books), he's an African Elf Subtype, tall and thin. He was fun to paint, but his dingly dangly stuff eventually just made me cry for mercy in the hopes I would someday finish. His necklace and his little staff had quite a bit of details to it, as well has his funky monkey belt buckle. and here is the set in its entirety, not completely great focus, but it's hard to get three figures to focus nicely: So three more finished, I wonder how many more I can get done before I go to the great beyond? Hopefully 50 or more per year for another thirty to forty years, but we'll see....
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    First post. Hellboy (Wizard of Oz Lion) 50312. Of course it's Hellboy, down to the shaved horns! The tentacles are from plastic Goloroth shark thing (77343) and Desert thing (91008) around the leg Base is Tamiya brick wall and Fimo polymer clay
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    These were WIP for a long while at my local Paint Club, before C-19. Sat idle for a while until WFH for self and family settled and I could wet a brush again. Yes, these are benchtop phone photos, nothing special, and the base edges need cleaned up. Still, pretty happy with how they turned out. Looking forward to fielding them for Counterblast tabletop games and RPG (coming SoonTM as an officially licensed Savage Worlds setting). The main 9 and Azhro Rider are all by Bombshell Miniatures, while the 'tiny, but fierce' Andromedan is by Reaper.
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    The resin miniatures from Red Republic Games have some of the finest sculpting in the industry- both in terms of fine detail and dynamism. They are wonderful to paint. I've had the opportunity of painting quite a few Arena Rex commissions over the years. Here are some of the results.
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    Finishing up the last few, here's miniatures that didn't belong with the others. Cyclops Spearmaiden from Massive Darkness: Totally a Redcap and not a dwarf as labelled, from Massive Darkness: "Sister Lana, Healer" from Reaper Miniatures: An unknown Gladiatrix, possibly West Wind, acquired during the travels of the Reaper Box of Goodwill:
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    I hadn't planned too, but I've reposted this here on the advice of Glitterwolf, as the WIP forum doesn't tend to see as much traffic. It is a little scenic backdrop that I have been working on over the past 3 weeks, an old smugglers cache that was abandoned decades earlier when an ancient horror took up residence in the old sewer tunnels. For the ancient horror I used Reapers 'Spell Effect: Shadow Tentacles (SKU: 77367) Vastly different to the sort of scenes and terrain I normally build, but it came out ok in the end. Setting the Scene
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    This is an Iron Wind Metals (Ral Partha) troll from the old FASA Shadowrun line. You can find it on their site as part of "Wolfram's Gang." This is just a quick tabletop job mounted on a defective Secret Weapon base. But I really enjoy it. I can pretty much guarantee this will hit the table as a PC. My group loves playing with the old SR trolls as much as I love slapping paint on them.
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    A Mummified Anubi Hero from Lost Kingdom Miniatures. Printed on my Elegoo Mars. Part of my Shifting Sands Project: WIP HERE: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79372-shifting-sands-glitterwolf-paints-egyptian-undead/
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    This is Yuki Onna. One of my first 3D printed models. I kept the colourscheme simple. She's a ghost for my Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon, Project. WIP HERE: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79416-nippon-land-of-the-rising-moon-by-glitterwolf/page/14/#comments She got a base from the Artisan Guild Oni set. I painted her eyes red, not sure if it's visible.
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    Had a splendid time painting this lovely sculpt! I failed to be bold enough to try freehand on the fan though...
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    Grenadier's delightfully whimsical Shire Dragon seems just silly enough to fit into my World. I added a scarf a la The Worm from Labyrinth to complete the effect. Here he is on The Spooky Woods Photo Stage: AND some photos on my painting table for a different perspective: There you go!
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    I love him in all his gross uglyness! His bent horns, hairy belly, flabby wrinkles, giant boils and pustules, overgrown toenails, beat up armor, dead bird on the belt. Love it! So much character.
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    Here are a few minis from some of the varies Chaos Space Marine armies that I’ve painted for Warhammer 40,000. I’ve always loved chaos for the variety of themes that they use, which can suggest a lot of great paintjobs and conversions. These ones are from a Death Guard force that I painted with a huge focus on rust and verdegris. I really like the idea that these Nurgle forces can't maintain their metal gear without it getting super rusted. This next one is from a very different Nurgle force. The decay look is present, but expressed differently. I also really enjoyed the fly conversion. I got to paint up a wonderful Emperor’s Children force. This force has been around from the beginning, and their official color scheme has gone through a lot of iterations. This force went with primarily purple and black, but the leopard prints in green that harken back to some of the older schemes for the force. I’ve always thought that the quartered color schemes were a bit odd, but I found that I really enjoyed painting the Sons of Malice space marines with their checker board pattern. The Iron Warrios, of course, thrive on their vehicles and armor. The Night Lords have always been interesting to paint with their lightning designs. But Tzeentch probably remains my favorite side of Chaos.
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    This guy presented an unusual challenge. His base, which I love, was just a little bigger than a standard Large, but is a tad thin. It just doesn't look big enough for the diorama inside. It merits a plinth, but at the same time, any plinth I added would make the mini base even bigger than a size-Large base, complicating gameplay. So I got to experiment with magnets! This way, the base pops off for gameplay, and sits safely on the plinth for display. This is my first resin mini... I noticed that the chainmail on his back doesn't exactly meet up. I wasn't sure what to do with that -- if I shaved it down, it seemed like it wasn't going to match up and there would still be a visible seam. What have other people done on this mini?
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    So here is my latest little group of miniatures, some vintage Ral Partha Elven Personalities from the Personalities and Things that go Bump in the Night line, sculpted by Tom Meier. These are pretty small figures, back when 25 mm meant that size. So they came out okay. What I actually like the best is the female's color of her dress, which is actually the Master Series Paint Bright Skin Shadow. I think it turned out kind of an enjoyable peach color. Biggest pain in the posterior was the buttons on the chick's "girdle/belt/thingamajig. I wanted to do them as jewels but they were so small, just made them metal buttons. Anyhow, enjoy!
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    When I saw this miniature during the kickstarter, I immediately thought "oooh! I'll put him in a watery diorama of epoxy resin. I have lots of little shells and things that might look like underwater plantlife. It'll be awesome!" When my Bones arrived, I thought "YES! It's an interesting size, but that means the underwater scene will need to be that much bigger. More flock!" Then WifeOfCheese had a near-miss with covid19 and I thought "I'm about to be completely quarantined for weeks! We can't go camping! Oh well... but hey, I can finally pour this resin! This will be super-educational and distract me from the nightmarish horror of sars-cov-2!" It turns out that epoxy resin is a harsh mistress. Like a cruel Charybdis, she is unforgiving, yet somehow bubbly and only visible from certain angles. Originally my plan was to do water-effects on the surface to make it look like the shark is moving through, but the curvature of the side would mean that the rest of the shark wouldn't be visible at all, so I present my experiment in resinous necromancy: the zombie shark.
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    I was working on this Behir miniature since April 21st. Quite some time, but with a toddler in the house and other hobbies I only managed a few hours every other day. The project started simple enough, but I had some issue to overcome and learned a few new techniques: UV resin as water effect, making tall grass out of straw, painting a lizard eye, painting fairly vibrant red and making a beech tree. If you are interested in the full story there is a WIP thread, too. All in all I am pleased with the outcome, but still need to improve vibrancy and contrast further. The blends on the scales could be smoother, too. C&C very welcome.
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    After my huge cthulhu project I thought I'd unwind with a few simple projects. Here's the first. Just a simple speed paint but I'm happy with it. Feedback welcome, hope you all enjoy.
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    A little something I did about 5 years ago.
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