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    I like ideas I get from others pics so I post mine to help other get ideas
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    So my mom came this weekend to check out new apartments for me...and we found one! Yay! This evening, we were looking at the floor plan and starting to plan it out, and I asked what I'd do with my big minis. My mom's answer was that we could worry about that as soon as I actually finished one... she may have hit the nail on the head with that one. In other news - I get a room devoted to hobbying <3
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    Male and female from reaper 4
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    So I did in fact finish the cookie. For scale, that's a 20 inch paella pan. Also for scale, this is all that an entire Pathfinder group could eat over an entire game. Not even half...
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    It's been months since I picked up a brush. My kid is about to start a new campaign and needs some figures painted sooooo... I needed to warm-up and found this conversion fig in my rummage box. He made me think, "Ahh, Hiratio, I knew him well."
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    94 F and 70% humidity today... Yay me. Gonna be 99 tomorrow. In other news, anybody got an old '90's-era IBM with two floppy drives that I can borrow? Found this at the Goodwill (complete with map, books and all assorted secondary paperwork and inserts) the other day....
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    It's a dire cookie. Very fearsome. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Hello all, just finished this one up, a Ral Partha Children of the Night Megalosaurus. I told myself I was going to stay away from greens and grey, which is of course what this one ended up being. I threw some pink highlights into his mouth and throat, which started making me think a bit about the Joker. This guys is a dinosaur so he's a pretty hefty piece of metal. I should probably photograph some day a normal sized person to give a comparison. He's on an oval base, no idea how big it's supposed to be. Anyway, hope you like!
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    I've been trying to do a bit of painting every day, since RCon is coming up so soon. I have a problem with long-term projects, though, so I need to occasionally work on something quick and sweet in between. Sometimes I need to finish something to keep me motivated, you know? Tonight's lucky candidate was this bear, whom I love. His name is Randall and he likes standing in fields. Anyhow, enjoy!
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    So, low level characters then?
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    What I’m hearing is you still have over half a cookie. *Googles Vancouver to Philadelphia* Hmm. 2962.5 miles. Tempting...
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    Our argument went kind of like this- Megan: You will go back to taking either Friday or Saturday off! Me: Okay. Our general manager at work is back from her vacation, so even though we are still a bit short handed, it is no longer crucial. The main reason I was taking the extra hours - aside from just that I could - was a minor medical emergency for Brigid, a few months ago, and to pay for Megan's classes at MeCA. Blood pressure actually doing okay - elevated, but no longer dangerously so. But, yeah, I actually enjoyed the karaoke this time, maybe because I was a wee bit tightly wound. Gods willing and the crik don't rise, I should get to sleep pretty early tonight - the game reached a natural break point, so we chivied everyone home. The Auld Grump
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    Was a little disappointed that I misread a vanity plate. Thought it said WERERAT. It said WHRFRAT.
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    The cookie defeated us all... Have to come back to it tomorrow. I'll challenge it to a rematch. Or slice it into bars and take them to work.
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    Oh snap! Your Mom had that one locked and loaded. I’ve always found it a bit disturbing when parents try to be clever... and succeed. Sorry. I’ve always been an Apple guy.
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    I've heard about this. Also a cheap dollar store "ShamWow" is also a good replacement for the sponge as well. I didn't get a extra pack of papers so I'll just use what came with the pallet first then switch to Reynolds + nice thing about working grocery, we had some damage Reynolds come in one time & I asked how much for a couple rolls & my manager said "oh a quarter".
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    Which might be the incognito disguise of a real and truly WereRat that hangs around the Dockside. You get some might peculiar creatures around the dock side, especially where the trade ships put in. GEM
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    The search for wheels may have been a success and I only say may because I won't be home to check until tomorrow. After thinking about it I realised I was better off going to an actual store rather than trying my luck at the dollar store. Walmart's $.94 cars ended up being exactly what I was looking for. Even bought spares incase I make a mistake stealing the wheels. For those of you following along at home, this project has cost $4.00, a squad I never would have used, some bits I never would have used, some old sprue pieces, and five toothpicks.