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    Today I painted minis once again. It has been five months (No Beekeepers stuff, but ... yeah) since last I put brush to mini (To paint, that is. I primed some last week.). Today I painted faces and eyes on a whole crowd of little people. Yay!
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    Getting in shape sucks. So does riding a bike for the first time in 25 years followed by a day at my desk job. Ouch...
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    It's March 15. Beware friends with knives. BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH!!!!
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    Back after a long break. Its raining and I'm sleepy. There is of course washing on the line since its raining. Snuggly kitty snoozing next to me.
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    Hooray! The Play is Over! Now... back to Hobbying... after work, of course...
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    This guy's WIP is the sexiest thing ever for a 40K Eldar player: http://eldar.arhicks.co.uk/miniatures/eldar/craftworld/pegasus_1.php
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    I wonder what this button does...
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    Hi all, Xherman1964 is now called Glitterwolf
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    2017 Art Plans: - Keep making art every day! I'm so close to reaching a 365 day streak! - Finish Spring Exchange - Ordinator cosplay - Sew a Hufflepuff backpack purse thing - Sculpt an anatomically correct human body! - Sculpt my ReaperCon Entry(ies) - Sculpt my own Setters of Catan board
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    Hmm...my neighbor's trashcan just danced down the street. (Winds are at 25 mph at the moment). XD
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    I just got hired by Reaper! Texas, here I come!
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    Today is April Fool's day. Believe nothing, and trust no one. Just like every other day.
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    Stranger Things S3 comes out July 4th and I just saw the trailers!!!!!! FAVORITE HOLIDAY MEETS FAVORITE SERIES!!!!!
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    I keep meaning to mention this. My wife and I have been to Winterset, Iowa to visit the John Wayne Museum. We stayed overnight at the Covered Bridge Inn and had some tasty Chinese while we were there. All in all, a pleasant bit of Mid-America. GEM
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    I don't know what was the problem but I couldn't get through to you guys. So I guess my mike was too silent (as promised). I am off now. My regards to the other guys. Until next time.
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    Great job on the base of that banshee! How'd you do that? Kev!
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    Hey Uber! Trying to get back into things so just wanted to stop in and say hey!
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    I think I am going to have to sculpt my own anchor for a pirate themed diorama. I can't seem to find one online I like.
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    Oooh, first of the new Sisters of Battle sculpts revealed. I think that pain is my wallet weeping.
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    I own a handful of Infinity Miniatures. Never got around to painting any of them til now. I have to say, they are some of the most precise sculpts I've ever had the pleasure to paint; deep lines and defined armor panels. I think this may reignite my painting passion.
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    I've wanted a cross-slide table for a long time, but I've always been wary of the cheap tables that aren't much more than a pair of threaded rods. For the drill press, if nothing else. But I got to thinking... while milling with the drill press is a terrible idea (seriously, don't do it, it might maim or kill you when the chuck flies out at 2000 rpm), my Dremel is built to handle radial loading. And it does accept carbide bits. So potentially it could be used as a metal mill. So I've ordered a Proxxon KT70 X-Y table. Proxxon has a decent reputation; unlike Dremel, while they do make small rotary tools, they also do make full-on mills. When it arrives I'll tear it down and make a decision: a) The table is garbage and it'll go onto the drill press and that'll be the end of that. b) The table is suitable, I'll start building my own nano-mill, and document the process in my studio / workshop page. I'm really hopeful since Proxxon actually sells the KT70 as part of their own full-up nano-mill setup. Depending on how good the table is I might have to start buying more Proxxon tools... they have a pen lathe that looks interesting...
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    A few shop improvements. Got an 80-grit belt for my micro belt sander for heavy stock removal (it's really designed to sharpen knives and tools, not turn raw steel into part blanks). Replaced the annoying table lock bolt on my drill press with an M10 cam-lever bolt. Now with a simple flip of the lever I can lock the table in place.
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    Giving thanks for friends and family, both meatspace and digital. waves at the Reaper Peeps
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    Now I KNOW I'm not going to start an AMA thread. Waaayyyy too much of that going on around here. Once they start dying off again though, I may start a "Don't Ask Me Anything"(TM) thread... where statements shall be made. I will reply in statements or questions. Word play will be expected... and sometimes required...
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    Coffee... then more Randomness...
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    Liking the paint rack more today than yesterday...
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    Waiting on glue to dry... on mah paint rack... well, the first half... tick tock tick tock
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    Sooo sleepy... and suddenly I seem to be immune to coffee... *** Shoots Clock ***
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    Well, I guess I opened my big mouth and invited Monday in...
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    Good morning! Today is going to be great, I can just feel it!
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    Just finished my first reapercon! Thank you to all the forum folks that showed great kindess by sharing their wisdom with me. I hope to come back next year.
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    23 Hours left before the Drive to ReaperCon begins!
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    Please be safe and check in when you can.
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    We are Main Characters. Main Character will experience setbacks, but Main Character always succeeds!
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    Happiness! I've been able to stabilize my life again. Phooey on family problems.
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    I want to paint but I don't have a desk. -___-
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    Snuggly furry kitty is feeling very snuggly and purry. I wonder if it has something to do with the fuzzy merino wool round the house pants I have on (they are nice and warm and cosy).
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    What time is it? Time for more coffee!
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    I'm feeling exceptionally snarky today and have no idea why.
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    I don't know what's worse, superglue between the fingertips or laying the side of your hand in a puddle of it.....
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    Who knew an all veg sandwich could be good?
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    Pfthack. My upper respiratory tract tastes of bloody mucus (or incense-flavored. I can't really tell). That exotic wood sawdust was a lot worse than I thought it'd be. Time to cut out my exceptions to my PPE usage I guess. From now on, N95 mask at all times in the shop. A pungent reminder that complacency kills I guess.
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    Soaking in that upgraded forum smell.
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