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    Inspired by the weekend question, I took some pictures of the army thus far and found that posting it in the question thread would be excessive, also that I didn't have an ongoing thread for my largest painted army so here it is. The plan is to get my Shelf of Incompleteion cleared off then work on reinforcements for this alongside my Old School Undead army. Here we have the Pumpkin construct unit led by a Storybook Witch from Old Glory. I have 3 more of her, but the bag only came with the one flight stand and the Reaper ones I have don't fit, when I get around that, they'll form their own unit. Behind her is Rotpatch, and the scarecrow is hanging out with these guys until I can get a couple more. The constructs are filling the slot of core infantry. Here is a Ral Partha Witch leading the Pumpkin Knight heavy infantry consisting of the Halloween Knight and converted Barrow Wardens. Willow Greenivy leading the skeletal Pumpkin Guard. 10 newer GW skeletions and a variety of Reaper Bones. Elise with the Pumpkin Chucker and some Bones skeletal archers providing ranged support. A female Necromancer and the Etherial Legion of ghosts and wraiths. An Iconic Witch, Pumpkin Spider, and friends. A converted Brettonian Sorceress with the skeletal heavy infantry. Basically, what happens when adventurers irritate the witches. Bats, wolves, and allied vampires. Another vampire and werewolf allies. Zombies, ghouls, and another Reaper Witch. Beastmen and hell hounds with an infernalist witch.
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    For the better part of this year, I've been going through something of a creative funk and it's been driving me a bit mad. (well more than usual anyway) So after thinking upon it for awhile, and taking the advice of the opening track of White Zombie's Astro Creep 2000, (Perhaps you'd better start at the beginning...) I've decided to embrace the madness.... By the power vested in me by the Great Pumpkin I hereby declare it to be 1996. The world is a saner place and I've just gotten my mitts on the first minis that weren't part of a boxed set or boardgame and soon shall rise a mighty skeletal horde. (To those of you who may not have been alive in '96, fret not I have decided that you exist. Ia! Ia! Ingenti Cucurbia!) Anyway, first up are these guys. A Heartbreaker Miniatures Army Pack that I think might be Phil Lewis sculpts. Like all of my older metal Undead, they were given a bath in Simple Green awhile back. The original Undead army had been repainted several times over the years, not yet knowing about the wonders of the Green, they had several rather thick layers on them from this. So the decision to restart from a clean slate on the whole lot was quite easy. An Armorcast Ruined Mausoleum. Also painted several times, but I'm leery as to how the Green would react with the resin. But even with the new black undercoat, the detail isn't obscured that I can see. Now to find my Painting Flannel Of Necromancy...
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    Bobby Jackson Bones figs from either Bones 1 or 2. The female Antipaladin is a vampire warlord in my DND game named Nefefini. I intentionally gave her gemstone, blood red eyes because what could be more unearthly, or beautiful than that. She also sports a beauty mark on her cheek. The male antipaladin is a half demon warlord in the same game. If my players are smart, they’ll figure out how to pit one against the other. The Thunderknight has inspired me to play a maul wielding paladin at some point. I wanted him to have eyes that say, “so you have chosen pain and death...that I shall grant you.”
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    The upper floors are all done, so I've moved onto the bottom section. Here's the diagram on the floor before I add the cobblestones.
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    So... Some things just weren't going the way I wanted them to, and last night I decided to say screw it, and decided to try out my Citadel paints, specifically Mephiston Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet, and Wild Rider Red, with the last one being noticeably more orange than red but still... And yeah, let's just say I got a decent amount of stuff done.... Heads up, there's a decent amount of pics this update - I'll portion them out into a few spoilers for those on mobile, and to make it so those on a lower screen resolution aren't going to have to scroll a ton afterwards. First up, we have the Ayyar and 2xBashi Bazouks with submachine guns... Al Fasid and Tuareg sniper... Bashi Bazouk (w/ Boarding Shotgun) and Khawarij... Zhayedan, 3xGhulam Infantry, Fiday...
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    Been chipping away at the tower. 8/10 of the top layers are now completely bricked, inside and out. The last 2/10 are about a third done.
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    Last night's focus was on the eyes. I went for a yellow halo around a central slit, framed by red. Gloss varnish really helped to add that lustre and wickedness.
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    Please use the full SKU and name of Reaper minis in the titles of your Show Off threads, per forum guidelines. You can find this information on the blister card or in the online store. I also like to give credit to the sculptor in a tag, so people can find their favorites. We have a high volume of posts generated from this challenge, which is great! But it's also creating a lot of work for the mods. Ladystorm has already urged folks to comply with these guidelines. As an works well, this challengehas been moved to be a bi-monthly challenge again. The longer time frame theoretically will give less stress to painting, and allow more complex jobs, and more sinister challenges. FAQ Reaper only? - No. If going on vacation, can I paint a mini(s) ahead to cover that time frame? - Yes. Are speed paints acceptable - Yes. Can it be a mini started previously? - Yes. Based or unbased? - Yes. Do minis for exchanges count? - Yes. NEW RULE - Size Equivilancy (This list is subject to change as bones 3 releases) Medium and smaller = 1 ea Simple Terrain (plain floors, walls) = 1ea Complex Terrain (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Terrain/latest/03518 or such) = 2 ea Large (Giants and the like) = 2 ea Huge (Most dragons, Demon Minotaur Lord, etc) = 3 ea Bigger (Kally, Khanjirra, etc) = half of quota rounded up Colossal ("Tianot,") = quota Due to the variable nature of a CAV I compare them against a generic 28mm figure and the Avatar large figure. I take height and bulk into considering if it is worth 1 or 2 figures. If it's not in this list, it counts as 1. (not yet updated for the CAV II/III figures) If you have a question on the size, please post it here, and I'll address them individually. Much like last year, the idea is to help those of us that normally paint VERY little or not as much as one would like, to start painting more. You challenge begins...now! And Our Mantra: Participants: If your name is missing, or you believe your count is incorrect, please PM me. Please note: to make counts easier, post in the bi-monthly thread and include the tag RPChallenge The objective: To paint 52+ minis throughout the course of the year via bi-monthly quota (each bi-monthly thread will have the quota listed as well as the master list) I request that when tagging your posts, please use "RPChallenge" to help with locating minis from this - I am making a more concentrated effort in 'bookkeeping' this year. If someone would be willing to assist in such, it would be much appreciated. What qualifies: Darn near anything! Reaper/non-reaper! Any material! Shelf of shame minis from ages long forgotten! Exchange minis! Speed paints! Armies! (Though I'd encourage perhaps something outside the army as well) Any Size! Based/unbased! Etc! (I think that covers everything) Year long challenge Pick a miniature of size large or greater to complete in the Jan-Feb Block. In Nov-December, purchase (if needed) that same mini and repaint in the same scheme to see direct side-by-side improvement or changes in your methods Jan/Feb: 8: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89751-janfeb-rpchallenge/ March/April: 9: May/June: 8 July/August: 9: Sept/Oct: 9: Nov/Dec: 9:
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    okay placed the third order: Currently at: Bones 5 Core Set x1 Extra Walls of Stone x1 Extra Walls of Thorns x1 Fan Favorites x1 Valfuryx x1 Dragon Bust x1 Mammoth x1 Goroloth x1 Krateryx, Shadow Dragon x1 Arakoth the Ancient x1 Yog-Sothoth x1 New MSP Paint Colors x1 Rocky Brush Holder x1 the wife mentioned that I hadn't gone out to eat in a while and so had extra money if I wanted to spent more on hobbies... say no more. hmm I also have that reapercon badge refund.. that money is already designated as spent. Still on the want list: Greek Expansion, Troll bridge, Bust collection, Ghoul Encounter, female hirelings, Aganzarax
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    Yet again, I have resumed (assumed?) another hobby. This time, it's sketches! The first was done today, and has a ocean scene theme. I'd love to see people color them and share!
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    Slightly less done for the day than I originally thought.
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    Last sketch for today... (probably)
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    Some cropping and other photo adjustments...
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    A few more... I have shaky hands...and still don't like using my phone camera for this.
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    I've already locked in a whole bunch of stuff. Lots to love in this KS, for me: Rocky Brush Holder x1 Bones 5 Core Set x1 Henchwomen x1 Valfuryx x1 Dragon Folk x1 Catapult x1 Dragon Bust x1 Fire Giant Hellbringer x1 Aganzarax x1 Mammoth x1 Ballista x1 Goroloth x1 Trebuchet x1 Shavynra the Slayer x1 Storm Giant x1 Krateryx, Shadow Dragon x1 Arakoth the Ancient x1 Elemental Scions x1 Dungeon Dwellers x1 Pirate Ship x1 Ildraedis the Devourer x1 Sirens x1 Shadows of Ravenhome x1 Kalanzar the Wicked x1 Kaiju Chaos x1 Greek Odyssey Expansion x1 Dark Depths Expansion x1 Fan Favorites x1 If I can afford it, I'll get one of everything. :)
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    So, finally locked in everything I wanted to get (Not gonna go crazy like 4), figured I have the funds and don't want to risk USPS jacking the price later: Full Moon Fever x1 Rocky Brush Holder x1 Bones 5 Core Set x1 Valfuryx x1 Dragon Bust x3 Aganzarax x1 Mouslings x1 Troll Bridge Encounter x1 Yokai x1 Shavynra the Slayer x1 Arakoth the Ancient x2 Bust Collection x2 Dungeon Dwellers x1 Sirens x1 Shadows of Ravenhome x1 Kaiju Chaos x2 Greek Odyssey Expansion x1 Brinewind Expansion x1 New MSP Paint Colors x1
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    Data cards in the back of the original rulebook: CAVs: Assassin, Challenger, Dictator, Gladiator, Knight, Panther, Puma, Regent, Rhino, Scorpion, Specter, Sovereign III, Starhawk V, Tyrant, Vanquisher, Warlord, Wraith Vehicles: APC (generic), Lance, Launcher (generic), Poltergeist Other: Heavy Infantry, Infantry, Kikyu, Tsuiseki Only have paper copies of the Journals of Recognition and they aren't handy at the moment.
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    My kids replaced my dead smoker with a new one. Will have to get it built up, refill some propane tanks and break it in this weekend.
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    I had the privilege of painting this year's ReaperCon Sophie, and I thought people might enjoy it if I shared a few views. She's a fun mini to paint. Everything's clearly laid out and apparent, and Bob did such a wonderful job sculpting her face. I think he really captured the pose and spirit of Talin's artwork well. If you aren't into the wings, it shouldn't be too difficult to fill in the plug on the back where they slot in. If you are into wings, the extra attachment point of a small hole on the skirt makes them nice and easy to glue on, and they seem pretty secure to me. (I"m kind of cursed in the area of gluing/assembly.) This is a special edition figure that will only be sold by Reaper during ReaperCon (maybe a little after, but I'd go get one from August 29 - September 2 just to be sure. Actually I will be grabbing more than one, because I would happily paint this again, but however many you want, that's your window. Maybe put it on your calendar to remember if you really want one of these lovely figures. If you aren't able to attend ReaperCon in person, she'll also be sold on the Reaper web store. Here is the wonderful art that Izzy did for the character concept. Here's a picture of Bob Ridolfi's terrific sculpt bringing that artwork to life. And this is a colour version of a seated Sophie that I used to reference to try to capture Talin's vision for the colours.
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    And here he is, Mr. Mythic Vrock all done :) I am really pleased with how he turned out!
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    The next time there is a purple worm on the table, I am yelling "It's a danger noodle! It's the most dangerous noodle!"
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    So, this morning, my husband says to me, "I found this really cool chick on YouTube who does these videos about history and Shakespeare and stuff. They're great!" And my brain kind of told me that I knew that.... And then we watched a few and I was like, wait!I've heard of this! That's Pingo's kid! Lol. So I went and found this thread and i was right! So, @Pingo, my husband (the history nerd) thinks that these are great, and has watched like half of them.
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    This is my Reaper bones Viridius dragon that I call Magnus. This is the largest miniature I have painted and the one with the most complicated paint scheme I have ever attempted. It is by no means perfect but it was a blast to paint! The troll finds out that he is Not the biggest thing on the battlefield. Comments, critiques, are welcome. Thankyou for looking!
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    This is Eregris Deepfathom, Evil high sea priest! a follower and priest of Maersuluth! Sculpted by: Bobby Jackson Paint Job: Martin Jones Concept Art: Izzy Collier. -- books are 25008, 25010 sku: 03614 (metal) 77215 (bones)
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    SO I fiddled around with this Beasty today. Removed a Goblin & added a Merry Mushroom. AND VOILA it is done. Seen here in The Cavern somewhere under Heep's Bar & Grill: Pleasant dreams.
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    "The four brothers high in their tower were called by the capital to try and tame the wild storm that raged over the northern regions" Sku's (Left to right) 1: not released yet. (soon!) 2: 03960 3: 03958 4: 03953 Sculpted: Bobby Jackson! Paint-job: Jen Greenwald!
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    Not yet released to retail, this figure was a lot of fun. He or she (there's been some question) is a very clean sculpt with enough space to do a bit of work. (Note that the figure is based on a US penny, so it's pretty small.) The face fought me a bit (and it's a bit shadowed in the pic by the hood, so you can't see all the detail), but I think worked out OK in the end. The gem turned out reasonably well, I think, and I tried a bit of texture on both the green cloth and the short-sword sheaths. Unfortunately, the mold line on the inside of the cloak was on a concave bit that was very difficult to address. The drawn sword was done with TMM, which doesn't photograph especially well, but I think it works pretty well in person. One of my goals with this mini was to work on shading and highlighting yellow, which I think could have been pushed a bit harder, but I'm happy with the blends. And with that big old cloak, I had to put in a bit of freehand as well.
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    A nasty-looking fellow that looks entirely interested in carving off bits of your anatomy. I'm reasonably happy with his face and I think the color scheme works fairly well. Pretty much intended as a tabletop figure, he was quite a bit of fun to paint.
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    Presenting Ashlynn the Vampire. Originally a Dark Elf Priestess mini by Reaper, she lost an ear tip at some point during the manufacturing process, so I removed the other rendering her human, then the paint scheme went in a very vampirey direction. Not one of my best paint jobs, although I am rather pleased with her face and hair, but it was one of my fastest, it's very rare for me to finish a mini in a week. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    I really like the way this turned out
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    I finished this a couple of weeks ago, and I am very happy with how it turned out.
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    This is the last piece from the metal set Reaper 3789 Fishwife and Crone, the barrel of fish. I painted the humans earlier, including them here for completeness. This set is also in the Bones 4 Dreadmere set, so sometime I will paint it again.
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    I wrapped up the last of the Homegrown Bad Stalagmites. Seen here with the Reaper version on my work table: AND on the Grayscale Cavern stage: I don't normally use the spoiler, but in the interest of saving space &, perhaps, lessening retinal damage. Here is the first of the two: AND his chum: There you go until whenever.
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    I backed the Modiphius kickstarter for quite a few of these. The rules books are lovely with lots of illustrations that, I think, really have the feel of the books. The figures are very good quality resin and glued together and painted nicely. The only quibble I have is that the pose of Dejah Thoris is a bit bland, while John Carter himself looks distinctly silly, hopping about on one foot... Anyway, spoilered for the large number of pictures:
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    This was my entry in the Reaper Facebook Quarterly Painting Contest. I wanted her to look like she is living in a magical cavern. I had a whole vision for how I wanted her base and I mostly pulled it off. She turned out pretty much how I envisioned her. It took way more work than I anticipated but I learned a whole lot about making scenic bases! I ended up buying a router and having my husband help me create the cave in the side of the plinth. She sits on the base so I can still grab her and put her on the table for D&D if I want to. My only issue with her is that she is difficult to photograph! I don't have a good picture of the back.
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    My entry to this quarter's Reaper Facebook contest. Didn't place but that's neither here nor there. Lots of good entries this time around, and let's face it, mine was not as brilliant or psychedelic as others, haha. I'm happy with her, though, and that's what matters. I went with a more classic scheme inspired by Art Nouveau paintings, particularly the colors schemes of Alfonse Mucha. Because of the inspiration, I was pretty happy with one of the comments it got referring to it looking like a painting. Samples of inspiration -
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    I needed this guy to double as both a medium and a large beholder, so I built it with an extra insert for embiggening. The insert also works for the PC minis when they're rolling with enlarge person active.
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    Male Dwarven Cleric with Warhammer from Dark Sword Miniatures.
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    I painted this guy up as a Christmas present for my turtle loving little sibling, after having them pick out 5 paints without knowing what they would be used for
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    Part of Bones4, IIRC. Started him at Reapercon, didn't get far with all the distractions. Did some work on him over Thanksgiving but didn't get him finished enough to count for the paint binge. Started withe the bright purple robe and then wasn't sure where to take him after that. Teal happened. It worked. Just glad to have it done at this point so I can move on.
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    I will not be showing this to my DMs lol
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    I like watching it at regular speed, it keeps my brain on its toes. My attention span isn't always the best, so it's good to focus on it.
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    This why I set the playback speed at x0.85 and add the captions (there's occasionally extra info). Soooo much to see and listen.
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    Jekyll and Hyde was great! What I like about Red's videos is that I can't just play them in the background, I have to actively watch it to see all the useful facts and tidbits that flash by on the screen. Also, the speed of everything makes me think that this is what the inside of Red's brain is like, permanently on fast forward.
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    Well, I know what my wife and I will be watching over dinner as we wait for trick-or-treaters.
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    If anyone needs a recipe for "gag" cat barf...
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    The snootiest half-orc! A dashing fellow. Marvelous painting.
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