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    This is a great realistic sculpt of a Komodo Dragon, sculpted by our own @TaleSpinner. I included it in my Lost World Project WIP here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/&page=150&tab=comments#comment-1836397 I used UV Resin Gel from Greenstuffworld to create the water ( my first try for deeper and clear water), made the base with Vallejo Desert Sand Paste, Cork and some milliput. Added some fish and seacucumbers/seaweed from Procreate and Milliput, one fish is from Mastercrafted Miniatures and the other two were made with the UV Gel and a Tinyworld Mold. The Komodo Dragon is an awesome sculpt, it paints itself! I looked at reference pics of the real thing. Enjoy.
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    This one is named Spotty
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    I needed a Celestial dragon for my DnD campaign so I used Kyphrixis for that interpretation.
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    I did this over the past few weeks and first real attempt at making a showy base for a big model. I ended up using cork bark and some UV resin but I loved how it all turned out.
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    Here my version of the "Dance of death" from Reaper Bones IV. I'm still very hesitant to show it off because till the last second I was really insecure about the outcome. First of all, the palette: right now I kinda like it, but I'm not 100% sure about 1. the base and 2. the color of the lower dragon. My first idea was to paint it white, and make it reminiscent of a battle between England's white dragon and Wales red dragon. But to paint white is always a challenge and given I'm not that familiar with the material, I decided to go with the other hard color to paint. Now it just depicts a fictional encounter between two forgotten realms dragons: Tchazzar, infamous red wyrm, and Mergandevindasander, rumoured to have lavender eyes. And secondly, I think I'll never fully appreciate bones... I like the fact that it's cheap, but the texture is just not the same and there's something very off on its maleability. It always makes me get tired of painting it and abandon ship without giving as much attention to details as I usually do. IMO those two dragons are pretty nice, and if I had to object to something, it will be about their tails, a bit too plain and simple. Any feedback incredibly welcome ^^ And if you have instagram and want to follow my gallery there... even more grateful: it's @albertnyarla
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    Hi everyone, Now that the contest is over, here are more pictures of my converted 77038, Hell Hound. The original sculpt is by Ben Siens. This was my entry in Reaper's Facebook Convert and Paint contest. Khan is my elf riding dog in our D&D campaign. The contest was the perfect pretexte to make this conversion. I first removed all the spikes and flames on the hound's back. I then built the armor and saddle using green stuff and a paperclip. The chest is from Reaper's 02638, adventuring accessories. There were amazing entries in the contest and I managed to get an honorable mention. Thanks to Reaper miniatures and Matthew Clark for organizing this contest.
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    When I got done with these werewolves my youngest son wanted me to do a custom display base for them. He's my best critic when I ask him to look something over so I decided to indulge him :) I really loved how detailed the fur is and that they have their gums showing in the snarling faces. Great sculpts!
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    I can't get a photo setup worth a damn for a while because the paint table is a mess and the dining table is covered in D&D stuff. This figure is a secret to my D&D group; I already painted a figure for the halfling scout. Thing is, in an upcoming session, poor little halfling is going to encounter some bad magic that takes out an eye. This figure is wearing an eyepatch. I pulled the Reaper figure off its initial base, rebased it onto this (either MicroArtsStudio or Secret Weapon - don't remember), and I put boots on him (halfling feet are big!). I feel kinda bad about my plan, but eh, Act 2 of the campaign can start with some badness. Still, I secretly painted this as a "yes I'm serious, that happened, but here is a fun new toy" gift. The character at the moment wears multiple greens and blues. My goal with the outfit was black and green clothes in light of a full moon. Not all dark, but more dark.
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    Hello all, want to show you my last work: should be an ice troll, but I chose to follow a diffent scheme, givin him a cold red skin and gree/turquoise scales. Just experimenting new color ranges. The outcome is pretty fashion Hope you like him, even in this skin :) Every comment and criticism is welcome. If you wanna know what colors where used do not esitate to ask :P
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    Hi guys, I am new to this awesome miniatures world, and I felt in love with Reaper figures completely <3 :) I would like to share few I painted lately. I would appretiate some constructive criticism. I know the rat needs a bit more "depth" (shadows) and the skeleton warrior is kinda flat too... And the flesh golem doesnt have enough contrast...And the witch has no face at all... And Mr. Bones´s bones are too white... (and yep, I make earrings from them :)
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    Here one of my works this past months; an old (now discontinued) mini from Freebooter miniatures. It had a gloomy melancholic look, so I went with a dark palette around 3 main colors: dark green, blue and purple.
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    These were my first attempt at batch painting to see if I would ever want to try and do an army before I would purchase any troops. I am quite please to of gotten 9 mini's done in 4 days and now am seriously considering doing or at least trying an army.
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    Well I started this conversion project awhile ago but it got sidelined for other projects and a commission or two. With the commissions complete I decided to finish this up. I decided to convert Inquisitor Greyfax into a Tech Priestess to give my slowly growing AdMech army a bit of diversity. Very happy with the result, even got a tad brave and threw in some OSL from the backpack. I'd Love to hear what you all think!
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    Here's a couple of the dark elves from the Darkreach Expansion of the recent bones kickstarter. These were a lot of fun to slap paint on this afternoon. Looking forward to getting them on the table in the near future.
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    This is 02643: Diedra Dark Willow, a Dark Heavens Legend mini sculpted by Bobby Jackson. The WIP thread is over here. My goal was to practice blending and other painting techniques. I think she's come out about tabletop plus or maybe a bit better. I had a major problem getting the shape of her eyes right (well, good enough) and I'm not completely sure why. Anyway, on to the pictures! (click on the pictures for larger versions) As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome. I won't be doing further work on this mini (except maybe sealing) but I can always use advice to improve my next mini.
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    Just a quick little paint up I did to work on my skin tones. Fun little mini but I felt it needed something so I put it in this mini diorama. Overall I'm happy with it, I may go back and try some OSL later but for now I'm happy. I'd love to hear what you all think.
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    Again, can't get a decent setup for pics. Oh well. This is our dog cleric, Terrance Bonesniffer. The halfling often rides on his back and is to blame for all the junk he has to carry that requires thumbs. In getting him off the cork, I stabbed my finger with a Xacto and narrowly avoided bleeding on the figure.
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    I sort of fell off the WIP thread because life made this take longer than I had originally intended. The minis are by Bombshell, and I have to say that they were a pleasure to paint. I will be picking up a few more at ReaperCon, for sure. The scenery is by Secret Weapon, Shadow's Edge, and Woodland Scenics. The base is from a cheap 3 pack from Michael's. All paint is from Reaper. I'll probably end up staining or painting the base, but I haven't yet decided which way to go with it. It feels really good to finish something for the MSPOpen. In hindsight, I probably should've started with something smaller, and worked my way up to this, but meh. I'm pretty proud of this.
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    Finished this one up yesterday, got photos this morning: and these are old school Partha minis, so for a size comparison, these photos: So with this one, I wanted to avoid the blahness of a shield with nothing on it, so I tried a design which apparently couldn’t figure out if it should be a dragon or maybe a bull. Not so satisfied with it but it’s better than my hooded fighter from a recent post, where I just put o a geometrical pattern and called it a day. Anyhoos, hope you enjoy!
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    King of Tokyo is a fun and short game about Kaiju monsters battling it out over their favorite city. The game comes with some nice standees- which I am keeping to use when I feel like transporting the game easily. But I’ve always thought that the game could use some nice miniatures instead. So I set out to create miniatures for it. Each of these started out as one of the old plastic miniatures from Monsterpocalypse. They’ve all been converted to varying degrees (the Cyberkitty took a lot more alterations than Gigasaur). Anyway, here they are the first three. I’ll get photos of the others as I finish them.
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    Final piece of my second commission! It took a bit longer than I wanted to get it done. But as one of the larger pieces I've done so I'm glad to get it done at all. Painting it up wasn't too bad, assembly gave me some problems but I got through them. Over all I'm rather happy with it. Love to hear what you all think!
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    Here is my finished tree of despair. The WIP photos can be found here: Build log It is painted with a mix of craft, GW, Reaper, and privateer paints. Finished with oils. Closeup of the Not Conan And Just becasue they are finished my living statues. They are magnatized for easy removal. I should have done dark metal with the oxidation but there you go. Plinths are painted using the toot here: Abaroths World Full WIP photos are found here: My Blog Hope you like.
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    His reanimated, rotting corpse rises from the depths of the ocean! This guy took awhile because I, in essence, treated each scale individually. Worth it though. He makes me smile. I could do more with him too, but at a certain point I just gotta say, "Good enough!"
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    Speed paint! I’m happy with it though. There’s a lot to paint from the Kickstarter.
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    This past week I painted Bufo, the Frogman (or maybe he's supposed to be a Toadman) figure from the Bones 4 Dreadmere Expansion. I decided I'd paint him like a frog, and since most all of my frog figures are already painted like colorful tree frogs and poison dart frogs, I thought I'd continue that pattern and paint Bufo like a Red Eyed Monkey Tree Frog. I love how full of character this figure is, and had been looking forward to painting him since the Kickstrater ran. Painted for tabletop use.