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    I wasn't sure if I should post this in Show off or WIP, but I figured here and if you would please forgive the in progress parts in the subsequent post. Ron let me paint this lovely sculpt by Gene Van Horne. Actually, I think I might have begged to paint it and considered stealing it from his office if he refused. She'll be in the Greek Odyssey Expansion for Bones V. If by some miracle you have come to this forum and not heard of Bones V, it can be found here. Aaron Lovejoy was awesome and took some high definition photos of her after last Reapercon. I really love this sculpt, can't say that enough. She's got some fantastic detail, lots of good open space to work on blending or freehand, even a scenic base to play with stone effects. While I loved the original Yephima by Patrick Keith, and still use her in my classes, this one really screams warrior to me. I need to paint my bones version when I get it as Athena. I'll have to add a shield somewhere, though. Maybe convert the club to a spear. Decisions decisions. Anyway, feel free to ask questions. I'm happy to explain or help with anything! I'm going to post the WIP pictures I have in another post, so hopefully those will also be useful. Enjoy!
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    Madame Delia is available in metal as of this week, and is part of the Core Set in the Bones 5 Kickstarter, so I thought people might enjoy taking a look at my take on her. I talk about my thoughts on painting the cloth and colour scheme choices a bit on my blog. I do plan to give her a base, just figured I'd work on getting some paint on some other Kickstarter stuff and then circle back around to that. https://birdwithabrush.com/2019/10/17/madame-delia/
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    Ok, so you have no idea how hard it was to not show this stuff to everyone right away! I did take some in progress photos as I painted because I like to WIP. I find it helpful for me, because I can go back and remember how I did something or the colors I used. Because I forget these things. I try to take photos of the colors I use. For the skin I used ultramarine shadow as a base, then I worked up through ashen blue, mint green and in certain areas like the face the snowdrift white. After I had most of the skin blocked in, I glazed a lot and also glazed in some fair skin. Blue by itself can look weird, because our brains are wired to see desaturated colors for skin. If I go too intense with the blue, it may look cartoony, so adding some flesh to it towards the end makes it look softer. For the hair I got to play with desna blue from the new pathfinder colors. It's a purple, don't be fooled. The hair started with the desna blue, then moved through ivy violet, spectral white and some pure white. Note, the highlight for the skin was a blue white. For the hair a purple white. This makes the two look a just a little different. The gold I used the ebony flesh as my shadow, then the oiled leather, worn olive and lemon yellow. Note, the lemon yellow is a cold yellow. She's a frosty lady, so all my colors, with the exception of the oiled leather, are cool colors. I feel like green in gold is some sort of voodoo magic I wish I'd discovered years ago. sigh. The marble I think I fogot to photo, but I used the ashen blue and then some of the ebony flesh and... er... a white... um... Must remember to take more pictures next time. Here's how I like to set up my palette. You can see the difference in the hair in the middle and the skin on the bottom. When I start, I basecoat things in my darkest colors, just to cover the whole mini. It gives me a sense about how the colors will work with each other. This is a good stage to decide if I don't like something. I almost always start in on the face, because I can't stand an eyeless mini and the face is always the most important and stressful part of a mini. You can see how I work up from the dark to light. I decide where I want the highlights and light source to be early on. In this case, the light is coming from the front and slightly to the viewer's right. I played a bit with the hair and the gold bracelets here. Gene sculpted some fun locks of hair! It's a difference I've noticed between 3d and putty sculpts. The hair is more lock-like. just a early view of the back and the front. In this one I worked some of the worn olive into the cloak. I added some oiled leather to the gold and leather areas. I decided to do texture on the leather straps, because it needed some variety. Then I added the worn olive. See, I thought mint green was my new favorite color, but I was wrong. It's worn olive. And I worked up into the lemon yellow. Right now, see how soft the metal looks? I haven't gone high enough with my highlights or sharp enough with the transitions. It still looks like fabric. The sculpt comes with a groove in her right leg for the quad/hamstring definition, but the rest of the muscles I painted on. If you like painting muscles in (doesn't everyone?) then I suggest doing a ton of research on your friendly neighborhood internet browser. I searched for example, knee anatomy, and looked at images of knees to help me. It is also cheating that my profession requires me to know some anatomy and I know what I'm looking for, but there is no substitute for actually looking at examples in real life of what you want to paint. I can't stress that enough. My memory is never as good as google's. Ok, so I had grand intentions of taking in progress freehand steps but I hit one of those stupid painting grooves and paused here. Sigh. What I did was search for celtic/scandinavian patterns and pick the ones I liked, drew them out on paper, broke them down into simple geometric shapes and copied them on the mini. Because the cloak dips in an out I could NOT simply trace a straight line for the larger pattern. First I traced it, then watched how the fabric would pull, and moved it accordingly. I feel like it make it more natural. Here's a blow-up of the bottom pattern. See how it is circles with crosses inside and lines connecting them? I started by drawing a thick dark line, the adding the thinner light color in the middle. You can also see where I touched up the pattern a lot. No pattern is perfectly drawn at first. There's a lot of pushing and pulling. The muscles are more defined, the gold has more highlights. I think I might have a thing for feet. I loved painting her feet. Here's a close up of the breastplate. Now you can see some areas of high-highlight. I did add some titanium white near the end, I think. The leather did not incorporate the olive or the yellow, but it still used the ebony flesh and oiled leather. I like using colors in different parts of the mini to tie it together. hair mostly done. Most of the desna "blue" is gone, because I want the hair to look white. I wanted the base to look icy, so I used her mint green skintone on the bottom, but not in the column. Fun fact. I drybrushed the icy part of the base after this step. Why yes, I did! Hah! It can be used in competition, so take that technique snobs! This is before I blended on top of the column, so you can see the colors that go in to the marble. I like some lines in my marble, but take a soft overall approach. the key to marble is layers. I put down the colors, then blend a lot of layer over them to soften the lines. it helps it look like the lines are fading into the stone. Here's where I worked the fair skin in. And that's all the in-progess I took. hope it helps! Let me know if you have questions!!
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    These photos were posted by Jon Overton over on the Reaper Facebook page, “taken after the show”. I thought I’d share here so others could see them.
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    Should have spent a bit more time cleaning the sculpt, but oh well :).
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    Finished this figure over the weekend. Some parts I like quite a lot, but the blending is a bit weak and the casting of the left side of the face is poor. I like the sculpt a lot, and I've put the metal version (03547) into my wishlist for my next order. I think it might make a very nice piece to spend more time on.
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    Beautiful sculpt by the talented Sandra Garrity. I started her about a year ago at a paint night we were trying to get started in our area. I got the skirt and dress done in one evening and then she just sat on my desk. I really like the way the metallic came out on the wings. Her face looks a bit washed out due to the flash, it is better in person.
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    Okay, well, I ended up only getting a few hours in today due to car emergencies so I didn't finish as much as I had wanted to. That said, the second submerged nereid is finished! First I loaded up my original head in it's separate parts. I modified that by changing the eyelids/eyelashes, eyebrows, and lips (on this one they're parted and more pouty looking). Now that I've got this new modified head ready to go I drop it into my main file and set to work posing/attaching it. before vs. after The rest went pretty quickly, adding and posing hands and hair. I also added gills to her rib cage area as an experiment to see what other fish qualities I might be able to include and liked the subtle reference to her true nature so I'll include that on the others moving forward. I'll work late tonight but likely won't have anything to post until tomorrow. Thanks for following along!
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    Fresh off the painting table come the Dwarf Adventurers II from Stonehaven Miniatures. Their first Kickstarter, another set of Dwarfs, was the second Kickstarter I ever backed! First, a group of the "traditional" Dwarfs, if any of them can be called as such. One of my favorites of the set, a Dwarf Barber: Here are the Dwarfs I thought would work better as Duergar. My Duergar take some inspiration from World of Warcraft's Dark Iron Dwarfs, not just having white hair. Gives them a bit of variety. Dead Tom: And preparing for Eberron, the Dwarforged:
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    I roughed out the basic head construction I'm going to be using for these sexy ladies. then customized it for the first figure.... I save the basic head as it's own file, combine all the subtools of the customized head, and make that a single Polymesh. I will save the now customized polymesh head as a tool and upload it into my main file. I size and attach the head to the mannequin I posed before and begin sculpting the details for this girl. This isn't quite finished, it'll need a bit more refinement, but I'm happy with the direction and I'm ready to run it by the art director. He's happy so I'll go ahead and finish detailing this one out before starting the head for the next one.
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    I'm trying to turn Argent(from Bones 4) into a great wyrm..........faerie dragon, that is! My flatmate found a picture of one from WoW and I realised that my spare one was the perfect candidate to make a life sized version. These are my first sketches, drawn on the back of a couple of Amazon envelopes because I was pinned to my seat by cats at the time Also included in the pic is my eventual wing template. I realised that the crest needed to be larger, mostly so that it wasn't overwhelmed by the wings. There's a wire/mesh structure underneath. It looks awful just now, i need to smooth out the transition between the ridges and the sails. Here he is with the wing template showing roughly how he should look eventually. Nothing is stuck together at this point to make the sculpting easier. That's as far as I've gotten so far. In my defence, I'm terrible with greenstuff, mostly due to being allergic to it.
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    I always like to pull out this photo when the topic of human scale comes up.
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    This was another one shown. Gives a good idea of sizes.
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    There was a sale on saltwater taffy last month. Grump got a BIG bag of it for Trick or Treaters. Uhm... Something happened to it. ALL of it.
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    Okay, some good bits from Twitch today. First, they are fixing the bricks on the troll bridge so that both sides match. There will be a Chronoscope expansion There will be a very cool Christmas cat dragon mini for the 12 days of Reaper The Model A kit has not gotten back from their printer yet. I asked Ron if they thought they would be able to keep the cost of the ship under $100, he answered that they were working on it. Overall, a pretty informative show today.
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    This is Reaper's 14048, Fatima, Nefsokar Cleric. Or rather it will be when you click on the links because she's super NSFW, front and back. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PAINTED FIGURE FATIMA, NEFSOKAR CLERIC. There isn't a WIP thread because I couldn't figure out how to make one that would abide by the board rules. But questions or comments are appreciated. The images are hosted on Instagram so you can post comments there too if you like.
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    "The EVIDENCE before the court is Incontrovertible; there's no need for the jury to retire! In all my years of serving I scarcely ever saw A pris'ner more DESERVING the FULL PENALTY OF LAW!!" What a marvelous Van Horne sculpt. The fleshy, overexaggerated features, the enormous, "Ghostbusters"-style jaws and flapping spectral jowls, the expression of imbecilic malice, the billowing cloud of ectoplasmic vapor. (It's a BIG chunk of metal for your money, too.) This was clearly a pompous, entitled, corrupt, bullyragging, ranting, overbearing soul in life--and death has not made it any better. Albert Finney probably plays his voice. Since this is intended for an Early Modern Era game set somewhere probably in the later Stuart period, and since the bloody Black Assizes and the unrighteous conduct of Judge Jeffries and his like are a recurring theme in the ghost stories of Sheridan LeFanu and M. R. James, a vindictive Hanging Judge or bloodthirsty magistrate seemed appropriate. Slapped together a juridical wig and 17th-century collar from Green Stuff and made a wire noose. He's here to pronounce Sentence upon you, and does not care in the slightest if it's commensurate with your misdeeds. You must be guilty of SOMETHING, or you wouldn't be here! "You will be taken from hence to the place of execution, and there hanged by the neck until dead, and may God have NO MERCY on your soul!"
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    From the Bones 4 core set, this is the subset called "Classic Horror", #130 through #135. A take on some of the monsters of the 1930's Universal movies series fame, with both male and female counterparts. I based the Mummy on a 35x25mm base as his integral base was both scenic and rather wide and I did not want to cut it down. The others are based on 30mm round lipped bases. Click for more pics
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    I have WIP threads on the first 2, but here’s where they’re at now. Amiri that I’m using to try to learn how not to suck at painting minis: Demogorgon because I was ordered (by a wolf) to paint my biggest bestest mini even if I have no idea what I’m doing (haven’t gotten very far yet): Group of dark elves I’m painting a bit more casually just for tabletop play: And I started painting a group of lizard men with my kids and their D&D group that I DM to teach the group how to paint. Endgame: I will use them as free labor to help paint the backlog of bones I’ve picked up so we can use them in our game. Can you tell which one was painted by someone older than 13? And I figured out that mini Solo cups aren’t just good mini painting handles for tweens - they also make good mini protection devices:
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    I'm making outbound calls in a call center. Yay for gainful part-time employment! I'm pretty happy with it - it's not sales or commission, I'm just notifying businesses of recalls affecting them based on their purchase history and most calls are pretty quick. Obviously it's not as fulfilling as serving you nerds for a living , which I dearly loved, but it's something after 10 months unemployed so I'm not complaining.
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    Quilts, mostly. This one is for me: This will also be mine, each block is a different color: Cosmetic zip pouches for christmas gifts. Holy fork, running out of time on those! Quilts of Valor blocks for the local guild. I squeeze in painting when I can, but don't have WIP shots today.
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    Howdy all. Had a colorful weekend exploring some trails in Southern Ohio. Thought I'd share a few pictures... Fall weather is finally creeping into the area, so there's not a lot still flowering. But found this solitary gem and a bunch of beautiful ferns. There's also still plenty of interesting fungi and slime molds to be found. Like these chanterelles and this stemonitis mold. We were in the blackhand sandstone formation area. A few counties east and this is the formation that makes up the popular Hocking Hills region. Which is always great for dramatic rocks. We also hiked around Lake Katharine and though it was too cloudy to get a good picture, we did find a little gorge acting as an outlet for the lake that was pleasant looking. Hope everyone else has either gotten out or is getting out soon to enjoy the season.
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    Sure am thankful for that Bob Ridolfi interview... (Summary) Ron: So Bob, why did you do XYZ Bob: Because that's what you asked me to do...
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    Finished this figure over the weekend. Painted to a moderately high tabletop standard*, trying for an interesting color scheme that is new to me. * Except for the eyes, which are very weak.