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    Hello all forum family, wanna share whit you my last work: Garghuk, Ogre Chieftain, the free Black Bones June mini. Tryed another skin type on him , something pretty dark, and to give him the most natural look possible, choosing my palette colors do not have too much contrast (just a complementary contrast between the sash and the browns). Pretty happy of the outcome, I hope you will like him too! Every comment, advice and/or criticism is welcome as always! Thanks fo watching :)
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    I'm painting again after a looong absence. The colour scheme was inspired by Australian Frilled-neck Lizards and Thorny Devils. Base was extended with an MDF circle, cork, stones, and green stuff. I used my airbrush to prime it all and lay down the base colours, then lots of hand-painting, washing and drybrushing.
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    Yay! This is my second diorama I'm finishing up for reapercon! This will be for the diorama category. I hope y'all like it! I'm probably going to add a plaque to the plinth...it look pretty naked... It's titled "Avenge the Fallen" I'm always up for c&c. Hope they make y'all smile.
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    Good day everyone, I painted these almost a year ago and completed there base last week. The base are 40mm diameter, the FG173 Field Grass Light Green and C1211 Realistic Water are from Woodland Scenics. From left to right; 77154 Lizardman Spearman, 77426 Lizardman with Club and Shield, 77155 Lizardman Warrior and 77425 Lizardman Archer all sculpted by Gene Van Horne.
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    Tabletop cultists for my dnd game. I wanted them to have a look that I could either use to be sinister and evil, or even 'good' cultists that have gone too far...the leaders feature red and blue while their subordinates feature green and blue. I chose to do metallic masks of varying metal types and shades. My goal was to work on the speed at which I paint things like NMM so that I can get results without agonizing as I might for a competition piece.
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    "I need a swig of some strong, Dwarven ale!" -Baldur's Gate Jalarak Leadbarrels, stepping out of the Firendly Arm Inn, bringing the next round to his waiting adventuring party. (1368 DR, Colorized) (Ignore the water spots on my backdrop. I have cats and they knock things over and don't tell me about it. I have to find out later, for myself.)
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    I haven’t posted in a while. Been mostly painting terrain for the past 8 months or so. Finally getting back to some minis. So I picked up the Wizkids frost giant last fall to paint up as Harashnag for my Storm Kings Thunder campaign. He had been sitting around for a while and I finally got a chance to get him painted. The right arm actually wasn’t glued in very well so I was able to paint with it out of the way for the most part. As usual with these Wizkids pre-primes, I didn’t clean up any mold lines though I probably should have this time around. C&C welcome!
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    Hello all, another figure I just finished, an old Ral Partha figure, which I think might have been part of their redesigned Partha Imports back in the day. And of course, she's dressed extremely sensibly, as if she's screaming "you will NOT stab me in the nipple!". She was fun to do however, nice big face and a simple piece to paint. So anyhoos, enjoy!
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    Just another Genestealer. Fun paint up and rather fiddly with all the detail. And the glassware was intimidating and I'm not sure I'm happy with some of it. I'd love to hear what you all think.
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    Another Bones 4 elf. I was not at all excited by these minis during the Kickstarter. But now that I've started painting them I realised the sculpts are actually quite nice. The whip on this mini in particular is quite unique and striking. For this one I was going for a inquisitor look, with a red coat with silver and black details. Then I decided to give him white hair, until I realised I basically made him Dante from Devil May Cry. C&C welcome.
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    I just got a raise! A whopping $1.65/hr at that! And that's just a departmental raise! I get a 2.5% cost of living adjustment next Monday. With my shift differentials I will be making over $20/hr next month! I am a very, very happy man today.
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    This is the Bones version of Merrowyn Lightstar, Female Elf Paladin (03764) from the Bone 4 Core Set. NMM is de rigueur these days but I still like metallics for, well, metal. I used Vellejo Brass, Old Gold, Gold and Silver along with Seraphim Sepia ink and a variety of browns to build up the shadows and highlights. I sometimes go back and forth deciding a colour scheme but when I saw this figure I knew her armor had to be gold. The red and black was inspired by Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night (I saw a chibi toy version on Pinterest and thought "That's the look I want!").
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    Yet another figure from my wish list that came as part of the Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter. This is the Bones version of Willow Greenivy, Witch (03682). I recently discovered the Bird with a Brush blog by the most excellent Rhonda Bender and the thought process and approaches discussed were a real eye opener for me. I actually took a variety of pictures under different light sources and picking my favourite, used it as a map for my lights and darks. I feel it made a huge difference for me. If you are interested in improving, do yourself a favour and bookmark that blog!
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    Another Bones 4 elf. Painted her pale and edgy, perfect for the moody lone wolf PC in the party.
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    Hi everyone, here is a group picture of my Bugbear raiding party. I painted most of them last year and mounted them on 40mm diameter base last week. These are all Reaper Miniatures models; 77233 Kegg the Bugbear Hunter, 02603, Skrug the Bugbear Shaman, 77015 Bugbear Warrior, 77232 Mogg the Bugbear Warrior and 77231 Rugg the Bugbear Leader. They were all sculpted by Tre Manor, except for Skrug the Bugbear Shaman that was Sculpted by Ben Siens. I used Reaper's MSP acrylic paint.
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    And good evening again! And quite in contrast to the other figure I just posted, this little thief is quite a bit more sensibly attired, covering herself up relatively decently I'd say. I think this is also sculpted by Dennis Mize, but not 100%. Once again, as per usual, my hardest decision is always colors, so used Terran khaki for her main skin color and kept some cool colors with her wardrobe mostly. The only thing that didn't really work out like I wanted was that on her boots she had laces going up them, but I just kind of highlighted them a little and didn't do anything with them, because her left leg is bent down so much, even though they were sculpted there I couldn't really reach them very well. Other than that though pretty happy with how she came out. She has sort of an odd vest that is open in the front and then ties closed in the back, but at the end of the day that's how she was sculpted, so just obeyed the sculptor! Once again, may she not be painful upon your eyeballs!
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    And another figure from my pretty productive weekend, a were-rat, I think also sculpted by Dennis Mize, though not too sure, this might have been some of the Citadel Import figures that he redesigned. Anyhow, once again a very simple figure, a naked were-rat running around with a sword, pretty simple and straight forward! I always seem to end up painting rats grey, maybe in the future, I'll go brown or white....
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    Oddly these are the first two models I painted up from Bones 4. It just sorta happened. Added a bit of 'stuff' to the altar, the books alone seemed a bit empty.
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    In the spirit of this colorful june, my hommage to my community ^^ I'm a bit hesitant with the tattoo's outcome, but besides that pretty happy with the result. If anyone wants to visit my insta gallery & give it a like & follow it means everything ^^ its @albertnyarla
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    So I had this idea that Viridius was a forest dragon, and that his scales would color with the leaves of his trees. I started on him about 6 months ago and finally finished him this weekend. Big pictures so i'll spoiler most of them but I'm very happy with how he came out. Going to be doing some additional work on my basing game in the future. Pictures are the best I can do at this time, he's way too big for my photo box, so I did my best to set up some canvases around to reflect light around as much as I could. Want more? Here's the WIP thread
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    And my last figure from this week, a giant rat, sculpted way long ago by the immortal Julie Guthrie. I should have taken a comparison shot for this one, as he's really small, but you can probably guess because his base is one of those itty bitty bases I think used for 15 mm figures, not sure where I scored them from. They might have come with the familiars in some Stonehaven Kickstarter. Being that I couldn't take the Friday after July 4th off, because the rest of my department already had dibs, I ended up taking Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, as well as today and I've had some pretty productive painting mornings, so got lots done and this is another one of those figures: He's slightly out of focus but he's really, really small.. One one of the angles you can see a little piece of flash I couldn't get rid of. Anyway, enjoy once again! More figures in a few days!
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    I knocked this one up last night. I couldn't believe how small the figure is but it was fun to paint, and I'm still trying to get the hang of layering rather than drybrushing to highlight cloth. I basically ripped off the colour scheme of the example on the Reaper site. The "floorboards" are strips of plastic card. She (for some reason I keep thinking of the mini as a she) was a bit lost even on a 10mm base so I added the dried bloodstain. I'm not sure if it's worked but I couldn't think of anything else to put there. My girlfriend upon seeing this: "You've finished another one? Let me have a look GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME IT'S HORRIBLE!" Kevin Williams did a fantastic job on making such a small sculpt be so unbelievably creepy.
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    Presenting the Scarab Mummy, a minion for the Egyptian faction in the game Twisted, he's a mummy that's been redesigned to have a more pleasing beetle theme (which I guess technically makes him more of a Flesh Golem). Had a lot of fun with this one, I'm still pretty bad at painting gems but I think I'm getting better. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    Yet another member of my growing Genestealer cult force! Absolutely had to have this model when it came out. I've had it sitting since it was released and decided to give it a paint up. Very happy with the result. Not sure if this will be the final base I give it but for now it's good. I'd love to hear what you all think!