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    Hello forum family, I wanna share with ya all my most recent fatigue: Marthragul! I was in doubt if painting it into a realistical Earth dragon, or something more colourful... The Magenta won! :D And I chose to don't cut corners, so no drybrush, no washes, no feathering... just dear, old layering, shading and glazing ...cause I'm a fast painter, as you know And, yeah! This took me almost a month of at least two hours per day... basically I hate this dragon now Enough talking, time for pics :D I really hope you like it, if you have any question do not hesitate :) As always every C&C is more than welcome. Thank you :)
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    My take on Narthrax. For a friend GM who is going to introduce him to his party. I'm pretty sure Narthrax won't make it alive :).... hours to paint, minutes to kill. What a shame :)
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    Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I mostly post on the Reaper Facebook Page and Twitter now. I still check out everything on the "Show off" every day, though! Here is my most recent tartan project. This is Aeslin sculpted by Sandra Garrity. My customer is a fan of the show (and books) Outlander and this figure was chose specifically for it's potential for painting a tartan. The tartan that was picked is the Wilson Ancient Hunting Tartan. It has these very thin quadruple orange lines that give it a very interesting blue/green/orange colour shift look. I was only able to fit in three of the thin lines, but it was enough to give the cool effect.
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    Johnny 5 is alive! Got this Idea in my head awhile ago and it finally crystallized when I was at a bits trading event at my local games store and found the perfect piece for a head. Once I had it I built him in a few sessions. The longest bit was the base unit witch had to be cobbled together/ scratch built the fiddlyist bits where the neck and hands. I'd love to hear what you all think! If your interested I can post links to my WIPs forbthe build as well.
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    My hommage to my favourite Disney movie growing up. I guess my fascination for wizards started here, to later mature with Gandalf and Raistlin. I realize its a busy mini diorama, I did it that way to try convey the look of Merlin's room on the movie. Yet, I think the photos are quite bad.
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    I thought you guys might like a closer shot of the Cockatrice mini encounter that I worked on! I'm glad I got new pictures in on time. I had a lot of fun doing these guys! The Cockatrices were based on some excellent Izzy artwork, the nest was Ron's suggestion, and I thought it would be fun to include a little egg thief! It amuses me to think that the Halfling left behind the other treasures because, to him, the giant egg for second breakfast WAS the treasure! I didn't sculpt him specifically as a "statue" because I thought I would leave it to the painter to decide if he made his escape or not... I hope you all enjoy them!
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    Hello forum family, slowpainter is back this time I was a bit faster, prolly 'cause this mini was really easy to paint. For obvious reason the palette of my choice is cold. Used various tones of blues trying to make contrast and not stay monochrome. A bit of gold and some rusty metal and she is done. Every c&c is more than welcome, let me know if you like her :) Thanks
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    Sophie at the Well of Lost Memories was my RC 2019 entry. I posed her on a sculpted base, reading through a stack of old diaries and journals written by those who have gone before us. She earned a bronze award.
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    At long, long, last, here she is. I have slaved over this mini since getting home from ReaperCon in August. I've worked on her almost every single night recently. I don't really know how many hours I've put into her, but it's got to be north of a hundred. The eyes alone took ten and half hours. This is my third attempt at OSL. The base is from Micro Arts Studio, from their Forest line (the WRound 30 mm variety). If you would like to see more, there are a hundred and eighty pictures in the extraordinarily detailed WIP thread, which starts with the horrific first attempt, and the decision to strip the figure back to bare metal and start over after the first twenty hours. I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who commented in the WIP thread, particularly to @althai, whose feedback was incredibly helpful in getting the OSL right. Thanks to him for that, and also for teaching the OSL class I took at ReaperCon. Also to @Auberon for a very helpful link to a WIP for a differeng figure with a lantern on a different forum, which was useful. And to @malefactus for setting me straight on how to use Dullcote, which was, frankly, terrifying after all that work. I can hardly believe she's done. Whoosh.
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    Had an idea about having some sort of drow captain with a trained giant spider as a bodyguard for an upcoming session. I already had Reaper's Dark Elf Elite and the wizkids spider and I figured they would work well together. I ended up really liking the combination, may have to get a few more of those spiders.
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    For my Shifting Sands Project I wanted a Casket of Souls / Altar of the Damned. I scratchbuilt the altar from foam with the help of a Greenstuffworld rollerpin I gave it an Egyptian look. The bones/skulls are from the Greenstuffworld Crunchplates Then I added: The Caster: NUDITY!!! https://www.reapermini.com/search/Fatima The Ghost appearing from the Casket https://www.reapermini.com/search/banshee/latest/77096 The Guardians https://www.reapermini.com/search/anubi/latest/14390 https://www.reapermini.com/search/sekhmet/latest/77340 WIP HERE: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79372-shifting-sands-glitterwolf-paints-egyptian-undead/&page=6 SHOW OFF: LINKED FOR NUDITY: https://postimg.cc/5X12nGzw https://postimg.cc/bZTNMT04 https://postimg.cc/bDKzbF8S https://postimg.cc/WDYpp1Hn https://postimg.cc/568t51X4 https://postimg.cc/0M6kzqgq https://postimg.cc/sG73J9D6 https://postimg.cc/PL5rkw2J https://postimg.cc/N5vsjVpW https://postimg.cc/HjyWHH4w One unoffending pic ( thx @Rigel)
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    Hey guys!! So there were some pieces in the Kickstarter that were still concept art when the buzzer went off. These two (and a few others) were my assignments. I thought it might be fun to share how these come together with you guys. Faun and Satyr concept artwork by the incredible and all inspiring Izzy "Talin" Collier: Since I just finished up Circe, and before that the vampire girls, I was ready for a little change of pace. I decided to start with the Satyr first just to give myself something different. The thing I really loved about the concepts for these were just how split they were between humanoid/creature. They are clearly intelligent and capable but have a wildness about them that I don't want to lose as I sculpt. Although the initial concept has been provided in this case I still supplement the design with things that personally inspire me or that I want to infuse into it. On this project I immediately thought of Martin Abel's artwork which I've followed and loved for the longest time (@Abelart on Instagram). So I added some of his artwork to my inspiration folder along with some animal anatomy and specifics about the weapon that Izzy gave me. So, from here I start on ZSpheres. I already had roughly the body type I wanted from the Pirate crew I had done (the Sawbones specifically) so I took that rig and reposed it and adjusted the anatomy to represent the goat legs. Now that I've got a body and pose worked out I move on to the head. Here I actually drew out a head design in my sketchbook. For whatever weird reason trying to work directly from other artwork without letting my hand draw it out takes me SO much longer to sculpt. Just threw down a quick sketch to make sure I knew what I wanted to do and then jumped into sculpting. Here's the base anatomy roughed out and the hands/head added. Here's where I ended on day 1. Finished blocking most everything out and started rendering in the hair area. I clarified some of the forms with Izzy so I'll make some adjustments to make sure all the pieces she wants are included. I've been a bit under the weather today and still figuring out what my "normal" work pace should be post KS craziness. Let me know if you guys like these threads, i'm always open to questions!
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    This in The Girl from Bombshell Miniatures and was one of my entries in the Painter's category at ReaperCon. I started painting her a couple of years ago, mainly to test the peachy color of the cloth. I decided to quickly finish her for ReaperCon as I wanted to have a Bombshell entry. She was not the figure chosen for judging in the main contest but she did receive a silver medal (dog tag) in Bombshell's manufacturer awards.
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    Painted her on stream, took about 10 hours. She was a delight to paint. Really tried to push myself with free handing the stripes. Hope you enjoy!
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    Another from @Roonfizzle the DM's request pile that I started around Halloween. I had a lot of fun with this one and think he came out pretty awesome. Only downside is @Roonfizzle decided to modify the monster to make it harder to represent the figure .... am so not looking forward to this fight.
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    Loved this mini. Larger figs are a great help and practice for painting. I find it tough, at times, painting 28mm...
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    Finished the Bones Version of the Avatar of Thoth. Sculptes a bit of ruins with a Greenstuffworld Rollerpin. Thoth is often depicted as an Ibis, I choose the Red Ibis as inspiration. WIP here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79372-shifting-sands-glitterwolf-paints-egyptian-undead/&page=9 Lots of pics, I tried my new cell phone and it seems to do it's job well.
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    My son's DM wanted a purple beholder with red eyes.
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    Oppulence! They. Own. Everything. Sometimes adventurers survive their... well, their adventures, and retire with a fortune to live like kings and queens. Here we see Delia "The red terror" Axemaiden and Konrad "Quickfingers", the fastest rogue the realms ever seen... and Klauth the Pug, their beloved only son. Now retired, they enjoy the dolce vita.
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    Gig mini today, with one of the biggest minis i have ever painted : Mossbeard from Bones 4 ! The studio was even too smal for him ! The blacksmith is here for scale.
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    So I didn't win a recent painting contest at my Friendly Local Game Store. We were all given the same Reaper figure, and given two weeks to paint it. This is that figure, as painted by me (since this picture was taken, I had picked out the armor rivets).
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    Hello again! here are the other two that I just finished, two elven fighters that Ran Partha did a while back. They had a couple neat ideas, one was to have a male and female version of a race and class, and these two are the miniatures that are for the Male and Female Elven Fighters. Not sure who the sculptor is on these, should probably find out. I did them both with more or less identical color schemes, partly in the thought that it's the same adventurer just in a different male or female version and then also because it made my life easier with one color scheme instead of two. and here they are together: Anyhows, hope you enjoy! Mark
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    Here are a few random Darksword minis I've painted over the last few months. I tried to stick to an earthy color palette for most of them. Male Blind Warrior, SKU: DSM7417, and Young Hedge Knight - Dual Wield, SKU: DSM5026 Male Range with Wineskin, SKU: DSM7403 Male Elven Ranger with Bow, SKU: DSM7451. This one is a gift for my brother. He wanted an "Aragorn-esque" ranger mini. Male Warrior with Battle Axe, SKU: DSM7427, and Female Elven Archer, SKU: DSM1196
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    These are the Deep Gnome Heroes. I love these minis! Their sculpts are so full of personality! I think the girl gnome may have the best face I have painted thus far!
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    Finished painting this guy on stream tonight! He was my first attempt at non metallic metal gold. I'm happy with how he came out! Hope you enjoy :)
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    I've shared else where that in late July, I was diagnosed with nerve damage in my right arm and wrist, which was causing serious pain and numbness in my fingers and hand. This made it difficult to do more than 15 minutes of sculpting at a time. The injury was a repetitive stress problem in my shoulder joint and carpel tunnel. I was very despondent for a time as I had been doing a lot of sculpting this year and had a lot of plans/commissions for more. I had just purchased Z-Brush on my PC and was looking forward to learning it over the next year or so. By the end of July, I couldn't hold a sculpting tool for more than a few minutes, and that was a pretty low time for me. At about that time though, I realized that Z-Brush sculpting did not affect me nearly as much as physical sculpting, but most of my clients (save Reaper) really don't want Z-Brush created models, especially for creatures requiring fur. Fur is one of my specialties and something that people come to me for; it's one of my niches as a sculptor. Digital fur, primarily due to printing limitations, just doesn't look the same (as a painter, I like digital fur as it allows me some room for expression, but a lot of people don't). I was forced to contact all my clients and let them know that I had this issue and couldn't work on their figures anymore, until I was healed at the very least. They were all very understanding, and I hope to get back to their sculpts soon. I entered PT and started the fairly long healing process. At about this time, I was discussing Bones V with @Reaper Ron and let him know that for a while I was going to go full ZBrush only, though I really had no clue on what I was doing. I was essentially letting him know that I likely wouldn't be able to do any more for Bones V. He turned the tables on me and offered me the Goroloth resculpt. He just wanted it before Bones V went live, but other than that, take my time and learn. I honestly can't thank him enough for the confidence he had in me and my abilities; I know I sure didn't have such confidence at the time. But I was determined to try, and to live up to his expectations. I also have to make a huge shout out to Gene Van Horne and @Rainbow Sculptor, both of whom spent countless hours mentoring me in this highly confusing software; thanks I owe you! So, I bought a Cintiq and went to town. Then my PC crashed fatally. That was a bad day. It really felt like maybe I just wasn't meant to do this anymore. Thank God for my wife and @Rainbow Sculptor (Christine) who encouraged me to not despair and move on. My wife didn't even bat an eye on a new PC purchase, even when she saw the price tag for the supped up laptop I wanted for ZBrush. Have I mentioned how much I love my wife? So now I was set, I just had little clue as to what I was doing. I watched every video I could get my hands on about ZBrush and had several all evening web sessions with Gene to learn various features of the product. Throughout all that I was using the Goroloth as a tool to learn with. It was the perfect vehicle for that, having a lot of details and features that would challenge me to push the program and myself. Anyway, on to the sculpting. Ron sent me the following concept art from Izzy (I think it was from a previous version of the goroloth). He said that he didn't want it to match that picture exactly, but instead I needed to find a way to fit it on a 3 inch base, yet not lose the size and mass of the piece. We discussed several options and I said I'd figure it out and make it happen. I really love engineering challenges like this. I realized that I had never seen anyone show one of these swimming down to attack a ground-based foe. They live in water after all, let's use that third dimension. I found this skeleton online and it gave me what I wanted: So then I quickly sketched (rather poorly) my idea and sent it to Ron. He liked it (the idea, not the sketch) and so it began. Having watched the ZBrush intro videos and Michael Pavlovich's excellent ZBrush intro series on YouTube, I was ready to go! I popped down a z-sphere and made the following body (actually this is my 4th attempt, but I didn't save copies of the first few that Christine saw issues with). Remember that Ron and I discussed it and wanted a bit more mass to this one, so it's a bit tubbier than it's predecessor. Once I skinned it, it was ready for sculpting. That's all for now. Thanks for bearing with my large wall of text. I'll post more later. Andy
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    A new unit for my Shifting Sands Project. WIP here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79372-shifting-sands-glitterwolf-paints-egyptian-undead/&page=9 Egyptian Warcats with Handler. Handler = Reaper Egyptian Princess SKU: 03506 ( she comes with a baboon which will make an appearance later) Black Panther is the New BONES IV Phase Cat with his tentacles removed SKU: 44042 Lion= Bones Lion SKU: 77341 The Panther with the Princess is from Ral Partha I got it from a BOGW The Leopard is from the Companion Animals Set Bones SKU: 77216 The Nehekharan Warcat is the Reaper Elven Hunting Cat SKU: 14453 I used Vallejo Desert Sand and some Greenstuffworld Egyptian Ruins for the bases. Hope you enjoy them.
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    Howdy, I painted up two beholders, one for a giveaway to one of my social media followers, the other for me. Decided to paint them as twins and I think they turned out well. Got a lot of practice with blending, and of course eyes, while doing them. Some thoughts on the beholder, as this was my first every WizKids mini after painting mostly Bones, GW plastics and metals, and 15mm metals back in a past life: Pros: The sculptor did a great job on this mini. Dynamic pose, some nice detail. Casting is decent, not too many mould lines. Cons: Preprimed. Ugh. The primer was really thick and a hid a lot of the fine detail, especially on the spikes. I would imagine on many of their smaller human-sized minis a lot of face and other detail would be tucked away under the primer. You can read about my process of depriming these minis here. The mini also came partly assembled. I would have rather glued it all myself and saved myself some of the putty work to fill gaps. This goes for all my minis. I am hopeful Reaper will continue the trend of less glued minis, like they did for Bones 4, and take it further and not glue/assemble anything. E.g. some of the batch of 24 goblins in Bones 4 (with the shields) were glued at the factory, and they are atrocious. Verdict: Removing the primer, only to have to reprime the mini, was a huge headache I don't want to take on again. It made me appreciate Bones minis even more. I don't plan on going with WixKIds again unless it is a 'must have' mini (like the beholder) or they stop priming them. Also, need to say thanks to @Doug Sundseth for his advice on taking photos of minis. Since I painted over the white background in my little light box with some grey tones, taking photos has been so much easier with better results. I'm planning to try some different greys and textures, but for now I am happy with the results. Hope you like them after that big ramble...
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    I know a lot of people grew up with HeroQuest, and for those that did, it was often their start into painting minis. Even though I had never painted a mini until the start of this year, I did grow up playing HeroQuest, and I always loved the game's monster sculpts. The old copy at my parents house was claimed (unpainted) by one of my siblings, and I haven't seen the box in years. I went looking through eBay for a game of my own and I quickly realised how expensive it could get. Every now and then, though, I would find a lot of minis for a pretty decent price. So, I had a handful of miniatures that I thought I'd paint one day. The blue and beige goblins were the first two I painted, as a test to see if I liked the skin color I had picked out for them - I love goblinoids in D&D and I wanted to make sure I could find a look that I liked for anything from goblins to bugbears. I really did my research for this one, and went out to get a specific set of paints that I thought would do the trick - my first time buying paint outside of reaper's Learn to Paint kits. What I settled on, and immediately liked is Vallejo "Dark Yellow", a wash of "Athonian Camoshade", highlight, then highlight more in a skintone (Cadmium Flesh) and wash those areas again (Vallejo Flesh Wash, in my case). I was less sure about what color to make the tunics, I just decided to go for a whole rainbow and see what I liked best. I have another six, unpainted, still waiting to decide what to do with those! I don't know the limits of image size on the forums, so you can see some more high-res close-ups at this imgur link.
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    I don't know where they will end up but if it makes you feel any better I'm scheduled to be sculpting Circe and the fawn/satyr set! :)
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    These teeny tiny butterflies from Wicked Elf are awesome! They are super easy to use since they are vellum and not paper. Nice and durable, easy to paint. I was really pleased with how they came out for this project.
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    These gals have been sitting in my queue for at least 3 years. It is time to paint them. I must be out of practice, I really struggled placing highlights and blending them down to the mid tones. It's done now and I won't be entering them into any competitions anytime soon so they're good enough. That's 3 minis down. I've been very honest with myself and my buy 1 mini for every 2 you paint. That's a mini and a halfling right there.
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    I finally finished this project! This was a mini I got a forgotten number of years ago with an order during October. Being as this is a more modern vibe the first thing that came to my mind first is: Make her a neon Witch! This was such a joy to paint. It was my first real attempt at osl and sheer fabric. I used quite a few reaper paints but I will give you the main ones that pulled of the effects that I wanted. If you have other question feel free to ask and I will share with you what I used/did. Dominant paints used: Punk rock pink 09286 Marid blue 89526 Clear magenta 09098 Regal purple 09238 Clear purple 09099 Nightmare black 09280 Fair skin 09047 Dark elf skin 09164 Pure black 09037 Pure white 09039 Let me know what you think!
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    Hey there! It's been a while since I've posted anything, but I still paint! Lol I recently finished up my first bust for the Miniature Monthly Masters competition. I'm really happy with her, as I was trying some new techniques as well as the new format. I hope y'all enjoy her. There are more pics and info on my blog if you're interested. I'm definitely on the bust train at this point, so there will be more to follow! We get results back on the 15th, so I'll update then. Let me know what y'all think! I'm always happy to hear c&c.
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    Another Bones figure. I don't paint many non-humanoids, but I liked the way this guy turned out.
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    Argent painted as Bahamut with Vallejo metal color steel, silver and highlighted with molotow liquid chrome.
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    I had an itch to paint some horses so this is one of the horses from the Wizkids Adventure Camp set. I have always loved horses and greys are my favorite!
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    Here is a little better view of the Drunken Mermaid Bar. It is still a WIP. I have lots of ropes, wood texture, and bar-fight damage to add yet.
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    I just got a call from the real estate agent.... They accepted our bid!!! The House will be ours ( provided we get the finances , which looks good so far) We're also going to have to sell our house, hopefully that goes as fast as most houses at the moment. OMG! This means that somewhere in february / march we will move!!!!
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    Maybe should've made this my first post, but I thought I'd deleted the pics. Anyway, midsummer this year I came back to the hobby after a 15 year absence. I picked the silver dragon as my first thing to paint to evaluate how much my skills had deteriorated, and to my surprise, not as much as I'd thought! Thanks to Reaper for keeping it fun and affordable.
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    This is Ametrine.e looked more like a gnome to me than a dwarf.more so the next time I paint her, we'll see what we end up with! She is incredibly cute and a lot of fun!
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    "Rulers of Hell", from Bones 4. As usual, the blacksmith is here for scale.
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    Commission for a Patron. Apparently, it's the main villainess for his DnD campaign. I just hope his players don't do what mine did every time I painted up a nice model for a villain - score crits galore and off them after a single session. Quite happy with the results....even the little plant 'whorl' experiment.
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    It's been a while since I've painted many reaper miniatures. I weapon modded this this Reaper Solar for use as a Privateer Press Morrowan Archon. His shield is a 3d printed, upscaled Stormcast shield without the Sigmar emblem. Morrowan symbol is freehand. Skin is MSP Olive Skin Triad, hair is MSP Blonde Hair Triad. Blue is MSP Desert Sky (with Indigo Black and Ultramarine Blue). Silver undercoated MSP Nightmare Black, then VMC Oiled Steel, P3 Quicksilver and Vallejo Metal Medium. Red is MSP HD Crimson Red (with Red Liner and S75 Blood Red). Wings are Citadel Contrast Apothecary White, drybrushed with Citadel Dry White. Gold is Citadel Gehenna’s gold.
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    I knocked these out quickly this morning to take advantage of the Bones 5 enthusiasm:
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    Yes, the figures are all mine and the terrain is Bob Ridolfi's.
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    I love scorpions, and I was very excited to get ahold of a small clutch of them at last year's Reapercon! I'm not a huge fan of the way these guys are set up on their base (It's a little perfectly-flat disk, kind of hard to get Greenstuff between the legs) which is why it took so long to get started, but I finally spent an evening basing them up, and after that, it went really smoothly! Did all eight in the course of about two hours. I made painting these guys as simple as I could, since they've got a lot of texture and I didn't want to have to spend a lot of time chasing details. Originally, I planned to do a yellow colorscheme, but after I saw @Jen's beautiful work on them here I decided I wanted to work more reds and browns into the colors - which, in the end, I think works better with the tufts I got to use on the base. I started by priming black, and then basecoating with a layer of Urgathoa Red. It's a really solid, brick-dark red that worked perfectly for this - I've been really pleased with the Pathfinder paints so far! Then I drybrushed the body with Golden Shadow, which brought out the details, but not as fine as I'd have liked. So, I drybrushed it again, even lighter, with Osirian Sand, which I also used for the base - it's very, very pale, almost white, and I'll warn you it dries lighter than in the bottle if you buy it. I then used very very thin glazes of Merisiel Red on the tails and claws to highlight them and draw the eye, and dotted the tip of the tail in Pure Black. A couple thin coats of Army Painter Soft Wash followed, and then a coat of 'Ardcoat to give them some gloss. Annoyingly, a little gold from some Egyptian stuff I was working on got into the gloss, so there are little gold flecks on a few of them, but not too noticeable... This guy was probably the worst-hit of the bunch. Then I waited a few days to finish them because... new tufts! I had a couple of recommendations of Tajima1 bases and I have to say - they're fantastic! I've used them on a couple different projects at this point, although this is the first one I'm posting, and they're much better than Army painter - they're on a soft, flexible adhesive that actually sticks to the bases, so no more carefully supergluing stuff down, and they have these desert/moorlands/field strips that are like little 1" flocks that you can pull apart or place down whole. These guys used the desert ones, which gave me a nice mix of tall grasses, velvety short grasses, bushes and rocks that worked really well for basing them up. I'm really happy with how these came out, and there's more to come - I'm working on a giant scorpion to match at the moment, as well as a giant scarab beetle, and at some point soon I should have a chance to post my mummies!
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    As @Doug Sundseth put it, the short answer is "shenanigans". I got very active in the very first Bones kickstarter and made some short comics with G.I. Joe figures about how Cobra Commander was using the kickstarter to acquire minions. This amused Gene Van Horne, one of Reaper's sculptors, so he drew my avatar and we became friends. After the kickstarter there were a lot of new people here who had never painted before, so I made a thread to encourage people to just paint, have fun, and not worry about it too much - the basic premise being that I have no idea what I'm doing, let's see how it turns out. That thread turned out to have more legs than I thought it would, and years later was still bringing fresh people into the hobby. Kaladrax was the biggest model of Bones I, due to a measurement error, so to show that it wasn't so scary I said I could do it in a week with whatever brushes I had on hand, which turned out to be Size 0, and that birthed the "Goblin Challenge" (paint a big thing in a week with a tiny brush). That led, in turn, to Reaperbryan challenging me to do the same with the Even Bigger Thing of Bones II, which was Dragons Don't Share. When I asked what my prize would be, he jokingly said one of his shoes. Once I completed the task, we held him to his word and he mailed me his sneaker - thus giving me possession of the rarest Reaper trophy of all! (I still have it) The community grew a lot, so I don't get around as much as I'd like to, but I still try to encourage people to join the hobby and have fun. When Reaper started doing Reaper Live, I took the opportunity to have a little fun when Ron jokingly ribbed Ed about his old sculpts and mailed in "I (heart) Ed Sculpts" T-shirts I had made up. @Ludo joined in to make it a Hobby Hijinks thing for Reapercon, I made ribbons to give out for anyone who entered an Ed sculpt into the contest, and a whole bunch of great people bought their own Ed shirts and made it into something pretty epic. There's probably a lot more stoopid crap I've been into that I've forgotten. But anyway, any chance I spot to have some fun, boost Reaper, and drag people along I try to make the most of it. Without knowing the history of how "Buglips" came about, it must look like a pretty random addition - but really this has been slowly getting to this point for a number of years, and would never have gotten there if not for a lot of people - not least of whom is the inimitable Gene Van Horne (buy some of his sculpts, they're amazing). Sorry for the boring novella, but that's pretty much how that figure wound up in the catalog. Welcome to the board, and the hobby too if that's a fresh bit of fun you've got yourself into, and I hope you have so much fun you practically explode with fun! Which I imagine to be something like a blowfish pinata stuffed full of smiley emojis. That's... a bit terrifying, now that I've said it.
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    Here's the five pirate crew in the Brinewind expansion: ...and the Meriwyn Shrine:
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