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    I haven't posted in Show Off in awhile. SO I thought it was time to inflict some more retina damaging photos on y'all. Here are the latest Mushrooms posing on The Twisted Tower Stage: AND a slew of individual pics placed in a spoiler for sanity's sake: Even when I try, there are always too my pics. I do hope your eye sight returns.
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    I’ve had this mini forever! She’s one of those minis that I just didn’t want to muck up with a bad paint job. (I’ve got quite a few of those minis in the pile!) Just got the Dark Skin Triad and thought I’d give it a try! Added Intense Brown as a final highlight. I thought she turned out okay! She’s finally ready to join her pirate compatriots!
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    Totally poisonous looking! Makes me remember the ones my grandfather told us to avoid when mushroom hunting in Switzerland. And knowing they're unique makes them even better!
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    So... it's been a while. After last Reapercon, I hit a long stretch where I did no painting at all - like eight months where I just couldn't get it together and paint. Then, at the end of last month, I was like, "****, isn't Reapercon coming up?" and immediately started pushing stuff through to try and get at least some stuff off my chest before I come to Texas again and leave with even more minis. It's been going really well - I'm having a lot of fun, and getting a lot done! I've been mostly doing mid- to large- sized minis, and lots of animals... These are all forest creatures, and I had a ton of fun with them! This gorgeous boy had just come out last Reapercon! He based up beautifully on a horse-base, one of the Base Boss ovals. A good size for a celestial stag, but a bit small for the RAW Giant Elk - still, plenty big enough that we'll just sticky-tak him to a Huge base and use it like that. And, yep, I actually got two! This one is for a module I run that requires a ghost stag, hence the eyes, but it'll do for a celestial stag in a pinch, I think. That said, I actually do plan to grab a third at this Reapercon to do up in a more traditional rainbow-celestial color palette. If I have the melt, I'd actually like to grab three, and experiment making the other two into ewes by greenstuffing regular hornless ears onto them. Like I said, it's a fantastic sculpt, just very heavy. For reference, the whole body and head are one piece, and the ears and antlers a second and third, cut well enough to attach without pinning. I didn't even GS them, just used a gel glue to cover the gap. This is the puma from the Animal Companions I set, the metal version. I just wanted him done fast, so I painted him buckskin yellow, shaded before I added the spots, and did my best to make the spots little circle-type blotches. Nothing fancy, but I didn't really need anything too good, I just wanted to have done something that day... He fit, integrated base and all, almost perfectly into a 40mm base, which was nice. I love 40mm bases - I like that they're not so huge that I have to squeeze them into places for Large creatures, and they're perfect for things that are just a touch bigger than Medium... And last but not least, a pair of shambling mounds. This is a great mini despite being a pretty old one, I think? It has a ton of great details that I did not spend the time to do justice on, but it takes washes like a champ and came out looking pretty fantastic from a foot or so away. My one complaint is that the texture makes it really hard to be sure your paint is EVERYWHERE - I went over these a couple times, and now I'm seeing a couple places where paint bubbled and missed spots... Still, 10/10 minis of one of my favorite low/mid level monsters, and I'll probably grab a few more at Reapercon so I can give them another shot. And they're pretty hefty for an 8$ metal mini - these are on 40mm bases, and they FEEL chunky.
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    This is Reaper's 02981: Lonnia, Female Duelist, a metal mini sculpted by Gene Van Horne. There is no WIP thread because this was painted in a hurry. I started painting in early August and I wanted to have it ready for the ReaperCon Showcase this year. And I completed it in time! (Although I was painting until Friday... Upholding the tradition of completing contest entries during ReaperCon.) Her color scheme is inspired by an anime character. Bragging rights if you figure out which one. (click on the pictures for larger versions) The midtone colors are (all Reaper paints): Skin: 09445 Youthful Flesh (which has apparently been renamed to Peachy Flesh) Hair and ribbons: 09243 Highlight Orange Shirt: 09061 Linen White Jacket: 89504 Seoni Scarlet Jacket and boot trim: 09074 Palomino Gold Pants: 09061 Linen White and 09489 Siren's Song (How do you paint stripes? Very carefully...) Boots and other dark leather: 09137 Blackened Brown Scabbards and other light leather: 09430 Polished Leather Base: 09281 Brains Pink Steel NMM: 09136 Walnut Brown, 09312 Steel Wash, 09089 Cloudy Grey, 09314 Moonstone Blue or 89503 Sinspawn Pink, 09061 Linen White Gold NMM: 09136 Walnut Brown, Gold NMM triad (09301/09302/09303), 09061 Linen White I think she's my best mini to date. I know her basing is weak (it's supposed to be pink marble with a pattern engraved - but it's simply not interesting). I also never got the front of her face looking quite right either but, really, the side view is the one people are going to look at. As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome! Some day, I'd like to get gold at the MSP Open. (And I may need all the help I can get...)
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    You know what sort of year it’s been when you think to yourself that you played a game “recently”, only to find that it was last October. So, in a “recent” game of Dragon Rampant, I was using a scenario from the related game Lion Rampant which called for three “wagon” markers for one side to be escorting. I had two 1/72 scale plastic wagons or carts at the time, so I threw in a noblewoman (an old Airfix mounted Maid Marion figure) as a third element to be escorted. Afterward, I pulled some farm animals out of the plastics collection and decide to add some flock/herd bases to the baggage train. However, pandemic, etc...I finally got the sheep painted yesterday, deciding at the last minute (earlier this week) that they would look better with someone to keep an eye on them. The shepherd is another of the ubiquitous Robin Hood set figures. While I was at the desk and working, I also finished up an addition to the NPC/civilian/camp follower collection. This figure came from the Strelets/Linear-B Roman Transport set, and didn’t look particularly Roman, so she gets added into the general 1/72 fantasy pool. Sir Forescale would pass as an ogre with these guys. Anyway, it felt good to get something done, even small...
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    This miniature will be roughly my third or fourth venture into the realm of oil paints. Everything, with exception to the metallics, eyeballs, and some skin highlights were done in oils. This is also my first attempt in basing in the style of James Wappel (wappellious) using Green Stuff World texture rollers, sculpey, and Vallejo texture paste. No black paint was used in this exercise. I still can't take great photographs, but eventually I will get there! WIP Shots:
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    To finish off the recently finished, random miniatures! (I hate creating a bunch of tiny threads) "Heroes of Golden Sword" from Crippled God Foundry "Life is easy, it's never hard, when you're a Kobold and a Bard" Kobold Bard (duh) from Stonehaven Miniatures Halfling Gardener, also from Stonehaven Converted Foundry Argonauts, to be Dricheans for Frosgrave: Ghost Archipelago "LET'S GET FROSTY!" Frost Giant from Gale Force 9
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    Started painting during the pandemic but was really intimidated by basing. Finally picked up some supplies and based my first couple models. Really improved the overall quality and aesthetic.
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    Happy birthday, @TheAuldGrump and @Inarah. I hope you enjoy this. Notes follow after the photos. This is Grenadier’s Hippogriff, #138 from the Fantasy Lords series way back in 1983, now sold in lead-free pewter by Mirliton Miniatures, Italy. It’s well sculpted, with securely fitting wings. I wanted to paint something different from the common hippogriff colorings, something with a little challenge to it. So I decided to go with several black and white patterned creatures. The front end is based on an osprey, the wings on a hoopoe’s, and the hindquarters on a zebra, all somewhat modified to suit the figure and to blend where the shifts happen. Whenever you’re going to paint a chimeric model, a creature made up of the parts of other creatures, it’s a good idea to go look at real animals to see how their colors and feathers and skins look, and also how they blend into other things. If nothing else, there are excellent visual resources on the internet. Technical notes:
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    Good evening all you Reaper hooligans! So another figure finished, this time a Ral Partha Shadowrun Female Detective, sculpted by Dave Summers, probably latter eighties to early nineties. Kind of difficult with the eyes because they were small little balls, but otherwise, pretty okay with how she turned out. Gun a little too blue, but probably won't ever fix that I'm guessing. I kind of like this figure because she's from their Shadowrun line, but she could easily be any normal, modern detective gal. I tried to do very a mild colored blouse, pinkish, with a grey skirt and jacket. This is also the first time I've worked on pantyhose, so let me know what you guys think. It was after painting her legs as normal skin color, I did some washes of first storm grey, then Dark elf skin shadow, and then finally black. Anyhow, let me know what y ou think about the pantyhose and hope you enjoy!
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    Produced by Modephius here are 5 Imperials from their new Elder Scrolls Call to Arms minis. The first set is set in Skyrim and they say they will eventually visit other regions of Tamriel. They were fun to paint but those eyes! So small. Even at the larger 32mm scale, I was only able to paint eyes effectively on one of them. Next up are some stormcloaks. I'll try some different techniques on their eyes but if all else fails I will just shade their eye sockets like I did these Imperials.
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    I painted along with David Diamondstone's OSL and lighting effects class at ReaperCon.
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    I've been wanting to paint a frost giant for a while now but have been putting it off because I was worried I'd end up with something that looks like a smurf in armor. Finally decided to give it a try and am relatively happy with the result. May have to paint a few more to give her some friends.
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    Proctor's class was great. I dig how this little guy turned out.
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    This is the fastest I have ever finished a mini. It's pretty rough but I did it all during David Diamondstone's Reapercon Class on Object Source Lighting. The class was great and I can't wait to apply what I learned to other minis that I take more time on. However, sometimes it's good to just leave it rough and call it a learning piece. I'm still really happy with this one as it's the best OSL I've ever done and I feel like I have the tools now to make it much better in the future.
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    Coincidentally, I had this figure very nearly done two days ago when the sad news of Diana Rigg’s passing was made public. It always was a tribute to her incandescent portrayal of Emma Peel in the old British TV show “The Avengers”, but now it’s a memorial as well. Requiescas in pacem, Ms. Rigg. The figure is “Pandora King (Classic)” from Crooked Dice miniatures. Crooked Dice has a minis game based on cult TV and they’ve produced a lot of different figures suitable for that sort of storytelling.
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    Colossal Skeleton that I painted. Go to this topic on the last page please and vote for the miniature that you liked. There is a battle between the miniatures.
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    Good morning Reapermaniacs, So here's one I've had painted for about a week or so but have never just gotten around to sit down at my normal computer to post him. This one is one I've actually had for a long time, and it's an old lead version back from the seventies. I had to at one point I think scrape off some paint. I had another newer version of him, but the detail was pretty soft so ended up painting up the original, whose details were so much more nice and crisp. And being he was a "high" elf, I wanted him to have some nice light colors, no greens and browns. Anyhoos, here he is: I've been on a recent kick painting these older miniatures, even old by Partha standards (pre-eighties). I think I'm going to keep painting them, putting them into my normal mix of newer, old Partha figures. In any case, hope you like them!
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    Another compilation thread of things from Reaper Miniatures A miniature that actually went OoP with the P-65 line, a Frost Giant acquired from one of the forum Box of Goodwill rounds: Dreadmere Mayor: Foo Dog: Minotaur(ess): "And there's a creepy doll, that always follows you..." Chronoscopers:
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    "I mean . . . our uniforms are covered with skulls and things . . ." These guys have been on the "almost done" pile for a while while I finished off the Kraken. Given the time it's taken for me to finish them I hesitate to call them a "quick" job, but they're mostly contrast paints for a tabletop appearance. My skill at iron NMM is improving, however I still have a way to go before it matches my gold. Just saw the spot on this guy's chin - will have to touch that up Axeman needs a final highlight on the chainmail. It's amazing what pops up with a close-up photo.
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    Just finished this guy. My painting somehow slowed down during a pandemic/summer vacation when it should have sped up but that's how things go. This is a full-lead storm giant from Ral Partha, the stamp under his base says 1990. I thought he was a cloud giant the whole time, that's why he's so blue! I was working on getting my layering back up to snuff because either my early attempts were beginner's luck or I somehow forgot to do it because I've been struggling lately. I also should have picked a different colour for his tunic instead of blue since he has blue skin, but I swear the paint was purple when I put it on the palette lol. I am really happy how his face turned out but I wish I could have put more detail into his eyes. I should have done more work on him overall I guess, but he spent so much time on my desk I wanted him done. Mostly happy with him, and here he is. C&C always welcome.
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    This weekends project....Wendigo. Multiple layers of washes & highlights.
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    AKA: Edna, Crazy Cat Lady. My wife picked this up for me a while ago and I finally decided to give it a quick paint job. I may have done better paint jobs, and I may have painted stuff more suitable to my gaming table. But I don't think I've painted anything recently that made me smile as much. The base is from a rug shaped drink coaster that I cut up and is, appropriately, covered in years of actual cat hair. In fact, Edna probably has a few loose hairs stuck to her as well, and I'm not going to stress out about that for a second. Had a little trouble getting all the cats in focus with my phone. But if I'm being honest, most of the pictures I take of my actual cats aren't in focus either. And about that name "crazy cat lady." How is having seven cats crazy? Sounds totally reasonable to me.
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    Hi everyone ! I got these two guys as an add-on in the “Rise of the Powrie” Kickstarter by Cauldron Born Miniatures. Their heavy armor and thick fur cloaks were a perfect fit for the “Icebeard Clan Dwarves” in my D&D campaign. I really liked painting them, and it let me practice painting whites. And as Icebeard Dwarves excel in yeti taming, here they are with their escort :
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    Even though the Isle of Dread game I had been running died a premature death this summer, it's never too early to paint minis for its return, right? The group: Jaatu, a Reaper Miniatures piece I've had in progress since release in 2003, apparetnly. It's good to finally wrap up a mini after 13 years... A Tribal Champion (possibly from Chronopia, I got him with a broken weapon from a trade) And a group of Menehune, from Paymaster Games "Going Native" series: I tried to give the Menehune some traditional tattoos, then kind of gave up. I'm definitely getting a Micron marker before I try to do any tattoowork again.
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    These are from the Bunny Girls Kickstarter project from a couple of years ago, run by Dark Fable miniatures. They are on 7/8" washers, so would qualify as giant bunnies for most 28mm characters. Here they are, joined by a trio of flying Peegs, from a recent Bad Squiddo campaign: And here's the lot of them, at different angles. Put a little wild life into your games :)
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    Ok, here's the top of the casket. Funny, but it's got a big "R" on the top... I wonder if it's for Robert? as in Bobby? Hmmm...
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    Here is another 3D printed mini. She's from Artisan Guild from the Death Tide Jurakin Set. This is the pin up - Telxia Tidal Beauty. She's a mermaid so she's partially nude hence the links. NUDITY https://i.postimg.cc/pLKqmNwK/20200628-202434.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/SKqV8T43/20200628-202438.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/hGrs0LPj/20200628-202443.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/9fRCJpTp/20200706-145915.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/5NvP6yw3/20200802-164903.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/gr96CYjc/20200802-164834.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/P5Q2Q7Vv/20200802-165026.jpg WIP here, she's part of my Beneath the Waves Project. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/88958-beneath-the-waves-by-glitterwolf/&tab=comments#comment-1896746
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    20 years of lurking, first time posting.
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    Finally got around to finishing one of the minis that's been on the table since Spring. Behold Sister Maris of the Order of Our Lady of Elf Beating! Not sure if the stakes are a secondary hand weapon or meant to be launched out of the gun... Could pass as a Sith from this angle... Since I didn't know if the gun was for launching stakes, or some kind of sunlight cannon, I decided to just keep it a dull black/grey in the style of modern firearms, to try and keep something of a sense of realism about it and to tie it in with the rifle of Grace, the Holy Assassin. The Sisters of Elf Beating thus far, Sister Maria, Sister Maris, and Grace the Holy Assassin.
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    Without further ado... a from the coast...
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    I couldn't fit the whole thing in my little light box, so it's in tight shots
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    I finished this one a few months ago but forgot to post. It is a figure from Durgin Paint Forge's Second Government of Inneath Kickstarter. It was an interesting one to paint as some of the details were not really defined so it took some guess work to figure out what is what. Overall though, I am very happy with how he turned out, especially the wine bottle as I believe is is the first one that I have painted.
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    A trio of figures from two different companies. In red is a rogue from Perfect Six miniatures, overlooking the training of two Little Wolves (Amazon girls) from Bad Squiddo games.
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    This one was a fun one to paint up, and I tried a couple of new things on this guy. The first was using oil paints - which was done for the fabric, hair, and initially the skin tone. The other was trying out a polished marble effect. Overall, I think it turned out pretty well for the first try. My photo booth is coming in on Wednesday, so hopefully that will help preventing overexposure a bit.
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    Another result from my 4th of July Paint Binge. A couple of creepy crawlies for the players to encounter down an old mine shaft:
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    I haven't been painting much Reaper lately, but painted up this beastie for Jimmy The Brush's July community challenge. Everything on the beast is TMM.
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    Today's weird mini IWM-DF-538 Sea Serpent. Cool yet weird mini. It could take down a row boat, or a small sail boat, but it is not of a scale to crush a full sized pirate ship. The whole 4 piece thing is cool, but it is easier to lose a piece that way. This mini was super fun to paint. It was swimming outside my window this morning... Does anyone know who sculpted It?
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    Second go on her last pic was from last summer. I intended on her being a weekend project but wound up losing track of time.
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    Heya folks been busy painting away, but keep forgetting to post on here. This one is one of the Halfling Farmers by Jason Wiebe. I also started an instagram @starscolorbox, there are more photos on there :). Enjoy https://www.instagram.com/p/CDQ_EjeB-19/?igshid=14i9amibmp0zl
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    Unknown female vampire figure I picked up in a boxed game set. Can't remember the exact name or manufacturer. Box art showed them in purple, I wanted to explore other colors. I see her as the kind of vampire that likes to play with her food and enjoys a bit of lively sport. I have 2 of her sisters to do in other colors. The photo is a bit washed out from the flash. Her skin is a pale grey, different than her white gloves. Casting on the face is strange, she has an odd shaped mouth, and no nose so I painted one on.
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    This was going to be my Venomfang from the Lost Mines of Phandelver Campaign eventually zombified. Sad it won't hit the table. Took me almost 2 months. Forgot how much time larger size models take me to complete. Exhausted, but I may have one more in me by the end of the year.
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    Painted this up for the my game tomorrow. Going to be up to the players if he's on their side or not... Good sculpt, fun but easy to paint. Only real headache is the bit right between where the wings joins the shoulders is a bit narrow for me to reach well.
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    Yup. They're lewd and beholder. Uploading this one just for the sake of weirdness. They are rather silly minis, but the price was right, and I needed some beholders for the next campaign. I am thinking about getting some fake eyelashes from Dollar Tree and giving the female one (beholder with the pink tongue) one outrageously long eyelash.
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    Speed paint job that I did as part of my 4th of July Paint Binge this year. I was vaguely going for crazy Rutger Hauer from Blade Runner, with the white hair.
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    And what's a graveyard setting without some undead wolves to harry the party in the snow?
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    I hadn't planned on this purplish skintone for these guys. Originally it was going to be much redder, but I wasn't paying attention to the colors I was mixing, and the basecoat ended up looking lighter and tanner than I had intended. Instead of starting fresh, I made a wash with a lot of purple in it and applied it liberally to their skin, and this was the result.
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    Milo Greenbottle, my halfling rogue. Former slave and Underdark adventurer. Using him for a Rage of Demons (5th Ed) campaign. Model 03439: Dicarus Darksword, halfling
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