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    I had the privilege of painting this year's ReaperCon Sophie, and I thought people might enjoy it if I shared a few views. She's a fun mini to paint. Everything's clearly laid out and apparent, and Bob did such a wonderful job sculpting her face. I think he really captured the pose and spirit of Talin's artwork well. If you aren't into the wings, it shouldn't be too difficult to fill in the plug on the back where they slot in. If you are into wings, the extra attachment point of a small hole on the skirt makes them nice and easy to glue on, and they seem pretty secure to me. (I"m kind of cursed in the area of gluing/assembly.) This is a special edition figure that will only be sold by Reaper during ReaperCon (maybe a little after, but I'd go get one from August 29 - September 2 just to be sure. Actually I will be grabbing more than one, because I would happily paint this again, but however many you want, that's your window. Maybe put it on your calendar to remember if you really want one of these lovely figures. If you aren't able to attend ReaperCon in person, she'll also be sold on the Reaper web store. Here is the wonderful art that Izzy did for the character concept. Here's a picture of Bob Ridolfi's terrific sculpt bringing that artwork to life. And this is a colour version of a seated Sophie that I used to reference to try to capture Talin's vision for the colours.
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    Because not every dragon has to be one solid color he's a vegetarian. His favorite food is mango . Tropical dragons spit a citrus smelling acid. At least it smells good while you die. and it's good for cleaning floors
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    Reaper released a new miniature for each of the 4 factions at ReaperCon this year. This was the release that represented the River Widows: a woman and a big axolotl, both sculpted by Bobby Jackson. (I figured that "Cailleach" was Gaelic but I didn't know how to say it. A web-search says it is like "Kal-ee-akh". The diphthong "ai" is the sound in our word "pal", not "pile".) I put both figures on one 30mm round base, with a tree stump that I sculpted for her to stand on. I did an image-search for axolotl colors. There are black, brown, green, yellow, pale pink/white ... but apparently the lighter colors are rare in wild specimens and more common for pets. I chose light olive-green (with dark mottling) with reddish gills, similar colors to what Cailleach is wearing. (But see below for how it would look as a lighter color.) I can imagine people getting this axolotl figure to use on its own, for dioramas, etc. I changed her hair a bit to match Talin's concept art more closely (shown here in a photo from the ReaperCon program). The stock miniature has wavy hair covering both ears. I cut away the mass of hair on the right and sculpted a new ear and curls. I also added some sharper curls on the left side. If I hadn't done that conversion, the figure would have looked more like this: A quick experiment to make the axolotl lighter-colored: Enjoy, Derek
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    Hi all! I am freshly back from ReaperCon now, and (though many of you will see another version of this post with more convention-specific comments on Facebook later today) I wanted to finally share pictures of my competition entry this year with my forum family directly! I was super honored to win the Gold Sophie Trophy in the Painters category this year, and I have many people to thank for that, not the least of which is my wonderful wife for letting me put in so many late nights of painting gearing up for the convention! I also had a super fun time teaching classes, spending too much money on new minis, and just in general hanging out with all of you! But, anyway, on to the mini herself! Thanks so much for looking, and I hope you all like her!
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    Here are my two kitsune figures, painted at last! These two are available in Dark Heaven Legends as 03801 Kogo (him) and 03802 Dijoro (her). In Bones, they are 77473 and 77474. I painted the metal versions. Pathfinder has rules for kitsune and tengu characters, and they have been legal in Pathfinder Society for a couple of years, so I wanted Reaper to have miniatures available to those players. I sculpted these two in late 2015 (wow, that long ago?!). They were in the "Eastern Legends" stretch-goal of the Bones 3 Kickstarter, along with my 3 tengu figures and Tre Manor's oni. You can search for the keyword "tengu" to find my painted examples here in the Show-Off forum. And here is a link to my Show-Off thread of my conversion of an elf to a kitsune. I had chosen these general colors (green/teal for him, and pink/purple for her) at least a year ago, but not the details. I've spent 20+ hours on each of the two, including prep, priming, image-searches, painting, a few rounds of photos and touchups, and now this post. I had intended to give them quick-but-clean paint jobs (not more than 10 hours each), but the hours added up with the detailed patterns and freehand, the custom "Japanese garden" bases (his Zen garden of stones and raked gravel, and her stone and lantern), and repainting both figures' bladed weapons with simpler smooth gradients (over a very busy small-brushstroke effect the first time). I sculpted their clothes relatively simply, so you can paint them with smooth blends or give them intricate freehand patterns. I did an online image-search for "Japanese fabric patterns" and used a few that I liked most. The color and pattern of his shirt are inspired by a piece of celadon pottery with a network of fine cracks in its glaze. I expected to paint his sake bottle and cup in a lighter color (white or celadon green), but the rusty red worked better in the composition. I did an image-search for "red glazed sake cups" to assure myself of a real-world precedent. A few more notes and details: What's with her pose? I intended her to be drawing a hidden knife from her bodice, though I think I sculpted it a little too well-hidden. Her expression is devious on the right side but fake-afraid on the left. Nevermind the naginata in plain sight, it's the hidden knife that her opponent should fear!... I asked ReaperRon (art director) whether a female kitsune should have humanlike hair to be more obviously feminine, and sketched a few options. He preferred this one with the long flowing hair. I painted it with a transition from orange to dark brown so there wouldn't be an obvious hairline. I like the accidental color on his haramaki ("belly-warmer" armor) -- I couldn't decide whether to paint it green, blue, purple, or brown, and the multiple layers of paint combined in an interesting way. That smirk! I need to call them done and move on to other projects. Enjoy! Derek
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    Friends! Here are 23 additional figures I painted in September. The results are largely for tabletop, or slightly better than tabletop quality. The Dreadmere Hunter was a free miniature at ReaperCon...I hated it but got it for my son, he loved it and his little 8-year-old heart decided that it was to be his DND ranger I also painted the Barrel Mimic which Galladoria Games gave away as a new attendee this year. I painted a DGS miniature named Jhenkar (a small version of the Neverending Story dragon). I also painted two Red Box Games miniatures, Derek the Dim and Hvitarnor (first time doing a 5-o'clock shadow). Lots of experimenting with TMM and NMM. Just having fun, trying things and enjoying making progress...
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    This is the beholder from Wizkids. He is my first completed mini for Saturated Seotember where I am going to try and spend some time painting every day for the month of September. I have a WIP thread going if anyone wants to follow along or join in! He got a little more orange than I intended but I don't mind how he turned out. I want to get my hands on another one and greenstuff his eye to make a different (round) iris and pupil. Fun mini to paint. We'll have to see how my players like him!
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    My first time entering any sort of competition. So here it is! My version of the Yeti Cheiftan 77434 for LadyStorm's contest. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82989-ladystorms-winter-contest-yeti/
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    I was the painter for the last Dungeon Dweller of the year, Caerindra Thistlemoor. I’m still putting the finishing touches on the painting guide to go with her, which will include sections on painting red hair and freckles. But in the meantime, I thought I would share more photo views. (And a sneak peak of a cute little fellow I’ll post more of in a few days...) I also have more information on the painting process that I used for this figure up on my blog. https://birdwithabrush.com/2018/12/03/caerindra-thistlemoor-roughing-in-lights-and-shadows/ This first WIP picture is a reference photo I took with a strong light to help guide me as to where to place highlights, shadows, and midtones while painting. The second picture is an example of how I used that information to rough in the shadows and highlights for the non-metallic metal.
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    Dark Sword Miniatures Female witch with wand, sculpted by Jeff Grace.
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    @Guildensternwas my assigned recipient for the Summer paint exchange. She likes CAV and 40k and all these things I don't know anything about! I thought @robinh had made a mistake in his assignments until I saw that she likes mouseling! Ok, mouselings are something I like to paint. I went to my stash of mouselings. Yes, I have a stash of mouselings. Doesn't everyone? I hadn't ever painted the prince snd princess before so decided I would paint them. I have no idea where the idea to turn a toilet paper roll and Tropicana lids into a tower came from but there it was, the idea for Ratpunzel was born. It was fun to make, paint, and put all the flowers on. So, without further ado.... Ratpunzel! Ratpunzel! Let down your tail!
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    Behold, Bregan the valkyrie! Gene Van Horne sculpted her, and she was a lot of fun to paint. The rock has a core of old leftover bits (Green Stuff), held together with new putty, and a surface layer of Green Stuff + ProCreate + Aves Apoxie Sculpt. I have a big container of glue-on snow product in my cabinet but haven't used it much -- I have generally sculpted snow as solid masses and then used paint to add the flaky texture -- example1 (dark elf sorceress), example2 (dwarf king) but I decided to go back to the old for a change. I think I also used this same container of "snow" on 02152 Fafnir of Kjord (link) ... painted in 2003!!! There's a Throwback Thursday for you. My painting style has changed a little since then. Enjoy, Derek
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    Arthur Wanderhat, Wizard: 02905 Paint by: Arc 724 Sculpted by: Geoff Valley Title: Usidore the Blue The second figure done in honor of Hello From The Magic Tavern. This is Usidore the Blue. I was very pleased how he turned out. I got the red face of a wizard that drinks a lot of mead. Ha! As well as his staff that I sculpted in the rock based on the lore of the type of stone he has in it. Finally the bird is paint to be a sparrow - his favorite type of bird. The base is also sculpted.
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    Dug up an old mini by Sandra Garrity, which, according to my database, I bought over 10 years ago. I don’t know which is sadder, that I actually made a database of my unpainted minis or that I still have 188 unpainted ones (and these are just the Reaper ones!). Wanted to give her a roguishly, confident face and I’m pleased with how it turned out. As for her clothes, after reading Rhonda Bender’s articles, I think I need more contrast. Base made from air-dry clay. Thanks for looking.
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    From the first post of my WIP thread:http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82127-warduke/&tab=comments#comment-1741308 Some of you are old enough to remember the old Dungeons and Dragons toy line from way back when. In that toy line, they featured an evil fighter named Warduke. He also made one appearance in the cartoon, and was given stats (more than once) for use in the pencil and paper RPG. I have decided to make/convert a copy of him for myself. This is who I'm talking about for those that don't know, or remember: He got brought back for 3.0 or 3.5 edition D&D, too: Now, that's some pretty cool artwork, and my apologies to Mr. Reynolds, but it's wrong. Warduke is LEFT handed. See? I brought him to Reapercon and entered him in the open category, and earned a bronze medal. Thanks to my judges ( @Corporea, @dks, and I'm not sure if Brice Cocanour is on the forum or not) as well as @Kuro Cleanbrush for giving me some excellent feedback on what was good and what I needed to improve on.
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    This is my attempt to try and paint this fella as an actual Thunderbird. I originally thought he should be a Phoenix, but I thought I should step out of my comfort zone for once. He's survived moving house and multiple cat attacks. Hope you like him :D
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    Hi all, so I painted this one for a friend who is going to be retiring next week, sculpted by the incredible Dave Summers. As always, so hard to decide upon colors, especially when you don't have a theme in mind, just to paint for a friend. The incredible painting done on the Dark Sword page (painted by Marike Reimer) I didn't want to copy, even though I kind of accidentally gave this lady a similar fur color. I tried to also stay away from the studio model version's brass/gold metal, and did metal, which for me is so hard to make look decent, so hopefully at least partially succeeded. There's also a few odd mold lines that I ended up painting into something. The button on her hat I think was some kind of odd casting, and that long pin as well, but I didn't scrape them exactly as well as I should have so had to make them into something. and I hope the red came out okay, I'm not sure if it went exactly as deep as I wanted it to go, or quite frankly as highlighted. Oh well, she's sealed and finished too late to worry about that now. Upon hindsight I should have made her goggle lenses another color, maybe green, instead of blue as they don't seem to differentiate themselves as much as they should from the metal. Oh well, maybe on the next guinea pig.... . and as a side note, her rifle kind of reminds me of a super soaker! So anyhoos, enjoy!
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    This is a conversion of the dark elf figure Aundine (14089 in the Warlord line) to represent my latest Pathfinder character, a changeling (orphan of a sea hag mother and a human father) with water-related magic and some rogue abilities. You can see the WIP thread here. I spent about 6 hours on prep & conversion & basing, and about 5 hours priming & painting. This will be a literal "tabletop mini", so I didn't spend the time to get very smooth blends, but it is still much more than a speedpaint. I took especial care on the face and had fun with her shiny "eelskin" armor. Would anyone like to know how I would judge this as an entry in ReaperCon's MSP Open painting contest, in either the Painters Division or the Open Division? Enjoy, Derek
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    Here is a conversion I did using a Bones Ghast. I like to use Nothics as spies, infiltrators and recurring villains in my DND game. I used copper wire as a starting point for spiky prominences on his back, added some spikes on his elbows and lastly, sculpted a central eye to cover the top of the ghast's face. I'm happy with the result, despite having to use painting skills to cover up the sub-par sculpting skills.
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    Survey Time! I'm going to let yall have a wee bit of input on the next Expansion Pack I feature for the updates. I have parameters I have to follow, so it isn't super open for yall to just give me wish lists and such. I have two expansion packs that are about the same level of complete in regards to models in hand here at HQ. One of them will be featured for November, much like Lost Valley was in Oct/Sept. Yall get to help decide which one we preview. The choices are either Dreadmere or Fan Favorites. Here is how you vote: Using the like this post feature, chose Thanks (purple Trophy Cup) to vote for Dreadmere Using the like this post feature, chose Haha (laughing Emoji) to vote for Fan Favorites If you have no opinion, feel free to vote one of the other options because they won't inflate the counts. On Monday, 10/22, I have to send the "provide me with this stuff" list to the art team, so that's the deadline for your vote to be counted.
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    I also painted this Plant Dragon to include in my Welcome to the Jungle diorama/terrain piece for my Lost World Project. Again, I thought it would be nice to show it off separately before it becomes part of the terrain.
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    Way back in May, I finished a Lava/Magma elemental that I teased as being a practice piece for something larger. It’s been longer than planned, but I’ve completed him, and I’m 99% happy with the results. I introduce the fearsome Marty the Lava Dragon. And one last one with his little buddy for comparison. There are definite differences in how the lava effect played out on the sculpts. I like them both for what they are. Colors used: P3 Heartfire, Magma Red, Walnut Brown, and P3 Coal Black (barely there in the very blackest areas). Technically, I also used Pure White as a base coat and later a couple times when I messed it up badly enough that I had to start over.
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    03823: Day of the Dead Duchess sculpted by Derek Schubert . I bought this figure a couple of years ago when it first came out but I had a hard time getting a vision of what it should look like. Then someone asked me to paint it for them, so I went searching for inspiration. Turns out, there are a lot of people who dress like this for the festival and there are lots of photos, so here's my interpretation. C&C welcome.
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    Sigh. I'm calling her done because I'm out of time, but to be honest, I'm still not happy with her. I could work on her for years and not be happy, just because the theme is so close to my heart and I want to do her justice. I may work on her a bit while I'm at Reapercon if I get a chance. There's some blending that needs love and the hair ornaments need some darker shadows. But at least she's, er, mostly done! Yeah! Whoooo! I get to check her off my Habitica list where she's been lingering for 6 months... This is the original bust: It's a nice cheap plaster piece made by a company called owfeel I got on amazon for less than $20. It's huge compared to most minis but good practice if you want to work with eyes and facial features. And here's what I did with it: Here's a close-up of the front and back: I sculpted most of the bits, but the fox is darksword's, the cat from Reaper's cat lady collection, and the bat from the bones familiar pack. One sneaky trick I worked in is red shadow in the face and hair. I love using complements to shade a color. It adds so much depth. I also did a good deal of glazing on the chest to blend in the freehand. Leaving it drawn on would make it look more added, rather than part of the whole or sunk into the skin like I wanted. She was a challenge to blend because of her size. Thus the super sneaky trick of covering her with freehand to avoid large areas of smooth blending. I think I hate blending now. I need a break from blending. Her colors are red shadow, walnut brown, peacock green, viper green, fair skin, sun yellow and linen white. I can't remember what red I used to make the pink but I think it was fire red. Please feel free to ask any questions! She'll be coming with me to reapercon for closer inspection! Thanks, and see everyone soooooooon!
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    I have painted these guys to include them in a diorama/terrain piece for the Lost World and thought they deserved a show off of their own before they dissapear into the vast jungle. Enjoy.