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    Is this encounter a matter of survival or planned by the sorceress. Her story either way seems... fishy. First attempt at a large resin Diorama. It needs the resin sides sanded/buffed with a mechanical sander. By hand the resin just turns cloudy, so ill will leave it this way until I have access to the proper tool. a few additional refinements should be done before I enter it into competition - more work on wave/ripple patterns. - change color / wetness of raft. -paint base black. I am happy with it as a display piece, I just need to keep the dust off, a the wave surface will be a headache to clean. WIP Thread.
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    Female Minotaur that I painted. Go to this topic on the last page please and vote for the miniature that you liked. There is a battle between the miniatures.
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    Paint talk time~ From CEO Ed Pugh Greetings all, We’ve read some traffic on various social media platforms about some missing Core Colors and Triads. Everyone is correct: recently colors have been disappearing from the reapermini.com. Of course, the statement I just made is being followed with a why, and more importantly, why didn’t you notify us? After reviewing our remaining inventory of recently retired MSP Core Colors Paints, we’ve decided to extend the availability of some of those colors. This limited inventory will be available beginning October 7 at 6:00 PM central time. However, there are two caveats: The remaining paint inventory will only be available until October 31, 2020 or While supplies last; when an item sells through, it will be removed from our website. So this is the last chance to get these paints - but inventory is super limited! The numbers are listed below for your convenience. If you do not see a paint listed below, that color is already sold out or unavailable. 9073 Chestnut Gold 9093 Golden Highlight 9121 Khaki Shadow 9142 Stained Ivory 9157 Olive Shadow 9175 Swamp Green 9177 Camouflage Green 9210 Red Ink 9220 Olive Skin Shadow 9222 Olive Skin Highlight 9223 Redstone Shadow 9224 Redstone 9226 Peacock Green 9229 Worn Navy 9230 Soft Blue 9232 Bright Skin Shadow 9233 Bright Skin 9234 Bright Skin Highlight 9235 Red Shadow 9236 Black Green 9237 Violet Shadow 9238 Regal Purple 9244 Muddy Soil 9249 Sandy Brown 9250 Dusky Skin Shadow 9251 Dusky Skin 9252 Dusky Skin Highlight 9265 Deep Twilight 9266 Violet Light 9267 Sunset Purple 9268 Volcano Brown 9269 Military Blue 9270 Shadow Green 9271 Dirty Bone 9272 Graveyard Bone 9273 Splintered Bone 9277 Spattered Crimson 9282 Maggot White 9283 Old West Rose 9284 Lone Star Leather 9285 Denim Blue 9291 IMEF Olive 9292 Bathalian Chitin 9293 Alien Flesh 9295 Rach Red 9296 Malvernian Purple 9297 Adonese Green 9307 Red Liner Thanks to all of our customers for their feedback! Why does Reaper take colors out of production? Most times It’s simply house cleaning. We’re making room for new paints and future products. We’ve been doing adjustments like this periodically through the years. To date we’ve moved a total of 231 colors onto our Paint Non-Production list. A color is moved to that list for various reasons, but the most common reasons are detailed below: Lack of demand for a color. - This calculation is determined by taking the minimum production quantity divided by the quantity of annual sales. If that calculation yields a result that indicates it will take more than a year to sell that batch, then the color will find its way to the Paint Non-Production list. Supplier discontinues a material. - Sometimes a supplier discontinues a material or additive and we cannot find a substitute. The color will find its way to the Paint Non-Production list when we are unable to continue production. Cycled release or limited edition. - Some colors, like Breast Cancer Awareness Pink or holiday colors, cycle in for a limited time period. Some colors are reformulated. - Some colors leave production for reformulation using new, more advanced materials. No matter the reason, not every color is gone forever. This is why we consider them to be in the “non-production” category. Why didn’t Reaper announce this? Honestly, it just never occurred to us. So, for decades we’ve simply cycled colors out as needed. This procedure was started before the internet made communication and feedback so easy. In the past, when a color was slated to be moved the Paint Non-Production list, we didn’t announce anything, we simply let the color sell down to zero and then pulled the color out of the production cycle. Keep in mind that 90% of the colors moved over to non-production status were done so due to a lack of demand. | The only time we have ever announced colors being taken out of production was for the MSP HD line. That was a complete wholesale close out of the entire line, all at once. The reason for the cancellation was that 38 of the 54 colors in the line would not pass the test outlined above and we desperately needed the space.| In the Future. Going forward we will publish a list of paint colors that are being added to the Paint Non-Production list as soon as we determine this event is going to occur. There is not a scheduled or regular time that this occurs, but we will get the word out. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Options. IF there is a color that you must have and cannot move forward without, please contact us. If you can handle a minimum of 10 bottles of the color, AND the stars align, we can produce a small batch for you. The cost is $5.00 a bottle with a minimum of 10 bottles. To request this service please email [email protected] We will get back with you with a yes or no. Colors we will not do batches of include Cycled colors or limited-edition colors Colors we do not have supplies on hand to produce Licensed colors such as CAV, Heavy Gear, or Pathfinder Please note that it will take a minimum of 4 weeks to get your batch into the system for production. Thank you Stay safe! Below is a list of the Paint Non-production List. HD not shown but you can add them. 9073 Chestnut Gold 9079 Deep Amethyst 9080 Indigo Sky 9081 Pale Indigo 9093 Golden Highlight 9112 Red Liner 9113 Green Liner 9114 Violet Liner 9118 Dusky Grape 9119 Bruise Purple 9120 Faded Purple 9121 Khaki Shadow 9130 Clear Orange 9131 Clear Viridian 9132 Clear Plum 9139 Antique Rose 9140 Blushing Rose 9141 Porcelain Rose 9142 Stained Ivory 9145 Moth Green 9146 Spring Green 9147 Luminous Green 9151 Steely Blue 9152 Military Blue 9154 Dune Shadow 9155 Desert Khaki 9156 Desert Sand 9157 Olive Shadow 9159 Worn Olive 9166 Shadow Green 9167 Field Green 9168 Mist Green 9169 Muddy Clay 9170 Terracotta Clay 9171 Fired Clay 9172 Stormover Grey 9173 Coldstone Grey 9174 Icy Grey 9175 Swamp Green 9177 Camouflage Green 9178 Cinder Brown 9179 Volcano Brown 9180 Ashen Brown 9181 Bright Coral 9182 Saffron Sunset 9183 Cloud Pink 9184 Serpentine Shadow 9185 Reptus Green 9186 Scaly Highlight 9190 Sandy Brown 9191 Sandy Tan 9192 Sandy Yellow 9193 Stormy Sea 9194 Clouded Sea 9195 Seafoam Blue 9202 Troll Shadow 9203 Gnoll Brown 9204 Half-Orc Highlight 9210 Red Ink 9211 Green Ink 9212 Blue Ink 9213 Purple Ink 9220 Olive Skin Shadow 9222 Olive Skin Highlight 9223 Redstone Shadow 9224 Redstone 9225 Redstone Highlight 9226 Peacock Green 9229 Worn Navy 9230 Soft Blue 9232 Bright Skin Shadow 9233 Bright Skin 9234 Bright Skin Highlight 9235 Red Shadow 9236 Black Green 9237 Violet Shadow 9238 Regal Purple 9244 Muddy Soil 9249 Sandy Brown 9250 Dusky Skin Shadow 9251 Dusky Skin 9252 Dusky Skin Highlight 9265 Deep Twilight 9266 Violet Light 9267 Sunset Purple 9268 Volcano Brown 9269 Military Blue 9270 Shadow Green 9271 Dirty Bone 9272 Graveyard Bone 9273 Splintered Bone 9277 Spattered Crimson 9278 Gory Red 9282 Maggot White 9283 Old West Rose 9284 Lone Star Leather 9285 Denim Blue 9286 Punk Rock Pink 9291 IMEF Olive 9292 Bathalian Chitin 9293 Alien Flesh 9295 MSP Core Colors: Rach Red 9296 MSP Core Colors: Malvernian Purple 9297 MSP Core Colors: Adonese Green 9307 Red Liner 9325 Carnival purple 9326 Bruised Purple 9328 Black Indigo 9329 Rich Indigo 9330 Wild Violet 9334 Orchid Purple 9335 Lotus Orange 9336 Leaf Bud Green 9327 Ashen Brown 9609 Sophie Champagne 9658 Christmas Wreath 9659 Ginger Cookie 9671 Golden Glow 9681 MSP Core Colors: Prom Night Pink 9682 MSP Bones: Stark Naked 9683 MSP Bones: Morning-After Blues 9687 Holly Berry 9688 Peppermint White 9689 Sparkling Snow 9690 Hearth Fire 9691 Turkey Brown 9692 Frosty Blue 9693 Coal Black 9651 Hallowed Orange 9652 Sophie Silver 9653 Deadrose Red - HD 9654 Darksteel Purple 9655 Bubblegum Pink 9656 Elven Skin 9657 Faded Black 9658 Christmas Wreath 9659 Ginger Cookie 9660 Powderburn Brown 9661 Pirate Gold 9662 Clouded Sea 9663 Big Top Red 9664 Carnival Purple 9665 Clockwork Brass 9666 Desert Sky 9667 Rattlesnake Leather 9668 Cactus Flower 9669 Reptilian Green 9670 Pumpkin Orange 9671 Golden Glow 9672 Briar Rose 9673 Bright Silver 9674 Sky Steel 9675 Shadow Silver 9676 Frontier Blue 9677 Rich Green 9678 Aquamarine Blue 9679 Drow Nipple Pink 9680 Spectral White 9681 Prom-Night Pink 9682 Stark Naked 9683 Morning After Blues 9684 Ghostly Moss 9685 Corporeal Shadow 9686 Gothic Crimson 9687 Holly Berry 9688 Peppermint White 9689 Sparkling Snow 9690 Hearth Fire 9691 Turkey Brown 9692 Frosty Blue 9693 Coal Black 9694 Retro Emerald 9695 Retro Slate 9696 Retro Elderberry 9697 Retro Gold Silk 9698 Retro Frost Satin 9699 Retro Red Steel Paint talk time.docx
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    One of the oldest Bones models in existence: Reaper Bones 77009 "Werewolf", from the 2011 O.G. pre-kickstarter Bones lineup. This mini is also available in metal under the name 02747 "Jean Paul DuChamps, Werewolf". I just got the hankering to paint this one. Nothing special. Oui! Le loup-garou! En garde! 77009 Werewolf Pre-kickstarter Bones Reaper Miniatures Classic, blinding white Bones PVC Sculpted by Ben Siens 40mm base. Available from reapermini.com
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    I found a nice, higher res glamour shot of me.
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    Hey Reaper family, It’s been a minute since I posted. I got lost in yard work and the beautiful weather for the summer but am back with a vengeance now that the weather is turning. I had started this model months back and dove back in on him this past weekend. Inspired by some others I’ve seen, I tried to tell a story of a necrotic golem that has seen his share of encounters. I welcome any CC you can give. It’s great to be back.
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    One of the three minis in the "44036 Dreadmere Females" pack aka "Serena, Dreadmere Rogue" as she is known in the metal version. More like, "Serena, Dark Brotherhood Assassin" if you ask me. Nothing screams secret stealth assassin on a mission to do bloody murder as having members-only assassin guild special shrouded armour that is distinct and different from all other armour types and uniforms... Hm. I thought I heard something... 44036 "Women of Dreadmere" #1 of 3 Dreadmere Expansion, Bones 4 kickstarter 2019 Reaper Miniatures Bones Black PVC Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi 30mm base. Available from reapermini.com
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    Here is the outcome of the 2hr speedpaint class - other than fixing her base and about 15 mins of touchup I did not do more - so many others got a better end product, but she'll do for my tabletop and wow was that fast for me! And value per minutes was certainty higher! The gems are because I messed up the base and did not have time to fix before class.
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    At the very end of the Lost Valley, the bossfight: Clubtail! A plant eating 4-ton tank armed with a deadly morning star tail, an armoured hide with spikes, -a fantasy version of an Ankylosaur. The clubtail is larger than the fossil record of Ankylosaur supports. Also the spikes are overstated in comparison. A lot. At any rate, the Ankylosaur was contemporary with the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Triceratops. All are from what is now North America in the late Cretaceous period, roughly 68 million years ago. It needed that armour. The question remains: What did it use the club-like tail for? To smesh predators? Rivals? Trees? An impressive display to attract mates? All of the above? And the clubtail has spikes. Did I mention the spikes? I detest painting spikes. It takes absolutely ages and I invariably lose patience and botch the job. These look OK for tabletop but do not stand up to close scrutiny at all. At least it is done. Together with the entire Lost Valley Expansion! Woot! The Clubtail is, in fact, the distant forebearer of the modern day Dragon Tortoise aka Koopa. I made it a 125mm x 100mm base. 44076 Clubtail from the Lost Valley Expansion Bones 4 kickstarter, delivered 2019 Reaper Miniatures Sculpted by Jason Wiebe Made in Bones Black PVC 125x100mm bespoke 3D printed base available from reapermini.com
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    So....Guindy make that list for you?
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    Continuing with my showcase of old Player Characters for Frostrun, we have Nox, the Drow Bard, represented by Astrid, Female Bard. Nox was a fun challenge and one of the few times that I played around with color palettes online, and tried out some test drawings to really decide on colors and patterns ahead of time. Settled on black and dark grey for the main colors, with red for pattern accents, and purple for a dash of flavor. I feel it lands properly in the category of a dark entertainer without reading too much like a Harley Quinn knock-off. Though the player she was designed for loves Harley so I'm sure the similarities were appreciated. Reverse side under the spoiler: Nox is a Drow Bard and a newcomer to Frostrun. Nox left behind her home in the Underdark to seek out a life of adventure and fame as a traveling entertainer, but soon found herself on the wrong side of the law. With nowhere else to go, Nox has turned towards Frostrun, the edge of civilization. A place where people are judged not by their past, but by their ability to survive. Unfortunately, a dark force has threatened her one chance at redemption. Will Nox rewrite the tale and come out a legend? Or will darkness have its way and leave her as a footnote in someone else's song? Read her story and check out the rest of the Frostrun project HERE.
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    Ed - paint talk, submitting kickstarter numbers. Discussed incremental shipping charges to added orders in the KS. Clarified what the Dec.1st substitutions comment about the kickstarter meant. planning episode 100 - BIG (dont want to miss it) Halloween employee fun Dave - Memes, new dog, and talked about the city finally approving some plans for the new buildings. Ron - Front page update- gonna stay on top of it. pirate ship with the reaper, all grim reapers in glow in the dark. DONE WITH THE PLEDGE MANAGER! (no more addons) Deathrattle Ballista, Chronoscope 8 zombies and trailer. Working on a new preview feature for the 12 days on the website. Sadie - cleaned the painting area. getting ready for black Friday and christmas. Jon - points system being worked on, making progress! / ReapToberContest/ Pathfinder contest! (find these in the contest section of the forums.) Showcase submissions being sorted and uploaded as soon as they are ready. VERY SOON!
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    I'm feeling pretty good with this one. I tried a few new things that had good outcome. 1. Started with a brown primer 2. Dry brushed buff, then bone color to bring out edges. 3. Painted armor 4. Highlighted with bone and white mix on raised areas. 5. Blacked out the eyes, added yellow and white pupils (pretty pleased with myself) 6. Washed with Strong Wash on armor, Sepia wash on bone joints (not all over), and nuln oil on rock club. 7. Made weighted bases from washers and some kind of plumbing nut, which i really like weight and feel. Used greenstuff to encircle the miniature's base, then placed and and rock. 8. Went back to make horns look more washed and weathered. Tah dah! Happy to learn and grab feedback. I also tried a suggestion someone else gave me on priming bases with sand, but i did that on some others and like this method better for now.
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    Successfully gave cat her fluids without getting them all over her this time! She was very good and mostly held still.
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    I finally got the refund for the trip to Norway that was canceled back in March. That took a little while...
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    Mrs Hamster, after our trip to CT to visit my sister ended up with a bit of a health scare, and she ended up spending a couple nights being looked after. I spent the first night beside her "sleeping" on one of those reclining chairs. She's fine, baby Hamster is fine. My back hurts.
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    October has come! Now is the time for the ritual greeting of it with the Peanuts Halloween Special.
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    Looks ok. Suggestion: microwave potato as usual. Scoop out soft inner part and mix with butter and cheese. Stuff it back into potato skins and microwave again. Imma go fry me an egg for breakfast. I implemented your Suggestion... Hiding in a drawer, never used, a scoop was found. Some potato was scooped out, thrown in a bowl, with a glob of mayo, some shredded cheese, pepper, a splat of Dijon mustard, and paprika. All of that was mixed thoroughly. Then it was spooned back into the potatoes. And zapped a bit more to melt the cheese a bit. (I forgot the butter though.)
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    This is the last mini I have completed this year. I started her during Reapercon Live and used her for several classes since I did not have the proper minis for those classes. I used her for Skin Deep with @Corporea and Buttery Blends and NMM Bootcamp with @Kuro Cleanbrush. If you ever get a chance to take classes with them either in person (I wish!) or online, do it!!! This is a super cute sculpt and is big enough to not feel overwhelmed with tons of tiny details. Way to go Bobby Jackson!
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    Day 1: Prompt from D&D List, Abberations: I really rushed the detailing stage, so it is a bit of a hot mess. I spent less than 30 minutes on it, and it shows. I hope I'll be able to find more time in the future, but hey, I got it done and inked.
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    Hit up the used bookstore (the Book Barn) after work today and they they had a decent sampling of rpg books. These came home with me.
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    Me (last week): Oh, those zombies Reaper has available look cool, I'll pick those up. Reaper: *drops Ghoulie Bags* Me: *checks bank account* I'm sure they won't be too mad at me for doing two orders in less than a week... Talking about Xena, huh? I'll just leave this here. EDIT: Have a Joxer
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    Lucy Lawless was on point in Xena Warrior Princess... yep, it's on tv right now... and yep, I am secure enough to admit to watching it. Too bad it isn't a marathon. Wish they'd show the episodes with Bruce Campbell.
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    it s been awhile so here's a fire giant jailer
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    Even better, each cat individually figures out which particular noises trigger the correct response from different humans. I'm far more sensitive to high pitched noises than my housemate, so our feline overlords use a different array of meeps and chirps depending on who they're trying to influence
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    Fall happened last night. This morning BOOM dead leaves everywhere. An BD climbed on top of the fridge. Because she's four, and wanted to see if she could.
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    It works for Mrs. Hamster.... so yeah!
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    I'll raise you an Autolycus, the King of Thieves.
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    I can't really chose just one. Moviewise, the original Dracula, Frankenstein, and Wolfman along with their various sequels have atmosphere that can't be beat. Nosferatu falls into this catagory as well. Of the newer stuff, Bram Stoker's Dracula was excellent and so was the 2010 Wolfman. John Carpenter's Vampires is also one of my favorites. I have sung the praises of The Witch before, and I do so again. It is the most accurate to classic folklore as I ever seen on screen. Bookwise, the collected works of Montague Summers hold a high place, as he put together an impressive collection of legends, folklore, and cases on the subjects of witches, vampires, and werewolves, that I wish movies and books would tap into more often. (I'm rather tired of humanized monsters, it's been overdone by now, and removes most actual horror from the works.) M.R. James' ghost stories can seem cliched at the current time, but that is largely because he is the one who created them. So I like to go back to the source every now and again. Algernon Blackwood and Arthur Macken bring wonderful atmosphere as well, and one can see their influence on Lovecraft. Lovecraft is another I reread at once a year, and Robert Howard's horror fiction as well. Stephan King's Pet Semetary is in my opinion his best work as far as horror is concerned, he perfectly balanced the human drama/horror elements perfectly and in such a way that when the reader is done, asking oneself the question "what if that happened to me?" is likely to keep one awake at night in a way his other works don't. (The Shining came close, but was over heavy on the human elements) Music wise the Classics from the Crypt never goes out of style. I've been ninja'd!
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    Halloween is my favorite holiday. Almost every year I go spend the weekend around Halloween with my best friend, his wife, and their grub worm. We go to the Memphis Zoo for the Zoo Boo. Sadly we missed last year, and it ain't happening this year either for obvious reasons. I also love cheesy movies, pumpkin spice and apple cider everything. My favorite "horror" movies are probably the 28 Days movies. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas and Bram Stoker's Dracula too. I had to turn on my heat yesterday for the first time. I'm pretty excited about sweater and hoodie weather.
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    Two of the minis in my current Five Leagues campaign just informed me very clearly that they are now A Thing and I can't use them for town actions this turn, and I'm not allowed to roll any dice to find out what they're doing.
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    Wow, felt like a met a real old friend, I haven't seen in a very long time; listen to the Wall by Pink Floyd last night at work. Probably my favorite album from my favorite band. It's been waaaaay to long since I've listen to the entire album. It helped the night go fast. I really wish Waters & Gilmour could patch things up before they all croak..........
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    Well the good news is that the Cystitis seems to be gone. Sample test was good. The bad news is that he will get surgery Monday because a nipple has shown some supsicious growth. Hoping it is benign and that surgery will solve the problem. Tissue will be sent for research and we will know later.
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    <vent> So I just got into an argument with one of our corporate IT guys who was pestering me wanting to know why I hadn't completed a mandantory training course. Well, let me tell you why. I deleted the email telling me that I had a required training course. Why did I delete it? Oh, well, since you bought my company two and a half years ago, we've been taught that anything coming from corporate that requires action will be sent as an alert through our HR portal and only a reminder sent to our email that we need to check the portal. They have spent a ton of effort to train employees that they should never ever ever ever ever ever click on a link that comes by email that we weren't expecting. They send out almost WEEKLY phishing emails as a test to make sure employees are staying vigilant and chastise you if you even mistakenly click on the link and then immediately close the browser window. But apparently we should trust emails that say that they came from our corporate IT department. </vent>
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    So I got a couple of interesting work opportunities presented to me this morning. The first was being asked to start reviewing projects for what is known as the Interagency Review Team (IRT), a regional group made up of representatives from many state and federal agencies that basically sets the standards for wetland and stream mitigation guidance within the watersheds I cover. The other offer is a chance to take a 3 month sabbatical from work where my insurance would still be paid and I'd continue to accrue leave and seniority despite not being there. On the one hand, the IRT reviews don't come with any extra pay and involves a lot of extra work. But it's the first step to actually being on the IRT which, if you can serve on it for five years or so, pretty much guarantees you a director/manager position at an NGO or State pollution control agency. My supervisor is currently my agency's representative on the IRT and he's looking to move into another position. Since he's the one asking me to start reviewing projects for them, I'm guessing he's prepping me for taking over his position. The big con on this option is all the extra workload. On the other hand, 3 months off from work to focus on my own projects would be really nice right now. I've been trying to drum up grant money to restore some endangered ecosystems on a bit of property I own. I've already done it once on a small scale elsewhere but trying to get funding for a large scale project is practically a full time job. I've also got some research project ideas that I'd love to spend time working on that could ultimately lead to publishing and could potentially help frame how we assign monetary value to a lot of isolated and degraded ecosystems. Not necessarily something that would lead to better work prospects in the future, but valuable nonetheless. I'm sure the fiscal officer at work offering this up would love to see me take the leave. The big con on this one is I wouldn't actually be getting paid my wages during that time and I'd have to step back from being the lead on a grant funded project I'm nearing the end of and turn it over to someone else. Right now I'm leaning toward the IRT work. Though I've yet to rule out the sabbatical idea. It is nice having some options on the direction my career is going to take, but it's also a little stressful to have to make that decision relatively quickly. I've got until Monday to decide, so you know, no pressure!
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    My guilty pleasure show. I had a teacher that looked JUST LIKE HER! And had a costume to prove it!
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    Had some business with a neighbour last night. He's a talkative, no BS type of guy with a bit of a smart mouth. Haven't laughed so hard in ages listening to stories about troubles his mouth has got him into and out of. Had 2 beers and today I feel hung over. WTF? Blaming it more on the stress of the last week than two measly beer. That visit finally got me back to normal on the tension chart but sadly tomorrow is deal with the idiot day so I'll likely be wound out again afterwards. Ah well, today is a dentist appointment so my most important thing is to lay there and try to have a conversation while holding my mouth open as wide as possible. Seriously do they really expect coherent responses or is it just white noise to keep us calm?
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    Might as well kick things off. An aberration among aberration.
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    Huh. The property I’ll be getting is just an hour’s detour from the drive to ReaperCon. Camping out has already been shot down by my better half. So, we will just visit next trip. I probably need to go to sleep now. The wrong letters keep getting typed, as I extend my right thumb too far left when pecking at the phone’s keypad.
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    He Who Walks Behind The Rows has awakened...
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    According to NOVA, cat meows affect people the same way as a baby crying. Which makes researchers ask if cats learned to meow just to get stuff from people....
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