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    Last year I painted Reaper's Halloween Knight with - I think - some success (you can check the mini on my Insta account, @albertnyarla); so I decided to start a tradition and pay hommage to my favourite festivity this year too. Here I went with one of my favourite horror tropes, the Witch, with this fantastic Witch Coven by Reaper, under the "Tree of Despair" from Bones IV, with a couple hommages to good horror movies. Had to refrain myself to include even more references to avoid getting it too crowded. Overall, I'm happy with the outcome. It will mean everything (if you like it) to give it a like and maybe a follow on Instagram, it really helps with motivation ^^
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    I PASSED! I passed, I passed, I passed! :funny victory dance:
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    First minis I've painted in 20+ years. Had lots of fun with this and will be painting more!
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    Hi folks, My very first snow base! I haven't attempted Non-Metallic Metal on a shield like this before and I'm happy with how it's turned out :) Thanks, Mocha
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    Been running The Dragon's Demand for my Pathfinder group, and decided to try to sculpt the final boss for this module. There's a ton of mistakes I'd like to have fixed and overall things I'd like to work on, but I think I'll just try it again with a new dragon sculpt. Advice and suggestions on what to improve are more than welcome! I'm also looking forward to try out molding one of these larger sculpts, so advice on that, if you have any, would be nice to hear. I based this on the picture shown in the book and some other green dragon references.
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    I present my Dark Confederacy posse for Dracula's America, the followers of Ms. Ludella Whitehand. Service is for life. And afterwards.
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    FINALLY!!!! I've had to sit on the knowledge that Reaper WAS doing a ship ever since ReaperCon!!! (I found out at a dinner with some of the Reaper employees and was sworn to secrecy MANY times) It's been so painful because I wanted to confirm it so badly but I couldn't!! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    thought ppl here would find these cute :) my twin girls (3.5 years old) in the presence of the Great Cthulhu, and then trying to play with the Gojirasaurus :)
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    Clothes inspired by fox hunters. My painted writting on the scroll is rubish, notice you cant see it in these pictures. It is very hard to reach the scroll from behind, or around the curls. It is my third figure from the Dreadmere expansion, grabbed randomly from the "This looks fun to paint" group from that expansion. found the metal version - I need to make some fixes on this one.
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    I don't think I shared this here yet; this is my version of Goldar. I started the conversion years ago, then my cat knocked him off a table and out of sight for years - until I found him, with his original horns broken off the helm, so I put on the antlers instead. One of my first uses of the RMS Barbarian Flesh Triad (not sure its an official triad, but Ruddy Flesh, Barbarian Flesh, and Warrior Flesh are what I am using here).
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    First real attempt at object source lighting. Model was zenithal primed and painted using glazes and inks
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    Hey all! Here's a quick speedpaint from this evening. It was a two hour deal, from prime to varnish. The only thing that I did yesterday was assembly.
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    Found them, they were in the Reapercon 2019 photo thread
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    Told Awesome Wife about the ship and that it might be too big. She laughed and said that id be getting it anyways. She's right.
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    My godson's mum is beside herself right now. His very first word wasn't "mama" or "dada", it was a very clear and loud "CAT!".
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    This is 77285: Skeletal Champion, a Bones miniature sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. The WIP thread is over here. My primary purpose was to practice blending on his cloak. Everything else is done to a tabletop quality. (click on the pictures for larger versions) Paints used: (all Reaper MSP or Bones) Armor: Dragon Bronze undercoated with Russet Brown, drybrushed with Dragon Gold and Shining Mithril Leather: Oiled Leather, drybrushed with Burnt Orange and Linen White Bones: Skeleton Bone, drybrushed with Linen White Ground: Desert Sone, drybrushed with Skeleton Bone and Linen White Cloak: Runic Purple midtone, Styx Purple and Walnut Brown for shadows, Amethyst Purple, Sorcerous Mist, and Linen White for highlights Wash: Brown Wash thinned with water and Flow Improver Lining: Brown Liner I think the cloaked turned out pretty well. The contrast is higher than I would normally have done (I was a little heavy-handed when I roughed in the highlights) but I think it looks better. What do you think? As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome. I won't be doing any more work on this mini (except possibly sealing) but I can always use advice to improve my next mini.
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    It's a SHIP! 32 inches of playable deck area. 37 inches with the bowspirit. 9 inches wide.
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    For those that don't want the Undersea Expansion because you'll never run underwater campaigns, I just wanted to point out that most all the models in the expansion so far could easily be water-lined and put to use interacting with characters on boats or that come too close to the water's edge...
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    Just something that was mentioned on today’s Bones 5 Twitch show. At some point a special edition Sophie dice set will be added to the core, as a tie in to the comics, where Sophie has her lucky dice stolen and tries to get them back.
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    My post from the commentary thread on the KS. There are a (very) few trolls (imo) who have been pretty negative about the KS in general, and somewhat insulting to supporters as well. Unfortunately, their 1$ buy in will allow them to continue their grumbling indefinitely. (Begin) Some numbers to ease the concerns of those who may have been disturbed by the more negative commentary earlier in this thread. It won't help some, as they are committed to their narrative, but for those who are willing to consider FACTS rather than innuendo and demagoguery, this may ease their minds. In terms of money, we did not reach this point in Bones 4 until day 27. At that point, we had unlocked 118 core minis, 3 expansions for another 106 minis, and 45 add-on minis. Time wise, the core set was at 91 minis, we had unlocked 1 expansion with 34 minis, and a total of 24 add-on minis. Currently, we are at 127 minis in the core, , 3 unlocked expansions with 90 total minis, and 76 add-on minis. Would I like to see more? of course. Is it really worth grumbling and throwing complaints about? IMO, not really. Again, if you are committed to your narrative, rather than actual FACTS, this will not dissuade you. However there are still a few people out there who prefer reality to any constructed narrative. (end)
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    Back again after way too long away. Just been really antisocial for the last few years :) Hope everyone is still well :)
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    Yeah, my puny leather wallet kept whining and complaining...so I ditched it for a carbon fiber one that can handle the strain.
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    Thanks everyone! I’ve been kinda euphoric all day. After being a total grumpasaurus the last couple weeks, I’m sure it’s a pleasant change for my house mates. Anyway, now I have to wait for the state to issue my license. After that I can get down to the business of making mucho munnies!!! And then I can buy ALL THE MINIS!!!!
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    Got a really good onesie for my girl: (I may have a small finger, but I have daddy wrapped around it!) So, I think I submitted my insurance agent application. Website was hecking confusing.