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    Time for a new profile photo! My old photo was the male sea-elf that I designed, sculpted, and painted more than ten years ago: Ollamiel, male sea elf (Dark Heaven Legends 03140) I've been contemplating a new photo for a while, and I wanted to use a newer one of my design+sculpt+paints, but most of my recent sculpting has been for the Pathfinder line (i.e. not my designs). These were the 5 leading options: Damien, hellborn wizard (DHL 03321) Corim the Kestrel, gnome sorcerer (DHL 03433) tengu rogue (ninja) (DHL 03698) tengu warrior (samurai) (DHL 03774) [Fun Fact: These tengus have the same head, since the samurai is a conversion of the ninja. But I ruled them out because Michael Proctor is already well-known as "Clever Crow".] Kogo, kitsune (duelist) (DHL 03801) See you around! I hope you'll still recognize me, even though I'm out of the water now. -- dks (Derek Schubert)
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    Not pleased with this one at all, but finished with Garrick the Bold (or Sir Justin Forscale). His coloring was picked by friends to honor Clan Gordon and Clan Keith. Unfortunately he is kind of sloppy. His swords looks lumpy and the cloth area on his armor looks spotty in some spaces. Perhaps I need a better paint brush for those kinds of areas. He's only my third mini, but by far my least liked. Will get better with more experience I'm sure.
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