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    Only $350 to go until the next unlock, by the way.
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    Treasure Golem: New Social Media Goal (number not yet defined): GEM DRAGON! Hoping to be translucent (color not defined) The Gem Dragon has a 2" base
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    Howdy, Bones IV goodness... Kev!
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    Underwater Revnants (undead) They are undead that are infested with hagfish... They are part of a future expansion... that may be revealed tonight...
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    Howdy, Also among the ReaperCon goodies... Kev!
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    Howdy, Bones IV some more... Kev!
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    Howdy, This was among the stuff from ReaperCon... Kev!
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    It's been a long time without posting here...Her are some bones 4 Gauth was a little too big for my studio... Here is Gauth Gauth and an unlucky female adventurer, under it paw...) The Roc !! Size comparisson with a barbarian : The rock troll : And the cart^^
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    They showed it again. An artist had this on their twitch stream, and Reaper reached out, and plan (hope) to make it into a mini for the Core set.
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    But not if I want to use the translucent look If I want to preserve the translucent nature, then something that is purple translucent has to be purple. Something green translucent has to be green If the make the gem dragon blue translucent, then if I want to keep the translucent look it has to be a blue gem dragon I can't exactly make a diamond dragon or a Ruby dragon and have the translucent effect when the whole thing is blue That is why I prefer clear. We can make it whatever color we want and not have to choose between painting it solid or using the translucency but being limited in what colors we can use
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    Howdy, Resin Les Villageoises #3... Kev!
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    The new Kickstarter got me motivated to dig up some old bones. I realized after all these years I have never painted a dragon, so I got after it. Rather happy with how this came out.
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    Ooo gem dragon is nice, love the crystal spikes. I am also hoping for clear. (Which would most likely mean that I get more than one of them.) If it's cast in translucent red we get a Ruby Dragon. If it's cast in green, an Emerald Dragon. Blue a Sapphire Dragon, orange a Topaz Dragon, purple an Amethyst Dragon. If it's cast in clear we get ALL of these things and more. And will need to buy a new model EACH TIME. A Jade dragon, a Lapis Dragon, a Diamond Dragon, an Opal Dragon, a Turquoise Dragon, an Onyx Dragon, an Obsidian Dragon... A new model needed EACH TIME. Think of teh monies, Reaper... A new model for every gem...
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    It's been a long but rewarding day. Nereid number 4 is Complete! I have to say she is my favorite of the set so far. Only one more to go! I'll update the group photo and post soon!
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    While the figurehead is truly a thing of beauty.... those revenants make me want to pitch my dinner...
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    I hope the gem dragon is clear Then we can make it whatever gem color we want I honestly don't really like colored translucent. I feel very restricted on what color it can be when it is already a deep shade of purple or green
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    Aaah, who cares what shape or how many sides the crystals have? [runs and hides behind @Pezler the Polychromatic]
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    Hobby progress: In progress, some Death Star Lilies and a Wizkids female human rogue (to be a mul ranger for my friend's upcoming Dark Sun 5e game). Yep, I paint on a miniature mat in front of my vintage sewing machine right now. Just measured my hair for the first time in a long time, 37" from the top of my head. It's tailbone length when braided, top of my thighs when loose. I've nearly always had very long hair, I missed it when I've cut it in the past, but I think it's getting a bit too long for how much thinner it's gotten lately, so it might get a hip length chop soon.
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    I've been pushing that for a while. If it's clear I can make it any color I want. If it's colored, I can only make it that color or a color I can mix with that color. I understand the desire to use a color (because it makes out of the box play easier), but I strongly prefer clear for all translucents. I did not hear that as "Core Set", I heard that as "will (probably) become a mini at some point."
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    Hmm...She should have her own mini, "Dark Maiden" style.
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    Super...that is a perfect size....just right for holding a whole party/warband/squad...
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    The above boat will be almost 2x as long as the Dreadmere rowboat (which is displayed below for those who don't have it)
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    Howdy, Wargames Foundry Mexican Villager Constanza Kev!
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    Should I include the hair on my back in this?