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    Hello all, soooo this is my version of Narthrax, I've painted him with nothing in mind but "try to make it realistic"... it turned out cartonish -.- well... too many hours spent on this beast, but in the end it looks pretty cool, i think. Very hard to take good pictures of him :/ EDIT - new pics: Old outside pics: It lacks the base as he will be part of a diorama (a "no so realistic one" :D ) hope you like it :)
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    Lovely model, finished in 30 minutes ex. priming and basing :)
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    Last couple of weeks have kept me busy, but I'm back! (Briefly.) 60191 is a gorgeous, gracile sculpt by Derek Schubert. A Pathfinder mini, but much more "clean" and less "busy" than many others. Crisp and elegant detail. I love making coral colors from oranges and whites, so her kimono is an orange-to-white-peach gradient. A passerby suggested the contrasting green of the bow and hair wrap (ArmyPainter Kraken Skin). The cherry blossom motifs on the kimono are Rhinox Hide and matte white; on the fans, they are Rich Espresso metallic dark bronze and Runefang Steel silver. This isn't my best work, but it easily cracks the top ten IMO. Took two sessions so far. I'll probably fiddle more with the details of shading and tassels/beads later, but I'm eager to post something. More pics with very slight variations below. Sorry for the poor lighting; sun went down while I was making the Shinto arch.
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    Finished up #77057 Juliette, female Sorceress. Very happy with the end results. Only problem I had with the sculpt is the right boot which was really lumpy and not well defined but that's only a minor complaint as i really love the overall sculpt. Had a bit of a panic when i was working on the face when some paint got in the right eye so i had to redo it but think i salvaged it though the outline is a bit less now. Oh and on the face and small details 18/0 brush is your friend. Main colors: Spruce Green Phantom Glow Heartwood Brown Scholar flesh
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    Really like this sculpt. A lot of fun to paint and base. I'd do the fur different a second time around, but this taught me a few things before doing the dire wolf fur, which helped immensely.
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    Tried my hand at weathering today, needed more color so I decided screw it and dived in. Intended to make it look like grime collecting on the gravestones. Comments and criticism is welcome since this was my first attempt.
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    Eerie. Sometimes fate has its say. Vending machine wouldn't give my partner a soda today. Instead it spat back an extra $2.50 We miss our bus home and there's this guy with a suitcase all mad and despondent. He's been from St Paul to Myrtle Beach to Philly and he's just trying to get to Atlantic City so he can go home. We figure out he can use his credit card to get a greyhound ticket but he needs to catch this bus we all missed to get to the greyhound. There's another bus in 15 minutes but he has no cash, he needs bus fare to get there. $2.50 and he can get home tonight. Welp. We found out why the vending machine gave us an extra $2.50. With any luck he's getting on a greyhound right about now.
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    These are the PCs for my kids in the D&D campaign we started up for their first foray into ttrpg. Fun to paint, but slow (for me) with all the tiny details. The pair have already got up to a lot of crazy nonsense with the rest of the group. (Pictures are a little blurry, apologies.)
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    Hop, here we go ! Succubi (nude) : https://postimg.cc/DmM9ZxJP
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    Hi guys, i know i have been of the forum lately, and i have promise on recent posts that i were going to post more, well i hope to keep that promise XD, i have lot of things done and some others that i m doing rigth know, so here is a zombicide bruce miniature that a local game store gave me, because i atended to their game nigth, and well i just painted it, hope you guys like it .
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    Completed with Reaper and Vallejo paints.
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    Took my own spin on this model. I saw him more as an elder forest god. I decided to take it in a very depressing direction by making him suffer from an invasive plant species, gradually slowing him down until he is nothing but a sentient immobile tree. Added the base to exaggerate the size. I'm going to throw in a detail shot of the base, because why not
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    I've coveted this sculpt for years but couldn't justify it until very recently. BUT! Just before this past Free RPG Day, indie game designer Emmy Allen released a game called Deep Morphean Transmissions. The PCs are told they are espionage and counterintel agents infiltrating various levels of the collective unconsious. Not all of their given information is reliable. It is fun mystery solving times. Think Delta Green crossed with Dreamlands Call of Cthulhu with a dash of Paranoia, but much more rules-light. Anyway, one faction in said game is the Squid-Men from Ib. From the (public-domain) text: "Picture an octopus or cuttlefish, its bag-like body protruding from the collar of a smart evening suit, eyes and beak lopsided as they peer at you, tentacles extending within the clothing to simulate limbs and hands. Its limbs bend wrong, its movements are too fluid, it squirms and flows as it moves. From the inside-pocket of its jacket, with alien deftness, it withdraws a black steel revolver. ...You’d be surprised how often the locals will ignore the fact that the person they’re talking to is a seven-foot-tall octopus." It was too perfect. For the color scheme, I went with the one used on my Edofleini ( https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86756-spacefuture-bombshells-edofleini-brain-squids-from-space/ ) and the most forgettable grey G-man suit possible. The midcentury fedora is an eyelet judiciously mutilated with pliers. Guest appearance by Rattrap's Bridget O'Rourke, whom we have seen before. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82674-the-arkham-advertiser-editor-and-photography-division/ Patrick Keith really knocked this one out of the park with its pulpy polypous menace. I need to get another to paint in a lab coat and brown suit. And I need to play some more Deep Morphean Transmissions. We ALL should. That is me, Rigel, recommending it of my own free will. Not an octopoid doppelganger trying to spread a memetic paradigm rendering the mammalian brain less hack-resistant. In fact, I'm under no outside influence at all, mental or otherwise, because Squid Men are definitely fictional and always have been, and ontological weapons are banned also purely fictitious. As well you know, citizen.
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    I acquired some random bits and knew almost right away I wanted to make a goblin barbarian with his big maul. Not having the original head was a blessing, the stand in orc head with green-stuffed ears and nose worked out much better for the look I wanted. ...please don't mention the size of his ears, he is a little sensitive about them (and will definitely hear you whispering about him).
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    Hi guys and gals, two more figures from classic Rat Partha, these two are currently called "Beggars" but used to be part of a Children of the Night set that came with a seated old holy voodoo gentleman I painted recently. Here's the original set: and here are the two beggars: and here is the front of the female beggar, linked for an exposed female mammal part dangling about: Female Beggar, beware mammal parts!! I didn't originally mean to give the male beggar a black eye, but his eye was actually just a small little slit, and I was going to leave it as a dark link. So I did the line, then did the black eye, but after that, because I just couldn't resist, I tried to put white over the slit, and even though the white slit kind of took over and made it big enough for an eyeball to go there too, I think it came out okay. The two figures were pretty simple and they are rather small, being some nice old Dennis Mize 25mm. If I remember to, I'll grab the quarter comparison shot one of these days. and just in case you want to see the whole set, I'm sticking the little old drummer voodoo priest here as well: to show the complete set! So hope you enjoy, thanks for having a look!
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    Finally finished Blood Rage monsters. Took me a while to get to them all, Frost Giant was a rush job, forgot paint mixing ratios after base coating.
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    Gave this model a different arm and hand pose, sculpted a wooden stick and used a resin bit from avatars of war necromancer for the spear head. This was a speedpaint that took probably around an hour. Thanks for looking! The original model:
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    Gave this enthusiastic fellow a quick paint up recently. I really like him, way more than I thought I would. I ended up getting a second set of goblins during the last kickstarter and I'm thinking the other copy of this may end up being the singer in my growing goblin band. I just need to find a tiny little mic stand to replace his axe.
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    “...and I, Colonel Duke Jones, stand on the surface of Mars for all of humankind and in the spirit of exploration that’s taking our species beyond its Earthly bounds. And I’m lighting this cigar to celebrate a successful mission.” “Haha. Good speech, Duke. You're the first human in 76 years to stand on the surface of another planet. How’s it feel to be further from Earth than any other human being?” “Pretty good, Pioneer. It’s humbling and really gives a sense of perspective. The air is thin but breathable. Those terraforming guys did a great job. Hey, the camera’s working, right? This is being broadcast back to Earth?” “Yep, it's all good. There's a delay but they're getting it. Audience figures are even bigger than Kim Kardashian’s state funeral, so well done!” “How do things look from up there in orbit?” “We’re all good, just watching you and keeping an eye on your vitals.” “OK, Pioneer. I’m gonna have another puff on this cigar and—” “Duke, sorry to break in, but Jim just had an idea. The Earth is directly behind you. Could you turn around so we can get a shot of you looking back at it?” “Sure thing, Pioneer.” “How’s this?” “That's just perfect, Duke. Everything’s A-OK.” “Good to know, Pioneer. We're still live, right?” “We certainly are. Jim, you owe me fifty dollars.”
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    It has arrived! Found this at a yard sale about a week ago, just brought it home. This is a lovely old Timex watch display. It lights up and the shelves rotate automatically. The whole thing is a little over 3 feet tall. Spacers on the shelves are about 3.5 inches apart, shelves are about 4.5 inches tall, so it won't handle big dragons, but it will easily take busts, many Giants, 54 or 72mm figures... Pretty cool! The lighting is a florescent loop, which isn't a problem, but the plastic shading the light has yellowed with age. That seems to be the only real restoration issue right now, though, so I'm pretty pleased.
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    Doggie is done with surgery and awake. She is expected to come home on Friday. We are going to visit her in a little while.
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    The pitter-patter of little flat feet, a jingling of bells, & a ghastly shriek, then a frightening visage appears. That is how Wailin' & Flash appear in The Grayscale Caverns: They are generally ignored: There you have the Lads; Legends in their own minds.
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    When Blackstone fortress was released and I heard of a Man Of Iron being among the minis I had to have one! Bought him separately and had him sitting around for a bit, and I finally decided to paint him up. Painted him up with the colors of my AdMech force and shaved off the Aquila. I'd love to get another one or two and modify them. But that's a project for another day. Love to hear what you all think.
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    733 So Husband, myself, and a few friends are playing basic expert D&D. I recently died so I rolled up a cleric. She speaks to the trees. Her name is Loraxia. That is all.
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    Here is the face of a diva. Won grand champion and now wants a carrot.