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    Good evening, morning or afternoon, depending where you are and wen you read this! So my last three miniatures that I just finished. Being they are a set of three and I wanted to photograph them together, I didn't base them, but just painted their bases with a weathered stone, without any elaboration. I might stick them on bases later and do a little bit more to them, but that might be a bit in the future. If I do, it's so I can handle them without worrying the paint might rub off. They are a little bit wide the bases, so they probably won't fit on 32 mm bases, but the next size up. Anyhoos, here they are: and their little three-person guild together: I wish Mize would have sculpted up a bigger guild, so I just keep painting more of his rogues! Kind of fun too that these guys all have humungous swords, I'm hoping they are light and well-balanced! Anyhoos, enjoy!
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    Hello everybody. I painted a miniature. Please write your opinion. What did you like or dislike about this miniature.
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    I've modified a Playmobil Fairy Ship into an Elven Vessel for D&D purposes. WiP pictures added in the bottom (spoiler tag there). Here's the start and the results! As you can see below, it only required to drill one extra hole to flip that leaf cover over and make it less crowded / touching other parts on the right side. WiP pictures below
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    I have been putting together some eastern/desert flavoured monsters (posted separately) and also a band of rangers for the latest mission in Rangers of Shadow Deep, set in the desert. The camels are Reaper Bones. There is a special NPC, Arisien the Royal Cartographer, and I used a Dreadmere figure for him. I have a Privateer Press model of Belit who I painted as a fish out of water Northern barbarian. Then there are two foot soldiers and a Knight. These are plastic kitbashes and a figure from Diehard miniatures. I need to finish off some other minis to round out the team, all Reaper.
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    Apologies that this one isn't Reaper, but I am super stoked with how it turned out and really wanted to share. I recently started experimenting with glazing, an old and popular technique I have been aware of for years but had never really given much thought to or attempted. It was like unlocking an ancient magic, I cant believe the difference such a subtle technique has made to my miniatures. After achieving some promising results on a batch of halflings I recently painted, I decided to experiment some more on a slightly larger model, a 3D printed bust I'd picked up on Ebay (I believe it is by a company called Tytantroll Miniatures). Anyway I just wanted to share. Glazing has been a revelation to me, and it just goes to show that it sometimes pays to step away from your comfort zone and try new things.
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    So this sat on my shelf of shame after starting and hating the earth tones I was trying to go for. I covered it in a sepia wash out of frustration and put it on the shelf to finish later that week. Since then, it's just stared at me for way too long. (I started it almost right after receiving it in Bones 3.) So I just decided to finish it, even if I wasn't in love with the colors. Now I actually really love it. I didnt have a Sir Forescale so here is Andowyn Thrushmoor for size. Colors used Ruddy Brown, Golden Brown, Woodland Brown, Stained Ivory, Creamy Ivory, Carnage Red, Clotted Red, Bloodstain Red, Monster Maw, Sepia Wash and Walnut Brown (new favorite color)
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    Spent just about a week on this one. It was fun. My GS work sucks but it's done. C&C welcome.
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    Hooray! It's an entire tribe of orc warrior women ready to crack some heads! I rebase all of my Reaper models, but these had such thin integrated bases that I was able to glue them directly onto Reaper's 32mm round gaming bases and still keep some of the original details. You can see this most clearly with the top of the skull on the base of the Jade Fire Champion (the warrior with the two-handed axe) and the bleached ribcage at the feet of the Jade Fire Shaman.
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    This is the female orc boss from Yedharo Models. I painted her to match my Jade Fire orcs even though this model is 60mm tall and towers over them--that's probably why she's the boss. She's definitely got a bit of giant in her, and if you're looking for size comparisons, she's comparable to Reaper's latest stone giant models.
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    I did it. No help! Im a big boy.
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    Painted up this one for @Auberon as his Secret Sophie figure. Sadly life hit really hard and kept hitting so I just now finished it and got it to him. I also was attempting things (freehand, black hair, NMM) that I was not totally comfortable with so that slowed me down a bit. Overall I am very happy with how everything turned out. I do see room for improvement but I feel like I am headed in the right direction. Any C&C would be appreciated.
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    My first batch of halfling's completed. These are Reapers 'Halfling Farmers' (03729), who I have repurposed as 'Halfling Gardeners'. In an effort to improve my painting I always try to attempt something new with each mini I paint, whether that is a new technique or special effect. This time I tried to improve my 'faces' by introducing some glazing beyond my usual bland skin tones. I wanted to give the male a ruddy face and red nose, and give the female more subtle rosey cheeks, but the photos don't seem to have picked that up very well. Anyway, if anyone is curious about the scenic backdrop, I recently did a build journal, detailing how I made it: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91704-dans-build-journal-halfling-edition-finished/
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    Haven't painted anything in a long time, forced myself to finally do this guy yesterday eve. Not the best painjob I ever did, my lines are super inconsistent, I go from nice and thin to blobbing them out badly, but he is good enough to go on the table :).
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    Pulled out a new pile of backlog to Speedpaint My day is planned
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    Mini-spawn set up a Zoom School for some dragons, and the D&D cats and dogs from animal adventures. I think they were watching crafting youtube videos.
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    It's salad season. Got my first good lettuce "harvest."
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    Some pics to cheer you all up.
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    A nearby farm put the rest of their little vegetable plants on sale for $2 a flat. That's 20 plants per flat. My roommate and I wound up with 2 flats of peppers, tomatoes, squash and okra We got most into pots today. Still have 5 tomato plants to plant as we need to get more pots.
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    Hello, For me it's began with this one. In summer of 2018, i bought this toy (5cm high) for my son in a garage sale. I re-painted it, fix it on a WH base and add some sand from my garden. since then he take dust in the bottom of a box ...
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    Easy, my first was my old Dark World Manticore. I since revisited with some cleanups and colors that better reflected how it was shown on the boxart.
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    That statement brought up some strange images when I first read it as "slaad season"....
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    I have asked my Elder Spawn many times if she accepts Thor Odinson as her personal savior. although we have discussed that really he would only be useful if what your needed saving from was frost giants (or any giant really) She says that in the event of a giant problem she will accept Thor, but otherwise she is keeping her options open. PS. Thor would also be useful if you had a too much unquaffed beer/mead problem. Or you really want a meal of fresh goat. this all relates to mythic Thor not comic-book Thor. this is the sort of thing we like to discuss.
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    Got a new (partial) roof replaced yesterday. And two hours after they finished up we had a line of severe thunderstorms move through the area. Everything holding up and no leaking. If you had told young Thoramel how happy he would be about this situation he probably would have just looked confused.
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    I started painting in the early 80's. There are no photos. Here's some Grenadier figures I painted with oils around 1992: And some from ~2000 done in craft acrylic:
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    Ooof. Made pork chops with butter sauce and sauteed onions. Ate too much. Was tasty Am full tho.
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    We really need an eye rolling smiley for something like this.
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    Nice, everyone thinks you are speaking of the human diver....when in reality, it is the smaller fish on the opposite end of the shark. Those fish are part of the Crimson Cod Front, an interspecies alliance of fish who seek the awaking of Dagon, and the obliteration of the surface world. Even the mermaids are leery of them.
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    …nope… …nope, nope… …nope, nope, nope… …nope, not that one either…. That collectively changing our clocks twice a year somehow SAVES DAYLIGHT.
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    I've got to quit leaving the eyes til the last. NOTE TO SELF: Work on eyes first, then clean up. On the bright side: four minis finished!
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    Gather 'round kids, it's story time... So, way back when I first had the idea for this, I was going through my stuff and came across some figures that I knew I didn't want anymore. My first thought was to put 'em up on Ebay to try to get some money for them ( so I could buy more miniatures ). I'm a little lazy about stuff like this, and didn't do it right away. When I got ready to put them on sale, I figured I wasn't necessarily going to get 'what they're worth' or 'what I wanted for them' if I put 'em up as one big lot, but I didn't want to spend hours listing each one individually. Then it occurred to me that 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'. It was also right smack in the middle of long, cold, dreary winter, and I got to thinking how fun it is to get stuff in the mail, especially if it's kind of a surprise. So, I came up with the basic idea of chucking it all in a box and sending it to someone; I figured it would be a nice thing to do for people. In it's original form, I was just going to send the box out on a one way trip. I floated the idea here on the forums; it sparked a great deal of interest. Over the course of a week or so, we managed to bang out the basic framework of how it was going to work; most of what we came up with back then is still in place today. Yes, this. It's never been specifically stated that way, but it's very definitely in the spirit of things. Instead of a new person finding 6 cool figures that they want and then agonizing over which one to cut because they've only got 5 figures to swap, I'd rather they just take the extra one. Heck, that kinda goes for everyone, but I figure that most of us have enough stuff that, if we're honest with ourselves about what's going to get painted, we can easily do a 1 for 1 swap. The bit in the rules about the 1 for 1 swap was mostly to keep someone from seriously pillaging the box and then tossing in a handful of Bones kobolds and calling it good. With the exception of a couple minor incidences 4 or 5 rounds back, this hasn't been an issue. I'm not going to take that bit out of the rules because I still think it's a good guideline to go by, but I may reword it a bit for the next go around. Which leads to @Keianna's point. Yes, quite a few of us ( guilty ) tend to put in more than we take. I don't really have any idea of what to do about it, other than stress the 1 for 1 bit, but it is really very nice to see the generosity. So you new people that don't happen to have a lead (pewter, plastic, resin, whatever) mountain yet go ahead and take an extra figure or 2.
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    Hello, This one is my first try off NMM painting. The result is far away off the original goal but i have learn a lot by painting this one. I will put it tomorrow on my office's computer. My coworkers knows me since almost one year. Now they know i am a weirdos, it will be fine... PS : if there is someone that is knowing the name or the # of this fig, i will appreciate the fact that he give it to me. thanks
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    This is not a typical 'show off' thread, quite the opposite in fact. I find it really interesting to look back on peoples early works and see just how far they have come in their respective crafts over the years, it can actually be quite inspiring. With that said I thought it could be quite fun to look back on some of the communities very first attempts at miniature painting. So is anyone brave enough to share their very first mini? (I appreciate not everyone will still own or have pictures of their first, so if you want to share the earliest you still have access to, feel free). My introduction to miniatures was as a young boy in the mid-nineties (I was around 10-11 years old) when my best friend bought the newly released 'Warhammer Quest', I was mesmerised by all the little figures and fell in love immediately. Several months later I was delighted to receive my very own copy of the game for my birthday, and thus began a 25 year on and off relationship with miniature painting. I was recently rummaging through an old bits box I found in storage, and rediscovered this guy: This is a Snotling, the last surviving relic of that much cherished birthday present. I had kept it as a little keepsake, being my first effort, and had pretty much forgotten all about it until this week. The paint job is horrible, the paints were applied thick straight from the pot, I had no comprehension of shading and highlights, I obviously struggled painting neatly within the lines and that awful blood effect on the weapon is something I did on EVERY weapon. I owned around 10 paints at the time (I think it was a get started set) and there was no internet or easy access to guides or tutorials, despite all this I love this little guy, he was my beginning. Well that's my first, what about you?
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    We celebrated me surviving increment planning week by getting takeout from Perkins and eating it in a park. I am stuffed from scrambled eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. I had logged 47 hours this week when I quit today. Lot of 10-12 hour days, plus I worked last weekend too. At least my team was happy with the plan after last night's edits.
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    Blessings upon whoever it was that linked the tesla coil video. My 2.5 year old nephew was FASCINATED by the "singing lighting" for a solid 25 minutes (even though his usual interest in videos is about 2 minutes). He was very curious about how it was made, so I got to try and explain electricity and sound frequencies to a toddler. He seemed content with my attempt at explaining, so I'm calling it a win. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I've always been a horse girl, so my brother used these to introduce me to Warhammer when I was 10 or so
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    Wow, yeah that was totally the wrong game reference. However, my thoughts are currently the consistency of scrambled eggs, so I can't think of what I originally meant. Perhaps one of those sliding block puzzle games, where you have to do a lot of shuffling blocks around to get them in place. Then again, trying to squish two small children, a baby, and three adults into the narrow RV yesterday certainly felt like Tetris. That's not even counting the two small dogs and very social cat that will also be inside once the RV is on the road (though since I'm not moving to Texas with my sister and her family, this means there will only be two adults rather than three). Yeah...I love my sister and her family to absolute pieces, but I'm kind of glad I'm not going on this 3 day RV road trip with them. Sorry if I'm not making much sense; I'm super tired, lol. And I get to do it all over again today since the movers will be actually loading everything onto the moving truck(s), so...yeah. Uh, there was an actual end to that sentence, but I forgot what it was partway through. I'm going to bed! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    These are my first four (about 7 months ago) to support my first D&D campaign. Reaper Satheras (warlock) with a Ghast (barlgura demon) and Zombies (undead). The Ghast was technically my first model that I did in which I tried base coat, wash, and dry brushing on. Speed painted the Zombies next and then took some time on the Satheras. I’ve painted and posted a bit since, but lost pace once the warmer weather arrived. I have a couple models currently in a semi-finished state that I need to wrap up.
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    From the other thread, see above. Latest work update:
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    Well yesterday Lady C and I got a coupon so decided to try Burger King's Impossible Whopper, their new veggie burger. A pleasant surprise , it was a very good sandwich. I still prefer the original cow version but Lady C said she will get it again. We were laughing while we waited about how you could really cause some confusion by getting one with bacon. And then tonight Lady C made one of the best quiches she has ever made, just about a 5 star rating on that one. And we have a pan chocolate chip cookie in the oven for a going away lunch for one of the tellers from another of our banks who has been with us since we had to shut some down due to Covid. A really sweet young lady, she will definitely be missed.
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    The box has arrived! A day earlier than predicted. @Dr Bob suggested participation to us and it's really neat that we were in the same box and we were right after him. We met Dr. Bob at ReaperCon last year (our first) and several others here too. It's really great what a nice community this is. My husband and I are doing this together and he has already lined out quite a few things that he might want to try to swap for, much of which is what Dr. Bob put in (was that planned?). This is our first box and we've only been painting/hobbying a few years, me less consistently than him. I have considerably less "stash" because of this, but I'm hopeful to find something to trade when I actually get a chance to look. I also want to say thank you so much for putting all of this together and even having this idea. We've been through a lot since last ReaperCon. Our home was flooded, we had to move in with my in-laws, our contractor ripped us off and took off with the money we paid him after only sort-of completing a third of the job, our mortgage company wouldn't release our FEMA check to us, and it has taken forever to get another contractor we trust to finish the job and fix the problems the first guy created. To top it off, we recently got kicked out of our in-laws because of my husband's step-dad (who made life a nightmare the whole time we were there anyway) before our home was finished, and we were forced to take time off to move immediately into a house that didn't have a kitchen or bathrooms. It still isn't finished, though we do have a kitchen and bathrooms now. So, this box is a welcome distraction for the better. Of course, even though our house is a super mess with boxes everywhere, we know exactly where our minis are. I'm looking forward to passing it on. Thanks so much for the goodwill. We needed it.
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    This guy isn't my first mini but he was my first after a more than 20 year hiatus. My expertise from before amounted to "paint it black and drybrush all the colours on". I thought that was great shading and an amazing step up from painting everything flat. Anyway, I followed the original metal Learn to Paint Kit #1 instructions and thought he turned out fairly well. The succubus is my latest mini. I was impressed with the colour work on her wings and it is also the first mini I painted makeup on. I was pretty impressed with the makeup as a first attempt. I have to work on getting a smoother finish on my paints. It might have something to do with a great number of my paints being more than 10 years old. Dropper bottles are great and all but they're not "suspended animation" lol.
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    Coffee is bad for you. When taken in moderation (without large amounts of sugar or cream) it has quite a few health benefits, provides hydration (and does not dehydrate you), and may lower your risk for a number of common diseases. ^^^^ This. Especially the concept of ingesting/bathing in certain substances that will somehow "purge" or "cleanse" your body of anything from toxic chemicals to unwanted fat.
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    B:GCC - Wayne Manor Expansion has a few more missions that take place in Wayne Manor or the Batcave. The "plain clothes" heroes of the set Bruce Wayne suited up in a different way. Alfred, always good to have handy. Barbara Gordon/Oracle. I prefer her as Batgirl but Oracle certainly has merit. Julia Pennyworth, Alfred's daughter. Bats! The first and third from the left are facing away from the camera. Three of the figures have a bat that is missing a wing. I wouldn't have noticed if the fourth didn't obviously have a wing there. I wonder what happened. Did the mold break or what.
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