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    My goal here was to push myself to go as fast as possible. Start to finish it took approx. 2.5 hours, which is definitely a record for me. Contrary to my usual practice, I painted the integral base; when I do get around to doing a proper base, I will likely integrate it into the display. C&C welcome.
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    I finished Hera a few days ago, then Chopper earlier today, and finally the Dewback Rider this evening! I'm not feeling up to writing out a little story or dragging out the tiles for the game, so it's straight up pictures. Even the pictures are lacking in quality tonight with too much light and bad focal ranges. Still, you'll get the idea. Regular and Elite Jet Troopers. FFG sent two flight pegs with each base, but honestly that's a lot of height. Although I admit I thought about having the Elites on two pegs. Regular and Elite Gamorrean Guards. I varied the colors on the fur pants and through their skin tones. Weequay Pirates. Again the skin tones and uniform colors were tweaked a bit. The rifles are a bit flimsier than they look. I just about broke one by accident. In order: Onar Kona (an Aqualish bodyguard), Shyla Verad (Mandalorian bounty hunter), and Vinto Hreeda (Rodian gunslinger). The art has Onar as green, but I defaulted to blue and by the time I realized my mistake it was too late. Onar is one of the rarer four-eyed Aqualish. I used the Twilight Purples for Shyla. I'd been looking for an excuse to use that set. Her cloak is grey-white and the Beskar shines brightly. Vinto was a bit of a splurge in terms of colors I wanted to use. A little louder than most Rodians we see, but I don't think it's outlandish. I'm going to have to get back to "regular" green for Rodians pretty soon when I get back to "Hired Guns." I wanted one Dewback for each configuration, so I've got the regular rider and Captain Terro. The regular dewback is a little lighter than I wanted, but I think it works well enough. Captain Terro's dewback is based on a lizard I saw in the central part of the state. I originally dropped the first Terro torso and snapped the tip of his flamethrower straight off. I was not happy. The Jawa Scavenger (or Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight) might well count as my first speed paint! Only about an hour and a half on it, and I think it looks like a solid enough job for tabletop. Jabba the Hutt. We saw him back in The Bespin Gambit, but this is his home. Easy enough job, lots of drybrushing. I started trying to highlight, but quickly realized that the skin texture would lend itself to the drybrush well enough. Alliance Rangers. I was surprised when I realized that they were women (you pretty much have to look up from under the arm or straight down from the top to notice). The rifle gets in the way of the painting. Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight. I used Muddy Soil to bring up the black on the jump suit. The tunic is a grey. The lightsaber blade is too short, and the handle too long. Nothing I can do about those things with my current skill set. Luke was another speed paint, or close to it. I tell you, finishing two minis in under five hours made me feel like a king! C1-10P (aka Chopper, aka Spectre 3) and Hera Syndulla (aka Spectre 2). I'm not that into Rebels...It's kind of fun and fluffy. And that lack of engagement has hurt my ability to focus and get things done on these two. Plus there was more green, and as a rule I do not much care for green. I used one of the bone triads on Chopper as I felt his age and general bad attitude would keep him a bit dingy. Hera's not quite the right shade of green, and I should have really worked some freehand circles for the designs on her lekku, but I think it works. Which leaves us at the Rancor. This thing's huge. The base is a little undersized at about 2.5" x 1.75" (instead of the full 3"x2" that it should be). It went faster than I thought. I used two different brown triads on the Rancor, one for the "armor" plates and the other for the flesh. It's tough to see in the picture, but it's more obvious in person. Up next: Ahsoka Tano and the AT-DP from Heart of the Empire or the nagendra from Bones IV. Decisions, decisions. Thanks for stopping by!
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    These last few weeks have been very busy IRL so very little has been painted. I did however manage to whip this up the other day. The little vampire. aka Vampire Halfling from Kings of War: Vanguard's Undead Warband Booster, by Mantic Games. Off to count some blood sausages. Or maybe slurp some black pudding. Oh, how he longs to again be able to have some hot cross buns...but they burn his mouth so... For some reason my camera did not want to focus properly on the face. Printlines?! Printlines!? What is it with "premium" resin minis and what looks suspiciously like printlines? Has someone failed at the clean-up-of-the-master-print-stage or is it something else that makes such lines a thing? Has someone rushed and cut corners? Why would you release a premium resin model like this? You can say a lot about Mantic starting out with cheap, "no brand" minis, but that is simply no longer true. Single, normal size resin models clock in at the €10-15 range retail price, the four model booster is a £30 / €40 / $45 box. That is premium pricing. Well, maybe at the lower end of premium but still, premium pricing. When they charge a premium price, I expect a premium product. Print lines = sloppy quality control. = not premium. Apart from the print lines on the cape, it is a good mini. I cannot abide the square bases they use for Vanguard, so I printed a 25mm round for it. Sneaking up on a beefy snack This mini was finished May 25th 2020. Vampire Halfling from the Undead Warband Booster for Kings of War: Vanguard Mantic Games, 2020 unknown sculptor Made in resin 25mm base. available from manticgames
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    Happiness is a freshly organized paint rack. Or course just after I finished I found another box of Pathfinder MSP so I had to pull the skin tones out and put them in the foam try to make room for the rest of the paints. I am sure to find other paints that I missed bit I hope I can add them in the open spots. I don't think I can get another rack of the same type anytime soon. I also managed to revive my bottles of Polished Bone (from when MSP first released) and Pearl White.
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    Here's the Formorian giant from, I don't know, Bones 3 maybe? I was never too interested in it. It looked pretty weird in the bones white. Like it didn't quite fit together. I finally decided to put a little paint on it recently and discovered I quite liked it. It all went together much better than it initially appeared. But I think what really made me like it was the face. That's some serious ugly there.
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    Hello gents and gentesses! So today's miniature I'm going to have to show in edited form, as she's fully exposing all of her mammalian virtues. This one is a "female victim", from a set of the same name, sculpted by Dennis Mize for his miniature range "Children of the Night", sculpted way back in 1979. I always forget to, but I should have taken a picture of her next to some point of reference, because she's a small miniature, 25 miniatures instead of the 28-32 of modern times. Here is here face: and here is a link to see the rest of her in Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAqKGQXnPgh/ or if you don't have access to Instagram, another shot of her from the Lost Mini Wiki: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/images/9/9d/DF-247_A.JPG which only gives a single angle of her front. In any case, a nice and simple figure to to, as it's just a girl and her skin basically. Here is the whole set, unpainted, so unedited: Crazy the things we were allowed to buy in the eighties as teenagers!
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    We're on week 10 of lockdown and I just realised something- I haven't had a single migraine since it started This means that they must be triggered by something that I'm eating outside the house or dealing with the people I have to work with. Right now, I'm leaning toward blaming my co-workers
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    I went for a cultist enforcer feel on this fella. To help balance the metallic shades largely at the top half of the piece, I opted to do a use similar colors to freehand a pattern along the bottom to pull your eyes fully through the composition.
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    Well we went to see family this weekend and wound up looking at a house for when Lady C retires and we move there to be with family. We made an offer and it was just accepted a little bit ago. Now begins financing etc. Thankfully we do NOT have to build a place as it would have driven my dear wife out of her mind. The rest of the weekend was great, sorry, but social distancing went out the window as we both got tons of hugs from g'kids! Before anyone faints, no one in any of the families involved have shown any signs of Chinese Flu.
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    I've been taking this series of photos for about 7 years or so. It first started when I was unemployed and bored at home and started taking photos of the scale models I build attacking my brother's cat. Over the years this hobby has evolved for me and I've graduated from taking these pictures with my phone to using a Canon Rebel T6 and I've even managed to get some paid work here and there. You can find my work at http://armymenaroundthehouse.ca https://www.instagram.com/armymenaroundthehouse/ https://www.facebook.com/armymenaroundthehouse/ I've also started taking a series of Film Noir themed photos, since that genre peaked shortly after world war two, and there are a pretty good selection of 1:35 scale civilians for me to work with. I've found lately for the noir stuff in particular that building scenery and using it much the way film sets would be built in the studio at the time to be a very practical approach.
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    Older dragons that I am not happy with, and that I decided to repaint instead of buy new ones, because they are expensive
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    I play Native American flutes. I tend to play with an impromptu style making up what I play as I do. One of my performances was recorded in the field by the production company for "Finding Bigfoot" and was used on a couple of their episodes (I gave them free use permission). I tend to play mostly when I am camping.
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    That is a long list, I'm a fairly private person. Considering the audience, I'll share the pot roast story. After a lengthy broccoli base discussion on this forum, Ron exasperatedly typed he didn't really care what we called the bases, we could call a pot roast a base. So I took that as a challenge and based a mini on a pot roast, made a little vignette and included wine pairing with the presentation. Of course, the forum upgrades have made this hard to track down, but it is out there.
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    Having a rough morning, so you guys get saddled with not 1, not 2, but 3 lame Dad Jokes. What lies on its back 100 ft in the air? Why can’t you trust atoms? What do you get when you boil a funny bone?
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    Twice I was on the 2nd place Boomerang team in the US. One year I was ranked 36th in the nation as a boomeranger.
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    Wololo! Haven't posted this little project here until now, because I was too lazy to translate it and on top of that not sure if it was too much skin or not enough, so I first had to browse through other pieces of KDM work to check if it was okay. Found the exact same picture of one of my references, so I thought: Okay - I can try to translate it now. After my surprisingly effective try to paint skin on this fellow (check ->here<-) I thought: Why not try and replicate the result on another figure. So I browsed through my pile of shame and found a KDM miniature with barely any clothes on her. So I thought: What perfect way to train smooth transitions. So after wiping off the dust and priming her ... I started working on the base layers and first shadows. After I had applied some more shadows and highlights, I noticed I had defined the thin red line between the muscles of her thigh a bit too strong ... And in the process of painting her feet, I somehow lost her toes - Oh, my god! So while I was working on the other parts of her body and slowly building up the paint, I tried to work on her right thigh and on her right foot and get back the definition of the toes. So after a full day of recovery operations, I finally had a look at my corrections and was surprised ... In the end I had undone all my previous work and recreated the wrong transition ... But I found the toes! Yay! The outlining was a bit too strong, so I had to correct that as well ... But I managed to make her skin surprisingly smooth. In the end, I had to repaint the whole muscle section I worked on for a long time. But now she's got beautiful buns and thighs buns and thighs Time for me to map out the other body parts ... making progress. Wonderful! And while I am fighting her skin, Rhini took a reference book for NMM (In German, I used this to joke about metal painting rhinos - but unfortunately this only work in German) But ... to be honest. I have no idea how I have to paint her dagger. I really don't know. I've got to think about it. I've painted NMM only once - it was okay, but not enough to make me feel safe doing it. Well ... we will see.
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    People tend to be surprised at how much I like cute girly stuff. I tend to give off a cool vibe rather than a cute one. I don't wear pink, or dresses, or makeup (unless it's for cosplay) so people think of me more like a tough tomboy, but I have been known to squee over shiny stickers.
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    Aunt is keeping us up to date, so far they had the peaceful protests and didn't get called in for some of the night riots. Exciting thing was launching the tear gas to disperse people blocking the highway.
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    Reminds me of the theory that the reason Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC is because beneath the Kentucky hills, in vast caverns are mile upon mile of vines where "chicken" parts are grown and harvested. I don't remember where first I heard that, but I wonder if the greed of the executives will cause them to delve too deep in expanding the vines, thus awakening an evil of the ancient world, a baleful creature of Flame, Shadow, and Feathers....a Rooster-rog if you will. Perhaps a relation to the goose/dragon that is the Gulthor... (which reminds me that before Thanksgiving I need to see if I can find a turkey figure or toy that is easily convertable into a greater demon...)
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    MEOW practicing Social Distancing
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    Agreed. Watching her swing around, perfectly horizontal, holding onto the pole with nothing more than her right elbow... I mean, wow. Mad respect. On an entirely different topic, I believe this Dilbert comic is extremely relevant right now: https://dilbert.com/strip/2009-04-17 Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Umm, well most people (in the general sense) probably don't know I paint miniatures On the forums...umm, errr, that's harder......hmmm........
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    Is that one of the ones to pull your shoulders back? If so I'd be curious to know how it works for you. Ummm, you could make muffins in those....or tarts...molds for home made chocolate peanut butter cups? This is a truly shocking development..... As is this: Signed up for a new patreon last night, Papsikels Miniatures. Some neat sci-fi/cyberpunk stuff. This is the June preview. I ended up signing up now to snag the May content as well after seeing the robotic demon thing....
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    Unfortunately not :( On the plus side, I've been furloughed so I'm staying at home on 80% pay which is fantastic. You may well be right about the noise/people- I work in a city so it might even be a combination of that and background pollution. It has been nice not having to do all my usual coping strategies though. Being able to walk through an awesome green space everyday has probably helped as well. Which reminds me, I haven't posted any wildlife pictures in the randomness thread in ages! Time to look through those memory cards....
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    WOOF practicing Social Distancing
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    I take 'em off, but I switch to moccasins for inside. I learned a long time ago that stepping on Legos barefoot sucks, so I got in the habit of always having something on my feet Larry Elmore, I've always loved his art.
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    Didn't sleep well last night and spent half the day in various business meetings that had been put off because of the virus. Things are opening up some here now. Late afternoon the batteries died and I really needed a nap. For some reason the wife left the house and 2 year old with me. Brother was in another room. She got to playing with the junk in my night stand which is full of all kind's of odds and ends. Sort of noticed when she shoved a pen between my fingers and was using another to scribble on a note pad. Then she shoved an ear plug in my ear and another up my nose. That almost got my eyes opened. The final straw was when I heard a familiar "snick" sound. It was a jack knife opening. Didn't even know that my wife had taken one out of my jeans and thrown it in that drawer. It's so dull it might be able to cut butter on a hot day but still I shudder to think where she might have tried to stick it. On the plus side she found a letter buried in there with important info on it that I'd been searching for a few days. Wasn't supposed to be in that drawer. On another topic youtube has decided that I need to watch this video regularly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8OI9FllKfg&list=RDd8OI9FllKfg&index=1 I'm inclined to agree. OK version of a song I like and Kasia Bielecka is impressive. Beauty, power and grace. Had no idea there was such a thing as pole dancing championships before I looked her up. My only viewings of pole dancing before this weren't nearly that athletic. Don't worry the video's safe for work.
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    It would seem I ordered a plastic muffin tin, not a six deep well plastic palette... Well, if plastic didn't melt in the oven anyways. Wow this thing's huge.
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    Looks like I missed the moment of contact. But it looks like they are close to "Docking Complete".
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    If they don't know by now, then they fail the "need to know" minimum standard.
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    So so many! All the talented sculptors including, but not limited to Julie Guthrie and Bob Ridolfi @TaleSpinner Jason Wiebe Artists like Anne Foerster, @Wren, @Corporea and Angel Giraldez Basically, I just really want to go to Reapercon someday. It's not likely, since I'm on a different continent, but one can dream. I totally get that! The times that I've accidentally ran into celebrities were much easier to deal with because my brain didn't have a chance to overanalyze everything and trip me up.
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    Pass. It’s not that I don’t want to meet anyone in the game industry. I’m just not sure how to behave around them and I don’t want to come off as a total loon. Social anxiety fun times. Yay.
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    Forgot to mention - in the adult fantasy cops game, the PCs have met Luscious - the transgender ogre cabbie - that has had her girdle of masculinity/femininity stolen. Sounds like a joke, but really isn't - she feels violated, and hasn't gone out in public since - it took her years of work to find and afford the girdle - and somebody had to cast Remove Curse on her to steal it. Part of her identity has been stolen away. This was not a crime of impulse. Somebody planned for it and prepared for it. But, sadly, most of the NPC cops are treating it as a joke. The Auld Grump
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    Chris Perkins has always been an inspiration to me as a DM.
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    I've actually attended a championship competition a few years ago. Those women are VERY athletic.
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    This! Including the sweater... at least when the weather calls for it. During the summer it's apartment flip flops rather than shoes, but... Michael Curtis, author of Stonehell, and numerous DCC adventures. Joseph McCullough - creator of Frostgrave
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    Continued working :) Have a bit more of the canopy worked on, but have not decided how I want to highlight it. Might just use the base colors I used before the wash, but unsure what I want to do with it from here. Also did some work on the ghosts and Charon. You can't really tell from the first pic, but the Greek soul has a white wash on it before I did the light blue drybrush. It looks almost as if she's got a white transparent dress on, similar to the soul with the red dress in the other pictures. You'll notice that they are still translucent (the one pic of the other 3 you can see the sunlight coming in the room through them), but they also have some solidity to them as well. I still have their bases to make look like it's wood like the boat, and Charon has a bunch of work left to do on it (like the layering of the black and bones and the oar, and some other details). The greek soul has a copper coin for Charon, and Charon is staring at one. Unfortunately in this lighting you can't see the drybrush very well on the souls. I will try to get better pictures as I move along, I want to paint their eyes white (I think), and then I have the lost souls I'm doing in a similar vein, but am using a green wash and green drybrush on.
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    The weather is all sorts of messed up around here. Winter to spring to summer under two weeks, Two weeks ago, nights were still way below zero, and lake was still mostly frozen over. Last week, ice free lake, and the leaves finally started to bud and come out. This week, early 30+°C heat wave (before factoring in humidity). Hotter even further south. This sort of weather is brutal on already vulnerable seniors. I'm going to check up on my mother. She *hates* hot weather (I'm not that different really), but her retirement home air conditioner should be functional.
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    Got myself some more 3D files to print.
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    These are two copies of the Reaper Bones Large Earth Elemental 77185, sculpted by Kevin Williams. I saw someone, I can’t recall who, paint up, it might have been one of these, like cooling lava which I thought was lovely, so I wanted to give it a try. I painted the lava version very quickly, in a few sessions: A layer of butter-yellow intensified with yellow glazing, then laying on pure black paint rather thickly, then some washes of Quinacridone Magenta and some fiddling with that and yellow on the gems. The rock version I painted v-e-r-y slowly, in many layers over time, often with whatever paint was left on my palette from other paintings. I’m not sure when I started it, but since I haven’t painted any minis at all for the last year, it’s been some time. I thought it interesting how very different a sculpt can look depending on how you paint it.
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    Oooh, surprise package came in... Surprise as in I'd totally forgotten I'd ordered this, quite possibly because I've been constantly waiting on updates for my magnets... Turns out it was my Jackson's Art Supplies order I put in 19 days ago, sweet! 2x Raphael 8404 size 0 brushes (one for me, one for hubby), a "six deep wells" plastic palette, and... Well, just those three things. Remember folks. Read the dimensions before ordering products. Pretty certain though that I'll be able to mix up larger batches of primer with these though, given just how huge they are... Sir Forscale could take a good deep soak of a bath in just one if he so wished! And yes, it's larger than the wet palette that's just underneath it (and that I really should actually start trying to use)
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    With the Stepminion moving out this past weekend, I gives me the chance to revamp the room he was in and get the 3-D printers out of the living room. It also facilitated the need to acquire a variety of items in order to make the room more functional. Most orders were placed Saturday and Sunday, and they are already starting to trickle in. Received today: 32" Curved 4k Monitor Ipevo Document scanner (like what Anne & Aaron uses) Insta Pot Ceramic Insert (the Insta Pot is due in next week) Posture Brace to try to help relieve the pain in my neck & shoulders by fixing my posture).
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    The one on the left cries out for voice acting by the late Peter Lorre. Never mind why I am whistling Hall of the Mountain King.
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    Or both... And driving through a stack of cardboard boxes. Can't forget that part. https://dilbert.com/strip/1997-10-29
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    I wear my shoes pretty much constantly. This is due to a birth defect that causes one of my legs to be about 3/4" shorter than my other leg, necessitating walking on tiptoes on my right foot if I'm not wearing shoes. Coupled with the overall poor condition my feet have been for the past two - three years due to my generally bad gait and I have pain walking without shoes for much distance, even with a foot brace worn almost all the time. I honestly don't follow the game industry that closely, so I don't know many personalities. I'd say "Wayne Reynolds" but I've technically met him already.
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    I'm honestly not sure. Years of traveling to gaming conventions and hanging out at game stores has brought me into contact with a bunch of industry people. There are obviously a lot more whom I haven't met, but I'm not sure who I would put on my wish list. At this stage, I think I would much rather get to hang out socially with Industry people whom I have already met, but only see at mile-a-minute events when they are super busy. (I don't want to name drop, but it would be nice to get to hang out with people like @TaleSpinner at a time when neither of us have to be anywhere for a few hours.) I've met him, and we were both perfectly friendly towards each other, even in the middle of certain crowd-funding... events. It was a side effect of meeting the Chuck Walton at Gencon. Chuck was super nice, and I am delighted to have a photo of the two of us together, and some of his original pencil art hanging on my wall.
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    A few Origins ago I checked off you and Brian from mine.
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