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    Good day everyone, With the dead leaves season comes harvest time. Autumn is also a time for gathering and for reflection. Like the Tuilvilanuue words say "Nilsi hentil kilta anno", it takes four seasons to make a year. Here are some pictures of Julie Guthrie awesome 77923 Skeletal Owlbear. I really enjoyed painting this model. The design of the skeletal beasts that Reaper recently produced is stunning. It is an archeological journey in fantasy land.
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    Hi everyone, after sitting five months on the shelf, that being the projet (not me) I finally found time to complete my Gnolls display base. The base is 7.25 inches x 11 inches wide. Here are some pictures. Other pictures of the Gnolls can be found here.
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    Hamster sits on the shoulder
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    Background is Loke Battlemat's Dungeon Map book. I think I didn't prime the miniature, so Bone's white plastic helped bring out the colors.
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    Background is Loke Battlemat's Dungeon Maps. Fire was the tricky part. I think I still stuck to the "white > yellow > orange > red" color scheme.
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    Couldn't find the SKU, but these were from a Bones KS. Easy to paint. Background is Loke Battlemats Dungeon Maps.
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    Quick n’ dirty; a new personal best at right under 4 hours (I really should visit the Photography section):
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    The first of the Faerie Folk conversions is coming along nicely. He has an old G.W. plastic Night Goblin torso/tunic with G.W's plastic Zombie arms & legs. The rest of the Guy are my sculpts...I bet you figured that out: There is still quite a lot to be done; a ratty mane of hair for one thing & all sorts of little details.
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    Painted some fenryll pumpkins for Halloween.
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    Hello again. Here's another older paintjob of mine. This is the wyvern from the Bones 4 Core set. My players encountered a flock of Wyverns while traversing a desert valley. They were mounted on Giant Lizards and were chased by the wyverns. What ensued was an Indiana Jones-esque chase complete with daring leaps from mount to mount. All-in-all a good time. As such, I decided to paint this guy up to fit into an arid desert landscape. Had a lot of fun blending the sculpted base into the rest of the base. Also was really proud of the coloration I settled on for the Wyvern. I painted each scale individually, which was time consuming but worth it. I also tried some different glazing and layering techniques to add veining into the wings. Needless to say, I'm pretty proud of this one. Wish I had snagged up Blacksting during the Kickstarter as well though. Will have to get my hands on that one eventually.
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    Always chilling to experience the turn-around-and-find-them-waiting.
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    First day of Navaratri, the nine nights before Dasami when Durga vanquished the buffalo demon Mahisha. I'm vegetarian for these days and I'm liking it! Praying for all on here to be happy, healthy, peaceful and having calm and wisdom evermore. :) @Kangaroorex Enjoy yourself! :)
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    saturday morning of a vacation week. Me and Mrs. Rex are off for a week! Hopefully i gave enough warning and snapped at enough people that i will actually get some time away from work for a while. but enough of that, I am off for a week! Gaming today, gaming tomorrow, and off to North Carolina for a week in a red white cabin rental property. Not perfect but I had to improvise at the last minute when the rental company called to say that the last tenants had blown out the electrical system in the cabin and it was uninhabitable for our stay Hopefully the new place will be as nice as it looks.
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    Fed Ex dropped off a package today! Order from Game Kastle. Normally I go through my flgs for rpg stuff but I couldn't pass up Chessex dice at 75% off!! Also got some minis but nothing spectacular. More or less they were cheap & metal. If I liked em awesome, if not Rcon melt bucket or Goodwill Box.
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    I was going through my writing folder in Drive and found a thing that was based off a dream I had a long time ago. I could've sworn I'd started writing it. I remember, or think I remember, vague details of what I'd written but can't find the doc anywhere. These are the notes I have about the dream: Today. Today was the day the fish left. It happens most years but this year was different. The fish were just gone.// Today the black birds left the forest. I think they’re gone for good.// You can’t see the forest for the black hole. That’s what they tell me but I’ve never seen either. This island is barren. I want to see this forest and ever illusive black hole.// It rained today. No sound came but it rained. No pitter patter on the roof, just silence.// Should be enough to get me going. Might map out some stuff if I can but might just run with it.
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    At least that's more of a, "what's he doing now?" expression than, "Wait until he falls down and we can eat him" expression.
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    Well, after some hunting and whining, i managed to find a new place. not quite as spectacular a view but the actual location is nicer so it works out. Yea team Roo! time to go hide for a week
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    Day 16: Japanese inspiration obviously.
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    I've never actually gotten one before. I usually forget or worry about shortages and rather someone who needs one gets one. But, yeah, I just want to lay down all the time. Thankfully, I got it on my Friday so I have the weekend to recover.
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    Shekshee!!! (As said by Sir Sean Connery) Finally took the Ender 6 out of it's shipping box today. I took my time assembling, making sure everything was in place & such. I'll start it up tomorrow after D&D.
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    Beware the goblin king's tricky ways. He holds you to the archaic rules of old. Let your vehicle rock back when coming to a stop, and always yield to the right of way. The goblin king bested me twice and I shall never forgive him.
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    I think the bikes are done. I'll give them a once over before sealing them. Just need to finish up the bases and do final assembly (oh and find the flight pegs so I can do final assembly...I know I put them somewhere safe.....).
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    Day 17: The word you're looking for is PHOROPTER.
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    This! I usually don't react to flu shots, but this one made for a pretty miserable day after. Just felt off and sore all over. Temp was higher than normal, but not fever high. It helped make this a very long week.
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    Have you ever seen the move that they made from one of his books? The Legend of Hillbilly John. Based on the John the Balladeer series. I will not say it is a good film. The Auld Grump - I used to tell two of the stories from that series - Oh, Ugly Bird and Mandy, Mandy.
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    Figures. Well played Mr weather. Well played. First time it hasn't been cloudy at night AND I can technically stay up late.. I'd rather be playing Elite Dangerous. I swear it being five below outside has absolutely nothing to do with this. I also suspect it's the fact I don't want to walk out twenty minutes to get to a semi-dark (for the city) area, then set up, then realize I'm insanely tired, and now half an hour away from home.
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    hmmm what is this mysterious map here... it says hamster hell?
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    My son gets to do one on one battle with the goblin king tomorrow, seeking to gain the fabled License of Driving.
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    Question for Monday October 19th As the weather turns colder, the leaves more colorful, and little ghouls and goblins think of candy, more and more soups and stews are being made. What was the last soup you made/had, and what are your plans for the next that you'll enjoy?
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    The full moon casts a pale blue light across the rugged white landscape. Tall pine trees cling to the rocky ground, branches stirring, shedding their cold white burden as the wolves breathe past. The pack is on the move, and the land is trembling beneath their step. They move with purpose, something is not as it was before. There! An affront; a boat pulled ashore, a small group of fur-clad prey around a campfire, round shields and axes in sight. From the treeline the windwolves move, silent, swift, cold gusts of dark shadow, spirits of malice descending upon the men with claws of ice and fangs of doom. A huge load of pictures and musings to be found below
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    Opening a door the adventurers find themselves in a short corridor with another door at the end, halfway down there is a button set in the wall. If both doors are closed, pushing the button does nothing, but if one door is open pushing the button causes either fire or acid (depending on which door is open) to rain down from the ceiling. However, if both doors are open pushing the button makes the corridor rotate to reveal hidden sections of the dungeon full of goodies (and if you want to be really annoying, quest important items). However, to get back to the main dungeon you have to do the opposite. Both doors open = poison gas, one door open = spikes from the walls or a drop pit, both doors closed = corridor rotates. No idea if RPGers would find this fun or deeply irritating
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    I got my flu shot yesterday morning before bed and, man, I am very off kilter now. I don't feel sick as much as I just feel... Off. Like, something isn't quite right but I can't put my finger on it. Thankfully, I won't be messing around with sharp objects or minis tonight. Edit: Um, I just watched the video from Lawful Masses about Hero Forge and I have many feelings...
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    I'm surprised nobody else is posting more builds considering the colors are live. Ah well... have some more monstrous encounters. For all you pulp fantasy lovers: And a little twist on the usual blood-drinkers:
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    It was really bizarre but I don't recall it being a nightmare.
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    that sounds like a creepy AF nightmare to me
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    Highlight with 1:1 Orc Skin:Arctic Grey. I’m done with 4/6. This is the stage where I think “I’d like to personalize these areas of skin with blemishes, scars, a tattoo,” but think I’ve got it looking nice, do I really want to risk it?
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    First break of the day. Finally getting to sit down for a few. Everyone is doing as well as can be. Moved dad out to the main room with the big TV... how one person can watch so much golf is beyond me (see Robin Williams' bit on the invention of golf for my feelings on the game... be warned, lots of swearing/vulgar language for those who don't like that). Otherwise, nothing else has changed around here. Oh, except now there are at least two giant bees in the basement that I have to figure out how to either capture or kill before they make a nest... if I can find them, they only come out randomly when I am putting laundry in the dryer. Decided to write on my dad's cast (when he finally gets it, still working on the swelling) "It wasn't the fall, it was the sudden stop" and numerous other things.
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    At the far end of the hall, there is a door with a foul odor emanating. It is made of stout oak, boards swollen with moisture. Grunting sounds come from within. The door is locked. If the party knocks, a gruff voice exclaims, in orcish, "Occupied!" If the party opens the door, a very surprised and angry orc throws down his copy of Kobold Hunter and picks up his axe from where it was propped next to the latrine he had been using. Party gains initiative.
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    Inktober 16, "Wolf" Prompts: Rocket, Anthropomorphic (Acrylic) Ink and wash on 140lb cold press. This reminded me why I don't generally do ink and wash... let alone acrylic ink. it's like watercolour that hates you and everything you stand for. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to work glassine into this, but. .. in retrospect, somebody offering the Big Bad Wolf a cookie would have been amusing. >.>
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    Something a little different for a WIP. I’m building spinner racks for my paints and tools. There will be a 6” and 5” diameters that will hold 8 paints per level. The Tool spinner will have a single level with 1/2” holes and hold 16 tools, paints will get separate spinners for my Oilbrushers ( one level 3/4” hole, 8 brushes), dropper bottles will get three levels with 1” holes (8 paints per level) and the 6” spinner will be for the big bottles ( 1 3/8” inch holes, 8 per level) with three levels. Hopefully this will help my chaotic workspace stay a bit more organized. this is the 6” spinner with the holes drilled, except the center, and ready for the bandsaw.
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    Hi everyone. Got a couple of Cool Cats to show off today. I went back and forth for a long time on whether or not a wanted a group of matching lions, or if I wanted variety. As a DM, I feel these would be used most often as Druidic wildshapes, familiars, or summons. I also couldn't deny that i wanted to try some different techniques on each, so I decided to go with a Lion, a Tiger, and a Black Panther. Tiger (Reaper Bones Lion 77341) First up was the Tiger. She was actually the Lioness from the Reaper Bones Lions set (77341). Her sculpt looked like it could read as a tiger, and that was my major inspiration for wanting to paint each of them differently. I used a lot of references images on her and the subsequent cats as well. Really wanted to get the coloration right. I'm happy I did, because my instinct was to use more orange tones, but in actuality, tigers have more of a warm brown color. I used red-hair colors to bring out the highlights. The stripes weren't as difficult as I was expecting. I just used my reference photos as a guide and did my best. I do worry that people will misinterpret the nose stripes as poorly-drawn whiskers though. She also looks a little dopy head-on but I promise that that's the sculpt. Click the Spoiler for more Photos Lion (Reaper Bones Lions 77341) Next up is the other half of the Lion set. This guy was always destined to be a lion. Once again, I'm really glad I used reference images. Its funny how many animals we envision incorrectly. I learned this lesson well after painting up the Bones 4 pig way too pink, even though I knew it shouldn't be that color. I'm really pleased with my coloration on the mane. The only dry brushing on this guy is the rock base. Time consuming but worth the result. I think the muscle highlights look pretty natural. Click the Spoiler for more Photos Black Panther (Legend of Drizzt Board Game - Guenhwyvar) And finally we have the Black Panther. Fun Fact: Did you know that there is no such animal as a Black Panther? It is just a nickname for melanistic variants of any Panthera species, specifically Leopards and Jaguars. This model is from The Legend of Drizzt Board Game by Wizards of the Coast. I have not read a single Drizzt Do'Urden book, but I believe the black panther, Guenhwyvar, is the ranger's companion animal. Anyways, that was influence enough to paint her up in that style. I believe I used mostly Black Jaguars as inspiration, though the markings became less important than getting the highlight colors right. I ended up using Reaper's Dark Elf Skin colors to highlight the black, which is amusing considering Drizzt's race. I added some mottled spotting afterwards, trying to imply the pattern more than paint each individual spot. I think I managed to imply muscle, fur, and spots without losing the dark shade of black I wanted. Pretty happy, especially since this sculpt was my least favorite of the bunch. Click the Spoiler for more Photos QUESTION TIME Which of the three is your favorite? What animals do you use most often in your games? Do you have a favorite animal you like to see painted in miniatures?
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    So in another deviation from my normal Ral Partha fare, here is a really nice old, classic Grenadier lady, who came in a pack I think of three. There were two male hill giants and one female. I only have the female one at the moment. I've got the whole Giant's Club Hill Giant set, but haven't gotten around to painting those yet. So here she is in all her delightful and hill gianty glory. She's a really nice, old school figure. Sculpted by Andrew Chernak, one of those great old school sculptors. If you look, you'll see she has a hole in her knife hand on the back side. I probably should have filled that with green stuff, but I'm not always the sharpest tool in the tool shed. I kind of like lady giants. This one reminds me a bit of the Julie Guthrie Hill Giant I painted not too long ago, also kind of nice and brutal gal.
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    So, let me guess, you live in Minnesota too.
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