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    Extraplanar beings are diverse. I've painted several red fiends, and some green, blue, and purple spirits. When I came across this sculpt in the FLGS, I decided to try a new unnatural complexion for this devilish-looking entity, without any red whatsoever. It was fun! Only regret is that there were some great exposed back muscles that are harder to see now because I decided he needed wings (graciously donated by 039988, Bomber Sophie). More angles: The garment was a good opportunity for gradients, but I can't help but feel there was a missed opportunity for a pattern. I'm open to suggestions! Fair warning: while this mini looks rad, there are areas underneath the skirt that are almost impossible to reach with a straight brush. Hard to notice from most angles, fortunately, but another instance of a common oversight on the company's part. Appropriately dramatic glamor shot: A surprise guest appearance from Big Sister:
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    I can also confirm that the files I sent to Reaper were scaled to a 75mm Base. Here is the complete creation story, where you can read that it was always meant for a 3 in base. I am glad that you like it.
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    Does anyone here use an ultrasonic cleaner for their resin prints? We recently bought an Elegoo Mars, and have looked at getting a cleaner. Are they worth it, and if so, what would be a good one to consider? Thanks in advance. Reverend Shartan
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    I've got a bunch of minis to post from my Cthulhu: Death May Die set. Here are the first ones- I'll be back to update as I get more pics.
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    Found these for little gems and wanted to paint them. Fun! Still trying to learn basing, but getting there.
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    I've had most of these in some state of finished for a while now, but it took me some time to lay hands on a Dragon Plant. But here we have the entire verdant army--not so much tree creatures or fungi, but bosky flowering herbs and forbs. First up, some Vardu plant-people from Hydra Miniatures (while they specialize in retro spacefuture sci-fi, they have some other treasures). A Warrior and eight Sproutlings. More angles: The sproutlings come in two sculpts, but the whippy vine-arms are easily posed and bent. The Warrior comes with an extra head option (petals closed), which I have used below. Next, some Creepers from Crooked Dice! These are magnificent shambling Pod People. I tried to give the fleshy-petaled 'head' a louche, unwholesome look, like something pollinated by carrion beetles. A couple of more sessile forms, maybe an earlier stage in the lifecycle. Couldn't resist the red-and-white color scheme. The Death Star Lilies (77504) are brilliant sculpts--the open and closed form of an organic bear-trap. And the Dragon Plant is clearly related, with the serrated petals and sticky anther lure. Group shots of the less anthropoid plants: And the whole Triffidoid faction:
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    I have tried it once, I doubt it was a succes.
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    Over the weekend I added some supporting cast Mushrooms & did a little work on the latest Faerie Fellow: The Faerie Fellow still has some green stuff work to be done AND his wings should arrive sometimes today: Until then...
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    Didn't get any painting done over the weekend but I did watch two battle reports for Legion, and cleaned up mold lines on these guys while doing that. I'm hoping to get the first unit finished this week, but we'll see how much painting time I get, since I'm on call this week.
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    I don't disagree, but I've found that tends to be the case as we get closer to production. So much stuff has gotten shown off already!
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    That’s three models in as many days..as the fiendish Simon Phoenix once said: I’m possessed! I don’t think he turned out bad at all. Fun model to paint and the pose is just rad. I kinda took him from an approach like the old Playmates TMNT line; there were lots of mutated human-sized animals with big exaggerated muscles and dramatic details. I dunno, I could’ve seen him as a figure back then. His particular fur shades are inspired by my fiance’s very own pet rat, Malachi. He’s a very good boy and would never hulk out into this abomination. Off-topic, but I’m gettin’ hitched in 3 weeks! I just wanted to say a special “thank” to @MoonglowMinis for giving me advice/the guts to improve my photos...I think these turned out better than my usual (...aaand they’re sideways...take a moment to stretch your neck):
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    Soon we will need to start printing Christmas presents I think - I just found Ars Moriendi via the Cast n Play Kickstarter, and was horrified by the prices... until I realized that it is 50DKK to the US Dollar.... Around a buck a mug, plus there is a Hallowe'en discount. Plus, one for Jon - and maybe something @ub3r_n3rd should look at - Not incuding link - Commerce Rules. PLA filament is food safe, but not dishwasher or microwave safe - so good for beer and soda pop, not for hot cocoa. The matching lids are not included, but are free downloads. The Auld Grump
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    Yes. I noticed that m USC did get warm, so I can see where using a flammable cleaning solution would be a problem. I only cleaned my model for ~2 minutes. For the record, my post-print process is: Remove from build plate Quick rinse in IPA Hot Water bath to remove supports Quick pass w/ toothbrush USC for 2 min Post cure for 15 min This may be overkill, but my last print was the first w/ the USC and it was probably the best print I've done.
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    If you want to get an USC get a proper one, not one of those 'jewelry cleaners' as they're underpowered minotaur droppings. A good sign is stainless steel outside and at least a 1L volume chamber (4x4x4") I dropped the fastening clips for my fuel injectors into mine, and in 15 minutes, it stripped the paint off of them... (I only wanted to clean them, not strip the paint... ) And yes, they are noisy. With a really annoying buzz.
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    I've heard mixed reviews regarding USCs for resin cleaning. For one thing if you use IPA with em, it's can be considered a fire hazard....... Also I hear it doesn't get all the nooks & crannies, epically if you have a print that you've hallowed out. If you really want to get them thoroughly cleaned, look into the machine by Anycubic, Elegoo, ie the printer mfcs. I have Anycubic & it works great! Pricey for what it does, but there are other options. Elegoo makes a simpler one for like 40 to 50 bucks. Mixed opinions: https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/apv579/resin_printing_ultrasonic_cleaner/
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    I bought an inexpensive one ($50) and just used it for the first time yesterday with Simple Green as the cleaning solution. I thought it made a difference. It doesn't replace any other cleaning regime, but does make it more thorough. My only negative comment is that the cleaner itself made more noise that I expected. Has a really loud buzz. Fortunately it doesn't really need
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    There is another new Faerie approaching completion. This one sports a a la Night Goblin hooded cowl: AND a head awaiting a body (wings are on order from Reaper): There you go,
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    With all the skill and accuracy for which Imperial troopers are known throughout the galaxy.... Last night I determined Creamy Ivory was a good match for cleaning up the cloth. And that it would be easier to do the contrast paint and initial drybrush on the armor before doing the cloth, so I got the contrast paint slopped on the remaining troopers.
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    Going to make the Mighty Ceremorphin' Power Rangers?
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    There is another Faerie Folk conversion. This time it is a Gnomish Hunter...a Gweat, Gweat Huntaw: Have a good night!
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    Things are progressing nicely with the Faerie Folk: More pics in the Conversion, etc. section.
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    Thanks, Glitter. I was trying for merry. There are more in the works:
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    I opened up a separate thread for the Faerie Folk: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93390-faerie-folk-conversions/ I figured I would inflict the thingies on a wider audience. This is a peek of the first Faerie:
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    I started doing up some alternate heads for some Goblin/Faerie conversions: I think I may be a Green Stuff addict.
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    AND the Lads are now based & base coated: There you go!
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    AND there are now eight more rather disreputable looking Mushrooms ready for basing & painting: That is it for today!
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    Thanks, Glitter. I am happy you like him. He might just have a way with the Ladies. He will soon have more company on the Fairy Ring: There really is no end to the madness.
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    The FDR Mushroom now boasts a toothier smile AND pince-nez glasses: More as things develop...probably.
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    The little DiTerlizzi Witch is now done. Mother Dotty, named for my lovely Mother in Law Dorothy, is seen here in the Spooky Woods with a disapproving Mushroom: Her minions will be coming along eventually.
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    SO the latest Gang of Mushrooms is based & base coated, ready for some color. For a somewhat different presentation, I took the photos of the Guys in their white on black base coats on the still white on black Twisted Tower photo stage: The cigarette holder a la FDR was Corsair's inspired idea. Have a pleasant evening!
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    Author Timothy Zahn, creator of Admiral Thrawn (one of the greatest Star Wars villains) tells a story about how, when he was a young author hot off a few early successes, he was engaged to write some Star Wars Expanded Universe novels. Zahn freely admitted that while he had seen the movies, he wasn't really a massive fanboy, and did they have a story bible or something? Lucasfilm sent him a box of West End Games Star Wars D6 sourcebooks. And Zahn read them, and that's what he used for background when he wrote his books. Zahn's books are generally credited with kicking off the whole Expanded Universe literature boom, and Admiral Thrawn eventually made his way into modern canon by appearing in the animated Star Wars Rebels show. Unrelated note: The SW collectible card game included his character Talon Karrde, the rakish rogue and criminal. Zahn was the model for the illustration.
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    It went well. The new implant & sound processor are exceeding my expectations. The device & its accessories are up another level of tech.
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    AND now there are eight: With a closer look at the new Mushrooms in The Ring: Next time you see them they will be based...probably.
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    AND later the same day: Have a good evening!
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    Last week saw a few Mushrooms given to various health care Folks. SO I have started adding YET MORE Mushrooms to the Fairy Circle. Yesterday: AND today: More later...or not.
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    sku 44126 - Amazon living statue linked the showoff topic for nudity
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